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May 2011 - Stroke Magazine 3


Marc Vidal

On April 9th, 2011 the Wynkoop Brewing Company located in Denver, CO hosted its 2nd annual US qualifying spot for the up-coming US Open 10Ball Championships to be held at the Riviera Hotel and Casino located in Las Vegas, NV May 16-21, 2011. 14 players participated in this year’s qualifier and the hot-seat match was won by 15-Rack players rep Frank Urbaniak from Colorado Springs. He had victories over Jeremy Coulter 9-2, Steve Thomas 9-4, and Rueben Silva 9-8, followed by a hill-hill victory over Marc Vidal. On the loser’s side, Marc Vidal beat Bill Meacham from Colorado Springs 9-5 to have a re-match with Frank. The final was set for one race to 11 to win the qualifier and in the end it was Marc winning a close match 11-10 over Frank. A special thanks to tournament director Melissa Little and house-pro of the Wynkoop for promoting this event and hosting the LIVE streaming through USTREAM, the Wynkoop for hosting the event and adding an extra $270 to the funds for the players efforts and Samm Vidal Claramunt (Diep) for volunteering her time all weekend. For more information about the US Open 10-Ball Championships please visit: 1st Place US Open 10-Ball Qualifier Marc Vidal 2nd Place $140 Frank Urbaniak 3rd Place $70 Bill Meacham


JoAnn Mason Parker’s winning streak comes to an end

Ft. Pierce, Fla. (Apr. 9, 2011) – The newest member of Charlie’s Angels took the stage and the qualifying spot for the WPBA US Open on Saturday at the Flamingo Billiards Tour event in Ft. Pierce, FL, on Saturday. Erica Park, managed and coached by world professional billiard player and promoter Charlie Williams, made her debut on the Flamingo Billiards Tour and played strong throughout the day, winning the event and the qualifier spot undefeated. Park handily won her first match against Jessica Barnes 7-1. It wasn’t so easy the rest of the day, though. Amy Poulter, owner of Amy’s Billiards, gave Park a run for her money but Park went on to win 7-5. Park almost went west when she faced veteran player Helene Caukin. But Caukin missed a crucial shot in the hill-hill match and allowed Park to take the win, guaranteeing Park a place in the final four redraw. JoAnn Mason Parker also made it to the redraw without much trouble winning over Sabra MacArthur Beahn 7-3, Susan Martin 7-1, and Lauren Pickard 7-2. On the one-loss side, Caukin, who started the day strong with wins over Kelly Cavanaugh 7-5, and Chris Fields 7-5, before losing on the hill to Park, made it back to the redraw with a win over newcomer and former Hunter Tour player Sue Roberts 7-4. Fields also made it to the redraw winning two hill-hill matches over FBT Director Mimi McAndrews and MacArthur Beahn, and a win over Poulter and Pickard, both 7-4. In the semi-finals, Fields drew Parker, leaving Caukin matched up against Park for the second time in one day. Caukin lost this time 7-3, in a manner uncharacteristic of her play earlier in the day. The Fields – Parker matchup was a nail-biter that kept spectators glued to their seats. Parker, who led the match most of the way, and has been playing lights out for the past several months, couldn’t stop Fields in the end. In the hill-hill match, Fields played the perfect three-rail safety which left the cue ball hidden on the long rail and the five-ball somewhere at the other end of the table. Parker, not to be rattled, as expected made an almost perfect two rail kick, but it was just short of being good enough. The cue ball hit the five, but left Fields with a shot and Fields went on to run out and take the match. Field’s win over Parker ended a three-event winning streak for the former US Open Champ.

4 Stroke Magazine - May 2011

Fields win over Parker put her in the finals against Park. By then, Fields, who played almost non-stop the whole day coming from the one-loss side, was showing signs of fatigue. Park, only 21 years old, took advantage and with her smooth stroke and fearless attitude, won the final match 7-3. If Park’s coaching from Williams continues to show results like it did this past weekend, Park could certainly see her name in the upper tier of the WPBA rankings one day. Williams has coached several top-ranked WPBA players, including Tracie Hines, Debbie Schodjt, Miyuki Sakai, Ga-Young Kim, and former exempt player and 2011 Regional Tour Champion Yu Ram Cha. As for Park, according to Williams, “I think Erica is on her way to joining the ranks of the other top girls I’ve coached. She wants to be a champion, RESULTS and I'll do my best to get her ($250-added, modified double-elimination) there.” Many thanks again to 1st $350 Erica Park room owners Bill and Joann Mallen, and Gary Gilsanan 2nd $230 Chris Ann Fields (www.ultimate-billiards. 3rd $100 JoAnn Mason Parker com), for being great hosts Helene Caukin and supporting the Flamingo 5th $50 Lauren Pickard Billiards Tour. Sue Roberts

Fisher and Dechaine Conquer

By AzB Staff - 2011-04-25 Photos courtesy of: Mike Dechaine and Allison Fisher are the 2011 Ultimate 10-Ball Champions. The event was held at the Frisco Hotel and Convention Center in Frisco Texas over April 22 - 24th. Fisher’s win over Kelly Fisher was a mirror image of their match on the winners side Saturday night. In that match, Kelly looked to be in complete control at 5-1, only

Mike Dechaine

Allison Fisher to be forced to watch Allison win six straight games for the 7-5 lead. After a one sided win over Angel Paglia earlier on Sunday, Kelly came to the final match with that same fire in her eyes that she always has and looked to have erased the memory of her earlier loss to

