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4 Stroke Magazine - September 2013

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Photos by: Don Akerlow



8 USBTC 9-Ball Championships COLUMNISTS

12 Tom Simpson 15 Anthony Beeler 13 Michael Glass 16 On The Road 14 Bob Jewett

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6 USBTC 10-Ball Championships 10 USBTC 8-Ball Championships 18 John Morrison Wins 19 Michael Wong Wins 21 Scoreboard 23 Sossei Undefeated 24 Florida Junior State Championships 26 Batten Goes Undefeated 27 WPBA Masters 28 Kinzua Classic 30 Tiger Florida Tour 31 Monster Scotch Doubles


Amy’s Billiards 31 Bison Billiards 16 Corner Pocket Billiards 31 Crooked Cue 27 Diamond 8 27 Gradys 30 Lucky 7 Billiards 31 Michael’s Billiards 29 Players Family Billiards 30 Premium Billiards 26 Sandcastle Billiards 26 South Florida BCAPL 31 Steinway Billiards 27 Super Billiards Expo 22 Union Station Billiards 16 Zingale’s 29


Aramith 3 CueStix International 36 McDermott 2 Mueller 21 PoolDawg 17 Simonis 3 Tiger Products 4 Valhalla 20 Viking Cue 35


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Don “Cheese” Akerlow



Stroke March 2015


All USBTC Photos by: Don Akerlow Men’s 10-Ball - 105 entries - Race to 7 1st $4,000 Jeffrey Ignacio - Philippines 2nd $2,200 Sky Woodward - KY 3rd $1,500 Rodrigo Geromino - Bulacan 4th $1,000 Shane Van Boening - SD 5/6 $625 Scott Frost - AZ Brian Deska - DC 7/8 $425 Justin Bergman - IL Jayson Shaw - CT 9-12 $300 Sal Butera - CA Robb Saez - TN Joven Bustamante - CA Corey Deuel - CA 13-16 $225 Oscar Domingues - CA Ellis Kane III - AZ Shaun Wilkie - MD Jeremy Sossei - CT 17-24 $175 Brandon Boatman - CA Rory Hendrickson - ND Darryl Taylor - CA Sean McKay - AB Steve Knoll - FL Amar Kang - CA Stan Tourangeau - WA Joshua Roberts - SC 25-32 $150 William Dyke - CA Mike Hellmer - CO Mike Deitchman - OR Chong Vang - CA Mark Tademy - UT Danny Olson - SD Alex Olinger - OH Richard Burns - NV

Jeffrey Ignacio

Ball Sky Woodward

2nd Chance Men’s 10-Ball - 43 entries Race to 6 Single Elim 1st $500 Wade Thompson 2nd $260 Sean Morgan 3/4 $150 Nick Kruger, Jason Marcoulier 5/8 $75 David Styers, James Blackburn, Michael Leonard, Roger Goodman


March 2015

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Taylor Hansen

Champions Jessica Frideres

Women’s 10-Ball - 28 entries - Race to 5 1st $800 Taylor Hansen - MN 2nd $525 Jessica Frideres - IA 3rd $350 Liz Lovely - OH 4th $225 Tina Larsen - IN 5/6 $150 Beth Fondell - MN Jessica Orth - WA 7/8 $100 Leslie Bernardi - CA Brook Thomason - CA 2nd Chance Women’s 10-Ball - 11 entries - Race to 4 1st $120 Trinh Lu 2nd $60 Sara Miller 3rd $40 Shawn Modelo

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Stroke March 2015


BA Shane Van Boening

Danny Olson


Men’s 9-Ball - 149 entries - Race to 9 1st $5,000 Shane Van Boening - SD 2nd $3,000 Danny Olson - SD 3rd $1,500 Ernesto Dominguez - CA 4th $1,000 Joven Bustamante - CA 5/6 $750 Oscar Dominguez - CA Joshua Roberts - SC 7/8 $520 Brian Deska - DC Amar Kang - CA 9-12 $370 Jeffrey Ignacio - Philippines Stan Tourangeau - WA Scott Frost - AZ Craig Stainbrook - ND 13-16 $275 Rory Hendrickson -ND Corey Deuel - CA Jeremy Sossei - CT Alex Olinger - OH 17-24 $200 Nick Kruger - BC Donald Branson - NV Tony Sulsar - TX Sean Morgan - NY Mike Deitchman - OR Steve Knoll - FL Justin Bergman - IL Sean McKay - AB 2nd Chance Men’s 9-Ball - 46 entries - Race to 6 1st $525 Dan Louie 2nd $275 Ryan Hartnett 3/4 $150 Chad Bisconer Brian Wallace 5-8 $80 Steve Pierson Matt Munowitch Andrew Pettenger Brad Engle


March 2015


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Cha mp ion s Liz Lovely

Kelly Isaac

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Women’s 9-Ball - 41entries - Race to 7 1st $875 Liz Lovely - OH 2nd $585 Kelly Isaac - OH 3rd $400 Trinh Lu - CA 4th $250 Beth Fondell - MN 5/6 $150 Tina Larson - IN Sara Miller - AZ 7/8 $120 Shawn Modelo - CA Deby Welfringer - WA 9-12 $100 Kelly Hotchkiss - IN Andrea Wilson - BC Mary Coffman - WA Leslie Bernardi - CA

2nd Chance Women’s 9-Ball - 15 entries - Race to 5 1st $160 Taylor Hansen 2nd $80 Vicki Wade 3rd $30 Deborah Prichett, Joyce Robinson

Stroke March 2015


Mne’s 8-Ball - 241entries - Race to 5 1st $6,500 Jeffrey Ignacio - Phil. 2nd $3,800 Justin Bergman - IL 3rd $2,500 Sean McKay - AB 4th $1,750 Corey Deuel - CA 5/6 $1,150 Steve Knoll - FL Jeff Boucher - MT 7/8 $725 Shane Van Boening - SD Rodrigo Geronimo - Bulacan 9-12 $500 Joven Bustamante - CA Jason Williams - CA Alex Olinger - OH Scott Frost - AZ 13-16 $350 Rich Geiler - WA Oscar Dominguez - CA Jeremy Sossei - CT Ernesto Dominguez - CA 17-24 $250 Tony Sulsar - TX Jayson Shaw - CT Jason H Weir - CA Billy Sharp - TX Donald Branson - NV Nick Kruger - BC Bret Baker - OR Joe Cannella Jr - NV 25-32 $175 Stan Tourangeau - WA Skylar Woodward - KY Wade Thompson - MT Dan Louie - WA Michael Hughes - NV Craig Stainbrook - ND Steve Pierson - CO Tim Larson - CA 2nd Chance Men’s 8-Ball - 69 entries - Race to 5 Single Elim 1st $615 Mario Castelan Vivar 2nd $325 Mark Arnold 3/4 $150 David Styers, Jamie Bruce 5-8 $80 Michael Leonard, Roger Goodman, Mark Tademy, Ernesto Bayaua Jr 9-16 $40 Bee Davison, Joel Talevi David DelCastillo Jr Jon Loder, Andrew Adams Mike Massey, Mike Crookedneck, Danny Olson

Jeffrey Ignacio

Justin Bergman


March 2015


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b a l l C h a m p i o n s

Liz Lovely

Women’s 8-Ball - 69 entries - Race to 4 1st $1,125 Liz Lovely - OH 2nd $700 Jessica Frideres - IA 3rd $525 Janet Dunks - MT 4th $350 Beth Fondell - MN 5/6 $250 Mary Ann Starkey - CA Khanh Ngo - CA 7/8 $175 Yvonne Asher - TX Betsy Sundholm - MI 9-12 $125 Tina Larsen - IN Paula K Reeder - MT Kelly Isaac - OH Vicki Wade - CA 13-16 $100 Heather Shaddock - CA Nicole Hellmer - CO Shawn Modelo - CA Mary Coffman - WA 2nd Chance Women’s 8-Ball - 16 entries - Race to 4 Single Elim 1st $160 Meadow Klinger 2nd $80 Trinh Lu 3/4 $40 Karen Poitra Julie Goodman

