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The tip features a “stinger” stem that projects downward through a hole in the center of the ferrule. This results in a very efficient, precise hit.





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09/09/2012 5:30 PM 2011 Int’l Challenge of Champions Huidji See vs. Mika Immonen Semifinal #2

Sep 7-8-9 from Fargo, ND

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September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 3


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Knight & Lombardo Take down Cue-Phoria Cue-Phoria Billiards & CafĂŠ was the hosted the latest Poison tour event, 7-28-12. 53 players showed up for $1000 added amateur 9-ball event. Richard (Turtle) Knight would prove to be the man to beat on the day as he made his way to the hotseat match with strong wins over Jason Bowen 7-6, DJ Dorman 7-2, Julio Del Pozo 7-4 and then a 7-5 win over Cal McGann to set up the winner side match with tour newcomer Dakota Cameron. Knight would see his run stopped very quickly as Dakota would come out strong and power his way to the hotseat with a dominating 7-1 win. Mike Destefano was looking dangerous on the one loss side after a 2nd round loss to DJ Dorman 7-2, he would go on to defeat Ted Lepak 5-2, Jason Bowen 5-2, John Souders 5-3, Bill Eisenhard 5-3, Brett Lykins 5-4, Tim Baron 5-2, George Saunders forfeit before Jason Sheerman would stop his run with a dominating 5-0 win to leave Destefano 4th. Sheerman would have the tables turned on him as Knight would cruise to a 5-0 win and put himself back in the final with a revenge match against Cameron. Knight would have to come back and win a race to 7 to force the one rack shoot out for the title, He would do just that battling his way to a 7-5 win and then running a very solid last rack to take his 1st title of the season and 2nd poison tour title. Congrats to Kelly Cavanaugh for finishing top lady and advancing to the money round of 9-12th position. Sunday would see 33 players show up for the $1000 Added 10-Ball event. Hunter Lombardo would prove to be to strong for everyone on the day as he made his way to the finals with strong wins over Kelly Cavanaugh 6-1, Tony Crosby 6-4, Tim Baron 6-4, Nathan Rose 7-3 and then a strong 7-4 win over Raymond Linares 7-4 to take the hotseat. Adam Wheeler navigated his way through the one loss side with wins over Cal McGann 5-1, Mike Destefano 5-3, Bill Eisenhard via Forfeit, Nathan


4 2012 4 Stroke Stroke Magazine Magazine -- September August 2012


Rose 5-4 and then a 5-2 win over Raymond Linares to set up a final match with Lombardo. The final would see Wheeler push Hunter all the way in a race to 8 which hunter would eventually prevail with a very hard fought 8-7 win. The tour would like thank Cue-Phoria Billiards and its staff for hosting a great event. Poison Cues our title sponsor for providing the best products players can buy. Our next event will be at Florida’s newest pool room Top Hat Billiards in Jupiter Florida. September 8th- 9th, the event will be played on Diamond Professional pool tables.

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AMATEUR PAYOUT 1st Richard Knight 2nd Dakota Cameron 3rd Jason Sheerman 4th Mike Destefano 5th-6th Cal McGann, George Saunders 7th-8th Brian McBride, Tim Baron 9th-12th Kelly Cavanaugh, Brett Lykins, Julio Del Pozo, Chip Dickerson

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OPEN PAYOUT 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th-6th 7th-8th

Hunter Lombardo Adam Wheeler Raymond Linares Nathan Rose Julio Del Pozo, Bill Eisenhard Mike Destefano, Ted Lepak

$600 $400 $300 $200 $150 $100 $80 $600 $400 $300 $200 $100 $75




NAME: Zachary Hampton HOME TOWN: Rocky Mount VA BIRTH DATE: 08/16/97 NICKNAME: Zack The Attack SCHOOL YOU CURRENTLY ATTEND: Franklin County High School GRADE: 9th FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Math AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 11 TITLES/HIGH FINISHES: 2012 BEF Junior Nationals OTHER NOTABLE AWARDS: 3rd In Super Billiards Expo Juniors 17 & Under WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? J Pechauer LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED: Right handed SPONSORS: J Pechauer FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Rap/Hip Hop HOBBIES: Playing Pool, Riding Dirt Bike, Fishing & Swimming, & Hanging out with Friends MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: Winning the 2012 BEF Junior Nationals FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza REAL-WORLD HERO: Mom & Dad FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: When I first went fishing GOALS (PERSONAL AND/OR CAREER): To win a World Title and be a Professional Pool Player


September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 5

Vincent Morris With 42 players in attendance, Vincent Morris’s tournament trail included wins over Raymond Lee 6- 3; Ben Castaneros 6 - 3; Luis Jimenez 6 - 5; Mike Harrington 6 - and in the Hot Seat match against Borana Andoni 7 - 3 and faced a rematch with Borana. Due to the late hour, both players agreed to split Both 1st & 2nd, with Vincent Morris claiming the victory. Additionally, Mike Harrington and Koka Davladze deserve recognition finishing 3rd and 4th respectively. Enough can not be said about the conditions at Gotham City Billiards and the hospitality of owners Kevin and Isabell Buckley. The next Tri-State event is $750 Added A/D at Port Richmond Billiard Club in State Island, NYon August 25, 2012. Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Ron Tarr Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics for their sponsorship leading to this event.

WINNERS' SIDE FINAL FOUR Player Player Koka Davladze Koka Davladze Mike Harrington Mike Harrington

Winner Borana Andoni Vincent Morris

Score 7-4 6-3

HOT SEAT MATCH Player Player Borana Andoni Vincent Morris

Winner Vincent Morris

Score 7-3

6 Stroke Magazine - September 2012

wins first Tri-State at Gotham City Billiards' A/D 9 Ball event

ONE-LOSS SIDE FINAL EIGHT Player Player Daniel Dagotdot Ron Gabia Ed Culhane Gary O'Callaghan Luis Jimenez Mel McMullen Kyle Bubet Keith Diaz

Winner Ron Gabia Gary O'Callaghan Mel McMullen Keith Diaz

Loser (9-12) Score Daniel Dagotdot 7 - 4 Ed Culhane 7-2 Luis Jimenez 7-2 Kyle Bubet 6-4

ONE-LOSS SIDE FINAL SIX Player Player Winner Loser (7-8) Score Ron Gabia Gary O'Callaghan Gary O'Callaghan Ron Gabia 7-3 Keith Diaz Mel McMullen Mel McMullen Keith Diaz 7-6 ONE-LOSS SIDE FINAL FOUR Player Player Winner Loser (5-6) Score Gary O'Callaghan Koka Davladze Koka Davladze Gary O'Callaghan 7 - 6 Mel McMullen Mike Harrington Mike Harrington Mel McMullen 7 - 3 QUARTERFINAL Player Player Winner Loser (4) Score Koka Davladze Mike Harrington Mike Harrington Koka Davladze 8 - 5 Mike Harrington Borana Andoni Borana Andoni Mike Harrington 7 - 6 FINAL Player Borana Andoni

Player Vincent Morris

Winner Vincent Morris

Loser (2) Score Borana Andoni Split

PAYOUTS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

$890.00 $570.00 $350.00 $230.00

5th - 6th 7th - 8th 9th - 12th

$140/ea. $100/ea. $80/ea.

ENGEL WINS SEVEN to steal 1st Annual Zingale's SouthEast Open

By Skip Maloney - The South is just brimming with pool tournaments these days. You had the Southern Classic in Tunica in late July, and then, the 1st Annual Southwest Open 9-Ball Championships in mid-August (won byTommy Kennedy), and then, just this past weekend August 18-19 - Zingale's Billiards in Tallahassee, FL sponsored the $3,000-added, 1st Annual Zingale's Southeastern Open, which drew 82 entrants, and saw Jesse Engel crowned as its first champion. Engel fought back from deep on the loss side to take a marathon final against hot seat occupant, James Roberts, which didn't conclude until the early morning hours of Monday, August 20. With Engel already battling on the loss side, Roberts advanced among the winners' side final four to face Arthur Hunyh. Gene Albrecht, Sr., in the meantime, battled Dave Grossman. Roberts sent Hunyh west 9-4, and in the hot seat match, faced Albrecht, who'd downed Grossman 9-5. Roberts got into the hot seat 9-2 over Albrecht and sat in the hot seat, awaiting dawn and the return of Engel. Sent west by Nick Applebee, Engel set to work on the loss side, getting into the money rounds by defeating first, Detroit Griffin and then, Ray Linares. He then eliminated "The Truth" (Larry Nevel) 9-5 and John Morra, double hill, to square off against Hunyh, coming over from the winners' side semifinals. Grossman picked up the event's director, Tony Crosby, who'd gotten by Brandon Beatty 9-4 and spoiled a potential Engel/Applebee re-match, with a 9-3 victory over Applebee. It was Engel and Grossman in the quarterfinals, following a double hill victory for Grossman over Crosby and a 9-4 win by Engel over Hunyh. Engel then defeated Grossman 9-7, and chalked up his seventh straight, loss-side victory with a 9-6 win over Albrecht in the semifinals. The single, race-to-13 finals started late, and ended early, as Engel and Roberts battled back and forth. Engel reached the hill

first, ahead by five, but Roberts rallied to win four in a row. In the final rack, Roberts missed trying to bank the 2-ball, and Engel ran the rack to finish it. The 1st Annual Zingale's Southeast Open was the brainchild of Michael Zingale, who asked Tony Crosby to direct it for him. Zingale thanked Crosby for his efforts in that regard. Crosby, himself, will now turn his attention to the next stop on his own Poison Tour, scheduled for September 8-9 at Top Hat Billiards in Jupiter, FL.

Zingale's Southeast Open Results Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 5th 7th 9th 13th

Playername Jesse Engel James Roberts Gene Albrecht David Grossman Arthur Huynh Tony Crosby Arthur Huynh Nick Applebee John Morra Brandon Beatty Adam Smith Larry Nevel Cliff Joyner Brandon Beatty Adam Smith Cliff Joyner Benny Conway Chad Royal Raymond Linares Tommy Kennedy

Prize Money $2,000.00 $1,000.00 $800.00 $700.00 $500.00 $500.00 $500.00 $350.00 $350.00 $200.00 $200.00 $200.00 $200.00 $200.00 $200.00 $200.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00 $150.00

September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 7

“The“The Viper” Viper” An Interview by:

An interview with legendary WPBA player Belinda “The Texas Belle” Calhoun

Melissa Little

Melissa “The Viper” Little has been a WPBA Touring Professional for over 10-years, she has represented the USA in Four WPA World Championships and has over 20 top-10 WPBA career finishes. Melissa is currently the housepro at the Wynkoop Brewing Company located in Downtown Denver. She teaches monthly clinics, gives private lessons, and has created a juniors program that promotes billiards education to the local youth. For more information about Melissa please visit:

Read more articles by Melissa Little at

Belinda Campos born on March 5th, 1953 Austin, TX She started playing pool recreationally at the age of 18 in a little bar called Hillside Inn in Austin, TX. After seeing her first “Billiard News” in 1973, she knew her lot in life was set. Her extensive career has brought her over 50-titles across the USA and her most memorable ones are the following: 1985 World Straight Pool Championships at Niagara Falls, NY –Beat pro player Mary Kenniston (Guarino) in the finals. 1985 US Open Champion at Norfolk, VA – Beat pro player Ewa Mataya Laurance in the finals 1985 WPBA National Championships New London, CT Beat pro player Linda Haywood in the finals 1983 & 86 Classic Cup in Chicago, IL defeating pro players Peg Ledman and Bonnie Hoffman respectively pos 1981 & 1984 BCA National 8-Ball a Cam Belind Championship in Las Vegas and Fort Worth defeating pro players Sher Lively and Linda Hoffman 1983 Villa Capri Open in Austin, TX defeating pro player Lori Shampo 1991 NPBA National 8-Ball Championship in Las Vegas, NV The Interview VIPER: What is your biggest accomplishment in the sport of billiards? Belinda: Off the table, establishing a dress code, mandatory players meetings and serving on the WPBA board of directors for 20 years where I always stressed, “what’s good for the WPBA is good for me.” On the table, I’d probably say…7 and out, unfinished, at the World Championships. (Tournament was race to 7, 2 out of 3) VIPER: Did you ever play in a pool league? Belinda: By the time I established leagues in the Austin area in 1987, pros were not allowed. VIPER: Where do you draw your inspiration? Belinda: The pursuit of perfection VIPER: Are you good at any other sports?

