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The tip features a “stinger” stem that projects downward through a hole in the center of the ferrule. This results in a very efficient, precise hit.




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Sep 7-8-9 from Fargo, ND

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08/04/2012 5:00 PM 2011 World Cup of Trick Shots Bruce Barthelete/Tim Chin Elite billiards competition featuring the world’s best billiard players

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August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 3

Justin Hall 4 Stroke Magazine - August 2012


Wins Exciting Banks Final

By Geoff Conway - Contributing writer for Photo by Ricky Bryant

Late on Monday evening in the Accu-Stats Simonis Arena in Harrah’s Casino and Hotel in Tunica. Ms, over 300 pool fans witnessed one of the greatest come backs ever seen at a 9 Ball Banks final! The two finalists were Alex Pagulayan and Justin Hall who were battling for the coveted title of “9 Ball Banks Champion of the 1st Annual Southern Classic” It was not long into the match when it looked as though it was going to be all Alex Pagulayan, as he made bank after bank, and was in total charge of proceedings as his strong shot making came to the fore and the score got to 2-0 in a race to 3 format in no time at all. Well, we were to get to see a complete turnaround from Justin’s nervous start and a display of a body language that spoke volumes. It must also be said that Alex showed some nerves in his first game, surprisingly missing some relatively easy banks In the third game Justin, who had shown us that he was worthy of making the final with some previous displays of great shot making, told me after the final that he got to a point where he said to himself that now was the time to just let it out and as we say “go for it”. “Go for it” he did, and at 4-4 in the third game he made a winning 3 rail bank, that not only won that game, but brought the house down. This great shot alone was all Mr. Hall needed to get things going, as he broke and ran the 5 balls needed to secure the fourth game. His confidence stayed on high alert as he broke and made three balls in game five. (This brought his run of balls to nine, which had also left Alex in his seat for quite a while going off the boil) Both players entered into a little safety battle at this point, until Justin left a long bank on the 7 ball for Alex to win the match. Unfortunately Alex was just a hair off line and wobbled the ball in the top right hand pocket. Justin played another safe, which was then followed by a loose safe from Alex. Justin was still in attack mode and immediately jumped on Mr. Pagulayan’s error and made the two gift banks to win the first ever Southern Classic 9 Ball Banks event. This match was a clear example of positive thinking paying off, as Justin drilled in shot after shot and clawed his way back into a match that looked to be out of his grasp from the outset. The knowledgeable crowd that packed the arena gave both players the ovation that they deserved, and every one went home happy. Well, maybe Alex will lay awake tonight thinking about that missed 7 ball. This really was a great final that had everything - two great players, a comeback, which is always nice, and great shots from both players. What more could you ask for? This match has set the bar very high for the next two finals, the One Pocket and the 9 Ball event. Third place was taken by John Brumback, and fourth place was taken by Richie Richeson (Justin Hall’s mentor).


Southern Classic One Pocket Division

Clinches All Around

By Geoff Conway - Contributing writer for

There was plenty of excitement for the fans at the Harrah's Casino and Hotel, in Tunica, MS, as the One Pocket tournament got down to the last four players standing. The run to the finish was very tricky with some players having a buy back option, and others that had used up all their lives so to speak, and the last four players standing were Shannon Daulton, Ryan Stone, Justin Hall, and the local player who seemed to sneak under the radar, Daniel McKenney from Meridian, MS. SHANNON DAULTON VS DANIEL MCKENNEY It would be the job of the established Maestro of this discipline, Shannon Daulton, to end young Daniel's run in the event. Although he played well enough to get to the last four, Daniel just did not have a game to match the experience of the seasoned player that he was matched up against, and quickly saw himself on the wrong side of a 3-0 score line. Daniel told me that he only started playing One Pocket four years ago, obviously will be a force to be reckoned with in future events. SHANNON DAULTON VS RYAN STONE In the next draw it was Justin Hall who got the bye, so we saw Shannon Daulton up against Ryan Stone. If Ryan lost he would be out of the tournament as he had used up his buy back, whereas Shannon who was still on the winners would go straight into the final against Justin if he won, but still could buy back if he lost. On paper the pundits seemed to think that this would be a walk over for Mr. Daulton, but were we in for a surprise! Young Ryan defied the critics by coming back from 2-1 down and with Shannon only needing one ball at

7-3 in the fourth game. Shannon made an uncharacteristic mistake and Mr. Stone took down the match 3-2 with some gutsy or should I say non standard procedures. But, non the less got the job done, and forced Shannon to get his wallet out and buy his way back into the event. SHANNON DAULTON VS JUSTIN HALL This time the draw put Ryan Stone through with the bye, and now we had Justin Hall who had been praying that Shannon would win the previous match, and guarantee himself second place, but now found himself in a match he had not expected. It seemed as though Shannon was still in the shock mode from his loss in the last match, as he never really established any authority in this match and soon found himself on the wrong side of a 3-0 score line. It must be said that Justin Hall played great shot after great shot to get the win, and looked to be in fine fettle to take down not only the One Pocket title, but clinch the All Around Southern Classic Title as well. JUSTIN HALL VS RYAN STONE (FINAL) This final match was all Justin Hall from the outset, and it was obvious who wanted this title the most. It must be said that it looked as though Ryan fizzled out in the final and settled for second place, as he had a good chance to level the match to 2-2, but made just too many mistakes that allowed Justin to win the Title with a score of 3-1. Not only has Justin won the Bank Title and the One Pocket Title, but has clinched the All Around Title as well, and still has a very good chance to take down the 9 Ball event, which is actually his best game. Congratulations to Justin Hall on what will be an event that he will never forget, and It's not over yet.

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 4th 6th 10th 15th 22nd 29th

Playername Prize Money Justin Hall $7,000 Ryan Stone $3,500 Shannon Daulton $2,575 Daniel McKenney $1,850 Sylver Ochoa $1,850 Danny Smith $1,300 Ike Runnels $1,300 Benny Conway $1,300 Darren Appleton $1,300 John Morra $900 Chris Gentile $900 Corey Deuel $900 James Davis Jr. $900 Chris Bartram $900 Marc Vidal $600 Shane Van Boening $600 Jason Moran $600 Randy Jordon $600 Scott Frost $600 Charlie Bryant $600 Darrell Biggart $600 Earl Strickland $400 Adam Smith $400 Josh O'Neal $400 Warren Kiamco $400 Jamie Farrell $400 Phil Burford $400 Blaine Barcus $400 Justin Richardson $200 Bobby McGrath $200 Max Eberle $200 Michael Dodge $200 Jason Chance $200 Joel Barnes $200 Robert Yates $200

SOUTHERN CLASSIC BANK POOL DIVISION Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 11th

Playername Prize Money Justin Hall $5,600 Alex Pagulayan $3,000 John Brumback $2,200 Richie Richeson $1,600 Scott Frost $1,100 Jason Miller $750 Warren Kiamco $750 Thorsten Hohmann $750 Jim Griffith $750 Jamie Farrell $750 James Roberts $500 Dennis Orcollo $500 Robert Frost $500

16th 27th

Chip Compton Jason Chance Johnny Willis Josh Ulrich Ike Runnels Jonathan Pinegar Mike Medley Jeremy Jones Truman Hogue Chris Gentile Mike Brown Fred Bentivegna Michael Delawder Michael Muhlbradt

$500 $500 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $150

Sylver Ochoa Brandon Shuff Danny Smith Earl Strickland Shane Van Boening John Morra Bobby McGrath Justin Kluznik Max Eberle Mark Cavalier Clay Carman Chris Bartram Darren Appleton David Vaughn

$150 $150 $150 $150 $150 $150 $150 $150 $150 $150 $150 $150 $150 $150

August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 5

Wins 10 Ball Challenge By Geoff Conway - Contributing writer for

Friday the 27th July saw the closing matches of the Diamond 10 Ball Challenge played out in the Accu-Stats Simonis Arena. Starting with the semi final match between Alex Pagulayan and Landon Shuffett at 12 noon, and the Johnny Archer match at 4:00 pm. The final being played at 8:00 pm. ALEX PAGULAYAN VS LANDON SHUFFETT In the first semi final, Landon Shuffett sadly did not show up with the “A” game that he possessed in his first two matches, when he slaughtered John Morra15-5, and then in the second match absolutely shut down Earl the “Pearl” Strickland 15-4. Alex however, did show up with his “A” game and quickly stamped his fine play on the proceedings. Alex soon started putting beads on the wire and was always ahead of Landon, until “The Lion” closed it out with a score of 15-10. Alex who now found himself waiting in the wings for the final, possesses such an imaginative game and exudes so much confidence that he looks favorite to take away the first prize! JOHNNY ARCHER VS DENNIS ORCOLO This match went back and forwards with a close score almost to the end, but Johnny - who is noted for being a grinder - poured on the pressure when it mattered and pulled away to win by three games at 15-12. Johnny who was 14-12 down to Charlie Bryant in his last match, came back and took the last three games to win that one too. ALEX PAGULAYAN VS JOHNNY ARCHER When I arrived at the Accu-Stats Simonis Arena ten minutes early I had trouble finding a seat. The knowledgeable fans showed up in droves to watch what they hoped would be a tremendous final. Well they would not be disappointed as the match had everything from great shot making and phenomenal safety play, to exquisite kicking. This match was nip and tuck all the way, with the match tied at 6-6, 12-12 and eventually on the hill at 14-14 with Johnny breaking, after coming back from being down 14-12. (What were we saying about his ability to grind it out!!!)

Well I guess it was not Johnny’s day, when he made the 3 ball on the break, but was left with the cue ball at the bottom of the table and the 1 ball close to the side pocket. It could be made, but also looked as though there was a possible scratch in the top pocket on the same side of the table. After taking an extension (there were two extensions of the time clock allowed to each player in the final) and much deliberation Johnny executed the shot and had to watch the cue ball head down the rail towards the top pocket. “Oh, my god came the shout from the guy sitting next to me” and similar exclamations came from all around the arena as the ball wobbled in the pocket, but did not drop. Johnny now had the expression of a man who had just had all the blood drain from his body, as the realization of any possibility of winning just going right out of the window. Yes he was hooked, and had no shot at hitting the 2 ball. After a long look at the possibilities, Johnny elected to play a long masse in an attempt to hit the ball of the side rail. He missed by a mile and gave Alex ball in hand. We had here somewhat of a contrast in demeanor as Johnny slumped himself back in his chair, we had Alex jumping up and down celebrating his lucky break. Alex started his run out on the 2 ball and immediately through bad position had a hard cut on the 4 ball uptown. At first it looked like Alex was going to take on the long cut on the 4 ball, but when he executed the shot he played a clever safe and locked the cue ball on the back of the 7 ball. This was all she wrote for poor Johnny and after a few more yippees and dancing from Alex, he got down to running out the balls to get the win. One could not help but feel sorry for Johnny who had fought back so hard and to have this happen to end his otherwise fine run almost seemed unfair. Unfortunately that’s pool for you. This was a great final, and our congratulations go out to Alex for a great win. To summarize on this first Diamond 10 ball Challenge played on the 10 ft tables, it looks like it was a tremendous success with both the players and definitely with the fans.

