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4 Stroke Magazine - September 2013

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2015 STROKE September The Pool Players Magazine © 2015 Stroke Pool Magazine

Photo by: Don Akerlow



6 Turning Stone


12 Tom Simpson 15 Anthony Beeler 13 Michael Glass 16 C J Wiley 14 Bob Jewett 17 Stefano Pelinga

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Don “Cheese” Akerlow

On The Cover

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PLACES PEOPLE PLAY 6 Pockets Decatur, AL 28

Stroke September 2015


Turning Stone Classic Article & Photos by: Don Akerlow Turning Stone 2015 - August 20th & 23rd I came into the tournament early Saturday afternoon. Perhaps there could have been more signs directing you to the Events Center and the 9-Ball championship. But I may have missed them but as luck would have it I found my way there. Shane Van Boening was playing Dennis Hatch and as you can well imagine there were huge crowds around his table. I don’t mean 40 or 50 people like you might see in a bar tournament but filling up 2 sections of bleachers seating 200-300 people and standing on the other side there were over 100 spectators. As Shane won, the spectators almost vanished and went their separate ways. I’ve been covering Shane since December 2007. It started in Reno, Nevada at the Sands. He beat Johnny Archer in the finals. I remember everyone that was there complaining that there were virtually no spectators, except on the live stream that I was doing. Now fast forward back to Turning Stone. I found Mike Zuglan the tournament promoter and Joss Tour founder. I told Mike how impressed I was with the venue, the Diamond tables (16 - 9’) and the overall professionalism of the tournament. You couldn’t have found a nicer guy let alone tour director. This was my first time meeting Mike and we talked about the tournament, tour, players and upcoming events and some changes that I will explain later. I am first and foremost a pool player. But more accurately I can be described now as a fan. I enjoy watching a good match no matter who may be playing. My first duty was to take photos … so I did. Thorsten Hohmann, Mike Dechaine, Shane Van Boening, Brandon Shuff, Mika Immonen, Justin Bergman, Dennis Orcollo, Roberto

Mike Zuglan, Jayson Shaw


September 2015


24 Gomez, Corey Deuel, Sky Woodward, Mario Morra and more. The photos can be found on Facebook at onthebreaknews Sunday the 23rd of August, the final four Tom D’Alfonso, Mike Dechaine, Shane Van Boening and Jayson Shaw. Shaw beat Van Boening 9-7, Dechaine beat D’Alfonso 9-1 and now Shane at the 5 o’clock match had to play Mike, Dechaine came out strong and beat SVB 9-5. The finals was at 7PM and the whole thing was being live streamed by AZBtv, In the booth commentating was Jerry Forsyth, Mike Howerton, Upstate Al and Danny DiLiberto. Mike Dechaine came out of the one loss side playing Jayson Shaw who had won the last two Turning Stone events. Jayson jumps out to a 3-0 lead before Mike got out of his chair. There was a controversy over the racking. They were using what looked to be a wooden rack. Anybody that has used a wooden rack knows that there are wear marks inside the rack where the balls meets the rack. After a long tournament anything can wear down. But what was wearing thin was Shaw. He was not at all happy at how the balls were being racked by Dechaine. In my personal opinion, I don’t think Mike was Continued page 8

Results page 9

Stroke September 2015


Shane Van Boening

Dennis Orcollo

Roberto Gomez

Turning Stone Classic 24

Sky Woodward


September 2015

Tom D’Alfonso

trying to do anything wrong. He kept trying to rack the balls even though Jayson Shaw was very visibly unhappy. Someone posed the question, could this have been an attempt to shark Mike after he just ran 4 racks? I don’t think so but I think it had a visible effect on Mike. I offer a simple solution and the change I had mentioned before, why not have someone else other than the players rack the balls in the finals. The other solution would be to use the magic rack. I have rarely if ever seen the magic rack fail. I’m not promoting it, just offering a possible solution. Regardless of anything it was a great finals. One race to 13 and Jayson Shaw came out on top. Mike played strong but he did miss a couple easy shots at the end that could have made a different outcome. Mike had a shot that he made perfectly and was not rewarded by a scratch in the side. Jason just had to run out and the match was his 13-10. Jayson was playing great all tournament long. He said in an interview with Jerry Forsyth after the tournament that he had practiced over 130 hours for this tournament alone. And it showed.

Jayson Shaw interviewed by Jerry Forsyth


Justin Hall 1st          $8,000 Jayson Shaw (Scotland) 2nd         $5,000 Mike Dechaine 3rd          $3,600 Shane Van Boening 4th          $2,600 Tom D’Alfonso 5/6th       $2,000 Justin Hall, Roberto Gomez (Phil)  7/8th       $1,600 Corey Deuel, Brandon Shuff  9/12th     $1,200 Johnny Archer, Thorsten Hohmann, Darren Appleton (UK) Dennis Orcollo (Phil) 13/16th   $850 Oscar Dominguez, Skyler Woodward, Sylvain Grenier (Can) Shaun Wilkie   17/24th   $550 Mika Immonen (FIN), Dan Louie, Dave Fernandez, Dennis Hatch, Justin Bergman, Mario Morra (CAN), Richard Young (CAN) Luc Salvas (CAN) 25/32nd  $300 Scott Frost, Rob Hart, Danny Hewitt (CAN), Jorge Rodriguez,   Joey Dupuis, Ron Casanzio, Alain Parent (CAN) Sean Morgan                                      

(L to R) Mike Howerton, Jerry Forsyth, Danny DiLiberto & Upstate Al

Brandon Shuff

Mario Morra

Our second chance event on Sunday August 23, 2015 results are: 1st     $500 Josh Ulrich 2nd    $300 Clyde Matta 3/4th  $200 Travis Salvetti, Mike Toohig 5/8th  $60 Paul Pensgen, Greg Bombard, Holden Chin John Vitale

Shaun Wilkie

Justin Bergman

Corey deuel

Joey Dupuis

Stroke September 2015



September 2015


Gotham City Billiards Club If you are not familiar with Gotham City Billiards Club, they are “a gem in the heart of Brooklyn”. You can play on fourteen Pro/Am 9’ Diamond pool tables or on their 5 x 10’ Diamond Pro/Am table. Family owned and operated since 2003, Kevin and Isabel Buckley undertook a renovation in 2013 that transformed their pool room. Besides a blue sea of

Gotham City Billiards Club in Brooklyn, New York is hosting the Inaugural 9-Ball Pro Classic with $11,000 added! Save the dates October 17th - 19th, 2015. The tournament is in recognition of Sharon “Sam” Fagnoni, Kevin’s sister who passed away in May from Cancer.

Diamond pool tables, they also added a state of the art online jukebox, 5 HD TV’s for all your favorite sports. We did some more renovations in 2014 and added a private room with one ping pong table in it. We also have the largest selection of pool books and dvd’s of every nature plus cues, cases, and accessories. On the menu is finger foods, burgers, fries, sandwiches, snacks and soft drinks. If you are looking for something a little stronger to drink GCBC also offers beer and wine.

Planning a party? GCBC will cater your event or just provide the pool tables. We cater to pro and amateur pool players alike, just ask house pro Jorge Rodriguez. Every Wednesday you can play in the Mega Bucks Amateur 9-Ball League. GCBC is a host room for the Tri State 9-Ball Tour and there will be upcoming dates. Stop in and check it out for yourself. GCBC is located at 93 Avenue U, Brooklyn NY 11223 or give them a call at 718-714-1002. email: gothamcity.

Stroke September 2015


Take a Stance

Tom Simpson © October 2001 – All Rights Reserved –

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson


September 2015

Most players take their stance for granted. They don’t give it much thought. “Hey, I’m not falling over. What’s the problem?” OK, maybe you’re not falling over, but are you off balance? Are you swaying? Are you inconsistent?

foot. The butt of the cue should be directly above the top of your rear foot. Bend forward into a shooting position and see if you feel you can sight straight down your cue. Adjust for comfort and confident sighting.

The purpose of the stance is to serve as a rock-solid foundation for your aim and for your stroke. A good stance is one that consistently arranges your body to support and facilitate a straight, smooth, fluid stroke. Let’s look at some vital aspects of stance.

Depth: A deep stance is one in which your feet are far apart. Deep stances are often taken by taller players, as a way to get their bodies down to table height. Better players also take deep stances to gain stability.

Balance: You should be balanced from side to side. In other words, no leaning, if you can avoid it. If you must lean or brace yourself against the table, fine, just make sure you are comfortable and stable. Your weight should be distributed about evenly across your two feet. You must also be balanced from front to back. If your front knee is bent a lot, you might have too much weight on the front foot. If you can lift your front foot while you’re down in your stance, you have too much weight on the back foot. Correct this by moving your hips forward or back along the line of the shot. Stability: Once you go down to shoot, you have to settle in and avoid swaying. Again, think of your stance as a foundation. A relaxed, stable stance allows you to stroke fluidly, without interference from clenched up muscles or twisted up joints. Gain stability by finding ways to align yourself to gravity. Don’t fight anything. Width: Most good American players use a very narrow stance, like an archer. One foot is in front of the other, close to being on the same line, near the line of the shot. Good balance is difficult in this stance, and it requires a lot of neck twisting. The other extreme is the snooker stance – feet side by side. I’ve found that players using the narrow stance almost always improve when they widen their stance a bit, to somewhere between the two extremes. Each person is different, so experiment a little. Try starting with your feet side by side and your stick pointed straight forward. Now, move your front foot (the left if you are right-handed) forward about a foot and out to the side about a


Height: How far is your chin above the shaft? The closer you are to upright, the easier it is to see the angle of the shot. As you bend lower, you see the path of the ball. You must be comfortable that you see the angle before you bend down. For good aiming, the lower you can comfortably go, the better. As you age, you may need to come up a couple of inches. Check your neck for tension. Come up until you are no longer straining. This will make a real difference. Comfort: In general, a good stance is natural and comfortable. Natural means your joints are not twisted up. Look at the angles made by your feet when you’re down in your stance. A natural position will look similar to the angles of your feet when you are standing normally. If you have pain or strain, something is wrong. With a comfortable stance, you can perform well for a longer time. Distance: Over time, we learn to take our stance the “right” distance from the shot, so when we bend down, our bridge hand lands in the right place. Note that stance changes often result in you standing closer or farther from the shot than this habitual distance. You’ll need to consciously check this for a while, until the new stance distance burns in. Move your whole body (feet included) forward or back to adjust. The new habit will soon form, and you’ll automatically take your stance at a proper distance again. When you look at an effective stance, there is not much to notice. Good stance is simple, natural, and neutral. Aspects of a stance that “stick out” are usually the things worth working on. A great stance has no extra stuff. Get down. Get simple.