Allison. The final match was an extended race to ten and Kelly had the first opportunity, which she took full advantage of, for the 1-0 lead. Allison

came back and tied the match at 1-1. The match would be tied again at 2-2 and 3-3, before Kelly forged ahead to a 5-3 lead. Kelly kept a two rack lead at 6-4 and then moved ahead by three at 7-4. Trailing by three racks, the heat was on Allison to do something. And ‘do something’ she did. Just as she had won six straight games against Kelly on Saturday, Allison took control and again won six straight games for the 10-7 win. The men’s finals was an extended race to twelve between undefeated Jeremy Jones and Mike Dechaine. Dechaine was coming off a hill-hill nailbiter against Jason Klatt and Jones - who lives in Texas - had a rail full of fans cheering him on. The match promised to be a great study in contrasting styles as Dechaine is a ‘fast and loose’ shooter who never saw a shot that his stroke didn’t like, while Jones is a more studious player who rarely takes unwarranted risks. The match started out close and would remain close for the majority of the match. Just like the women’s match before it, the match was tied at 1-1, 2-2 and 3-3. Dechaine would be the first player to forge a lead of more than one rack and held a three rack lead at 6-3. That lead would be short lived as Jones came back to win three in a row and tie the score again at 6-6. The score would again be tied at 7-7, 8-8, 9-9 and 10-10. The next money ball that dropped put Dechaine on the hill, but Jones had the break in the next rack. Jones made a ball and ran to the 4-ball before a fluke miss. Both Jones and Dechaine looked stunned when the 4-ball didn’t find the pocket. Dechaine took a quick second to calm his nerves and ran down to a bit of a tester on the 9-ball. Dechaine made the ball with no problem, leaving one last ball between him and the largest title of his young career. Dechaine quickly called “extension - definitely” in order to take an extra few seconds on the ten-ball and then fired it into the hole for the win. Fisher pocketed $5,600 for her win, while Dechaine took home $16,600 for his win.

May 2011 - Stroke Magazine 5

Extreme Kicks By: Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy One of the guiding principles of playing pool is to keep it as simple as possible. Sometimes you can’t do that and you have to push some facet of your game to its limits. To prepare for such situations, you need to spend part of your practice time on shots that are at the limit of you abilities. That might be tough cuts or power shots, but this month we’re Bob Jewett going to work on extreme kick shots. In the diagram are three kick shots in which the goal is to pocket the one ball. Each shot also has a blocker ball that you have to avoid. (If necessary, imagine that there are other balls on the table and this is the best way to hit the ball you need to hit first.) For the shot with the 6 ball, the idea is that you are shooting straight across the table and need to get to the corner. This is a fairly common kicking situation and it’s important to learn about how much angle you can get with side spin. Tables vary widely, both in the quality of the cushions and in the stickiness of the cloth and balls. A shot that works perfectly on 9-foot table with new Simonis cloth may be a disaster on a 7-foot table with old rubber and cloth that was last changed in the last millennium. On most tables the shot can be made as shown, with the cue ball about 3 diamonds from the corner. This is a simple shot to try during practice and it will give a quick read on the conditions. There are several things you can do to get more angle off the cushion. Use a little draw along with the side spin, and don’t shoot too hard. The idea is that the draw will slow the ball down on the way to the cushion but all of the side spin will remain and will give you more angle. If you shoot too hard, the draw doesn’t have time to wear off. For a really extreme angle, you can elevate some and shoot a halfmasse shot into the cushion. This works by getting a favorable incoming angle. Don’t spend too much time at this as it’s much harder to control and is needed less often, but give it a few tries. For the shot with the 7, the normal angle from corner pocket to corner pocket is to aim close to the side pocket. On this shot it definitely helps to have follow on the cue ball when it hits the cushion, but if you start with draw (and right English) and shoot softly, the cue ball will have follow by the time it gets to the rail. Finally, with the 8 ball, you need to make a reverse angle off the cushion. I like to use enough speed and draw that the shot is about the same as a stop shot for a ball at the far cushion. On most tables, you should be able to go out beyond the middle diamond on the end rail for the cue ball position shown. Do you have other parts of your game that are not well developed? Send me an email and maybe I can work up a drill that will help. Read more articles by Bob Jewett at

6 Stroke Magazine - May 2011

Divide and Conquer! By Samm Diep © May 2011

In science, the “divide and conquer” algorithm refers to breaking down a problem into more manageable smaller problems until they become simple enough to solve directly. This same concept can be applied to understanding our pool game and conquering those errors during competition. With nationals just around the corner, who couldn’t use a little help in conquering those errors? How many times have you been in a match where it seemed like nothing was Samm Diep going right for you? No matter what you did, it wasn’t working. It can often feel overwhelming when that happens. You make one little mistake and the next thing you know all the errors start snowballing. When you look back on that match, you might be able to pinpoint one or two specific things that resulted in your downward spiral. If only you could identify it when it starts happening... You couldn’t because all the combined errors clouded the real reason you weren’t getting out. You were looking at the big problem instead of dividing it into smaller ones that you could attack. Here’s a perfect example: You lost your match because you missed too many key shots. You missed those shots because you were too tentative and did not deliver a confident stroke. Without confidence you weren’t following through. You didn’t follow through because in the very first rack of the match you over-stroked a draw shot and hooked yourself. Now, instead of adjusting to the table, you’ve managed to make a mountain of a loss out of the molehill of the table speed. If only you were able to recognize what was happening while it was happening. My personal biggest weakness is when the balls are really dirty. As soon as I’d over-spin that first shot, it would ultimately make me so uncomfortable, it would cause me to jump up or misaim. When you’re not comfortable, it’s difficult to stay down. You just want the shot to be over with. My point is that if you’re able to break down the equation and quickly identify the problem, it makes it much easier to conquer it. Sometimes confidence can win as many matches as skill. If you can’t figure out what’s causing you to feel uncomfortable, you’ll never be able to feel confident. When a match takes a turn for the worse, break it down and conquer it! Figure out what’s happening and regain your confidence. Best of luck to everyone that’s heading to Las Vegas in May for all the upcoming national events!! Read more articles by Samm Diep at

April 2011 - Stroke Magazine 7

HERTZ SNAPS OFF WIN L-R ABCD Event 3rd Place: Diana Rojas, 2nd Place: Jack Smith & 1st Place Winner: Mike Hertz By Jerry Tarantola,