8 Stroke Magazine - September 2012

Belinda: Name one; pick one; what’s your second best game? VIPER: Describe yourself in three words? Belinda: Mother, Pool player, Redeemed VIPER: If you had to live your life over again, what would one thing you change about your self or your career? Belinda: For myself, I would have sought the Lord much sooner. For my career, I would have focused more on being a player rather than a board member. VIPER: Who influenced you the most in pool? Belinda: I’d been playing about 3 years when all the players came to town for the Texas Open. I got a table and started hitting balls (showing my talents) when Louie Roberts came over to me and said, “You might be a pretty good player in about 10 years.” Initially I was crushed! But it was an eye opener and motivated me to practice with a purpose. My good friends and coaches Beverly Averyt and Bob Hempel spent countless hours of their time and talent helping me to hone my skills. Later in my career I had the great fortune of being introduced to Robert McCullough. (Colliding Spheres) I learned more about the how and why in three years than the previous twenty. He totally rebuilt my game. VIPER: Who are your favorite professionals? Belinda: Efren Reyes for his knowledge in all games, Buddy Hall for his stroke timing and cue ball control, and Earl Strickland for his “high gear.” VIPER: How did you prepare for events? Belinda: My life was a preparation, I ate, drank, and slept pool until of course, I had my children and then it was anytime I had a chance. VIPER: What was the best advice you were ever given? Belinda: From my good friend and coach Bev Averyt – she, herself, was a world-class athlete- her advice was just “Do it”. We were driving to a tournament in my mom’s motorhome. We actually spent a few years on the road. Mainly between Texas and California. What a book that would make!!! VIPER: What is one thing that you enjoy most while playing pool? Belinda: The pressure or rather overcoming the pressure. Viper on pg 32


The Monk


This is not a feel good program. This is the real deal. You will be working with the monk for over four months. You will be working step by step to build the skills at nine ball that your opponent does not have. You will master the important moves this game calls for. You will become a master nine ball player and play better nine ball than you have every played this game before. May all the rolls go your way, The Monk

CALL THE MONK TODAY 1-603-566-6229

There is a questionnaire going around these days on what advice would one give to a player who is just starting out in this game. It is important to get off to a right start. The rooms are filled with players who learned some wrong things and are stuck in the same level year after year. You don’t want to be one of these players. In the learning part you need to know a few things. One, you will need to master the four strokes of pool. Without that you have no chance as you will have something missing from your game. You need to learn that the cue ball track line and cue ball speed is determined by the stroke you use. Use the wrong stroke get the wrong position on the next ball. There are four stages we go through as we make our way to the top. We begin this game in the SHOTMAKERS STAGE. Here we learn how to make shots with little regard to position. I spent a year or more in this stage and actually won tournaments as a shot maker. The second stage is the FOUR STROKES OF POOL. Many players skip this stage as they seek to go from the SHOTMAKERS STAGE to the CUE BALL SPEED STAGE. This is where they flounder year

after year at the same level. They are missing the second stage. The third stage is CUE BALL SPEED. Here you learn how to use the stroke to gain position on your next ball. Stroke determines the speed of the cue ball. The fourth stage is MASTERING SELF. Here you master that space between your ears that raises so much hell. It took me a long time to reach a place where I could shoot shots without interference. I have a unique training program that takes you through all four of these stages. Your training must be specific and deliberate. If you are not working on the important parts of skill development you are wasting your time. If you bang balls around with no purpose you become nothing more than a ball banger. The problem with most instructors is that they want to show you the game, how to score, how to win. This is a sport where you need to acquire the skills before you can learn how to win. Building a solid foundation is vital. If you are a plateau player, who has been at the same level for many years go on my web site, and click on ROAD PLAYERS TRAINING. You will see how it is that you need to build this foundation. You can also call me 1-603-566-6229

September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 9


San Francisco Billiard Academy

Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy. The academy offers: Private Instruction Basics Clinic Eight Ball Clinic Nine Ball Clinic Introduction to Billiard Instruction BCA Recognized Instructor Course BCA Certified Instructor Course

Bob Jewett Combo

When was the last time you missed a combination shot? When was the last time you practiced your combinations? Here are three exercises to help you get a feel for these shots that don’t come up as often as regular shots but can often help you get through a tough layout. In Shot A is a typical short combination that is not quite on. This kind of shot is deceptive because most player don’t have a good feel for how the throw will react for balls that are kind of close to each other but not touching. To develop your feel, I want you to repeat the exact same shot several times. To make sure that the balls go back in the same slightly twisted position, either tap them in place or use donut-shaped paper reinforcers. The two balls are about one ball apart. To start with, find the position of the cue ball that allows you to shoot straight at the 15 ball and make the 13. Don’t settle for just close -- adjust until you have the exact center. You might think that you can simply use your normal aiming feel to line up the combo, but that doesn’t work for some. Try varying the speed to see if that changes the angle. Once you find the angle for a “straight in”, try moving the cue ball around to see how the shot changes from other angles. I call this a “double cut” combination because you have cut the first object ball and it has to cut the second object ball, while the first shot you worked on only had a single cut of the second object ball. To aim double cuts, pick a spot on the cushion to drive the first object ball to. This should be along the same line that you found in the first part of the shot. There may be a better target off the table such as a chair or the edge of a window if the needed line is not near a diamond reference. Shot B is a progressive practice for longer combinations. Combinations with more OB-OB distance are much more difficult than short ones even though the whole length of the shot might be comparable. That’s because the first ball has a longer run to get off line before it hits the second ball and that error is multiplied in the second collision. To do the exercise, place a marker on the table starting about two diamonds from the pocket. Put the first object ball there and the second object ball half way to the pocket. With cue ball in hand, try the combo, and if it goes move the marker a little farther from the pocket. If you miss the combo, move the marker a little closer. Try more shots. You can vary this drill by having a slight or a severe angle between the object balls or by putting the cue ball down off-angle. Try those variations and note how much closer to the pocket the coin ends up after 10 to

10 Stroke Magazine - September 2012

Wo r k

15 shots. That distance will tell you your 50% range for each kind of shot. Finally Shot C is a more free-form exercise from the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Practice DVDs that I developed with Dr. Dave Alciatore. With randomly scattered balls, see how many shots it takes you to clear the table with just combinations. Part of this is pattern work as you have to come up with a sequence of shots that keeps the shots as easy as possible. Can you see a sequence to clear these balls? My choice would be 5-1 followed by 2-5 which gets the problematic 2 into play. Then the 2-3 will be playable if the 2 is anywhere near where the 1 started. The 4-2 finishes the set. Work on these drills will give you confidence in your combos.


Mike Massey

The Jerry Briesath Karate Chop Draw Back Mike Massey

I learned this shot from Jerry Briesath who has long been considered one of pool’s top instructors. This neat little shot is one you could use in a game if no mechanical bridge is available. The object is to pocket the 8-Ball and draw back to Position X for shape on the 9-Ball without using the mechanical bridge. This might seem like a difficult task unless you are a great onehanded player or happen to be eight feet tall. However, once you learn this shot, you’ll discover it is not too difficult. Place your cue on the table straight in line with the cue ball and 8-Ball. Lean over and reach out as far as you can with your bridge hand. Now use your thumb and pointing finger to

raise the shaft so the tip is aimed to hit the cue ball as shown. You should have the tip about one inch from the cue ball. Place the heel of your right hand on the cloth behind the butt of your cue. Now pull your right hand back slowly about eight inches leaving the heel on the cloth. Strike the butt of your cue with a quick jab of the heel of your hand. It takes some practice to get the feel of the shot. But once you do, you’ll have a lot of fun showing it off to your friends. Note: this shot works better on a 4 1/2’ x 9’ table, because on a smaller table you don’t have much room to work with.

Nine time World Champion, Mike Massey is considered pool’s best trick shot artist. He was voted the “Best in History” and is a member of the BCA Hall of Fame. Mike’s most amazing accomplishments were in two 24 hour poolathons. In one he pocketed 8,090 balls playing with one arm. In the other poolathon he ran 330 racks of 9-ball in Austria on live TV. Mike has consulted or appeared in the movies, “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”, “The Baron and the Kid”, “Justice”, “Chalk”, and “Pool Hall Junkies” Mike is available for exhibitions and clinics. Please contact Mike or Francine Massey at 435.640.5787 or


Nine Time World Champion

EXHIBITIONS & CLINICS Contact Mike or Francine Massey 435.640.5787

To order Mike’s book call 888.295.7665 or 714.894.1157 Visit us on the web at

September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 11

Robert veit wins

Left most 2rd place - Tony Ignomirello 1st place - Robert Veit; right, 3rd place - Gary Murgia

ROBERT VEIT wins his first Tri-State at Port Richmond Billiard Clubs' A/D 9 Ball event. His tournament trail, included wins over James Stern 7 - 5; Mike Davie 7 - 3; Luis Jimenez 6 - 4; Antonio Navarro 6 - 5; Ben Castaneros 6 - 2 and in the Hot Seat match against Gary Murgia 7 - 6. Due to the late hour, Tony Ignomirello with a 7 - 1 win/loss record and Gary Murgia with a 5 - 1 record from the no loss sideboth players agreed to split 2nd and 3rd place with Tony getting second. Tony and Robert Veit then decided to call it a night, with Robert receiving his well earned 1st place victory. The Ginky

Memorial Event is to be held on September 1 thru 3rd, at Amsterdam Billiards in NYC. The next regularly schedued Tri-State event is a $500 Added A/D at Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ on September 8, 2012. Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Poison Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics for their sponsorship leading to this event.