TABLEMAGIC: TALK THE RACKING (AND BREAKING) Getting the most out of the Magic Rack

Michael K Glass

Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

I have been donating to playing in the Mezz West State Tour for two years now. Desiree Rivera and Oscar Dominguez have done an amazing job with this tour so far. One of the requirements for the tour is that we use the Turtle Rack, which is functionally equivalent to the Magic Rack. This rack is used for both 9 Ball and 10 Ball events. We are going to focus on 9-ball. Ask many professional pool players how they feel about Magic-style racks, and I think you’ll find that most of them do not like them. The reason is that because it gives a very consistent, tight rack, it is very easy for the pros to break and run a rack of 9-ball. Break properly, leaving the cue ball in the middle of the table, and you should be able to run the table, barring any mistakes. And we all know that pros rarely make mistakes! However, this article is for the rest of us. My goal is to help you achieve the perfect rack and break with the Magic Rack (or Turtle Rack). I’ll leave it up to you not to make any mistakes! First, let’s talk about racking. Place the Magic Rack on the table with the top hole lined up with the foot spot. The rack should be lined up with the center of the table – it helps if there is a mark on the table to guide you. Now, place the balls 3 through 8 randomly around the center of the rack, with the 9-ball in the middle (The Mezz West State Tour requires the 2-ball to be at the bottom of the rack). Once they are all placed, make sure they are all touching, nudging the cluster of 7 balls toward the head of the table just a bit. Carefully place the 1-ball at the top, on the foot spot, and the 2-ball at the bottom. They should nestle into place. Done correctly, all of the balls should be touching, with the possible exception of one tiny gap. If there is a single gap, the problem is with the balls, not the rack. If there is more than one gap, get a new set of balls. There are two ways to break this rack. The first way is to break softly, about 25 to 50% of your normal break speed. The second is to break “as hard as possible (another Mezz tour requirement)” while still maintaining control of the cue ball. In both cases, the cue ball should be placed on the head string, about one to two ball-widths away from the side rail. Either side will do—whichever you are more comfortable with. Try the soft break first. It will be easier to control, and you can more easily see how the balls will react. Hit the one ball directly; do NOT strike the front

of the 1-ball. You should essentially be shooting a stop shot. Aim directly at the center of the 1-ball. The wing ball on the side you’re breaking from should go straight into the corner pocket. The 1-ball should go very close to the side pocket opposite your breaking position. If it misses, it will travel to the head of the table, most likely in position for a shot with the cue ball that you hopefully stopped in the middle of the table. Try this break several times before you move on to harder breaks. When breaking hard, you are looking for similar results, although you’ll tend to get a bit more randomization. If the 1-ball doesn’t go into the side pocket, it may go up to the head rail, and then rebound back to the middle of the table. The cue ball may be caromed by another ball; squatting it in the middle of the table is still your goal, to minimize the chance of it being caromed into a pocket. However, the wing ball should still end up in the corner. If it misses, and you are sure the balls are racked as tight as possible, try moving the cue ball a little to the left or right before breaking. For more, very detailed information about the 9-ball break, I recommend taking a look at Racking Secrets with Joe Tucker, and Racking Secrets II. Making a ball on the break can mean the difference between winning and losing a match. These DVD’s are worth their weight in gold. Here is a bonus tip to help you run 9-ball racks: The 9-ball will usually stay inside the rack after the break. Ideally, you’d like the 8-ball to be a fairly easy key ball, right? Simple! When racking, place the 8-ball in the position directly between the wing ball and the 1-ball. Do a soft break, and notice that the 8 simply floats away toward the side rail, usually somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd diamonds; perfect position to set up the 9-ball! It will do the same thing for a hard break, although there is a strong tendency for other balls to knock it down the table. If the rules state that there is no pattern-racking (like in the Mezz West State Tour), then the next time you rack, place the 8-ball in the wing ball position, and place the 7-ball between the 1-ball and 8-ball. As long as you place the other five balls around the 9-ball randomly, you shouldn’t be accused of pattern racking. Now… go run some racks! If you would like to share some of your success stories (or even the failures), or have suggestions for future articles, please feel free to drop me a line at I can also be found hanging out with fellow billiards enthusiasts at billiards. Come on by and join the discussion!

Stroke September 2015


San Francisco Billiard Academy PBIA certified instruction is available for all levels from beginners to instructor training.

Play Some 2-Ball

Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett


September 2015

Here is a great game to develop skills you might normally neglect. It was invented by an Australian named Colin Colenso who described it in the on-line pool forum AZBilliards. You can play it alone as a practice or as a competition. It’s played with a 15-ball rack. You can play any ball into any pocket but the ball and pocket must be called. In addition, a second object ball must be moved and you have to call which one it will be. You get a point for each ball pocketed and a point for moving the called second ball. If you do both -- make and move -- you get to shoot again. The diagram shows four ways to score. Shot 1 is the simplest and perhaps the most common in other games. You make the 15 and break up the cluster. You’ll move three balls probably but you don’t get extra points for the extra motion -- just one point for moving the ball you call. Which moved ball should you call here? If you touch the 13 the 14 is guaranteed to move, but if you have a little draw on the cue ball you could land on the 14 and not move the 13. Call the 14 as the moved ball. In Shot 2 the 12 goes in off the 2. In the position shown the shot is almost unmissable if you slowroll the 12 and have it hit about half of the 2 ball. This uses the 30-degree angle law which applies to a rolling (not sliding) ball that hits another ball between 1/4 and 3/4 full. If the 2 ball were closer to the pocket you would have to hit the 12 ball harder so that it would be sliding into the 2 and the 90-degree kiss-line would apply You could also use the kiss-line in the shot shown but the aiming is a lot more critical. This is a shot you have to know so practice it if you don’t already know it. In Shot 3 is a standard combination. If you get the 10 ball to follow the 11 into the pocket you get a third point for the second ball pocketed. But that would be bad strategy if you want to run the table. The 11 ball is well situated to let you break out the 7-6 so you should wait until you have a better angle on the 11. In Shot 4 the 8 ball is made by caroming the cue ball off the 9. I’ve set it up so the 9 ball also gets the cluster apart. You don’t want to hit the cluster too hard though because having balls close together allows more shot possibilities. The break is an open break and any ball pocketed counts 2 points and you continue to shoot. If a ball is pocketed on a foul shot it spots up but otherwise no points are deducted. The end of the rack is a problem because the balls will be few and far between. There are two options for that situation. The first is start a new rack when only five balls remain. The other is to award double points on the last balls. By Colin’s rules, for the last ball (which is alone) you must pocket it and leave




Shot 2 15

Shot 1 13 14



Shot 3


Shot 4



3 5 7 6


Make a ball and move a ball. REJ

the cue ball within a handspan of the exact center of the table to get 2 points and the next break. The ball spots up if you don’t get the cue ball right and your opponent tries the final shot. I prefer a different way of ending the rack: You get a point for making the last ball and the second point for scratching in a called pocket. If you do both, you get the following break. If you only make the ball, your opponent gets to break. Among the many skills this game will help you build is landing the cue ball on the right part of a cluster to get a good break rather than just some break. Work on landing right.


Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his poolplaying career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

Most pool players lose way too many games because of poor mental decisions. They do not know how to systematically approach each shot and control their emotions to maintain confidence. This article will address three common mental mistakes that pool players make and will also show you how to eliminate them. 1. Don’t Analyze your Stroke: Any thoughts about your stroke during match play are counterproductive to performing well. Whether it is in between shots or during play, trusting in your current ability is far more important than trying to correct some sort of a stroke flaw. Trying to consciously control your body during any action makes the task more difficult. Think about the first time you rode a bicycle (“foot on pedal, now balance…”). Most people lose control of their balance and wreck. After some practice, you learn to trust your natural ability. Thinking about your stroke while attempting to pocket a ball creates tension, which interferes with the free-flow of a good stroke. It’s fine to think about your stroke in between matches or when you’re practicing your fundamentals, but during a tournament your mind must remain silent for you to play your best. Stroke thoughts usually creep in during a match when you miss a few shots. After failing a few times, most players think it is necessary to look at all of the parts of their stroke in an effort to correct the problem. A lot of these misses are simply caused by tension, which increases as the player attempts to gain more control. There’s a saying that in pool, “you need to let go of focus in order to gain it”—and I strongly believe that to be the case. Instead of focusing on stroke mechanics, we need to be connected with our objective— shoot at a specific spot on the object ball and then trust

our subconscious to do what comes natural. The best stroke thought is to trust the fundamentals you have, but if you need some help, you can always practice your stroke in between matches. Remember to say, “1…2…3…” – SET, “1…2…” – PAUSE, “1…2…3…4…” – FREEZE. 2. Don’t Think About the Score: Unless you’re in a situation where you need to know your score for strategy, it’s best to forget about it. Some of the best matches in history have been played when one player didn’t concentrate on what his/her score was. You’ll find that when you play your best, it’s like you don’t care about the results and you don’t judge it, you’re just enjoying playing the game because it’s fun. This is the mentality we need to adopt every game. Score is something that is external and completely out of our control. Tying your performance to the match score or ball count can create a roller coaster of emotions. If you can shift your concentration each match from being results-centered to process-centered, you will immediately start to see improvements in your ability to perform. 3. Don’t Forget About your Pre-Shot Routine: Taking the time to master a solid pre-shot routine is an absolute must if you want to become a more consistent player. It is a positive way to ensure that you choose and commit to the right shot and execute it properly. If you don’t have a meticulous pre-shot routine (which should be a habit), you are simply throwing away games. The section in my new book Unstoppable! Positive Thinking for Pool Players entitled Developing a Powerful Process is completely dedicated to this subject. If you would like additional instruction on how to successfully implement a powerful pre-shot routine just like the pros, you should enroll at Virtual Billiard Academy. The complete pre-shot process can be executed in less than a minute. Being able to concentrate on your preshot routine also ties in nicely with the section above, which discusses players that concentrate on the score or ball count. Instead of making the score or ball count your primary goal, you should make following your pre-shot routine your #1 goal for every shot.