Takes Down 9 Ball By Geoff Conway - Contributing writer Not that we needed clarification of his all round talents as a world class pool player, but on Saturday evening - after four days of grueling competition in the Southern Classic 9 Ball competition - we saw Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan matched up again two nights running in a final against Johnny Archer in the Accu-Stats Simonis Arena at Harrah’s Casino and Hotel in Tunica, MS. On Friday evening Alex and Johnny were doing battle in the final of the Diamond 10 Ball Challenge event. Alex got the better of Johnny in this memorable match, and here we were one night later with the same two players and the last title up for grabs. This race to 7 match saw Alex get straight out of the gate and soon had the score at 6-1 in his favor. We know that Johnny is the classic grinder, and again he dug deep and turned the match around, running 5 games in a row to level the match at 6-6. Now all eyes were on Johnny to see how he would fair in what would be the last rack of the match. Johnny made a ball on the break, but only had a kick on the 1 ball down the side rail. A lot of joviality between both players and even the referee Ken Shuman ensued, over the degree of difficulty of the shot, with Alex even offering to make the shot for Johnny. Considering the importance and difficulty of this shot, I think on reflection

6 Stroke Magazine - August 2012

Johnny will look back and feel that a safety would have been the better option. As it happened, even though Johnny missed the shot he hit the 9 ball, which flew around the table and almost went in the bottom pocket. Alex let out a yell of relief when the 9 ball finally stopped moving, and then made a sobbing noise as if he was sorry for Mr. Archer, but soon got back to the serious business of running out the balls and winning the match. As the 9 ball dropped it meant that the young and effervescent Alex Pagulayan had played on the TV table two nights in a row and taken down two final matches, and picked up two out of four of the four titles that were up for grabs. Alex beat Shane Van Boening to get into the final, and Johnny beat Warren Kiamco. In the previous round Warren beat Dennis Orcollo, putting paid to the chances of there being three Filipinos in the last four. The format of this event being winner break and it being a short race to seven, meant that many of the top players fell by the wayside. But judging by the success of this event that is in its first year, they will all be back next year!!! Diamond Promotions and Harrah’s Casino and Hotel put on an excellent new event to the calendar, and I look forward to coming back next year to cover the events.

9-BALL RESULTS 1st $11,800 Alex Paguylan 2nd $5,900 Johnny Archer 3rd $3,400 Warren Kiamco 4th $3,000 Shane Van Boening 5th $2,000 John Morra 6th $2,000 Joshua O’Neil 7th $1,300 Dennis Orcullo 8th $1,300 Darren Appleton 9th $1,000 John Brumback 10th $1,000 Michael Delawder 11th $1,000 Jason Klatt 12th $1,000 Adam Smith 13th $800 James Davis Jr 14th $800 Thorsten Hohmann 15th $800 Manny Chau 16th $800 Phil Burford


Wins Two in a Row photo courtesy of Don “Cheese” Akerlow

August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 7

“The“The Viper” Viper” An Interview by:

An interview with Colorado’s legendary player Danny Medina

Melissa Little

Melissa “The Viper” Little has been a WPBA Touring Professional for over 10-years, she has represented the USA in Four WPA World Championships and has over 20 top-10 WPBA career finishes. Melissa is currently the housepro at the Wynkoop Brewing Company located in Downtown Denver. She teaches monthly clinics, gives private lessons, and has created a juniors program that promotes billiards education to the local youth. For more information about Melissa please visit:

Read more articles by Melissa Little at

During the marble championships they had 97 players and top-2 got to go on the DC trip. Here at home, I won a nice trophy, a $1500 new wardrobe, a 10-speed bike, and a watch that I still Danny Medina was born on September 10, 1951 in Taos, have with 21 jewels. NM When I was 14 years old, I worked at a local grocery store He started playing pool at the age of 14 in a little town making $120 per week. And one day I walked into a pool hall called Brighton, Colorado. His extensive career brought him over 73-titles across the USA and his most memorable ones are named Brighton Billiards and lost my entire paycheck playing a game called “Golf” on a 5 x 10 Snooker table. Marbles and the following: pool are so similar that I knew that one-day I could master 1984 NPCA Championships in Chicago, IL - Beat Florida’s both games. But for pool it took me a little longer than I then I professional David Howard in the finals. expected. 1986 Disneyland Open Championships in Anaheim, CA – VIPER: Are you good at any other sports? Beat David Howard in the finals by running eight-racks of 9-ball DANNY: I played tennis in high school, worked at a golf range in a row to capture the title. when I was a kid, and competed in archery at the Denver 1985 Corner Pockets of America in Las Vegas, NV – Beat David Howard for a third time in a row to win the championships. coliseum. I also was very good at basketball, wrestling, and 1997 BCA World 8-ball Open Championships at the Riviera baseball. VIPER: Describe yourself in three words? Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV – Beat Efren Reyes in the Honest, loyal, and Christian - A finals 7-5. man of his faith. 2002 Jamboree 1-Pocket VIPER: If you had to live your Open at Hard Times in life over again, what would one Sacramento, CA – Beat Cliff Joiner thing you change about your in the finals to win the title. self or your career? 2004 Reno Open 9-Ball DANNY: Nothing Championships in Reno, NV – VIPER: Who influenced you the Beat Cory Duel in the finals 8-5 most in pool? twice to win the title. DANNY: Buddy Hall, hands down Plus 73 additional national was my favorite…– its like he could titles pick up the cue ball and place it anywhere he wanted for the next The Interview shot. VIPER: What is your biggest Jean Balukas would be my second accomplishment in the sport of pick. In 1988, I was playing in an billiards? event hosted at the Continental DANNY: In 1997, I became the #1 hotel in Lexington, KY. The night ranked player on the Camel Pro before the tournament I ran into Billiards Tour. Keith McCready whom was playing VIPER: Did you ever play in a a in d e a feature match against Jean M pool league? Danny Balukas the following day. DANNY: In 1970, I started playing He started bragging on how he in a local pool league here in was gonna beat her real bad. So, Denver and it started with 25 the next day, I watched their match and right out of the gate teams and by the time I retired in 1971 they had over 40 teams Jean broke and ran the first 5 racks on him. She ended up competing. I retired from the amateur levels to pursue my winning the match 11-2. professional career. After that I tried to watch as many of her matches as I could. I VIPER: Where do you draw your inspiration? was tantalized by how strong she was…She broke the balls like DANNY: I won the Colorado State Marble Championships in 1964 at the age 12 – and for winning that event I also won a trip a man –Its obvious that she was very athletic and I heard she liked to run and play tennis. To this day, I have never witnessed to Washington DC to meet the President, Linden B. Johnson. a woman play like her. While there in DC I also got the opportunity to place flowers on JFK’s grave. VIPER continued on page 31

8 Stroke Magazine - August 2012



NAME: Robert “Landon” Shuffett DATE: July 2012 HOME TOWN: Greensburg, Kentucky BIRTH DATE: July 9 NICKNAME: none SCHOOL YOU CURRENTLY ATTEND: Green County High Grade: 12 FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: History AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 5 TITLES: • BEF Junior National 9-Ball Champion, 2012, 2010 & 2009 (18 & Under Boys’ Division) • BEF Junior National 9-Ball Champion, 2008 & 2007 (14 & Under Boys’ Division) • Southeast U.S. Junior Champion, 3 time • Kentucky State Men’s 9-Ball Champion OTHER NOTABLE AWARDS: • Billiards scholarship to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri • Represented the United States at the WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships, 6 Times • “Fair play” Award at World Junior Championship in Velden, Austria • “Most Likely to Succeed” at Green County Junior High WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? McDaniel’s

Starburst, Capone Custom, OB Cues, Predator, Lomax Jump Cue LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED: right SPONSORS: JustCueIt Professional Billiard Instruction, Justis Cases, Rack 66 in Louisville, KY FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: 60’s and 70’s Classic Rock HOBBIES: Working Out, Music, Traveling MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: Running 159 in 14.1 FAVORITE FOOD: I like everything and try to eat healthy but have recently gotten some great seafood dishes in Maine that were excellent! FICTIONAL HERO: none REAL-WORLD HERO: Grandfather Dr. Robert Shuffett FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Traveling with my family—we have had some great times traveling to Europe, Central America and over 37 states. GOALS- PERSONAL AND/OR CAREER: Go to College, continue playing pool and keep up my interest in music


August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 9

Bob Jewett


San Francisco Billiard Academy

Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy. The academy offers: Private Instruction Basics Clinic Eight Ball Clinic Nine Ball Clinic Introduction to Billiard Instruction BCA Recognized Instructor Course BCA Certified Instructor Course

P re c i s i o n P r a c t i c e You may have heard the story of Willie Mosconi demonstrating position play during an exhibition. He would put out a small piece of paper where the cue ball was going to stop for the next shot, and most of the time the cue ball would cover the paper. Hal Houle tells a similar story about Ralph Greenleaf, who is often credited with training Mosconi -- intentionally or by osmosis. Greenleaf would let you put two object balls and a coin out on the table. He would then pocket the two balls and leave the cue ball on the coin after the second ball. Have you ever tried to play this sort of precise position? I'm convinced that most players can't becaue they never try. Further, if they did try, they would probably discover and fix various basic problems in their game. One learning aid on the market teaches this kind of positoin play -- Kim Davenports "Target Pool" in which you play a sequence of shots hoping to leave the cue ball on a bull's-eye target placed on the table, and score more points according to how close to the 10-spot you leave the cue ball. This excellent tool is now out of production but you can find it sometimes on Ebay. Here are some shots you can set up yourself to practice precise positioning. In Shot 1, the goal is to leave the cue ball exactly on the side cushion. (If you need motivation, assume your next ball is by that rail and nearly blocked by intervening balls.) You have some leeway in the side-to-side position; anywhere close to the rail is OK. Start with the object ball close to the side pocket, and gradually move it further back. Give point: 1 point for a ball from the rail, 2 points for half a ball, 3 points for a chalk-width, and 5 points for freezing the cue ball. In the second part of this drill, play the shot with draw to bring the cue ball back to the cushion you are standing near. You may want to be a little more lenient with the scoring for the draw shot starting with a point for getting within two ball diameters of the cushion. In Shot 2, the goal is similar, but you have to take the cue ball more or less sideways to leave it on the short rail. Again, try to freeze it. Begin with the object ball a few balls off the cushion, as shown, and gradually increase the distance the cue ball must travel. The cue ball is in hand for each shot.

