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4 Stroke Magazine - September 2013

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2015 May

STROKE The Pool Players Magazine © 2015 Stroke Pool Magazine

Photo by: Don Akerlow



22 Super Billiards Expo COLUMNISTS

12 Tom Simpson 15 Anthony Beeler 13 Michael Glass 16 On The Road 14 Bob Jewett 17 Angel of Billiards

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS 33 Eastern U.S. Weekly Tournaments 34 Eastern U.S. Tournaments

6 The Pearl Wins 7 Seaver Victorious 8 Meyer Wins 9 Lovely Wins 11 New Jersey State 10-Ball 18 Dennis, Dawn, Jason Victorious at SBE 21 Bison Winners 24 46 Years and Counting 25 Shuff Chalks Up 26 Corr 2nd Straight 27 A Shore Thing 28 Barack Happy to Win 29 Sky Double Dips Van Boening 30 Maine’s 14-1 Champion DEADLINE:

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Aramith 3 CueStix International 36 McDermott 2 Mueller 9 Simonis 3 Tiger Products 4 Valhalla 20 Viking Cue 35


Angel of Billiards 17 Anthony Beeler 15 Bob Jewett 14 Michael Glass 13 National Billiard Academy 12 On The Road with C J Wiley 16 Subscription 32

POOL TOURNAMENTS Tournament Trail Weekly Tournaments

34 33

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Stroke May 2015




Skip Maloney - ASTORIA, NY Will there ever come a day when the appearance of Earl "The Pearl" Strickland on an event roster will not drop fear into the heart of every competitor on the list? Today's 'young guns' and quite a few wily veterans will deny this, of course (the "I ain't scared o' nobody" school of thinking) and point out that the 54-yearold Strickland can and has been beaten, a lot over the years. The fact, however, remains. The most common response to his name on a sign-in sheet is "Uh, Oh!" On the weekend of April 11-12, Strickland added a victory to that reputation of his with an undefeated run on the Predator Tour. The $500-added, Open/ Pro portion of the event drew 19 entrants to Steinway Billiards in Astoria (Queens), NY. A concurrently-run, $500-added Amateur event, won by Brooke Meyer (see separate story), drew 68 entrants. As is usually the case, the winners' side semifinals of the Predator's Open/Pro event was a smallsample "Who's Who?" of the New York area's top competitors. Strickland squared off against Jorge Rodriguez, while Frankie Hernandez met up with Mhet Vergara. Strickland sent Rodriguez to the lossside 7-2, while Hernandez did likewise to Vergara 7-5. Strickland claimed his gazillionth hot seat 7-2 and waited on what turned out to Vergara's return. On the loss side, Rodriguez picked up Hunter Lombardo, fresh off victories over Tony Liang 7-2, and Ed Culhane 7-1. Vergara drew Zion Zvi, who'd defeated Raphael Dabreo 7-5 and survived a double hill fight against Alan Rolon. It was Vergara and Rodriguez advancing to the quarterfinals; Vergara with a 7-3 victory over Zvi, Rodriguez winning a double hill battle versus Lombardo. Vergara took the quarterfinal match 7-5 and then benefited from an 'illness' forfeit by Hernandez in the semifinals. Uh Oh! "The Pearl" closed out his undefeated run and picked up his first victory on the 2015 Predator Tour with a 7-1 victory over Vergara in the finals.


Hours: Mon-Thur: 2pm-2am / Fri-Sat: 1pm-2am / Sun: 6pm-2am



May 2015

Results 1 2 3 4 5 5


4380 E Main St Columbus, Ohio

GUARANTEED ADDED MONEY WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS WED: 10-Ball 7:30PM - $15 entry Race to 4/3-$100 added SAT: 8-Ball 2PM - $14 entry Race to 2/2-$150 added SUN: 9-Ball 2PM - $14 entry Race to 4/3-$150 added



800 400 300 200 100 100

CROSS CORNER BILLIARDS 9-Ball Mississipppi Open July 10-11-12, 2015

FRI: 10-Ball Ring Game - Calcutta @7pm $300 to the winner - Limit 16 players SAT: 9-Ball - $40 entry fee $1,000 added regardless - $2,000 added 64 or more For info call: Jason Foutch 731-819-3229 Charles Hunter 601-941-7890/Johnny Sparks 601-291-7722

5049 Hwy 80 - Jackson, MS

Seaver Does It Again Amy’s Billiards! — MICHELLE MONK, AMY POULTER, JEANNIE SEAVER

STUART, FL Twenty-seven players converged at Amy’s Billiards for the Tiger Florida Tour Stop #3. At the end of the night, and to no one’s surprise, Jeannie Seaver won decidedly – the Tour Stop, the money and her second trophy in 2015. Seaver started the day off sending west Roe Guarnero 7-2, Tracy Mullen 7-3, and Becky Yelvington 7-4, to get to the Final Board. Also making it to the Final Board from the winners side: April Wallen, Michell Monk and Marge Soash. From the one-loss side, Stephanie Mitchell came back winning against Kira Brown 5-1, Jessica Human won over Cortney Bernard in a double-hill match, Becky Yelvington won over Amy Poulter in a double-hill match, and likewise, Katie Bowse over Lisa McElroy. The blind draw into the Final Board pitted Mitchell against Wallen in a revenge match, after Wallen sent Mitchell west earlier in the day, with Mitchell moving on to the semi-finals 7-2. Monk ended the day for Yelvington 7-2, Soash made it to the semi-finals in a double-hill match over Human, and Seaver sent Bowse home 7-1. That left Soash against Seaver in the semis, with Seaver winning 7-1, and Mitchell against Monk, with Monk

moving to the finals 7-4. Seaver took the final match for the win 7-2. Thanks to Amy Poulter of Amy’s Billiards for being a great host as always. Thanks to our title sponsor, Tiger Products, Boynton Billiards, Great Lakes Billiards, Discount Mugs and Ozone Billiards. The next event is at Cunningham’s on April 18th.


1st 2nd 3rd/4th 3rd/4th 5th-8th 5th-8th 5th-8th 5th-8th

$425 $300 $190 $190 $90 $90 $90 $90

($500 ADDED) Jeannie Seaver Michell Monk Stephanie Mitchell Marge Soash April Wallen Jessica Human Becky Yelvington Katie Bowse

SOUTH FLORIDA BCA POOL LEAGUE League Operator: Janis Sessions - 305-903-4029 email: Play out of Lucky 7 Billiards in Davie, Florida NIGHTS OF PLAY: Mon - Thurs In-house

Come Join the FUN!

Stroke May 2015


Meyer goes undefeated Steinway Billiards

Skip Maloney - ASTORIA, NY Brooke Meyer has been climbing the Predator Tour ladder, steadily. Last year, he finished in the money six times; once in 13th place, once in 7th, twice in 5th and twice as runner-up. On the weekend of April 11-12, he broke through to record his first victory on the tour, punctuating it by going undefeated. The $500-added Amateur event drew 68 entrants to Steinway Billiards in Astoria (Queens), NY. A concurrently-run Open/Pro event (see separate story), won by Earl Strickland drew 19. A trio of 7-4 wins left Meyer in the hot seat. Wilfredo Albay sent Jose Kuilan to the loss side, as Meyer was busy doing the same to Billy Santiago. In the last of the three 7-4 wins, Meyer sent Albay to the semifinals, from which, as it turned out, Kuilan would return.


May 2015

RESULTS On the loss side, Kuilan drew Ms. Akio Taniyama, who'd squeaked by Eric Carrasco, double hill and defeated Luis Jimenez by the recurring score of 7-4. Santiago picked up Kapriel Delimelkonoglu, who'd gotten by Dave Shlemperis 7-3 and James Stevens 7-1. Two more 7-4 scores sent Kuilan (over Taniyama) and Delimelkonoglu (over Santiago) to the quarterfinals, where Kuilan survived a double hill fight for his second shot against Albay. Though Albay would battle to within a game of double hill in the semifinals, Kuilan took it 7-5 and got a shot at Meyer in the hot seat. To no avail, as it turned out. Kuilan brought Meyer to within a single game of double hill, before Meyer pulled out in front to win it 9-7, claiming his first Predator title.