Stroke September 2015


On The Road with ... C J Wiley

He hustled pool for a while and made a living, then turned pro and made a killing. Clearly, Dallas’ CJ Wiley is on the ball. By Michael P. Geffner DVD LIST:

Million Dollar Challenge Package of Three 1) ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary 2) PCA’s 2nd Tour Stop at the Hollywood Park Casino - Semi Finals between David Matlock and Oliver Ortmann and Finals between Matlock and Allen Hopkins. 3) PCA Million Dollar Challenge Semis with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley and Finals with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley (highlights from CJ Wiley vs Paul Potier).

TRAINING THE MINDS TO CONNECT SYNERGISTICALLY The conscious mind is at the mercy (for the most part) of the subconscious mind. Under the level of “thinking” lurks our beliefs, our concepts and our self defense mechanisms that deal with security and social also controls any issues we are having and there’s no way to stop it by “figuring it out” because the problem centers in the minds, the “subconscious, and the conscious”. We have on the average of 30k to 50,000 thoughts a day between the two “minds”.... this leads to all kinds of possible behaviours, emotions/feelings, and even’s very often from a balance issue, your mental “self ” is out of balance. The way to improve you conscious contact with your mental self and the “inner world” is to address the problem at it’s source.....connecting the subconscious mind to the conscious mind in a useful, more effective way. This requires periods of “non thinking”’s somewhat of a paradox “to improve our thinking we must not think”

Million Dollar Challenge ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary Semi-Finals & Finals Million Dollar Challenge Semi-Finals & Finals PCA on TV at Hollywood Park


September 2015

This is done through meditation and prayer (which is a form of meditation) doesn’t matter if someone is atheist, agnostic or a believer (it’s spirituality, not religion), they must at least be willing to believe in a Power higher than their conscious thinking to make any progress. Once someone is “willing to believe” then the door is opened to the process of higher thinking. I recommend ANAPANA Meditation***, it’s a simple way to meditate, where the person observes their breathing at the source, their very own thoughts.....”observing” the thoughts is very important in this process....of course this is much easier said than done, the more we think about something the less chance we have of actually doing it. ‘The Game is the Inner Teacher’ www.cjwiley. com

CJ Wiley’s Master Collection 8 Videos on 6 DVDs $99.95 $49.95 Order online at


ONE SHOT AND OUT STEFANO PELINGA Stefano Pelinga (born 1964) hails from Rome, Italy, where he has served since 1985 as a police officer for the Italian government (Polizia di Stato), until his retirement in 2011. He began to play pool at the age of 12, drawing inspiration from his favorite singer and actor, Dean Martin. Stefano, currently a 5-time World Champion in Pool Trick Shots, won several titles in Italy in straight pool and nine-ball throughout the late 1970s and 1980s. In 1990, he devoted himself entirely to “Artistic Pool,” commonly referred to in its practice as “Trick Shots.” Due to his outstanding achievements, Stefano is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest Trick Shot champions in the history of the sport, and has earned a spot in ESPN’s Trick Shot Magic Hall of Fame. Most importantly, on November 17, 2012, Stefano was inducted into the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. In the presence of approximately 500 VIP guests and many sports stars such as Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza, Tony Esposito and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini, Stefano was awarded this honor, becoming a member of this group of legendary Italian Americans.

As you all may know, I have always preferred useful and realistic Trick Shots, the ones that can actually happen in a game or that teach you 9 some principle which surely comes in handy when playing regular 6 pocket billiards. Here is one of them and it is not too difficult to execute. We are playing 9-Ball 3 and 9 we are facing a situation where the lowest numbered ball (according to my 6 diagram the red 3-ball) is frozen to the long rail at circa one diamond from the side 3 Another ball (I pocket. used the green 6-Ball) is in front of it, still frozen to the long rail and at about the second diamond. The 9-Ball is more or less one diamond away from the top left corner pocket. Keep in mind that if you freeze the 9-Ball to the rail, it will be a little more challenging to pocket it. During my shows, I normally leave a tiny gap of 1/8” between the 9-Ball and Cueba the rail. Descriptio Place your Cue Ball behind the side pocket at about one ball distance from the long rail. Aim the 3-Ball almost full, actually 7/8 of it to the right, and apply a 2.5 tip top spin at 11:30. Use a 3-speed stroke and you will drive the 3-Ball slightly into the rail and off the 6-Ball so that both of them will get out of the CB’s way, which will make a quick curve and head towards the 9-Ball, making it into the corner pocket. Keep in mind that if you hit the 3-Ball too full, it will miss the 6-Ball. If you don’t hit enough of it, the CB will bounce off of it way too much for the English to take over and you’ll miss the 9-Ball. Last but not least, remember that by shooting with a 3-speed stroke and using a slight left English, such as at 11:30, the CB will deflect, although minimally, to the right. In other words, depending on the stiffness/flexibility of your cue, you may be aiming correctly at 7/8 of the 3-Ball but still end up hitting too little of it so you will notice the CB curve but not enough to hit the 9-Ball full. A smooth follow-through is recommendable for this shot, rather than a snap shot or a poke stroke.

One shot  a


September 2015


16th August

2015 PartyPoker World Pool Masters

Shane Van Boening

Shane is a two-time Master The Final Shane Van Boening (USA) 8-2 Darren Appleton (ENG) Semi-Finals Shane Van Boening (USA) 8-0 Liu Haitao (CHN) Darren Appleton (ENG) 8-4 Mark Gray (ENG) SOUTH DAKOTA’S Shane Van Boening became the first player in the 23 year history of the PartyPoker World Pool Masters to retain the title as he beat Darren Appleton (England) 8-2 at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester. Alex Lely and Dennis Orcollo had reached the final in their defence of the title but Van Boening went one better with a blistering display of breaking to take the title and the $20,000 winner’s cheque. Van Boening also joins Ralf Souquet, Francisco Bustamante and Thomas Engert as multiple winners of the Masters. Commented Van Boening; “It feels awesome to win. Before I came here I practiced for almost a week and that work has paid off, it is amazing. The more you practice the better you get and that has really built up my confidence. “I don’t know what happened with the golden breaks. The ball came around and hit the 9 ball and it went in. I hit the break hard so it can happen. “It is very hard to win the Masters. You have all the best players in the world, 16 top players and especially playing against Darren Appleton in the final, who is one of the very best pool players. “I got a lot of fortunate rolls, I made three golden breaks tonight with the one in the semi-final. It is very exciting for me to be the first player to win the Masters in consecutive years,” he added. Van Boening flew into a 3-0 lead, albeit with the help of a couple of errors by Appleton. A dry break in the third game from Van Boening left a tough run out


for his opponent but he composed himself to get on the scoreboard. Appleton pushed out in the next but Van Boening’s attempt at a snooker left Darren with a look at the 2 ball and he rolled it in up table. From there he cleared up to get to 2-3. He missed another ball in the next, a routine 4 ball at a slight angle, and that gave Van Boening the chance to increase his lead at 4-2. Appleton was looking increasingly agitated by his errors and could only look on as Van Boening kicked the 9 ball in off the break – his second golden of the evening session – to move to 5-2. It soon became 6-2 with a tidy 6/9 combo as things looked bleak for Appleton. And even bleaker in the next as another crunching Van Boening break saw the 9 ball kicked in off the side rail as he reached the hill at 7-2. It ended with a 2/9 combination as Van Boening crowned a fabulous evening. “He broke unbelievably in the semi-finals so I knew I had to break well in the final,” said Appleton. “I didn’t really come down from the semi-final and never really felt comfortable. I had chances at the start of the game and he wasn’t breaking well but I didn’t capitalise. I went 3-0 down but could have been 3-0 up. “I started to feel good and had ball in hand

September 2015 Stroke

at 3-2. It wasn’t an easy finish but I played a bad positional shot and missed the 4 ball. From there at 4-2 he broke and got a 9 on the break and he ran the next rack, got another golden break for 7-2 and in the last rack he smashed the balls and fluked the 6 ball to come out perfect for the 2/9 combo. When things like that happen it is his tournament. “Looking back on the tournament I am really happy to have got to the final. I would have liked to have got more involved in the final but he is a great player and hopefully in the next five or so years we will play in more finals. “Going into the match I felt I just wasn’t ready because I had just finished my semi-final and didn’t have time to get focussed for the match. I missed a couple of balls I should make just because of a lapse of concentration.” Earlier Van Boening had recorded the fastest 8-0 win in Masters history as he beat Liu Haitao in less than 30 minutes. After taking the first two racks, Van Boening then broke and ran six on the spin to record a whitewash in 27 mins and 40 secs. Appleton had enjoyed a tussle with countryman Mark Gray which looked to be anyone’s at 4-4 before Appleton ran away with, ending the match with a golden break.



