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09/20/2010 3:30 PM 1983 Minnesota Fats vs. Luther Lassiter 09/26/2010 8:00 AM 1983 Willie Mosconi vs. Irving Crane 09/27/2010 3:00 PM 1983 Willie Mosconi vs. Irving Crane 10/03/2010 8:00 AM 1993 World 9-Ball Championship 10/10/2010 8:00 AM 1993 Pro Tour Championship The 1993 Pro Tour featuring Francisco Bustamante & Earl Strickland.

09/05/2010 8:00 AM Willie Mosconi vs. Minnesota Fats 09/13/2010 3:00 PM Legends of The Fall Hall of Fame Trick Shots 09/19/2010 8:00 AM Luther Lassiter vs. Cicero Murphy 09/19/2010 8:30 AM 1983 Minnesota Fats vs. Luther Lassiter 09/20/2010 3:00 PM Luther Lassiter vs. Cicero Murphy

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September 2010 - Stroke Magazine 3

Dagotdot Wins

Saez Crowned

Ultimate Billiards Hosted the $2000 Added Fl State Open 9-Ball Championships on the weekend of 8,21,2010. The event drew 47 players which included some notable names Tommy Kennedy, Rob Saez, Jeff Beckley, Tony Crosby, Butch Croft, Justin Hall, John Foster and Jerry Calderon to mention a few. There were some marquee match ups right out of the gate with Louis Altes turning a 5-1 deficit against Jeff Beckley into 7-6 win. Rob Saez would play an improving Jerry Calderon. Saez looking strong would go onto win this match 7-2 and then follow it up wins over Todd Anderson 7-4, Jarred Schlauch 7-3 and then an 8-5 win over Anthony Meglino to get into the winners side final. One of the Surprise players on the day was relatively unknown player Jason Steman from Atlanta. Steman playing some great pool had people talking with some comprehensive wins over Louis Altes 7-2, Justin Hall 7-6 and then shock 7-5 win over Tommy Kennedy who was looking to try and take his 7th straight win on Allen Wong - 2nd; Daniel Dagotdot 1st; Dan Cintron - 3rd

Daniel Dagotdot wins first Tri-State event at Sandcastle Billiards right after a strong second place finish in the August 7th Tri-State. In route to victory, Dan defeated: Tim Edmonds 7 - 5; Bill Rowlands 7 - 5; Adam Kosmin 7 - 4; Johnny Ortiz 7 - 5; and Gary Murgia 7 - 5, before suffering a loss for the Hot Seat to Allen Wong 7 - 6. Now after 6 straight wins, all Allen could do was wait. In the mean time, after a first round match, Dan Cintron fought his way back from the one loss side. With 7 consecutive wins, Cintron now faced Daniel Dagotdot for a chance in the finals; but, it was not to be, Dagotdot won 7 - 3. The Finals started off quickly with Allen ahead 2 - 0 and Dagatdot pulling ahead to a 4 - 2 lead. Allen rallied, and both players traded games until Daniel managed to but too late with Dan sliding to the finish 9 - 7. Thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Viking Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, and Dr. Dave Billiards Insructional Products for their sponsorship leading to this event. And a special thank you to "The Sandman", the owner of Sandcastle, for providing the players with excellent playing equipment and a great atmosphere to play in. RESULTS: 1st $600 Daniel Dagotdot 2nd $390 Allen Wong 3rd $240 Dan Cintron 4th $150 Richard Ng 5th $90 Gary Murgia, George Osipovitch 7th $70 Rajesh Vannala, Nick Verducci

Bill Mallen, Butch Croft, Rob Saez, Gary Gilsinan tour. Jacksonville’s Butch Croft now stood in Steman way of a winner side final with Saez. Croft would prove to be to strong and booked himself a winner’s side final with Saez after a hard fought 8-6 win. While all this was going on Jerry Calderon was wreaking havoc on the one loss side after a 2nd round loss to Saez, Calderon would go onto beat Dave Ross, Richard Knight, Tony Crosby, Justin Hall, Raul Alverez, Jarred Schlauch, Jason Steman and then Anthony Meglino to put himself in the semi final and wait for the loser of Saez and Croft. The winner side final would be a very tight affair with both players matching each other shot for shot to take it to the wire at 7-7 Saez would hold his nerve to capture the hotseat with an 8-7 win. Croft would now have to deal with Calderon and that he did with a very convincing 7-1 win. Saez would prove to be too strong, having played solid pool all weekend he would do the same in the final, Croft never managed to get out of 2nd gear as Saez raced to a 9-5 win to take the $1000 in 1st place prize money plus the Entry into the Steve Mizerak event worth $500 and most important The title of 2010 Florida Poison State Champion. We would like to thank Ultimate Billiards for hosting another great event. Our title Sponsor Poison cues, along with Delta 13 Racks, Simonis Billiard Cloth, Ozone Billiards, Tiger Products, Stroke It wear, Billiard Scoop, Azbilliards, inside pool, Billiards Digest, Stroke Magazine. Please help support our sponsors with out them we wouldn’t be able to have so many great events. The new Poison Tour Season will kick of at Hammerheads Billiards Lounge, Holiday Florida September 11th-12th. We look forward to seeing you all for another great season. Check out for more info. PAYOUTS: 1st $1000 2nd $600 3rd $500 4th $400 5th-6th $300 7th-8th $190 9th-12th $85

4 Stroke Magazine - September 2010

Rob Saez Butch Croft Jerry Calderon Anthony Meglino Tommy Kennedy, Jason Steman John Foster, Jarred Schlauch Chris Gentile, Raul Alverez, Jeff Beckley, Julio Aquino

16 year old crowned

Room Owner Gary Gilsinan, Natalie Crosby, Justin Gilsinan 2nd, Tony Crosby, Danny Satinoff winner and room owner Bill Mallen