10 Stroke Magazine - August 2012

Finally, try Mosconi's drill to leave the cue ball on a chosen spot, but give yourself a little more margin. Use a dollar bill, and if you can leave the cue ball on the bill you get a point. You could even make a competition of it by adding the number of "on the bill" leaves to the number of racks won. I think you'll find that after a few hours of this sort of practice, you'll be making position shots you would never have attemped in a game before. If you don't try for precise shape, you can't expect to get it.


Mike Massey

OFF THE POINT THREE RAILER This shot is not as hard as it looks. I recommend using 20 degrees of elevation. Be sure to avoid elevating too much which is a common mistake on this shot. Aim a little left of the center of the point of the corner pocket. Use a medium to medium hard stroke. You will need to use a punch stroke because your follow through is restricted, unlike a normal shot. A punch stroke will avoid a double hit.

Mike Massey

If the cue ball comes up short (Path X), aim a little more to the right. And if the cue ball comes up long (Path Y) aim a little more to the left. MR. 60/60 The first time I saw this shot was when Norm “Farmer” Webber gave an exhibition while passing through Chattanooga, Tennessee. Norm’s show was extremely fast paced and entertaining as he was able to shoot 60 shots in 60 minutes! I was just getting into entertaining at the time, so he turned out to be a big influence on my life. Norm is a great showman with a wonderful and always cheerful personality, which is exactly what it takes to do a good exhibition. In fact, showmanship is just as important as having the skill to make the shots. After you set up these shots, challenge your onlookers to find the solution to these seeming impossible situations. Ask them what they would do. Let them try shooting them if they’ve got

the nerve. After they’ve given up, it’s your turn to show them how to accomplish the impossible. Obstacles that looked to be insurmountable will be overcome. Cushions will give way, balls will be hurdled and corner hooks will be no problem. All in a days work. Knowledge and skill are the keys to these shots. And, as always, your mental dexterity at setting up the crowd for your grand solution will only add luster to your accomplishments.

Nine time World Champion, Mike Massey is considered pool’s best trick shot artist. He was voted the “Best in History” and is a member of the BCA Hall of Fame. Mike’s most amazing accomplishments were in two 24 hour poolathons. In one he pocketed 8,090 balls playing with one arm. In the other poolathon he ran 330 racks of 9-ball in Austria on live TV. Mike has consulted or appeared in the movies, “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia”, “The Baron and the Kid”, “Justice”, “Chalk”, and “Pool Hall Junkies” Mike is available for exhibitions and clinics. Please contact Mike or Francine Massey at 435.640.5787 or

Shot reprinted with permission from the book “Mike Massey’s World of Trick Shots”


Nine Time World Champion

EXHIBITIONS & CLINICS Contact Mike or Francine Massey 435.640.5787

To order Mike’s book call 888.295.7665 or 714.894.1157 Visit us on the web at

August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 11

Ultimate Billiards Hosted the

2012 Sunshine State A.C.S. Championships

play began. Throughout the day many a hill-hill match was played. There would be no clear victor to these two tournaments until the last eight ball was pocketed. Cue maker Danny Green not only knows how to make cues but he sure Chalk's Ch e a p can use them as well, and settled for fourth place. Jerry Sotelo and Rich Johnson filled out the finals with 5th and 6th finishes. Saturday morning the men’s division found three contestants returning for the title Men’s Sunshine State 8-Ball Champion. Randy Epperson of Miami, Florida held the hot seat. Justin Gilsinan of Port St. Lucie and Johnny Aguillera were scheduled first thing Saturday morning to see who would settle for third place. Johnny Aguillera would be the victor and move on to meet Randy Epperson in the finals. This being a true double elimination tournament Johnny needed two sets for the win. The first set went much the course of the entire tournament with Johnny getting by with a hill-hill victory to set the scene for the final winner to take home the title of Sunshine State 8-Ball Champion final race. The final race came down to the final game and final eight ball to be decided with yet another hill-hill game. The deciding eight ball went to Johnny Aguillera along with the title Sunshine State ACS 8-Ball Champion Men’s Singles Division. The ladies singles ran its course on Friday finishing late in the evening. Jeannie Seaver Ft. Pierce, FL (July 29, 2012) picked up yet - Thursday evening 16 Scotch another title Double teams kicked off this and was crowned weekend’s state championship the Women’s events. Returning Friday Sunshine State morning we saw Jennifer ACS 8-Ball Page and Zeno Rawley of Champion. Cheryl Stuart, Florida, sitting Perez finished in the hot seat. To see second, third who would vie for the place went to Jamie championship round Johnn or settle for third, the Toennies, with Cassidy y A g r u e l Mulligan fourth, and teams of Colleen a Jeann Pow ie Sea r & fifth/sixth went to Janice Russell & Steve k ver Pac Sessions1 and Janet Smith. Saturday finished with Rolls of Port St. the singles and registration Lucie, Florida, would play the team started for the team events. from Miami, Florida Kelly Coyle & On the Women’s team side Jaran Hilton. Although it was a battle, Jeannie Seaver was once again a the Miami team bested the Port St. contributor to the finals of this Lucie team to earn the right to play event. Her team Power Pak, along in the State Championship Scotch with, sister Vanessa Seaver, Cassidy Double Finals. However, Jennifer Page and Zeno Rawley would prove Mulligan, Tracy McCreary, and Kira Brown, took home the title too much for team Miami to handle. Women’s Sunshine State ACS Page and Rawley finished with an 8-Ball Team Champion. Second undefeated series to capture the State s m o k e signals was the team After Eight, and Championship title for the Scotch Doubles Division. settling for third were the St. Pete As the finals of the Scotch Doubles finished, the Men’s and Women’s Singles got Girls. The ladies teams finished late Saturday evening. The Men’s final three teams returned Sunday with a Palm Beach County ACS League underway. With a small field of 29 men and 15 women the draw was completed and Special thanks to Janice Sessions for pictures and article.

12 Stroke Magazine - August 2012

n o butts in the hot seat and another in the semi-finals. Chalk’s Cheap held the hot seat from Saturday night and got right to a table to warm up while Smoke Signals and No Butts got to work on deciding who would go home in third place. When the smoke cleared, No Butts got theirs handed to them settling for third place. As a spectator of these tournaments I have to say that when speaking to the third place team finishers they told me they expected to go two and out. I believe because these guys not only came as a team they ARE a team all year long and with that, their game was up by a good 30 percent above the individual’s ability. No Butts proved that with the right support group great things are accomplished. Although Smoke Signals moved forward to face Chalk’s Cheap in the finals, Smoke Signals couldn’t get the fire lit and Chalk’s Cheap was crowned the Florida Sunshine State ACS 8-Ball Team Champion. First place team members: Sam Kantar, Scott Nodell, Jesus Borjas, Jeff Hughes and Johnny Aguillera. Second place team members: David Cypress, R.C., Junebug, Randy Epperson, Ted Harris, and Danny Green.

st. pete’s girls Special thanks to Janice Sessions for pictures and article. Executive Director of the American CueSports Association, John Lewis, flew in from Green Bay, Wisconsin, to referee the matches and make the calls. John had the expertise of Arvella Fisher and Justin Toennies referring and making the calls. Visit Also our thanks to Ted Harris and Danny Green of Ted Harris Custom Cues, who were on hand for re-tipping and conditioning the cues. Visit e-mail or call 754-246-6366 Our next event is the women’s Flamingo Billiards Tour Stop #4. August 25, 2012. For more information visit Look for our ad in this issue for the END OF SUMMER SIZZLER with the $1000.00 added 9-Ball event Labor Day Weekend sponsored by www.layeredcuetips. com Bill Mallen

Janice Sessions is a contributor to this magazine. Watch for articles and pictures appearing on the Southern Florida Area. Janice is also a player on the Flamingo Billiards Tour in Florida, a WPBArecognized regional tour, and stepping stone to the WPBA.

August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 13

Top Finishers

2012 BEF

Junior National Champions Crowned The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) crowned four winners in the 24th Annual BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships. Nearly 130 junior pocket billiard players from 28 states gathered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Romine’s High Pockets on July 11th -15th. Players took aim to win a title, scholarships, prizes and an entry into the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball Championships. In the 18-and-under boys’ division, Landon Shuffett of Greensburg, KY prevailed, while Briana Miller of Allentown, PA, defended her title in the 18-and-under girls’ division. In the 14-and-under boys’ division, newcomer Zachary Hampton of Rocky Mount, VA was victorious and April Larson of Bloomington, MN captured her first title in the 14-and-under girls’ division. The top finishers in the 18-and-under boys’ division were native to junior billiard competition. Landon Shuffett, winner of four (4) consecutive Junior National titles from 2007 – 2010, proved that he didn’t forget how to win after taking a year off from competition in 2011. Shuffett steadily proceeded through the winner’s bracket with wins over Kevin Sun 9-5, Ryan Ponton 9-1, Zachary Leonard 9-2, and William Chappell 9-1 before losing to Brendan Crockett 5-9. Crockett, runner-up in the 2011 Junior Nationals and 2009 champion of the 14-and-under boys’ division, effortlessly cruised through the winner’s bracket without a loss. Crockett defeated Tyler Howell 9-0, Daniel McComas 9-3, Joey Torres 9-5, Tyler Styer 9-5 and Landon Shuffett 9-5 to claim the seat as the only undefeated contestant in the 43 player division. On the one-loss side, Chad Behnke diligently proceeded to win an impressive 8 matches after losing his first match to Brady Behrman 6-9. Behnke shot his way through Austen Warner 9-2, JC Torres 9-7, Logan Zuponcic 9-0, Jonathan Ailstock 9-5, Zachary Leonard 9-2, Kevin Sun 9-8 and Tyler Styer 9-4 before a rematch with Brady Behrman, winning 9-3. With only one more

