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June 2011 - Stroke Magazine 3

Ellerman Dominates

Seminole Tour

By: Gerry Mayen

Mitch Ellerman

The first stop in this year's Seminole Pro Tour took us to beautiful Mountain View California. A very strong field of 107 players chalked up their cues for a chance to take home the first place trophy, $5,000 cash prize and a bottle of Grand Touring Vodka. The three day event did not disappoint with several great matches in every round of play. Four of the Tour stop winners from last season were in the player’s field for this event, including Mike Dechaine and Rodney Morris, 2010 Player of the Year Corey Deuel and 2010 Steve Mizerak Championship winner Earl Strickland. The blind draw got the great action immediately with the first round matchup between Earl Strickland and Alex Pagulayan. Pagulayan took the early lead 2-0, but Strickland would not be denied and would come back to win 9-5. Strickland would not get a chance for a breather, as he would then face Rodney Morris who had come off a first round win over Jeff Carter 9-5. Strickland and Morris battled it out to a hill-hill score and Strickland would move on and send Morris to the westside of the bracket. Strickland would then have to face veteran player Ismael Paez and defeat him 9-4. Amar Kang would be the next opponent for Strickland. Kang too would fall victim to Strickland 9-3. Strickland seemed as if he could not be beat. He would then face Mike Dechaine, who was on a great run of his own having beat Norm Alicia (9-1), Jeff Gregory

4 Stroke Magazine - June 2011

(9-3), Tyler Van Wulven (9-5) and Rob Hart (9-5). S t r i c k l a n d and Dechaine exchanged one spectacular shot after another. Strickland would edge out Dechaine hill-hill and would advance to face Raj Hundal. Hundal proved to be too much for Strickland to handle for that day and was able to end the run and send Strickland left by a count of 9-3. Strickland would then have a rematch with Rodney Morris, who had been tearing through the one-loss side since round two. The second time around Morris would prove to be too much for Strickland and eliminated him from the tournament in 5/6th place. With all of the big names in the draw at this event, few people gave Mitch Ellerman a chance to come away with the victory. Ellerman began the event with a 9-4 victory against Steve Chaplin. He would move on to play Virginian Brandon Shuff in round two. Shuff gave Ellerman a tough run, but Ellerman would advance with a 9-7 win. Jonathan Demet would be the next to stand in the way of Ellerman's quest across the right side of the bracket. Demet would fall 9-5 to Ellerman's straight shooting. Californian Oscar Dominguez would be Ellerman's next opponent. Dominguez was unable to stall Ellerman's runs and would lose 9-5. Ellerman would be paired against Jesse "The Governor" Engel in his next match. Engel had previous beat Corey Deuel and seemed poised to be able to claim his first Seminole Pro Tour victory of his career. Ellerman would not be denied and would send "The Governor" to the one-loss side. Louis Ulrich would be the next to try to stand in the way of Ellerman. Ulrich started off strong and took a slight early lead, but Ellerman was a man on a mission and would defeat Ulrich on his way to the hot seat match against Raj Hundal. Ellerman would come out victorious over Hundal 9-7 and win the hot seat. Hundal would move west to face Rodney Morris. Hundal would defeat Morris 9-5 and move back to the right to face

Ellerman again, but this time one race to 11 for the championship. Ellerman would strike first and take the early 2-0 lead. Hundal would come right back to tie things up at 2 games apiece. Ellerman then ran three racks in a row to make it 5-2. Hundal added one more win to his tally to make it 5-3. The one rack loss did not faze Ellerman, as he won the next four racks to expand his lead to a comfortable 9-3. Hundal would win the next rack to pull to within 5 at 9-4. Hundal would break dry, leaving the perennial door open for Ellerman to finish off the match and the championship. Ellerman would win the next rack to get on the hill, but it was at this moment that the fortunes of Hundal would temporarily change for the better. While Ellerman was finishing running the previous rack, Hundal ordered a vanilla milkshake. By the time it was his turn to shoot, Hundal had his milkshake in hand and it seemed to give him the added boast he was lacking. Hundal, with milkshake close by his side, went on to win the next 4 racks to double up his tally to 8. Now at 10-8, Hundal once again broke dry. This time around, Ellerman would not let his chance slip through his fingers and looked to finish the match. Ellerman lined up to shot the 10 ball and win the tournament when Hundal graciously threw in the white towel to concede the match and championship to Mitch Ellerman. The milkshake was not enough to make a complete comeback for Hundal, as Mitch Ellerman won 11-8 to complete his first ever Seminole Pro Tour championship. A huge thank you goes out to Chris Swart, owner of the California Billiard Club, and his wonderful staff for being such gracious host for the event. The tournament could not have had more action and excitement. This should just be a preview of the type of pool that can be expected from the rest of the 2011 Seminole Pro Tour season. Next tournament will take place at Capone’s Billiard in Spring Hill Florida on July 8-10. Until then, Rack On!! 1 $5,000 2 $3,000 3 $2,500 4 $1,800 5/6 $1,200 7/8 $900 9-12 $700 13-16 $350 17-24 $250

Mitch Ellerman Raj Hundal Rodney Morris Mike Dechaine Louis Ulrich, Earl Strickland Oscar Dominguez, Paul Juarez Chris Bartram, Deo Alpajora, Jesse Engel, Corey Deuel Ramon Mistica, Jose Perica, Dave Hemma, Sylver Ochoa Ernesto Dominguez, Ralph Daloian, George Pagulayan, Frank Robutz, Santos Sambajon Jr., Demetrius Jelatis, Rob Hart, Amar Kang

Chris Gentile

U. S. Open One Pocket Face Off

Reyes Crowned U.S. Open One Pocket Champion by: CSI staff

“The Magician” Efren Reyes went undefeated through the full 64-player field to become the 2011 (12th) U.S. Open One Pocket Champion at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Produced by CueSports International, the $10,000 added event drew the finest one pocket players from around the world as well a sophisticated room full of spectators. Reyes defeated poker star Chris Gentile in the single set finals 5-2. This was Gentile’s first U.S. Open One Pocket and his most successful finish in a major one pocket event. Gentile had an impressive showing, besting Mike Davis 4-1 and Rafael Martinez 4-3. To enter the semi-finals, Gentile narrowly avoided a loss to “The Pearl” Earl Strickland when he came back from being down 3-0 to win 4-3. In the a-side finals, Gentile’s run was halted by Reyes. Reyes took a quick lead 3-1 after an unfortunate scratch by Gentile. After an aggressive cut shot on the 3 ball, Reyes gave up game five but had the break up 3-2. Gentile chipped away at the stack and responded to Reyes’s moves but in the end, the magician worked his magic and closed out the set.