Ultimate Billiards 1st Saturday of the month

9-Ball tournament $60 entry (includes green fee) $500 ADDED Sunday Open 9-Ball $35 entry - $250 ADDED 4112 Okeechobee Rd Ft Pierce, FL 772.464.7665

12 Stroke Magazine - September 2012

Tri Annual Event Total payout for the Tri Annual event was $1035. Rooms from Dallas, Burien and Tacoma participated remotely. Players played two matches for the 1st round and the top 75% of the field moved onto the Sudden Death round. Play started at 10:00am west coast time and 1:00pm east coast time. A match is 11 games of 10ball vs. the Ghost with BTRT scoring system and handicapping in place. To qualify for this event players had to play 11 matches in the last 4 months. The Open division after two matches was a close finish with only 0.65 of a point separating 1st position Jing Gicoso and Larry Francisco 2nd position. 0.17 of a point separated third through fifth position with Deby Welfringer in fourth position, Scott Baber in fifth position Bob Steiner synching 6th. This round was only to secure a seat in the Sudden Death round. Competition doesn’t get much closer than that. In the intermediate division Cindy Parvala ran away with the qualifying round by 7 points letting second and third positions fight it out with only 0.24 points between Terry Lawrence and Elaine Eberly. 0.25 points separated fifth and sixth position with Pat Pilgrim and Joe Larson. This round qualified these players for the Sudden Death round of one (1 match) which determines who plays in the finals on Sunday. The Sudden Death round is just one match to qualify for those few final spots. The Sudden death round started about 2:00pm PST and was a nail biter. As we finished up our first round matches out of Malarkeys in Tacoma WA players huddled around the computer to watch the match scores come in from the other locations. Hawley’s Billiards in Dallas TX and Good Time Ernie’s in Burien WA did the same. In the Open Division Good Time Ernie’s brought Scott Baber in with aggregate high score of 155.35, Walter Hawley from Hawley’s Billiards out of Dallas TX in second and Larry Francisco from Malarkeys, Tacoma WA for third. The Intermediate division results for the Sudden Death round was Cindy Parvala holding onto first position, Pat Pilgrim in second position and Joe Larson rounding out the final third position. Final rounds started on Sunday at 11:30 PST. Players play two matches for the final round and the best match for each player is used to determine winners. The Intermediate and Open divisions play with a true 90% handicapping system so it’s anybody’s win. We’d also like to congratulate players that earned Achievement Awards by moving up in divisions the last 4 months. Pat Pilgrim, Bob Steiner, Scott Baber, Cindy Parvala and Jeff Aase. The Advanced division has just opened for you upper level players. Check our website for currently playing rooms or contact us to get playing. Behind the Rock Tour is a weekly national tournament played out of any local pool room on 9 foot tables and soon to open a bar box division. This tournament pays weekly with 5 divisions. To find out more about the tour or if you like to learn how to get your local pool room or favorite pool place playing go to www. and contact us. Or you can call 253-226-3594. Our next Tri Annual event is Dec. 8-9th. Congratulations to all participants and get ready for the final tri annual event in Dec..

Player Joe Larson Pat Pilgrim Cindy Parvala

INTERMEDIATE DIV. Room Good Time Ernie’s Malarkeys Hawley’s Billiards

Score 159.32 138.82 138.08

Payout $225 $135 $90

Player Walter Hawley Scott Baber Larry Francisco

OPEN DIVISION Room Hawley’s Billiards Good Time Ernie’s Malarkeys

Score 154.78 149.35 145.14

Payout $293 $176 $117

September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 13

September is

National Juniors Pool Month August 10, 2012 (Denver, CO): The Billiard Education Foundation announces September as official Juniors Pool Month across the country. Under new direction, the nonprofit organization is reaching out to pool enthusiasts from coast to coast to help raise money for junior pool programs, including leagues, tournaments, and scholarships and pool in school programs. As the annual pool season kicks off, the BEF is challenging the industry, players, and fans to arrange and support fundraisers. “Let’s start a movement! League operators, tournament directors, and poolroom owners already raise money for their favorite charities. We’re simply asking that BEF be this month’s recipient,” said Samm Diep-Vidal, Executive Director. Fundraising campaigns will be highlighted in billiard publications, poolrooms, retailers,

and social media. Many ways people are supporting juniors pool across the nation include fundraiser tournaments, raffles, auctions, monetary and product donations, and through spreading the word about the BEF and its efforts to promote the next generation of players and fans. For more information on ways to get involved, contact Samm Diep directly at 303-667-8000 or samm@billiardeducation. org. Request a donation box or download a donation banner ad from the BEF website ( The Billiard Education Foundation ( is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that produces the annual Junior National Championships, provides scholarships for young players, sends junior players to the World Junior Championships and promotes Pool in School programs to encourage lifelong participants.

Bison Billiards Customer Williamsville, NY 716-632-0281 Appreciation Day - Sept 21st

Pocket Billiard Trick Shot Exhibition with Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth World Class Shows E E R 4 to 6pm & 8 to 10pm F Come see one of the Greatest Shows EVER! 14 Stroke Magazine - September 2012

NE 9-Ball Tournament Oct 13th-14th


Added Guaranteed

 Double elimination / Race to handicap. Second chance  Final 8 come back 2nd day. tournament on Sunday  Doors open at 11am-registration/free practice. for all shooters knocked  Player auction at 12:30pm. out of tournament on  Tournament starts at 1:00pm sharp. Saturday.  1st 64 registered only. $20 entry fee  $60.00 – A players (greens fees included) $250 added  $40.00 – B players (greens fees included)  $5.00 discount for seniors, juniors, & current Bison Billiards league players.  A-B bracket will be used.

$1,000 in Cue sticks raffled off Sunday 20% off specially marked pro shop items

KENNEDY WINS KENNEDY WINS debut SW Florida 9-Ball Championship

By Skip Maloney -


was so elated over his victory in the First Annual Southwest Florida 9-Ball Championships on the weekend of August 11-12, that he got a little heavy-footed driving home. A patrolling officer took exception to his exceeding the speed limit and pulled him over. Asked where his trip had originated, Kennedy explained where he'd been. The officer asked him how he'd fared, Kennedy told him he'd won the tournament, and the officer let him go with a warning. Over the years, Kennedy has won a lot of tournaments, but this one, he said, was different. "I hadn't won a tournament of this magnitude in years," he said, "and especially against Donnie Mills. I beat him the first time we ever played together, six or seven years ago, but he'd won the last 13." The $3,000-added Open event of these first-ever championships, the brainchild of former Seminole Pro Tour Director, John DiToro, drew 35 entrants to Diamond Billiards in Cape Coral, FL. A concurrently-run, $1,000-added Amateur tournament drew 77 entrants and did not finish until 7 a.m. on Monday morning. The official tournament record lists Robert Hibbits as the Amateur event winner, though, in fact, he and Raymond Linaressurrendered at about 7 a.m., and opted to split the winnings, rather than play a final match. Kennedy's victory over Mills came early; in the second round of play. Kennedy moved on, while Mills eventually fell in the loss-side battles that determined the fourway tie for ninth place. Kennedy advanced to the winners' side semifinals and faced Ralph Eckert. Justin Hall, in the meantime, squared off against Danny Green in the other winners' side semifinal. Kennedy defeated Eckert 9-7, as Green was sending Hall west 9-5. Kennedy got into the hot seat 9-4 over Green and waited in the hot seat for his return. Hall moved to the loss side and picked up Tony Ruberto, who'd proved to be Donny Mills' downfall (9-2) and then defeated Pierre Palmieri 9-4. Eckert drew Mark Ritter, who'd survived a double hill battle versus Louis Altes and downed Anthony Meglino 9-3. Hall and Eckert got right back to work; Hall giving up only a single rack to Ruberto, as Eckert was busy surviving a double hill match against Ritter. With a 9-7 victory over Hall in the quarterfinals, Eckert was a single match away

from meeting Kennedy a second time. Green spoiled that bid in the semifinals, defeating Eckert 9-7 and earning his own Kennedy re-match. Kennedy took their second meeting 9-5 to secure the first-ever Southwest Florida 9-Ball Championship title. The 77-entrant Amateur match that did not happen (the finals) would have been a re-play of the hot seat battle between Hibbits and Linares. It was Linares who took that hot seat set, after battling to double hill. Hibbits moved west to the semifinals, where he met and defeated David Uwate, double hill. Uwate had defeated Nathan Rose 5-1 in the quarterfinals. Though it was a first-ever Southwest Florida 9-Ball Championship, it was a return to tournament director duties for John DiToro. "I wanted to take a year off," said DiToro, who found himself (more or less) out of a job when the Seminole Tour chose not to launch a 2012 schedule, "but they kept bugging me to put something together." It was a little like the story of 'Bre'r Rabbit,' who, in the Disney film Song of the South, begged 'Bre'r Fox' not to throw him into the briar patch, in the hopes that he'd do just that; thus returning 'Bre'r Rabbit' to an environment with which he was intimately familiar. On some levels, DiToro wanted that year off, while, at the same time, he was motivated and eager to get back into the swing of things. "I always liked doing it," he said of his tournament director duties with the Seminole Pro Tour, "always liked giving back to the sport." DiToro thanked Diamond Billiards' owner, James Oswald and his staff for their hospitality, while together, they acknowledged the sponsorship support of Coca-Cola, the Simonis Tour and a variety of local businesses (23), that contributed advertising money in support of the event. "I also want to thank Javier Chirino (who finished in the tie for 13th place in the Amateur event)," said Oswald. "He made all the glass trophies for us; the first, second and third place trophies for the Open and the first place trophy for the Amateurs." The 35 entrants who played in the Open were more or less expected. The 77-entrant amateur field was more or less unexpected, though it contributed heavily to plans being made for the Second Annual Southwest Florida 9-Ball Championships. According to DiToro and Oswald, this second annual event will likely occur at about the same time next year.

- OPEN 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th

Tommy Kennedy Danny Green Ralph Eckert Justin Hall Tony Ruberto Mark Ritter Pierre Palmieri Anthony Meglino

- AMATEUR $3,000 $1,700 $1,300 $900 $700 $400

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th

Robert Hibbitts Raymond Linares David Uwate Nathan Rose Bill Eisenhard Mike Delawder Dave King Jose Ybarra

$1,000 $600 $400 $300 $200 $170

9th Bill Wilson Joe Gnapp Terry McCullough Danny Bellina 13th Travis Laswell Shawn Collie Rick Shanchez Javier Chirino



September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 15

ATWELL wins third stop and her second victory By Skip Maloney - Janet Atwell won the opening stop on the MissCues Regional Ladies Tour, at her own location, Borderline Billiards, in Bristol, TN in March. She missed a July event, allowing Buffy Jolie, Melody Kuty, Debbie Cervantis, and Stephanie Goens to move ahead of her in point standings. On Saturday, August 18, at the tour's third stop, she moved up three notches in those point standings (from fifth to second) by winning her second event on the tour. She faced and defeated Buffy Jolie twice to win the event, which left Jolie in first place in the point standings. The $250-added Kentucky Ladies Bar Table Championships drew 16 entrants to Diamond Pub & Billiards in Louisville, KY. From among the winners' side final four, Atwell squared off against Samatha Patton, as Jolie faced Chris Toohey. Atwell sent Patton to the loss side 7-3, as Jolie downed Toohey 7-5. In their first meeting, Atwell defeated Jolie 7-2, and waited in the hot seat for her return from the semifinals. Patton moved over to pick up Angela Mears, who'd defeated Kuty and Cervantis, both 7-2. Toohey drewRhonda Ferguson, who'd eliminated Ginny Reed and Goens, both 7-3. Toohey and Patton got right back to winning; Toohey, downing Ferguson 7-5 and Patton surviving a double hill match versus Mears. It was Toohey, who emerged from the quarterfinals, with a double hill victory over Patton. Jolie, though, anxious to maintain her lead in the point standings stopped Toohey in the semifinals, defeating her 7-2, for a second chance against Atwell. Atwell chalked up her second win against Jolie, 9-6, in the single race finals. Tour Director Becky Todd thanked the ownership and staff at Diamond Pub & Billiards for their hospitality, and noted that the next stop on the MissCues tour was scheduled for September 8-9, at Bank Shot Billiards. The event, she said, will be a qualifier for the WPBA Masters at the Soaring Eagle in Mount Pleasant, MI in February, 2013.