14 Stroke Magazine - August 2012

match to win for a chance to rumble with the undefeated Crockett, Behnke fell short by only 3 games, losing to Shuffett 6-9 in the semi-finals. Shuffett gladly embraced a rematch with Crockett and an opportunity for another title. In the race to 11 finals, an unforeseen scratch by Crockett when the score was 7-4 caused a shift in the ebb and flow of the match. Shuffett seized the opportunity to tighten the gap and then followed with a break-andrun, narrowing the score 6-7. The alternate break format allowed Crockett to get back to the table. He gracefully took charge, pocketing eight balls, but scratched while getting position for the 9-ball. Staying focused and determined to win, both players edged their way to a 10-10 match, each needing only one more game to win the championship. Shuffett won the final game and his fifth title as Junior National Champion. The showdown in the 18-and-under girls’ division featured Briana Miller and Taylor Reynolds. Advancing to the 15-18 year old bracket this year, 15 year old Reynolds was determined to prove that age is not a factor in winning. Reynolds steam-rolled her first 3 opponents, Tessa Brown 7-0, Carly Fristoe 7-0 and Cristina Watson 7-0, before being slowed down by Briana Miller. Miller needed only one game to take charge of the winner’s bracket, but the trailing Reynolds confidently won the next 5 games to win the match 7-6 and took reign of the winner’s bracket. Miller made her way by defeating Sarah Bridgman 7-0, Ashley Fisher 7-2 and Juli Poutry 7-2, before losing to Taylor Reynolds 6-7. Miller collected her composure and ambushed her next opponent Ashley Fisher 7-1 and earned an opportunity to defend her title. Miller tamed the fierce Reynolds in the finals, winning the match 9-7 and claiming her sixth title as Junior National Champion in the girls’ division. In the 14-and-under boys’ division, Zachary Hampton, first time attendee at Junior Nationals, received an initiation by losing

and recipient of over 75 major titles. Other special guests in attendance throughout the week were BCA Master Instructor, Jerry Briesath, who worked tirelessly with juniors who were interested in perfecting their game and Mark Wilson, professional player, instructor and Lindenwood University Billiard Coach. Much appreciation goes out to all who diligently worked to help produce a first class event, including: tournament director Earl Munson for keeping the event running smoothly and for his volunteer work throughout the year; Rick Doner, National Head Referee; Justin Ballou, national referee; Jamie Strait, national s l r referee; Tammy Leonard, tournament director gi er with h s i assistant; Mel Leonard, mini-tournament F Allison coordinator and assistant; Terry Romine, Nikki Romine and all their staff; Roy Pastor, BEF Board of his Director; Laura Smith, BEF Executive Director; and volunteers: first match Susanne Brandom, Brinda Avalos, Trena Wolford, Meghan to hometown favorite Sergio Rivas 6-7. Hampton’s light-hearted demeanor Howell, Wayne Kelly, Mark Brendemihl and Randy Fisher. A special “thank you” to all of the event sponsors who made and determination carried him through the one-loss bracket the 2012 Junior National 9-Ball Championships possible: Simonis defeating Joshua Goodknight 7-0, Michael Darling 7-0, Mahkeal Cloth, Billiard Congress of America (BCA), Romine’s High Parris 7-6, Cody Carter 7-2, Seth Chilcutt 7-0, Ricky Evans 7-3, Pockets and the BEF. Also, much gratitude goes to Viking Cue, Mason Koch 7-5 and Shawn Begay 7-3, before a rematch in the sponsor of the Academic All-American awards. A hearty “thank semi-finals with Sergio Rivas. Rivas made his way through the you” goes out to all the product donors who contributed to the winner’s bracket defeating Brandon Descamps 7-0, Zachary Hampton 7-6, Shane Wolford 7-5, Kaiden Hunkins 7-0 and Shawn junior prizes. A list of donors can be viewed on the BEF website at Begay 7-1, before being defeated by Manny Perez 5-7. Perez

advanced through the winner’s bracket with victories over Peter Steele 7-5, Ricky Evans 7-3, Mikey Evans 7-1, Mason Koch 7-2 and Sergio Rivas 7-5 to guarantee himself a seat into the finals. In the semi-finals, Rivas and Hampton eagerly battled for a chance to play in the finals. This time, Hampton prevailed 7-5. Hampton’s momentum continued in the finals as he persevered in the 54 player field, ousting Perez 9-6 and winning the championship title in the 14-and-under boys’ division. In the 14-and-under girls’ division, it was former runner-up April Larson who gleamed as she breezed through the winner’s bracket defeating Morgan Chesla 7-2, Tori Kover 7-1, Katelin Ballou 7-1, Isabelle Plumb 7-2 and Kyra Avalos 7-4 to secure her seat in the finals. Avalos trekked through the event with wins over Jessica Pitsinger 7-0, Katilyn Hall 7-0, Alex Booth 7-4, and Karsyn Terry 7-4 before losing to April Larson 4-7. In the semifinal match, Terry dashed to the finals with a 7-1 win over Avalos. The confident and poised Larson kept Terry at bay, winning the match 9-2 and earning her first Junior National title. The champions of the four divisions received trophies, prizes and scholarship funds. Each champion, as well as the second and third place finishers in the 18-and-under boys’ division earned an opportunity to represent the United States in the 2012 World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball Championships. Prizes were also given to all top eight finishers in each division. During the BEF annual banquet, 300 attending players, family members and fans were honored and thrilled to have Allison “Duchess of Doom” Fisher share words of inspiration and enjoyed an evening of instruction and challenge matches. Fisher is currently ranked #1 on the Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) tour, fifteen (15) times World Champion

2012 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championship results 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

18 & UNDER BOYS’ DIVISION Landon Shuffett Greensburg, KY Brendan Crockett Bell Canyon, CA Chad Behnke Farley, IA Brady Behrman Albers, IL

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

18 & UNDER GIRLS’ DIVISION Briana Miller Allentown, PA Taylor Reynolds Winslow, ME Ashley Fisher Ocala, FL Carly Fristoe Bend, OR

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

14 & UNDER BOYS’ DIVISION Zachary Hampton Rocky Mount, VA Manny Perez Kansas City, KS Sergio Rivas Milwaukee, WI Shawn Begay Gallup, NM

1st 2nd 3rd 4th

14 & UNDER GIRLS’ DIVISION April Larson Bloomington, MN Karsyn Terry Chicago, IL Kyra Avalos Anthem, AZ Keila Perez Waltham, MA

August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 15

Megan Smith Takes Triple Nines by Kia Sidbury The J. Pechauer Northeast Women's Tour (JPNEWT) headed to Triple Nines Bar and Billiards on the weekend of July 7-8, 2012. This tour drew 17 ladies with $500 added by the house. What a turn of events for a few of the ladies during this tour stop. Although, unsurprisingly to many, Megan Smith won this event as she dominated the 1-loss side after being shipped there early on by Linda Shea. Megan started this event with an awesome first round finish as she defeated Susan Shinn lights out. When she met up with tour director Linda Shea, she couldn’t quite get passed her, putting Megan on the 1-loss side. From the west, Megan regrouped herself and sent home Pauline Mattes 7-3, Nicole Nester 7-5, and Judie Wilson 7-3. Smith had another opportunity to face Linda Shea and left Shea with 4th winnings. She also breezed through Sharon O’Hanlon 7-1 leaving Smith to face Gyftopoulos in the finals. Meanwhile, Eugenia Gyftopoulos fought her way through the winner’s bracket straight to the finals. She took almost identical wins over Shanna Lewis 7-5, Meredith Lynch 7-5, Linda Shea 7-5, and Sharon O’Hanlon 7-6 on her way to the hot seat. This was Eugenia’s first time in the money and in the hot seat since joining JPNEWT. Maybe she had a boost of confidence after finishing 5th in the WPBA East Coast Regional Tour Championship and having the opportunity to compete in her first WPBA US Open just last month. Although Eugenia could not get through Megan in the finals, finishing second place was truly a great accomplishment for her.

Sharon O’Hanlon was another fighter. She was able to win several close matches in the winner’s bracket before being sent west by Eugenia. In spite of that loss, she qualified to return on Sunday for the money rounds from the semi-final slot. What a great finish for Sharon as she took 3rd place after being defeated by Smith. Also, Judie Wilson has been playing pretty strong these last few tour stops. She had two strong wins against Nicole Vincent 7-4 and Kia Sidbury 7-3 and 2 loses which placed her in 5/6th place alongside Cheryl Squire Sporleder (sweeping through 4 rounds from the west-side to this finish). 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6th

Top Finishers: Megan Smith Eugenia Gyftopoulos Sharon O’Hanlon Linda Shea Judie Wilson /Cheryl Sporleder

$250 $180 $115 $75

The J. Pechaurer Northeast Women’s Tour thanks all the players, spectators, and viewers for your participation and support. A special thank you goes out to our sponsor J. Pechauer Custom Cues for your continued support of women in billiards. Last but not least, thank you Stan Nasiatka of Triple Nines Bar & Billiards for hosting and supporting this event. Next tour stop: VIP Billiards in Catonsville, Maryland on August 25-26, 2012.

August July 2012 - Stroke Magazine 17

Lucky 7 Come by and check this place out!

Location ny Tiffa

7) ucky s of L

wner lie (o

har and C

4850 South State Road 7 Hollywood, FL

Phone 954-239-8254

Lucky 7 (Formerly Arcade Billiards) is a farely new room in South Florida. Tiffany and Charlie (owners) Open their doors about 4 months ago and have already held more that 2 APA 8 ball and 9 ball tournments. APA and TAP Players are more than welcomed here. The room area is about 3,800 square feet and has 14 Regulation tables plus 1 Billiard Table. The tables are layout so the player has room to play. This is a smoke free environment room and you can bring your family. This room is also known for the Home of the "Pink" table called "Pinkie", which looks great and plays great.


Mon-Fri 3pm to 2am Sat-Sun Noon to 2am


7 Billiards

4850 South State Road 7

Hollywood, FL 954-239-8254

Home of the Pink Table (pinkie)

14 Pool Tables - 1 Billiard Table - Weekly Pool Tournaments APA - TAP - Player Leagues

Smoke Free Environment 18 Stroke Magazine - August 2012

Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm to 2am Sat-Sun Noon to 2am

THE TWO “C’s” Say... h r wit

tim long




Final 4 – Chris-Chris-Bear-Charlie




nd e frie


Submitted and photos by Janis Sessions Chris Pitino and Chris Perez would be the winners on this day last day of June 2012. The APA 8 Ball Scotch Doubles in South Florida was held at Lucky 7 Billiards (formerly the Arcade Billiards) located in Hollywood, FL this year. Tiffany and Charlie the owners opened their doors again to host another APA event. 26 Teams would show up to compete for a trip to VEGAS. The matches would start around 11:00am; 2 people to a team, a race to 4 or 3 depending on how the players’ skill levels added up. Chris and Chris would draw a bye for the first match. Once they started playing their matches, they kept winning and made it to the final round and had to play Bear and Charlie. By this time most of the other teams had left, but some teams and friends stayed to see who would win that trip. A friend of Bear’s stayed all day to see if his buddy, who he has know since they were both 6 years old would win that trip. That is friendship and support. Bear and Charlie would win the lag. The first game would go to Chris and Chris because Bear and Charlie had scratched on the 8. Game 2 was Bear and Charlie. Both teams battled for that trip, but Bear and Charlie would come up short and the trip to Vegas would be the TWO “C’s” to win. One other match that was played on this day was very exciting to watch. It was the match that Kelly Cole and Chrisann Latkowski played against Elias and Victor. Kelly and Chrisann came out strong winning 2 games. Elias and Victor would answer back winning 2 games. Game 5 was the game of all games. Both teams playing safeties and giving back the ball over and over, because the 8 ball was hanging by the pocket. Kelly and Chrisann had it blocked, one mistake from Elias and Victor and it would be game over. So game 5 was called a stall mat. The last game for both teams would be played to see who would advance. Elias and Victor would come up short on the 8 ball leaving it for Kelly and Chrisann to make and advance to the semi-final round. Kelly and Chrisann would play Bear and Charlie, but Bear and Charlie would end up winning to meet up with the Two Chris’s for the final match of the night. Thanks again to Tiffany and Charlie for hosting this event and to Gene Weaver for running this event (APA league operator).