Ultimate Billiards in Ft Pierce was the venue for the $1500 Added Fl State Championships. 61 players showed up for a chance of being crowned Fl State Amateur champion which would include last years winner David Uwate. 16 year old Danny Satinoff was proving to be a handful making his way to the finals with strong wins over Wesley White 7-5, Eddie Cabrera 7-4, Danny Ramirez 7-6, Floyd Reason 7-6 and then Justin Gilsinan 7-5 to make his way into the winner’s side final. Han Berber would be his opponent proving why he is considered a high level Amateur player by making his way through to the hotseat match with strong wins over Dan Lettau 7-6, Brad Watters 7-3, Johnny Aguilar 7-3, Fred Kenney 7-6 and then another hard fought 7-6 win over Jarred Schlauch 7-6 to make his way to the hotseat to face Satinoff. The one loss side would see several players go on good runs. One of those players would be Chip Dickerson, Dickerson lost his first match 7-6 to Danny Ramirez and then went onto win 7 straight before taking his 2nd loss to Anthony Meglino 6-2. Meglino was now on a 6 match winning streak before losing to Justin Gilsinan. Gilsinan would now have the task of taking on last year’s winner David Uwate, Uwate’s 5 match win streak would come to an end as Justin Gilsinan would go onto record a 6-2. He would now face Han Berber who lost a lopsided hotseat match to Satinoff 7-0. Gilsinan came out strong in this one and looked like going onto record an easy win taking a 5-2 lead only for Berber to fight his way back to 5-5 before Gilsinan took the last rack to reach the final. Satinoff proved to be just too strong for Gilsinan taking control early and finishing the match off with a comfortable 8-3 win to take the title and become the new and youngest FL State Amateur Champion along with the $1000 first place prize money. The 21st-22nd August will see the $2000 Added FL State Open 9-ball Championships come back to Ultimate Billiards with also a $500 Added Senior 8 Ball State Championships on Sunday the 22nd this event is open to players 50 years of age and over. Both events are open to all players from any State we look forward to seeing you there. Visit for more info PAYOUTS 1st $1000 2nd $600 3rd $400 4th $350 5th-6th $250 7th-8th $150 9th-12th $60 13th-16th $60

Danny Satinoff Justin Gilsinan Han Berber David Uwate Anthony Meglino, Jarred Schlauch Jim Sandaler, Chip Dickerson Fred Kenney, Daniel Mosey, Floyd Reasons, Tito Solari Ob Cirillo, Prescott Buckwold, Chrs Gentile, Mark Wathen September 2010 - Stroke Magazine 5


by: Dan Bummer I’m just pondering changing the names on our league divisions to the following:

Obama Division

This division will be based on the latest fad and position of spreading the wealth. Your $5 fee this year will be increased by a $5 tax which will be used to help the weaker players in your division. They will receive an extra $1 for every win, while the better players will now receive 50 cents per win. Of course, the league President will decide who the better players are. There is also a bill up for vote for a “Drink to Your Health” Insurance plan. This will give every player an extra drink every league night. I see no trouble in this passing and your fee will be increased by another $5. You will begin paying for it this year, but it won’t take effect until 2014. Also on the horizon is a Chalk and Tax Bill. You will be assessed a fee for every time you chalk your stick this year. Once again, the League President will make the determination of how many times you chalk up and bill you. The top two teams from last year will be deemed ‘ too big to fail’ and all other teams will be required to pay an additional fee to support them this year and in the future if they continue to be first or second. This will be an economic and sociological benefit to the league as we need to keep them from folding. It will also create and save more teams in the league. Right now, this division has created over 150 teams and we have turned the corner on the latest pool recession.

Glenn Beck Division

This division is based on the Constitution and Declaration of Independence where every player is considered equal to each other and wins will be decided on play at the table. It will be a fair and balanced division. Fees will remain at $5 and you will receive $2 for every win. Basically, it will be run as in the past. The name change will be the We challenge any other all girl only thing different. team in the country. No pros allowed. If you care to comment or have other 8 ball or 9 ball ideas for leagues email $1,000 to $5,000 per set please keep it on a Call 406-533-5243 or 406-782-3323 comical note.

All Girl

Team Challenge

6 Stroke Magazine - September 2010


FULL TIME POSITION AVAILABLE Inside Sales / Customer Service

Company: CueSports International, LLC Location: Henderson, Nevada 89011 Status: Full-Time / Salaried / Health Benefits Available

CueSports International (CSI) has a fun and challenging career opportunity with high growth potential. Do you love and have experience in the sport of Pool and Billiards? CSI is one of the premier pool and billiard event producers in the world and parent company of the oldest and second largest pool leagues in the U.S. – the BCA Pool League (BCAPL). Additionally they own the USA Pool League and produce several prestigious national and international tournaments including the Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament, the U.S. Bar Table Championships, the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship, and the highly prestigious BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships which is celebrating its 35th year in 2011. In addition to being well known in the pool and billiard industry for their professionalism and event production, CSI is the forerunner in the development of unique technologies to better the sport. In the past six years CSI has implemented the state of the art league management system (LeagueSys) and developed the most extensive live online tournament tracking system (CueSports Tournament System / CTS). If you are looking for an exciting and challenging career in the following key performance areas and meet the required skills, submit your resume with cover letter and salary range. KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS: • Research, contact, communicate and follow up on prospective new League Operators and Managers. • General League Operator customer service training and support • Train and assist League Operators on the LeagueSys software system • Assist PR and Marketing Department with League and event promotions. • Assist with preparation and production of tournaments and events as determined by Management. REQUIRED SKILLS: • Computer knowledge in Outlook and Microsoft Office - especially Word and Excel • Effectively train others in the use of software and online resources • Good writing and verbal communication skills, the position requires cold calling and prospecting • Good research skills through a variety of sources (Internet, magazines, word of mouth, contacts) • Must be familiar with the sport of pool / billiards • Must be a team player and enjoy working with others • Must have good follow-through • Previous marketing and customer service skills a plus NICE TO HAVE - BUT NOT REQUIRED SKILLS: • Bilingual (Spanish / English) • Web Design or Editing • Some Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator Experience ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: • Must either reside in or willing to relocate to the Las Vegas, Nevada • Travel to events occasionally • Able to work long hours leading into and during the annual BCAPL National Championships • Valid driver’s license • Flexible hours TO APPLY: Send your resume with cover letter and salary range to: Via email: Or mail to: CueSports International Attn: David Vandenberghe 2041 Pabco Road Henderson, Nevada 89011