1 MEYER Brooke 1,100 2 KUILAN Jose 750 3 ALBAY Wilfredo 525 4 DELIMELKONOGLU Kapriel 375 5 SANTIAGO Bill 250 5 TANIYAMA Akiko 250 7 JIMENEZ Luis 180 7 STEVENS James 180 9 SHLEMPERIS Dave 130 9 LABOY Miguel 130 9 PARKER Jud 130 9 CARRASCO Eric 130 13 TRONCOSO Naldo 100 13 SANCHEZ Junior 100 13 LIANG Tony 100 13 HARRINGTON Michael 100

WPBA Midwest Ladies Regional Tour stop Michael’s Billiards Fairfield, OH Liz Lovely 1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5-6: 7-8: 9-12: 13-17:

Liz Lovely Kindra Hurlbert Angela Mears Julie Skripac Angela Williams, Jennifer Swenson Tonya Wiser; Monica Hill Stephanie Goens, Amee Schmidt, Debbie Cervantes, Heather Wolfe Amanda Wilson, Delilah Brock, Kim Gerner, Tabitha Carmack, Sarah Plummer

3rd Annual

Big Tyme Classic $10,000 Added Guaranteed May 28-31 (5 Events)

May 29th-31st

MAIN EVENT 9-BALL - (Open to Anyone) $50 Entry Fee - Race to 7 Both Sides - Alternate Breaks $5,000 Added Guaranteed - 128 Max Players Played on Diamond Bar Tables - Players Meeting at 7:00 - Play Immediately Follows INVITATION ONLY May 28th -ONE POCKET Race to 4 - 32 Players Max - SE $2,000 Added Guaranteed $150 Entry Fee (Includes $10 G.F.) May 29th - 9-BALL BANKS Race to 5 - 32 Players Max - SE $2,000 Added Guaranteed $150 Entry Fee (Includes $10 G.F.) Players Meeting at 12:30-Play at 1pm Both are one day events Big Tyme Billiards 100 Cypresswood Dr. Last Year Paid Spring,Texas 77388 Out Over $82,000 281-288-0800

WOMENS OPEN & SENIOR May 31st -WOMENS 9-BALL Race to 7/5 - 32 Players Max $500 Added Guaranteed $50 Entry Fee - Double Elim. May 31st - SENIOR 9-BALL 55+ Race to 7/5 - 32 Players Max $500 Added Guaranteed $50 Entry Fee - Double Elim Players Meeting at Noon-Play follows Both are one day events For more information contact Brent Thomas 832-725-9750 or Ming Ng 786-554-7447 Paypal entries

Stroke May 2015


Luis Jimenez Takes Tri-State

Steinway Cafe & Billiards

LEFT TO RIGHT: LEFT: 3RD PLACE TONY LIANG; 1ST PLACE LUIS JIMENEZ; 2ND PLACE CHUMREON SUTCHARITAKUL ASTORIA, NY Luis’ tournament trail included wins over Jamiyl Adams 7 - 5; Chris Masters 7 - 3; Ed Medina 7 - 1; Thomas Schreiber 7 - 4; Adrian Daniel 7 - 3; and Tony Liang 7 - 3 for the Hot Seat. In the meantime, Chumreon Sutcharitakul, who lost to Tony Liany 7 - 6; won three matches on the loss side in order to have a rematch with Tony Liang. This time Chumreon turned the tide on Tony with a 7 - 4 victory. The Final was a mixed match of ties until at six all, with Luis gaining the brass ring. Congratulations also goes to Tony Liang for his strong third place finish. The next Tri-State event will be held on Sunday, April 12, 2015 at Cue Bar in Bayside (Queen), NY. Thank you to Ozone Billiards, Sterling-Gaming, Kamui Tips, Ron Vitello, Focus Cases by John Bartron, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics , and Focus Apparel for their sponsorship leading to this event.


May 2015


1st Luis Jimenez 2nd Chumreon Sutcharitakul 3rd Tony Liang 4th Ed Medina 5th - 6th Tim Tanana, Adrian Daniel 7th - 8th Meshak Daniel,Debra Pritchett 9th - 12th Dave Shlemperis, Kirill Safronov Eric Hummel, Thomas Schrieber 13th - 16th Bogi Uzdejczyk, Justin Ouellette Tony Ignomirello, Frankie Scanlon


$840 $500 $350 $220 $160 $110 $85 $70

New Jersey State 10-Ball Sandcastle Billiards

L to R: Jeff Crawford, Sean “Alaska” Morgan, Dennis Spears, Mike Miller, Owner Ed Liddawi, Danny Basavich and Pat Fleming EDISON, NJ Sandcastle Billiards and the Mezz Pro-Am Tour hosted the NJ State 10 Ball Championships on Sunday April 25th & 26th. A field of 35 players came out to play. Player like Sean Alaska Morgan, Jeff Crawford, Matt Krah, Frankie Hernandez, Dennis Spears, John Smith, Mike Miller, Michael Wong, Spanky Kaba, Caroline Pao & Emily Duddy to name a few. We’d like to thank Ed Liddawi and his wonderful staff for a wonderful weekend. Leading the top half of the bracket was Jeff Crawford with wins over Brian Gould 7-4, Caroline Pao 7-5, Derek Schwager 7-6, John Smith 7-5, and Brian Mahers 7-1. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Sean Alaska Morgan with wins over Muaz Arshad 7-6, Emily Duddy 7-1, Spanky Kaba 7-6, and Joe Hong 7-6. Playing for the hot seat was Jeff Crawford vs Alaska this was a good match but when it was all said and done it was Alaska coming away with the win 7-4 and sending Crawford to the one loss side. Waiting for Crawford was Dennis Spears. This was a good match that had Crawford pulling away late in the match to win 7-3 to get to the finals. In the finals it was Jeff Crawford vs Sean Alaska Morgan, a rematch from the hot seat match. This is a true double elimination tournament Crawford would have to

beat Alaska twice in order to win the event. The first set went back and forth but it was Jeff Crawford winning 7-5. In the second set it was Alaska pulling away to a 7-4 win and the 2015 NJ State 10 Ball Title. Sean “Alaska” Morgan joined the ranks of Francisco Bustamante and Darren Appleton, winners of the first (2013) and second (2014) New Jersey State 10-Ball Championships. We’d like to thank all that players that came out to play!!!!! Thanks to all the sponsors Mezz Cues, Gamblin Clothing, Kamui Chalk & Tips, JD Custom Cues, Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo, John Barton, JB Cases, Jabcues and Things, Howitzer Break Cues, and Steve Klapp Custom Cues, Billiard Life USA, and Mike Ricciardella. 1st Sean Morgan $1,000 2nd Jeff Crawford $550 3rd Dennis Spears $420 4th Mike Miller $200 5th Brian Maher $125 Joe Hong 7th Michael Wong $100 John Smith


7 Billiards

4850 South State Road 7

Hollywood, FL 954-239-8254

Home of the Pink Table (pinkie)

14 Pool Tables - 1 Snooker Table - Weekly Pool Tournaments APA - TAP - Player Leagues

Smoke Free Environment

Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm to 2am Sat-Sun Noon to 2am

Stroke May 2015



Tom Simpson © March 2001 – All Rights Reserved – Freeze an object ball to the rail and suddenly it becomes a “special” shot. Many players are afraid of rail shots. You hear all kinds of theories from other players:

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson


May 2015

“You have to hit the rail and the ball at the same time.” Wrong. “If you use inside english on the cueball, the object ball will have inside english as it runs down the rail, and inside english makes the ball hug the rail.” Nope. “If you use outside english on the cueball, the object ball will be thrown a little off the rail, so it doesn’t bounce out away from the rail and miss.” Sorry. “Shoot ’em with draw.” “Shoot with follow.” Doesn’t matter. Yes, rail shots are more difficult than normal, open-table cut shots. For one thing, those corner pockets are at their narrowest from that angle, and because of that you are also more likely to jaw the ball. But here’s the really important difference: If the object ball is cut into the rail even a tiny bit (as opposed to cutting it down the rail), the ball is going to bounce out from the rail. Undercut, and you’ll miss. There are three possibilities: 1. Hit the object ball (OB) before you hit the rail. In this case, the OB always bounces out. 2. Hit the OB and the rail at the same time. This is The Big Myth. Countless players believe this is what they should do, and believe this is what they are actually doing. If you are sinking these shots, you are not hitting ball & rail simultaneously. If you do, the OB will throw into the rail every time. And if it goes into the rail, it’s coming out from the rail. This means you will miss, unless you are close to the pocket, or the rail gutter (the gully worn in the cloth next to each rail) is helping you. 3. Hit rail first. Believe it or not, this is what you actually have to do. The cushion is made of rubber. The cueball


(CB) sinks into the cushion until it strikes the OB. Wait – doesn’t this mean we’re overcutting? Yes, it does, but the fact is, the collision causes throw, which corrects for the overcut. There are two ways to hit rail first and make the ball, so let’s go a little further. In the first case, as described in #3 above, the CB hits the OB on the way into the cushion rubber. If you hit the rail a little too far from the OB, you will miss by overcutting. However, if you hit a little farther up-rail than that, you may make the ball! This is because the CB is sinking into the rail and then hitting the OB on the rebound. In other words, in the second case, the CB hits the OB on the way out of the cushion. This is useful knowledge. Let’s summarize. There is no margin for error on the side of hitting OB first. All of the room for error is on the rail-first side. Don’t hit ball first or ball & rail together. Rail shots are difficult because if you undercut, you miss. OK, what about english? The players that are making a high percentage of their rail shots with inside or outside english are actually delivering the CB to the rail first. There is no such thing as “rail-hugging” english. They may be aiming to hit ball & rail together, but several effects – cueball squirt, swerve, spin-induced throw, and perhaps the effect of the spin coming off the rail – combine to produce the desired result, and the ball drops in the pocket. It’s useful to be able to shoot these shots with whatever english you need. However, the purpose of english is position. If you always shoot your rail shots with inside follow, for example, what do you do when position play requires something else? Sidespin complicates shots. Doesn’t it make more sense to learn to shoot these shots in a neutral fashion – no english – and then use english as necessary to get shape? Hint: yes. Here’s a great drill to practice rail shots: Freeze OB’s to the rail at every diamond, until you’ve placed all fifteen balls. With cueball in hand, begin shooting. Shoot until you miss, or until your cueball hits an OB other than the one you’re shooting. When you miss, set them up again and start over. Do this drill for 15 minutes. You’ll improve. Do it for a half hour, and you’ll be fearless and impeccable.