Gene and Captains going over the rules.

Winners with Charlie the owner


August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 19

20 Stroke Magazine - June 2012

B u b e e l y t K wins A/D 9 Ball Tri-State Tournament

KYLE BUBET wins A/D 9 Ball Tri-State Tournament held at Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ. Kyle's tournament trail included wins over Debra Pritchett 7 - 4; Dennis Kennedy 6 - 5; and Michael Aro 6 - 2, before suffering a loss to Rick Shellhouse 6 - 4. While Rick faced John Trobiano in a battle for the Hot Seat, Kyle made his way throught the loss side, defeating Donna Padavano 6 - 4; and Scott Simonettis 10 - 2. Rick lost to John 8 - 5 awaiting another chance to get into the Finals. Once again Kyle matched up with Rick, only this time Kyle pulled it out with a 6 - 5 win. During the Finals, Kyle Player Eddie daCosta Kyle Bubet

WINNERS' SIDE FINAL FOUR Player Winner John Trobiano John Trobiano Rick Shellhouse Rick Shellhouse

Player Justin Muller Christian Smith Michael Aro Dave Danchak

HOT SEAT MATCH Player Winner John Trobiano John Trobiano ONE-LOSS SIDE FINAL EIGHT Player Winner Ricardo Mejia Ricardo Mejia Scott Simonetti Scott Simonetti Daniel Flynn Daniel Flynn Donna Padavano Donna Padavano

Player Ricardo Mejia Daniel Flynn

ONE-LOSS SIDE FINAL SIX Player Winner Scott Simonetti Scott Simonetti Donna Padavano Donna Padavano

Player Rick Shellhouse

Score 7-6 6-4

Score 8 - 5 Loser (9-12) Justin Muller Christian Smith Michael Aro Dave Danchak

Score 7-3 7-6 6-2 6-5

Loser (7-8) Ricardo Mejia Daniel Flynn

Score 7-3 6-3

maintained his momentum against undefeated John Trobiano and extended his lead to 10 - 5 for the tournament. The next Tri-State event is a $1000 Added C/D at Amsterdam Billiards & Bar in NYC, NY on August 4 & 5, 2012. Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Poison Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics for their sponsorship leading to this event. Please leave tournament staff names out of this article, comments and credits to remain general. Thank You Player Eddie daCosta Donna Padavano

ONE-LOSS SIDE FINAL FOUR Player Winner Scott Simonetti Scott Simonetti Kyle Bubet Kyle Bubet

Player Scott Simonetti Rick Shellhouse

Player Kyle Bubet Kyle Bubet

QUARTERFINAL Winner Kyle Bubet Kyle Bubet

Player John Trobiano

Player Kyle Bubet

FINAL Winner Kyle Bubet

Loser (5-6) Score Eddie daCosta 9-7 Donna Padavano 6 - 4 Loser (4) Scott Simonetti Rick Shellhouse

Score 10 - 2 6-5

Loser (2) John Trobiano

Score 10 - 6

PAYOUTS 1st............................................................................................................. $520.00 2nd........................................................................................................... $280.00 3rd............................................................................................................ $180.00 4th............................................................................................................ $100.00 5th - 6th . ................................................................................................. $60/$60

August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 21

Straight Pool Hall of Fame


was one of the dominant forces of 14.1 in New Jersey Queens, New York - Former World All Around Champion and straight pool during the days of giants such as Steve Mizerak, Ray legend Danny Diliberto and 5x New Jersey State 14.1 Champion Martin, and many other notables. Jack won the New “Gentleman Jack” Jack Colavita will be inducted Jersey State 14.1 Championships 5 times and the New into this year’s Straight Pool Hall of Fame . York State 14.1 Championship 3 times. He also got Both players have had a long fruitful career 3rd at the US 14.1 Open. Later in life, he was a big in 14.1 accomplishments and both became proponent and helper of the revived New Jersey State huge influences on the promotions of the 14.1 Championship, before passing away at age 73. game as well. The 77 year old Diliberto will be “Jack was one of the greats because he really dusting off his pool cue and participating in the played the game the right way. He was also a strong 72nd Predator World Tournament of 14.1 as the 9-Ball player and was super at roll out 9-Ball honorary inductee , while Colavita will be honored because he was a great shotmaker. Back in those throughout the week as well posthumously. World days, we sometimes played 1000 point matches in Champions from 1912 on through the earlier decades blocks over a few days. I remember one of those of 14.1 history will also be included and recognized times Jack ran four consecutive 100 ball runs as a group. The induction dinner ceremony will take on me. He was just raining in 100’s ! When he place August 1st ,2012 at 5pm at Linden Place Banquet was on, he was a machine and no one played Hall adjacent to Carom Cafe which is hosting the it prettier. He was phenomenal”, said Allen Predator World Tournament. Special 14.1 Hall of Fame Hopkins, World and US Open Champion in video presentations will be presented by’s 9-Ball and 14.1. founder Jerry Tarantola. The World Tournament will TA OLAVI C K C A “Colavita used to win the New Jersey 14.1 pause for a long dinner break in honor of the ceremony J JACK ” LEMAN T N Championships back when the field was the same as a World during the fourth day of competition so all the players and E G “ Championship”, said NYC great Danny Barouty. fans can join. Fans will be in for a rare treat as they watch pool’s “It was incredible because Jack didn’t even play on the tour. He had a full favorite 14.1 commentator play in his first World 14.1 time job 5 days a week and a family”, said Pat Fleming, in 30 years! The last big straight pool tourney Danny Founder of Accu-Stats. Diliberto played was in 1989 in Chicago only 23 years “There were many factors on why ago. “I’ll never forget that tournament. They had a we decided to start the Straight Pool Hall of $3500 bonus for running 150 & out, and I was playing Fame. We wanted to honor not only obvious Varner and ran a 95 and I knew I was going to get that choices, but to remember great players that are money, then a ball skidded on me!” still alive and remind them that they are not Diliberto has become a staple for Accu-Stats, forgotten. They are living treasures of the sport. the premiere pool video company in the industry. Also, we wanted to recognize those who may not Danny’s expert commentary and insight has receive recognition elsewhere, but were huge parts influenced thousands of players worldwide. of 14.1 history”, said Charlie Williams, Founder of Diliberto was on the ballot where fans voted along Dragon Promotions. “Last year’s Straight Pool Hall of Fame was soldwith other top nominees that included Oliver Ortmann, Dallas West, Lou Butera, and Gene out with over 100 people and we couldn’t believe the Nagy. terrific response. My own staff had to stand and give “It’s really an honor to be elected in with up our seats to some desperate fans that wanted to greats like Ray Martin and Jack Colavita. I’m get in to watch. Luckily we still managed to find some really looking forward to the event and also dinner!” said Cindy Lee, CEO of Dragon Promotions. Fans can buy tickets in advance by going to playing. I haven’t played straight pool in years, but I’m going to be hitting balls before DANNY DILIBE the World Tournament. Don’t worry I still know how Guest speakers at the dinner banquet on August RTO to play!” said Diliberto. Danny was the prestigious World All Around 1st will include several speakers including former World Champion of the legendary Johnston City events back in 1972 and runner-up to the Champions Stephan Cohen, Allen Hopkins, and of late Steve Mizerak at the 1982 World 14.1 Championship. Diliberto was also the course Danny Diliberto . The 14.1 Hall of Fame events will also include video recipient of the BCA Hall of Fame last year. presentations by’s Jerry Tarantola. Charlie Williams will MC the “I’m really happy for Jack Colavita and his family. He was a great player, but evening’s festivities. above that he was a great person. I miss him.” Danny Diliberto still plays pool and continues to teach players today. The New Jersey’s Jack Colavita received the lead votes to be elected into the unsung heroes renowned instructor and many times champion can be reached for lessons or part of the 14.1 Hall of Fame. Colavita was a stone cold legend in the Northeast and appearances at 1-(954)- 665- 5978.

22 Stroke Magazine - August 2012

Krah fends off Davis

loss-side challenge to win Action Pool Tour Deska takes over #1 spot in tour rankings

By Skip Maloney -


With the top-ranked player on the Action Pool Tour, Brandon Shuff, competing in the First Annual Southern Classic in Tunica, MS on the weekend of July 21-22, a field of 75 showed up for the 11th stop on the Action Pool Tour to see if they could gain some ground. Matt Krah, who entered the tournament at #38 in the rankings, jumped 20 places on the list with his first-place finish, defeating Mike Davis (who jumped 11 places to #4) in the second set of a true double elimination final. The event drew 75 entrants to Breakers Sky Lounge in Herndon, VA. In addition to Krah, three other Action Pool Tour regulars advanced to the winners' side final four, looking to cut into Shuff's lead in the rankings. Krah squared off against Brian Deska, who entered the tournament ranked at #2, and with his advancement to the winners' side final eight, had already passed Shuff. Even if he'd lost among the final eight winners, and subsequently been defeated in the matches that determined the four-way tie for 9th place, Deska would have chalked up 750 points (10 points for the 9-12 finish, times the number of players, 75), which would have moved him ahead of Shuff by 139 points. The other winners' side semifinalists were R.J. Carmona, ranked # 11, who'd just sent Davis to the loss side, and Larry Kressel (# 54). Krah sent Deska west 9-7, and Kressel sent Carmona after him 9-6. Krah got into the hot seat with a 9-3 victory over Kressel, and awaited the return of Davis.