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Jessica Frideres

Stroke March 2015


GETTING A LITTLE ON THE SIDE Tom Simpson © November 2000 – All Rights Reserved –

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson


March 2015

Sidespin. English. It’s the magic that makes extraordinary shots and great position play. It’s also the cause of many badly missed shots and much humiliation. This month we’ll take a look at the various effects associated with trying to use sidespin. Subsequent columns will talk about how to deal with those effects intelligently. Like most instructors, I try to convince players to use english only when necessary, and then, only as much as necessary. It’s way too hard on beginners to learn to compensate for sidespin before they have the basics of center ball down. You can hit the cueball anywhere on the vertical axis – low, middle, or high – without having to deal with sidespin’s extra requirements. Many intermediate and advanced players use english on almost every shot, whether there is a justifying reason or not. This is a practice I hope to discourage. This game is difficult enough already. Let’s not add unnecessary complications. Sidespin results when you strike to the left or right of the vertical axis line of the cueball. The cueball (CB) spins as it rolls or slides. It’s helpful to think of spin and forward motion as two different things – let’s call them “Rotational Force” and “Forward Force.” Forward Force is the energy the ball has in the direction it’s traveling (what you would feel if it hit you in the face). Forward Force is transmitted to whatever the ball hits, and is split according to the angle of the hit. Rotational Force, on the other hand, mostly stays in the cueball. Rotational Force includes sidespin, draw, follow, and natural roll. Let’s focus on sidespin. The main reason sidespin is useful for position play is sidespin stays in the CB and affects rebound angles and speed coming off the cushions. The main reason not to use sidespin is it increases the difficulty of pocketing the ball. Position doesn’t matter if you miss the shot. With sidespin, the CB does not go where you aim. There are three factors that affect the path the CB takes when it’s hit with sidespin, and unfortunately, we have to consider all three of them when deciding how to play a shot: • Squirt – Some writers still call this deflection. Technically, the stick deflects, while the CB squirts. A helpful way to get a sense for this is to imagine that


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the stick “wants” to get out of the way of the CB, so it bends (deflects) off the side of the CB. Meanwhile, the CB “wants” to get out of the way of the stick, so it squirts off the side of the cue tip. So, if you hit a shot with left english, the stick deflects to the left, while the CB squirts to the right. Squirt is not a curve – it’s a change in the angle the CB will travel, and it happens instantly, at impact with the cue tip. You get more squirt as you apply more english. It is suspected that hitting harder produces more squirt, but this is not yet known for certain. Some shafts squirt more than others. You can get up to about 6° of angle change from squirt. To compensate, you have to aim a little further in the direction opposite the squirt (aim further to the left to adjust for left english, etc.). • Swerve – Sidespin shots curve in the direction of the english (a left english shot curves left). This can cancel out the squirt effect. The more you elevate the butt of the cue, and the more english you apply, and the softer you hit, the more swerve you get. As you elevate toward vertical, this becomes massé. To reduce swerve, keep your stick as close to flat as possible. • Spin-Induced Throw – When a spinning ball contacts another ball, the spin throws the second ball a little extra in the direction of the spin. For example, a CB with left english cuts the object ball a little further to the right. This can be used to “spin a ball in,” meaning to cut a ball more (or less) sharply than the hit angle allows. The more english you apply, and the slower the CB travels, and the more friction there is between the balls (dirty or unpolished balls have more friction), and the closer you are to straight in, the more spin-induced throw. Here’s the overview. Squirt makes the CB deviate from where you aimed it. Swerve makes it curve back the other way. Spin-induced throw changes the cut angle on the object ball. English mostly remains in the CB and affects the rebound angles off of the cushions. It’s quite complicated. It’s a miracle we ever sink a ball. But knowing all this, we can maximize our chances for success. When it comes to english, less is better.




Pool’s Image Needs an Upgrade, and it Starts With You Merriam-Webster defines integrity as follows: firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility

Michael K Glass

Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

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I have seen many examples of integrity in the game. For example, people who call a foul on themselves even when nobody else saw the transgression. Unfortunately, I have seen many instances where players have been a bit unscrupulous. Recently, I participated in the 7th Annual Chuck Markulis Memorial Tournament in Sacramento, California. It was a wonderful event as always, and I enjoyed every moment. Well, almost every moment. Several pro players attended as well. Before the tournament, a Calcutta auction was held, where you can bid on the player you feel will win, and all of the money collected is put into a prize pool. If your player wins one of the top spots, you win a portion of the prize money. Obviously, the better players demand a larger bid. I won a bid that allowed me to choose any player I desired, and picked one of the pros. I won’t reveal who it was, for reasons you’ll understand shortly. Traditionally, the player you bid on gets the option to buy half of the bid, which was the case here. I won the bid for $300, so the player I chose had the option to split it with me for $150. I asked him if he wanted to buy in, and he told me he wasn’t sure yet. He’d let me know. I didn’t see him until after the tournament had started, and he had already played two matches. I had been playing on another table, so I didn’t have much of a chance to talk to him again. When I finally did see him, he told me he still wanted to buy his half. I was a bit put off by this… if he had lost, I’m sure he would not have opted in, and I’d have been out $300. As it was, he won his first two matches, so it was a wash. I let it slide. He then handed me $140 and asked if that was cool. Seriously? You’re a pro player, and you’re trying to weasel out of $10? I accepted it, very grudgingly, because if I hadn’t, he might have chosen not to pay. And he knew I knew that. Plus, if I had told him no, he might have just dumped his games. I smiled, accepted, and wished him well in the tournament. That was not the end of his shenanigans. During one of his matches, he was positioning his racks about an inch forward of the center of the spot. His opponent called him on it, and

he stated that the rules state that it’s legal as long as the ball is on the spot marker. They went back and forth on this, to the point of him threatening to just quit the tournament because “everyone always does this to him.” Of course, all I could think about was “thanks for putting the money I bet on you in jeopardy.” From that point forward, the tournament director racked every game. On top of all of this, despite the rule of “maximum power breaks,” he was consistently hitting his breaks around 16mph (the average of all other breaks I measured topped 22mph). He even put a ton of spin on the cue ball to soften his breaks so that it would look like he was breaking harder than he really was. Did he break the rules? I would say no. But he bent them about as far as they would go, clearly demonstrating a propensity for dancing on the line of morality and integrity. I completely understand the desire to give yourself the best chance to win matches. But to what lengths, and at what cost? Billiards already suffers from the image of the seedy hustler always trying to cheat people out of their money. Our community is struggling to make the sport more mainstream, to garner more interest in the game, and even get included in the Olympic Games. To all of my friends and acquaintances who are working hard toward this goal, thank you. I believe that we will get there some day, although we have quite a way to go. To those of you who are not, please rethink your position. Think about all of the other sports that suffer when a lack of integrity is demonstrated. Baseball, basketball, football. Cycling. Don’t take the easy path to get a few extra bills in your pocket. Take the high road, and show us that you have integrity. If you would like to share some of your success stories (or even the failures), or have suggestions for future articles, please feel free to drop me a line at pool@billiardsprofessor. com. I can also be found hanging out with fellow billiards enthusiasts at Come on by and join the discussion!

Stroke March 2015


San Francisco Billiard Academy San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.

The Perils of English

(A version of this was originally published in the June 2003 edition.)

Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett


March 2015

Side spin on the cue ball (or English, as we call it) can be a very useful tool for positioning the cue ball. It comes with three major problems that you should be aware of when you’re practicing your spin shots so you will understand why you’re missing some of your shots, and what you need to consider consciously or subconsciously when you play these shots. In the shot diagrammed, we need to pull the cue ball to the left off the cushion, and the easiest way is with left English. The first problem when playing a shot like this is that the cue ball doesn’t start out along the line of the stick. Instead it starts out at an angle away from the side where you apply the English. This is shown with the exaggerated arrow to the side labeled “squirt” which is what this phenomenon is called. Sometimes people refer to this as “deflection,” but it is actually the cue stick which deflects while the cue ball squirts. The second problem is that the cue ball doesn’t travel in a straight line to the object ball, but instead swerves or curves to the left, again shown by the exaggerated curved line. The curve is in the opposite direction, so it might actually cancel the effect of the squirt. A third problem arises when the cue ball hits the object ball. Instead of driving the object ball straight away from the cue ball, the side spin grabs the object ball a little and pulls it to the side. Each of these aspects of side spin can be more than large enough to make you miss a shot, and each of them has more or less effect depending on the speed, spin and distance of the shot. Squirt increases as you use more English. If you have a tablelength shot, use a lot of side, and shoot hard, you might miss the object ball completely even though you were aiming for a full-ball hit. Squirt also changes for different shaft designs -- there are many different “low deflection” shafts to choose from or you might prefer a traditional shaft with more squirt. Swerve is affected by several other things. It goes up as more spin is used, but stick elevation and the use of draw will also increase the amount of curve you see. Since the curve takes time to develop, if you shoot hard, swerve is reduced. Most players elevate more than they need to, and all players elevate the stick on nearly every shot. Getting the stick flatter is a good way to reduce the guess work when using side spin. Throw can vary quite a bit with the cleanliness of the balls. If the cue ball is old and covered with ugly green chalk spots, its friction against the object ball will be higher and throw will increase. Throw also seems to be larger for softer hits, but since swerve is also larger then, and they tend to move the object ball in the same direction, it is hard to separate the two effects. If the object ball is close to the pocket, throw is a minor concern, but if the object ball has a long way to go to the pocket, neglecting throw will result in a sure miss. In the same way, squirt and swerve have more effect if the cue ball has a long way to go to get to the object ball, and might be safely ignored when the two balls are close. Some players try to use side spin to put the object


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ball in the pocket, but this is almost never necessary. There are a few situations in which you need to swerve a little around a blocking ball or to throw the object ball into the needed line, but these are quite rare and for most shots, the added complication of the three problems listed above should warn you away from any needless spin. Keep it simple. To practice spin shots, set up a shot like the one shown, and see whether you can get the cue ball to A, B or C. You will need to set the object ball up in the same place each time because on this shot, the angle of entry to the pocket makes a big difference in how you can manipulate the cue ball. I think you will find that draw combined with left English will get the best results. Start with the cue ball close to the object ball -- within six inches -- and gradually work it back. Try varying the speed and the amount of spin and see how the three factors vary. And remember to chalk!


Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his pool-playing career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.

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Back in 1990, I watched Nick Varner’s 9-Ball match with Mike Sigel at the U.S. Open. Varner was down 9-2 and corner hooked against arguably the best player in the world. Instead of giving up or throwing in the towel, Varner staged one of the greatest come-from-behind tournament victories ever witnessed. By now, I am sure that you are aware that there are two games going on inside of every match. There’s the more obvious physical game, which consists of mechanics, shooting, and safety play. Then there’s also the less visible, mental game, which is comprised of handling pressure, dealing with misfortune, and being able to mount an unbelievable comeback. Professional pool players know that winning the mental side of the game is also a key part “Behind the 8-Ball” of winning the physical one. In fact, a mentally tough competitor who thinks positively will almost certainly outlast a more talented less mentally prepared opponent. Nowhere is this more visible than when a player makes a comefrom-behind victory. When you are behind by a significant margin and your opponent is only a few balls away from victory, you should do everything within your power to stay focused and make one final charge. Remember to concentrate on all of the steps of your pre-shot routine. Do not waste unnecessary energy dwelling on the deficit you are facing. Usually, at this stage of the match, most players are so discouraged that they just give up. You cannot afford to let that happen! Your may not know it, but your opponent can sense your level of frustration. Most players view negativity as a sign of weakness. In fact, the split second you start to think negative thoughts, you have already become defeated. Your defeat may actually be well before the final ball drops into the pocket. So how do you remain focused when you are “down and out?” When you are way behind, you should never give up on the mental side of the game. As long as you maintain focus and exhibit a positive, no-quit attitude, then the only way that you can lose is by running out of games. Several years ago I was playing in a 9-Ball tournament and was down 4-0 against arguably the best player in the state. I scratched, clawed, and fought my way back and finally tied the match at 4. In the final game I was lucky enough to make the nine ball on the break and win the match. You may think that being down 4-0 is no reason to give up and that many players have pulled off far greater comebacks. This is true. However, the point I am trying to convey is that a comeback cannot happen if you allow yourself to be defeated mentally. Real mental toughness is when you mentally enable yourself and actually believe you can win even when the odds are stacked against you. When your opponent is on the hill, don’t give up—give yourself a fighting chance to win! Don’t focus on the score and how badly you are being beaten; focus on shooting one shot at a time. Comebacks happen when you refuse to lose and when you focus all of your concentration into the present moment. Many years ago, author Bill Hogan wrote a children’s book that asks the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” The book’s answer to that question is “one bite at a time.” Mounting a comeback in pool is no different. Good players figure out a way to win even in the face of adversity, and they do it one ball at a time.

Stroke March 2015


On The Road with ... C J Wiley ‘The Game is our Teacher’ He hustled pool for a while and made a living, then turned pro and made a killing. Clearly, Dallas’ CJ Wiley is on the ball. By Michael P. Geffner DVD LIST:

Million Dollar Challenge Package of Three

1) ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary 2) PCA’s 2nd Tour Stop at the Hollywood Park Casino - Semi Finals between David Matlock and Oliver Ortmann and Finals between Matlock and Allen Hopkins. 3) PCA Million Dollar Challenge Semis with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley and Finals with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley (highlights from CJ Wiley vs Paul Potier).

Million Dollar Challenge ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary Semi-Finals & Finals Million Dollar Challenge Semi-Finals & Finals PCA on TV at Hollywood Park

It was the early 90s, and a few pro players were in Las Vegas playing at the Mirage , a tournament called ‘Challenge of Champions’ - we had a day off and Bobby Baldwin (Pro Poker player and then President of the Mirage Casino) invited 4 of us to play Steve Wynn’s private golf course called ‘Shadow Creek’. * This virtual “Shangri-la” is a 60 million dollar golf course with trees, grass and sand from different countries on every hole. Steve W. only allowed (at the time) 4-6 groups to play on any given day. It was free to play and you were not allowed to tip Steve’s employees (he paid them handsomely, and it would have been an insult to tip them). After the round we were sitting in the clubhouse and in walks Joe Pesci. I didn’t know what to say, however, Allen didn’t hesitate “hey Joe, how’s the golf game these days?” Joe looked quickly at Allen and lit up, smiling ear to ear, “Allen Hopkins, it’s been a long time, did you get lost, there’s no pool tables around here!” Both smiled in acknowledgment and Joe came right over and sat down with us. Allen introduced us and we sat and talked for about 45 minutes, what a serene moment. Joe seemed like just a normal, humorous fella - who would have guessed he is a Hollywood star? I was a bit uncomfortable at first, however, they both made a point of including me in the conversation, which immediately “took the edge off” the scenario.