Stop #5 of the Predator 9-Ball Tour was hosted out on Long Island at Mr. Cue Billiards in Lindenhurst, NY. Forty-six top amateur players from around the area came out to play on April 16-17 for the two day pool event, along with a number of top open & pro players for the one-day 10-Ball event on Sunday. A few of the top players to come out for this $1,000-added event were Michael Yednak, Lionel Rivera, Derek Schwager, Mark "Gypsy" Pantovic, Eric Grasman, room owner Scott Murphy, and top area lady players Diana "Snooky" Rojas, Sandie Patarino, Borana Andoni, and Gail Glazebrook. The event showcased the talent of several strong emerging players in the NY area, but on this day, a few stood out from the rest of the field. Tour regular Jack Smith made his trip to Long Island count by going through the field through the winner's bracket undefeated, and had to wait for the rest of the players to battle it out to see who he would face. Jack, who is rated a B+, defeated Derek Schwager 7-1, Ariel Rivera 7-4, Lionel Rivera 7-6, Robert Gipp 7-3, Shawn Sookhai 7-4, and Mike Hertz 7-5. Veteran tournament player and grinder Snooky Rojas brought her 'A' game to the table throughout the two-day event and turned some heads. Snooky defeated Andy Schorr 8-4, Jim Jennings 7-3, Mike Ettl 7-5, and Sandie Patarino 7-5 before losing to Mike Hertz 7-3. Diana then made a statement by defeating current BCAPL Women's Open 8-Ball Champion Gail Glazebrook in dominant fashion 7-3 and followed up with a gritty 7-5 win over Raphael Dabreo. Snooky was poised to snap off her first Predator Tour event, but on this weekend, Mike Hertz proved that he has the ability to bounce back after a tough loss. After getting edged out by Jack Smith on the winner's side hot seat match, Mike shut out Snooky 7-0 for a dominant win in the semifinal, and followed it up with a hill-hill match against Jack Smith in the finals. By the time the final ball was pocketed, Mike earned his first Predator 9-ball Tour win, in impressive fashion. AMATEUR FINAL RESULTS: 1st: $800 Mike Hertz 2nd: $600 Jack Smith 3rd: $400 Diana Rojas 4th: $300 Raphael DaBreo 5th/6th: $200 Gail Glazebrook, Shawn Sookhai 7th/8th: $125 Ron Mason, Eric Grasman 9th-12th: $75 Sandie Patarino, Charles Young, Lionel Rivera, Robert Gipp The Open/Pro 10-Ball event that runs along side the amateurs on Sunday featured several big sticks. Joey Korsiak, Oscar Bonilla, Frankie Hernandez, Tony Robles, and Zion Zvi all have exciting and entertaining games. Top Long Island player, Oscar Bonilla, started off with two gritty hill-hill 8-7 wins over Justin Muller and "Flaco" Tony Rodriguez, before catching an impressive gear to defeat Joey Korsiak 8-1.

8 Stroke Magazine - May 2011

In the hot seat match, Oscar's opponent was breakout player Zion Zvi, who is starting to come into his own. Zion came out of the gate with dominant back to back wins over Bob Mammarella 8-0 and Ed Culhane 8-2. Zion then edged out Tony Robles 8-7, before an impressive hot seat match win over Oscar 8-3. Oscar would meet Zion again in the finals after a hill-hill 8-7 win over Joey Korsiak. In the finals, it was all Zion as he defeated Oscar 9-6 for his first win this season. After the event was over, since Tony Robles was leading the tour in total points so far, he was gifted a free entry in the CSI US Open 10-Ball Championships next month in Las Vegas. Tony won the entry fee's value of $550, moved into the first place in the season's standings. Predator 9-Ball Tour players will be pulling for Tony and all other players from the area to battle against some of the strongest pool players in the world. OPEN PRO FINAL RESULTS: 1st: $700 Zion Zvi 2nd: $400 Oscar Bonilla 3rd: $215 Joey Korsiak 4th: $100 Tony Robles The Predator 9-Ball Tour's next stop will be a double points event on June 4-5 at Raxx Pool Room. Raxx is located in Hempstead, NY, and will be adding $1,500 to the event. We would also like to add a reminder about the upcoming 1st Annual

L-R Open/Pro Event 2nd Place: Oscar Bonilla, 1st Place Winner Zion Zvi & 2nd Place Winner: Joey Korsiak

George "Ginky" SanSouci Memorial ADCD & Open/Pro event on June 2426. This stop will be a collaborative memorial event between the Predator, Mezz and Tri-State Tours, which will count towards points for all three tours. This will be a 3 day event with the first round starting at 7PM on Friday, June 24th and the second round starting at 10AM on Saturday, June 25th. Anyone interested in playing will have to prepay their entry fee in order to participate. The draw will take place at Amsterdam Billiards as soon as the field is full before June 24th. This stop will be limited to 128 ABCD players and 32 Open/Pro players. The Open/Pro will start on Saturday at 3PM. The host room is Amsterdam Billiards in Union Square, NYC. It is a $3,000 added event so far and anyone interested in adding more money to this special event (we are trying to make it a $5,000 or more added event) should contact tony at

May 2011 - Stroke Magazine 9

Korean Dragon Slays

Charlie Williams by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow Saratoga located in the southeast corner of Wyoming, along the banks of the Upper North Platte River, nestled between two mountain ranges, the Snowy Mountain and Sierra Madre Range. This is a great little town with a population of around 1800. They put on an amazing pool tournament. The OTBnTV crew arrived on Thursday, March 31st to get the booth set up and everything ready for the start of the events on Friday. The Platte Valley Open consists of 3 Divisions, the Sportsmen’s for local players, the Classic for Wyoming Intermediate players and the Open for everyone. The live streaming started on Friday around 6 pm and our first match was from the Sportsmen’s Division between Joe Morrison vs Chris Duke in a race to 3. Next up featured Lee Hauley and Joe Ringle also from the

10 Stroke Magazine - May 2011

Sportsmen’s Division and our final match was from the Classic Division between Jordan Thayer and Dave Riley in a race to 4. We wanted to broadcast some of the preliminary rounds in both divisions before the action in the Open Division started Saturday morning. The field of the Open Division was packed with big name players from all across the country like Charlie Williams, Raj Hundal, Rodney Morris, Mark Vidal, Glenn Atwell, Eddie Mataya, Mark Haddad and Melissa Little, just to name a few. The OTBnTV broadcast started at 2 pm with our first match between Gilbert Garcia and Heather Curby in a race to 6. Mark Haddad and Justin Reckemeyer faced off next on the TV table with Mark advancing. E J Glode (tournament director) and Raj Hundal were up on the live stream next. E J, local city councilman and tournament promoter’s match was viewed at one of the hot spots in Saratoga,