Miss Cues Ladies Tour Stop Results Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Playername Janet Atwell Buffy Jolie Chris Toohey Samantha Patton Rhonda Ferguson

Prize Money $300.00 $200.00 $150.00 $100.00 $75.00 September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 17

Interview with


Heart of a


18 Stroke Magazine - September 2012


An exclusive interview with Mike Dechaine a few days after his victory at Turning Stone. What does it take to have the heart of a champion? We all know hard work, practice, physical conditioning and a good support team behind you are only a few of the things that are a necessity to have to reach the level to be called a champion. I watched a young man display his talents at the U.S. 10-Ball Championships in Las Vegas back in 2010. What I watched was someone arguably out of control, brash and arrogant. Yet his play for the next year, culminating with his appearance at the 2011 Mosconi Cup, had changed. He earned his way onto the team. The next time I ran into him was at The Mosconi Cup which is perhaps the most exclusive and prestigious honor any pool player could achieve. This venue pitted the best players in the United States, earning their position through a series of pro tournaments over a year’s time period, against players from Europe. Everything had begun to change. Arrogance had moved to quiet confidence. What on might call an out of control, emotion young man was now turned into a mature calmness that reflected upon his play. Even though the U.S. team lost, the sting of bitter defeat that none of us likes to feel was there. The pride of representing one’s country, not unlike those in the Olympics, I believe had a profound effect on Mike Dechaine. Mike currently stands in second place 109 points above 3rd and 25 1/2 points behind SVB who is in first place in the standings for the 2012 Mosconi Cup Team. If I can borrow a phrase from the movie, “The Color of Money”, “He has a sledgehammer for a break.” Mike freely admits this gives him an advantage when making balls on the break. Dechaine plays out of Snookers Sports Billiards Bar & Grill in Rhode Island and is also sponsored by them as well as Predator. Mike grew up in Maine and learned to play when he was young and was taught by his father. Waterville, Maine is the quintessential New England small town. His favorite place to go was TJ’s Billiards. Mike said growing up he didn’t have the best attitude and one of the changes he made to his game was to see a therapist to figure out why. “I found out I was ashamed to lose. It was an embarrassment to me,” Mike said. He figured out that the therapy was an investment to his game. He found out that he had to calm down and brush things off and take the punches as they come. Mike also added that one thing that upsets him is the billiard industry as a whole. No one works together to further advance pool and make something bigger and better. A friend of Mike’s, Ray McNamara-house pro, thought Mike was a little naive in the beginning of his professional career in pool but he is learning quickly. Ray said, “He seemed to be intimidated by the pros but now he is realizing (continued on page 21)

Turning Stone Taken by Mike Dechaine BY GEOFF CONWAY - Contributing writer

The Turning Stone Classic always delivers a few big upsets over the first two days play. So it was no surprise (or maybe it was) to see Johnny Archer dispatched to the losers side of the bracket in his first match on Thursday. The match against Blaine Barcus began in Archers’ favor with a 6-1 lead. About 45 minutes later the center isle jammed with spectators as Barcus rose from the dead to make his challenge. The match had then a score line of 8-8 with Barcus (a relatively unknown player from the Houston area in Texas) at the table with only the last three balls left on the table. His nerves were twitching as he came up a little short on the 9 ball, leaving a much tighter cut into the bottom corner pocket. After a little deliberation he sunk the 9 ball to the delight of the huge crowd. Late on Friday in the 8:00 pm matches we saw two more major upsets as last year’s winner Shane Van Boening got trounced by Ron Casanzio 9-5. The other upset was Mika Immonen being handed his transfer papers to the losers side by Hunter Lombardo 9-6. No one works harder at his game than Lombardo, so this is a result that is due after much practice and dedication. It is unique that this 128-player field always delivers significant upsets, with regional “A” players hitting their best game just at the right time, and knocking many of the favorites into the losers side of the draw or out of the tournament altogether. However, as usually is the case these killers have usually packed their bags and are on their way home come late on Saturday! But at least they will have their memories of the kill that they will be telling for the next ten years. In Saturdays 8:00 pm round of four winners and four losers matches, we saw in the winners side matches Raj Hundal dispatch Tommy D’alfonso 9-6 into the one lose side. Mario Morra, who was surprising opponents with his stellar play, took down Donny Mills 9-5. Mike Dechaine was still in his winning mode as he beat Rodney Morris in a close match on the hill, with Rodney hanging up the 8 ball in the final game to allow Mike to get the surprise win. In the last winners side match we saw Shawn Putnam beat up on Corey Deuel in a one sided match at 9-4 to Putnam. It would be “All she wrote” for the losers in the four losers side matches as we saw Johnny (never count me out) Archer demolish Oscar Dominguez 9-1 ending the young guns run. One of the newest and brightest prospects in professional pool today, Brandon Shuff, took down Stevie Moore 9-3 in a lop sided affair. The very much improved Hunter Lombardo dispatched the last “outsider” inthe event, Mr. Ron Casanzio from upstate New York, who had gained the eyes of the fans when he upset Archer on Thursday. Finally we saw Jeremy Sossei (second in 2009 to Johnny Archer) dispose of Matt Krah in a close match at 9-7. The last four matches at 10:0 pm on Saturday were all losers side matches. We saw Brandon Shuff end the run of Tommy D’alfonso 9-5. Rodney Morris put paid to Johnny Archers chances of another win from the losers side when he dealt him a 9-5 score line. Donny Mills bounced back well after his loss to Mario Morra in his previous round, as he got by Hunter Lombardo 9-7. In the last of the four matches we saw Jeremy Sossei take down Corey Deuel with an impressive score of 9-4. Sundays 11:0 am matches would be two winners and two losers matches. The first of the two winners matches was Raj Hundal against Mike Dechaine, in a match that started off close to a tied score of 4-4. But Mike soon ran away with the match (continued on page 21)

September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 19

20 Stroke Magazine - June 2012

Heart of a Champion (continued from page 19)

that he is at the speed that he can compete with them. He knows where he stands in the pool community and I think he takes his loses easier. He’s still young.” Whe I asked Ray to tell me something that nobody else knows about Mike he replied, “He’s a kind hearted kid, people take his sense of humor the wrong way sometimes and he gets a bad rap. He comes from a small little town in Maine. He was isolated. He started a blog on AZBilliards and put out there that he would answer questions on the forum. The fans that were for him and the guys that were against him were both there asking questions and he handled it pretty well. I read through most of it and it seemed like it went pretty well for him. That was a big step for him to do.” I asked Mike what tournament(s) would he most like to win, “I would love to win the U.S. Open, of course, and the Mosconi Cup” he answered. You will be hearing a lot about Mike Dechaine in the years to come. The next tournament is the China Open where Mike will be representing the U.S.A. and he may go to Beijing after that. You can follow Mike on Facebook at or go to his website to find out all about him. TURNING STONE CLASSIC - AUGUST 23-25, 2012 1st $8,000 Mike Dechaine 2nd $5,000 Shawn Putnam 3rd $3,600 Brandon Shuff 4th $2,600 Donny Mills 5/6th $2,000 each - Raj Hundal, Mario Morra 7/8th $1,600 each - Jeremy Sossei, Rodney Morris 9/12th $1,200 each - Hunter Lombardo, Tom D’alfonso, Johnny Archer, Corey Deuel 13/16th $850 each - Ron Casanzio, Matt Krah, Stevie Moore, Oscar Dominguez 17/24th $550 each - John Morra, Mike Davis, Jennifer Barretta, Warren Kiamco, Shane Van Boening, Joey Landi, Dany Normandin, Cleiton Rocha 25/32nd $300 each - Jonathan Smith, Nelson Oliveira, Zion Zvi, Steve Mack Dennis Hatch, Karen Corr, Mika Immonen Brent Boemmels


Turning Stone Taken by Mike Dechaine (continued from page 19)

allowing Raj to only put one more bead on the wire at 9-5. At this point in the proceedings all the pundits in the crowd were touting Dechaine to take down the event. The next winners match was between Shawn Putnam and Mario Morra. Mario was still commanding the table as he hung in there to 7-7 before Shawn took the last two games, closing it out at 9-7. In the first of the losers matches we saw an in-form Donny Mills helping his bank balance as he beat Jeremy Sossei 9-4 to end Jeremy’s run in the event. In the other losers match we saw Brandon Shuff continue his winning ways as he got by Rodney Morris in a close match with 9-8 In the 1:00 pm matches we had two losers matches to see who would be in the losers final at 3:00 pm. Brandon Shuff was playing lights out and absolutely annihilated Mario Morra, as 9-2. Next up we had Donny Mills who made a strong statement as he got past Raj Hundal 9-6. It was good to see the “Hitman” making the trip over the pond for this event, but he would have to settle for 5/6th place this year, having come second to Shane Van Boening last year. The excitement was growing now as we were getting closer to the nitty gritty with the two 3:00 pm matches deciding who would be in the hot seat, and which one of the losers would get to play the loser from the hot seat match. The hot seat match comprised of Mike Dechaine against Shawn Putnam, and did not follow the betting line as Shawn only allowed Mike to put two beads on the wire at 9-2. Wow, had Mike finally imploded we were thinking, or can he regroup. The losers match was between Brandon Shuff and Donny Mills, the winner getting the chance to play Mike Dechaine for a chance to get into the final. Shuff immediately stamped his authority on the match and steamed ahead to 9-3 to earn the chance to win one more match to get to play Mr. Putnam. The 5:00 pm match between Mike Dechaine and Brandon Shuff was (at one point) close at 4-4, but then Dechaine turned on some scintillating play that allowed Shuff to win just two more games, resulting in a final score of 9-6. In the 7:00 pm race to 13 final we were to witness what would be a display of great shot making from 25 year old Mike Dechaine that will be remembered by the spectators and the live stream viewers for some time to come. This young man (who is known for his aggressive play) just tightened the tourniquet around Putnam’s neck and he won rack after rack until the scoring ended at 13-4 in his favor. In winning this event Dechaine has also jumped from 3rd place to 2nd place in the points race to get on the Mosconi Cup USA team. With only the US Open available for further points Dechaine looks as though he will be booking a ticket to London in December. Once again this fantastic, smoothly run event has come and gone, and it has established itself as one of the top events in the country. Thanks must go out to Mike Zuglan and his trusty crew, and the Turning Stone Casino and Hotel staff that made this event run so smoothly. Thanks must also go out to AZ Billiards and Accu-Stats Video Productions for making their FREE LIVE STREAM facility available to the public. Congratulations also to Mike Dechaine for a great performance that garnered him this years Turning Stone Classic XIX 9-ball Title.

September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 21

CASSIDY MULLIGAN takes Flamingo Tour by storm!