Efren Reyes

Alex Pagulayan had a rough start, losing 4-0 to Jeremy Jones, only pocketing two balls the entire set. “I’m just not feeling it. I better figure it out,” he said after the match. Pagulayan went on to win nine straight matches on the b-side before meeting up with Gentile in the semi-finals early Sunday night. The players exchanged moves and put on a clinic for the fans but Gentile would advance to meet Reyes in the finals. With a game like one pocket, predicting match times and schedules can be tricky. This event ran smoothly under the direction of Bill Stock, Ken Schuman, and John Leyman. To view the full detailed brackets, payouts and live scoring for both the 12th U.S. Open One Pocket and the 3rd U.S. Open 10-Ball Championships visit CSI’s CueSports Tournament System (CTS) at 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6 7/8

$8,000 Efren Reyes $4,400 Christopher Gentile $3,000 Alex Pagulayan $2,000 Scott “Freezer” Frost $1,400 Corey Deuel, Earl Strickland $1,000 John Henderson, Brian Butler

June 2011 - Stroke Magazine 5

Two Tricky Shots By: Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy At pool, the family of trick shots has three subcategories: fancy shots like masse shots and tough proposition shots which require great skill, set-up shots which most players can make if the balls are in just the right places, and finally tricky shots which require a technique that is not normally a part of the game. The first two types can be great Bob Jewett teachers and testers and I think any serious student of the game needs to spend some time working on them to push out the boundaries of what’s possible. The last kind of trick shot is just plain fun, provided that you keep the bet small. In Shot 1 the eight ball is sitting up on the cushion supported by two solids. (You may need to tap the two supporters into place to keep this abnormal configuration from collapsing.) You announce that you are going to hit the eight ball first and keep the cue ball on the table. You might build up the drama by elevating your cue stick as if for a full-length jump shot. 8 3 2 Instead, shoot the cue ball just hard enough to reach the balls and as the cue ball passes mid-table, bump the table with your hip. The eight will come down onto the table just in time to meet the cue ball. This shot is an oldie, having first appeared in print in 1900 in the book “Fun on the Billiard Table” by Stanley Clifford under the pen name 1 “Stancliffe.” 9 If you want to shoot the fullShot 2 length jump shot, remove the object balls and annouce that you are going to play the cue ball off the end rail into the left side pocket. Elevate some and hit the cue ball hard with follow -- don’t be timid. (It’s best to practice this on a table that doesn’t have a low light or nearby windows.) Shot 1 The cue ball will fly off the far rail, and with the right speed will reach you at shoulder height at which time you catch it with your left hand and put it in your left pocket. This was one of Willie Mosconi’s standard exhibition shots, and there is no report of him injuring spectators or knocking himself out. Note that Willie wore a suit jacket and not tight jeans so the shot was easy for him. Shot 2 is a combination to make the nine ball. The position doesn’t look favorable, but a confident, flowing stroke straight through the center of the cue ball is all that’s required, provided that the cue and nine are straight in line to the pocket and you follow through far enough. A little care is required in the set up so that the one ball does not hit the nine at all and that the cue ball as it glances off the one doesn’t hit the nine ball either. Of course it is your cue stick that knocks the nine in on a hit that can’t be seen if you shoot hard enough. This shot also has some history behind it as it appeared in the great pool movie “The Hustler.” You may need to watch the DVD version to see the shot as the broadcast version often has many of the pool scenes cut out. In the film, Fast Eddie (Paul Newman) shoots the shot and Fats (Jackie Gleason) comments, “Nice shot, Eddie.” REJ

Read more articles by Bob Jewett at

6 Stroke Magazine - June 2011

3 Simple Tips to Remain the Favorite By Samm Diep © April 2011

Sometimes, being the clear favorite to win in a match can feel like just as much pressure as when you’re the underdog. Many times you and your opponent are pretty evenly matched but there are other times when there’s a clear favorite. And when that favorite is you, there’s a natural expectation to feel you should win. Often times those expectations can result in unnecessary pressure. What can you do to remain the favorite? Keep reading… How do you identify the lower-level player? Samm Diep Usually, he/she is the one who: Makes more mistakes. Does not break as well. Is often careless. Rushes shots. Is more aggressive. Plays fewer safeties. Misses more. The time will come when you lose a match where you felt you should’ve won. These are those matches where, instead of getting beat, you feel like you beat yourself. Your opponent has nothing to lose. They may not even expect to win. It could’ve been that you underestimated your opponent or maybe you put too much pressure on yourself to win. Whatever the case may be, you were technically the more skilled player but you did not perform to your potential. It can take just as much discipline and concentration to defeat a weaker opponent as it does the tougher one. If you don’t take them and the match just as seriously, you’ll find yourself as the weaker of the two. Here are three simple tips to help you remain the favorite in a match: Challenge yourself not to give up one single game. Watching your opponent miss and scratch can be contagious. If you begin to get careless, that three game lead can easily turn into a hill-hill match. Don’t let the match be closer than it should. When you feel like you should win, don’t just win. See if you can play a perfect set. Do not change your game. There are few things worse than a false sense of security. It can be very easy to take your opponent for granted and start making aggressive decisions. Have the discipline to play the safety versus the fun, low percentage shot. Be thankful for the opportunity to warm up. Instead of getting hasty, really bear down and be deliberate with your decisions and execution. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Utilize this match as an opportunity to get in stroke for your next match. When you’re the better player, more often than not you will come away the victor. The less experienced players reveal flaws that will eventually cost them games and then the match. In most cases, the player that demonstrates the fewest weaknesses is the one that prevails. The next time you find yourself the clear favorite in a match, keep these three tips in mind to ensure you remain the favorite.

Read more articles by Samm Diep at

April 2011 - Stroke Magazine 7

2011 BCAPL Grand Masters

Robles and Villarreal Snag Grand Master Titles at 35th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships by CSI Staff The first two singles division titles were claimed Monday at the 35th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. “The Texas Tornado” Vivian Villarreal went undefeated to become the new BCAPL Women’s Grand Master Champion. Villarreal defeated Canadian Junior National champion Brittany Bryant in a tight match score of 8-6. Bryant bested Li Jia from Asakita, Hiros and New Mexico’s Anna Kostanian before meeting up with Villarreal. Villarreal also rolled through Jia and Melissa Little both by a score of 8-3.