Billiards is Not a Stand-Up Sport Why should you stay down on your shots?

Michael K Glass

Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

If you’ve been holding a cue for more than a week, then you have heard it a hundred times: “You missed because you stood up on the shot.” You’ve probably noticed others doing, too, and you told them as much. Right? So… what does that mean? Why is standing up during your shot a bad thing? Let’s start with looking at the mechanics of a well-executed shot: You have surveyed the layout, and chosen the ball you want to pocket. You visualize the shot in your mind, including the aim line. After chalking your tip, you approach the shot, lining up your cue on the line of aim. Everything looks good, as you plant your feet in a comfortable stance. Your head lowers over the stick, your back arm settling in at a beautiful right angle, perfectly perpendicular. You take a couple of practice strokes, and you’re confident the ball is going to go in. The only thing moving is your back arm; elbow and shoulder are locked in position. You deliver the stroke, the cue ball strikes the object ball cleanly, and the object ball finds the bottom of the pocket. It’s a beautiful feeling, isn’t it? Now, I want you to remember one of the many shots you took where you missed. I’m going to bet that somewhere in the sequence of events above, something was… off. You may not have followed your routine exactly, or your aim was a little off, or you didn’t take enough practice strokes. You might not even know exactly what it was, but somehow, your subconscious mind knew that you weren’t going to make it. And chances are you stood up. I have a friend who uses “body English” when she shoots sometimes… it’s quite humorous to see her do a little “rain

dance” right after she shoots, trying to will the object ball into the pocket. Her subconscious mind told her she was off, but she didn’t listen, and tried to use the force to make the ball do what she wanted. Not only does she stand up, but she leans to the side, dances up and down, and sometimes even yells at the ball! Standing up on your shots is usually indicative of your subconscious mind screaming at you “NO, you’re going to miss!” It sometimes will act on its own, throwing in a little swerve of your back arm, or adding English to the shot, in order to compensate. Your head comes up, and you start walking back to your seat before the cue even hits the object ball. People will tell you “you need to stay down on your shot,” but that isn’t the whole answer. Standing up isn’t the actual problem. It’s a symptom of a larger problem. Your subconscious mind takes over to compensate, and makes you move your head, your bridge, your elbow, or your shoulder. Your hips might move as well. Standing simply exacerbates the problem by moving more body parts. And the more parts are moving, the greater the chance of the shot going awry. Listen to your inner voice. Don’t shoot the shot until he says he’s satisfied. Once your inner voice is ready, you’re ready to shoot with confidence. And when you shoot with confidence, you’ll find yourself staying down on the shot, watching the ball drop into the pocket every time. Then you can stand up, and high-five your teammates. Just don’t forget to shake your opponent’s hand. If you would like to share some of your success stories (or even the failures), or have suggestions for future articles, please feel free to drop me a line at

Stroke May 2015


San Francisco Billiard Academy San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.


Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett


May 2015

Last month I attended Allen Hopkins’ Super Billiard Expo near Philadelphia. If you live on the East Coast this is an event you should experience at least once. Among the many tournaments was a one pocket pro tournament. I played in it and the bank shots that came up reminded me how important spin on the object ball is if you want to manipulate angles beyond the simple mirror system of banking. “Twisting” the object ball turns those cushions into fun-house mirrors. Shot 1 is a fairly standard trick shot that shows the principle. Put the 1 ball right in the middle of the table exactly between the two pockets. For motivation, put the 8 ball as shown and say the 1 ball is your last solid. Place the cue ball in the line shown and about 12 inches from the 1. The remarkable 3-cushion bank is made as shown. Hit half of the 1 ball -- that is, aim your cue stick through the center of the cue ball straight at the edge of the 1 ball. No side spin is needed since the action of the cue ball rubbing across the 1 ball will put some spin on it. That spin on the 1 ball will make it bite into the first cushion a little and it will land “short” on the second rail after coming straighter off the first rail than normal. More importantly, the angle into the first cushion will cause a little left spin to end up on the cue ball. In effect, the spin you start with is reversed on the first rail. The left side spin then takes on the second cushion and starts to bring the ball back towards the side pockets. The spin may reverse on the second cushion as well, becoming right side spin. The one ball lands by the 8 ball for its third cushion and banks into the other side pocket. You may have to adjust the shot on your table. On very sticky equipment, you may be able to make the bank on two cushions. If the 1 ball comes back too quickly and hits the 8, either hit less of the 1 ball or move the cue ball farther back and still hit half the 1. Move the balls slightly up the table and the one cushion bank becomes possible even though the pocket seems to be in the way. At one pocket, such shots come up all the time and are practical. Shot 2 is how I left one opponent. My pocket (where I have to pocket 8 balls at one pocket) is J while his pocket is P. The onerail bank in this position will kiss as the cue ball will be moving too slowly to get out of the way. My opponent’s solution was to shoot the 2 ball to point A. The cue ball then had enough speed to get out of the way. The 2 ball continued to B, back to A and then into his pocket at P -- the same pattern as in the trick shot. In a later match I had the position in Shot 3.


Each ball is about one ball off the cushion and my pocket is P. The bank looks impossible again due to the kiss. The first part of the trick is to cut the 3 just enough that the cue ball will be right on the cushion as the 3 comes back so you avoid the kiss. The second part of the trick is to use a little right English on the cue ball to give the 3 ball a little extra left spin so that when it hits the cushion it bites and the angle actually reverses a little. In the diagram I’ve exaggerated the cut to make the action clear -- in reality the 3 ball barely clears the cue ball as it passes. I didn’t make the ball but I did leave it close to my pocket which is often good enough at one pocket.


Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his pool-playing career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

Few pool players understand that their performance will reach a stalemate after they master various mental and physical aspects of the game. This “lack of improvement” occurs because they have not developed the ability to balance both their conscious and subconscious mind. The fact remains that you cannot play pool unconsciously. This is a very common problem that needs to be addressed—if you can’t clearly define where the problem lies in your mind, how can you go about solving it? It is like driving a bicycle through an obstacle course while wearing a blindfold. You just can’t do it! Furthermore, it takes many years to develop the physical skills necessary to become a good player. However, during this period of time we get defeated over and over again and it is quite possible that many of us have the physical abilities to play on a professional level but do not have the belief system necessary to maintain a high-level of play. A steady diet of hypnotherapy, positive affirmations, subliminal messages, and EFT can positively affect your game. They are all great ways to reprogram the way that you talk to yourself. After all, your subconscious mind controls your physical game. It controls the way you move your muscles and also controls the various elements of your pool stroke. This part of your mind also manages most of your day-to-day functions. It is what you use to drive to work or brew some coffee. This part of your brain also manages your physical abilities, which are sometimes referred to as your gross motor skills. In reality, it is capable of controlling your pool stroke too, but it should not. Pool players could spend most of their life trying to consciously guide their pool cue. However, the same players would also wonder why their performance is so poor. It is like a person trying to emulate the performance of a computer using a calculator. It just doesn’t work that way. The conscious mind is what we use to determine what path the cue ball will take, what speed the ball needs to be struck with, and what spin we need to put on the cue ball to get us to where we need to be for our next shot. Sometimes you may choose to think about a possible scratch, and you may direct your attention to that pitfall in an attempt to prevent some type of mistake. At the same time, when you are down on the shot you should only be concentrating on aiming at the contact point on the object ball, so you have to decide what specifically that you are going to focus on and when. When you learn how to control your focus, you are guiding your conscious mind. The alternative is to leave your mind open to negative thoughts that are unrealistic. This may result in your attention being divided between two or more things. Believing you cannot control your ability to focus could make you feel like you are playing a slot machine or buying a Powerball lottery ticket. In either case, you never know exactly what might happen, but in reality you know that the results more than likely won’t be good. In the pool world, your game can be limited by lots of clutter including troublesome thoughts and expectations. You should use your non-conscious mind to control your stroke and keep your conscious mind engaged with all of the decisions you need to make. These are decisions and thought processes such as “What angle do you have on the current shot?” or “What speed and spin does the cue ball need to be struck with in order for you to reach position on your next shot?” When you learn how to balance both your conscious and subconscious mind, you will start to experience what it feels like to play your best pool consistently. You can rest assured that you will never master the game of pool or conquer your mind, but taking the time to learn how to play the game with a positive attitude is certainly worth the time and effort.