Ultimate Billiards, FL (Aug. 25, 2012) –Tropical break. Cassidy played the second of three fouls. Storm Isaac may have threatened South Florida last However, Crystal accurately measured her kick shot Saturday, but the gusting wind and rain wasn’t about and hit the two but leaving Cassidy a shot. Cassidy to stop 30 players from creating a whirlwind 9-ball ran the table but rattled the five, letting Crystal move event at the Flamingo Billiards Tour Stop on Saturday ahead 3-2. Crystal took the next game as well, score at Ultimate Billiards in Ft. Pierce, Florida. As the 4-2. whirlwind died down, Cassidy Mulligan won her first In game seven, Mulligan played safe to get event on the Flamingo Billiards Tour. The competition back in the match 4-3. However, McCormick took the was a modified double-elimination format, playing next game to go 5-3. Mulligan broke next but didn’t down to four on each side with the final eight make a ball. However, McCormick missed a back cut redrawing into a single elimination bracket. on the one and Mulligan ran out, score 5-4. Mulligan Chris Fields, Kim Richeson, Nicole Cuellar and won the next game as well to tie the score 5-5 and Crystal McCormick were the first to reach the final now it’s a race to two. board via the winners side. Newcomer Cheryl Perez, Crystal made two balls on her next break. Susan Roberts, Christie Cloke and Cassidy Mulligan Heartbreakingly, just one ball away from reaching played through the one-loss side. the hill the cue ball scratched in the side pocket. Mulligan started out with a close match over Cassidy got to the hill first and Crystal met here Left to right: Cassidy Mulligan, Crystal McCormick, Justin Janis Sessions and then lost a hill-hill match with there after Cassidy missed a long cut on the nine. Gilsanen, Ultimate Billiards. Photo courtesy of Janis Sessions Chris Fields. However, like TS Isaac, Mulligan grew Crystal got to break in the deciding match game and stronger as the day wore on defeating Kelly Cavanaugh in another double hill attempted a bank on the one. It didn’t drop. Cassidy made the one and got shape match, and then taking out Jennifer page to make it to the redraw. down table on the two. However, she rattled the two trying to force shape on the Mulligan then found herself in a revenge match going double hill again with three. Crystal then made a tough shot on the two to get on the three, but missed Fields. With three balls left to win the match and make it to the semi-finals, Fields the three. Cassidy played a smart safety which would be the key shot of the started to execute the perfect pattern to get on the eight and nine, but the cue match, leaving Crystal with an impossible kick shot on the three. With ball in hand ball unexpectedly caught the corner of the side pocket sending the cue ball in the Cassidy carefully ran the table but didn’t quite get on the eight as planned. With no wrong direction. Mulligan got revenge and Fields went home. hesitation, Cassidy made a decisive corner bank shot, drawing the cue ball back Cuellar blew past Susan Roberts to make it to the semi-finals, and McCormick for perfect shape on the nine to win the match and her first Flamingo Billiards Tour swept over Perez. But Cuellar would settle for third, losing to McCormick, 7-5. In event! the other semi-final match Mulligan sent Cloke home, 7-2, leaving McCormick Our thanks to all the players who came out, thanks to the new players for against Mulligan in the final match. coming to the event, many thanks to room owners Bill Mallen and Gary Gilsanen at Neither player had won a FBT event before this night. McCormick won the Ultimate Billiards (, for their continued support and for lag but came up dry on the break. The first game got off to a slow start after a being great hosts, and to Boynton Billiards for their continued support of the FBT. few missed shots, a cluster of balls and an exchange of safety play. Mulligan The Flamingo Billiards Tour is a WPBA-recognized Regional Tour, and is a then failed to touch a rail giving ball in hand to McCormick who proceeded to run stepping stone to the Women’s Professional Billiard Association for women who the rack. Cassidy broke next making the one in the side then missing the two. want to play professionally. Crystal made the two and scratched. The players exchanged safeties and a kick The next stop is the 4th Annual “Cues for the Cure” breast cancer fundraiser, shot by McCormick left Mulligan out. Score 1-1. McCormick broke next and made Oct. 6, 2012, at Amy’s Billiards in Stuart, Florida. For more information, visit http:// two balls but was forced to play safe. A few more safeties and missed shots, and Mulligan was up 2-1. Just as it looked like Cassidy would increase her lead by another game, she missed the eight and Crystal tied the score, two-all. Crystal then scratched on the


Send Entry to: “Tournament Entry” C/O Bull Shooters 3337 W. Peoria Ave - Phoenix, AZ 85029 Phone # 602-441-2447 Info contact: Tres Kane (TD) Phone: 602-350-7191

22 Stroke Magazine - September 2012

Guar Added!! No Player Min.

$200 Pre-Entry By Oct. 5, 2012 - $225 after


Crystal McCormick


Nicolle Cuellar


Christie Cloke


Chris Ann Fields

$ 60

Cheryl Perez

$ 60

Kim Richeson

$ 60

Sue Roberts

$ 60


Southwest One Pocket Fest October 12,13,14

Cassidy Mulligan

($250 added, modified double elimination)

B i r t y h p d p a a y H

David Cypress Po o l C a k


Article and photos by: Janis Sessions

Nap le s G i r

Sh elly, Ch ery l & Ja nis


D av id W it h H isTe a m

The Pool Shark Billiards in Immokalee, FL., opened their doors on August 4, 2012, for pool plays from the West Coast and East Coast of Florida to come by and “WISH A id v HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAVID”, a With D who also loves to play pool and wanted to celebrate with his fellow pool players and family. The day would start with the teams playing To geth er Ag ai n W ith Da vid 8-ball; 3 person team for the men and the same for the women. After the teams played, if you still wanted to play more pool, there would be the single event for the men and same for the women. All in all everyone had a fantastic time playing pool and competing in these events, till the late hours of the day and into the night. But a birthday party would not be complete if it didn’t have some decision food and an unbelievable POOL CAKE, yes a POOL CAKE. Check out the picture of the cake they made for David (www. Thanks David for letting us all share in your special day.

September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 23

Maryland Open 14.1 Straight Pool Championships BIG DADDY’S BILLIARDS, Glen Burnie, Maryland

photos by: Warren Kahle Players and fans began arriving into the Baltimore area as early as noon on Thursday Aug 16 for the Eighth Annual Maryland Open 14.1 Straight Pool Championships. This event has become one of the most prestigious straight pool tournaments of the year in the U.S. and for the 4th consecutive year has been held at a new family billiard venue, BIG DADDY’S BILLIARDS, 7954 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd., Glen Burnie, Maryland. Under the ownership of Richard & Cynthia Molineiro “ Big Daddy’s” has become the premier east coast mecca for the beautiful and imaginative game of 14.1. Previously the Maryland Straight Pool title has been won by: Johnny Archer 150 defeated John Schmidt 74. July 24, 2011 Danny Harriman 150 defeated Shaun Wilkie 94. June 20, 2010 Danny Harriman 150 defeated Dave Daya 28. June 28, 2009 Bob Maidhof 150 defeated Danny Barouty 140. July 12, 2008 Mika Immonen 150 defeated Mike Davis 59. June 10, 2007 Ed Hodan 150 defeated Danny Barouty 89. Nov 19, 2006 Ryan McCreesh 150 defeated David Hunt 67. Aug 8, 2005 This year a 32 player field of the top Straight Pool players in the country began to filter into Maryland for Friday afternoon warm-ups, check out the venue, the tables and equipment, new Simonis 860 cloth, Centennial balls. Players were anxious to get in a few hours of practice, as competition this year was going to be one of the strongest fields ever. Local tournament players once again provided ‘in home’ congenial accommodations to many of the out of town players who come long distances to play. Most know one another well and this makes for an enjoyable weekend of friendship, camaraderie and top notch pool all tied together. Festivities this year got off to a gentle start at a player-guest reception on Friday evening hosted by tournament director Peter Burrows and his wife Pam at their home. This provides a few hours of warm hospitality before the sparks began to fly on Saturday, and a nice chance for new comers and lesser know players to visit and share cordiality with great champions such as Bob Maidhof, Johnny Archer, Thorsten Hohmann, Dave Daya, Ralph Eckert & Mika Immonen, and others in the sterling field. Gerda Hofstatter and Jeanette Lee two highly popular great lady players have been loyal participants in the Maryland Open but this year were absent due to their hectic schedules. In past years both The Black Widow and Gerda were able to make it through to the Sunday elimination round. The tournament has made a concerted effort to attract top lady players and hopes to continue to do so. Unfortunately few of the best women have strayed from their long time devotion to Nine Ball to gain the needed proficiency at the classic game of Straight Pool, but we hope to change that. The ladies need to take up the challenges of 14.1. Let’s get

24 Stroke Magazine - September 2012

more room owners encouraging ladies to play in their 14.1 leagues. The Maryland Open Straight Pool Championship may not be a glitzy and large event, but in its own quiet way it has become a chance for the best straight pool players to meet and play with one another in a well-designed tournament under quite ideal conditions. Prize money has grown as has the field of world class players. The Friday evening pre-tournament reception also serves as the tournament Players Meeting. Format this year was a 32 player field, 8 balanced flights of 4 players each for the initial Round Robin session. Everyone playing a 125 point match vs. the other three players in their flight with the top 3 players in each flight advancing to the Sunday single elimination round. The 8 flight winners were rewarded with a first round bye in the knockout on Sunday. Encompassed in the informal reception & cocktail party on Friday night was the Players Meeting which Director Peter Burrows believes is always a welcome opportunity for players to voice their opinions of format, rules and anything else on their mind. Peter always seeks feedback to make this a “players friendly” tournament. One of those elements is no time clock, always a debate. He notes. “we honestly believe that players do play at their own pace, and generally this is a constant one. There will always be discrepancies and fluctuations, but a given player in my experience usually plays the way they play. I have watched top 14.1 players for more than six decades since first seeing Mosconi & Crane play at the old Bensingers room on t d Randolph Street in Chicago in the late 1940s. Pool players chmi John S play at the pace they play at and the rhythm and tempo of one player’s game is what it is. I just don’t believe in a shot clock in Straight Pool. The game is cerebral and players need time to think and analyze and I want to recognize that. Some situations lend them selves to more rapid disposal of a rack, but others do not. It you want a time clock play chess.” There will always be a match here and there that is drawn out, and this year was no exception, with a match between the great NY 14.1 guru, Steve Lipski, and Washington DC’s young Brian Deska, who seldom plays 14.1, taking an unusual 3+ hours. But this is an exception and will happen in this most imaginative of games. Everyone is not a John Schmidt, Luc Salvas or Machine Gun Lou Butera! Tournament Director, Peter Burrows, believes that most 14.1 players understand this. No time clock. And Peter goes on to note that playing under the classic “all ball fouls” requires a greater emphasis on player integrity which has been so widely adopted with great success in golf . . . “Why do we need a white glove referee at every table? Nice, classic of course, but simply not practical. Golf rules are many times more complex than pool but the Royal & Ancient rules are well known and players honestly adhere to them. Pool can do the same. And while we’re at it, let’s dress the part. So the Maryland Open is a dress code tournament following the format of other world class events. The dressier the better, what’s wrong with that? Pool guys . . . and ladies . . .