where the locals were watching the match on the TV tables at Duke’s Bar & Grill. Raj Hundal won that match. Our next match on the TV table was from the Sportmen’s Division between Dan Tewes and Jodi DeBerard. Jodi won that match in a hill-hill battle. The field was narrowing and Rodney Morris met Raj Hundal next. This was a race to 7 with Raj coming out on top 7-5. The last match of Saturday night was between Charlie Williams and Justin Reckemeyer with Charlie advancing. Rounds were starting again Sunday morning and the best of the best remained. We started the live stream around 10 am on Sunday, expecting a relatively shorter day of streaming but that was not the case. First we had Glenn Atwell and Tony Piazza, followed by Atwell and Rodney Morris which was a repeat of the 2010 finals. Glenn proved to master the table in between smoke breaks and met Raj Hundal to play for third place. FYI: We were having trouble with one of the viewers in the chat room, as we kept banning this person from the vulgarity that our audience was subjected to. Ustream was contacted through many emails throughout the weekend. Their customer service in the past was reachable by phone but no longer does this service exist. They were either incapable or chose not to address this problem. This user was hacking their system and at the time nothing could be done about it. Charlie Williams was waiting in the hot seat for his opponent to be determined. Charlie sent Glenn to the one loss side earlier in the tournament so the rematch was set. It started out a little one side with Charlie getting out to an early 5-0 lead, Glenn brought it close by taking 3 racks in a row, but Charlie prevailed with a final score of 7-4. Another great tournament! OTBnTV would like to thank E J Glode and the Platte Valley Open and all the businesses that helped make this event a success, for having us live stream again this year. This event is usually held the first weekend in April so pencil in your calendar’s for 2012. You don’t want to miss it. We would also like to thank Tiger Products our title sponsor, Simonis Cloth, Lucasi Hybrid and Kamui Tips for making this broadcast possible. If you didn’t get a chance to watch all the action live on OTBnTV you can still watch the recorded matches at Just open the Platte Valley Open Video Magazine and click the link for the video you want to watch. The Platte Valley Open is sponsored by the Carbon County Visitors Council, UPA, Lions Club, Duke’s Bar & Grill, Riviera Lodge, and Shively Hardware to name a few. Thanks for watching and hope to see you here again next year!

s Platte Valley Open Williams Crowned Platte Valley Open Champion By Samm Diep, On April 2-3, the small town of Saratoga, Wyoming, population of roughly 7,500, filled the city with pool players for their fourth annual Platte Valley Open. Locals were treated to some world class bar table 8-ball. “The tournament went fantastic! I’ve loved pool since I was five years old and I can’t get enough of it. It’s a way to get everybody together,” said tournament director E.J. Glode. In the masters division, 52 of the finest players from Wyoming and Colorado came to try their luck. The $9,000 added prize money also drew players from the as far as Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. The professional team of “The Rocket” Rodney Morris, “The Hitman” Raj Hundal, and “The Korean Dragon” Charlie Williams also made an appearance. Four players advanced from each of the original four brackets into a 16-player redraw finals board which started on Saturday night. The first round of the evening saw a finals caliber match between Morris and Hundal. Both players shot quickly and loosely with an outcome of Hundal advancing 7-5. From Denver, Tony Piazza and Rafael Ibarra both gave it a good run, finishing tied for 5th place. On the b-side, Piazza was down 5-2 against Portland, Oregan’s Glenn Atwell. The veteran bar table champion began losing his grip allowing Piazza to close the gap and take the lead. While up 6-5, a fatal scratch in the side would cost Piazza that game. At hill-hill, Atwell broke and scratched allowing Piazza another chance for the kill. Uncharacteristically, Piazza missed with ball in hand and Atwell took that match to advance. The Rocket awaited his match with the winner. Atwell would keep the momentum going against Morris and Hundal. After several failed attempts to run out, Atwell defeated Morris 7-1 and then did the same to Hundal by a score of 7-5 after being down 5-4. Williams went undefeated through the A-side and watched as Atwell took out his travel companions one at a time, shattering the pro team’s hopes of taking 1, 2, and 3. Williams, who delivered Atwell his first loss, came out strong. He quickly jumped to a 5-0 lead. Atwell had several opportunities but could not capitalize. At 5-0, Atwell made a tricky run to get on the board then proceeded to run the next two racks making it 5-3. It appeared that he was making a comeback until he missed a 9 ball in the side pocket in the following rack allowing Williams to get to the hill. The gentlemen battled over the next couple games until Williams finally

gained control in the last rack pocketing the 8 ball for the win. The final score was 7-4. Pom Rai of Fort Collins, Colorado won the Classic division and Danny Haynes from Rawlins, Wyoming took the Sportsman division. Both men came through their respective fields without losing a match. Rai came through the 64-player field to meet Denver’s Steve Thomas in the finals after Thomas lost his first match of the redraw. Haynes’ victory of the 48-player field earned him $400 while Rai pocketed $1,200. MASTERS DIVISION 1st $3,500 Charlie Williams 2nd $2,400 Glenn Atwell 3rd $1,900 Raj Hundal 4th $1,300 Rodney Morris 5th $715 Rafael Ibarra, Tony Piazza 7th $460 Eddie Mattaya, Mark Haddad 9th $210 Marc Vidal, BJ Spencer, Derek McMaster, Justin Reckemeyer 13th $115 John Sandifer, Matt Sanchez Johnny Vasquez, Mark Sand CLASSIC DIVISION 1st $1,200 Pom Rai 2nd $950 Steve Thomas 3rd $750 Kelly Gorham 4th $600 June Brooks 5th $390 Dan Rolling, Gary North 7th $240 Nick Dittmar, Jimmy McKinney 9th $130 Donald Parker, Jim Stewart Seth Johnson, Ken Vechnek 13th $63 Robert Peach, Brad Crouch Jerry Flute, Colleen Johnson SPORTSMAN DIVISION 1st $400 Danny Haynes 2nd $310 Brian Schmitker 3rd $240 John Saputo 4th $190 Chris Duke 5th $115 Phillip Canaday, “Nubbins” 7th $75 Lee Hanley, Brian Schwartzkopf 9th $30 Dan Tewes, Bill Ward Keith McLendon, Jodi DeBerard

Steve Thomas

Danny Haynes

Brian Schmitker

Glenn Atwell

Pom Rai

May 2011 - Stroke Magazine 11

Duddy Comes To Play Emily Duddy, Edward Rodigues, Neslihon Gurel Mezz Pro-Am Women Tour made its way to Society Billiards & Bar in New York City on Sunday April 9, 2011. A small but great field came out to play, Players like Emily Duddy, Caroline Pao, Gail Glazebrook, Diana Snooky Rojas, Borana Andoni. Leading the top half of the bracket was Caroline Pao with wins over Allie Shaffer 9-4, Kim Meyer 9-3, Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Neslihon Gurel with wins over Emily