$250 Added Bar Box 8-Ball

1st Saturday of the Month

$35 entry includes green fee - Double Elimination - Race to 3 Doors open Noon - Calcutta 2pm - Starts 2:30pm


March 2015


Allen and Joe traded stories about the pool room in New Jersey they both frequented a few years earlier. They knew many of the same pool players and Joe sounded like he’d spent his share of hours watching the “action” games. We all traded “good byes” - Allen and I headed out to the waiting Limo, my mind still trying to process what had just happened. It was like I had been transported into a movie for an hour and was now attempting to get back to “reality”. On the way to the front, in the lounge, we saw one of the most visually stunning women I had ever seen..... was she waiting on someone? (I was pretty sure it wasn’t me) That’s right, she was accompanying Joe Pesci (it was that moment I realized Joe was no “normal” guy) Joe and the lovely lady left out of the side entrance to their waiting car and were gone in an instant. I looked at Allen and he just smiled, with a sparkle in his eye “Joe’s a trip isn’t he?” ......I just nodded my head, mesmerized by the moment. Later that evening we found out they were both in Las Vegas working on a movie called ‘CASINO’. The Vegas opinion at the Mirage was the movie should do “pretty well” at the Box Office.....and so it did. ‘The Game is our Teacher’

272 St John St - Portland, ME

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March 2015


left most: Chumreon Sutcharitokul; center 1st Place John Morrison; Rightmost 2nd place Kirill Safranov

John Morrison

wins his first Tri-State at Steinway Billiards

ASTORIA, NY John’s tournament trail included wins over Ambi Estevez 6 - 2; Andrej Holder 6 - 2; Rob Hafner 7 - 4; Paulo Valverde 6 - 5; and Chumreon Sutcharitokul 7 - 5 for the Hot Seat. While John Morrison was in the Hot Seat, Kirill Safranov worked his way through the loss side with 5 wins in a row. Kirill’s was sent to the loss side by Chumreon Sutcharitokul 7 - 3; however, in the semi-finals it was a different story,


March 2015


7 - 6, with Kirill advancing to the Finals. During the Finals, both players tied at 3 - 3 and 5 - 5. John go to the hill first and closed the door with a 7 - 5 victory. The next Tri-State event will be held on Sunday, March 1, 2015 at BQE Billiards in Jackson Hts., NY. Thank you to Ozone Billiards, Sterling-Gaming, Kamui Tips, Ron Vitello, Focus Cases by John Bartron, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics , and Focus Apparel for their sponsorship leading to this event. Like Us On Facebook

Results 1st John Morrison $630 2nd Kirill Safranov $350 3rd Chumreon Sutcharitakul $230 4th Paulo Valverde $140 5th - 6th Lidio Ramierez, Ambi Estevez $80

Picture 4th Scott Bannon, 3rd Adam Kielar, 1st Michael Wong, 2nd Matt Krah

Michael WongatWins Sandcastle Billiards EDISON, NJ Michael Wong and Matt Krah opted out of a final match at the Mezz Tour's second stop of the year on Sunday, February 15. In the hot seat, Wong claimed the event title, leaving Krah, who'd won three on the loss side to reach him, as runner-up. The $500-added event drew a small field of 16 entrants to Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ. Though both finalists played in a winners' side semifinal, they did not face each other. Wong battled Scott Bannon, as Krah took on Adam Kielar. Wong defeated Bannon 7-4 and faced Kielar, who'd sent Krah to the losers' bracket 7-5. Wong claimed the hot seat 7-4 over Kielar in what proved to be his final match of the evening.

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On the loss side, Krah's first opponent was Tony Maria, who'd defeated Woo Tang 7-4 and Steve Lillis 7-2. Bannon drew Mike Salen, who'd given up only one rack each in his previous two matches against Kyle Bubet and Julie Ha. Bannon nipped that little run in the bud with a double hill win, as Krah downed Maria 7-4. Krah took the quarterfinal match against Bannon 7-4 and moved into his final match; the semifinal against Kielar. He won that 7-3 and then agreed with Wong to call it a night and split the top two prizes. Tour director Jose Burgos thanked the ownership and staff at Sandcastle Billiards, as well as sponsors Mezz Cues, Gamblin' Clothing, Kamui, J.D. Custom Cues, Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo, JB Cases, Billiard Life USA, Howitzer Break Cues, Steve Klatt's Custom Cues, and Mike Ricciardella.

Results 1st 1st 3rd 4th

Michael Wong Matt Krah Adam Kielar Scott Bannon

Stroke March 2015

$540 $280 $150 $100


Real Woods, KILLER DESIGNS The New 2015 Valhalla VA Series cues feature rich colors, real woods and killer, original designs. Aggressive in style and solid performers, these premium imports are made for those who want a great cue that doesn’t look like the rest. Valhalla cues start at $49.99 and equipped


with a Lifetime Warranty, including warpage from Viking Cue. More than just a pool cue, Valhalla is an attitude and a way of life.

Š2014 Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC


BISON BILLIARDS - WILLIAMSVILLE, NY Results from our Gamblers Pro Tour 9 Ball Triple Elimination Tournament February 15, 2015 1st place $400.00 + $600.00 Dave Grau 2nd place $200.00 + $300.00 Dave Dreidel 3rd place $100.00 + $150.00 Danny Kolacz 4th place $75.00 + $85.00 Tom Dimatteo 5th place $65.00 Mark Hatch 6th place $50.00 Santo Merlo 7th place $35.00 Jake Miosi What a great turn out considering the weather and driving advisory. We had 27 shooters and the tournament went very smooth. Dave Grau came out of the loosers bracket to avenge his earlier loss and beat Dave Dreidel three times. Results from our Monthly Bar Box 8 Ball Tournament. - February 7, 2015 1st $450.00 Santo Merlo 2nd $250.00 Mark Hatch 3rd $125.00 Robbie Stanton 4th $25.00 Tom Dimatteo Results from our Super bowl Tournament. - February 3, 2015 1st Adam Smith $170.00 2nd Joe Herring $90.00 3rd Lance Veolitz $25.00

Valentine’s Day 8-Ball

WHEELING, WV 39 players battled the snow blizzard to participate in the Valentine’s Day $500 added 8Ball at Corner Pocket Billiards N Cafe. 1) Steve Booth $1,100 2) Jerry Endsley $700 3) Jerry Hager $450 4) Alex Olinger $270 5) Tom Purich $90 6) Mark Conway $90 Top Women: 1) Alisha Hoff & Sandy Falloretta split!

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Stroke March 2015



February 2015

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Sossei undefeatedJoss Tour at

Jeremy Sossei AMSTERDAM, NY Stop eight on the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour went basically as expected with Jeremy Sossei (ranked #1 on tour) defeating Ron Casanzio (ranked #2 on tour) twice to complete an undefeated run and capture first place at Sharpshooters Billiards in Amsterdam, NY. The latter stages of the event couldn't have been closer with all four of the matches between the final eight players on the winners side going hillhill before a victor was determined. Sossei would defeat Willie Oney in that round of play, before scoring a 9-7 win over Casanzio for the hot-seat. Casanzio wouldn't stay on the left side of the brackets for long though, as he cruised through his match with Danny Hewitt and won 9-4. Sossei looked like he would run away with the first set of the finals as he Like Us On Facebook

Photo by: Don Akerlow

led the match 8-2 before Casanzio made one more push. Down by six racks, Casanzio broke and ran four straight racks to get back within two games at 8-6, but his run would end when he broke dry in the 15th rack and Sossei ran out for the 9-6 victory. Twelve players came back on Sunday to compete in the second chance tournament that saw Bruce Carroll hold off a late charge from Jorge Teixeira in the finals. Carroll defeated Phil Davis 3-0 for the hot-seat, and Davis then lost 3-2 to Teixeira. Teixeira defeated Carroll 3-1 in the first set of the double elimination finals, but Carroll would come back to win the second set by the same 3-1 scoreline. The Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be back in action on Feb 21st and 22nd at Trick Shot Billiards in Clifton Park, NY.