Stroke May 2015


On The Road with ... C J Wiley The 3 C’s are the Teacher He hustled pool for a while and made a living, then turned pro and made a killing. Clearly, Dallas’ CJ Wiley is on the ball. By Michael P. Geffner DVD LIST:

Million Dollar Challenge Package of Three

1) ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary 2) PCA’s 2nd Tour Stop at the Hollywood Park Casino - Semi Finals between David Matlock and Oliver Ortmann and Finals between Matlock and Allen Hopkins. 3) PCA Million Dollar Challenge Semis with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley and Finals with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley (highlights from CJ Wiley vs Paul Potier).

Million Dollar Challenge ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary Semi-Finals & Finals Million Dollar Challenge Semi-Finals & Finals PCA on TV at Hollywood Park

Have you ever had a match when you were playing well, then started missing for no apparent reason? Did you have any indication this was going to happen, were there any shots that just “wobbled in” that may have been a sign that something needed to be calibrated in your aiming, or stroke? I focus most of my attention on the cue ball after getting down on the shot, just glancing at the object ball (to make sure it’s still there), then back to the cue ball. Then, when I take my back-swing I switch my focus to the object ball and watch it go into the pocket (without moving my head, just my eyes) - I am aware what part of the pocket I hit and calibrate it to how it “feels,” especially the acceleration performed. When I slightly undercut or over-cut that shot I will adjust slightly (speed/toi/left foot) for the next shot. My philosophy is that I need to treat all shots the same to reach my highest level, so if I undercut one shot slightly I take it for granted that I will slightly undercut all the future shots. This makes me re calibrate my shots

$250 Added Bar Box 8-Ball

1st Saturday of the Month

$35 entry includes green fee - Double Elimination - Race to 3 Doors open Noon - Calcutta 2pm - Starts 2:30pm


May 2015


IMMEDIATELY, instead of waiting to actually miss a shot - my mantra is “the 3 C’s” - Constant Consistent Calibration After a period (the time differs) I won’t have to adjust anymore and will be calibrated to the center of the pocket every time. I see players that are happy just to make the ball, even is it “wobbles in” and don’t make any adjustments. Almost without fail they will start missing shots and not understand why. Usually these misses can be traced back to several shots BEFORE that are nearly missed, neglecting to make any adjustments. Controlling the cue with BOTH HANDS is essential to playing flawless pool. There is very little margin of error, so you must keep the cue on a “groove/slot” so it has no chance of deviating left or right - then you are at the caliber that “The 3 C’s” are vitally important to winning tournaments, league playoffs, or major championships. ‘The 3 C’s are the Teacher’ - check out our web site at for more info.

272 St John St - Portland, ME

19 Pool Tables (16 - 9’ & 3 coin op) Darts Foosball Ping Pong Arcade Games Pub Style Menu Daily Food Specials Full Bar


our: py H to 7pm p a ---- All Day Every Day ---- H on - Fri 3 table) M ol/ Bud & Bud Light 16 oz Draft - $2 ($5 hr po

Every Friday Night 8-Ball at 8pm $8 buy-in - Race to 2

T he Angel of Billiards


Jackie Karol

Jackie Karol (formerly Broadhurst) has been a pool player for as long as she can remember. She was born in Richland, WA and then moved to Philadelphia as a child. In her teen years, when some kids were looking for minimum wage jobs, Jackie was trying to setup money matches in addition to working. From Philadelphia, she moved to Denver, CO and has a degree in Biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder and supported her pool career along the way as a restaurant/bar owner, consultant, black jack and poker dealer and car salesperson. After years on both amateur and pro tours and numerous tournament wins including both an 8-Ball and Trick Shot National Championships, Jackie has refocused her talents toward helping others reach their dreams in pool. Moving to Chico, CA in 2010, she provides demonstrations and challenge matches for festivals and fundraisers around the country. Along with her “Angels of Billiards”, Jackie has entertained and won over crowds with her personality, skill and ability to make pool accessible to men and women of all ages. At the Chico Billiards Academy, she offers private and group lessons as well as structured courses to help people go from beginner to competitive player. She also operates a pro shop and carries cues, cases and many other supplies for both players and pool halls. Jackie is also heavily involved in the community, participating in Rotary, 20-30 Active Club, Toastmasters, Chamber of Commerce, Young Professionals Association, Eagles, Elks and is the Treasurer of the Noon Exchange Club of Chico.

FUNDAMENTALS Learning the proper fundamentals is the most critical aspect of a player’s pool game. Mechanics will affect every shot executed. By learning the proper techniques first, you will be able to build upon them easier and be the best that you can be in the shortest amount of time. There is much to learn about having proper mechanics, this article is about the three most critical. BRIDGES A “bridge” is the hand on the table. It’s purpose is to provide a smooth and stable place for your cue stick, so that you can make your intended contact with the cue ball. For example, if you are right hand dominant, your left hand would be your bridge hand. If it is not stable and smooth, you will hit the cue ball inconsistently, and therefore, will get random results of aim, english and “deflection”. An “Open Bridge” is the easiest to learn and has its advantages and disadvantages. It allows you to see the shot better because your index finger is not covering the top of the stick. And, by bending your knuckles, you can get more height with this bridge for a high/follow stroke. At the Boys and Girls Club, this is the first bridge I teach. Once they see how easy it is to form that “little V” between their thumb and knuckle, they can quickly make more shots on the table. A disadvantage of an open bridge is that there is a chance that the stick can move upwards because your index finger is not covering it. A “Closed Bridge” takes time for the muscles in your finger to wrap around the shaft of the cue in a way that is tight enough that it doesn’t move around, but loose enough that it does not inhibit your stroke. In school, I used to practice this with my pen, until my muscles were trained to do it without thinking about it.

STROKING ARM The purpose is to move the cue stick through the ball while keeping it straight and level. Therefore, your arm should be at 90 degrees before contact. If you hold it closer to the ball (less than 90 degrees), you won’t be able to follow through enough. If you hold it farther away from the ball (more than 90 degrees), it is extremely hard to keep it level. To test to see if you have a consistent, straight and level cue. Place an empty soda or beer bottle on its side on the table. As if the bottle opening was the cue ball, do some practice strokes into the bottleneck without touching the sides of the bottle. You should be able to follow through all the way to the bottom of the bottle without touching it. STANCE The objective of your stance is to be stable and solid, while executing your shot. Many times, when nervous about a shot or result, players tend to jump up during the critical point of contact. And as a result, the stick moves unintentionally, and the shot is missed. You can either treat the symptom or treat the source. For quick results and for someone that only plays occasionally, practice staying still until all the balls stop rolling on the table. For the more serious player, treat the problem at the source for lasting results. Your stance should be forward weighted to help prevent your head from popping up. In the next month’s article I will talk about a stun shot. This is the most basic of shots and should be mastered before learning other shots.


May 2015


Open 10-Ball 1 2 3 4 5 5 7 7 9 9 9 9 13 13 13 13 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17




10,000 5,000 2,500 2,000 1,750 1,750 1,500 1,500 1,250 1,250 1,250 1,250 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 750

Photos from Ricky Bryant - RB Productions Skip Maloney -

Dennis Orcollo went undefeated through a field of 64 entrants, on-hand for the 23rd Annual Super Billiards Expo’s $9,000-added Open 10-Ball Professional Players Championship, held on the weekend of April 16-19 at the Greater Philadelphia Center in Oaks, PA. Over the past three years, Shane Van Boening had defeated Stevie Moore (2012), Thorsten Hohmann (2013) and Tommy Kennedy (2014) in the finals of this event. This year, however, Orcollo defeated him in the hot seat match, and Jayson Shaw foiled his attempt at a rematch against Orcollo by defeating him in the semifinals.

well. Tommy Kennedy, last year’s runner-up went two and out, falling to Scott Frost in the opening round, and Yu-Huan Kevin Chang in the first loss-side round. Moore, 2012’s runner-up, was defeated in the opening round by Kevin Clark, and then, defeated Raj Vannala, Michael Yednak and Dan Cintron, before falling to Corey Deuel in the fourth loss-side round. Hohmann defeated, in order, Tim Murray, Justin Bergman, Mike Dechaine and Darren Appleton to earn himself a winners’ side final four matchup against Orcollo. Orcollo sent him west where he picked up his second straight loss versus Mike Dechaine.

Orcollo’s path to the hot seat went through Patrick Carosi, Danny Olson, Rodney Morris, Johnny Archer, and, in the winners’ side semifinal, Hohmann, before he handed Van Boening his first of two straight losses. Van Boening had gone through Francis Crevier, Beppu Kenji, Corey Deuel, Mika Immonen and, in the other winners’ side semifinal, Warren Kiamco, before he ran into Orcollo, never to return.