Vivian Villarreal

Of the 27 men competing in the BCAPL Men’s Grand Master singles, “The Silent Assassin” Tony Robles is that division’s new champion. Robles went undefeated throughout the division. The last several matches were close. Robles sent Dan Louie from Seattle to the one loss side 9-7 in the hot seat match. In the semi finals, Louie squared off with Maryland’s Shaun Wilkie who Louie previous tossed to the one loss side. This time it was Wilkie victor over Louie though 9-7. In the finals against Robles, which was a true double elimination, Wilkie claimed the first set 9-5 after taking advantage of the numerous dry breaks by Robles. In the second set, Wilkie took the lead, 6-4 when the tables turned. Wilkie came up dry for the first time in the set allowing Robles to run that rack and the following four to take the match. The remaining

singles and scotch doubles divisions will be completed today, Tuesday, May 17th. Additionally, as always with the BCAPL National Championships there are many other festivities abound. The CSI 14.1 Challenge has been tremendously popular with seniors, women, amateur men and pro categories taking place on two 9’ Diamond Pro Cut tables. The BCAPL crowd has been treated to top notch 14.1 players such as Mike Immonen, Danny Harriman and John Schmidt. The top eight accumulative scores in the professional division advance to a single elimination tournament. With $20,000 on the line for any player who, in a single run matches or beat’s Mosconi’s high run of 526, there are many motivated players. Tuesday night at the BCAPL nationals was also Challenge the Pros night, a fundraiser for the CSI Junior Pool Program which will distribute the funds to benefit the Billiard Education Foundation. This year’s fundraiser is specifically to raise money to assist the U.S. Junior National team in 2011 to fund experienced coaches to the 2011 Junior World event in Poland and to raise money for junior pool clinics around the country. To view the brackets and payouts for all divisions of the 35th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships and the 3rd U.S. Open 10Ball Championship visit the CSI CueSports Tournament System at Photos courtesy of Fred Stoll -

Tony Robles 8 Stroke Magazine - June 2011

June 2011 - Stroke Magazine 9

U.S. Open 10 by: CSI Staff

Las Vegas, NV The finals of the 3rd U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship was between two highly decorated professionals from both sides of the Atlantic. After 6 days the field of 96 player, representing 10 countries, whittled down to U.S. favorite Shane Van Boening and Spain’s David Alcaide. Held at the Riviera Hotel & Casino and produced by CueSports International (CSI), in front of an enthusiastic crowd, Van Boening was crowned the 2011 champion winning 11-6. Starting the day four players returned for day six of the event. The first match featured Spain’s David Alcaide versus relatively unknown player, Dennis Haar from Terre Haute, Indiana. This was Haar’s first professional 10-ball tournament and his best finish in any big event. Haar cleared a path to the final four by way of defeating top players James Baraks, Mitch Ellerman, Mike Dechaine, and Jonathan Pinegar. Unfortunately, his efforts fell short against Alcaide who jumped ahead at 6-5. Haar jumped and hung a 1-ball for Alcaide to get on the hill. At 7-5, Haar missed a 4-7 combination that would cost him the match. In the winner side finals match between Van Boening and Corey Deuel, both players appeared to be “trading errors,” said TAR commentators. They exchanged racks until the score was 4-4 when Deuel hooked himself on the 7-ball. Deuel would win one more game to make it 5-4 before Van Boening took the next four, breaking and running on hill to win 8-5. Deuel and Alcaide would meet next for the semi-finals match, race to 9, win by two games. In this match, Alcaide jumped to a quick 4-1 lead and appeared to be playing fast and loose. The gentlemen exchanged some defensive maneuvers over the next few racks until the score was tied 4-4. In an unbelievable turn of events, Deuel missed the 1-ball with ball in hand allowing Alcaide to take that game and the next one. Both players continued to struggle, exchanging racks until Alcaide took the set 9-6. The final match was a race to 11, win by two games. Van Boening entered

David Alcaide 10 Stroke Magazine - June 2011

0-Ball Battle the finals undefeated. 2011 has been another banner year for Van Boening as he also recently ran over the competition at the Derby City Classic taking first in the One Pocket, second in 9-Ball and the Master of the Table honors in addition to taking 9th in the World 8-Ball Championship. Alcaide, long considered the top professional player in Spain, recently finished 3rd in the World 8-Ball Championship, 9th in the Beijing Open Men’s Division and was the first player from Spain to represent Team Europe in the Mosconi Cup. Alcaide came through the one loss side winning 7 matches in a row after a 3rd round loss to Scott Frost. The nerves ran high into the finals between Van Boening and Alcaide. Alcaide took a quick 5-1 lead when a dry break would cost him two games. At 5-3, Van Boening returned the favor with a dry break but Alcaide was unable to capitalize. He missed a 6 ball that allowed Van Boening to close the gap and take the lead. In the middle section of the match, the spectators were treated to several safety battle games. However Van Boening prevailed and won seven games in a row to pull ahead 8-5 when Alcaide finally seized his opportunity with a tricky 6-10 combo billiard from the 3-ball. That would be the final game he would win. Van Boening turned it into high gear and kicked in the 4-ball at 10-6 followed by a safety on the 5-ball which led to ball in hand and the run out. The 3rd U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship was sponsored by Mueller Recreational Products, McDermott Cues, Diamond Billiard Products, Simonis, Aramith, the Magic Rack, Billiards Digest and BreakRAK with direction by CSI Director of Rules and Referees Bill Stock with Ken Shuman from California and John Leyman from New York. The Action Report (TAR) live streamed the entire 6 days of the event with additional expert assistance by the team from Run Out Media. CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events such as the U.S. Bar Table Championships, the Jay Swanson Memorial, the U.S. Open One Pocket Championship and the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit, and for more information about CSI and its divisions 1st $15,000 2nd $8,500 3rd $6,500 4th $4,800 5/6 $3,450 7/8 $2,400 9-12 $1,750 13-16 $1,300 17-24 $975

Shane Van Boening David Alcaide Corey Deuel Dennis Haar Johnathan Pinegar Scott Frost Mike Dechaine Ralf Souquet Darren Appleton Efren Reyes Mitch Ellerman Charlie Williams Raj Hundal Mike Davis Jr Jame Baraks Alex Pagulayan Jeremy Sossei Oscar Dominguez John Schmidt Kenichi Uchigaki Danny Harriman Ernesto Dominguez Corey Harper Brandon Shuff