Duddy 9-4, Diana Snooky Rojas 9-8, Erin McManus 9-5. Playing for the hot seat was Caroline Pao Vs Neslihon Gurel this was a great match that went hill hill but when it was all said and done it was Neslihon Gurel coming away with the win 9-8, sending Caroline Pao to the one lost side. Making her way through the one lost side was Emilly Duddy, after losing her first match 7-4 Emily went on to beat Yomaylin Felis 7-5, Allie Shaffer 7-1, Erin McManus 7-5, Gail Glazebrook 7-2, and Caroline Pao 7-2 to get to the finals. In the finals it was Emily Duddy Vs Neslihon Gurel this was a one sided match with Emily Duddy taking control from the start winning easily 9-3. I would like to thank Mezz Cue and all the sponsors for their ongoing support, I also like to thank all the players that came out to play. RESULTS: 1st $400 Emily Duddy 2nd $200 Neslihon Gurel 3rd $120 Caroline Pao 4th $70 Gail Gazebrook

Smith beats out Vincent

Planet Pool Women tour made its way to Drexeline Billiards in Drexel Hill Pa Sunday April 17, 2011. A small field came out to play players like Megan Smith, Nicole Vincent, Jackie Duggan, Megan Fort, and Aubrey James. Leading the top half of the bracket was Nicole Vincent with wins over Sharon O’Hanlon 6-4, and Jackie Duggan 6-5. Judie Wilson, Megan Smith, owner Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Megan Smith with win over Megan Fort 6-0, and Pauline Mattes 6-2. Playing for the hot seat was Megan Smith Vs Nicole Vincent this was a good match but when its al said and done it was Megan Smith coming away with the win 6-4 sending Nicole Vincent to the one lost side. Waiting for Nicole Vincent on the one lost side was

12 Stroke Magazine - May 2011

Bob Maidhof and Nicole Vincent sponsors and all the players that came out to play. RESULTS: 1st $400 Megan Smith 2nd $250 Nicole Vincent 3rd $130 Judie Wilson

Judie Wilson this was a one sided match with Nicole Vincent winning easily 5-1 to get to the finals. In the finals it was a rematch from the hot seat match Nicole Vincent Vs Megan Smith, Nicole Vincent has to beet Megan Smith twice in order to with the event. First set was a great set that went hill hill but this day belonged to Megan Smith as she won 6-5. I would like to thank all the

May 2011 - Stroke Magazine 13

Lucky Christmas and New Year gone by…. It’s been weeks now since Lucky and I decided to go on the road, I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it. It’s a rare and great experience to be with this most unique person I’ve ever met. Lucky is showing me something new every day, and by now I’ve learned not to steer the conversation into areas beyond pool or general topics. Lucky says what he wants to and no more. I’m writing several stories about Lucky and the experiences as we drive, enjoying the spectacular sights. We’ve seen all kind of animals -- even rare pronghorns along the side of the road. Between listening to bluegrass music and listening to Lucky’s cool stories, writing, munching, snoozing, and checking out the views, I’ve experienced no boredom or regrets. It started like I said, weeks ago. I showed up at Lucky’s ranch, and fell in love with it all over again. I could move and live here, I thought. It was quiet, secluded with great scenery, and very, very comfortable. Lucky was working on some stuff in his study, so I wandered around the room, noticing things I hadn’t seen on my last visit. In a glass and mahogany display case were several custom cues. At a closer inspection, I noticed a Harvey Martin cue with a hand-scratched name on the butt. Aha! I thought. I’ll bet this is Lucky’s real name! If I could decipher it, I would slip it into a conversation with him later on, and then gloat at discovering it on my own. I tried to be inconspicuous about peering more closely at the signature, but then realized it was much too faded for me to read. Lucky looked up and saw me looking at it and said, “That’s one the first custom cues Harvey Martin ever made. I might take that with me on the road. It’s been a very lucky cue for me.” “What’s it say down here?” I asked nonchalantly. “It’s been so long I can't remember,” Lucky replied, and grinned. Then he ignored me and went back to work. I wandered out to the great room and wrote for awhile from the comfort of an old leather couch. L a t e r , Lucky led me to a room I hadn’t been in before. It looked like it might once have been the dining room. The only thing in the room was a Diamond Pool Table, which was a big surprise, since Lucky had once told me he would never have a table at home because he wouldn’t get any work done! “Where did you get this?” I asked. “Oh, I had it brought in a couple of

14 Stroke Magazine - May 2011

“Ready For The Road ”

weeks ago so that I could practice up a little before we hit the road,” replied Lucky offhandedly. I was ready to start right then, but Lucky said,“Whoa, boy, plenty of time. We’ll wait till morning. Let’s have dinner and hit the hay.” Time to eat and I was hungry. We were going to have leftover “New Years Turkey dinner”. I helped with creating some new dinner side dishes, collard greens with ham, corn bread and quinoa. Quinoa is one of the best foods on planet and Lucky has a big barrel of it in his storage. I love leftover turkey and it was good. He didn’t have much to say about his health, but I did notice he took his medicine before he ate, so I guessed that was about all I could watch for, and just remember to always be ready for anything. I helped him wash dishes, he said he’s “tired of dishes”, then went up to my room, and tossed and turned most of the night, thinking about the upcoming adventure. It would be a whole book, just listing all the things I thought about and imagined. Wow. Unbelievable, I marveled at the mystery that no one seemed to know this great player. Next day I was up before Lucky I check my email and Facebook on the computer. Lucky walked in, not even a good morning or a hello, Lucky pointed at me with a gnarly finger and stated, “Before we go on this road trip we have to get some things straight. “How about breakfast first” I said. Number One! Don't you ever feelguilty about winning anyone's money! People are out to try and beat you, no matter how nice they are to you. They are waiting for an opportunity to collect some of your money. Most people want to win money, so some are willing to lose it. No one makes anyone else play and gamble. A person’s own ego does that. My father told me once no matter how good you get remember that there is always someone out there better than you. If you realize this, you will truly keep your ego in check. There is no law against having too big an ego! “Lucky, is there anyone better than you?” He didn’t answer me. “Number Two! Hustling and gambling is an art!” He went on to point out a host of different hustles. He talked about people which are so slick, people never even know they are being hustled. I know a lot about the hustling game, but Lucky had me feeling like a firstgrader. “I want you to be able to spot