results 1 USA 2 USA 3 CAN 4 CAN 5 USA 5 USA 7 USA 7 USA

SOSSEI Jeremy 1,000 CASANZIO Ron 700 HEWITT Danny 550 PARENT Alain 400 SOUVANTHONG Bucky 300 FERNANDEZ Dave 300 ONEY Willie 200 GRENIER Sylvain 200

Stroke March 2015


6th Annual Florida Junior State Champions Crowned Story by Tammy Jo & Mel Leonard, tournament directors Photos by Scott Froot, BEF Board Member The BEF Florida State Junior 9-Ball Championships took place in Ocala, FL on February 15, 2015. Competitors from as far away as North Carolina showed up to compete for a chance to win a spot in the 2015 BEF Junior Nationals that is being held in Las Vegas this year. Three age brackets were represented: 18 & under boys, 14 & under boys and 18 & under girls consisting of 20 participants. All of the players played to their greatest ability. There were six competitors in the 18 & under boys division. Adam Froot played Matthew Franzke for a chance to take on Kody Kelly in the finals. Adam won the match 5-2 to advance to the finals. The final match was a grudge match. Kody Kelly sent Adam Froot to the losers bracket in the first round. Kody Kelly persevered and won the match 7-5 to become the Florida State Champion. The 14 & under boys consisted of 11 competitors. Bobby Bruce, Jr. won the hot seat 5-3, sending Trenton White to the losers bracket. Trenton won the semi finals 5-3 to

come back and play a grudge match gainst Bobby Bruce, Jr, Trenton defeated Bobby Bruce, Jr. on the hill 7-6 to become the Florida state champion. In the 18 & under girls bracket we had three girls competing in a round robin format. Antonia Curry, Leah, Quillen, and Rio Kreischer-Alvarado. Antonia Curry and Leah Quillen won the most games in the round robin. The top two girls then played a final match race to 7 to see who would become the state champion. Antonia Curry won the final and is the Florida State Champion for the Girls. A special thank you goes out to Boulevard Billiards for hosting the State Championship, Cue for donating and putting metal ferrules on the cues that were given to the kids, Scott Froot for taking the photographs of the event. A special thanks goes out to the participants and their families. The BEF is grateful for the continued support of its premier sponsors for helping to make the Junior State Championships (JSC) program possible: Simonis Cloth and Aramith. Thanks in part to and all the JSC hosts and organizers. For more information on sponsoring, hosting, or participating in a Junior State Championship, visit billiardeducation. org or call (303) 926-1039. Complete list of nationwide junior events listed here: http://

DIVISION 14 & Under Boys

1st Place Trenton White, 10 Plant City, FL Trophy, Paid Entry to 2015 BEF Jr Nationals, Cue Stick 2nd Place Bobby Bruce Jr., 13 Tallahassee, FL Trophy, goody bag 3rd Place Jonathan Burden, 14 Jacksonville, FL Trophy


March 2015


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Leah Quillen 2nd Place 18UG

ah Quillen Antonia Curry and Le Kody Kelly 1st

Place 18 U B

Rio Kreischer-Alvarado 3rdPlace 18 UG DIVISION 18 & Under Boys

1st Place Kody Kelly, 15 Middleburg, FL 2nd Place Adam Froot, 16 Melbourne, FL 3rd Place Matthew Franzke,14 West Melbourne, FL

Trophy, Paid Entry to 2015 BEF Jr Nationals, Cue Stick Trophy, goody bag Trophy

DIVISION 18 & Under Girls

1st Place Antonia Curry, 14 Clearwater, FL Trophy, Paid Entry to 2015 BEF Jr Nationals, Cue Stick 2nd Place Leah Quillinan, 15 Huntersville, NC Trophy, Paid Entry to 2015 BEF Jr Nationals, goody bag 3rd Place Rio-Bella Kreischer-Alvarado, 8 Williston, FL Trophy, Paid Entry to 2015 BEF Jr Nationals

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lace 14UB Trenton White 1st p

Stroke March 2015


Batten goes undefeated to win his first GSBT Title Skip Maloney - MYRTLE BEACH, SC As the February 7-8 stop on the Great Southern Billiard Tour wound down to its final 12 players (four on the winners' side, eight on the loss side), the lower handicaps were doing quite well against the more veteran competitors. Two players who only had to win four games to win a match advanced to the hot seat, and in the end, played in the finals, as well. While Jeff Batten defeated Brad Stone twice to capture his first GSBT title, it should be noted that Stone was the one who had to travel to the one-loss side and face Phillip Britt. Britt had to win nine games to win a match and was in the midst of an eight match, loss-side winning streak that Stone brought to an end. The $1,000-added event drew 45 entrants to Shore Thing Billiards in Myrtle Beach, SC. As GSBT veterans like Britt, Greg Dix and Jeff Abernathy were working on the loss side, Batten and Stone advanced to the winners' side semifinals. Batten met and defeated David Tootle (racing to 6) 4-4, as Stone was busy sending Ray Floyd to the loss side 4-3. Batten claimed the hot seat, and waited on Stone's return, no doubt rooting for him in the semifinals versus Britt. On the loss side, Tootle was the one who had the misfortune to draw Britt, who'd been defeated in the opening round, and had won six on the loss side already, including a 9-2 win over Paul Durgin and a decidedly tighter 9-6 win over Abernathy. Floyd drew Paul Bailey, who'd defeated Chris Gentile 7-4 and eliminated Dix in a double hill fight. Bailey and Britt advanced to the quarterfinals, handing Floyd and Tootle their second straight loss; Bailey 7-4 over Floyd and Britt 9-4 over Tootle. Britt then completed his loss-side winning streak with a 9-3 win over Bailey in the quarterfinals. He chalked up six in the semifinals versus Stone, but by then, Stone had won the four games he needed for a second shot at Batten in the hot seat. The final match

Shannon Daulton, Jeff Batten,

Brad Stone and owner Brent Hudgens

was a straight-up race to four that went double hill before Batten prevailed to record his first GSBT victory. Tour director Shannon Daulton, fresh off his win in the Banks division of the Derby City Classic, thanked the ownership and staff at Shore Thing Billiards for their continuing support. The next stop on the GSBT, scheduled for February 28-March 1, will be hosted by Legends Billiards in Inman, SC.


EN Jeff 1 BATT E Brad ON ST 2 T Phillip IT BR 3 EY Paul 4 BAIL D Ray 5 FLOY LE David OT TO 5 eg 7 DIX Gr NATHY Jeff ER AB 7

700 500 300 150 100 100 50 50


March 2015


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Jasmin Ouschan Takes the Masters 1 2 3 3 5 5 7 7 9 9 9 9 13 13 13 13 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 17 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25

Jasmin Ouschan Photo Courtesy Al Leon Via Facebook Jasmin Ouschan has won the 2015 WPBA Masters at Soaring Eagle Casino, Mt Pleasant, MN. She defeated Ga Young Kim in two sets (51, 5-3) to claim the championship she last won in 2011. Neither of our finalists reached the podium unscathed. Ga Young was sent to the losers side in her third round of play by Jeanette Lee who bested her 9-8.

Steinway Cafe & Billiards 9-Ball Tournaments at 8pm Every Monday & Wednesday

Take Lessons with Earl Strickland and other World Champions Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-4am 3525 Steinway St. Astoria, NY 11102 (718) 472-2124

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Once on the nervous side of the charts she began cutting down her opponents with a 9-7 win over Line Kjorsvik followed by a 9-3 victory over Kelly Fisher. She made it to the semi’s by taking down Monica Webb 9-2. Jasmin Ouschan also lost her third-round match. She dropped hers to Monica Webb 9-8 and then took down Jennifer Chen 9-6, Ewa Laurance 9-3 and Jeanette Lee 9-2. Waiting for her in the semi’s was undefeated Siming Chen whom Ouschan defeated.