Shaw, who faced Orcollo in the finals, defeated Alan Rolon, and Lee Kang on the winners’ side before Warren Kiamco sent him to the loss side. Shaw then ran the gauntlet through a seven-match, loss-side winning streak that was arguably as tough as any set of opponents faced by any of the event’s competitors. He got by Jeremy Sossei, Hunter Lombardo, Darren Appleton, and Johnny Archer, before successfully navigating his re-match against Kiamco. He then defeated Dechaine and Van Boening to earn his spot in the finals.

The other two runner-ups from the last three years were on-hand, as


May 2015


Women’s 9-Ball The Open 10-Ball Professional Players Championship was the marquee event of four held over the weekend. Dawn Hopkins came from the loss side and defeated Caroline Pao in the finals of the $2,800-added Women’s Open 9-Ball Players Championship that drew 28 entrants. 1st $3,000 Dawn Hopkins (+trophy) 2nd $2,400 Caroline Pao 3rd $1800 Dawn Fox 4th $1,200 Hiroki Horikoshi 5/6 $800 Brittany Bryant Kia Sidbury 7/8 $595 Borana Andoni April Larson


One Pocket Jason Brown took the $2,200-added One Pocket event that was expanded to include 48 entrants. 1st $2,000 Jason Brown (+trophy) 2nd $1,500 Corey Deuel 3/4 $1,250 Warren Kiamco Phillip Wines 4-8 $1,000 Justin Hall Sky Woodward Adam Kieler Sean Morgan 9-12 $750 Bob Jewett Brandon Harland Raphael Dabreo Bernie Pettipiece


Stroke May 2015


Real Woods, KILLER DESIGNS The New 2015 Valhalla VA Series cues feature rich colors, real woods and killer, original designs. Aggressive in style and solid performers, these premium imports are made for those who want a great cue that doesn’t look like the rest. Valhalla cues start at $49.99 and equipped


with a Lifetime Warranty, including warpage from Viking Cue. More than just a pool cue, Valhalla is an attitude and a way of life.

Š2014 Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC


Fantastic turnout today at Bison Billiards. Two of the world’s top professionals performed a 5 hour exhibition including numerous trick shots, 1:1 match play and scotch doubles matches with our patrons! Not only did they make some ridiculous shots, they were certainly a crowd pleaser! Thank you Dennis Hatch and Earl Strickland for the show! We finished with 4 A’s and 4 B’s in the top 8 places. A real even field for both brsckets. 1st Kyle Bova $650.00 + $1000.00 2nd Jimmy Doran $300.00 $500.00 3rd Amanda Eisensmith $150.00 +$300.00 4th Karl Kasprzak $100.00 + $200.00 5/6 Randy Fawcett $75.00 5/6 Shane Enderby $75.00 7/8 Santo Merlo $50.00 7/8 Bob Brott $50.00

Results from our ladies 8 ball tournament. 1st Lynn Hess $505.00 2nd Kris Murszewski $265.00 3rd Amanda Eisensmith $40.00 4th Karen Derry $20.00 This was a real pleasure hosting these ladies

Congrats to Jay and Cheryl Reed for winning a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the APA National Championship. They beat Mike Shriver and Sheeri Bucki in the semi finals and Mark Hatch and Brittney Wright in the finals. Good luck in Las Vegas guys What a good time at the Bison Billiards Youth league. Trophies, plaques and pizza, it doesn’t get any better than this

Stroke May 2015


Photos by: Ricky Bryant - RB Productions

PRO AM (32 players) 1st $4,000 Justin Bergman 2nd $2,000 Kevin Cheng 3/4 $1,000 Mhet Vergara Sky Woodward 5-8 $500 Alan Rolan Shaun Wilkie Joe Wright Matt Krah

WOMEN’S DIVISION (160 players) 1st $1,200 Briana Miller 2nd $900 Catherine Fiorilla 3/4 $700 Meghan Knight Angela Wagstaff

OPEN DIVISION (960 players) 1st $5,000 Alex Olinger 2nd $1,600 Kevin West 3/4 $1,300 Nelson Oliveira Devin Poteet 5-8 $1,100 Ryan McCreesh Chris Bruner Shayne Morrow Brett Stottlemeyer 9-16 $900 George Crawford Steve McCaninch Dave Krenzel Danny Mastermaker Redgie Cutler Loye Bolyard Brandon Hallett David Pinkston

SUPER SENIOR (160 players) 1st $1,000 Warner Burton 2nd $700 Don Steele 3/4 $550 Lyn Wechsler Glen Pickelsimer


May 2015


SENIOR DIVISION (384 players) 1st $2,000 Dennis Spears 2nd $1,500 Juan Tavarez 3/4 $1,000 Kenneth Brisbon Keith Jones 5-8 $700 Robert Madenjian Gene Rossi Duke Laha Ike Runnels

PA-JUNIORS 17 & UNDER 1st Shane Wolford 2nd Nathan Diederich 3/4 Tyler Shultz Matthew Daniels 5-8 Tyler Levins Kristopher Robertson Derrick Burnham Alex Gurevich 9-16 Cole Wetherhold Darien Deitz Shane Gudonis Warren Tallent Jake Miosi Lance Fessler Emily Herpel Nicholas Ridley

The younger of the two junior divisions at the 2015 Super Billiards Expo featured twenty-five players from across the U.S., ages twelve and under, battling to take home the big trophy and the title of Pennsylvania Junior State 12 & Under 9-Ball Champion. Like the 17 & Under event, the 12 & Under division ran from April 18-19 and was free for all to enter. The event’s eventual winner, 11-year-old Charles Marshall Jr. (Gilbertsville, PA), made it into the semifinal round on day two after marking wins over Jay Jung and Zachary Hemendinger, following a first-round bye. In the semifinal on Sunday, Wolford would go up against Savana Wolford, the sister of 17 & Under winner Shane Wolford, and win 5-1 and 5-2 to move into the final. In the upper half of the single-elimination bracket, 10-year-old Coen Bell (East New Market, MD) would be the player to make it through to the final. Along the way there, Bell took out Xavier Cunkle, Kalum Keller, Marcas Capan, and in the semifinal, Nathan Childress (5-2, 5-4). This would be the second year in a row that Childress would have a top finish, as he also made it to the semifinals in 2014. The final between Marshall and Bell started out with a closely-contended set, where Marshall won at double-hill, 5-4. The second set was strikingly different, with Bell shutting it out at 5-0. In the deciding set, Marshall would come through dominantly, winning 5-2 to take the title. With his victory, Charles Marshall Jr. earned a paid entry into the 2015 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships. He and Coen Bell both took home beautiful trophies, and the top four finishers earned pool accessory prizes as well. Congratulations to all the players for putting in their best efforts at the Expo.

PA-JUNIORS 12 & UNDER 1st Charles Marshall Jr 2nd Coen Bell 3/4 Nathan Childress Savana Wolford 5-8 Marcas Capan Jack Collins Zachary Hemendinger Kathryn McDermott

Mon - Thurs : 5pm - 1am Fri - Sat: Noon - 2am Sun: Noon - 1am

• Pool Tables • Great Food • • Full-Service Elevated Bar • Drink Specials • Lottery & Quickdraw • Electronic Darts • • Foosball • Video Games • Pro Shop And More! 9 Johnson Road Latham, NY • 518-786-8048

1861 W Tennessee St. Tallahassee, Florida

850 224-8644

22 - 9’ pool tables - HD TVs Darts - Liquor - Full Kitchen 10,000 Sq Feet Tournaments weekly and monthly

Stroke May 2015


Terry Stonier Memorial Jointed Cue Sandy Stonier (L) and Cora Martinez Best registration team in pool EDGIE GERONIMO, AMAR KANG, JAYNARD ORQUE, CHONG VANG SACRAMENTO, CA Thank you to everyone, players and spectators alike, for making the 46th Annual Reunion Tournament in memory of Terry Stonier such a special one as well as a great success. The field of 97 included top local players as well as some pros. Some great matches unfolded as the final 4 took center stage on Sunday. House player Chong Vang battled hard against Jaynard Orque but fell short to take 4th place. Amar Kang and Edgie Geronimo played a tight match in the finals and Edgie took home the Victory Cup and $2000 cash. We had a great field and an awesome finish. Congrats Alan Atkinson (from So. Cal) participates in his 36th Reunion Tournament, a record



Joe Murphy

May 2015

1st: 2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: 6th: 7th: 8th:

Edgie Geronimo Amar Kang Jaynard Orque Chong Vang Doug Whaley Tommy Soria Vilmos Foldes Ed Ames

to Edgie Geronimo for taking home first place and the victory cup. Special props to our very own Chong Vang for such a strong showing. The kid has skills! I would like to also thank all of my staff for working tirelessly throughout the weekend and proving to me and everyone else that they are a great team. And finally, I would like to thank Angel Olivarez and Joe Murphy for running the tournament. Their hard work and dedication to not only the Jointed Cue but for the game of pool is truly remarkable. Well done guys. I am planning on another 9 ball tournament sometime this summer. Keep your eyes and ears open. Thanks $2000 $1500 $1000 $600 $330 $330 $200 $200