all the hustles. You know some players make pool look seedy. But I don't think many people realize that the majority of money players are honorable gamblers. There are hustlers and gamblers in every sport, not just pool. They live by a code, believe it or not. They do have boundaries. We just stay away from the ones who have no boundaries.” Number Three!! Money may come easy, no sense giving it away easy. Can’t be living high off the hog while on the road. You must be frugal and have a money goal. Pool players buy jewelry, cloths, steak & lobster dinners and spend money on women they meet. You should wash your cloths at laundry places, eat sandwiches made out of the ice chest in car and buy no jewelry. You will need discipline or you will end up busted. Now this early-morning-beforecoffee lesson was over, we fixed breakfast and then headed to the table for some tuning up. Lucky again amazed me by showing me more stuff on the table than I ever thought possible, and I’m not a bad technical player. Wow! Some of the things I remembered from the first time I met him at the local bar and restaurant, that day when I plugged enough quarters into the table to fill Crater Lake. We spent the day working hard. My brain was spinning with activity, with Lucky showing me at least twenty different skills and strategies. “We’ll leave day after tomorrow,” Lucky said. I felt giddy with excitement, like a kid at his first baseball game. All of a sudden Lucky had to go buy a new dishwasher, why now I don’t know. We were on the eve of leaving. We jumped in the truck went many mikes to a town where the store was. The store seemed to have a little of everything in it. It had building supplies, food, propane, horse feed, hardware, and some appliances. It was a very unique all in one store to say the least. Rushing from aisle to aisle, Lucky was on a mission. He was looking at more than dishwashers. Looking at prices the prices they were high. I could see that he was mildly irritated. Lucky reluctantly bought a dishwasher and they would deliver it next week, we were going to be gone so Lucky had to arrange someone be there to take delivery. It was starting to get dark. With a few household items and auto supplies we left the store. On the way home all of a sudden, “look out!!” Lucky put on the breaks and slow down. We almost hit a big elk crossing the road. Lucky

said “he’s an Imperial, that old 7 point bull elk has been around this area for years”. Lucky has seen him before and he escapes hunting season every year. He’s very smart. I am thinking how smart is he really to miss being shot but almost get clobbered with a truck. Back at the Lucky Q we sat down for another home cooked meal. Lucky told me that a rancher in over in Oklahoma took the same name as his ranch. Lucky said his ranch was the first one named Lucky Q. He thinks that farmer saw the Ranch name, maybe driving by and liked it, then he used it for his farm. What’s not to like in the name! We ate all the leftovers so Lucky had to make a pot of stew. Moose stew. It took a while to cook. We caught up on this and that. I have eaten game meat before but I was a little reluctant on this new meat. Time to eat…yummy and we washed it down with sourdough bread too. Wow…It… was… maybe the best stew I ever ate. I am not sure if I can change eating habits. We have been eating a lot of home cooked meals. The road will be filled with guessing on greasy spoons and dives to eat. I am getting spoiled on all this good food. We talked about what our road plans should be. I told Lucky about a place called Little Creek in northwest Washington. Some good players will be there at a tournament. “I know most of them.” Lucky said “I want to keep a low profile” “remember we might be too visible there” He wasn’t sure but he’d think about going there as a rumor was that venue has changed. Anyway it was a couple of weeks away. First he wanted to go see his friend Alex Stoop in Oregon who was going to have bone marrow transplant. Lucky wanted to give Alex a few words of encouragement and support. Alex’s friends are having a fundraiser to help with cost of this major procedure. Lucky mentioned going towards Montana, North Dakota area. Our original plan was to hit a bunch of little action locations where little known players hung out. It was good chance to pump up our “bank roll”. We plan to be on the road for about three weeks in the first stretch. Once we get out there we will hear from other players where the action is. When we come back regroup then decide on where to go for an extended Road trip. One more day of practice, then we should have a clear plan as to why, where, and what before we leave the driveway.

Trick Shots by Sarge By Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth

Cheng Undefeated

STROKE DISCIPLINE (reprinted from July Issue 2003)

This month’s Artistic Shot is from the Stroke Discipline. This shot is named Stroke Around The Rack. This shot has a Degree of Difficulty (D.O.D.) of 7. Object ball letters coincide with corresponding pocket letters. To set this shot up you must first put the rack in its normal or standard position for racking making sure the rack is straight. Next place the edge of the cue ball closest to the foot cushion even with the back Ken “Sarge” Aylesworth of the rack and two ball’s width from the point of the rack. The next step is to place two object balls, (between cue ball and A ball), plus A ball and cue ball are all frozen

in a straight line to pocket A. The F ball is centered between the pocket points. The objective of the shot is to shoot the cue ball into three balls, trying to go through the resistance of them, sending A ball to pocket A. The cue ball goes out past the rack and makes a curving draw to pocket ball F as pocket letter designated. A and F ball must be made. Here are some special notes. A scratch is allowed. The cue ball may hit an extra cushion by F ball. The two object balls between the cue ball and A ball do not have to be made. The cue ball may not touch the rack before F ball is made, but can after F ball is made. Here are some helpful hints on executing this shot. This stroke shot requires a very good follow through, not with power but with a fluid stroke. I use low right English and cue the cue ball at about 4:30. Aim the center of your shaft from where you’re applying English to about ½ diamond segment to the left of pocket A. Try to keep the cue as level to the plane of the table as possible. If the cue ball is squirting to the left too quickly and hitting the rack then you are aiming too far to the left of pocket A. If the cue ball is going straight Maryland 14.1 Championships with the line of three balls you July 22-24 will need to aim further to the $275 entry - $8000 Added left. This stroke shot is a unique Open event Call for Info blend of speed and spin. Good 7954 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd luck to everyone.