On the loss side, Davis began his five-match march back to the finals with a 7-4 victory over Rafael Reyes, and a 7-2 win over Dave Hunt, which set him up to face Deska. Carmona picked up Chip Klein, who defeatedMatt Shilinski and Paul Helms, both 7-3. Davis finished Deska's day with a 7-1 victory, and was denied a re-match versus Carmona, when Klein defeated him 7-3. Deska's fifth place finish put him 289 points ahead of Shuff in the rankings. In the quarterfinals that followed, Davis defeated Klein 7-2, and then defeated Kressel in the semifinals 7-4. In the opening set of the true double elimination finals (a race to 9), Davis took an early lead and reached the hill first. Though Krah would close the gap to within three, Davis hung on to win, forcing a second set. In that second set (a race to 7), it was Krah with the early lead; out in front by five before Davis had won a rack. Davis got on the board in the sixth rack, but Krah took the seventh rack to reach the hill first. Davis made a run, winning the next three, but Krah closed it out in rack eleven to secure the event title. With two more stops on the tour - Aug. 11-12 at VIP Billiards in Catonsville, MD, and the season finale, Sept. 8-9 at Big Daddy's Billiards in Glen Burnie, MD - the top four players are within striking distance of each other; Deska on top of the tour, with Brandon Shuff behind him. Tour director Ozzy Reynolds, who finished in the tie for 13th place, remained in third place, while Mike Davis moved into fourth place.

11 August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 23

T Lovely gets by Cucculelli twice to go

s Tour MissCues Ladies Tour MissCues Ladies Tour Cues Ladies Tour MissCues Ladies Tour MissCues Tour MissCues Ladies Tour MissCues Ladies Tour es Ladies Tour MissCues Ladies Tour MissCues Ladies MissCues Ladies Tour MissCues Ladies Tour MissCues s Tour MissCues Ladies Tour MissCues Ladies Tour

undefeated on MissCues Tour stop

By Skip Maloney -


Liz Lovely defeated WPBA touring veteran Teruko Cucculelli twice to capture the July 14-15 stop on the MissCues Regional Ladies 9-Ball Tour. The $500-added event drew 16 entrants to 8-Ball Sports Bar & Billiards in Columbus, OH. They met first in the battle for the hot seat. Cucculelli had sent Buffy Jolie (presently ranked # 2 on the tour) west 7-2, as Lovely delivered Casey Clark to the loss bracket 7-1. Lovely and Cucculelli got to double hill in the battle for the hot seat before Lovely prevailed. On the loss side, Jolie picked up Linda Brandeberry, who'd defeated Sandy Day and Stephanie Goens, both 7-5. Clark drew Jen Polik, who was in the midst of a four-match, loss-side winning streak that had begun when Cucculelli had sent her over in the second round. Polik defeated Tracy Cantrell 7-2, and Reni Rose 7-4 to meet Clark. Polik shut Clark out and in the quarterfinals, met up with Jolie, who'd ended Brandeberry's day 7-4. Polik and Jolie battled to double hill in those quarterfinals, before Polik snapped the 9-ball in on the final break to win it. She didn't get nearly as close in her semifinal re-match against Cucculelli, who'd advance back for a second chance against Lovely with a 7-3 win. The wait for the re-match did not apparently affect Lovely. She gave up only three racks to complete her undefeated weekend. Tour director Becky Todd thanked Richard Whaley, owner of 8-Ball Sports Bar & Billiards, and Rack 66's Bryan Roberts for sponsorship of the event.

Liz Lovely

Miss Cues Ladies Tour Stop Results Place 1st 2nd 3rd

Playername Prize Money Liz Lovely $420 Teruko Cucculelli $300 Jen Polik $180

24 Stroke Magazine - August 2012

Place 4th 5th

Playername Prize Money Buffy Jolie $120 Casey Clark $90 Linda Brandeberry $90

TIGER BAY AREA AMATEUR Seaver secures top ranking with undefeated day

By Tour Staff

Jeannie Seaver shut out 72-year-young Mary Lou Mendez twice to win her second of

three stops on the Bay Area Amateur Tour on Saturday, July 21. As a result, Seaver moved into the top spot in tour rankings. With two stops to go on the tour, Seaver finished five ranking points ahead of Lisa McElroyand Cassidy Mulligan, tied for second place. The $400-added event drew 16 entrants to Stix in Palm Harbor, FL. Seaver went into the tournament ranked at the bottom of the top five players on the tour, and was one of only two among those five who made it to the winners' side final four. She faced the other, Echo Pinkley, who entered the stop in fourth place. Mendez, in the meantime, squared off against Deanna Foster. Seaver sent Pinkley west 7-2, as Mendez was busy downing Foster 4-3. Seaver shut Mendez out and sat in the hot seat to await her return. Stephanie Mitchell, Mary Lou Mendez, Jeannie Seaver, Jeff Mendez, and Lisa Pinkley moved over to meet up with McElroy, who'd McElroy been sent to the loss side by Mendez, and defeatedJessica second, once, which has left her in second place in the overall Barnes 3-2 (Barnes racing to 6), and shut out Jamie tour rankings. Toennies 3-0. Foster drew Mulligan, who'd been sent west by Though Seaver would shut Mendez out for the second straight Seaver, and then, shut out Barbara Ellis and given up only one time in the finals to capture the event title, Mendez chalked up rack against tour directorStephanie Mitchell. Foster chalked up her best finish on the tour, ever. She had previously finished in the fourth of five shutouts among the event's final 12 against 7th place in a November 2011 tour stop. Mulligan, and in the quarterfinals, faced McElroy, who'd ended The event scrambled the rankings of the top five players on Pinkley's day 3-1. the tour. Seaver moved from fifth place to first, while seventh In those quarterfinals, McElroy again gave up only a single place finisher, Jessica Barnes, who'd held the top stop previously, rack, defeating Foster 3-1, and turning to a grudge match semifinal against Mendez. For the second time, Mendez defeated dropped to fourth. Mulligan came into the tournament in second place, just ahead of McElroy, and the two finished, tied for McElroy with a tie score. In their first meeting, Mendez had second. Echo Pinkley rounded out the top five, dropping from won 4-4, with McElroy going to 6, and in their second, Mendez fourth to fifth on the heels of her 5th place finish. The women won 3-3, with McElroy racing to 5. Though a victory on this will have two more chances to re-arrange that list. The tour will year's tour has eluded her, McElroy has finished third twice and stop at Stroker's in Palm Harbor on September 1 and hold the tour's Grand Finale at Capone's in Spring Hill on October 20.

BAAT Tour Stop Results

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 5th

Playername Prize Money Jeannie Seaver $280 Mary Lou Mendez $180 Lisa McElroy $130 Deanna Foster $85 Cassidy Mulligan $50 Echo Pinkley $50 August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 25


11th Annual Alabama State 9-Ball Championship winner's side final eight and defeated Tyson Allen and Lance Ireland, both 9-5. As the owner of Bumper's Billiards in Birmingham, AL, and the Rowell exacted his revenge on Hall, in mirror fashion, surviving tournament director of the Alabama State 9-Ball Championships, a double hill match, as Cole downed Davenport 9-4. Rowell then David Rowell has been trying to win his own event for 11 years. He completely shut out Cole in the quarterfinals, and defeated Nation finished second twice; once in 2009, and one other time, the date in the semifinals 9-5. Rowell completed his first victory at these of which he couldn't remember. On the weekend of June 30-July Alabama State 9-Ball Championships with a 13-8 victory in the 1, he broke through for the first time, winning six in a row on the single-race finals. loss side, and defeating Jonathan Tedder in the finals. The event, Rowell couldn't identify any particular reason that this, his exclusively for residents of the state of Alabama, drew 25 entrants to eleventh attempt, was more successful than previous efforts, noting his pool hall. that he had "just started playing real good" on Sunday morning. Rowell, after an opening round bye, was sent to the loss side by "I was breaking good, too," he said, "and I was running a lot of Robert Hall in a double hill match. They would meet again. Hall racks." advanced to the winners' side final four to face Tedder, as Chris Nation squared off against Brandon Davenport. Tedder sent Hall ALABAMA STATE 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS west 9-5 for a fateful re-match against Rowell, and in the hot seat match, met Nation, who'd sent Davenport west 9-1. Tedder got into Place Playername Prize Money the hot seat with a 9-6 victory over Nation. 1st David Rowell $870 On the loss-side, Rowell was in the midst of the six-win, loss2nd Jon Tedder $670 side streak that would propel him into the finals against Tedder. 3rd Chris Nation $410 4th Joseph Cole $295 With one notch on his belt already, he defeated Bill Smith 9-4, and 5th Brandon Davenport $125 Greg Summers 9-7, to earn his re-match versus Hall. Davenport Rob Hall $125 drew Joe Cole, who'd been sent west by Tedder from among the By Skip Maloney -

g Comin k Tour or Y w e stern N


$250 Added Guaranteed

Bar Box 8-Ball 1st Saturday of the Month $35 entry includes green fee - Double Elimination - Race to 3 Doors open Noon - Calcutta 2pm - Starts 2:30pm

26 Stroke Magazine - August 2012

GOLD CROWN BILLIARDS SINCE 1961 First Pool Hall in Broward County (11) 9 ft. Tables & (1) Golf Table Open: 7 days 11am - 2am Everyday

-- Smoke Free --

Call today & reserve your team 954.921.8439

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Big Daddy’s Maryland 14.1 Straight Pool Aug 17-19, 2012 $300 Pros/$225 Am/Ladies Call Richard for info 7954 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd Glen Burnie, MD 410-760-1332

August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 27

Charles Barker (Weber State University)

Michelle Yim (Photo courtesy of Lissette Chaparro) Michelle Yim (Photo courtesy of Lissette Chaparro)

Collegiate 9-ball Champions Crowned at Indiana University

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- The Association of College Unions International (ACUI) presented the 72nd collegiate pocket billiards national championship at Indiana University’s IMU Back Alley on June 29-July 1, 2012. ACUI is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to enhancing campus life. With 41 men and 23 women registered for 9-ball, 2012 was the largest field in the 75-year history of the ACUI Pocket Billiards program. Delia Mocanu (Northeastern University) forged through the winners’ side of the Women’s division like a tiny freight train, winning decisive matches over Angelica Rudow (University of Arizona, 7-0), Melissa Chesky (University of MinnesotaDuluth, 7-3), Heather Platter (University of Florida, 7-2), and Cindy Ho (California State University-Sacramento, 7-5). She sat comfortably in the hot seat while Michelle Yim (University of Houston) handily defeated Jackie Sanchez (Barry University, 7-0), Morgan Bowles (University of North Carolina-Charlotte, 7-2), Miranda Blazek (Northern Wyoming Community College District, 7-2) before falling to Cindy Ho in the winners’ side semi-finals, 7-4. Yim then bested Jennifer Acierto (Virginia Commonwealth University, 7-5), Platter (7-5), and Ho (7-3) on the One-loss side to face Mocanu in the Sunday morning finals. In the first set, it seemed that Mocanu Matt Shilinski (University of Maryland-University College)