Angel Olivarez


Shuff chalks up win over Wilkie

Skip Maloney - HERNDON, VA For the second time in a row, Brandon Shuff met Shaun Wilkie in the finals of an Action Pool Tour event and won. In March, Wilkie was sent to the loss side in the opening round of play and worked his way back through nine matches on the loss side to face Shuff in the finals. Shuff's victory ended a six-event winning streak for Wilkie on the tour (four at the end of last season, two at the beginning of this current tour season). On the weekend of April 4-5, at an event hosted by Breakers Sky Lounge in Herndon, VA, which drew 61 entrants, Shuff once again took the undefeated route to the event title. Wilkie took the easier (shorter) undefeated route, as well this time, until the two met in the hot seat match and the finals. Each of their winning percentages went down since the earlier meeting; Shuff winning 67% of his 97 games this time out (down from 72% of games won in March), Wilkie winning (just shy of ) 60% of his 114 (down from 70% in March). Wilkie gave up over twice as many racks to opponents per match in this latest event - 2.5 per match to 5.75 - while Shuff's opponents improved from 2.8 racks per match to 4.57. Shuff's trail went through Pooky Rasmeloungon, R.J. Carmona, Alex Travino, and Dominic Noe, before coming up against Paul Helms in one of the winners' side semifinals. Wilkie got by Troy Miller, Will Moon, Paul Oh and Matt Krah before facing Mike Davis in the other winners' side semifinal. Shuff downed Helms 9-3, while Wilkie made short 9-1 work of Davis. In their first of two, Shuff gained the hot seat over Wilkie 9-7. Helms moved to the loss side and met up with Jimmy Varias, who was in the midst of an eight-match, loss-side winning streak (including a bye) that began when he'd been sent west in the opening round of play. Varias survived a double hill match against Tom Zippler and eliminated Matt Krah 7-3 to pick up Helms. Davis drew Carmona, who'd gotten by Steve Ball 7-5 and Noe 7-4. Helms ended the Varias loss side streak, and Davis knocked Carmona out of action, both 7-4. Davis then eliminated Helms 7-1 in the quarterfinals and got a second shot at Wilkie. Though he'd do a lot better than the earlier 7-1 match and force a 13th and deciding game, Davis fell a second time to Wilkie. Wilkie then fell a second time to Shuff, who completed his second straight, undefeated weekend on the Action Pool Tour 11-9. Shuff, who missed the first two stops on the tour, has a long way to go to catch Wilkie in his perch at the top of the current APT rankings; a trip made even more difficult by Wilkie's runner up finish in the last two events. The tour's next stop (May 9-10 at Clubhouse Billiards in Lynchburg, VA) will mark the midway point of the 10-event schedule.

1 2 3 4 5 5 7 7 9 9 9 9 13 13 13 13


SHUFF Brandon 1,000 WILKIE Shaun 600 DAVIS Mike 400 HELMS Paul 300 CARMONA R.J. 200 VARIAS Jimmy 200 KRAH Matt 150 NOE Dominic 150 BALL Steve 100 MADDEN Daniel 100 MARCELLINO Vincent 100 ZIPPLER Tom 100 DENTZ Trevor 50 TRAVINO Alex 50 OH Paul 50 GLASSCOCK Rich 50

Stroke May 2015



chalks up second straight on 2015 J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s Tour Skip Maloney -


May 2015




FIRST BREAK CAFE - STERLING, VA Karen Corr seems determined to match her 2014 performance on the J. Pechauer Northeast Women’s Tour, when she won all five of the events in which she competed. Tour director Linda Shea seems equally determined to be the competitor who stops Corr’s string of JPNEWT victories. She was the runner-up in two of Corr’s 2014 victories, and won the tour’s final 2014 stop. On the weekend of April 25-26, Corr chalked up her second straight win on the 2015 tour, and for the second time, it was Shea who met her in the hot seat and finals. The $1,000-added event ($500 from Coins of the Realm) drew 26 entrants to First Break Cafe in Sterling, VA. In the season opener in March, Corr went 42-8. In the second stop, she went 42-10, defeating Brit Rapp, Asia Cy, and Nicole Fleming to draw Nicole Monacoin a winners’ side semifinal. Shea, in the meantime, got by Colleen Shoop, Melissa Jenkins, and Tina Scott, to draw Eugenia Gyftopoulos in the other. Shea downed Gyftopoulos 7-5, as Corr was shutting Monaco out. Corr took the first of two over Shea 7-3 to claim the hot seat. On the loss side, Joy McFeaters was in the midst of an impressive six-match run that would take her as far as the semifinals. Defeated by Monaco 7-3 in the opening round, McFeaters was awarded a bye in her opening, loss-side match then defeated Rumi Brown, Denise Reeve, Nicole Fleming and Cheryl Sporleder to draw Gyftopoulos. Monaco drew Tina Scott, who’d defeated Kassandra Bein 7-2 and Delia Mocanu 7-5 to reach her. McFeaters got by Gyftopoulos 7-5, and missed out on a re-match versus Monaco when she (Monaco) was defeated by Scott 7-5. McFeaters completed her loss-side run with her best match of the tournament, defeating Scott in the quarterfinals 7-2. Shea, though, stepped up in the semifinals. She shut McFeaters out (her second shutout of the tournament; Corr had only one) and turned for a second shot at Corr. Corr upped her game, as well, allowing Shea only a single rack in the finals to complete her undefeated run and claim the second JPNEWT title of the 2015 season.

1 2 3 4 5 5 7 7 9 9 9 9



750 380 275 140 100 100 75 75 50 50 50 50

Ray McGinn Gets Win Shore Thing Billiards

Skip Maloney - MYRTLE BEACH, SC Ray McGinn has been on and off the Great Southern Billiard Tour, dating as far back as 2009, when he finished second behind Larry Faulk at a tour stop in Jacksonville, NC. On the weekend of April 4-5, he broke through to chalk up his first victory on the tour, and once again, had to face a 'Faulk' in the finals; this time Guy Faulk, who won three on the loss side to challenge him. The $700-added event drew 31 entrants to Shore Thing Billiards in Myrtle Beach, SC. McGinn advanced to a winners' side semifinal against Mike Haas, as Faulk faced Micky Hucks. McGinn got into the hot seat match 5-3 over Haas and faced Hucks, who'd sent Faulk to the loss side 6-1. McGinn grabbed the hot seat in a double hill fight and waited on Faulk's return. On the loss side, Faulk ran into Gatlin Askins, who'd defeated B.J. Hucks 9-5 and Jamie Ford 9-3. Haas drew Matt Bulfin, who'd gotten by Bo Miller 9-2 and eliminated Phillip Britt 9-4 (Britt, by the way, was present, when McGinn fell to Larry Faulk in the GSBT final, five years ago. Britt, in fact, had been sent to the loss side by McGinn in a winners' side semifinal). Player handicaps came into play in the battles for advancement to the quarterfinals, with both lower handicaps (Haas and Faulk) moving on. With Bulfin and Askins racing to 9 games, Haas defeated Bulfin 4-7, while Faulk downed Askins 3-5. Faulk took it two steps further, downing Haas in those quarterfinals 3-3 and then, Hucks, in the semifinals 3-4. McGinn put a stop to Faulk's run, although not before Faulk's handicap had forced a deciding seventh game. McGinn took the only set necessary 5-2 to claim his first GSBT title.