Frozen Force By: Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy The balls don’t always behave the way you expect. This can be a disaster in competition but is a standard feature of trick shots. Studying good trick shots -- ones that demonstrate an underlying principle -- will prepare you for when similar shots appear in your matches. Bob Jewett Shot 1 shows a trick shot that has been in print for over a century; it is in Joe Hood’s 1908 book “Trick and Fancy Pool Shots Exposed.” The problem is to make the 1 ball directly into the corner pocket. It is frozen to the 2 ball. Simple physics suggests that the shot is impossible, but when the balls are really frozen, strange things happen. Hit the 1 ball nearly full, just barely favoring the rail-side. Use good draw on the cue ball and a fair amount of force. Most importantly, make sure there is no daylight at all between the 1 and the 2 -- you may need to tap them in place to ensure the freeze. Play with the shot to get a feel for how full you have to hit the 1 into the 2 to move it towards the pocket. If you hit it directly into the 2, you should be able to get the 1 to go straight ahead, which is useful in ? other situations. For extra effect as Dead 9 ball? 4 9 an exhibition shot, change the angle 3 Shot 2 of the 1-2 into the cushion so that the 2 ball goes two cushions to the upper-right corner pocket. While the draw helps the 1 ball go forward, it’s not absolutely required for the shot to work. There are actually two effects operating. Draw on the cue ball will transfer a little follow to the 1 ball, but the frozen-ball contact by itself will send the 1 ball forward. In Shot 2 is a practical application of the second effect. In a game of 9 ball, you’re looking at an apparently hopeless cluster. You can get the 9 Frozen!! Shot 1 moving a little by driving the 3 into it and having it come off the 4, but 1 Pocket the 1 ball 2 the kiss line says that the 9 will land on the long rail a full ball from going into the pocket. Well, not if Frozen Force is helping you. Try the shot, again making very sure that the 9 is frozen to the 4 ball. The 3 ball is frozen or close to the 9 so that the fullness of the hit of the 9 into the 4 is controlled. One way to judge that fullness is to first put your stick at the cluster and along the 4-9 line, then move the butt of your stick until it is along the 9-3 line, pivoting at the tip. The inches that the butt of the cue moves is the number of degrees off fullness of the shot. Can you move the 9-4 out to the foot spot (like two spotted balls) and still make the 9 in the corner? For such an extreme departure from the kiss line, you’ll find that the placement of the 3 needs to be very precise. This shot from the spot is common at one pocket, but that game has the advantage that getting shots just close puts your opponent in a world of hurt. From the spot, try the shot without the 3 and using draw to see how much draw helps the angle. Knowing this secret that’s not so secret will also help you avoid shots that look dead but aren’t. Suppose in Shot 2 the balls are all moved up a couple of ball widths. Now the kiss line will say “probably good” while the Frozen Force principle says “no way.” This shot is definitely worth the investment of half an hour of study at the table. REJ

Read more articles by Bob Jewett at

Ten Things I Love About Pool By Samm Diep, © August 2010

I recently started keeping a Gratitude Journal. This means that each night, I commit to reflecting on the positive thoughts from that day that I am grateful for. This can be anything from winning a tournament to having a wonderful, loyal dog to being thankful I have internet access. No matter how tough life may seem, there is always something we can be grateful for. That’s the objective of the journal, to train your brain to reflect on the positive, because it can get so easy in life to only remember the negative. Samm Diep Keeping with the theme of “Gratitude” here are ten random things that I love about pool and why I’m grateful for the game. I encourage you to make your own list. 1. I love the sound of the balls hitting the back of the pocket! There’s no other sound quite like it. It makes my heart smile. 2. Making a plan and following through with it gives me a great sense of accomplishment. It’s a great feeling to choose your pattern and execute it just as you intended. 3. Sharing the game with others is incredibly rewarding. I love that I am able to teach and share the good word of pocket billiards with so many players. And, when I see their improvement, it’s very gratifying. 4. I like cracking the puzzle. One of my favorite games is bar table 8-ball. I love working through the rack and solving the mystery. Many have compared it to a chess match. 5. Getting dirty can be fun. After a long practice session, I can measure how hard I played by how covered in chalk my hands and clothes become. I love practicing in white for this reason. 6. I am a performer. Like an athlete or musician, I have worked very hard to polish my skills and am extremely proud to be able to perform for myself and others. I do not take this opportunity for granted. 7. Break out shots make me happy. I love nudging the balls right where I want them. What can I say? I’m a straight pool player. Blasting that break ball can also be quite exhilarating. 8. I love my equipment! I couldn’t be happier with my Chris Byrne Custom Cue and Jim Murnak Case. If you’re privileged enough to have good stuff, you want to use it and show it off. 9. I’m always learning. It never ceases to amaze me how much there still is to learn about this game. I’m constantly discovering new things about my abilities and about the history of the sport. It’s a wonderful thing to keep your brain stimulated. 10. Meeting other pool nuts! One of my favorite things about being so deeply involved with pool is meeting other players that are also as passionate about the game as I am. It certainly is an amazing bond that we all share. Once you put your list together, keep it in your case. The next time you lose a match, miss an 8 ball, or just feel like retiring your cue, take out your list and remember why you’re playing. Remember the ten things you love about pool. Read more articles by Samm Diep at

September 2010 - Stroke Magazine 7

9-Ball Open Team - The Fort (Baltimore, MD) John Fink III, Don Wilson, Daniel Pietruszka, Manny Topal, Eddie Grau, John McSweeney, Sharon Kikola, Ray Kikola

Ladies 8-Ball - Don’t Need A Man (Bessemer City, NC) Bretta McGill, Cynthia Jones, Jennifer Bartlett, Crystal Jackson, Patricia Sheets, Tonia Yarab, Jennifer Thomas, Misty Wyatt

8-Ball Open Team - Chumba’s All Stars (Topeka, KS) Ron Baker, Eli Milbradt, Kent Henderson, Brian Ramirez, Troy Ramirez, Ryan Barron, Dennis Renyer

Carolina Express Crowned 8-Ball Doubles Champions!

The tournament action shifted to the Top of the Riviera on Saturday evening for the finals of the 8-Ball Doubles Championship. Carolina Express—Jason Holmes (SL6) and James Page (SL4) of Dunn, N.C., were paired against Melissa & Joseph—Melissa Jones (SL3) and Joseph Coleman (SL7) of Madison, Tenn., in the final round. In the end, it was Carolina Express taking home $7,800 and the Champion title. Melissa & Joseph earned $3,600 as Runners-Up. The final score was 4-0.

Carolina Express (Dunn, NC) Jason Holmes, James Page

Kool Katz Win 9-Ball Doubles Championship Kool Katz—Steve Desimone (SL4) and Luis Hernandez (SL4)—from Stoneham, Mass., took home the $5,000 1st Place prize in the 9-Ball Doubles Championship on Friday afternoon. Yeaa Buddy! —Alicia Deabreu (SL3) and Monika Ruszin (SL2) —from Lake Worth, Fla., went home $3,000 richer for their Runner-Up finish. The race was 31-14, with the final score 31-8.

Kool Katz (Stoneham, MA) Steve Desimone, Luis Hernandez

Triple Fish Wins Masters Championship

The finals of the Masters Championship paired Triple Fish—Wai Pang, Jason Jones and Charlie Phillippou— from Montgomery, Ala., against Zack Attack—Steve Lingelbach, Mike Stevens and Bob Zack—from Portland, Ore. Up in the first match was Zack from Zack Attack and Phillippou from Triple Fish. Zack took the match, 7-4. Wai from Triple Fish was able to secure the win, defeating Lingelbach from Zack Attack, 7-4. The final score was 2-1.

