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CROWN CUES PLAYERS Many of you know that Crown Cues tries to stay involved in the pool industry, but you may not have realized we also sponsor a couple of terrific artistic pool players. We are proud to be represented by both of these guys and decided to share a little about them in this month's

article. JAMEY "SHARP-SHOOTER" GRAY is one of the top artistic pool players in the world. He is the current WPA World Artistic Pool Champion He has been shooting trick shots professionally, since March of 2007. Jamey grew up in Jewett City, CT, playing pool as soon as he was big enough to see over a pool table. When he turned

18, he began frequenting pool halls, learning from experienced players and every book and video he could acquire. At age 21, Jamey joined the APA and soon moved up to the highest ranks as a "7" in 8 Ball and a "9" in 9 Ball. At the age of 24, Jamey met his loving wife, Beverly, while playing pool. They married exactly two years later, on the same day. Jamey took some time away from pool to start his family and be with them during those early years. His children now enjoy playing pool and doing trick shots and his wife is his biggest supporter. In 2007, Bruce Barthelette introduced Jamey to professional trick shots. Jamey took 12th place in his first tournament - the 2007 Artistic Pool Masters at the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo, in PA. He earned the title of World Champion at his fourth tournament. Some of Jamey's' greatest artistic pool achievements are: 1. 1st Place - 2008 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship 2. 1st Place - Open Table Talent Night - Dr. Cue Artistic Cup II 3. 2nd Place - 2009 Ultimate Trick Shot Challenge 4. 2nd Place - Dr. Cue Artistic Cup III 5. 2nd Place - 2010 Ultimate Trick Shot Tour Stop #1 6. 2nd Place and winner of Draw and Masse' Disciplines - Dr. Cue

Artistic Cup II Jamey can be found making the professional artistic pool circuit and he is also available for some very entertaining exhibitions. For more information, visit his website at TIM "THE DRAGON" CHIN is a world-ranked trick shot artist and entertainer. He has been shooting trick shots since 2003, after deciding he might excell at it more rapidly than regular pool games. In March of 2006, he finished in 15th place in the first professional tournament competition he entered and has continued to rank highly, ever since. Tim also performs his trick shots for private and corporate events. After a little over 5 years, Tim recently earned his PhD at MIT. He currently lives in the Boston, MA area, after growing up in Richland, WA, the son of a scientist. Tim has achieved a lot in his few years of artistic pool. When asked for his top 5 pool-related accomplishments, he offered this list: 1. Establishing the largest online library of free trick shot videos and tutorials at 2. 3rd place finish at the Ultimate Trick Shot Challenge, Las Vegas, NV. 2009 3. 3rd place finish at the Comet Classic, Parsippany, NJ. 2008 4. Consulting for Kewpie mayonnaise commercial, Los Angeles, CA. 2008

5. Featured on, June, 2009 Tim doesn't really have a pool hero, although there are definitely people and players he has great respect and admiration for. In life, he names his parents as his heroes, for their support, encouragement, and understanding. Watch for Tim in artistic pool competitions across the nation, or hire him for a trick shot exhibition at the next great event you plan. Don't forget to check out the wealth of informational videos and tutorials at Tim's website at

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Stroke Magazine February 2010  
Stroke Magazine February 2010  

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