QUARTER FINALS Niels Feijen (HOL) 6-8 Liu Haitao (CHN) Shane Van Boening (USA) 8-5 Waleed Majid (QAT) Darren Appleton (ENG) 8-5 Johnny Archer (USA) Ralf Souquet (GER) 6-8 Mark Gray (ENG) SEMI-FINALS Shane Van Boening (USA) 8-0 Liu Haitao (CHN) Darren Appleton (ENG) 8-4 Mark Gray (ENG) THE FINAL Shane Van Boening (USA) 8-2 Darren Appleton (ENG)

Stroke September 2015



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Singles Break at Lucky 7 Billiards By JJ Jones Photos by Jim DeCesare The NAPA Singles league held this sessions play offs at Charlie and Tiffany’s Lucky 7 Billiards. As a Singles League, it was one on one, no teams. The event had the feel and excitement of tournament play. The local NAPA league owner Jim DeCesare was the director. This play off culminated many weeks of regular play. The session’s top players were there, along with one wild card spot. The format was the same as the regular NAPA session. Lag for choice of game, either 8 ball or 9 ball. Handicaps were carried over from regular play. The payout was $1,200. Paid to 4th place. The field was small, less than a dozen, but the competition was fierce. The one wild card spot was taken by Janis Sessions, a well-known local player. Other notables were Becky “The California Kid”, Ronnie Beach and Jim Gardner. The matches were all competitive. The play was aggressive, with several hill- hill sets. Frequently a single missed shot or weak position was the deciding factor. Everyone agreed that the NAPA lag for choice of 8 or 9 ball format was a cool element. The majority of the lag winners picked the 8 ball format, but everyone who elected 9 ball won their sets. If you won the lag, it proved important to know your opponents weakest game. With such close races, you needed every possible advantage. The final outcome was wild, as the lone wild card player came out on top. 1st Janis Sessions for the trophy $450 (split $900) 2nd Ronnie Beach $450 3rd JJ Jones $150 4th Jim Gardner $150 JANIS SESSIONS, RONNIE BEACH

272 St John St - Portland, ME

19 Pool Tables (16 - 9’ & 3 coin op) Darts Foosball Ping Pong Arcade Games Pub Style Menu Daily Food Specials Full Bar


r: Hou appy i 3 to 7pm H ---- All Day Every Day ---- Fr le) Mon pool/tab Bud & Bud Light 16 oz Draft - $2 ($5 hr

Every Friday Night 8-Ball at 8pm $8 buy-in - Race to 2


7 Billiards

4850 South State Road 7

Hollywood, FL 954-239-8254

Home of the Pink Table (pinkie)

14 Pool Tables - 1 Snooker Table - Weekly Pool Tournaments APA - TAP - Player Leagues

Smoke Free Environment

Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm to 2am Sat-Sun Noon to 2am

Stroke September 2015


Robinson, Larson, Childress & Fullerton Crowned 2015 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Champions

Photos Courtesy of JP Parmentier & Billiard Education Foundation

scholarships, custom engraved trophies and sponsored prize packages valued August 10, 2015 at nearly $2,000. Along (Denver, CO): The with their victories, Billiard Education they also earned an Foundation (BEF) preopportunity to represent sented its 27th Annual Team U.S.A. at the Junior National 9-Ball upcoming 2015 WPA Championships August World Junior 9-Ball 4-7, 2015. 130 billiard Championships in student-athletes repreShanghai, China in sented 31 states at the November. The top four South Point Hotel & finishers also received Convention Center in trophies and prize Las Vegas, Nevada for packages. this year’s event which Polo shirt sponsors: took place in conjuncCueStix International & tion with the 2015 Presidential Billiards BCA Billiard & Home Good bag Leisure Expo. sponsors: Kamui, Of the 54 Billiards Digest, Pool competitors, this year’s & Billiard, Professor title of 18 & Under Q-Ball, Tweeten Fibre, Boys Champion went Aramith, OB Cues, to California Jr. State Pechauer Custom 9-Ball Champion Chris Cues,, Robinson of Ventura, Simonis, CSI, Specialty CA. The arena exploded Incentives, Downtown as he pocketed the Top 16 from finishers from 2015 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships LV Visitors Center and winning 9 ball in the (L to R, back row): Rick Doner (head ref), John Taylor (ref), Josh Franklin, Nick Kline, Zach Gurganus, LV Visitor’s Authority finals against Atlantic Amber Jackson, Hannah Hohn, Vivian Liu, Earl Munson (tournament director) Winners’ Prize Challenge Cup U.S. (L to R, middle row): Tammy Jo Leonard (BEF staff), Samm Diep-Vidal (BEF Exec. Dir.), Daniel Sardoncillo, Sponsors include: team member Josh Lukas Fracasso-Verner, Kaiden Hunkins, Emily Herpel, Tatum Cutting, Melvin Leonard (ref & BEF staff) Predator Group, Franklin from Creve (Winners in front row): Ashley Fullerton (14 & Under Girls), April Larson (18 & Under Girls), Chris Worldwise Imports, Dr. Coeur, IL. Robinson Robinson (18 & Under Boys), Nathan Childress (14 & Under Boys) Dave, Bullseye Billiards, came from the one-loss Ricky Bryant & Omega side after losing his Billiards, Pool Hall VA junior state champion played a near perfect set third match against Plushies and Championship against IL & PA junior state champion, 13-year-old former World Junior U.S. team member, Manny Premier Sponsors of the 2015 Junior National Kaiden Hunkins of Waukesha, WI. Both boys will also Perez from Kansas. Newcomers Nick Kline from 9-Ball Championships: Iwan Simonis, Inc, Billiard be invited to be a part of team U.S. at the upcoming Prescott Valley, AZ and Zach Gurganus of Marietta, Congress of America, Diamond Billiard Products and world championships. Connecticut’s Lukas FracassoGA both made a huge splash and all four boys will be Aramith Verner and Daniel Sardoncillo of Washington both representing the U.S. at the upcoming WPA World Official Media Sponsors:, had notable third and fourth place finishes. Junior 9-Ball Championships. Billiards Digest, InsidePool, Pool&Billiard, Professor The 14 & Under Girls division went to In the 18 & Under Girls division, 15-year-old Q-Ball and, 12-year-old Ashley Fullerton of Lake Park, MN but April Larson went undefeated to continue her reign Links to online brackets can be found at http:// not without a fight. 12-year-old Tatum Cutting from as girls champion. Minnesota’s star won 9-6 in a courtesy of Diamond, OH was down 8-1 in the finals ultimately single-set finals against 15-year-old Emily Herpel from Bad Boys Billiard Productions. Live stream (courtesy of losing the set 9-6 but she never gave up. Massachusetts’ Freehold, NY. Third and fourth place went to junior and live scoring (courtesy of ScoreSaloon. players Vivian Liu (first-timer) and Keila Perez nationals first-timers Amber Jackson of South Carolina com) were also available at that link. finished third and fourth respectively. Fullerton will and Hannah Hohn of South Dakota. All four ladies 40 billiard student-athletes with GPAs of 3.5 or be representing the U.S. at the upcoming world junior will be invited to represent the U.S. at the upcoming higher were recognized at the event’s banquet as this championships.Interestingly, all the finals finished with world championships. year’s BEF Academic All-Americans. Banquet guests a score of 9-6. From the field of 46 14 & Under Boys, 12-yearwere also treated with special guest speakers “Dr. Cue” The winners from each of the four age divisions old Nathan Childress of North Chesterfield, VA Tom Rossman and Hall-of-Famer Allison Fisher. (18 & Under Boys, 18 & Under Girls, 14 & Under returned with his sights set high after last year’s third Also new this year was the new Kamui Quest for Boys and 14 & Under Girls) received academic place finish. With proud mom and coach present, the Excellence award given to eight recipients this year


September 2015 Stroke

with a 4.0 GPA. These outstanding student athletes were each presented with a custom Kamui award along with a sponsorship package from Kamui. This year’s recipients were: Serena Black, Joey Bourgeois, Jr., Michelle Jiang, April Larson, Vivian Liu, Andy Poutry, Katlin Schilling and Evan Swett. Great appreciation go to the event staff and volunteers who have made this a first class event year after year: longtime tournament director Earl Munson, tournament & event assistant Tammy Jo Leonard and her husband Mel, longtime National Head Referee

2015 Lindenwood Sportsmanship Award Winners (New this year!) Nick Kline (18 & Under Boys), Serena Black (18 & Under Girls), Lindsey Douglas (Lindenwood admissions counselor), Nathan Childress, April Czarnecki

Rick Doner and National Referee John Taylor, Gina Sinlao, Irene Bautista, “Dr. Cue” Tom Rossman, Allison Fisher, Marc Vidal, and Jerry Tarantola for creating the special banquet video. Special Thanks also


Newly implemented this year was the Sportsmanship Award presented by Lindenwood University. Players, spectators and staff all voted for players they believed showed remarkable sportsmanship during their matches. This year’s recipients were: 18 & Under Boys Division Nick Kline, 17 (Prescott Valley, AZ) 18 & Under Girls Division Serena Black, 17 (Warrensburg, IL) 14 & Under Boys Division Nathan Childress, 12 (North Chesterfield, VA) 14 & Under Girls Division April Czarnecki, 14 (Urbandale, IA)

goes to Jason Secor and Ross Smith. And and extra SPECIAL THANKS goes to Tim Chin for all his amazing support before and during the entire event.