Dale Fitch (Federal Way, WA)

8 Stroke Magazine - September 2010

Triple Fish (Montgomery, AL): Jason Jones, Wai Pang, Charlie Phillippou

Dale Fitch (SL5) from Federal Way, Wash., defeated Andrew Niebrugge (SL4) from Decatur, Ill., in the finals of the Wheelchair Challenge on Friday. Dale took home $2,400 for his win and Andrew earned $1,000 for his Runner-Up finish. The match was a nail-biter with Dale winning the first game, and then Andrew winning the second game. Dale came back to win game 3 and Andrew won game 4; Dale then took the match hill-hill by winning the fifth game. The final score was 4-2

Story & Photo’s by: Merle Humphreys The APA National Masters 3-person team Championship was held at the Riviera 1 & the 5 on the Break, then ran to the 7-Ball and missed. Charlie ran out. Score Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas August 22 -- 25th. Approximately 192 teams competed 3-3 GAME #7 – Charlie Broke and Scratched. Bobby ran the table. Score 4-3 in in this event from all over the United States and Canada. The competition was favor of “Zack Attack.” GAME #8 – Bobby Broke making the 1 & 4 but scratched. phenomenal as it Charlie made the 2 & featured outstanding 3-ball but then missed skill and creative on the 4-ball. Bobby shot making at it’s pocketed the 5-Ball, finest. The Portland but scratched. With Oregon team of Ball in Hand, Charlie “Zack Attack” with ran out. Score now Bobby Zack, Mike 4-4 and on to 8-Ball. Stevens, and Steve GAME #9 – Charlie Lingelbach fought Broke and made a their way valiantly stripe then made through the field and one more ball and were undefeated all missed. Bobby ran the way to the “top out. Score: 5-4 “Zack of the Riv” finals Attack” GAME #10 – on Wednesday Bobby broke making afternoon. the 2-Ball then Ran Meeting the the table. Score: 6-4 “Zack Attack” at the in favor of the “Zack finals gate was ”Triple Attack.” GAME #11 Fish” a Montgomery – Bobby broke made Alabama team with two Balls but also Charlie Pillippou, scratched. Charlie Triple Fish (Montgomery, AL): Jason Jones, Wai Pang, Charlie Phillippou Jason Jones, and shot in the 11-Ball Wai Pang. The three and then played safe. of them had been bounced into the one loss side in the early competition, only Bobby kicked in a ball and ran 3 more balls but then scratched. Taking Ball In to tear through the field annihilating everyone in their path on their journey to the hand Charlie ran the table all the way down to his last ball, but hooked himself finals. behind the 8-ball. He kicked at his ball, but ended up scratching. Receiving Ball The format was a race to seven playing usually both 8-ball and 9-Ball. Five In hand, Bobby ran the rest of his balls and pocketed the 8-Ball --. Game & Match (5) games of 8-Ball, and 8 games of 9-Ball. Theoretically, if a player chose 9-Ball, race. Team Match 1-Zip in favor of the “Zack Attack” who needed to win just one the match could be won without ever playing 8-Ball,but to this writer’s knowledge more match race to claim the championship title. that never happened. The winner of the lag got to choose whether to break, The second match race was between Portland’s Mike Stevens and Jason or to name either the game of 8-Ball, or 9-Ball, to be played first. If the winner Jones of Montgomery Alabama. The match went as follows: GAME #1 – Jason chose to break then the opponent decided on game would be played first. The won the lag, and decided to break so Mike chose to play 8-ball first. Jason made first team to win two matches would be the winner. This year, ”Sudden Death” a stripe on the break and then ran the table. —1-Zip in favor of the “Triple Fish.” was incorporated into the mix. If the playing teams had not completed their 2nd GAME #2- Jason broke dry. Mike pocketed the 2-Ball and then ran out. Match match race by a 2 hour and 15 minute time limit from their starting time, then, the tied 1-1. GAME #3 – Mike broke and made the 11-Ball then ran all the way down sudden death concept went into effect which meant that they would continue to to the 8-Ball and fouled. Jason took Ball In hand and then ran out the table. finish out their 2nd race in the normal fashion, but the 3rd and final race would Score now 2-1 in favor of “Triple Fish.” GAME #4 – Jason broke pocketing the only be a race to one game. Many of the player thought this format change was 13-Ball then ran out the table. Score now 3-1 in favor of “Triple Fish.” GAME unfair seeing how they had come so far to compete, but on the other hand, #5 – Jason broke & Scratched. Mike ran the table but jawed his last ball in the APA’s contention was that there weren’t any more 5 & 6 hour matches going on, corner. Jason then ran out. Score: 4-1 in favor of the “Triple Fish .” Now with all no more 3 am matches having to be played, and/or, any teams really holding five games of 8-Ball having been played they moved onto 9-Ball. GAME #6 – up the tournament and making other teams to have to wait long hours to play Jason made the 7-Ball on the break and then played safe. Mike executed a jump unnecessarily either. Therefore, all the matches pretty well kept to the scheduled shot pocketing the 1-ball, but missed his attempt at the 2-ball. Jason made a 2-4 starting times. The first match race was between Portland’s combo, then missed the 2 ball on his next shot. Mike ran out. Score 4-2 in favor Bobby Zack and Charlie Phillippou of Montgomery Alabama and went as follows: of the “Triple Fish.” GAME #7 – Mike broke and pocketed the 4-ball, then played GAME #1 – Bobby won the lag, and decided to break so Charlie chose to play safe. Jason made the 1-Ball and then played safe. Mike doubled the corner and 9-ball first. Bobby made the 1-ball on the break but not having a good shot played kicked the 2-ball which caromed in the 9-Ball in the side pocket. Score 4-3 still safe. Charlie played a safe back. Bobby made a 2-6 combo, but didn’t have a in favor of “Triple Fish.” GAME #8 – Mikey Broke dry. Jason played safe. Mike good shot on the 2 so he played safe again. Charlie played a safe right back. kicked at the 1-ball and made a good hit. Jason banked the 1-ball cross sides Bobby attempted a safe again, but left Charlie a shot. Charlie made the 2-ball, and ran out.. Score now 5-3 in favor of the “Triple Fish.” GAME #9 – Jason Broke but missed and left the 3-ball “jawed” in the pocket. Bobby then ran out—1-Zip dry. Mike attempted a long 1-9 jump combo, but missed. Jason made the 1 & 2-balls, but then hooked himself behind the 6-ball. He kicked at the 3-ball and in favor of the “Zack Attack.” GAME #2- Bobby Scratched on the Break. Charlie made a good hit while hooking Mike in the process. Mike hit the 3-ball but failed combo’d the 1-9 full length of the table. Match tied 1-1. GAME #3 – Charlie Broke to contact a rail after the hit. Jason with Ball in Hand to start ran the 3,4,5, and 6, and made the 7-Ball then ran all the way down to the 9-Ball and missed. Bobby but hooked himself. Jason jumped made a hit and left Mike tough. Mike missed missed. Charlie made the nine. Score now 2-1 in favor of “Triple Fish.” GAME #4 his cut leaving Jason a tough cut as well. Jason miss the cut shot and scratched. – Charlie Broke pocketing the 2-Ball then rolled out. Bobby played safe. Charlie Taking Ball In Hand Mike ran out. Score: 5-4 in favor of “Triple Fish.” GAME #10 made a hit but left Bobby a shot on the 1-ball to the corner. Bobby made the 1-Ball – Mike broke making the 1-Ball then Ran the table but got out of line on the 9-ball and then ran the table. Score now 2-2. GAME #5 – Bobby made the 9-Ball on the break. Score: 3-2 in favor of the “Zack Attack.” GAME #6 – Bobby made the and missed. Jason pocketed the 9-ball. Score: 6-4 in favor of the “Triple Fish.” Master’s Division (continued on page 12)