are handsome folks . . . let’s look the part! Dress up our game. My gosh, we’ve got Ms. Lee the most stunning gal on the planet plus just a terrific player and advocate for our sport . . . Jeanette has been a regular here in our tournament, beating all of us like a drum, let’s follow her lead and look sharp!” This is especially true given today’s live streaming of the matches. Both days were covered extensively by J. R. Calvert and Inside Pool with their live stream. Top players participating helped with the commentary; expert 14.1 players such as Shaun Wilkie, Andy Lincoln, Michael Frank, Bob Hunter and Johnny Archer all sat in the booth for a spell. As noted above, the tournament format was a Saturday Round Robin of eight flights, four players in each playing 3 matches to 125 points. The old fashioned straight pool format which Director Peter Burrows believes is not only fairest to the players, allowing them to play a maximum number of matches, but also a format which is ideal for spectators. They can watch their favorite locals or a top pro all day long, with no fear that they are going to get quickly eliminated in a one and done tournament. From the players perspective they can get warmed up, familiar with the equipment and there is no tedious winners’ side delay which occurs in drawn out double elimination tournaments. Non stop action involving everyone from dawn to dusk is a key positive in the 1st day round robin format! After an evening of companionship and an hour of practice the action got off to a bright and early start 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, using 14 Pro Diamond & Brunswick Gold Crown tables and 32 players each playing the other three in his flight on pre-assigned tables and time slots, with an attempt that each player would play his matches on both the Diamond and Brunswick tables. The day consisted of five rounds and each player has one or two breaks when they do not play. Some tough scheduling but meticulously managed by official scorer & statistician, the ebullient Megan Fort! Saturday went quite according to odds with the strong national players pulling away in a field which included world class Straight Pool notables headed by Thorsten Hohmann, Mika Immonen, Johnny Archer, Corey Deuel & John Schmidt plus Steve Wilkie, Dave Daya, Shaun Wilkie, Maryland’s top player. Alan Duty, Zion Zvi, Brandon Shuff, Steve Lipski and Danny Barouty twice a finalist in past MD 14.1 Championships. Mike Davis 2007 finalist and Mosconi Cup contender who recently located to Tampa, FL made the trip to play, as did Ralph Eckert all the way from Manheim, Germany and Warren Kiamco from Manila! 1991 World Champion, and still great player and cue maker, Bob Hunter of Chicago. From Pennsylvania Drexeline Billiards owner Bob Maidhof, 2008 Md. Champ who recently had a run of 316 balls! Dave Daya, the 2009 runner-up, and young top Virginia great Brandon Shuff, who ran a 60 & 70 winning his flight 3-0. The best of the local 14.1 players competed including Maryland’s strong playing Michael Frank & Andy Lincoln. In the Sat. rounds Michael ran 31giving Archer a bit of a scare before falling to the Scorpion 125-64. Mike Davis came up from Fla. and played flawlessly on Sat. with runs of 96, 95 & 70! Maine’s terrific young player Mike Dechaine had the Sat. high run, putting up 125 and out on a tough Diamond table against Big Daddy’s room owner, Rick Molineiro . . . no respect for your elders as they say! Zion Zvi ran a 71 and was perfect on Sat. winning all his matches including a hard fought victory over Ralph Eckert. Warren Kiamco has one of the most beautiful 14.1 games you’ve ever seen, soft stroking his way to 3-0 on Sat. with a run of 83, and many 40s & 50s. What a player the little man from Manila is! So Saturday’s Round Robin provided o real surprises with the top players advancing to the knockout single elimination on Sunday. See chart attached. Each of the flights was balanced with top players, those likely expected to advance, usually playing their toughest opponents in the later rounds after having a chance to play a few games and get used to the tables and atmosphere. For this year’s draw the top eight players were set, and the bottom eight, mostly locals. The middle 16 players were blind drawn into the different flights. Fair and simple. Strong local and regional players always surprise the front runners, and it never fails a dark horse has a great day at the expense of one of the favorites. Top young players, Brian Deska and Michael Yednak both played well on Sat. and were among the 24 who advanced to Sunday along with long time greats

Don Polo and Trenton Marty Ciccia. Most of the Saturday matches went according to expectations. The Sunday single elimination knockout round got underway promptly at 10 a.m., an early time slot always Thorst en Ho loved by the top players! But most of them had a first round hmann bye and so would not play until 12:30. Mike Dechaine got past Charlie Strayer 125-31 and advanced to the $400 Round where he lost out in a hard fought match to PA’s great working man, Dave Daya, 125-108, in one of the best matches of the day. Amsterdam Billiard’s Michael Yednak had a strong first round match vs. Drexeline Bob Maidhof, knocking him out and advancing to the money round. He then faced the miniature Philippine buzz saw, Warren Kiamco and went down 125-47. Chicago’s great World 14.1 Champion and cuemaker extraordinaire, Bob Hunter, had a tough draw for Sunday and was knocked out in the first round by Johnny Archer. Archer then faced Mike Davis, who was the #1 Seed following his terrific run on Saturday. Their match was nip & tuck for an hour, before Johnny caught a couple of breaks, Mike missed a shot, and Johnny never Sat down again, pulling out the win 125-60. Shaun Wilkie took down room owner Rick Molineiro in spite of a 66 ball run by ‘Levi’ and advanced to play John Schmidt who put up a 57 and eliminated Shaun 125-66. Danny Barouty has probably played Trenton Marty for three decades, and this time got the best of him 125 41 advancing to face young gun Brandon Shuff. The imitable Danny B. hung tough, put up a 39 ball run before finally dropping 125-103. Ralph Eckert his great tournament, steam rolling Alan Duty 125-30 to move ahead and face The Iceman. Mika got it going quickly and won 125-18. Corey Deuel was also having a quiet but sterling tournament, going 2-1 in the Sat. rounds losing only to Warren Kiamco. His first match on Sat. brought on New Jersey’s long time great Don Polo, with Corey winning 125-19 to advance to the money. Corey was far from done, and faced always tough NY player Zion Zvi. Corey hung tough and pulled out a 125-75 victory to get further along the cash trail. Brian Deska played a long and hard fought match, including a number of three fouls, against the great NJ lefty, Steve Lipsky, ever tough to beat, and Sunday was no exception with Steve finally pulling out the game 125-110. Steve then faced Thorsten Hohmann, the 2011 World 14.1 Champion, and easy to see why. Toasty got it going immediately and ran out to a 125-20 win. The 3rd and 4th rounds on Sunday were classic, with pairings among the top eight remaining players as good as you will ever see in a local poolroom venue. Congratulations for all involved for getting this together and for the players in making the effort to come to Maryland. Just look at the pairings in the last three rounds! Could you ask for anything more exciting? In both of the semi final matches there were long runs by the eventual winner, as you can see from the scores. And so into the finals advanced 2011 World 14.1 Champion ‘The Hitman’ vs. recent 2012 World 14.1 title holder, Mr. 400 John Schmidt! Could anything be more prophetic? The two most recent World 14.1 Champions right here on the same table at Big Daddy’s Billiards in Glen Burnie, MD. And the live stream was taken over by dozen times Champion and player of the Nineties, Johnny Archer. A great match, with Thorsten getting to 21-14 advantage quickly and after a scratch, leading to an impossible safety situation from which no one could extricate themselves, Thorsten came away from the table leaving Schmidt an open shot . . . and with a flawless run he was at 150 and out in no time at all! Joint holder of the 2012 World Championship and Maryland 14.1 title! Congratulations and a tip of the old fedora to Mr. 400, to Thorsten, Mika, Johnny Archer, Corey Deuel, Ralph Eckert, Mike Davis, Bandon, Zion and to all of the players, fans and supporters who made the trip to Baltimore! See you next year for sure. Same time, same place! We want to thank our hosts Cynthia & Richard Molineiro and to the many sponsors and supporters, most particularly Ivan Lee & SIMONIS CLOTH, Peter & Sandra Sears of Madison WI, Nathan Sulinski, and J.R. Calvert of Inside Pool magazine and live stream. In closing it is with a sad heart that I mention to fans everywhere that on this day, as I write, August 22, 2012, we learn of the passing of the father of Rick Molineiro. Our deepest sympathies are sent to Rick and Cindy and their family.

September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 25

New Jersey Team WINS $25,000

After 10 days of virtual non-stop pool tournament action, the Trenton, N.J. team of Hate Joey, Not Us was the last team standing in the finals of the 734-team 8-Ball Open Division. Hate Joey, Not Us defeated Shark Week of Warren, Ohio, 3-1. Shark Week got on the scoreboard first, with a 5-2 victory by Keith Edwards over Christopher Lewis of Hate Joey, Not Us. The New Jersey natives quickly bounced back thanks to a dominating 5-0 win by Ryan Gilligan over Shark Week’s T.J. Brown. In the third match, Hate Joey, Not Us team member Lindsey Rafalski managed to outlast Shark Week’s Bonnie Edwards, 2-1, putting her team on-the-hill. Hate Joey, Not Us closed out the match in the fourth set behind Frank Demarcello, who defeated Shark Week’s Allan Ray 4-1. Hate Joey, Not Us eliminated Come Get Us of Oklahoma City earlier in the day to advance to the $25,000 finale. Shark Week advanced to the final round with a win over Eliminators of Jefferson, La. Shark Week took home a respectable 1st Place – Hate Joey, Not Us -Trenton, NJ $15,000 consolation prize as Runners-up. Wilfredo Gonzalez, Jeffrey Cabrera, Frank Demarcello, Joseph Galambos, Ryan Gilligan, Christopher Lewis, LindCome Get Us and Eliminators finished tied say Rafalski and David Soto II for 3rd Place and received $7,500 in cash.

Two Peas in a Pod Two Peas in a Pod (Christopher Stone and Lauren Kauffman) from Raleigh, N.C., won $5,000 Friday, Aug. 24 at the Top of the Riviera with a close 46-34 win over H-Cues Double Malt Scotch (Nathaniel HorseySherin) of Nashville, Tenn. The Runner-Up finish was good for $3,000 for H-Cues Double Malt Scotch. Two Peas in a Pod advanced to the finals with a 46-31 win over Rogue Wolf (Kiersten Garrison and Randall Suzuki) of San Gabriel, Calif. H-Cues Double Malt Scotch defeated Just Make Balls (Orlando Ashby and Renee Colley) of Scarborough, Ontario, 38-26. Both H-Cues Double Malt Scotch and Just Make Balls tied for 3rd Place and received $1,600. Lauren Kauffman and Christopher Stone

26 Stroke Magazine - September 2012


9-Ball Champions CROWNED Another national championship was decided Monday, Aug. 20 at the Top of the Riviera. In the finals of the Open 9-Ball Championship, Babe’s of New Derry, Pa., defeated Southern Style of Lafayette, La., 50-32. The showdown went five matches deep, with Babe’s Lindsay Deyarmin, a skill level 3, pocketing the final ball to seal the victory. The championship netted Babe’s $15,000 in cash and the coveted championship trophy. As Runners-Up, Southern Style took home $7,000 in prize money. Babe’s advanced to the finals with a win over Fatguy’s Ruben of Cleveland, Ohio. Southern Style advanced to the final after their opponent was disqualified for excessive skill level movement. The forfeited prize money will be distributed to the teams that were eliminated by the disqualified team (pending review of their teams skill levels). Fatguy’s Ruben received $3,500 for 1st Place – I’m a 7 at Drinkin from Matthews, NC – Amanda Hale, Amanda Dowdy, April Lindenmuth, Pamela Decker, their 3rd Place finish. Rhonda Hull, Sabrina Lanham, Lauren Pearson, Aja Thompson

Massachusetts Team WINS 8-BALL DOUBLES I’m With Stupid (Justin Wales and John Provost) from Belchertown, Mass., defeated the Fight Club (Jimmy Coleman and John O’Donnell) of Woodbridge, Va., in the finals of the 8-Ball Doubles Championship Saturday, Aug. 18 held at the Top of the Riviera. I’m With Stupid quickly got on the scoreboard first, but the Fight Club evened the match with a defensive battle in the second game. The teams traded the next two games. I’m With Stupid pulled ahead again in the fifth game, and there was no looking back, as they closed it out in the sixth for a score of 4-2. The victory earned them $6,500 in prize money, while the Fight Club received $4,000 as Runners- Up. I’m With Stupid defeated Whatcha Spottin of Cincinnati, Ohio, in the semifinal round. The Fight Club defeated Watch Out of Toronto, Canada. Both of those teams finished tied for 3rd Place. Justin Wales and John Provost

September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 27

Hans Wins FOURTH WHEELCHAIR TITLE Charlie Hans of Middletown, Ohio, won his fourth Wheelchair Challenge title Friday, Aug. 24 with a 6-1 win over Ron Bates of Coldwater, Mich. He previously won the tournament in 2006, 2008, 2009 and finished as Runner-Up last year. Hans latest title was worth $1,800 in prize money, while Bates settled for $900 as the Runner-Up. Hans found himself back in the familiar territory of the finals with a 5-0 win over Marland Redfield of Marshall, Mich., in the semifinal round. Bates secured a 2-1 win over Cordell Jeter of Woodbridge, Va., to advance to the showdown with Hans. Redfield and Jeter tied for 3rd and received $450. caption?