18 & Under Boys Division

14 & Under Boys Division

1st Place * Chris Robinson, 17 (Ventura, CA) 2nd Place * Josh Franklin, 17 (Creve Coeur, IL) 3rd Place * Nick Kline, 17 (Prescott Valley, AZ) 4th Place * Zach Gurganus, 17 (Marietta, GA)

1st Place * Nathan Childress, 12 (N. Chesterfield, VA) 2nd Place * Kaiden Hunkins, 13 (Waukesha, WI) 3rd Place Lukas Fracasso-Verner, 13 (Wallingford, CT) 4th Place Daniel Sardoncillo, 14 (Puyallup, WA)

18 & Under Girls Division

14 & Under Girls Division

1st Place * April Larson, 15 (Bloomington, MN) 2nd Place * Emily Herpel, 15 (Freehold, NY) 3rd Place * Amber Jackson, 15 (Clover, SC) 4th Place * Hannah Hohn, 16 (Ethan, SD)

1st Place * Ashley Fullerton, 12 (Lake Park, MN) 2nd Place Tatum Cutting, 12 (Diamond, OH) 3rd Place Vivian Liu, 12 (Harvard, MA) 4th Place Keila Perez, 14 (Waltham, MA)

Stroke August 2015


Fernando’s tournament trail included wins over Stewart Warnock 7 - 3; Duc Lam 7 - 6; Kapriel Delimelkonoglu 7 - 2; Richard Ng 7 - 6; Alex Osipov 7 - 4. Fernado suffered a loss to Jessica-Lynn Greibesland, who also won 5 matches,10 - 7 for the Hot Seat. Fernando, locked into 3rd, awaited another chance to be in the Finals. During this time, Alex Osipov, who suffered a loss to Fernando 7 - 4, worked his way back to face him again only to suffer the same fate as before with another 7 - 4 loss. During the Final, Jessica-Lynn took a 5 - 0 lead, only to be tied at 5 - 5. The players traded the lead till 7 - 7, when Fernando gained the momentum winning another 5 straight games for a 12 - 7 victory. Please provide a thank you to Ozone Billiards, Sterling-Gaming, Kamui Tips, Ron Vitello, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics , and Bloodworth Ball Cleaners for their sponsorship leading to this event. RESULTS 1st $780 Fernando Paulino 2nd $510 Jessica-Lynn Greibsland 3rd $310 Alex Osipov 4th $200 Gary Serrano 5th/6th $130 Richard Ng, Neven Lepovac 7th/8th $90 Thomas Rice, Mike Figueroa 9th-12th $70 Alberto Estevez, Rhys Chen, Dennis Kennedy, Brian Dorfman


Steinway Cafe & Billiards

(727) 539-7665 11 - 9’ tables (3 - Diamonds) Darts 8 - TV’s

9-Ball Tournaments at 8pm Every Monday & Wednesday

Take Lessons with Earl Strickland and other World Champions Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-4am 3525 Steinway St. Astoria, NY 11102 (718) 472-2124


September 2015 Stroke

Round Robin Tournaments 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month $5.00 8-Ball tournament every Wed. at 1:00pm

Karen Corr Wins Again

(L TO R) JIA LI, KAREN CORR, JACKI DUGGAN, LINDA SHEA, SHANNA LEWIS, KIM WHITMAN, NICOLE MONACO, COLLEEN SHOOP, CHERYL PRITCHARD, BRIANA MILLER, EMILY DUDDY, IRIS CABATIT The Q-Masters Mid-Atlantic Women’s 9-ball Open (JPNEWT Stop #7), August 15-16, was a huge success. We had 47 women signed-up to play this event. The venue, Q-Masters in Virginia Beach, is the largest pool room in the United States, and is the former location of the US OPEN 9-ball Championships. Karen Corr was the champion yet again and has yet to drop a match shooting a perfect 100%.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th/6th 7th/8th 9th-12th

$1,500 Karen Corr $1,000 Briana Miller $750 Kim Whitman $450 Jia Li $320 Emily Duddy, Linda Shea $200 Colleen Shoop, Nicole Monaco $150 Cheryl Pritchard, Iris Cabatit, Jacki Duggan, Shanna Lewis 13th-16th $100 Belinda Calhoun, Borana Adoni Jessica Brown, Pauline Mattes

SOUTH FLORIDA BCA POOL LEAGUE League Operator: Janis Sessions - 305-903-4029 email: Play out of Lucky 7 Billiards in Davie, Florida NIGHTS OF PLAY: Mon - Thurs In-house

Come Join the FUN!

Stroke September 2015


Michigan Team Open 8-Ball Champs

Just Scouting of Coldwater, Michigan, defeated Mike’s Magnums, Linden, N.J., in the finals of the 2015 8-Ball Championship 8-5.  The victory earned Just Scouting $25,000 in 1st Place prize money, while Mike’s Magnums took home $15,000 as Runners-up. Just Scouting ousted Always Late of Newton, North Carolina, in the semifinals while Mike’s Magnums defeated On Cue of Evansville, Indiana  Always Late and Mike’s Magnums each received $7,500 in prize money for making it to the final day of competition. A New Beginning of Bloomington, Indiana, was presented with the Sportsmanship Award in the 8-Ball division. More than 700 teams competed in this year’s 8-Ball National Team Championships. Champions: Just Scouting of Coldwater, Michigan - (L to R in Photo): Eric Anglin, Nicole Janusz, Richard Cabral, Matthew Leckner, Joey Bills, Clint Siekemeyer, John Squier II. 2nd place: Mike’s Magnums of Linden, New Jersey: Nathaneil Alvin, Hiram Blackburn, Michael Green, Katrina Williams, Eugene Lewis, Joseph Mikell, Terence Peterson. 3rd/4th: Always Late of Newton, North Carolina: Robert Messervy, Sharon Messervy, Ed Jones, Jr., Justin Queen, Vicky Harris, Colby Williams, Michael Ethridge, Pamela Ethridge. 3rd/4th: On Cue of Evansville, Indiana: James Ruggerio, Tyler Cordova, Robert Darling, Daniel Williams IV, Steve Boyer II, Tonya Wiser, Daniel Field, Brian Payne.

New Hampshire 9-Ball Team Takes Title

Panathinaikos B.C. of Plaistow, New Hampshire, defeated the South Georgia Hustlers of Baxley, Georgia, in the finals of the 2015 9-Ball Championship 50-32. The victory earned Panathinaikos B.C. $15,000 in 1st Place prize money, while the South Georgia Hustlers took home $7,000 as Runners-up. Panathinaikos ousted Fried Pickles of Houston, Texas, in the semifinals while the South Georgia Hustlers defeated Shooter’s 2 of Pelham, New Hampshire.  Fried Pickles and Shooter’s 2 each received $3,500 in prize money for making to the final day of competition. The Gray Eagles of Orting, Washington, were presented the Sportsmanship Award in the 9-Ball division. A record 466 teams competed in this year’s 9-Ball National Team Championships. Champions: Panathinaikos B.C. - 9 of Plaistow, NH - (Front Row L to R): Fausto Cabrera, Anastasia Leotsakos, Chris Defrancesco, Nikolaos Kanaloupitis, Ed Bisson, Michael Weldon; (Back Row L to R): Ben Benson, Thomas Pickett, Paul Coorey. Runners-Up: South Ga Hustlers of Baxley, GA: Kenneth Ussery, Tina Stephens, Roderick Rentz, Stephanie Rentz, Alford Hall, Michael Stephens, Bryan Strickland, Black Wright.

Canadian Team 8-Ball Jack & Jill Doubles Champs

On Tuesday, Aug. 18, Wasarelli – Wasana Manamperi (SL5) and Paul Cardarelli (SL5) of Mississauga, ON, were crowned Champions in the Jack & Jill Doubles Championship! They defeated Aurora Borealis – Eric Gilbert (SL7) and Kathryn Kelly (SL3) – of Aurora, Colo., in the finals 4-2. Wasarelli took home $3,500 for their win, while Aurora Borealis earned $2,300 for their Runner-Up finish. On Tuesday, Aug. 18, Wasarelli – Wasana Manamperi (SL5) and Paul Cardarelli (SL5) of Mississauga, ON, were crowned Champions in the Jack & Jill Doubles Championship! They defeated Aurora Borealis – Eric Gilbert (SL7) and Kathryn Kelly (SL3) – of Aurora, Colo., in the finals 4-2. Wasarelli took home $3,500 for their win, while Aurora Borealis earned $2,300 for their Runner-Up finish.


September 2015


MMMMMM Kay Again 2015 Masters Champions!

The 2015 Masters Championship brought out a recordbreaking crowd! MMMMMM Kay Again – Billy Sharp, Ernesto Bayaua and Brent Forster – of Humble, Texas, are the 2015 Masters Champions! They walked away with $10,000 for the win! Runners-Up, The Drillers – Brian Parks, Todd Speakman, Josh Farris and Rhiyan Quiton – of Bakersfield, Calif., didn’t leave emptyhanded earning $5,000. MMMMMM Kay Again’s Forster played against The Drillers Farris in the first match. After a back and forth match, Farris came out ahead, 7-5. The second match paired MMMMMM Kay Again’s Sharp and The Drillers Speakman. Sharp won the match 7-2, putting the overall match hill-hill. Playing in the final match were two U.S. Amateur Champions – MMMMMM Kay Again’s Bayaua and The Drillers Parks. Bayaua was able to secure the championship title for his team with a 7-4 win. The Sportsmanship Award went to TJ’s of Bartley, Neb.