September 2010 - Stroke Magazine 9

CAUKIN’S BACK FOR SECOND FLAMINGO BILLIARDS TOUR WIN Orlando, Fla. (Aug. 7, 2010) – “No pain, no gain” was Helene Caukin’s mantra on Saturday as she tested her own endurance as well as the proficiency and patience of her fellow Flamingo Regional Tour players. It might have seemed like a long day for Caukin, who limped in to Corner Pocket Billiards Saturday morning with back pain, but in the end it was worth putting up with the pain. After a first-round bye and resting her back, Caukin handily defeated Jessica Barnes (7-3). Helene then expediently sent Nicolle Rasmussen to the one loss side (7-1), securing a spot in the single-elimination semifinals. “Alleved” of pain, a lot of gain. In the other bracket, Stephanie Mitchell, the BAAT woman (www., came from behind to defeat Chris Ann Fields 7 – 5. Not to be stopped, Mitchell toughed it out and sent Sabra MacArthur Beahn walking west as well (7-5). On the one-loss side, Beahn, on the heels of her frustrating loss defeated Mimi McAndrews (7-1), making it back to the semi-finals. Rasmussen defeated Robin Boggs (7-3) to get back to the final four. On the modified doubleelimination redraw, Rasmussen had a revenge match with Caukin, and so, too, Beahn with Mitchell. However, the revenge match was not to be had by Beahn as the rolls went the other way and the game quickly slipped to 3-1 Mitchell. Sabra’s selfproclaimed theme in her rematch with Stephanie was “erratic” as she rattled corner after corner, allowing Stephanie to take the lead 4-1. In the sixth match, both players tested their patience with safeties, but in the end the safety play paid off for Mitchell, who ended up with ball in hand and ultimately took the lead to 5-1. In the seventh game, Sabra missed a tough shot on the eight and quickly found herself down 6-1. One more rattled ball in the next game and Stephanie won the match 7-1. In Nicolle’s rematch with Helene, it looked as though Caukin was really feeling the pain as Nicolle quickly went up 5-1. But Rasmussen overcut the nine, and Caukin started to come back. Soon the score was 5-3. In game nine, Nicolle comboed the nine to go to the hill. However, closing the match proved difficult as Rasmussen scratched on the eight and Caukin was out, score 6-4. Hitting with authority in the next two

Left to right: Stephanie Mitchell (2nd Place) and Helene Caukin (1st Place)

games, and looking as though she was feeling no pain, Caukin’s mantra apparently kicked in (“no pain, no gain” -time), as Caukin took the match to double hill. Nicolle broke but came up dry. She got another shot at the table and barely missed a 2 -9 combo, leaving the nine hanging on the corner rail. Helene got a shot at the 2-9 but missed as well. Nicolle got yet another try at the 2-9 combo, missed but left Helene with no shot on the two. Helene shot the nine in giving ball in hand to Nicolle, who ran out to the six, missed shape and was forced to play a safety. However, the safety on the six ended up right in front of the side pocket, and Helene ran out to take the match and the spot in the finals. With Mitchell and Caukin in the finals, it was predicted to be a tough match. Mitchell won the lag, started out strong but left the eight ball in the corner and Helene was on the board. In game three, Helene made a tough cut on the eight and proceeded to pocket the nine. Score 3-0 Caukin. Helene’s break in game four left the balls in a cluster at the end of the table. Looking like

a straight pool game, the players traded safeties, each one hitting another ball and adding to the mess. At the same time, Mitchell and Caukin were attempting to three-foul each other. Caukin left Mitchell on two with a jump shot to Mitchell, who uncharacteristically missed the jump shot and Caukin was up 4-0. Running out of steam, Mitchell broke game five and ran to the five, leaving it hanging for Caukin to take a 5-0 lead. In game seven, kicking from a safety left by Caukin, Mitchell left Caukin a shot but Caukin surprisingly overcut the ball. With bridge in hand, Mitchell was on the eight but missed, and just when it looked like Caukin would run out, she left the eight hanging. Stephanie made the eight and banked the nine in the side to finally get on the board. In game eight, Caukin failed to hit a rail, giving ball in hand to Mitchell. Just when it looked like she was on the verge of yet another come back that day, Stephanie missed the nine, which Helene made, and Caukin’s pain ended up being worth the gain! Helene won 1st Place money, a trophy and a free entry to the Flamingo Billiards Tour

RESULTS ($250 added, modified double-elimination) 1st $350 2nd $230 3rd/4th $100 5th/6th $60 7th/8th 9th/12th 13th

10 Stroke Magazine - September 2010

Helene Caukin ($350) Stephanie Mitchell ($230) Sabra MacArthur-Beahn, Nicolle Rasmussen Robin Boggs, Mimi McAndrews Julie Skripac, Melissa Durkin Jessica Barnes, Kelly Cavanaugh Chris Ann Fields, Christie Cloke Barbara Ellis

$1,000-added Invitational. Special thanks to Flamingo Billiards Tour sponsors Ozone Billiards (www., Boynton Billiards ( and Tweeten Fibre (www.tweeten. us), and a very special to Tesh at Corner Pocket Billiards (www., and his great staff, Bob, Donald and Brian for their great hospitality and continued support. The next Flamingo Billiards Tour stop is the special Cues for the Cure breast cancer fundraiser event Saturday, October 9th at Amy’s Billiards in Stuart, Florida. (www. Check www. for all details.