All-Michigan Finale IN MASTERS CHAMPIONSHIP Two teams from the Great Lakes State were represented in the finals of the Masters Championship Wednesday night at the Top of the Riviera. $10,000 in cash was on-the-line as Triple Threat (Lupe Rosas, Curtis Thornton and Richard Schmiegel Jr.) of Saginaw and Fantastic Four (Chad Palmer, Ezekial Kelly Espinoza, Timmy Palmer and Brenton Canine) of Battle Creek went head-to-head. Fantastic Four took the first match, behind a 7-2 win for Brenton Canine over Curtis Thornton. Needing a win in the second match, Triple Threat put their money on Richard Schmiegel Jr., who came up clutch, winning 7-0 over Chad Palmer of Fantastic Four. With both teams on-the-hill, Lupe Rosas of Triple Threat, defeated Ezekial Kelly Espinoza, 7-5, for the match win! caption?

28 Stroke Magazine - September 2012

Ladies Finals COMES DOWN TO THE 8-BALL The finals of the Ladies 8-Ball Division featured a nail-biter of a finale. Down 2-0 in the match, and with their opponent on the 8-ball for the win, the ladies of I’m a 7 at Drinkin from Matthews, N.C., mounted a comeback that will not soon be forgotten. I’m a 7 at Drinkin defeated Take Advantage from Arlington, Va., 3-2, for a $10,000 payday. Take Advantage took an early 2-0 lead, and looked as though they’d make short work of I’m a 7 at Drinkin. Sharp-shooter Racquel Scott was up 3-0 and bearing down on the 8-ball to take the third and final match for Take Advantage. But with no clear shot, she opted to try and play safe. With the match seemingly safely in their hands, it 1st Place – I’m a 7 at Drinkin from Matthews, NC – Amanda Hale, Amanda Dowdy, April Lindenmuth, Pamela Decker, appeared to be the right move for Rhonda Hull, Sabrina Lanham, Lauren Pearson, Aja Thompson the ladies from Virginia. But the 8-ball. Finally, it was Decker, a skill level 2, pocketing the 8-ball, and bringing the opening gave I’m a 7 at Drinkin’s Amanda Dowdy just the wiggle room she’d need to championship trophy back to North Carolina! take that game, and the next, to pull her team within one match. As Runners-Up, Take Advantage enjoyed a $5,000 2nd Place prize. In the fourth match, it was Rhonda Hull of I’m a 7 at Drinkin coming up clutch, In the semifinal round, I’m a 7 at Drinkin defeated Diamonds & Cues from Shreveand cruising to a 4-0 win, suddenly leaving the match hill-hill. port, La., 3-2, to advance. Take Advantage bested Pink Ladies from Mississauga, The finals would be decided by Take Advantage’s Anne Wilkinson and I’m a 7 at Ontario, 3-1, in their semifinal match. Drinkin’s Pamela Decker. Decker secured the first game, to put her team on the Diamonds & Cues and Pink Ladies finished tied for 3rd Place and received hill, but Wilkinson wasn’t going quietly. She took the next three games, leaving one $2,500. game to decide the difference between 1st and 2nd Place. With $10,000 on the line, both ladies managed to work their way down to the (COMPLETE RESULTS ONLINE AT: WWW.POOLPLAYERS.COM)

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g Kim vs Chen

Ga Young Kim


Ga Young Kim celebrates a 4 year dream come true.

Photo courtesy Chito Ines, Alison Chang, Bruce Li Xiaolong & Emille BBoy Soriano,

Manila, Philippines- Korea's Ga Young Kim finally overcame her demons to claim World Championship glory for her country. Kim on her second appearance in the finals of the the Yalin Women's World 10-Ball Championship, faced last year's #1 in the world Siming Chen of China, and completely dominated the championship match. Kim's victory has put South Korea back on top of women's pool.

The Dragon Promotions produced 4th Annual Yalin Women's World 10-Ball Championship is the most followed women's event of the year. In the host country of the Philippines, it is the biggest female sporting event of the country. The event is supported by Asian table mammoth Yalin Billiards, advanced cue engineer OB Cues, long lasting Championship Tour Edition Cloth, top playing Aramith Balls, Tour Edition Chalk, and #1 TV network broadcaster ABS-CBN. Star Billiards and Pool & Billiard Magazine are also proud supporters. This year's edition will take place August 20th-24th once again at Robinson's Galleria Mall, which has now become synonymous for creating the dynamic atmosphere of the coveted championship. Robinson's Galleria is connected to the host hotel Crowne

30 Stroke Magazine - September 2012

Plaza Galleria. With massive media and global networks covering the Yalin Women's World 10-Ball Championship, it will continue as still the biggest and most watched women's billiard event in the world. In the semi-finals, China #1 Xiaofang Fu faced off with 19 year old Siming Chen for a spot into the finals. Neither had ever reached this far into this event. It was a tightly contested match, with Chen leading by 1 game margins throughout. But it was Fu's fatal scratch on the 7-Ball in game 14 where she had a chance to tie the match at 7. Instead Chen was given a sigh of relief and was able to close the rest of the match out at 9-6. The bottom bracket featured an all Korea semi-final between Korea's #1 and #2 women with Ga Young Kim and Yu Ram Cha. The match was epic. Both women played superb with non-stop exciting jumps, kicks, powerful break shots, and awesome offensive firepower. "This match is equal to watching two top pro men playing at a high level",said world men's champion Thorsten Hohmann who was

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g commentating on the live TV match. "Both ladies are playing at a high level. Neither wants to lose and both have a steely look of determination on their face. The shots they are making are incredible!", exclaimed Charlie Williams during the match. Kim took the first game, but Cha came back with the next runout. Kim played a good safe in the 3rd game, but Cha called the 2-Ball in the corner pocket and made a fantastic kick shot and ran out the rest of the rack. Leading 3-1, Cha gave Kim a slim opportunity which Ga Young fully took and came back to level the score at 3-3. Cha made one costly error going for a 10-Ball combination instead of opting for a runout. She missed the combo and the tide turned again. Kim took the lead and at 5-4, Cha was able to break again and this time smacked a powerful break sending the cueball high in the air and landing perfectly in the center of the table. Pocketing a ball as well, the rack looked good for a runout to tie the match. But then the 3-Ball went 3 rails around the table and like an unlucky heat guided missile, hit the cueball perfectly to send it 3 feet away into the corner pocket. Kim ran out. Cha's next opportunity was off a safety , where Ga Young faced a jump shot with only 3 inches between her and the 1-Ball. Kim made an amazing jump just to hit the ball, and left Cha a length of the table shot on the 1-Ball, but with the cueball frozen to the 8-ball where she could only hit the top side of the white. Cha jacked up and speared the 1-ball in perfectly and made a tough cutshot next with a bridge and ran out! But a dry break next would be it for Cha. Kim was determined to get to the finals by 1% more than Cha, and she ran out and broke and ran the last rack. "The final score of 9-5 is not even close to showing how great and tight that match really was", commented Yahoo Sports writer Bob Guerrero. In the final match, China would face South Korea. China has had an army of strong top notch players, and Korea has produced perhaps not quite as many in quantity, but makes up for it in quality with gems such as Ga Young Kim, Yu Ram Cha, Yun Mi Lim, and Eun Ji Park. The finals began with Kim continuing her lightning fast pace from her last match. She took the first 3 games in a blink of an eye. In about 15 minutes, she already commanded a 4-1 lead. Chen seemed overcome with the blitz of Kim and was never really able to shake her off. Chen pocketed some nice shots, but wasn't able to control her cueball well. Kim on the other hand, looked to be in supreme confidence at the table coming with every challenging shot and executing intricate safeties and positional play. Leading eventually at 9-3, Chen was given another chance off a Kim safety. Chen made a nice carom shot off the 3-Ball sending the cueball down table off the short cushion and neatly hit the 10-Ball perfectly where she called , and pocketed it. Score was now 9-4 and the crowd cheered wildly hoping for a tighter contest. Chen then broke and ran the next making the audience hopeful for a comeback. But it was not to be, Chen made a positional error in the next rack and was forced to kick the 6-Ball. The effort was half hearted as the disappointment was apparent on her face from the earlier mistake. Kim faced the final 4 balls that stood in her way, and pocketed the first 3. As the cueball landed perfectly for the


final 10-Ball shot, Kim showed her first emotion in the whole event by looking up to the sky, as if to say, this is what I've been fighting for the whole week. She pocketed the final shot and clenched her fist in the air in victory! "I have improved my result from last year, so I am happy about that. I am getting closer", said Chen in the finalists speech. "I really did not practice any more than usual for the event, but I was doing a "Dancing with the Stars" TV show in Korea leading up to the World Championship, and so I was really in a happy mood. So I think my happiness and positiveness carried over to here this week", explained Kim when asked if she did anything differently this year to prepare. Ga Young Kim will enjoy a full year of reigning in women's pool most highest challenge and honor, as the World Champion of 10-Ball. Follow the ladies at For more info email Complete info and news visit Results and brackets can be found at

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OB Cues Signs The Lion OB Cues is delighted to announce that they have signed an agreement with Alex "The Lion" Pagulayan as a player representative for OB Cues. This agreement will undoubtedly help both Alex and OB Cues immensely as they move forward together. Shane Sinnott, Director of Sales and Marketing for OB Cues said "Alex has a magnetic personality and is arguably one of the best all-around Pool Players playing the game right now, we couldn't be happier to have Alex onboard with us and we look forward to seeing him win many more tournaments using OB Cues." "I believe this arrangement is ideal for Alex as it allows him to focus on his career and it lays a foundation for a world class player to now be paired with a world class cue manufacturer," notes Jim Wych, Pagulayan's agent. "I can tell you that Alex is extremely happy and excited to be involved with OB Cues and he can't wait to get back to ALEX PAGULAYAN the pool table with his new cues in hand." file photo by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow


OB Cues, headquartered in Plano, Texas is a leading manufacturer of High Performance Pool Cues and Pool Cue Shafts made 100% in the USA since 2005. For more information on OB Cues or OB shafts or to become an authorized dealer, please visit For more information on Alex Pagulayan you will be able to check out his new website which he and OB Cues will announce in the next few days.

continued from pg 8

Slaying the pressure. Lording over the pressure. Making it submit to my command. Oh sorry, got a little carried away there! VIPER: If you could say one thing to a young up-coming player what would it be? Belinda: Seek out a “qualified” instructor/coach. Viper: What was it like to be elected into the WPBA Hall of Fame? Belinda: An honor, of course. Having my sister there made it special and the fact it was on my Dad’s birthday, who had passed two years prior. After I got home, we had a celebration at the pool room and played the video from the presentation. I had lots of friends and players present. That was the last time I saw Wilma Lowry who was the manager of “Moyer’s,” the pool room I “grew up” in. Viper: What was it like to play as a woman in Austin when you first started playing? Belinda: There were virtually no women playing at the time. I remember putting quarters on the table and getting dirty looks from the guy holding the table. He would say, “We’re playing for x” and I’d say, “my money is green.” The other line I heard way too many times is “how ‘bout we play for your body.” Years later, I waited for the perfect situation to get even! It felt really good to turn the tables. Readers: don’t get the wrong impression. I just got to deliver the line!!! Viper: What did your parents say about you playing pool for a living? Belinda: In the beginning, my mom helped me cover up the fact I was going to the pool room every day. In my family, you were either in school or working, period. My dad followed the same route so I would park in the back. I got up to be at “work” at 8 and came home after 5. Mother knew I was going to do what I wanted to do! Later, of course, they were both proud of my accomplishments. Mother came to Rockford, Ill in 1977 to a US Open Qualifier and to Dayton, Ohio for the US Open. She couldn’t come in the tournament room to watch because she was way too nervous. She was also with me in Vegas (1981) for my first National 8-ball Championship. (Out in the hall!)