Shane Van Boening June 2011 - Stroke Magazine 11

2011 BCAPL by CSI Staff Tuesday, May 17th at the 35th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas was all about the semis and finals in both the singles and scotch doubles divisions. The best of the best in each division focused to keep their stroke mechanics and nerves in place as hundreds of spectators watched who would take the top spots in each event. Runaway Matches From the 381 ladies, Jennifer Kraber of Austin, Texas (league 621) went undefeated to become the 2011 BCAPL Women’s Open Champion. Her lopsided finals match against Josie Leroy of Newberg, Oregon (league 154 & 432) ended in a score of 4-0. Over the three days of singles play, Kraber only gave up eight games in her ten matches. Kraber, a regular top finisher on the OB Cues regional tour, also had a 7th place finish in the masters scotch doubles with long-time partner James Davis, Sr. of Manor, Texas. In the BCAPL Men’s Masters finals, Harvey Shognosh of Forrest, Ontario, Canada (league 601) also went undefeated through the 45 player field of top notch players to best Gustavo Correa of Houston, Texas (league 191 & 1073) with a final score of 7-4. Both players delivered strong performances in a near flawless finals match for spectators. Scotch Doubles Madness It was an all Arizona BCAPL Open Scotch Doubles finale. Of the 338 entries, the Mesa team of Jesse Renteria (league 293 & 526) and Bernie Store (league 293) went undefeated to beat the team of Chris Paradowski and Lois Schmitt from Tucson (both league 24). It was Store and Renteria’s first tournament playing together. “I’ve known this guy for 12 years and never played a game of scotch together,” said Store. Of the 71 BCAPL Masters Scotch Doubles teams, John Maikke and Dana Aft from Atlanta, Georgia (both league 875) came through the b-side to defeat the Wisconsin team of Robert Hovick (league 348) and Kelly Birmingham (league 807) in a two-set finals score of 5-1, 4-3. It was run-out scotch doubles pool at its finest. Every game in both sets was finished in one inning or less. Double-Dippers In the 112 player BCAPL Women’s Senior division, Shawn Modelo from Antioch, California (league 322) came through to redeem herself in the finals. After losing the driver seat match to Lois Schmitt of Tucson, Arizona, Modelo was came back with a vengeance. She took the first set handily, 4-0. Schmitt would put up a bigger fight in the second set. When the match was hillhill, Modelo hooked herself on the 8-ball and nearly kicked it in. Schmitt missed her opening shot and left a shot and the win for Modelo. 2nd 8-Ball Men’s Grand Masters: Meanwhile one table over, Shaun Wilkie (MD) 18-year-old Danny Olson from

C Bham C

1st 8-Ball Master Scotch Doubles: John Maikke, Dana Aft (GA)

2nd 8-Ball Men’s Senior Singles: Bill McCoy (PA)

12 Stroke Magazine - June 2011


L P s p A hi


Brookings, South Dakota (league 953) was grinding it out. After losing his first match of the new BCAPL Men’s Advanced division, he came through the 100-player field to double-dip local Las Vegas favorite Chris C. Akey (league 769) 6-2, 6-2. Olson won the men’s players member division in 2010. Of the 283 entries in the popular BCAPL Men’s Senior division, Bill Skinner of Aurora, Colorado (league 671) double rolled through the finals match against Bill McCoy (league 187) from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 5-1, 5-1. After losing 5-3 to McCoy earlier in the tournament, Skinner was on a mission and the mission was accomplished. Hill-Hill Mania Veteran 8-ball player Jolene Herum from River Falls, Wisconsin (league 234 & 996) cruised undefeated through the 39-player BCAPL Women’s Advanced division. Meanwhile Tacoma, Washington’s Cindy Sliva (league 154) lost her first match and came back through 10 rounds including a tough hill-hill match with Junior National Champion Liz Lovely to meet Herum in the finals. Sliva was ahead 4-3 but was unable to capitalize. At hill-hill, Herum broke and ran to close out the set 5-4. In the BCAPL Women’s Master finals, it was a case of different division déjà vu. Of the 27 entries, Amanda Lampert from Frisco, Texas (league 1034) lost her first match 7-5 to Arizona’s Susan Williams (league 293 & 1094), only to fight her way to the finals against Canadian Jana Montour (league 497). At hill-hill, Montour broke and ran to take the set and the title. Final score was 7-6. Robert Green from Bellaire, Texas (league 151 & 406) went undefeated to best Bill Dunsmore of Lutz, Florida in the finals of the men’s super seniors (age 65+). At hill-hill, Dunsmore ran down to his key ball and was left with a tricky bank which he missed. Green methodically ran off his balls to claim the match 5-4 and the super seniors title. In a hill-hill spectacular BCAPL Men’s Open finale of the evening, Mike Alonzo from Pasadena, Texas (league 502, 1073 & 152) defeated 16-year-old phenom Chris Byers from Tualatin, Oregon (league 432). From a field of 1,328 players, the two competitors drew a packed house of spectators. The teenager is no stranger to the winner’s circle. Byer has a recent runner-up finish in the Western BCA Championships. In a race to five, Byers lost hillhill to Alonzo earlier in the tournament but took the first set of the finals 5-4. In the second set,

s n o i p

(BCAPL Singles continued on page 19)

1st 8-Ball Men’s Super Sr Singles: Bill Dunsmore (FL)

2nd 9-Ball Men’s Open Singles: Jordan Grube (WV)

1st 9-Ball Men’s Open Singles: Mike Miller (PA)

2nd 9-Ball Women’s Open Singles: Michele Li (NJ)

June 2011 - Stroke Magazine 13

Trick Shots by Sarge By Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth


(reprinted from August Issue 2003) How did you do on last month’s stroke shot? It was a very challenging shot, and when executed properly it is a truly beautiful shot. This month’s Artistic shot is from the Jump Discipline and has a Degree of Difficulty (D.O.D.) of 6. Maybe you have seen this shot performed on ESPN’s Tick Shot Magic recently. This is one of the easier jump shots. Object ball letter coincides with corresponding pocket letter. To set this shot up place A ball centered between Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth pocket points. Now place row of blocking balls curved as per diagram, with one end of row starting at first diamond left of pocket C and other end of row at first diamond from pocket C on the foot rail. The maximum spacing between the blocking balls is one inch. Next you place the cue ball anywhere between the curved row of balls

Sandcastle’s Monthly Scoreboard

From left: 2nd place Keith Adamik; center  winner Bogie Uzdejczyk;  right  3rd place Tony Ignomirello

Bogie Uzdejczyk


10 Ball


Bogie played went undefeated, despite a couple of tough, cliff- hangers against Ken DeCuire and Keith Adamik. His tournament trail included wins over Jason Egeln 8 - 6; Nick Verducci 9 - 4; Ken DeCuire 8 - 7, Keith Adamik 7 - 6; and Tony Ignomirello 9 - 7 to the Hot Seat. While Bogie sat comfortably in the Hot Seat, Ken DeCuire and Keith Adamik fought their way back to face each, for a lock on third. Keith emerged the winner against Ken 7 - 5 and, then defeated Tony 8 - 7 for a return match against Bogie in the Finals. The Finals, went quickly with a 10 balls on the break and couple of combos. Bogie came out ahead 7 - 5 for the win. Many thanks belong to The "Sandman" for his generous support of the Tri-State Tour and the sport. We would also like to thank Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Ron Tarr Cues, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kenetics, and Dr. Dave Billiards Instructional Products for their sponsorship leading to this event.