Champions: MMMMMM Kay Again of Humble, TX - Ernesto Bayaua, Billy Sharp, Brent Forster Runners-Up: The Drillers of Bakersfield, CA - Brian Parks, Todd Speakman, Josh Farris, Rhiyan Quiton

Shreveport, LA Team Ladies 8-Ball Champs

The Ladies 8-Ball Championships concluded on Saturday, Aug. 15 with a nail-biter finale! The finals of the event pitted Just Like This! of Shreveport, La., against Not Me of Olathe, Kan. The first match paired Just Like This! Ashley Moras (SL3) against Not Me’s Christina Gregory (SL2). Just Like This! came out strong with Moras winning 2-1. In the second match, Just Like This! Hope Lawrence (SL6) played Not Me’s Tricia Griffith (SL5), with Griffith capturing the win 2-1 and taking the match hill-hill. Last up was Just Like This! Yolanda Phonphila (SL3) and Not Me’s Jenna Claar (SL4). It would prove to be Just Like This! night, as they took home $10,000 for their win! Not Me didn’t go home empty-handed as Runners-Up, earning a $5,000 payday! The Sportsmanship Award winner in the Ladies 8-Ball Championship was Crestmont Divas of Willow Grove, Pa. Champions: Just Like This! of Shreveport, LA (L to R in photo): Hope Lawrence, Ashley Moras, Yolanda Phonphila, Tina Grosjean Runners-Up: Not Me of Olathe, KS: Jenna Clear, Kerri Morrison, Mendy Morgan, Christina Gregory, Tricia Griffith

Tennessee Pair 9-Ball Doubles Champs The finals of the 9-Ball Doubles Championships hit the Top of the Riv on Sunday afternoon. Gypsy’s Too – Bill Palmer (SL4) and Mary Kester (SL3) – of Niles, Ohio, were up against Age Before Beauty – John McCloud (SL5) and Billy Petty (SL6) – of Portland, Tenn. The race was to 28 for Gypsy’s Too and 42 for Age Before Beauty. In the end, it was Age Before Beauty walking away champions, 42-7. They earned $3,500 for their win, while Gypsy’s Too took home $2,300 as the Runners-Up. Age Before Beauty also received the Sportsmanship Award! Champions - Billy Petty, John McCloud of Portland, TN Runners-Up - Mary Kester, Bill Palmer of Niles, OH

Stroke September 2015





Congratulations to the Winner and Runner-up of the Tournament A big thank you to those who came out to play and remember Kerry! Winner: Dave Runner-up: T.J.

Great Job Everyone 1st Steve Smith 2nd Noreen Moy 3rd Derrick Burnham

DECATUR, AL 1st Saturday 9 ball at 7pm $35 entry -players auction $500 added 1st $890 Jeremy J 2nd $480 Guy D


Liz Norman, Brent Brown, Mary Harju, Jason Barnies and Brian Lister.


(256) 686-3171

Hours: Mon-Thur: 2pm-2am / Fri-Sat: 1pm-2am / Sun: 6pm-2am


28 September


First Sat at 7pm Monthly 9 ball $35 entry Players Auction $500 added.

9 Ball Fri & Sat 8pm-$13 entry

22 Diamonds (16-7ft and 6-9ft) 1819 Bassett Ave SE, Decatur, AL 1-5x10 Snooker


1861 W Tennessee St. Tallahassee, Florida

850 224-8644

22 - 9’ pool tables - HD TVs Darts - Liquor - Full Kitchen 10,000 Sq Feet Tournaments weekly and monthly

Press Release

CHINOOK WINDS OPEN 8 BALL $17,000 Added - October 9-11th, 2015

Chinook Winds Casino Resort is adding $17,000 to the 10-Ball Open Event this October. $12,000 will be added to the Men’s division with guaranteed $10,000 for 1st place based on 96 entries. $5,000 will be added to the Women’s division based on 48 entries and $4,000 for 1st place. Entry fee is $150 plus a $25 green fee ($175). It will be a race to 7 for Men’s division and race to 5 for Women’s division, double elimination, BCAPL rules and alternating breaks. The Tournament will start immediately after the Calcutta (cash only) on Friday at 4PM and a brief player’s meeting. Finals will be on Sunday evening. A Warm up 9-ball tournament for all players will commence on Thursday, October 8 at 6PM, $25 entry

plus a $5 green fee ($30). Men’s/Open will race to 4, double elimination. Women’s division will be a race to 3. $1,000 will be added to Men’s/Open based on 64 open entries and $500 on 32 for women’s entries. As always, sportsmanship is mandatory. Races are subject to change. Tournaments will be played on 7 foot Diamond bar tables with Cyclop balls provided by Bad Boys Billiards Productions. “Fast” Lenny Marshall of “On The Rail” will provide high definition, quality streaming with many videos to view. Co-tournament directors are Andrew Monstis and Mike Jensen with Western BCA staff helping out. Certified referees will be in attendance.

They say it’s better at the beach and they are right! Chinook Winds Casino Resort is a full service facility and an exceptional venue for large, quality pool tournaments that can’t be found anywhere else. The Chinooks Winds Open 10-Ball Tournament precedes Western BCA’s regional 9-Ball Championships which begin Monday, October 12. The Chinook Winds Open is made possible in part by a grant from Lincoln City Visitor Bureau (http:// ), as well as contributions from Chinook Winds Casino Resort (http://www. ), Anheuser Busch and Western BCA ( ). Entry Forms and further entry information can be found at

LOCAL ROOMS SOUGHT Hello billiard room owners from around the world. My main goal for the 40th Anniversary of the U.S. Open is to fill the field at 128 players and I’m asking for your support. Here are two examples that will enable you to have a player to represent your room, your town, and play in this event. A couple of examples for your local players only: • Have 32 players put up $30.00 each which comes to $960.00 and you would add only $40.00 plus give your winner 2 shirts from your room. Every time your player is introduced prior to his match Scott Smith will announce the player's name and that he won his U.S. Open qualifier out of your room. All of your local players will certainly appreciate your efforts. • Have 32 players pay $50.00 each which comes to $1,600.00, $1,000.00 for the entry fee and $600.00 for their expenses along with 2 shirts. My suggestion to give your players a better shot to win and to have more players is to not have long races. Such as race to 5 or race to 6, double elimination, and have your finals one race to 9. If you had, say, races to 9 from the beginning you would give less players a shot to Mon - Thurs : represent your room and 5pm - 1am yourself. By doing so you Fri - Sat: Noon - 2am will make money having Sun: your qualifiers so now this Noon - 1am becomes a win/win for so • Pool Tables • Great Food • many. • Full-Service Elevated Bar • Drink Specials • Everyone, again, Lottery & Quickdraw • Electronic Darts • would only say thank you • Foosball • Video Games • Pro Shop And More! for running a U.S. Open 9 Johnson Road Latham, NY • 518-786-8048 qualifier. Two wins on the

right side of the bracket assures $2,000.00 each back and more as they climb and battle their way up to higher finishes. A very good thing. Of course, by being a tier 2 W.P.A. sanctioned event I have to add a minimum of $75,000.00 plus pay a 5% sanction fee which is another $3,750.00 which I’ve never deducted from the purse when most other promoters certainly do. If I would have added say $25,000.00 - $50,000.00 only that would not enable the 6 W.P.A. federations to aid their players financially, therefore, the field would not be the caliber it has become. Last year’s U.S. Open had 26 of the world’s top ranked 32 players participate and, wow, that’s just awesome. Now that each year the entire $75,000.00 added funds will be in escrow 90 days prior is a great way to ensure an even stronger field in the future. I spoke with Pat Fleming this morning and we are looking very good with the number of players 70 days out. With the ones already paid, my list of current past champions playing, and 15 plus invitations Pat had requests for in order to come, now puts us right at half full, in the 60’s. I thank you all and now let’s aim at having a full field of 128 players.

Stroke September 2015


VNEA’s 35th AnnIVERSARY World Pool Championships

When: May 21st - 30th, 2015 Where: BALLY’S Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, Nevada

If you weren’t there... here’s a taste of what you missed. • 5,000 excited pool league players from 26 States, 6 Canadian Provinces and 10 Other Countries • Matches on 250 Valley Pool Tables • Competition in 55 unique divisions - Including (6) Team Divisions for every skill level • Players representing 132 VNEA Charter Holder Members • Compusport Event Software! • Ten 40” Monitors and QR Code Scanners made life a breeze for our players to find their matches and view results. Plus, Smartphone text alerts of matches/table. • 3,000 players partying at our fabulous Team Opening Ceremonies which featured T-Shirt Giveaways, Free Beer/ Soda’s and the Sounds Of “The Crush” • Special Edition “35th Anniversary” VNEA Pool Table Raffle. • 35 Year History Wall display • 2 Valley Home Pool Tables were given away throughout the event including a beautiful “70th Anniversary” Table! • Recognition of the 4,000,000th VNEA Championship Game Played • $6,500 AMI Jukebox Giveaway • 4th Annual World Team Championship • Two Amazing Professionals... -Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman - Jerry Briesath • Daily Drawings for Poolside Cabana’s & Beautiful Aramith Ball Sets & Case • Artistic Pool Competition • Team Photos & Individual Action Shots provided by Las Vegas Photo


• • • •

A dozen Vendors were on hand to meet every pool players need Beautiful Finals Arena - THE OZONE Cue Case Giveaways at the Ozone Booth Tournament Sponsors... - VALLEY - GW CUES - OZONE BILLIARDS - ARAMITH

September 2015


• An Incredible Awards Banquet that featured thousands of dollars of random CASH DRAWINGS! And this is surely just a taste of everything that took place! Visit for more details and photo gallery.