Allen Wong, Billy Cheng, Raul Reyes

Billy Cheng wins his first Tri-State at Sandcastle's A/D event. Billy played well all day displaying solid pocketing and position play. His tournament trail included wins over Gary Murgia 7 - 2; Peter Ziemak 7 - 2; Keith Adamik 7 - 5; Arturo Reyes 7 - 5; and Allen Wong 7 - 6 to get to the Hot Seat. Since the hour was late, both Raul Reyes, after a winning a return match against Allen Wong 6 - 4 to reach the Finals, and undefeated Billy Cheng decided to call it a night with Billy being credited with a well deserved win. Congratulations belong to Raul Reyes for his impressive 8 win/ 2 loss record; Allen for a srong third place, and Scott Simonetti for his strong 4th place finish from the loss side with an 8 & 2 win/loss record.Many thanks belong to The "Sandman" for his generous support of the Tri-State Tour. Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Ron Tarr Cues, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kenetics, and Dr. Dave Billiards Instructional Products for their sponsorship leading to this event. PAYOUTS 1st $815.00 Billy Cheng 2nd $550.00 Raul Reyes 3rd $340.00 Allen Wong 4th $220.00 Scott Simonetti 5th - 6th $135.00 Arturo Reyes, Michele Li 7th - 8th $100.00 Brent Boemmels, Antonio Navarro 9th - 12th $80.00 Keith Adamik, Ben Sadowski, Duane Dailey, Rick Shellhouse

Big Daddy’s Billiards

Glen Burnie, MD 410-760-1332

May 2011 - Stroke Magazine 15

High Run Contest Beat Mosconi’s High Single Run of 526 Win up to $20,000 at CSI 14.1 High Run Contest at the BCAPL Nationals One of the festivities taking place during the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships (May 11-22, 2011 at the Riviera hotel & casino, Las Vegas, NV) is a special 14.1 High Run contest. The contest will take place during the BCAPL event on two Diamond 9’ Pro Cut tables located in booths 30-32 in the Grande ballroom of the Riviera Convention Center. The main contest will feature several divisions: pro, amateur men, amateur women, and amateur seniors. Each participant who signs up pays $20 for 4 turns at the table with their recorded run being an accumulation of their 4 turns. Each division will be awarded cash and prizes based on the top scores. The top eight highest accumulative scores will have a tournament on Saturday, May 21st. The goal of the CSI high run contest is to encourage more interest in the great game of Straight Pool. In addition to the primary 14.1 contest is a very special opportunity. CSI will match up to the $10,000 (cash only) for a potential grand total of $20,000 to award to any player that beats or ties the Straight Pool single run record of 526 balls set by Willie Mosconi in 1954. The shooter who breaks or ties the record must do so in a single, not accumulative, run at the table. CSI will have set up the capability to record the contestants at the CSI 14.1 Contest. For more information or to enter stop by the CSI 14.1 Contest booth, who knows you may witness or make pool history!

Junior Fundraiser

CSI Junior Program Fundraiser at BCAPL Nationals to Support U.S. Junior Team This year at the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships (May 11-22, 2011 at the Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV), CueSports International (CSI) is expanding fundraising efforts on behalf of the U.S. Junior National Team. The proceeds from the fundraising efforts will be used to hold youth camps throughout the country and to provide coaching and mentoring to the U.S. Junior National Team while they prepare for the WPA Junior World Championships. Coordinating the Junior Program for CSI is WPBA top professional and former Junior National Champion, Sarah Rousey. The CSI Junior Program is working in cooperation with the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF). The fundraising activities will include: Challenge the Stars: May 17th from 8-10 pm in the Grande Ballroom at the Riviera Hotel & Casino Convention Center. By paying a nominal donation you will have a shot at beating some of the top pros from around the world. Group Lesson with a Pro (will take place onsite at the Riviera Hotel & Casino): Take a group lesson at the Riviera with a top pro! Class sizes will be limited. Commemorative BCAPL Casino Chip Key Chain: Offered in several colors and designs the one of a kind keychain will be for sale at $5 each at the CSI Technology booth next the BCAPL Tournament Control Desk in the Grande Ballroom. There is a limited supply and will be sold while supplies last. “Support the U.S. Junior National Team” Raffles: During the 11 day BCAPL National event CSI will be offering raffle items to benefit the Junior Program. CSI is also actively seeking donated items for the raffle. For more information or if you are a vendor or individual interested in donating an item for the raffle please contact Sarah Rousey at

16 Stroke Magazine - May 2011

U S Bar Table Moving

U.S. Bar Table Championships Becomes a Grand Affair in 2012 Heading into its 19th year the U.S. Bar Table Championships (USBTC), produced by CueSports International (CSI), will soon have a new yet familiar home. The USBTC will still be held in Reno, NV, however the growing and popular weeklong event will be moving to the stunning Grand Sierra Resort and Casino starting February 12-19, 2012. The USBTC was last held at the Grand Sierra in 1996. CSI has enjoyed the last 15 years at its former downtown location, but has physically outgrown the available space. The venue change allows CSI the opportunity to offer even more to players, vendors and sponsors. CSI will expand from the 8000 square feet at its former USBTC location to a usable 40,000 square feet at the Grand Sierra allowing for unlimited growth. The Grand Sierra Hotel and Casino is as its name implies, grand. It has over 2000 guest rooms and suites. Additionally is boasts an extensive array of restaurants, amenities and entertainment options in addition to its large casino. For your dining options there are 4 fine and 7 casual restaurants as well as 7 bars and lounges including the Xtreme Sports Bar and Lounge which has 40 HD Screens and a 12’ x 8’ mega view screen. The list of amenities offers something for almost everyone. Need to relax, visit the Grand Sierra Spa and Health Club. Are you an adrenaline junkie? Then speed over to the Grand Sierra Go-Kart Race Tracks. There you can climb into a half scale NASCAR replica race and choose to test yourself on the 400 foot oval or 900 foot road course. There is also an 18 hole mini golf course, an indoor virtual golf course, 50 lane bowling alley, 6,000 square foot laser tag, full size movie state of the art theatre, driving range and an 180 foot Sky Coaster. The Grand Sierra offers top rated entertainment in its Grand Theater and Summit Pavilion include such acts as Ke$sha, Elvis Costello and the Gypsy Kings to name a few. The room rates for USBTC at the Grand Sierra however, are still a great bargain. While players will enjoy the extensive tournament space and long list of amenities and entertainment, the CSI room block will still be highly reasonable at $39 weekdays and $49 on Friday and Saturday. More information about the 2012 USBTC will be available starting in the fall of 2011. For more information about additional quality events produced by CSI visit

