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elebrity mom, Kendra Wilkinson, gives us insight into her busy life. While juggling her busy career and new product line, Love Candy, she is also mom to son Hank and wife of NFL wide receiver Hank Baskett.

KW: In the beginning I thought I had to all of a sudden dress conservatively because I was a mom. But a few months into it I really found my own style; mix of my new mom style while still being fun and flirty. My style has definitely changed but I didn’t become SM: When did you first realize that you someone else just because I became a mom. My style is still young, fresh wanted to be a celebrity? and flirty. KW: I actually never even dreamed of SM: Describe your perfect family day. being a celebrity. It wasn’t something that was ever a dream or goal of mine. KW: ANYTHING outdoors. We love to I actually still don’t even like to think be outside and go for walks, go to the park and play. Probably just spending of myself like that. Even while I was living at the mansion and filming The a relaxing day in the park and finishing it up with a family movie would be Girls Next Door I never viewed it as a perfect. Really anytime we are all to“celebrity” situation. It was just me living my life. I think because me be- gether ends up being the perfect family day. ing in the public eye came directly from me allowing cameras into my life SM: What advice do you offer moms has really grounded me. I never that are juggling a career and family? thought of it as being a celebrity it KW: To just take it one step at a time. really was just me living my life. If you are always worried about work SM: What do you find most challeng- while your with your child or always ing about being a mom? thinking of your child while you’re at work neither of them really have all of KW: Keeping my cool and staying calm. Sometimes when works is stress- you. I say whenever you are in the one ful, the baby is crying and you have a zone to really be there. You will althousand things to do you just want to ways be thinking a little bit about the scream. But it’s all about just taking a other but try as much as you can to just focus on one thing so you can long deep breath, getting focused again and taking it one step at a time. give 100%. Also watching him grow what feels to SM: How important is healthy eating be SO fast is hard! He grows everyday! and exercise to you? SM: Do you think your sense of style has changed since you have become a mom? How?

KW: It’s very important! Eating healthy and working out just puts me 12


in the right mindset and of course makes me feel healthier. I work out really hard, eat in moderation and recently I started taking a supplement called Ab Cuts (http:// that really helped me get back into shape and maintain my body after I shed the baby weight.

KW: At some point down the road we will look into adding to our family but right now we are so happy where we are. We love watching little Hank grow and are really enjoying the time as just the three of us.

SM: Describe a typical day in your life. KW: Have breakfast with my family, then the middle of the day is anything and everything I’m working on. Photo shoots, filming, press tours, traveling, writing, etc. Then we come back together at night for dinner. We’ll make dinner together as a family, usually we will play a little after, or watch a movie and then put little Hank to sleep. My husband and I then like to watch movies, have popcorn and just relax. SM: What professionally are you currently working on? KW: I just launched my own romance kit called LoveCandy (! It’s an awesome kit with lotions, linen spray, bath soaps and fun romantic games. I wanted to come out with this because I think it’s important to not only spice up your love life, but to pamper yourself as well! SM: Any plans to add another baby to your beautiful family?




This is a fun twist on the traditional macramĂŠ bracelet. The days of droopy brown hemp are behind us! Materials Bangle bracelet(s) At least 1 yard of two different colors of yarn (yarn A and yarn B) Directions Start by knotting your two yarns together then tying them on your bracelet.


Step 1 (top left) Cross yarn A over the bracelet and under yarn B. Step 2 (top right) Cross yarn B under/through the bracelet and then through the loop created by yarn A. Step 3 (bottom left) Pull the knot tight and then repeat the process: cross yarn A back over the bracelet and under yarn B. Step 4 (bottom right) Cross yarn B back under/through the bracelet and through the loop created by yarn A. Pull knot tight. 18

Repeat these steps 25 times or until only two inches of yarn remain on both sides. Cross the yarns under the bracelet and knot on the top. Tip: Always remember to cross yarn A OVER the bracelet first and then yarn B UNDER the bracelet. The end result is a beautiful macramĂŠ bangle! You can twist the yarn around the bracelet to “switchâ€? the color-scheme. To make a solid color bracelet, start with two yards on one color and tie it to the bracelet at the center. Repeat the steps, making sure to keep track of what side you start the steps with.

Visit Lisa on her blog, Goodknits, for more DIY inspiration and a glimpse into life as a mom to two boys.



From left to right: fabric covered planners by linsieloo urban skyline and airplane orange cloth planner by nico paper goods gate and crow black cloth planner by nico paper goods refillable folio cover in shimmering-smokey-gray by momAgenda myAgenda spiral refill by momAgenda desktop planner in fuchsia by momAgenda faux crocodile desktop planner in kelly-green by momAgenda myPlan in tangerine by momAgenda








Stroller Magazine Spring 2012  

The magazine for modern parents!

Stroller Magazine Spring 2012  

The magazine for modern parents!