We apologize for not having the score on this one. The other semi also found the undefeated player at a disadvantage as Ga-Young took Karen Corr out in two sets, 5-0 and 5-4. This set up our final between Ouschan and Kim. Kim won this event the last two years in a row and she came to the table confident, but Ouschan shot her full of holes and won convincingly in two sets 5-1 and 5-3.

(727) 539-7665 11 - 9’ tables (3 - Diamonds) Darts 8 - TV’s Round Robin Tournaments 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month $5.00 8-Ball tournament every Wed. at 1:00pm

7,500 4,500 2,750 2,750 2,000 2,000 1,750 1,750 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,250 1,250 1,250 1,250 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 750 750 750 750 750 750 750 750

Mon - Thurs : 5pm - 1am Fri - Sat: Noon - 2am Sun: Noon - 1am

• Pool Tables • Great Food • • Full-Service Elevated Bar • Drink Specials • Lottery & Quickdraw • Electronic Darts • • Foosball • Video Games • Pro Shop And More! 9 Johnson Road Latham, NY • 518-786-8048

Stroke March 2015


Kinzua Classic

SCOTCH DOUBLE with 53 entries. 1st Shayne Morrow and Kellie Morrow 2nd TerryKnight and Kerry Ballard-Arnal 3rd Steve Snyder and Nancy Stoltz Snyder

SPORTS SCOTCH DOUBLES 1st Chris Taylor and Brandy Panei 2nd Bob Lindsey and Tatia Brown 3rd Alisha Haigh and her silent partner

MENS 9 BALL with 40 entries 1st Chad Askins 2nd Joey Arbuckle 3rd Charlie Reed 4th Shane Jackson 5th Joe Armeni 6th Earl Robinson

SPORTSMEN’S 8 BALL 1st Silent Player 2nd Shane Enderby 3rd Dustin Flatt 4th Kenny Salter

28 March 2015

WARREN, PA The Kinzua Classic would like to Thank all the pool players who played in this year’s tournament. Without your support and loyalty we wouldn’t have had a great tournament. We take pride to make this tournament better and like hearing your feed back whether it’s good or bad. We can’t try to fix the problems if we don’t know about them. We enjoyed seeing old faces and some new ones. Hope to see you all at next year’s tournament and at the Mark Garrett Memorial in Oct. Thanks Again!! The Kinzua Classic also wants to Thank those who helped in this year tournament. We couldn’t have done it with out your help and support! Charlie Reed our auctioneer; Missy Fuchs Reed and Donn Keith our money collectors; Brittany Moore, Brandy Panei, Charlotte Reeder, Brian Thompson and Alyssa Krise for helping run brackets. Mark Merritt and Owen Williams and Lisa Hornbeck for helping draw names and writing up brackets. Julie Burdick First-Williams for taking names for sign ups and helping with payouts and jumping in when ever we needed help. Carina Tucker for cleaning up garbage. I will apologize now if I forgot anyone. Thank you all for your hard work and jumping in to lend a hand when it was very much needed. Thanks Again!! The Kinzua Classic also have two other people or places we would like to Thank. One is the Eagles Club in Warren Pa for letting us host this year’s tournament there. And doing a breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday. We want to thank your staff including your bartenders and waitress for putting up with us pool players. We also want to Thank you for your donation of $1000 to reach our goal of $2500 to add to this year 10th Anniversary pool tournament to give back to our players. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Last but not least we at the Kinzua Classic want to Thank Warner Coin Machine for providing the tables. And for delivering them and setting them up and for fixing some of the problems the pool players had with the table. It is hard to make everyone happy. Thank you for fixing the rails and for the new balls and break sticks. And we want to thank your staff for trying to make sure they were leveled. And we want to Thank Ed Borgia for taking the time to care.


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MENS 8 BALL with 86 entries 1st Wade Kaufman 2nd Rich King 3rd Joe Aaron Sr. 4th Rick Wykoff 5th Mark Hatch 6th Randy Chess 7th John Schaeffer 8th Stew Leone 9th Berry McQuillen 10th Stormy Flick 11th Brian Thompson 12th Deano Pat Foster

WOMENS 8 BALL with 30 entries 1st Kerry Ballard-Arnal 2nd Amy Theriault 3rd Donn Keith 4th Suezie Coiffi 5th Lacey Lewis 6th Terry Geary

SPORTSWOMEN 8 BALL 1st Jennie Stearns 2nd Missy Fuchs Reed 3rd Melody Weaver 4th Jennifer Brenda 5th Alisha Haigh 6th Pat Foster 7th Heather Weed 8th Michelle Mason Alexander


Tyler Reygers FULL NAME: Tyler Reygers NICKNAME: The Shot Caller HOME TOWN: Tacoma BIRTH DATE: 9/14/2002 GRADE: 6th GPA: 3.5 FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Math POOL ROOM(S) WHERE YOU PLAY: Cue-Topia Billiards in Lakewood, Washington WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? McDermott AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 4 years old LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED? Right MOST MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: Going 7-5 in my first tournament I ever entered. SPONSOR(S): Lags Billiards Columbus,In FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Eminem,

Dr. Dre

HOBBIES: Drawing, playing pool, playing football, watching the Seattle Seahawks and playing video games. FAVORITE POOL GAME: 9- ball FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: Jeanette Lee FAVORITE FOOD: Cheeseburgers FICTIONAL HERO: Spiderman REAL-WORLD HERO: My dad FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Winning the youth football championship in my first year playing football. GOALS (personal and/or career): My goal is to win the Junior National Championship in the next two years. My career goal is to be an architect. ANYTHING ELSE YOU’D LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? Every Sunday during football season, I beat grown men at pool. I can even run the table on my dad. I am looking forward to being in all the action.



9-Ball April 11th & 12th 2015 $500 Guaranteed Added $1500 with 64 players Mississippi Residents Only 662-601-228 only Race to 7 both sides - expecting large Calcutta Ladies 2 games on wire - Texas Express No 3 shot foul - Rack your own - alternate breaks Calcutta @ 1PM - Tournament follows - No green fee Like Us On Facebook

1861 W Tennessee St. Tallahassee, Florida

Interested in Junior events? Visit: or call 303-926-1039

850 224-8644

22 - 9’ pool tables - HD TVs Darts - Liquor - Full Kitchen 10,000 Sq Feet Tournaments weekly and monthly

Stroke March 2015



Snaps Tiger Florida Tour at Brewlands!