Approx 6” long

Out Deueling The Competition By: Gerry Mayen - With a very strong field of 47 players, the 2010 Seminole Pro Tour continued at Diamond Billiards in Cape Coral, FL on August 14th & 15th with $7,000 added. The draw turned out a few great matches on the opening round such as Robb Saez versus Corey Deuel and Tony Crosby against Shane Van Boening. Deuel and Saez started things off with an exciting match-up. Deuel claimed an early lead. But despite Saez’s best efforts and sinking of some impressive shots, it was not enough to overcome Deuel as he took the match 7-3. Tony Crosby recently suffered a broken hand during a boating accident, but that was not enough to deter him away from this tournament. He drew Gem City Open tour stop winner, Shane Van Boening on his opening match. Van Boening was ahead 6-4 and looked like he was going to put the match in the books, but Crosby still had some fight left in him as he went on a two rack run to tie the match at six. Crosby broke and had a clear run of the rack to win the match, but hung the 5 ball. That was the opening Van Boening needed to finish the

match with a 7-6 victory. Tommy Kennedy was one player who showed up this weekend with determination and skill to seek a tournament win. He went through the first day of the tournament with easy

wins over Bob McCulley (7-3), Stevie Moore (72) and Neil Fujiwara (7-0). On his first match on day two, Kennedy continued his strong shooting by taking out Mike DeLawder 8-4. His

next match would be against Hollywood (CA) Billiards winner Rodney Morris. Kennedy’s hot streak would come to a halt, as Morris defeated him 8-3. Kennedy would move to the left side of the bracket to face The Prince of Pool Corey Deuel. Deuel would give Kennedy a second loss and end his run on the brackets. Kennedy would finish in 5/6th place and win $850. Iron Mike Davis was another player who came focused and looking to make his mark on the brackets. Davis has played well at all the tour stops this year, but this weekend Davis would have his best performance to date. Davis played an almost perfect first day. He beat Hans Berber 7-0, Kelly Lake 7-0 and Capone’s Billiards tour stop winner Donny Mills 7-2. Davis began day two with a tough fought win against Mike Fireball Dechaine hill-hill. Davis would then face Shane Van Boening. The match went back and forth. Davis was up 7-5, but Van Boening ran the last 3 racks to take the hill-hill match. Davis would then go to the left side of the bracket to square up against Jerry Calderon where he again, for Out Deueling (continued on page 13)

September 2010 - Stroke Magazine 11

Masters Division

(continued from page 9)

The third and final match race to decide it all was between Portland’s Steve Lingelbach and Wai Pang of Montgomery Alabama. Their match went as follows: GAME #1 – Wai won the lag, and decided to break so Steve chose to play 8-ball first. Wai broke and made one of each on the break, then ran the table. —1-Zip in favor of the “Triple Fish.” GAME #2- Wai broke making a solid and then ran 5 balls before playing safe. Steve played safe, but Wai kicked in his ball and then ran out. Match tied 2-Zip in favor of the “Triple Fish.” GAME #3 – Wai broke dry. Steve ran 4 balls and missed. Wai played safe. Steve made a great hit, but gave Wai an opening whereby he was able to run out the rack. Score now 3-Zip in favor of “Triple Fish.” GAME #4 – Wai broke pocketing the 5-Ball, but then missed. Steve made a tremendously difficult run out pulling off shots that seemingly weren’t even there. Score now 3-1 in favor of “Triple Fish.” GAME #5 – Steve broke and made a stripe. He pocketed another stripe, then played safe. Wai made a good hit and left Steve bad. Steve attempted a hit, but scratched. Wai took ball and hand and ran the table through his last ball, but then accidentally scratched. Steve received Ball In hand and ran out the rest of the rack. Score:3-2 in favor of the “Triple Fish,” and now with all five games of 8-Ball having been played they moved onto 9-Ball. GAME #6 – Steve broke dry. Wai ran out the rack. Score 4-2 in favor of the “Triple Fish.” GAME #7 – Wai broke dry. Steve made the 1-ball and then played safe. Wai kicked, made a hit, and ended up hooking Steve who played safe. Wai made a 3-ball combo and tried unsuccessfully to play safe. Steve pocketed the 2-ball, but then had a “fluke” scratch while pocketing the 3-ball. Starting with Ball In hand, Wai ran out the rack.. Score 5-2 still in favor of “Triple Fish.” GAME #8 – Wie broke dry. Steve made the 1 and 2-ball then made a great jump shot to pocket the 3-ball, then played safe. Wai played a safe back. Steve kicked at the 4-ball and buried the cue ball in a cluster. Wai kicked and made a good hit, but left Steven an opening which he took advantage of and ran out the rack. Score now 5-3 in favor of the “Triple Fish.” GAME #9 – Steve broke and made the 2-ball and played safe. Even though Wai made a good hit, he left an opening for Steve who then ran out the rack. Score: 5-4 in favor of “Triple Fish.” GAME #10 – Steve broke making the 1-Ball then “rolled out.” Wai fired the cue ball full length of the table clipping the 2-ball and sending the cue ball to rebound off of the end rail just right to bounce back and cut the 9-ball into the side pocket. Score: 6-4 in favor of the “Triple Fish.” GAME #11 – Wai broke dry. Steve rolled out. Wai played safe. Steve managed to get a good hit, but left Wai a visible shot. Wai took complete advantage of the opening and proceeded to run out the rest of the rack. Game Over, Match, and Set! Triple Fish from Montgomery Alabama won 2-1 over the “Zack Attack” from Portland to claim all the bragging rights, top money prize of $7,800, and the coveted title of being the National APA 3-person Team master’s Champions of the amateur world for 2010. For their efforts in placing 2nd Portland’s OPAL-APA “Zack Attack” received $3,600

12 Stroke Magazine - September 2010

Seniors Welcome Instructor The Senior Citizens in Broken Arrow, OK were recently visited by Instructor Scott Lee, of The Traveling College of Billiard Knowledge. Mr. Lee spent a couple of hours at the Broken Arrow Senior Center, playing pool, answering some very good questions and sharing some simple, but effective tips for a more consistent stroke. He also showed off some trick shots and taught some to the players who were present. Quite a few attended the event, with the crowd spilling into the hallway. Pool is a popular sport with these active seniors and many of them can be found regularly in the pool rooms at the center, enjoying the fellowship and competition. Volunteer visits from professional players and instructors who wish to share their knowledge and talents are always welcome and appreciated. A special thanks to Scott Lee for sharing his time and knowledge with the pool players of Broken Arrow Seniors, Inc.