32 Stroke Magazine - September 2012

Ok Belinda, now I have a couple of pool related questions from my Facebook friends… Cathy Jo Sawyer Almanza from Waco, TX asks: Ask her about the miraculous final few balls that she ran out in the finals of the Texas State Open one year... these were all extremely thin cuts, down the rail shots: she made the first one, the next ones got progressively tougher, but she never flinched... she knows exactly the rack I’m referring to: everyone who was watching (and holding their breath) will never forget it... just wish there was a video of it... it was amazing... but that’s Belinda ☺ Belinda: I got a rush just reading this!! This was the toughest rack ever and it was in the finals, case game against Vivian. You know how some racks are just “funny,” nothing leads to the next ball and that leads to nowhere. (Why didn’t I play safe?) I remember setting it up later for all comers to try and get out. No one ever did. Thanks, Cathy Jo, for reminding me. How fun!!! Too bad I couldn’t even begin to set the balls up again! Cary Pacatan from Orange Park, FL asks: What kind of cue do you play with? When do you know when its time to retire from playing pool? Belinda: I play with an Annie O. Anne Mayes was a good friend, business partner, fellow player, and created cues with the latest technology. Anne was a great promoter of our sport. Your second question is easy. When you no longer love the game with a passion and when you no longer learn something every time you screw together. A special “Thank-you” to Belinda Calhoun for sharing her thoughts on pool and till next month you can find me on Facebook at

Till next per i V , h t n mo


Big Sky Billiard Challenge Series We are presenting our inaugural event. A new and exciting pool tournament at Fargo Billiards in Fargo ND. The main event is a $10,000 challenge match between Team Montana vs Team North Dakota. Featuring 4 different disciplines: 10 Ball Scotch Doubles, 8 Ball Doubles, 9 Ball Singles, and the main event 8 Ball singles!!! Along with the main event there will be a handicap 8 Ball Open Singles with an ascending entry fee based on skill level, races will be between 3 and 7 and entry fees will be from $30 to $70 in relation to skill level, giving all players a good shot at winning.

I would like to give a shout out to all our amazing sponsors: Western Tire of Sidney MT, live stream sponsor from Three Forks MT, Pit Stop Tavern Team Montana sponsor and future venue sponsor in Great Falls MT, and our spectacular venue and Team North Dakota sponsor Fargo Billiards and Gastropub in Fargo ND. A new event is in the works for November and as always new challengers are welcome; check us out at https://www. Contact TR Olson @ 406-945-4788 - nineballtko@gmail. com!!!

Stottlemeyer stops challenge by Saez By Skip Maloney - Brett Stottlemeyer stopped a determined, loss-side challenge by Robb Saez to win the August 11-12 stop on the Action Pool Tour. Saez won three double hill matches (and two others) on the loss side for the right to face Stottlemeyer, and won the opening set of the true double elimination final. Stottlemeyer fought back in the second set to chalk up the "W." The event drew 63 entrants to VIP Billiards in Catonsville, MD. Stottlemeyer gave up only four racks in his first two matches, and survived a double hill battle against Larry Kressel in the third round. He faced Mike Davis in one of the winners' side semifinals. Tour points leader,Brian Deska, in the meantime, who had just survived a double hill battle against Saez, squared off againstShaun Wilkie. Stottlemeyer sent Davis west 8-5, as Deska downed Wilkie 8-6. Stottlemeyer got into the hot seat with an 8-4 victory over Deska, which sent him (Deska) to a semifinal re-match against Saez. Saez, in the meantime, began his five-match journey back to the finals with his first of three double hill victories; over Brandon Shuff. He moved on to defeat Rich Glasscock 6-2, and picked up Davis, coming over from the winners' side final four. Wilkie picked up Joe Cataldi, who'd defeated Larry Kressel and Shawn Toni, both 6-3. Saez chalked up his second double hill win, this time over Davis, and in the quarterfinals faced Wilkie, who'd ended Cataldi's day with a 6-1 victory. Wilkie came within a rack of forcing Saez into his third double hill match on the loss side, but Saez closed the match out at 6-4 and turned for a re-match against Deska in the semifinals. For the third and final time, Saez locked up in a double hill match. The semifinal, 6-5 victory over Deska gave him a shot at Stottlemeyer in the hot seat. He took advantage of momentum to take the first set of the true double elimination final 8-6. Stottlemeyer, though, fought back in the second set, and won it 6-4 to secure the event title. With only one point-bearing event to go on the Action Pool Tour's

season (the finale, set for September 8-9 at Big Daddy's Billiards in Glen Burnie, MD), Stottlemeyer's victory edged him closer to the top of the tour rankings. He remained behind the leaders, Brian Deska, Brandon Shuff and tour director Ozzy Reynolds, but pulled within striking distance of Reynolds. Deska, in the meantime, finishing third, solidified his top tour ranking, making him almost (but not quite) uncatchable (by Brandon Shuff in second place) as the season finale approaches.

Action Pool Tour Stop Results Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th 9th 13th

Playername Brett Stottlemyer Robb Saez Brian Deska Shaun Wilkie Joe Cataldi Mike Davis Rich Glasscock Shawn Toni Larry Kressel Rob Metz Brandon Shuff Ozzy Reynolds Sean Sporleder Jason Grebe David Hunt Mark Andrews

Prize Money $1,000 $600 $400 $300 $200 $200 $125 $125 $80 $80 $80 $80 $50 $50 $50 $50

September 2012 - Stroke Magazine 33


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Click on the MAP link online to get directions to each location DATE CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME LINK Aug 30-Sep 3 Scottsdale, AZ BCAPL Southwest Regionals Varies $6,000 Online MAP Scotch Doubles Men’s Open Singles Men’s Adv/Master Singles Women’s Singles Men’s/Mixed Teams Women’s Teams Sep 1-2 Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 9-Ball Sizzler Call $1,000 Call MAP Sep 1 Greensboro, NC Gate City Billiards Club (336) 856-8800 9-Ball Carolina Open-Max 32 $50 Call Noon MAP Sep 1 Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards (716) 632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 (incl g.f.) $250 Guar Noon MAP Sep 1-3 New York, NY Amsterdam Billiards (212) 995-0333 George Ginky San Souci Mem. Call $4,000 Call Sep 7-9 Fargo, ND Big Sky Challenge (406) 945-4788 10-Ball Scotch Doubles $10,000 MAP 8-Ball Doubles Winner take all 9-Ball Singles 8-Ball Singles Sep 8 E Rutherford, NJ Castle Billiards (201) 933-6007 A/B/C/D Tri State Tour Call $500 Call Sep 8-9 Glen Burnie, MD Big Daddy’s Billiards Action Pool Tour Stop $90-$40 Online Online MAP Sep 15 Bayside, NY Cue Bar (718) 631-2646 A/B/C/D Tri State Tour Call $1,000 Call Sep 21 Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards (716) 632-0281 Trick Shot Exhibition FREE 4 & 8PM MAP Sep 22 Tournaments Brooklyn, NY ? Get Gothamthe City Billiards 714-1002 Tri State Tour or Email Call $1,500 Call Pool word out(718) ! Call us A/B/C/D 406.285.3099 Sep 29 Flushing, NY Carom Cafe Billiards (718) 358-8585 A/B/C/D Tri State Tour Call $1,500 Call Sep 29-30 Waterville, ME T J’s Billiards (207) 877-7665 Joss Tour Event $120/$70 $1500/$500 Call MAP Oct 5 Pocatello, ID Pocket (208) 233-1841 9-Ball A / Open $60/$35 Call 5:30PM Oct 6-7 Pocatello, ID Pocket (208) 233-1841 8-Ball A / Open / Ladies $120/$45/$20 $1,000 9:30AM Oct 6-7 Lynnwood, WA Uncle Jacks (425) 640-5474 Seattle Open 9-Ball $45 $1,000 w/64 9:00AM Oct 6 Stuart, FL Amy’s Billiards (772) 232-9966 Cues for the Cure Call Call Call MAP Oct 6 Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards (716) 632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 (incl g.f.) $250 Guar Noon MAP Oct 6 Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 9-Ball $60 $500 Call MAP Oct 7 Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 9-Ball $35 $250 Call Oct 12-14 Phoenix, AZ Bullshooters (602) 441-2447 S.W. One Pocket Fest $200 $4,000 6PM MAP Oct 13 9-Ball Mini Call $$$ Call Oct 14 10-Ball Mini Call $$$ Call Oct 13-14 Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards (716) 632-0281 NE 9-Ball $60-A/$40-B $1,000 Guar 11AM MAP Oct 14 Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards (716) 632-0281 2nd Chance - Players out $20 $250 Guar Ask Oct 20-21 Deadwood, SD Deadwood Shoot-out (605) 578-2000 9-Ball $40 $1,000 8:00PM Nov 3 Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 9-Ball $60 $500 Call MAP Nov 4 Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 9-Ball $35 $250 Call Nov 3-4 Lafayette, LA White Diamond (337) 989-9889 Super 9-Ball $40 $1,000 w/128 9AM MAP Nov 10-11 Midwest City, OK Jamaica Joe’s (405) 736-0590 OK Bar Table 9-Ball $50 $2,500 Guar 11AM MAP Dec 1 Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 9-Ball $60 $500 Call MAP Dec 2 Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 9-Ball $35 $250 Call Dec 1-2 Bellflower, CA New World Billiards (818) 400-3693 9-Ball Handicap Win/Loss $25 $2,500 Noon

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Give the Gift of Giving

Give the Gift of Giving


Stroke Magazine Sepember Issue 2012  
Stroke Magazine Sepember Issue 2012  

September's Issue of Stroke Magazine has the latest results from Turning Stone, Women's World 10-Ball, Tri State Tour, and more. Plus our re...