9-Ball Open


4th Annual Southeastern 9-Ball Open Tournament August 15th & 16th - entry fee $65 $3000 added Race to 9 on winners. Race to 7 on losers. Final race one match to 12. Mini tournaments August 14th (starts at 8:00 pm) Second chance tournament August 16th - entry $35 1st: Mike Davis Jr. $2500 2nd: Tommy Kennedy $1400 3rd: Stoney Stone $800 Results for the second chance tournament 1st: Mike DeLawder 2nd: Clint Nichols 3rd: Nick Applebee



TEACHERS BILLIARDS - ST PETER’S, MO Sky Woodward, Justin Bergman, versus Dennis Orcollo, and Roberto Gomez race to 15 games of 8-Ball, winner Breaks. Any match that begins with the young guns breaking and running the first 4 racks, and then play great to amass a lead of 11-5 and lose the momentum and then fall behind 13-11. Then the Filipino team led 14-13 and was shooting the match ball only to miss and lose the game. With the score 14-14 they agreed to play win by two and the kids broke and ran the final two racks to close out the victory at 16-14 Woodward/ Bergman over Orcollo/Gomez. What a great match to witness, I feel blessed and honored and much appreciation to Teachers Billiards and OnCue2 wrote: What an awesome event! Dare I say the fantastic four! Roberto Gomez and Skyler Woodward breaking the rack like they spent their whole pool career practicing the break (did you see Gomez’s back swing, what dedication did it take to harness that?) determined just to show the rest of us us how to break an 8 ball rack on a 9 footer. And if that’s not enough Justin Bergman and Dennis Orcollo... all I can say is WOW these two have the perscision of a surgeon... No, thats too sloppy these guys can not only make the cut they can leave the the scalpe three rails away froze to your problem. But the best part here was to see four world champions proud to be playing for their country play with so much respect and integrity towards each other and the sport. I wish all sporting events could show this type of competiveness.


Bar Box 8-Ball

Added Money

1st Saturday of the Month

$35 entry includes green fee - Double Elimination - Race to 3 Doors open Noon - Calcutta 2pm - Starts 2:30pm


New Location CORNER POCKET BILLIARDS CLUB 56731 Colerain Pike Martins Ferry, Oh 43935 740-738-0357

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS Tues: Straight 8-Ball $8 entry Fri: Hcp 8-Ball $15 entry Sat: Chip Tourney $15 entry

Stroke September 2015


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Or call 406.285.3099 to order by phone --- credit cards only


September 2015



If you have any changes to your weekly pool tournaments EMAIL: DATE CITY Mondays Astoria, NY Brookhaven, MS Warren, MI Warren, MI Dayton, OH Hilliard, OH Akron, OH Tuesdays Edison, NJ Bowling Green, KY Martins Ferry, OH Wednesdays Tallahassee, FL Clearwater, FL Astoria, NY Lexington, SC Livonia, MI Livonia, MI Dayton, OH Columbus, OH Thursdays Edison, NJ Williamsville, NY Lexington, SC Levittown, NY Bowling Green, KY Lansing, MI Warren, MI Vernon, IN Columbus, OH Columbus, OH Columbus, OH Fridays Decatur, AL Hollywood, FL Greensboro, NC Syracuse, NY Lexington, SC Martins Ferry, OH Portland, ME Fairfield, OH Saturdays Decatur, AL Hollywood, FL Greensboro, NC Lexington, SC Port Clinton, OH Leitchfield, KY Martins Ferry, OH Grand Rapids, MI Grand Rapids, MI Battle Creek, MI Battle Creek, MI Columbus, OH Columbus, OH Reynoldburg, OH Sundays Clearwater, FL Clearwater, FL Edison, NJ Edison, NJ Mooresville, NC Jackson, MS Jackson, MS Orlando, FL Syracuse, NY Portage, MI Livonia, MI Vernon, IN Dayton, OH Columbus, OH Fairfield, OH Mansfield, OH

LOCATION Steinway Billiards Brookhaven Billiards Ultimate Sports Bar Hall of Fame Airway Bankshots Crown Billiards Sandcastle Billiards Cue Time Corner Pocket Zingales Crooked Cue Billiards Steinway Billiards Grady’s Pool Room Snookers The Rack Airway Player’s Sandcastle Billiards Bison Billiards Grady’s Pool Room Cue Nine Cue Time Coaches Ultimate Sports Bar Phat Guy Birds Player’s 8 Ball Sports Bar Sportsmen’s 6 Pockets Billiards Lucky 7 Billiards Gate City Billiards Club Premium Billiards Grady’s Pool Room Corner Pocket Union Station Billiards Michael’s 6 Pockets Billiards Lucky 7 Billiards Gate City Billiards Club Grady’s Pool Room Rack Attack Billiard Cafe Scooters on Main St Corner Pocket The Break Room The Break Room Brickyard Brickyard Player’s 8 Ball Sports Bar Scotty’s Crooked Cue (1st Sun) Crooked Cue (3rd Sun) Sandcastle Billiards Sandcastle Billiards 150 n Out Billiards Rack Rack Clicks Billiards Premium Billiards Play Time Snookers Phat Guy Birds Airway Cushions Michael’s (every other Sun) Sundown

PHONE (718) 472-2124 (601) 754-4422 (586) 751-2222 (586) 939-8880 (937) 274-1230 (614) 777-0022 (330) 644-3985 (732) 632-9277 (270) 782-2740 (740) 738-0357 (850) 224-8644 (727) 539-7665 (718) 472-2124 (803) 957-7665 (734) 422-9510 (734) 422-7665 (937) 274-1230 (614) 239-7665 (732) 632-9277 (716) 632-0281 (803) 957-7665 (516) 796-4600 (270) 782-2740 (517) 882-2013 (586) 751-2222 (812) 346-0870 (614) 239-7665 (614) 436-2948 (614) 279-5888 256-686-3171 (954) 239-8254 (336) 856-8800 (315) 488-4888 (803) 957-7665 (740) 738-0357 (207) 899-3693 (513) 860-0044 256-686-3171 (954) 239-8254 (336) 856-8800 (803) 957-7665 (419) 732-7225 (270) 230-1879 (740) 738-0357 (616) 454-0899 (616) 454-0899 (269) 968-0692 (269) 968-0692 (614) 239-7665 (614) 436-2948 (614) 755-9407 (727) 539-7665 (727) 539-7665 (732) 632-9277 (732) 632-9277 (704) 660-5363 (601) 372-6576 (601) 372-6576 (407) 275-6064 (315) 488-4888 (269) 323-2295 (734) 422-9510 (812) 346-0870 (937) 274-1230 (614) 882-5986 (513) 860-0044 (419) 564-4538

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED 9-Ball - Handicapped $25 8 Ball $5 9 Ball $20 $100 w/32 Open 9 Ball $10/$20 Call Open 9 Ball $5 Call 9 Ball $10 Call Open 9 Ball $8 Call 9-Ball Hdcp/DE/Race to 5/4 $25 Call 8 Ball $5 Call Straight 8-Ball $8 Call 9-Ball Handicap $10 8-Ball $5 Call Open 9 Ball Am/Pro $20/$40 8-Ball 7’ Tables race to 5 $15 $100 w/16 8 Ball $13 Call 8 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball - No Pros $5+$3 g.f. $100 9-Ball - Handicapped Call 10-Ball Handicap-SE $15 Call 9-Ball 7’ Tables $15 $100 w/16 9-Ball $Call 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 9 Ball $20 $100 w/32 Open 9 Ball $5 Call 9 Ball on 9’ tables - No Pros $5+$3 g.f. $100 Open 9 Ball $10 Call 3 Cushion $15 Call 9-Ball $13 9-Ball $5 Matching w/20+ Scotch Doubles 8 Ball/9 Ball Call Open Bar Box 8 Ball-SE $20 9-Ball Handicap $20 $200 w/16 Hcp 8-Ball $15 Call 8 Ball - Race to 2 $8 Call 8-Ball $1 $5/player 9-Ball $13 8-Ball-Race to 2-DE $5 Match w/20+ 8 Ball/9 Ball (1st Sat) Round robin Call 9-Ball Handicap $20 $300 w/24 9 Ball $10 8 Ball Chip Pool $15 Call 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $20 Call 9 Ball $20 Call 9-Ball on Diamond Bar Boxes $5+$3 g.f. $100 8 Ball $8 5 Chip Elim. 8 Ball Call 200% payout 8-Ball ‘B’ Only Mod. Rnd Robin $10 $200 1st 8-Ball Open Mod. Rnd Robin $10 $200 1st 9-Ball - Ladies (1st Sun) Call 10-Ball (3rd Sun) Call 10-Ball Handicap-Race to 5 $15 $$$ 9 Ball $10 9 Ball $10 Mixed 8 Ball & 9 Ball $7 9 Ball - 10-Ball Break Pot $20 9 Ball $15 Call 8 Ball - bank the 8 $10 Call 8 Ball Call Call Alt 8 & 9 Ball Call Call 9 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball - Race to 3 $10 Call 8 Ball $7 1/3 pot

TIME 7PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 8PM Call 8PM 1PM 7PM 6:30PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 7PM 7PM 7PM 8PM Call 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 8PM 8PM 7PM 8PM Call 8PM 7:30PM 8PM 8PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 7PM Call 6PM 6PM 1PM 7PM 1:30PM 7:30PM 3PM 6PM 1PM Noon Noon 2PM 6PM 8:30PM 2PM 7PM 4PM 2PM 7:30PM 7PM 8PM Call 5:30PM