NICOLLE CUELLAR Wins Qualifier spot for WPBA Masters

From left to right: Back row: Co-owners Michael Duskart, Larry Walthall, Chad Clement Front row: Nicolle Cuellar, Jeannie Seaver, April Wallen, Michell Monk LAKELAND, FL (Jan. 24, 2015) Thirty-one players came out to the beautiful new Brewlands Bar & Billiards in Lakeland, Florida to kick off the 2015 Tiger Florida Tour season and Tour Stop #1. Jeannie Seaver showed the players that she’s still the main force to be reckoned with, winning the first stop of the year. The format is a one-day, modified double elimination, race to 7 on the winners and 5 on the one-loss side. Players play down to four on each side then redraw into a single elimination board. The first goal is to make it to the Final Board. Jessica Barnes, Crystal McCormick, Nicolle Cuellar and Seaver went undefeated to the Final Board. April Wallen, Courtney Bernard, Michell


Hours: Mon-Thur: 2pm-2am / Fri-Sat: 1pm-2am / Sun: 6pm-2am



March 2015


Monk and Kelly Coyle got there from the west. In the quarter-finals Wallen matched up against Barnes, who was playing lights out all day before losing to Wallen in a double-hill match. Cuellar, playing for the Qualifier spot advanced after sending Bernard home, 7-4. McCormick lost to Monk 7-4, and Seaver shot past Coyle, 7-1. This left Wallen against Cuellar in the semi-finals, and Monk against Seaver, who earlier sent Monk to the one-loss side. Wallen quickly knocked Cuellar out; however, Cuellar, as the last player standing competing for the Qualifier spot, won the paid entry into the WPBA Masters event at Soaring Eagle. Seaver was left playing Monk in a tough doublehill revenge match that saw both players making 9-ball combos and runouts. But Seaver pulled out, making it

4380 E Main St Columbus, Ohio

GUARANTEED ADDED MONEY WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS WED: 10-Ball 7:30PM - $15 entry Race to 4/3-$100 added SAT: 8-Ball 2PM - $14 entry Race to 2/2-$150 added SUN: 9-Ball 2PM - $14 entry Race to 4/3-$150 added

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to the final match. In the end, Seaver shot by Wallen 7-2 to win the first event of the year. A very special thanks to Tiger Products, returning as our title sponsor, Boynton Billiards, Great Lakes Billiards Supply, and our newest sponsor Discount Mugs. A huge thank you to the owners of Brewlands Bar & Billiards for helping to make this a successful event and Qualifier! The Tiger Florida Tour is a WPBA-recognized Regional Tour, a stepping-stone to the WPBA. The next event is February 21st at Boulevard Billiards in Ocala, Florida. For more information, visit www.


Jeannie Seaver April Wallen Nicolle Cuellar Michell Monk Jessica Barnes Courtney Bernard Crystal McCormick Kelly Coyle

$425 $300 $180 $180 $80 $80 $80 $80

MONSTER SCOTCH DOUBLES Photo courtesy of: Monica Bowers

9 Ball

(l to r) Julian Martin, Glenn Sill

LEXINGTON, SC 44 fantastic teams came out to shoot in our Monster Scotch Doubles 9 Ball Tournament February 22nd at Gradys Pool Room. We appreciate y’all spending the day with us, and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! I would like to t 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6 7/8 9-12 13-16

Julian Martin 8 / Glenn Sill 7 - undefeated Michael Newsome 9 / Carolyn Newsome 5 Freeman Cooler 7 / Dwayne Hammond 6 Jay Miller 8 / Steve Ward 8 Chris Whitney 7 / Nadia Pryor 4 John Sanders 9 / Jennifer Davidson 4 David Stahl 6 / JoAnn Burns 6 Jake Dooley 6 / Wendy Houston 3 William Thomas 6 / Robin Brewer 4 Bryan Brown 9 / Adam Rooks 7 Tripp Mills 6 / John Taylor 5 Wayne Perry 8 / Red Calhoun 6 Leah Enix 6 / Randy Dabbs 5 Bob Immordino 8 / Travis Amick 7 Chris Camp 5 / Karen Osteen 3 Nathan Curey 5 / Kenny Curey 4

17-24 25-32

thank everyone that came out this weekend for our Scotch Doubles Tournament! Monica Bowers you did an amazing Job, Thank you so much! I hope we can have many more successful tournaments to come! Great Shooting everyone

Lawrence McCray 8 / Heather Stork 6 Keith Dease 7 / Chris Rogers 6 Travis Mishoe 5 / Bobby Mishoe 4 Richard Moore 5 / Rebecca Ridgeway 4 James Corley 9 / Jackie Corley 7 Chris Black 8 / David Buckland 8 Keith Houston 9 / Bobby Houston 3 Sarah Wallace 4 / Jesse Yoho 8 Mark Grzegorek 8 / Baylis Holliday 6 CJ Spurr 6 / Jeremy Davis 5 Josh Sturkie 8 / Cynthia Potts 1 Matt Thomas 8 / Wendy Thomas 5 Stevie Peake 9 / Cody Peake 5 Troy Lawhorn 7 / Byron Kinney 6 Cody Welch 8 / Shane Burke 6 Alex Rose 7 / Jonathon Griffin 4


James Neely 6 / Katie Albright 3 Rob Stomm 5 / Priscilla Painter 5 Chris Dyar 8 / Cory Rice 8 Rob Sedlak 5 / Tara Lauterbach 4 Wilson Mena 9 / Arlene Neely 6 Mitch Miller 7 / Tori Bridges 5 Kyra Sanders 5 / Kenzie Thomas 4 David Brazell 8 / Chris Stubbs 3 Brian Padgett 9 / Sara Crapps 6 Derek Spinler 4 / Ross Steppling 4 Buz Elliott 8 / Micky Thomas 6 Travis Rawls 8 / Gene Hartley 7

SOUTH FLORIDA BCA POOL LEAGUE League Operator: Janis Sessions - 305-903-4029 email: Play out of Lucky 7 Billiards in Davie, Florida NIGHTS OF PLAY: Mon - Thurs In-house

Come Join the FUN! Lucky

7 Billiards

4850 South State Road 7

Hollywood, FL 954-239-8254

Home of the Pink Table (pinkie)

14 Pool Tables - 1 Snooker Table - Weekly Pool Tournaments APA - TAP - Player Leagues

Smoke Free Environment Like Us On Facebook

Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm to 2am Sat-Sun Noon to 2am

Stroke March 2015


Mosconi taCuinp? Cap

U.S. Open Notebook


on th: Th is M

2013 Music City Open

GSBT LUCKY e U. S. Ba r Ta bl rs te as M A W PB ia rd s Bi so n Bi ll


ts C o lu m n is W in s o m a n vi ll e


schan u O in JasmLincoln City, OR C H A LK TALK




iards The Ultimate Bill ure U.S. Cues for the C O20p12en n ing Lucky ChamVpainoBoen TAP PR Shane

ETT 9- Ba ll BO B J E W NC St at e Jr M EL IS SAE ur IT T L Tr i St at e To w E TA o R in a Es te va n 3 RIP




A rn BC Weste , 2013 11-17 March reaming Live St







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March 2015


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EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED 9-Ball - Handicapped $25 8 Ball $5 9 Ball $20 $100 w/32 Open 9 Ball $10/$20 Call Open 9 Ball $5 Call 9 Ball $10 Call Open 9 Ball $8 Call Open 9-Ball $30 Calcutta One Pocket Hdcp 9’ Diamonds $15 $100 w/13+ 8 Ball $5 Call Open 9 Ball-Ladies play free $10 Call 9-Ball Handicap $10 Open 9 Ball Am/Pro $20/$40 8 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $13 Call 8 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $10 Call 10 Ball-Race 4/3 $15 $100 9-Ball - Handicapped Call 9-Ball Handicap-SE $15 (incl g.f.) Call 9-Ball Handicap $15 $100 w/16 9-Ball $Call 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 9 Ball $20 $100 w/32 Open 9 Ball $5 Call Open 9 Ball $10 Call 3 Cushion $15 Call 9 Ball $15 $200 Scotch Doubles 8 Ball/9 Ball Call Open Bar Box 8 Ball-SE $20 9-Ball Handicap $20 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball - Race to 2 $8 Call 9-Ball Luck of the Draw Sc Dbls $15 $5/player Pool Tournament $12 Calcutta 8-Ball-Race to 2-DE $5 Match w/20+ 8 Ball/9 Ball (1st Sat) Round robin Call 9-Ball Handicap $20 $300 w/24 9 Ball $10 8 Ball 8 Ball $15 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $20 Call 9 Ball $20 Call 8 Ball-Race 2/2 $14 $150 Guar 8 Ball $8 5 Chip Elim. 8 Ball Call 200% payout Pool Tournament $12 Call 9-Ball - Ladies (1st Sun) Call 10-Ball (3rd Sun) Call 10-Ball Handicap-Race to 5 $15 $$$ 9 Ball $10 9 Ball $10 Mixed 8 Ball & 9 Ball $7 9 Ball - 10-Ball Break Pot $20 9 Ball $15 Call 8 Ball - bank the 8 $10 Call 8 Ball Call Call 9 Ball-Race 4/3 $14 $150 Guar Alt 8 & 9 Ball Call Call 9 Ball $10 Call Alternating 8/9 Ball $10 $100 w/23+ 8 Ball $7 1/3 pot 8 Ball $10 $3/player