28 Stroke Magazine - August 2012

couldn’t catch a gear, falling to Yim 7-2. The second set, however, was extremely close, coming down to the final two balls. Yim jumped out to a 4-2 lead, but eventually Mocanu tied it hill-hill. In the last game, Mocanu narrowly missed the 7-ball to leave Yim a simple 2-ball run-out for the victory. On the Men’s side, newcomer Matt Shilinski (University of Maryland-University College) was quiet but confident and steady as he took the hot seat with victories over Mark Muir (University of Illinois, 8-0), Brian Myung (Indiana University, 8-3), George Mansour (University of Akron, 8-3), Mack Harrell (East Carolina University, 8-6), Lee Nathanson (University of Maryland, 8-7), and Bo Jin (Purdue University, 8-6). Three-time ACUI nationals contestant Charles Barker (Weber State University), meanwhile, won his first three matches with victories over Cody Terry (University of North Carolina-Charlotte, 8-3), Thomas Smith (James Madison University, 8-3), and defending champion Raymond Linares (Miami Dade College-Kendall Campus, 8-6) before falling to Bo Jin (Purdue University, 5-8). On the one-loss side, Barker topped Harrell (8-3), Stephen Skvarka (Virginia Tech, 8-7), and Jin (8-3) to advance to the finals. The true double-elimination playoff match was a suspenseful, neck-and-neck (continued on pg 31) Delia Mocanu (Northeastern University)


By Skip Maloney -

Billy Thorpe battled for years to chalk up his first win on the Great Southern Billiard Tour, and on the weekend of July 14-15, he won his second in a little over a month. He won his first on June 3, and let one slip by him in Myrtle Beach before winning the second. He went undefeated both times. In his first GSBT win, he faced the same opponent in the hot seat and finals; Alex Olinger. This past weekend, he faced an opponent, Steve "Cupcake" Dillon, who'd won seven on the loss side to meet him in the finals. The $1000-added 9-ball event, on 9-ft. Diamond tables, and held concurrently with an 8-ball bar box tournament, drew 34 entrants to Michael's Billiards in Fairfield, OH. From among the winners' side final four, Thorpe squared off against Lucas Hawkins, who'd placed second in the bar box 8-ball tournament. Adam Glover, in the meantime, met up with Tim Baron. Thorpe survived a double hill battle versus Hawkins, and in the hot seat, faced Glover, who'd defeated Baron 7-2. Thorpe got into the hot seat with a 9-4 victory over Glover, and watched Dillon's march back to the finals. Dillon, who'd been sent to the loss side by Corey Morphew (5/6th in the 8-ball), won four in a row to hook up with Hawkins, including a 7-5 victory over Chris Collins and a 7-4 win over Leo Kincannon, who finished both tournaments in the tie for seventh place. Baron drew Mike Burnette, who'd defeated Bill Trimble 6-2 andDave Cross 6-4. Dillon and Hawkins battled to double hill before Shannon Daulton, Billy Thorpe, & Mike Medley (owner of Michael's Billiards) Dillon prevailed, advancing to the quarterfinals. He was met by Burnette, who'd survived his own double hill match against Baron. Dillon ended Burnette's day with a 7-2 win and then, dropped Glover into third place 7-4. Thorpe, though, spoiled Dillon's bid for a successful, loss-side comeback with a 9-5 win in the opening set of a true double elimination final to secure the event title. "We always appreciate the support and hospitality that is shown here Place Playername Prize Money at Michael's," said tour directors Shannon and Marge Daulton. "(Owner Michael Medley) has a very player/spectator-friendly room and we're all 1st Billy Thorpe $600.00 thankful to him and his staff." 2nd Steven Dillon $400.00 The Daultons also thanked sponsors Andy Gilbert Custom Cues, Nick Varner Cues and Cases, Mike DavisExterminating, Tiger Products and 3rd Adam Glover $300.00 Delta-13 racks.

Billy Thorpe

Great Southern Billiard Tour Stop

Carolina Open 9-Ball Qualifier

Sept 1, 2012

$50 entry - U S Open Qualifier Race to 7/5 - Double elimination - 9 Ball Texas Express - Reg Noon - Start 1pm 1st wins paid entry to U.S. Open 9-Ball 6004 Landmark Center Blvd Greensboro, NC (336) 856-8800

T J’s Billiards


$1500/$500 Added Joss Tour Event Entry Fee - Pro $120 - Non Pro $70 14.1 Airport Rd - Waterville, ME 207-877-7665


Mike Burnette



Lucas Hawkins



Tim Baron



Leo Kincannon



Dave Cross


August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 29

Karen Corr Enshrined Broomfield, Colo., July 19, 2012 — The United States Billiard Media Association today announced that Karen Corr will be inducted into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame in 2012. In 1998, when Corr moved to United States and traded snooker for American 9-ball she attacked the Women’s Professional Billiard Association Classic Tour with precision shooting and unbreakable concentration. Corr’s quick rise to the top and her consistent dominance on American soil has earned her the only spot in this year’s BCA Hall of Fame class. The Northern Ireland born Corr, 42, will be formally inducted into Greatest Player wing of the BCA Hall of Fame on October 26, 2012 during ceremonies at the Holiday Inn in Virginia Beach, VA. Shortly after winning her fourth world snooker title in 1997, Corr moved to the U.S., switched her game to 9-ball and raced through one WPBA qualifier after another in pursuit of a Classic Tour touring card. After just six months, Corr was ranked 24th in the WPBA, rising to No. 4 in 1999. She captured her first Classic Tour title in 2000, the Cuetec Cues Players Championship. She added two more tour titles in 2000, and then rose to the No. 1 ranking in 2001 with an amazing six titles. In the same year, she also was named Player of the Year (POY) by Pool & Billiard Magazine and Billiards Digest, breaking Allison Fisher’s string of five consecutive POY honors. In her 13 years playing in the U.S., Corr has won 15 Classic Tour titles, four BCA Open titles, three WPBA National Championships and three Tournament of Champions titles. She has won numerous international and regional events and was runner-up twice at the WPA World 9-Ball Championships. Corr also has a Joss Northeast Tour title to her credit and from 2001 through 2008 she was one of the open tour’s most successful players. “It’s awesome to be appreciated this way for your skills,” Corr said after learning of the honor. “And I want to thank the people who vote for the Hall of Fame.” Corr left the Classic Tour a year ago to be with her terminally ill mother in England. Diane Corr, 71, passed away at the beginning of July in 2012. “This is a nice way to start my new life,” Corr said. “I’m back in the States and pool will be my life again. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do, but I appreciate the opportunity to make a career in cue sports. Hopefully, I have a few titles left in

me.” Voting was conducted by the USBMA Hall of Fame Board, which consists of USBMA members, elected AtLarge members and living members of the BCA Hall of Fame. Induction in the Greatest Players category is awarded to the player named on the most ballots. A second player is elected if both players are named on more than 70 percent of the ballots. After being named on 56 percent of the ballots in 2011, Corr received votes on 65 percent of the ballots in 2012. Jeanette Lee, in her first year on the ballot, received votes on 53 percent of the ballots. Germany’s Oliver Ortmann was named on 32 percent of the ballots. Belinda Calhoun, Kim Davenport, Gerda Hofstatter, Mary Kenniston, Rodney Morris and Vivian Villarreal each received votes on less than 25 percent of the ballots. To be eligible for consideration in the Greatest Player category, a player a) must be 40 years old by Jan. 1 of the year of their induction; b) must have a professional playing career of at least 10 years; and c) must have recorded significant achievements in U.S. based events.


e m a F f

o l aH l

Pool Tournaments

Thurs, Sat & Sun Over 12,000 sq ft

One of Billiard Digest’s Top 10 Pool Rooms 17 - 9’ Olhausens ~ 1-7’ Diamond 6 Dart Boards ~ 24’ Shuffleboard 10 TV’s ~ Full Kitchen ~ Beer & Wine

539 E Plaza Drive - Mooresville, NC 704.660.5363 Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am - 2am Sun: Noon - 12am

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1861 W Tennessee St. Tallahassee, Florida 850 224-8644

Aug 18-19 Southeastern 9-Ball Open $3,000 added - 100% payout - $65 entry 22 - 9’ pool tables - HD TVs - Darts Liquor - Full Kitchen - 10,000 sq feet Tournaments weekly and monthly

“The Viper”

(continued from pg 8)

VIPER: Who were your favorite professionals? BCA Hall of famers Jean Belukas, Buddy Hall, and Jay Helfert who is currently a TV commentator and Writer/Author of “Pool Wars” – Jay loved pool so much that at times he’d put up his own money just to watch us win it☺ VIPER: How did you prepare for events? DANNY: 30 days or so I would start exercising– I walked my treadmill, I swam a lot, and of course practiced long hours by playing the ghost. I could never beat that dang ghost, but once I came close losing 11-7. VIPER: What was the best advice you were ever given? DANNY: Legendary Willie Mosconi once told me: Don’t do drugs and be honest to yourself about your game. VIPER: What is one thing that you enjoy most while playing pool? DANNY: When I played in the finals of the 2004 Reno Open I broke and ran 9-racks in a row and didn’t even know it! After the match it wasn’t until Billy Incardona and Buddy Hall approached me to tell me what I had accomplished. They said the proof was on the film during the TV round. Another event, I pocketed the 9-ball on the break 5-times in a row, in two consecutive matches; the first set was against Billy Johnson and the other was against Mary Kenningston. I won both matches 11-5☺ VIPER: If you could say one thing to a young up-coming player what would it be? DANNY: Practice and exercise…. and practice more and exercise more. Ok Danny, now I have a couple of pool related questions from my Facebook friends… Brian Clapp from San Jose, CA asks: What is the most money you’ve ever won in a night & who was the toughest match you ever played against? DANNY: Are you from the IRS Brian? I made so much money, so many times that I couldn’t even try and count it. The toughest player I’ve ever played against was Efren Reyes. I played him