McDermott Official Cue Offers Special BCAPL Collector Cue

CueSports International (CSI) is proud to announce McDermott Cues as the official cue sponsor of the 35th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships (May 11-22, 2011, Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada). To celebrate “The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World,” McDermott was commissioned by the BCA Pool League (a division of CSI) to produce the BCAPL-11 cue as an exclusive membership benefit for the 2011-2012 BCAPL year. The cue features Birdseye Maple forearm with 6 Recon Ebony points and Recon Ivory “spear” inlays, Recon Ebony sleeve with 6 Recon Ivory / Zebrawood “spear” inlays, Zebrawood / silver rings, a black and white Irish linen wrap and will include the McDermott high performance G-Core Shaft. The cue will come standard at 19oz with a 13mm shaft. BCAPL members may pre-order the BCAPL 11 cue by May 1st. Upgrade to the McDermott I-Shaft is also available. For more information about the commissioned special McDermott BCAPL Pool Cue visit For more information about McDermott Cues visit In addition to the commemorative BCAPL 11, McDermott is donating a G1001 cue to CSI to use as a raffle item during the BCAPL national event.

Mike Dechaine

May 2011 - Stroke Magazine 17

Read Online

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice DATE May 3-8 May 7 May 9-15 May 12-15 May 11-22 May 14 May 14 May 15 May 16-21 May 21 May 28-29 May 30-Jun 5 Jun 4 Jun 4-5 Jun 4-5 Jun 11-12 Jun 11-12 Jun 12 Jun 18 Jun 18-19 Jun 24-26 Jun 24-26 Jun 25-26 Jun 25-Jul 2 Jul 8-10 Jul 16-17 Jul 22-24 Jul 24 Aug 6-7 Aug 6-7 Aug 27-28

CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME Asia Dragon Promo Mx Doubles Check for details Edison, NJ Sandcastle Billiards (732) 632-9277 Tri State Tour B-C-D 10-Ball Call $750 Noon Manila WPA World 10-Ball Check for details Las Vegas, NV CSI (702) 719-7665 U S Open One Pocket Call $10,000 Guar Call Las Vegas, NV BCAPL (702) 719-7665 BCAPL Nationals Varied $750,000 payout Call E Rutherford, NJ Castle Billiards (201) 933-6007 Tri State Tour A-B-C-D 9-Ball Call $500 Noon Portland, ME Racks Sports Bar (207) 773-3466 Maine Women’s 8-Ball $35 (incl. g.f.) Call 11 AM Seminole, FL Side Pocket (727) 399-0890 Florida Classic Tour $45M/$25W $500 w/20 Noon Las Vegas, NV CSI (702) 719-7665 U S Open 10 Ball Call $25,000 Guar Call Jackson Hghts, NY BQE Billiards (718) 779-4348 Tri State Tour B-C-D 9-Ball Call $1,000 Noon New York, NY Amsterdam Billiards (212) 496-8180 Tri State Tour B-C-D 9-Ball Call $1,000 Noon Venue Changes World Pool Masters Check for details E Rutherford, NJ Castle Billiards (201) 933-6007 Tri State Tour B-C-D 9-Ball Call $500 Call W Hempstead, NY Raxx Pool Room (516) 538-9896 Predator 9-Ball A-B-C-D Open/Pro Call $1,500 Call Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards (716) 632-0281 Joss NE Tour $120/$70 $2,000 Call Brooklyn, NY Gotham City Billiards (718) 714-1002 Tri State Tour A-B-C-D 9-Ball Call $2,000 Noon Providence, RI Snookers Billiards (401) 351-7665 Joss NE Tour $120/$70 $2,000 Call W Palm Beach, FL Golden Cue Billiards (561) 965-8898 SE Open 9-Ball $65 (incl reg) $500 11:30 AM Edison, NJ Sandcastle Billiards (732) 632-9277 Tri State Tour B-C-D 9-Ball Call $750 Call New York, NY Amsterdam Billiards (212) 995-0333 Predator 9-Ball Tour Open/Pro Call $1,000 Call Fargo, ND Fargo Shootout (See ad p38) (701) 282-4168 9-Ball - Race to 7 - Limit 96 $40 $500 6:00PM Fargo, ND Fargo Shootout (See ad p38) (701) 282-4168 8-Ball - Race to 5 - Limit 128 $60 $2,500 11:00AM Watch it LIVE on presented by Tiger Products New York, NY Amsterdam Billiards (212) 496-8180 Tri State Tour A-B-C-D 10-Ball Call $1,000 Call Qatar Men’s WPA World 9-Ball Check for details Spring Hill, FL Capone’s Billiards (352) 688-9965 Seminole Pro Tour 10-Ball $300 $25,000 Call Dothan, AL Pockets Billiards (334) 793-9644 SE Open 9-Ball $65 (incl reg) $1,000 11:30 AM Glen Burnie, MD Big Daddy’s Billiards (410) 757-3488 Maryland 14.1 Championships $275 $8,000 Call Portsmouth, NH Legends Billiards (603) 433-1154 New England 9-Ball Series Call $2,000 Call Syracuse, NY Cap’s Cue Club (315) 701-0101 CNY Tour Championship Call Call Call New York, NY Amsterdam Billiards (212) 995-0333 Predator Tour ABCD/Open/Pro Call $1,000 Call Tallahassee, FL Zingales Billiards (850) 224-8644 SE Open 9-Ball $35 (incl reg) $1,000 Call

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18 Stroke Magazine - May 2011

June 24-26 Summer Shootout Fargo, ND $3,000 added

Spring Is In The Air...

It’s Time To Rock The Riv!

$750,000 35th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships May 11-22, 2011 Riviera Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Baby!

May 12-15, 2011 $10,000 Added

May 16-21, 2011 $25,000 Added

BCAPL National 9-Ball Championships 9-Ball Challenge May 11-12 9-Ball Open Singles May 12 9-Ball Teams May 21-22


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Stroke Magazine May Issue 2011  

The May Issue of The Pool Players Voice, Stroke Magazine, is packed with tournament results from the Ultimate 10 Ball, Platte Valley Open, P...

Stroke Magazine May Issue 2011  

The May Issue of The Pool Players Voice, Stroke Magazine, is packed with tournament results from the Ultimate 10 Ball, Platte Valley Open, P...