Steinway Cafe & Billiards

1 2 3 4 5 5 7 7


600 400 200 125 75 75 50 50

(727) 539-7665 11 - 9’ tables (3 - Diamonds) Darts 8 - TV’s

9-Ball Tournaments at 8pm Every Monday & Wednesday

Take Lessons with Earl Strickland and other World Champions Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-4am 3525 Steinway St. Astoria, NY 11102 (718) 472-2124

Round Robin Tournaments 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month $5.00 8-Ball tournament every Wed. at 1:00pm

Stroke May 2015



White Diamond Billiards

Super 9 Ball Tournament Results! LAFAYETTE, LA Before I list the winners, I would like to thank everyone who participated this weekend! First, the calcutta buyers, without you we would not have such a unbelievable tournament, 2nd the players, your unbelievable talent amazes me every time I watch in awe and last, my staff YA'LL ARE AWESOME and work very hard and we appreciate you! Thank you to all our customers who come support our events! Okay, now to down to business: Tournament money with added $1000 --$6120 1st calcutta--$67,545 2nd calcutta--$19,260 Grand total paid out--$92,925 What a awesome weekend tournament! Thank you again for making this tournament such a great success! Lastly said but never forgotten--a special thank you goes out to Mrs Sheri McCammant for all your help and hard work! Love you! Thank you, ashley and chris

28 May 2015


Payout 1 $2,143 Jaimie Barack 2 $1,040 Josh Roberts 3 $796 Brad Weast 4 $551 Ryan Robinson 5 $367 Shane Winters 6 $367 Jeremy Jones 7 $214 Manny Chau 8 $214 Trey Baker 9 $107 Champ Massingil 10 $107 Troy Woodard 11 $107 Dallas Broussard 12 $107 Dwight Anderson

Calcutta $23,641 $11,483 $8,781 $6,079 $4,053 $4,053 $2,364 $2,364 $1,182 $1,182 $1,182 $1,182

Woodward double dips

Van Boening again Skip Maloney -

THE CAROM ROOM BELOIT, WI Skyler Woodward has been solidifying a reputation as one of this nation’s top pool competitors. Since arriving on the scene, four or five years ago, at the age of 21, he has consistently proved that his name is up there among the sports’ elite players. In January of 2014, he defeated Francisco Bustamante in a Bank Pool Ring game. Seven months later, he defeated Shane Van Boening in a Smokin’ Aces Bar Box tournament in Missouri. In February of this year, he was runner-up to Jeffrey Ignacio in the US Bar Box 10-Ball Championship in Vegas, in which Van Boening finished fourth. On the weekend of April 25-26, he added another notch to his reputation belt with a double dip victory over Van Boening in the Coles’ Carom Room Spring Classic 8-Ball tournament. Co-sponsored by Behnke Enterprises, and streamed live by Ray Hansen, via PoolAction TV, the event was hosted by The Carom Room in Beloit, WI. Lest one think that the young Woodward managed his come-fromthe-loss-side victory by virtue of an easy path on either side of the bracket, it should be noted at the outset that he opened the tournament by sending Dennis Orcollo to the loss side. He then downed Jesse Bowman, before running into Corey Deuel in a winners’ side semifinal. Van Boening, in the meantime, had defeated Larry Nevel, and Justin Bergman to draw Darren Appleton in the other winners’ side semifinal. Van Boening got by Appleton and in the hot seat match, faced Deuel, who’d sent Woodward west. Van Boening claimed the hot seat, and, as it turned out, his last win with a victory over Deuel. After being sent to the loss side by Van Boening in the second roun, Bergman had moved over and defeated Johnny Archer, and Orcollo before running into Woodward. Appleton moved over and picked up Bowman. Woodward eliminated Bergman, and Appleton finished Bowman. Woodward didn’t have to play a quarterfinal match against Appleton, because Appleton failed to show up for it. Woodward moved on and defeated Deuel in the semifinals. With Scott Frost and Chris Gentile commentating on the PoolAction TV stream, in a tightly contested opening set, Woodward prevailed in the last few racks 15-13. In the second set, they fought tooth and nail again, until the point when Van Boening pulled ahead by a single rack at 8-7. At that point, Skyler chalked up five in a row to take what proved to be an insurmountable 12-8 lead. Van Boening would win racks #21 and #22, but they proved to be his last. Showing signs of being a little over-hyped as the finish line came into view, Skyler won the next three. They included a more-difficult-than-strictly-necessary pattern in the 24th rack he worked out to put him on the hill, and a fairly mundane break-and-run to claim the event title.

1 2 3 4



16,000 10,000 6,000 4,000

Sky Woodward

Stroke May 2015


Michael’s Billiards

Split 1st / 2nd - Sharkey Machine — Greg Reed, Mike Roseberry Jr, Fred Beck


Triple Threat Tournament - April 25, 2015

Split 1st / 2nd - Take This D — Kenny Kemper, Charles Bennett, Cody Myers

3rd place - James Gang — Andrew Mitchell, Amber and James Thiel



1st Dave Hall 2nd Guy 3rd Samoth 4th Jeff M Congratulations Dave Hall State of Maine Straight Pool Champion


May 2015




Ladies State 8 Ball Finals 3rd. Amanda 2nd. Taylor Congratulations Lindsey Monto Ladies 8 Ball State Champ! Great Job Ladies!

Crossville Family Billiards CROSSVILLE, TN Tennessee State junior champions have been decided at Crossville Family Billiards. Boys 18 and under goes to Dakota Harris and boys 14 and under goes to Eric Roberts. Great shooting guys..the boys are Vegas bound for the nationals. We will raising monies over the next few weeks to off set their travel expenses.




We Would Like To Thank Everyone Who Came Out To Support and Represent the City, Town, an STATE For the 1st MAGNOLIA CLASSIC, which we will have EACH YEAR, C K Brown got the CROWN!!! 1st C K Brown 2nd Jeff Phillip 3rd Robert Easterland 4th Malcome Kelly

Stroke May 2015


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May 2015



If you have any changes to your weekly pool tournaments EMAIL: us at DATE CITY Mondays Astoria, NY Brookhaven, MS Warren, MI Warren, MI Dayton, OH Hilliard, OH Akron, OH Tuesdays Edison, NJ Fairfield, OH Bowling Green, KY Columbus, OH Wednesdays Tallahassee, FL Astoria, NY Lexington, SC Livonia, MI Livonia, MI Dayton, OH Columbus, OH Thursdays Edison, NJ Williamsville, NY Lexington, SC Levittown, NY Bowling Green, KY Lansing, MI Warren, MI Vernon, IN Columbus, OH Columbus, OH Springboro, OH Fridays Greensboro, NC Syracuse, NY Lexington, SC Grand Rapids, MI Portland, ME Fairfield, OH Wheeling, WV Saturdays Hollywood, FL Greensboro, NC Lexington, SC Port Clinton, OH Leitchfield, KY Holland, MI Grand Rapids, MI Grand Rapids, MI Battle Creek, MI Battle Creek, MI Columbus, OH Columbus, OH Reynoldburg, OH Wheeling, WV Sundays Edison, NJ Edison, NJ Mooresville, NC Jackson, MS Jackson, MS Orlando, FL Syracuse, NY Portage, MI Livonia, MI Vernon, IN Columbus, OH Dayton, OH Columbus, OH Fairfield, OH Mansfield, OH Springboro, OH

LOCATION Steinway Billiards Brookhaven Billiards Ultimate Sports Bar Hall of Fame Airway Bankshots Crown Billiards Sandcastle Billiards Michael’s Cue Time Sportsmen’s Zingales Steinway Billiards Grady’s Pool Room Snookers The Rack Airway Player’s Sandcastle Billiards Bison Billiards Grady’s Pool Room Cue Nine Cue Time Coaches Ultimate Sports Bar Phat Guy Birds 8 Ball Sports Bar Sportsmen’s Whiskey Barrel Gate City Billiards Club Premium Billiards Grady’s Pool Room The Break Room Union Station Billiards Michael’s Corner Pocket Billiards Lucky 7 Billiards Gate City Billiards Club Grady’s Pool Room Rack Attack Billiard Cafe Scooters on Main St Guppies The Break Room The Break Room Brickyard Brickyard Player’s 8 Ball Sports Bar Scotty’s Corner Pocket Billiards Sandcastle Billiards Sandcastle Billiards 150 n Out Billiards Rack Rack Clicks Billiards Premium Billiards Play Time Snookers Phat Guy Birds Player’s Airway Cushions Michael’s Sundown Whiskey Barrel

PHONE (718) 472-2124 (601) 754-4422 (586) 751-2222 (586) 939-8880 (937) 274-1230 (614) 777-0022 (330) 644-3985 (732) 632-9277 (513) 860-0044 (270) 782-2740 (614) 279-5888 (850) 224-8644 (718) 472-2124 (803) 957-7665 (734) 422-9510 (734) 422-7665 (937) 274-1230 (614) 239-7665 (732) 632-9277 (716) 632-0281 (803) 957-7665 (516) 796-4600 (270) 782-2740 (517) 882-2013 (586) 751-2222 (812) 346-0870 (614) 436-2948 (614) 279-5888 (937) 829-7948 (336) 856-8800 (315) 488-4888 (803) 957-7665 (616) 454-0899 (207) 899-3693 (513) 860-0044 (304) 905-8495 (954) 239-8254 (336) 856-8800 (803) 957-7665 (419) 732-7225 (270) 230-1879 (616) 396-1071 (616) 454-0899 (616) 454-0899 (269) 968-0692 (269) 968-0692 (614) 239-7665 (614) 436-2948 (614) 755-9407 (304) 905-8495 (732) 632-9277 (732) 632-9277 (704) 660-5363 (601) 372-6576 (601) 372-6576 (407) 275-6064 (315) 488-4888 (269) 323-2295 (734) 422-9510 (812) 346-0870 (614) 239-7665 (937) 274-1230 (614) 882-5986 (513) 860-0044 (419) 564-4538 (937) 829-7948

EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED 9-Ball - Handicapped $25 8 Ball $5 9 Ball $20 $100 w/32 Open 9 Ball $10/$20 Call Open 9 Ball $5 Call 9 Ball $10 Call Open 9 Ball $8 Call Open 9-Ball $30 Calcutta One Pocket Hdcp 9’ Diamonds $15 $100 w/13+ 8 Ball $5 Call Open 9 Ball-Ladies play free $10 Call 9-Ball Handicap $10 Open 9 Ball Am/Pro $20/$40 8-Ball 7’ Tables race to 5 $15 $100 w/16 8 Ball $13 Call 8 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $10 Call 10 Ball-Race 4/3 $15 $100 9-Ball - Handicapped Call 9-Ball Handicap-SE $15 (incl g.f.) Call 9-Ball 7’ Tables $15 $100 w/16 9-Ball $Call 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 9 Ball $20 $100 w/32 Open 9 Ball $5 Call Open 9 Ball $10 Call 3 Cushion $15 Call 9 Ball $15 $200 Scotch Doubles 8 Ball/9 Ball Call Open Bar Box 8 Ball-SE $20 9-Ball Handicap $20 $200 w/16 8 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball - Race to 2 $8 Call 9-Ball Luck of the Draw Sc Dbls $15 $5/player Pool Tournament $12 Calcutta 8-Ball-Race to 2-DE $5 Match w/20+ 8 Ball/9 Ball (1st Sat) Round robin Call 9-Ball Handicap $20 $300 w/24 9 Ball $10 8 Ball 8 Ball $15 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $20 Call 9 Ball $20 Call 8 Ball-Race 2/2 $14 $150 Guar 8 Ball $8 5 Chip Elim. 8 Ball Call 200% payout Pool Tournament $12 Call 9-Ball - Ladies (1st Sun) Call 10-Ball (3rd Sun) Call 10-Ball Handicap-Race to 5 $15 $$$ 9 Ball $10 9 Ball $10 Mixed 8 Ball & 9 Ball $7 9 Ball - 10-Ball Break Pot $20 9 Ball $15 Call 8 Ball - bank the 8 $10 Call 8 Ball Call Call 9 Ball-Race 4/3 $14 $150 Guar Alt 8 & 9 Ball Call Call 9 Ball $10 Call Alternating 8/9 Ball $10 $100 w/23+ 8 Ball $7 1/3 pot 8 Ball $10 $3/player

TIME 7PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 8PM 8PM 8PM 8PM 7PM 6:30PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 8PM Call 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 5PM 8PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 8PM 8PM 7:30PM 8PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 6PM 6PM 6PM 1PM 7PM 2PM 7:30PM 3PM 7PM Noon Noon 2PM 6PM 8:30PM 2PM 7PM 4PM 2PM 7:30PM 2PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 5:30PM 2PM

Call to see how to list your weekly pool tournaments 406.285.3099

Stroke May 2015


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE May 2 May 2 May 2 May 2-3 May 3 May 9 May 9 May 9 May 9 May 16 May 16 May 16 May 17 May 16-17 May 17 May 23 May 23-25 May 23-24 May 28 May 29 May 29-31 May 31 May 31 May 30 May 30 May 30-31 May 30-31 May 31 Jun 6 Jun 6-7 Jun 6-7 Jun 6-7 Jun 13 Jun 20 Jun 20 Jun 25-28 Jun 27-28 Jun 27 Jun 28 Jul 10 Jul 11-12 Jul 11-12 Jul 13-19 Jul 18 Jul 18 Aug 8-9 Aug 15-16

CITY Williamsville, NY Bristol, TN Brooklyn, NY Orange, CT Portland, ME Charlotte, NC Williamsville, NY Clifton, NJ Ocala, FL Astoria, NY Raleigh, NC Tampa, FL Tampa, FL Portland, ME Portland, ME Williamsville, NY Astoria, NY Talahassee, FL Spring, TX Spring, TX Spring, TX Spring, TX Spring, TX Raleigh, NC Rockaway, NJ Providence, RI Bayside, NY Portland, ME Williamsville, NY Portland, ME Brooklyn, NY Lindenhurst, NY Astoria, NY Midlothian, VA Williamsville, NY Edison, NJ W Hempstead, NY Ocala, FL Ocala, FL Jackson MS Jackson MS New York City, NY Astoria, NY Talahassee, FL Talahassee, FL Astoria, NY Talahassee, FL

LOCATION Bison Billiards Borderline Billiards Gotham City Billiards Corner Pocket Cafe Union Station Big Woody’s Bison Billiards Clifton Billiards Diamond Billiards Steinway Billiards Brown’s Billiards Bull’s Club Bull’s Club Union Station Union Station Bison Billiards Steinway Billiards Zingale’s Big Tyme Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Big Tyme Billiards Brass Tap & Billiards Rockaway Billiards Snookers Cue Bar Union Station Bison Billiards Union Station Gotham City Billiards Mr Cue Billiards Steinway Billiards Diamond Billiards Bison Billiards Sandcastle Raxx Sports Bar Diamond Billiards Diamond Billiards Cross Corner Cross Corner Amsterdam Billiards Steinway Billiards Zingale’s Zingale’s Steinway Billiards Zingale’s

PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME 716-632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 incl g.f. $250 Noon 423-989-POOL 9-Ball $50M/$35L Call 11:30AM 718-714-1002 9-Ball B-C-D Call $1,800 Call 203-891-0777 9-Ball ABCD Call $1,000 Noon 207-899-3693 USB 9-Ball Tournament Series $35 Call 11AM 704-535-7529 9-Ball $50M/$35W Call 11:30AM 716-632-0281 Scotch Doubles $20 incl g.f. Call 11AM 973-928-6622 9-Ball A-B/C-D Call $750 Call 352-362-9080 Amateur 9-Ball $60 incl g.f. $500 w/50+ 11AM 718-472-2124 9-Ball A-B/C-D Varies $1,000 Call 919-878-9092 9-Ball $50M/$35W Call 11:30AM 813-977-1500 Amateur 9-Ball $50+$20 fee $1,000 Guar Noon 813-977-1500 Open 10-Ball $200 $500 Guar Noon 207-899-3693 One Pocket $60 $500 Call 207-899-3693 ME State Women 9-Ball $35 $250 10AM 716-632-0281 9-Ball $40 incl g.f. Call 10AM 718-472-2124 9-Ball A-B/C-D & Open Varies $4,000 Call 850-224-8644 9-Ball Amateurs Only $60 incl fees $1,500 11AM 281-288-0800 One Pocket - SE- 32 Max. $150+$10 g.f. $2,000 Guar 11:30AM  281-288-0800 9-Ball Banks - SE - 32 ax $150+$10 g.f. $2,000 Guar 11:30AM 281-288-0800 9-Ball Open $50 $5,000 Guar 7PM 281-288-0800 Wmn’s Open 9-Ball-32 max $50 $500 Guar 11:30AM  281-288-0800 9-Ball Srs 55+ - 32 max - SE $50 $500 Guar 11:30AM  919-876-2382 9-Ball $50M/$35W Call 11:30AM 973-625-5777 9-Ball A-B/C-D Call $1,000 Call 401-351-7665 9-Ball $120/$70 $1500/$500 Call 718-631-2646 9-Ball ABCD Call $1,000 Noon 207-899-3693 USB 9-Ball Tournament Series $35 Call 11AM 716-632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 incl g.f. $250 Noon 207-899-3693 USB 9-Ball Tourn Series Finale $35 Call 11AM 718-714-1002 9-Ball A-B/C-D Call $3,500 Call 631-226-9486 9-Ball ABCD Call $1,000 Noon 718-472-2124 9-Ball A-B/C-D Varies $1,000 Call 303-926-1039 VA Jr State 9-Ball Call Call Call 716-632-0281 8-Ball Nickle City Queen of the Hill $25 incl g.f. $250 11AM 732-632-9277 1 Pocket Invitational Call Call Call 516-538-9896 9-Ball ABCD Call $1,000 Noon 352-362-9080 Amateur 9-Ball $50+$20 fee $1,000 Guar Noon 352-362-9080 Open 10-Ball $200 $500 Guar Noon  731-819-3229 10-Ball Ring Game-Limit 16 Call $300 1st 7PM 731-819-3229 9-Ball Mississipppi Open $40 $2,000 w/64+ 1PM 212-995-0333 9-Ball ABCD Call $1,000 Noon 718-472-2124 World 14-1 Call Call Call 850-224-8644 9-Ball Amateurs-max 64 $50+$20 fee $1,000 Guar Call 850-224-8644 9-Ball Pros-max 16 $200 fee $500 Guar Call 718-472-2124 Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball Varies $1,000 11:30PM 850-224-8644 9-Ball SE Open $65 $3,500 9AM 

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May 2015


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Stroke Pool Magazine May Issue 2015  

Read the results of the Super Billiards Expo both pro and amateur events, Sandcastle's NJ 10-Ball Championship, Steinway events and more ...

Stroke Pool Magazine May Issue 2015  

Read the results of the Super Billiards Expo both pro and amateur events, Sandcastle's NJ 10-Ball Championship, Steinway events and more ...