Collegiate 9-ball

10-ball money match in Houston and won the first 3 games for $500 a game and before I knew it, he caught a gear and some how ended up 7 games ahead- that was all the money I had so I had to quit $3500 loser. The next event, I flew to Reno and we matched up again but this time we played 9-ball for $200 a game and I ended up 9- games ahead and he quit. Efren was the toughest and most intense opponents I’ve ever played against in my career. Ken Margetts from Montrose, CO asks: Danny: “You’re known for having a monster break on both the big table and bar box. I’ve watched you play, and have played against you several times, and something I’ve always noticed is that you rarely break dry............without giving up any of your secrets, what kind of changes/adjustments during a match do you make to your break to find your ‘sweet’ spot?” DANNY: Willie Masconi once told me to break the balls as hard as possible because the quicker you strike the stack of balls the faster the cue ball will squat onto the table. So I took it heart and from then on I’ve always hits the balls as hard as possible. Mark Chernin from Lecompton, KS asks: Is it legal to jump a ball playing One-Pocket? DANNY: Yes, I believe so. A special “Thank-you” to Danny Medina for sharing his thoughts on pool and for next month I’m interviewing Hall of Fame WPBA player Belinda “The Texas Bell” Calhoun and if you would like to ask her any pool related questions, please email them to me at or you can find me on Facebook at


ipe V , h t n t mo

Till nex

(continued from page 28)

race from start to finish. Shilinski came out on top, 8-7, to take the 2012 title in a single set. The winners of this year’s Sportsmanship awards were: Jennifer Acierto, Virginia Commonwealth University Brian Myung, Indiana University The 2012 winners of the annual break contest were: Will Hill, East Texas Baptist University (21) Amanda Neal, Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana (15) Top 8 complete standings (scholarship money is awarded to the top 4): Women’s Division: 1 Michelle Yim University of Houston 2 Delia Mocanu Northeastern University 3 Cindy Ho California State University - Sacramento 4 Heather Platter University of Florida 5/6 Jennifer Acierto Virginia Commonwealth University 5/6 Angelica Rudow University of Arizona 7/8 Giovanni Aviles University of Illinois - Chicago 7/8 Amanda Neal Ivy Tech Community College - Central Indiana

Men’s Division: 1 Matt Shilinski University of Maryland - University College 2 Charles Barker Weber State University 3 Bo Jin Purdue University 4 Stephen Skvarka Virginia Tech 5/6 Lee Nathanson University of Maryland 5/6 Mackenzie “Mack” Harrell East Carolina University 7/8 Raymond Linares Miami Dade College - Kendall Campus 7/8 Ryan Kuhlmann University of Minnesota - Duluth For additional information about the ACUI 9-ball Championships, visit or the Facebook groups “ACUI 9-ball” and “2012 ACUI 9-ball Championships.”


August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 31


CSI Tunica Open Players Cash at Harrah’s CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada -- July 27, 2012 -- The CSI Tunica Open, a satellite event of the 1st Annual Southern Classic, drew 84 players in the 8-Ball division during July 20-22 and 79 players in the 9-Ball division during July 23-25 at Harrah’s Tunica in Tunica, Mississippi. CSI (CueSports International) awarded a total of $9,060 to the top finishers in the six double elimination divisions. Payouts: 8-BALL MEN’S OPEN SINGLES 1st Place:-----------------$2,200--------------- Robert Frost 2nd Place:----------------$650--------------------Sean King 3rd Place:-----------------$200-------- Nicholas Hickerson 8-BALL MEN’S SENIOR SINGLES 1st Place:-----------------$$650-----------------Joey Aguzin 2nd Place:----------------$230-----------Scott Willoughby 3rd Place:-----------------$100---------------- Robert Doral 8-BALL WOMEN’S OPEN SINGLES 1st Place:-----------------$450---------------Nicole Keeney 2nd Place:----------------$150----------------Jessie Human 3rd Place:-----------------$60----------------------Liz Lovely 9-BALL MEN’S OPEN SINGLES 1st Place:-----------------$2,000------ Nicholas Hickerson 2nd Place:----------------$650------------- Dustin Wilkins 3rd Place:-----------------$200---------------- Gabe Apollos 9-Ball Men’s Senior Singles 1st Place:-----------------$630-----------Gene Albrecht Sr. 2nd Place:----------------$220-------------- John Bretinoiu 3rd Place:-----------------$90--------------- Bobby Hibbitts 9-BALL WOMEN’S OPEN SINGLES 1st Place:-----------------$420--------------------Liz Lovely 2nd Place:----------------$120---------------Nicole Keeney 3rd Place:-----------------$40--------------Grace Nakamura To view the brackets for the CSI Tunica Open, visit the CueSports Tournament System (CTS) at www. The CSI Tunica Open was produced by CueSports International and played on 7’ Diamond tables. The 1st Annual Southern Classic was produced by Diamond Billiard Products and played on 9’ and 10’ Diamond tables. CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. In the past seven years CSI has directly paid out approximately Seven Million Dollars to players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events such as the US Bar Table Championships, the Jay Swanson Memorial, the US Open One Pocket Championship and the US Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit, and for more information about CSI and its divisions.

32 Stroke Magazine - August 2012

Ultimate Billiards

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Ultra Skin Layered Cue Tips

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Dawn Fanty is June Licensee of the month

TAP LLC, Corporate, would like to recognize as our June Licensee of the month, Dawn Fanty. Dawn Fanty is the licensee for Allegheny and Washington counties, Three Rivers TAP League (PA.). She has been a licensee for a and a half years and a avid pool player for 10 years. Dawn's love of pool and people has enabled her to grow her league from 14 to nearly 50 teams. She has successfully organized and managed local Titleholders and National Qualifier events. It is her desire and ultimate goal to promote the individual pool player as well as the TAP League Organization as a whole. Dawn strives to create a friendly, competitive environment where people can share a common passion. Congratulations Dawn on a job well done.

TAP Scorekeeper for iPhones

TAP LLC has just announced they are ready to launch their new smart phone application the TAP Scorekeeper for I Phones. This new app. will allow their members to enter score sheets immediately and instantly into TAP's Pool-Net handicapping system by using their cell phones or I Pads . Gone are the days of mailing score sheets or even faxing them in the next day, although players can still have a choice of using whatever option they feel comfortable using. This is just the tip of the iceberg on how TAP plans on harnessing today's technology. Many more hi tech features are in the planning stages for future use to enhance the pool league experience for their members. With I pad's and I phones provided by Loyd Schonter the TAP Scorekeeper App will be used at all TAP National Events. TAP Founder, Loyd Schonter says "It's a win, win... going green and great technology" A special thanks to TAP member and App Designer Joshua Junqeira for teaming up with TAP Corporate to launch this innovative idea. The TAP Scorekeepr is available for download on the Apple Store. TAP....One Team, One Goal!

August 2012 - Stroke Magazine 33


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Click on the MAP link online to get directions to each location DATE Aug 4 Aug 4

CITY Conyers, GA Buffalo, NY

LOCATION PHONE Classic Billiards (770) 679-5278 Bison Billiards (716) 632-0281 Aug 4-5 Varies Behind the Rock (253) 226-3594 Aug 11 E Rutherford, NJ Castle Billiards (201) 933-6007 Aug 11-12 Catonsville, MD VIP Billiards Aug 17-19 Glen Burnie, MD Big Daddy’s Billiards (410) 757-3488 Aug 18-19 Tallahassee, FL Zingale’s Billiards (850) 224-8644 Aug 18 Brooklyn, NY Gotham City Billiards (718) 714-1002 Aug 23-26 Verona, NY Turning Stone (518) 356-7163 Aug 25 Staten Island, NY Pt Richmond Billiard Club (718) 727-0800 Aug 25 Pelham, AL Poppa’s Billiards (205) 664-2949 Aug 25 Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Aug 30-Sep 3 Scottsdale, AZ BCAPL Sep 1-2 Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Sep 1 Greensboro, NC Gate City Billiards Club (336) 856-8800 Sep 1 Buffalo, NY Bison Billiards (716) 632-0281 Sep 1-3 New York, NY Amsterdam Billiards (212) 995-0333 Sep 7-9 Fargo, ND Big Sky Challenge (406) 945-4788 (see ad Below) Sep 8 E Rutherford, NJ Castle Billiards (201) 933-6007 Sep 8-9 Glen Burnie, MD Big Daddy’s Billiards Sep 15 Bayside, NY Cue Bar (718) 631-2646 Sep 22 Brooklyn, NY Gotham City Billiards (718) 714-1002 Sep 29 Flushing, NY Carom Cafe Billiards (718) 358-8585 Sep 29-30 Waterville, ME T J’s Billiards (207) 877-7665 Oct 6 Stuart, FL Amy’s Billiards (772) 232-9966 Oct 6 Buffalo, NY Bison Billiards (716) 632-0281 Oct 12-14 Phoenix, AZ Bullshooters (602) 441-2447 Oct 13 Oct 14

Live Streaming

EVENT / RULES ENTRY 9-Ball $75 8-Ball Bar Box $35 (incl g.f.) Trimester Event $35 A/B/C/D Tri State Tour Call Action Pool Tour Stop $90-$40 MD State 14-1 Straight Pool Varies 9-Ball Open $65 A/B/C/D Tri State Tour Call 9-Ball Open-Tour Finale $150/$200 A/B/C/D Tri State Tour Call 9-Ball Open $30 Flamingo Billiards Tour Call Southwest Regionals Varies Scotch Doubles Men’s Open Singles Men’s Adv/Master Singles Women’s Singles Men’s/Mixed Teams Women’s Teams 9-Ball Sizzler Call 9-Ball Carolina Open-Max 32 $50 8-Ball Bar Box $35 (incl g.f.) George Ginky San Souci Mem. Call 10-Ball Scotch Doubles 8-Ball Doubles 9-Ball Singles 8-Ball Singles A/B/C/D Tri State Tour Call Action Pool Tour Stop $90-$40 A/B/C/D Tri State Tour Call A/B/C/D Tri State Tour Call A/B/C/D Tri State Tour Call Joss Tour Event $120/$70 Cues for the Cure Call 8-Ball Bar Box $35 (incl g.f.) S.W. One Pocket Fest $200 9-Ball Mini Call 10-Ball Mini Call

ADDED $1,000 Guar 1st $250 Guar $$$ $500 Online Call $3,000 $1500 $25,000 $750 $300 Call $6,000

$1,000 Call $250 Guar


$500 Online $1,000 $1,500 $1,500 $1500/$500 Call $250 Guar $4,000 $$$ $$$

Sep 7-8-9, 2012 Big Sky Challenge $10,000 LIVE from Fargo, ND Winner Take All Team Challenge

34 Stroke Magazine - August 2012

The Leader In Live Streaming


Call Noon Noon


$4,000 Call $10,000 Winner take all


TIME Call Noon Call Call Online 6PM 9AM Call Call Call 1PM Call Online

Call Online Call Call Call Call Call Noon 6:00PM Call Call







March 2011 - Rackem Magazine 15

Stroke Magazine August Issue 2012  
Stroke Magazine August Issue 2012  

Stroke Magazine for the United States Eastern Time Zone has the August Issue online. Read all of your local tour results, BEF, Southern Clas...