and pocket C. Now you are ready to execute the shot. The objective of this shot is to shoot the cue ball with a jump stroke into the foot cushion. The cue ball will rebound back jumping over the blocking balls and travel down table to make A ball as pocket letter designated. Here are some special notes. The cue ball may touch an extra cushion on its way to pocket A ball. The blocking balls must not be touched by any means in the shot process. A scratch is allowed. Here are some helpful hints on executing the shot. Don’t elevate the butt of your cue too high for this shot. You only need to be between 20 to 30 degrees on this shot. You must use a stable, elevated open V bridge for this jump shot. When you place your cue ball align it so that when it jumps over the blocking balls it jumps over the edges of two balls instead of having to jump over a full ball. This will make the shot much easier. When you aim into the foot cushion make sure your tip is centered through the vertical axis of the cue ball. You definitely don’t want any English on this shot.

Big Daddy’s Billiards

Maryland 14.1 Championships July 22-24 $275 entry - $8000 Added Open event Call for Info

7954 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd Glen Burnie, MD 410-760-1332

14 Stroke Magazine - June 2011

PAYOUTS 1st $550.00 2nd $350.00 3rd $200.00 4th $130.00 5th - 6th $80/$80 7th - 8th $60/$60 9th - 12th

Bogie Uzdejczyk Keith Adamik Tony Ignomirello Ken DeCuire Paul Raval, Rapheal DaBreo Ed Culhane, Ricardo Mejia Richard Ng, Ben Sadowski, Brian Cap Basdeo Sookhai

2011 BCAPL Champions! by CSI Staff More divisions and events were created for players at this year’s (35th) BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships. With the addition of the Men’s and Women’s 9-Ball Open Singles divisions, two new 9-ball team divisions were added to the end of the 10-day extravaganza so players could have more events in which to participate. A new 8-Ball Mixed Advanced division was also created to allow more teams to compete as well. Of the nine total 8-ball and 9-ball team divisions, three of the winning teams came from the Chicago area. In the Men’s Mixed 8-Ball Open Team division, the Chicago team Off Constantly was not off at all. They went undefeated through the field of 618 teams with only a couple close matches. In the finals, they bested The Little Rascals from Downey, California by a devastating score of 13 to 4. “This was our first time playing nationals together,” said Off Constantly team captain Tony Gahala.


1st 8-Ball Mixed Advanced Teams: Riverside Gators (PA) Ace Aughtry, Bill McCoy, Tiny Murray Jr, Rich Nace, Andy Secker the final match. It was a well earned victory for T’s Bar. The new Mixed Advanced 8-Ball Team, Riverside Gators from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, almost let the prize slip through their fingers when the Texas Assassins came for them. In a two-set finale, the Assassins handily took the first set 11 to 6. With Texas state champions on the roster and a previous Texas State team championship under their belts, they were poised for a comeback. Little did they know, the Gators were hungry for the win. With Men’s Senior Singles runner-up Bill McCoy on their team, Riverside Gators pulled out a close win in the second set 11 to 9. Also hailing from Chicago and playing out of the same pool room as the Men’s Mixed 8-Ball Open Team Champions is the Women’s Masters 8-Ball team The Domin8’ers. The tenacity these ladies displayed paid off. They


s p i sh

n o i mp

a h C

In the Women’s Open 8-Ball Team division, T’s Bar from Pueblo, Colorado went undefeated through the 126 team field to take home the gold. This solid team of ladies gave up very few games in their matches and the finals were no exception. Even the veteran Wisconsin ladies team of Jackson Cues only won two games in

2nd 9-Ball Mixed Open Teams: C.O.Z. (Curse of Zeno) (FL) Jim Doyle, Zeno Rawley, Steve Rolls

lost their second round to the New York Dolls and fought through the field for a rematch. Hill-hill in the first set, a showdown took place between team captains Gina Kim-Lipsky of the Dolls and Jacqui Herrera-Schroeder of the Domin8’ers. With only two stripes left, Kim-Lipsky unintentionally left herself a tricky combination which she missed. HerreraSchroeder ranout and with new life, the Domin8’ers lived up to their name, taking the second set 9 to 5 for the title. The intimate field at this year’s Men’s Mixed Masters 8-Ball Team championship has hopes of growing the division in the coming years. It was no surprise the Flip Flops from Tulsa, Oklahoma went undefeated to become the new champions with 9-Ball Challenge Champ, Chip Compton on their team. Compton also came in fourth in the 8-Ball Grand Masters Singles

(BCAPL Teams continued on page 19)

2nd 8-Ball Women’s Advanced/Master Teams: New York Dolls (NJ) Supadra Geronimo, Nesliham Gurel, Gina Kim, Caroline Pao

June 2011 - Stroke Magazine 15

16 Stroke Magazine - June 2011

MEN’S OPEN 8-BALL TEAMS “Brass Bell I” (VA) Dave Perry, Jack Davis, Richie Price, Joe Wood, Jonathan Davis, Harry Kernodle

WOMEN’S STANDARD 8-BALL TEAMS “Kross Road Wild Cards” (VA) Catherine Alvarez, Kassandra Bein, Rumi Brown and Arlene David

USA and Canada Share Honors ACS N ationals in L as V egas

Moving the 2011 ACS National Championships to the newly-renovated Tropicana Las Vegas, May 7-14 - at the urging of the ACS board of directors – proved a shrewd move, as the serviceoriented property bent over backwards with its friendliness and attention to detail to host the American CueSports Alliance most major Championships! When the heat of competition in twenty-four divisions of play in 8-ball and 9-ball had cooled off, players and teams from both USA and Canada merited similar overall successes. In the Men’s 9-Ball Singles Houston’s undefeated Nick Hood took advantage of his handicap rating to dispatch Bill Mason (Virginia Beach, VA) in the one-set finals, 7-5. The Women’s 9-Ball Singles crown was hoisted by Jessica Frideres (Ft. Dodge, IA), who spotted opponent Leslee Davis (Lutz, FL) one game and fell behind 0-3 before recovering to take the division by a 7-4 margin! In 8-ball singles, Ike Runnels (Kankakee, IL) comfortably dispatched the always dangerous Glenn Atwell (Gig Harbor, WA) in the first set of the finals, 7-3, to claim the Men’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles top spot; while Canadian Sherry Warren (St. John’s, NL) and Kit Dennis (Ridgefield, WA) – more than 3,000 miles apart in residences –