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Stroke September 2015


DATE Sep 5 Sep 5 Sep 5 Sep 5 Sep 5-6 Sep 6 Sep 5-7 Sep 12-13 Sep 12 Sep 12-13 Sep 13 Sep 19 Sep 19-20 Sep 20 Sep 20 Sep 25-26 Sep 26-27 Sep 26-27 Oct 3 Oct 3 Oct 3-4 Oct 3-4 Oct 4 Oct 2-3 Oct 4 Oct 4 Oct 8 Oct 8 Oct 9-11 Oct 9-11 Oct 10-11 Oct 10-11 Oct 11 Oct 11 Oct 11-12 Oct 17 Oct 17 Oct 17-18 Oct 17-18 Oct 18 Oct 24 Oct 25 Oct 24-25 Oct 25 Oct 25 Oct 25 Oct31-Nov 1 Oct31-Nov 1 Nov 1 Nov 1 Nov 7 Nov 7-8 Nov 7-8 Nov 7-8 Nov 8 Nov 8 Nov 14-15 Nov 14-15 Nov 15 Nov 21-22 Nov 21-22 Nov 21-22 Nov 22 Nov 27 Nov 28-29 Nov 28 Nov 29 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 6 Dec 5-6 Dec 12-13 Dec 13 Dec 13 Dec 20 Dec 27 Dec 27


CITY Williamsville, NY Decatur, AL Augusta, GA Dunkinsville, PA Jackson, MS Jackson, MS Providence, RI Charlotte, NC Greensboro, NC Lindenhurst, NY Astoria, NY Rockaway, NJ Astoria, NY Cockeysville, MD Plaistow, NH Wapakoneta, OH Brooklyn, NY Waterville, ME Clifton, NJ Decatur, AL Tallahassee, FL N Syracuse, NY Williamsville, NY Warrington, PA Warrington, PA Abington, MA Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Lincoln City, OR Edison, NJ Amsterdam, NY Rockaway, NJ Talahassee, FL Astoria, NY Stuart, FL Wallingford, CT Syracuse, NY Brooklyn, NY Cockeysville, MD Virginia Beach, VA Virginia Beach, VA W Hempstead, NY Astoria, NY Drexel Hill, PA Salem, NH Astoria, NY Norristown, PA Clifton, NJ Lewiston, ME Decatur, AL Talahassee, FL E Rutherford, NJ Yorkville, NY Somersworth, NH Jackson Hgts, NY Edison, NJ Portland, ME Rockaway, NJ Astoria, NY Providence, RI Brooksville, FL Drexel Hill, PA Cockeysville, MD Astoria, NY Orange, CT Clifton, NJ Decatur, AL Rockaway, NJ Somersworth, NH Lindenhurst, NY W Hempstead, NY Cockeysville, MD Abington, MA Hamden, CT Astoria, NY Plaistow, NH

September 2015

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

LOCATION Bison Billiards 6 Pockets The Rack & Grill II Family Billiards The Green Room The Green Room Snookers The Press Box Gate City Billiards Mr Cue Billiards Steinway Billiards Rockaway Billiards Steinway Billiards Magic 8 Cue Club Crow’s Nest Bad A$$ Billiards Gotham City Billiards TJ’s Classic Billiards Clifton Billiards 6 Pockets Zingales Salt City Billiards Bison Billiards Warrington Billiards Warrington Billiards Stix and Stones Chinook Winds Open Chinook Winds Open Chinook Winds Open Chinook Winds Open Sandcastle Billiards Sharpshooter’s Billiards Rockaway Billiards Zingale’s Steinway Billiards Amy’s Billiards Yale Billiards Premium Billiards Gotham City Billiards Magic 8 Cue Club Inland Reef Inland Reef Raxx Pool Room Steinway Billiards Drexline Billiards Grand China Steinway Billiards Markley Billiards Clifton Billiards Schemengee’s 6 Pockets Zingale’s Castle Billiards Hippo’s Busters Billiards BQE Billiards Sandcastle Billiards Union Station Rockaway Billiards Steinway Billiards Snookers Billiards Capones Drexline Billiards Magic 8 Cue Club Steinway Billiards Corner Pocket Cafe Clifton Billiards 6 Pockets Rockaway Billiards Busters Billiards Mr Cue Billiards Raxx Bar & Grill Magic 8 Cue Club Stix and Stones Towne Billiards Steinway Billiards Crow’s Nest


PHONE 716-632-0281 256-686-3171 706-288-4845 814-696-7666 601-713-3444 601-713-3444 401-351-7665 704-717-2727 336-856-8800 631-226-9486 718-472-2124 973-625-5777 718-472-2124 410-628-2965 603-974-1686 419-604-9011 718-714-1002 207-877-7665 973-928-6622 256-686-3171 850-224-8644 315-454-8643 716-632-0281 215-491-0615 215-491-0615 339-788-9381 360-703-4081 360-703-4081 360-703-4081 360-703-4081 732-632-9277 518-627-4634 973-625-5777 850-224-8644 718-472-2124 772-232-9966 203-294-9591 315-488-4888 718-714-1002 410-628-2965 757-471-9471 757-471-9471 516-538-9896 718-472-2124 610-259-9144 603-893-9124 718-472-2124 610-278-1595 973-928-6622 207-777-1155 256-686-3171 850-224-8644 201-933-6007 315-768-0218 603-692-7926 718-779-4348 732-632-9277 207-899-3693 973-625-5777 718-472-2124 401-351-7665 352-688-9965 610-259-9144 410-628-2965 718-472-2124 203-891-0777 973-928-6622 256-686-3171 973-625-5777 603-692-7926 631-226-9486 516-538-9896 410-628-2965 339-788-9381 203-281-7665 718-472-2124 603-974-1686

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball Bar Box 9-Ball 9-Ball 8-Ball Ladies Big Table 9-Ball Ladies Bar Table 9-Ball Sc Dbls Eastern States Champ. Charlotte 9-Ball Classic 9-Ball Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball 9-Ball A-B/C-D 9-Ball A-B/C-D Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball 9-Ball 9-Ball Team Shoot out Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball 9-Ball 9-Ball A-B/C-D 9-Ball 9-Ball 9-Ball 8-Ball Bar Box 9-Ball ABCD Pro-Am 16 Player Invitational 9-Ball Warm-up Men-Limit 64 Warm-up Women-Limit 32 Open 10-Ball Men-Limit 96 Open 10-Ball Women-Limit 48 NJ State 9-Ball 9-Ball 9-Ball A-B/C-D 9-Ball Amateurs Only Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball Women’s 9-Ball 9-Ball 9-Ball 9-Ball Pro Classic 9-Ball ABCD Men’s 9-Ball-Limit 48 Ladies 9-Ball-Limit 48 9-Ball 9-Ball A-B/C-D 9-Ball ABCD 9-Ball Steinway Classic PA State 9-Ball ABCD 9-Ball A-B/C-D 8-Ball 9-Ball FL Pool Tour 9-Ball Amateur Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball Al Conte Memorial 9-Ball 9-Ball A-B/C-D NJ State 8-Ball 9-Ball 9-Ball A-B/C-D 9-Ball A-B/C-D Ocean State 9-Ball 10-Ball 9-Ball Pro/Am Black Friday Pro/Am Event Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball 9-Ball 9-Ball A-B/C-D 9-Ball 9-Ball A-B/C-D 9-Ball Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball Christmas Classic Pro/Am 9-Ball 9-Ball 9-Ball A-B/C-D 9-Ball Partners

ENTRY ADDED $35 incl g.f. $250 $35 $500 $25 $500 w/32 Varies Call Varies $500 $50 $250 Varies Call $35 $500 w/25 $50M/$35W Call Varies $1,000 Call $1,000 Call $1,000 Varies $1,000 Varies $1,000 w/50 $25 to $45 Call Call $1,000 Varies $1,000 $120Pro/$70Am $1,500/$500 Call $1,000 $35 $500 Call Call $120Pro/$70Am $1,500/$500 $35 incl g.f. $250 $60 Call $200 Call $25 to $45 Call $30 incl g.f. $1,000 $30 incl g.f. $500 $175 incl g.f. $12,000 $175 incl g.f. $5,000 $50 to $100 $1,000 $120Pro/$70Am $1,500/$500 Call $1,000 $60+$10 g.f. $500 Varies $1,000 Call Call $25 to $45 $500 $120Pro/$70Am $1,500/$500 $210 $11,000 Varies $1,000 w/50 Varies $400 Varies $300 $120Pro/$70Am $1,500/$500 Call $1,000 $60 $1,000 $25 to $45 Call Varies $1,000 $60 $1,000 Call $1,000 $25 to $45 $250 $35 $500 Call $5000 Varies $1,000 $120Pro/$70Am $1500/$500 $25 to $45 $500 Call $1,000 $50 to $100 $1,000 $120Pro/$70Am $1,500/$500 Call $1,000 Call $1,900 $125 $5,000 $350/$450 $5,000 1st Varies $1,000 Varies $1,000 Varies $1,000 $25 to $45 $500 Call $1,000 $35 $500 Call $1,000 $25 to $45 Call Varies $1,500 Varies $5,000 + Varies $1,000 $25 to $45 Call $24 to $45 $500 Call $1,000 $25 to $45 Call

TIME Noon 7PM Noon 11AM Noon 1PM Noon 11AM 11:30AM Noon Call Call Noon 10AM 1PM Call Noon Call Call 7PM Call Call Noon 7PM Call 1PM 7PM Call Call Call Call Call Call 11AM Noon 11AM 1PM Call Call 10AM 9AM 9AM Call Call Call 1PM Noon Call Call 1PM 7PM Call Noon Call 1PM Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call 10AM Noon 1PM Call 7PM Call 1PM Noon Noon 10AM 1PM 1PM Call 1PM

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Stroke Pool Magazine September Issue 2015  

Jayson Shaw captures the Turning Stone Classic for a third time. Don't miss any of the results from August and upcoming tournament dates.

Stroke Pool Magazine September Issue 2015  

Jayson Shaw captures the Turning Stone Classic for a third time. Don't miss any of the results from August and upcoming tournament dates.