BCAPL Offers Amateur 9-Ball Event in Conjunction with U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship An amateur 9-Ball tournament will be held this fall concurrently with the famed U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship. CueSports International (CSI), one of the largest creators of pool events in North America, is introducing the BCAPL Chesapeake 9-Ball Challenge at the Norfolk Marriott Chesapeake in Chesapeake, Virginia on October 20-23, 2010. The Marriott is located across the street from the 35th Annual U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship’s long time venue, the Chesapeake Convention Center. CSI and U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship’s long time producer, Barry Behrman, have agreed upon the two events taking place simultaneously to build more synergy between the professional and amateur sides of the sport. The BCAPL regional event will feature men’s singles, women’s singles, coed beginner singles, men’s mixed team and women’s team divisions. The $2,400 guaranteed added amateur tournament will be open to BCAPL and USAPL League Members and current non-league Player Members. All participants in the BCAPL event will receive 20% off spectator tickets to the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship scheduled October 17-23. To view additional details about the BCAPL Chesapeake 9-Ball Challenge, including the event flyer and both the single and team entry forms visit: BallChallenge.aspx . For more information about the U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League, the National Championship Series (NCS), and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events such as the U.S. Bar Table Championships, the Jay Swanson Memorial and the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit www., and for more information about CSI and its divisions.


(continued from page 11)

the third straight match, would go hill hill. Davis would win to face Corey Deuel. Davis’ hot streak would end, as Deuel had his stroke working and took an 8-1 victory. Davis finished in 4th place and take home $1,000. The South Dakota Kid Shane Van Boening has, for both tour stops he has played in this year, seemed unbeatable. He breezed through the field at the Gem City Open in Marietta, GA and was on his way to doing the same this weekend. After his tough first match against Toney Crosby, Van Boening beat Gordon Vanderveer (7-2) and Anthony Meglino (7-4) to end day one looking as dominant as ever. Day two began with a match against Corey Deuel that would see each player reach the hill with some simply amazing shooting. SVB would get the better of Deuel to advance to play and beat Mike Davis where it would go hill hill again, with SVB coming out victorious. SVB would then face Rodney Morris for the king of the hill match. As expected the match was one for the ages. The two former champions battled it out and Morris would come out on top 8-7. Van Boening would then square up against Deuel again. The second time around Deuel would get the better of Van Boening in SVB’s fourth straight hill hill match. Van Boening finshed in third place and won $1,250. The championship match had two former US Open winners in Rocket Rodney Morris and Corey Deuel in a repeat of the Hollywood (CA) Billiards championship. In that match, Deuel jumped to an early 5-0 lead, just to see Morris come back and win the tournament. This time Deuel would once again jump to an early 5-1 lead and looked to run the sixth rack in a row but missed on a jump shot on the 8 ball, leaving the proverbial door open for Morris. Morris sank the 8 ball but scratched and Deuel would widen his lead to 6-1. Deuel would continue his run on the next rack, but missed a shot at the 2 ball early in the rack. Again Morris would get his chance to come back. Morris shot a safety, but again scratched, giving Deuel the chance to sink the 10 ball on a 2-10 combination. On the following rack Deuel missed his first shot on the break, but Rodney could not capitalize. Yet again as he missed the 1 ball, he left Deuel with ball in hand. Deuel could not finish the rack, missing the 7 ball. Morris was able to win the rack to move the score to 7-2. The next rack, Morris was unable to run, leaving Deuel a chance to go on the hill. Deuel seemed like he was well on his way to a clean run after the Morris miss, but rattled the 9 ball. Morris again had another opening and again scratched on the 9. Deuel would sink the 10 to go up 8-2. Deuel would run the final rack and get the victory and win first place and the $2,800 prize. The Seminole Pro Tour will be back in action on Labor Day weekend from Raxx Pool Room in West Hempsted, NY. We will have a live stream that will be available on www.seminoleprotour. com. The Seminole Pro Tour would like to thank James Oswalt, owner of Diamond Billiards, and the entire Diamond Billiard’s staff for hosting this great weekend tournament.

COMPLETE PAYOUT LIST: 1st: $2,800 2nd: $1,800 3rd: $1,250 4th: $1,000 5/6th: $850 7/8th: $650 9-12th: $450 13-16th: $300

Corey Deuel Rodney Morris Shane Van Boening Mike Davis Jerry Calderon, Tommy Kennedy Dustin Morris, Mario Cruz Mike Dechaine, Mike DeLawder Stevie Moore, Hunter Lombardo Anthony Meglino, Donny Mills Neil Fujiwara, Stephen Richmond

BEF Junior Nationals

Back row L to R: Billy Thorpe, Landon Shuffett, Jauslinn Arnold, Jesse Engle, Kevin Sun, Danny Olson. Front row L to R: Briana Miller, Liz Lovely, Taylor Reynolds, Shawn Begay, Brendan Crockett

Nearly 100 junior billiard athletes competed in the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) 22nd Annual Junior National 9-Ball Championships at Northern Illinois University (NIU) on July 7-11, 2010. Participants took aim to compete for prizes, an opportunity to participate in the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball Championships and scholarship funds for higher education made possible through the Ozone Billiards BEF Junior Nationals Scholarship awards. Sponsorship by Ozone Billiards provided academic scholarship funds to be awarded to the top 8 finishers of the four division event, $1,000 to each of the four winners and $500 to each second-place finisher. 19 & Under Boys’ Division 1st Landon Shuffett of Greensburg, KY 2nd Jesse Engel of Columbia Heights, MN 19 & Under Girls’ Division 1st Liz Lovely of Centerville, OH 2nd Jauslinn Arnold of Bakersfield, CA 14 & Under Boys’ Division 1st Billy Thorpe of Dayton, OH 2nd Kevin Sun of Harvard, MA 14 & Under Girls’ Division 1st Briana Miller of Allentown, PA 2nd Taylor Reynolds of Winslow, ME Congratulations to the winners of the Ozone Billiards BEF Junior Nationals Scholarships. The BEF wishes to thank Ozone Billiards for its support as well as all the 2010 Junior Nationals sponsors: Simonis Cloth, Delta-13 Rack, Aramith Billiard Balls, Billiard Congress of America (BCA), CueSport College International, Dr Cue Promotions and Northern Illinois University (NIU)/ Huskies Den. Also, many thanks to all the product donors who contributed to the junior prizes, the staff and volunteers who helped make this event a success. A complete list can be viewed on the BEF website at www.Billiard Order Online Ultimate Chalk Holder September 2010 - Stroke Magazine 13

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

DATE Sep 4-5 Sep 4-5 Sep 10 Sep 11 Sep 11-12 Sep 18 Sep 18 Sep 18 Sep 18-19 Sep 25 Sep 25 Sep 25-26 Sep 25-26 Sep 26 Oct 1-2 Oct 2-3 Oct 9 Oct 9 Oct 9 Oct 9-10 Oct 9-10 Oct 10 Oct 16 Oct 16 Oct 20-23 Oct 23-24 Oct 23-24 Oct 23-24 Oct 23 Oct 24 Oct 30 Nov 4-7 Nov 6 Nov 6-7 Nov 6-7 Nov 7 Nov 13-14 Nov 14 Nov 20 Nov 20 Nov 20-21 Nov 27