dueled to a final’s 7-6 climax in favor of Warren for the Women’s Advanced 8-Ball Singles laurels. Other 8-ball singles results included Nick Hood (Houston, TX) claiming a second title – Men’s Open 8-Ball Singles – by a 5-1 margin over Derrick Cantu (Alexandria, LA); Rhonda Wright (Westlake, LA) claiming a title for cajun country via a 4-1 finals victory over Linda Asleson (Billings, MT) in Women’s Open 8-Ball Singles; Hector Morgan (St. John’s NL) clipping Robert Wright (Surrey, BC) 5-4 for the lower-skill leveled Men’s Standard 8-Ball Singles division; and Eve Sisneros (La Junta, CO) recovering from a first-set final’s loss to Kirsten Liane (Tacoma, WA) 3-4 to claim the trophy for the Rocky Mountain state by a decisive 4-0 score in the playoff set! The veterans gained the spotlight as well, with Mike Rohner (Sherrill, IA) taking advantage of a free entry via a previous win in the Lucasi-Hybrid Cues All American Tour to dominate the Men’s Senior 8-Ball Singles – topping his play off with a 5-1 finals dispatch of Victor Tyynismaa (Lake Havasu, AZ) who was relegated to the runner-up position for the second straight year. On the distaff side (Women’s Senior 8-Ball Singles), Shawn Modelo (Antioch, CA) emphatically defended her title by

eliminating Loreen Toutant (Barrie, ON) in the first set of the finals, 4-0. And in the Super Senior 8-Ball Singles, a former runner-up, Roy Skenandore (Green Bay, WI), escaped a two set finals over Jerry Watts (Shelbyville, KY) – after being down 2-4 and 0-4 respectively – to grasp the title on the hill, 5-4, for his first national title win! Scotch Doubles 8-ball divisions (man/ woman) featured the team of Jessica Frideres/ Dustin Gunia (IA/NE) defending their title in Advanced 8-Ball Scotch Doubles over Gina Knight/Kenneth Brisbon (IL/MI) in one set, 5-1; while Labernalene Store/Steven Stowers (AZ) blanked Mandy Schneider-Hood/Nick Hood (TX) in the finals 4-0 for the Open 8-Ball Scotch Doubles crown. Team play highlighted the chemistry of league play with local hot shots, “Dick’s Pick” (NV), decisively outpointing Team Canada Eh! (AB) 13-7 for the Men’s Advanced 8-Ball Team championship; and “Dakota Dragon Ladies” (ON) breaking a 12-12 tie in the finals of Women’s Advanced 8-Ball Teams division to click off a 19-12 win over “Ol Tima” (WA) for the title. “Brass Bell I” (VA) took down the finals of the Men’s Open 8-Ball

S C A onal i t s p i a h s n N io p m a h C

(ACS Nationals continued on page 18) June 2011 - Stroke Magazine 17

Men’s/Mixed Best Dressed Team Brass Bell (VA)

Best Dressed Scotch Doubles Tommy Ashe and Rene Hecker

ACS N ationals in L as V egas

(continued from page 17)

The ACS Nationals has found a new Piedrabuena (CA) claiming his fourth Teams via a one-set 13-10 decision national title at the USBA National over “4 Shooters & A Blind Preacher” home in the southern, more entertaining 3-Cushion Championship; Jason Kane (UT), while “Rat Pack Gals” (UT) kept portion of the Las Vegas strip and will (NY) outpointing 100 competitors for the their undefeated march intact via a 10-6 return in 2012 to the Tropicana Las Vegas, ACS National Artistic Pool Championship finals margin over “This Bud’s For You” May 5-11. The ACS expresses (OK). In the standard divisions, special notes of appreciation Men’s Standard 8-Ball Team to title sponsor Lucasi Hybrid “Cubetas Leo’s Place” (CO) lost Cues, tournament direction and in the hot seat match 8-13, only equipment supplier High Country to regain their momentum and Promotions, the professional gain revenge in the finals the staff of the Tropicana Las Vegas hard way: a two set 13-12, 13-8 and the ACS tournament and thriller over “O’Leary’s” (AZ); referee staff, players and fans while “Kross Roads Wild Cards” who continue to support the (VA) captured the Women’s ACS – going into its eighth Standard 8-Ball Team division year of promoting the sport in at the expense of Ontario’s “Felt North America. The ACS looks on the Table”, 10-8. The three 9-ball team forward to continuing to build divisions were highlighted its ranks in 2011/2012 through respectively by: Men’s Advanced its eleven state associations 9-Ball Team champions “Ball and championships and its Busters” (BC) outdistancing “Las independent leagues, its Lucasi Vegas Cue Club – Kuhl” (NV) Hybrid All American Tour, its 19-14 for the title; Men’s Open certified referees and instructors, 9-Ball Team victors “Rounders” and to welcoming players to its (BC) winning a marathon 19ARTISTIC POOL CHAMPIONSHIP $10,000 added 2012 Midwest 17, 19-15 clash over “Wrecking Crew Artistic Pool Director Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman and 8-Ball Championships, January 19I” (LA); and winning Women’s Open Champion Jason Kane (NY) 22 at the Riverside Casino in central 9-Ball Team “Rickochet Ladies” (LA) Iowa!! Complete results and winners routing “Deli NineAlators” (AZ) 10-4 for – conducted by former world artistic pool photos of the 2011 Lucasi Hybrid Cues its division conquest. champion, Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman; and ACS National Championships may be The ACS was also pleased to host Jason Kane (NY) and Jessica Frideres viewed online at www.americancuesports. some very extra special events at this (IA) sharing respective men’s and org. year’s Nationals, which included Pedro women’s Speed Pool Challenge titles. 18 Stroke Magazine - June 2011