TIME 7PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 8PM 8PM 8PM 8PM 7PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 8PM Call 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 5PM 8PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 8PM 8PM 7:30PM 8PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 6PM 6PM 6PM 1PM 7PM 2PM 7:30PM 3PM 7PM Noon Noon 2PM 6PM 8:30PM 2PM 7PM 4PM 2PM 7:30PM 2PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 5:30PM 2PM

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Stroke March 2015


Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Click on the MAP link online to get directions to each location DATE Mar 1 Mar 1 Mar 7 Mar 14 Mar 14 Mar 15 Mar 21 Mar 21 Mar 21 Mar 21 Mar 21 Mar 21-22 Mar 21-22 Mar 28 Mar 28 Mar 28-29 Apr 4 Apr 4 Apr 4 Apr 4 Apr 5 Apr 11 Apr 11 Apr 11 Apr 11-12 Apr 11-12 Apr 11-12 Apr 16-19 Apr 16-19 Apr 16-19 Apr 16-19 Apr 16-19 Apr 18 Apr 18 Apr 18-19 Apr 25 Apr 25-26 May 2 May 3 May 9 May 16 May 16 May 16 May 16-17 May 23-25 May 30 May 31 Jun 6-7 Jun 13 Jun 20 Jul 10 Jul 11-12 Aug 8-9


CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME LINK Raleigh, NC Buck’s Billiards 919-467-5411 Straight Pool $15 Call Noon Portland, ME Union Station 207-899-3693 9-Ball Varies Call 1PM MAP Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 incl g.f. $250 Noon MAP Parkville, MD Top Hat Cue Club 303-926-1039 MD State 9-Ball Champ. $80/$60/$40 Call 10AM Elida, OH East Road Billiards 419-331-7225 9-Ball $20+$10 g.f. $500 Noon Portland, ME Union Station 207-899-3693 USB 9-Ball-Tournament Series $35 Call 11AM MAP Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 9-Ball $30 Call Noon MAP Williamville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 2015 Jr New York State Call Call Call MAP Astoria, NY Steinway Billiards 718-472-2124 9-Ball Open - C+ Varies $1,500 Call MAP Pineville, NC The Green Room 303-926-1039 NC Jr State 9-Ball Call Call Call MAP Whitehall, PA Jordan Lanes 610-437-2695 9-Ball-Limit 64 $25 Call Call Portland, ME Union Station 207-899-3693 9-Ball $60 $500 Call MAP Indianapolis, IN Brickyard Billiards 317-248-0555 Midwest Bar Table 9-Ball $100 $1500 11AM MAP Ayer, MA Billiards Cafe 303-926-1039 MA Jr State 9-Ball Call Call Call MAP Winston-Salem, NC Break Time Billiards 336-765-7391 9-Ball $50M/$35W Call 11:30AM Atlanta, GA Mr Cues II 770-454-POOL Tiger No. Georgia Open $45 $1,000 Guar. Noon Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 incl g.f. $250 Noon MAP Astoria, NY Steinway Billiards 718-472-2124 9-Ball A-B/C-D Varies $1,000 Call MAP Cary, NC Break Time Billiards 919-615-0107 9-Ball $50M/$35W Call 11:30AM Wallingford, CT Yale Billiards 303-926-1039 CT Jr State 9-Ball Call Call Call MAP Portland, ME Union Station 207-899-3693 USB 9-Ball Tournament Series $35 Call 11AM MAP Crossville, TN Crossville Family Billiards 303-926-1039 TN Jr State 9-Ball Call Call Call MAP Hickory, NC Randolph’s Billiards 828-326-7005 9-Ball $50M/$35W Call 11:30AM Portsmouth, NH Legends Billiards 303-926-1039 NH Jr State 9-Ball Call Call Call MAP Cambridge, MD Great Slates 410-221-7665 9-Ball $60 $1,000 w/64 Call Jackson MS Cross Corner 731-819-3229 9-Ball - MS Residents ONLY Call $1,500 w/64 1PM MAP Astoria, NY Steinway Billiards 718-472-2124 Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball Varies $1,000 11:30PM MAP Oaks, PA Super Billiards 609-652-6116 Open 9-Ball $75 ea div Call Call MAP Oaks, PA Super Billiards 609-652-6116 Women 9-Ball $75 ea div Call Call MAP Oaks, PA Super Billiards 609-652-6116 Seniors (50+) 9-Ball $75 ea div Call Call MAP Oaks, PA Super Billiards 609-652-6116 Super Seniors (65+) 9-Ball $75 ea div Call Call MAP Oaks, PA Super Billiards 609-652-6116 Juniors 9-Ball 17/12 & Under FREE Call Call MAP Oaks, PA Super Billiard Expo 303-926-1039 PA Jr State 9-Ball Call Call Call MAP Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 9-Ball $30 Call Noon MAP Portland, ME Union Station 207-899-3693 Straight Pool $60 $500 Call MAP Depew, NY Classic Cue Billiards 303-926-1039 NY Jr State 8-Ball Call Call Call MAP Astoria, NY Steinway Billiards 718-472-2124 Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball Varies $1,000 11:30PM MAP Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 incl g.f. $250 Noon MAP Portland, ME Union Station 207-899-3693 USB 9-Ball Tournament Series $35 Call 11AM MAP Charlotte, NC Big Woody’s 704-535-7529 9-Ball $50M/$35W Call 11:30AM Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 9-Ball $30 Call Noon MAP Astoria, NY Steinway Billiards 718-472-2124 9-Ball A-B/C-D Varies $1,000 Call MAP Raleigh, NC Brown’s Billiards 919-878-9092 9-Ball $50M/$35W Call 11:30AM Portland, ME Union Station 207-899-3693 One Pocket $60 $500 Call MAP Astoria, NY Steinway Billiards 718-472-2124 9-Ball A-B/C-D & Open Varies $4,000 Call MAP Raleigh, NC Brass Tap & Billiards 919-876-2382 9-Ball $50M/$35W Call 11:30AM Portland, ME Union Station 207-899-3693 USB 9-Ball Tournament Series $35 Call 11AM MAP Portland, ME Union Station 207-899-3693 USB 9-Ball Tourn Series Finale $35 Call 11AM MAP Astoria, NY Steinway Billiards 718-472-2124 9-Ball A-B/C-D Varies $1,000 Call MAP Midlothian, VA Diamond Billiards 303-926-1039 VA Jr State 9-Ball Call Call Call MAP Jackson MS Cross Corner 731-819-3229 10-Ball Ring Game-Limit 16 Call $300 1st 7PM MAP Jackson MS Cross Corner 731-819-3229 9-Ball Mississipppi Open $40 $2,000 w/64+ 1PM MAP Astoria, NY Steinway Billiards 718-472-2124 Open/Pro/ABCD 9-Ball Varies $1,000 11:30PM MAP

March 2015


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Stroke Pool Magazine March Issue 2015  

All the latest from the US Bar Table Championships from Reno, NV and more events ...

Stroke Pool Magazine March Issue 2015  

All the latest from the US Bar Table Championships from Reno, NV and more events ...