CITY W Hempstead, NY Ft Myers, FL Chadbourn, NC Somerset, NJ Sunnyside, NY Gainesville, FL Williamsville, NY Ft Pierce, FL Savannah, GA Ft Pierce, FL Glen Burnie, MD Quincy, IL Rocky Mount, NC Egg Harbor, NJ West Monroe, LA Sterling, VA Tusaloosa, AL Frederick, MD Stuart, FL Palm Harbor, FL Ft Walton, FL Gainesville, FL Holiday, FL Somerset, NJ Chesapeake, VA Lindenhurst, NY Lafayette, LA Indianapolis, IN Ft Pierce, FL Ft Pierce, FL Ft Pierce, FL Hollywood, FL Gainesville, FL Yorkville, NY Atlanta, GA South Amboy, NJ Ft Pierce, FL Rockaway, NJ Ft Pierce, FL Ft Pierce, FL Williamsville, NY Ft Pierce, FL

LOCATION Raxx Pool Room Miscue Lounge 76 Billiards One Shot Billiards Master Billiards Art of Billiards Bison Billiards Ultimate Billiards Southside Billiard Club Ultimate Billiards Big Daddy’s Billiards Rack Daddy’s Greentop Billiards Atlantic City Billiards O’Banions First Break Cafe Bama Billiard Club All Star Billiards Amy’s Billiards Strokers Billiards Starcade Billiards Art of Billiards Hammer Heads One Shot Billiards BCAPL Mr Cue Billiards White Diamond Billiards Brickyard Billiards Ultimate Billiards Ultimate Billiards Ultimate Billiards Seminole Hard Rock Hotel Art of Billiards Hippos House of Billiards Mr Cues II Primetime Billiards Ultimate Billiards Rockaway Billiards Ultimate Billiards Ultimate Billiards Bison Billiards Ultimate Billiards

PHONE (516) 538-9896 (239) 936-1116 (910) 654-6644 (732) 249-4555 (718) 706-6789 (352) 225-3535 (716) 632-0281 (772) 464-7665 (912) 925-5398 (772) 464-7665 (410) 760-1332 (217) 228-1818 (252) 454-0152 (609) 645-7576 (318) 388-0160 (703) 444-2551 (205) 657-5865 (301) 668-5668 (772) 232-9966 (727) 786-6683 (850) 244-2349 (352) 225-3535 (727) 939-9494 (732) 249-4555 (702) 719-7665 (631) 226-9486 (337) 989-9889 (317) 858-0637 (772) 464-7665 (772) 464-7665 (772) 464-7665 (954) 985-5701 (352) 225-3535 (315) 786-0218 (770) 380-6290 (732) 721-6555 (772) 464-7665 (973) 625-5777 (772) 464-7665 (772) 464-7665 (716) 632-0281 (772) 464-7665

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED Seminole Pro Tour Call $8,000 Tiger SE Open 9-Ball Call $1,000 9-Ball Fall Fling - Race to 9 $20 $500 Guar. Blaze 9-Ball Call $1,000 Open/ABCD Keaton Mem. Call $1,000 Open 9-Ball Men & Women $25M/$20W $250 w/32 Western NY 9-Ball Champ $40-$65 $1,000 Amatuer & Open 8-Ball $55 ea $250 ea Tiger SE Open 9-Ball Call $1,000 Tiger SE Open 9-Ball $65 $500 9-Ball Race 7/5 - Limit 32 $45 (incl. g.f.) Call 9-Ball Race to 9 Call $2,000 w/64 GSBT Amateur 9-Ball Call $1,500 Guar. Mezz Pro Am Tour Call $1,000 9-Ball Bar Box - Race to 5 $60+$15 g.f. $1,000+ One Pocket Bob Stocks Mem. $45-$100 $1,000 Guar. 9-Ball on 7’ Smart Tables $40 $500 9-Ball Barry Jones Mem. $50 $800 1st w/64 Flamingo Billiards Tour-Ladies Call $250 Seminole Pro Tour Call $7,000 9-Ball Texas Express $50 Open 9-Ball Men & Women $25M/$20W $250 w/32 Tiger Bay Area Amateur Call $500 Blaze 9-Ball Tour Call $1,000 9-Ball Challenge Singles/Teams $35/$65/$100 $2,400 Ozone/Predator Tour - ABCD Call $1,000 Super 9-Ball $40 $1,000 w/128 9-Ball Bar Table $100 $1,500 w/64 Amatuer & Open 8-Ball $55 ea $250 ea So FL 1 Day Tour Open 9-Ball $75 $250 Tiger SE Open 9-Ball $65 $500 Steve Mizerak Championship Call $50,000 Open 9-Ball Men & Women $25M/$20W $250 w/32 Al Conte Memorial $120/$70 $2,000 NGB Amateur Billiards Tour Call $1,000 Mezz Pro Am Tour Call $1,000 Poison 9-Ball Amateur/Open $65/$75/$85 $1,000 ea Mezz Pro Am Tour Call $1,000 Flamingo Billiards Tour Final Call $1,000 Men’s Open 9-Ball $55 $250 Joss NE Tour $120/$70 $2,000 Amateur & Open 8-Ball $55 ea $250 ea

TIME Call 11AM 7PM Call Call 10AM 10AM 11AM 11AM 11AM Noon Call Call Call 6PM Noon 1PM 10AM 11AM Call 11AM 10AM Call Call Call Call 10AM 11AM 11AM 11AM 11AM Call 10AM Call Call Call 11AM Call 10:30AM 11AM Call 11AM


Streaming Schedule

Oct 8-10, 2010 TBA Oct 15-17, 2010 TBA Oct 28-31, 2010 Northern Lights Shootout Rugby, ND

Nov 12-14, 2010 TBA Nov 27-28, 2010 TBA

Dec 17-19, 2010 Broken Oar Mandan, ND

Jan 14-16, 2011 TBA

Feb 2011: OPEN

Jan 21-23, 2011 TBA

March 2011: OPEN

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14 Stroke Magazine - September 2010

Apr 1-3, 2011 Platte Valley Open - WY Apr 8-10, 2011 MCMOA MT

September 2010 - Stroke Magazine 15

16 Stroke Magazine - September 2010

Stroke Magazine September Issue 2010  

The September Issue of The Pool Players Voice is now available online. Read about the APA Nationals and the lastest from tournaments and tou...

Stroke Magazine September Issue 2010  

The September Issue of The Pool Players Voice is now available online. Read about the APA Nationals and the lastest from tournaments and tou...