Viking Cue Reopens Pool cue manufacturing leader Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC reopens under the new ownership of Wisconsin businessman Mark Larson. Nearly all of the same employees were rehired, though executive team has innovative plans for new direction. MADISON, WI—May 14, 2011—After closing doors on pool cue manufacturing in 2010, billiards leader Viking Cue has reopened under the leadership of local businessman Mark Larson. Larson, a longtime friend of Viking's 27-year veteran VP of Manufacturing, Rick Rolli, placed a bid on the business after a visit to the company's facilities. "I really fell in love with the operation and the rich history of Viking. I knew that there was another chapter just waiting to be written," said Larson, who purchased the company on May 9. Founded in 1965 by Gordon Hart, who remains with the company as a consultant, Viking has a worldwide reputation for craftsmanship and excellence. "Viking has always had a superior product line and an incredibly loyal following in the billiards industry," said industry veteran Rolli. "We're going to breathe life back into this company. We've got the same facility, a great inventory of product, state of the art equipment and the same artisans, many who have been here for over 25 years." Since the company has rehired nearly all of the same employees, little will change within its basic infrastructure, though the company has plans for new initiatives. "We're bringing back the family and the employees, and we'll never lose sight of the quality Viking is known for. But we're about to make big pushes in marketing and product offerings. It's what this company needs to thrive." One of Viking’s main goals is to create a top-notch interactive website so that dealers and individual customers alike have easy access to Viking products. "In the past, Viking didn't have a strong web presence. Dealers couldn't just go online and buy cues. We want to make ordering easy for everyone, and create an online image that reflects Viking's unmatched craftsmanship," said Rolli. The company also plans to reach out to new markets, and make the company's products accessible to more people: plans for additional product and accessory lines with multiple price points to appeal to a broader audience. Though the goals are largely customer-focused, another main concern is giving dealers the tools they need to succeed. Reflecting on his plans for the company, Larson stressed his interest in the company's history and tradition. "The main thing we want to let Viking fans know is that the core product isn't changing. The quality remains the same. But let's put it this way — we're racking up for a fresh new break. Our game is about to get a lot more interesting, and we're more than excited to share what we've got." About: Since 1965, Viking Cue Manufacturing, Inc. has been an industry leader in two-piece pool cue production. With headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, Viking products are proudly made in the USA with commitment to quality, craftsmanship and time-honored tradition. For more information about Viking Cue, visit or call 800-397-0122. Inquiries may also be directed to info@vikingcue. com.

BCAPL Singles (continued from page 13) Alonzo miscued at 2-1, allowing Byers to tie up the score. The players exchanged runouts until it was hill-hill when an unfortunate scratch by Byers allowed Alonzo a chance at the table. He flew out of his seat at the opportunity to run off each ball for the championship. For the complete brackets, payouts and scores for the 35th BCAPL National –Ball and 9-Ball Championships visit the CSI CueSports Tournament System at

BCAPL Teams (continued from page 15) division. The Flip Flops bested last year’s BCAPL Mixed Open Team Champs Who Needs a Billiard Coach?! in the first found 11 to 9 and again in the finals 11 to 7, with both teams exchanging table runs. Joey Gray, of team Flip Flops, broke and ran in the final rack for the victory. The third victorious Chicago area team was the Women’s 9-Ball team of Finders Keepers. Though they did not fare well in the 8-ball division, the ladies reconvened for a victory in the 9-ball event. They defeated the local Las Vegas ladies team in a two set finale. The Buzz ladies came through the b-side to take the first set 9 to 7 but ran out of steam in the second set, losing 9 to 2 in the end. The Men’s Mixed Open 9-Ball Team champion was the Portland, Oregon team of Abracadabra. These gentlemen would not settle for second place. After losing to the Florida team of C.O.Z. (Curse of Zeno), they returned with a vengeance, defeating C.O.Z. in a two-set finals of 11 to 6 and 11 to 5. They finished strong with their secret weapon, 16-year-old Chris Byers who finished runner-up in this year’s Men’s Open Singles division. Of the 97 Men’s Mixed 8-Ball Trophy teams, Dub Club from Plummer, Idaho went undefeated to become the new champions. They defeated Hughes Cues from Alamosa, Colorado in the finals with a score of 13-10. Of the 10 Women’s 8-Ball Trophy teams, Group Therapy from Copperas Cove, Texas proved they did not need any therapy at all. They too went undefeated through their division, beating the ladies of Victoria, BC ladies of Esp Legion Barbie Cues in the finals. For the complete brackets, payouts and scores for the 35th BCAPL National –Ball and 9-Ball Championships visit the CSI CueSports Tournament System at The Break would like to extend a special thanks to Fred and Sue Stoll for all their help with the photos from BCAPL. Visit their website at

Sue and Fred Stoll

June 2011 - Stroke Magazine 19

Steve Knoll

Alex Olinger


A s P e l s g p i A h n s i n io S

LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (May 10, 2011) — APA members took home more than $450,000 in cash and prizes at the APA National Singles Championships held April 27 – 30 in Las Vegas at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. The National Singles Championships consisted of both the 8-Ball Classic and 9-Ball Shootout Singles Championships and the Jack & Jill Doubles Championship. The final round of the 9-Ball Shootout featured three championship matches, one for each Skill Level Tier, with two shooters in each match competing for $10,000 in cash and prizes. In the Green Tier (Skill Levels 1-3), Nicole Goin of Danville, Ill., defeated Veronica OvensHead of Largo, Fla. Goin advanced to the finals after a semifinal round victory over Megan Fraser of Fletcher, N.C. Ovens-Head advanced to the finals after defeating Apryl Green-Wilds of Kansas City, Mo. Fraser and Green-Wilds tied for 3rd Place. In the White Tier (Skill Levels 4-5), Troy Cooper of Anoka, Minn., defeated Kyle Coleman of Niles, Mich. Cooper defeated Liming Luan of Nashville, Tenn., in the semifinal round to advance to the finals. Coleman advanced to the finals by defeating Gloria Villa of Seattle, Wash. Luan and Villa tied for 3rd Place. In the Black Tier (Skill Levels 6-9), Alex Olinger of Kettering, Ohio, defeated Nick Chirco of Fort Hood, Texas. Olinger advanced to the finals after defeating Andrew Lawson of Fairmount, Ill., in the semifinals. Chirco advanced to the final round match after a victory over Omar Gutierrez of Whittier, Calif., in the semifinal match. Lawson

World’s Largest Pool League Crowns Seven Amateur Champions in Las Vegas

and Gutierrez tied for 3rd Place. Each of the three Champions received a prize package worth $10,000. Runners-Up in each tier took home a prize package worth $5,000. Third Place finishers each received $3,000. More than 3,400 poolplayers made it to the regional level of the 9-Ball Shootout before the field was whittled down to 277 men and women competing for 9-Ball crowns in each of three skill level tiers. More than 6,200 APA members advanced to regional competition of the 8-Ball Classic, and just over 460 of those players advanced to the championship in Las Vegas. In the finals of the 8-Ball Classic, four champions each took home a prize package worth $15,000 for their performances. In the Blue Tier (Skill Levels 2-3), Duane Green of Willingboro, N.J., defeated Kevin Belue of Athens, Ala. Green defeated James Rockwell of Columbus, N.J., in the semifinals to advance, while Belue defeated Christopher Gloerson of Stratford, Conn. Rockwell and Gloerson tied for 3rd Place. I n the Yellow Tier (Skill Level 4), Patrick Wheeler of Manhattan, Ill., defeated Julio Delvalle of Trenton, N.J. Wheeler advanced to the finals

p am

h C

Michael Jaeck

20 Stroke Magazine - June 2011

Graves & Lane

by defeating Alfredo Garcia of Tuckahoe, N.Y., earlier in the day in the semifinal round. Delvalle defeated Robbie Engesether of Fridley, Minn., in the semifinals. Garcia and Engesether tied for 3rd Place. In the Red Tier (Skill Level 5), Michael Jaeck of Whitehouse, Ohio, defeated Sait Gurer of Irwin, Pa. Jaeck defeated Mark Pfahler of Davenport, Fla., in the semifinals to advance, while Gurer defeated William Simmons of Drummonds, Tenn. Pfahler and Simmons tied for 3rd Place. In the Purple Tier (Skill Levels 6-7), Steve Knoll of Sarasota, Fla., defeated James Silva of Los Angeles. Knoll defeated Jeff Anderson of Shelbyville, Tenn., in the semifinal round. Silva advanced after defeating Dale Fazenbaker Jr. of Lonaconing, Md. Anderson and Fazenbaker Jr. tied for 3rd Place. First place winners received cash and prizes worth $15,000. Each Runner-Up received cash and prizes worth $9,000. Third Place finishers each received $4,000. In the annual Jack & Jill Doubles Championship, held in the MiniMania Room during the Singles Championships, Daryl Lane Jr. and Keira Graves of Nashville, Tenn., defeated Jason Fortun and Louisiana Le of Terrytown, La. Lane Jr. and Graves took home $5,000, while Fortun and Le received $3,000 as Runners-Up. Sportsmanship Awards were presented to Miguel Rodriguez of Ocala, Fla., and Jim Legothetis of Pekin, Ill., for outstanding conduct throughout their matches in the 9-Ball Shootout and 8-Ball Classic, respectively.

Duane Green

June 2011 - Stroke Magazine 21

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Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE Jun 4 Jun 4-5 Jun 4-5 Jun 11-12 Jun 11-12 Jun 12 Jun 18 Jun 18-19 Jun 24-26 Jun 24-26 Jun 24 Jun 25-26 Jun 25-26 Jun 25-Jul 2 Jul 8-10 Jul 16-17 Jul 22-24 Jul 23 Jul 24 Jul 24 Aug 5-7 Aug 6-7 Aug 6-7 Aug 19-21 Aug 20 Aug 21 Aug 27-28 Sep 10 Sep 11 Sep 16-18

CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME E Rutherford, NJ Castle Billiards (201) 933-6007 Tri State Tour B-C-D 9-Ball Call $500 Call W Hempstead, NY Raxx Pool Room (516) 538-9896 Predator 9-Ball A-B-C-D Open/Pro Call $1,500 Call Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards (716) 632-0281 Joss NE Tour $120/$70 $2,000 Call Brooklyn, NY Gotham City Billiards (718) 714-1002 Tri State Tour A-B-C-D 9-Ball Call $2,000 Noon Providence, RI Snookers Billiards (401) 351-7665 Joss NE Tour $120/$70 $2,000 Call W Palm Beach, FL Golden Cue Billiards (561) 965-8898 SE Open 9-Ball $65 (incl reg) $500 11:30 AM Edison, NJ Sandcastle Billiards (732) 632-9277 Tri State Tour B-C-D 9-Ball Call $750 Call New York, NY Amsterdam Billiards (212) 995-0333 Predator 9-Ball Tour Open/Pro Call $1,000 Call Fargo, ND Fargo Shootout (701) 282-4168 9-Ball - Race to 7 - Limit 96 $40 $500 6:00PM Fargo, ND Fargo Shootout (701) 282-4168 8-Ball - Race to 5 - Limit 128 $60 $2,500 11:00AM Watch it LIVE on presented by Tiger Products Rocky Mount, NC Green Top Billiards (252) 454-0152 9-Ball Mini - Single Elimination $20 8 PM Rocky Mount, NC Green Top Billiards (252) 454-0152 9-Ball Top Gun - Amateurs ONLY $65+$10 g.f. $2,000 1st Guar Noon New York, NY Amsterdam Billiards (212) 496-8180 Tri State Tour A-B-C-D 10-Ball Call $1,000 Call Qatar Men’s WPA World 9-Ball Check for details Spring Hill, FL Capone’s Billiards (352) 688-9965 Seminole Pro Tour 10-Ball $300 $25,000 Call Dothan, AL Pockets Billiards (334) 793-9644 SE Open 9-Ball $65 (incl reg) $1,000 11:30 AM Glen Burnie, MD Big Daddy’s Billiards (410) 757-3488 Maryland 14.1 Championships $275 $8,000 Call Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Open 9-Ball first chance $65 (incl g.f.) $1,000 w/32 Call Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Open 9-Ball second chance $50 (incl g.f.) $300 w/16 Call Portsmouth, NH Legends Billiards (603) 433-1154 New England 9-Ball Series Call $2,000 Call Providence, RI Snooker’s Billiards (401) 351-7665 Seminole Pro Tour 10-Ball $300 $25,000 Call Syracuse, NY Cap’s Cue Club (315) 701-0101 CNY Tour Championship Call Call Call New York, NY Amsterdam Billiards (212) 995-0333 Predator Tour ABCD/Open/Pro Call $1,000 Call Canton, OH Fiddlestix Billiards (330) 498-8422 Seminole Pro Tour 10-Ball $300 $25,000 Call Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Open 9-Ball first chance $65 (incl g.f.) $1,000 w/32 Call Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Open 9-Ball second chance $50 (incl g.f.) $300 w/16 Call Tallahassee, FL Zingales Billiards (850) 224-8644 SE Open 9-Ball $35 (incl reg) $1,000 Call Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Open 9-Ball first chance $75 (incl g.f.) $1,500 w/32 Call Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Open 9-Ball second chance $65 (incl g.f.) $500 w/16 Call Tampa, FL Strokers Billiards (813) 814-2277 Seminole Pro Tour 10-Ball $500 $50,000 Call

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22 Stroke Magazine - June 2011

June 24-26 Summer Shootout Fargo, ND $3,000 added

Thank You... Players, Sponsors, Exhibitors & Friends for making The 35th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships the “Greatest Pool Tournament in the World”



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Stroke Magazine June Issue 2011  

Read all the latest results from the Nationasl in Las Vegas from APA, ACS and BCA pool leagues. We are the Pool Players Voice

Stroke Magazine June Issue 2011  

Read all the latest results from the Nationasl in Las Vegas from APA, ACS and BCA pool leagues. We are the Pool Players Voice