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2013 Music City Open

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2013 Music City Open


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Don “Cheese” Akerlow

Photo courtesy by: Ricky Bryant

On The Cover

2013 February



Crystal McCormick

breaks through on Flamingo Billiards Tour!


Players bid farewell to Ultimate Billiards

Tired of being the proverbial bridesmaid, Crystal McCormick finally made it to the winner’s circle at the Flamingo Billiards Tour 2013 Kick-off event on Saturday after four second-place finishes in 2012. This event, held at Ultimate Billiards in Ft. Pierce, Florida, was also a Qualifier for the WPBA Masters at Soaring Eagle. Winning the Qualifier was the icing on the cake for McCormick on this special night. Thirty-two players including one from Georgia came to play and play tough they did resulting in several hill-hill matches throughout the day. It wasn’t an easy day for any of the players including McCormick, losing to Jessica Barnes in her first match. Not to be stopped, Crystal fought her way back through the one-loss side sending several players home along the way, including Renee Vassallo, Cathy Sparling, Darlyne Petrovit and Chris Fields, to make it to the final single elimination board of eight. Christie Cloke, Sue Roberts, Jessica Barnes and Nicolle Cuellar were in stroke all afternoon making it to the final board without a loss. Newcomer Jessie Nixon, Jennifer Page and Kelly Coyle joined McComick on the final board from the one-loss side. In the quarterfinals McCormick stopped Cloke 7-1, Roberts lost to Page 7-4, Barnes lost to Coyle 7-5 in a revenge match, and Cuellar stopped Nixon 7-1. In the semifinal matches, McCormick defeated Coyle for a spot in the finals. Cuellar defeated Page to fill the spot against McCormick, but it was McCormick who took the final match, her first win on the FBT and the Qualifier spot. On a sad note, this was the last tournament at Ultimate Billiards as the pool room closed its doors Sunday night. The owners, Bill and Joann Mallen, and Gary Gilsanen, were like family to the players and will be greatly missed. A huge thank you to Gary, Bill and Joann for always being great hosts and supporting the Flamingo Billiards Tour. A very special thanks to Janis Sessions who surprised the players with her Fabulous Florida Foxy Flamingos 2013 calendar with pictures of the players going back to 2009 when the FBT first started. Janis obviously spent endless hours making the calendar and the collection of photos. The Flamingo Billiards Tour is a WPBA-recognized Regional Tour, a stepping-stone to the WPBA. The next event is March 9th at Amy’s Billiards in Stuart, Florida. For more information, visit

From left to right: Nicolle Cuellar, 2nd, Gary Gilsanen, owner, and Crystal McCormick, winner.


($250 added, modified double elimination)

Crystal McCormick....................................$350 + Qualifier Spot Nicolle Cuellar.....................................................................$250 Jennifer Page........................................................................$150 Kelly Coyle...........................................................................$150 Jessica Barnes..........................................................................$75 Christie Cloke........................................................................$75 Jessie Nixon............................................................................$75 Sue Roberts .........................................................................$75 Kathleen Lawless.............................................. $35 (2d Chance) Vanessa Seaver ................................................ $15 (2d Chance)

February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 5

TRI STATE TOUR GARY O'CALLAGHAN wins Gotham City Billiards A/D Tri-State Tour During the event, Gary won his first five matches against Paul Raval 7 - 0; Christian Smith 7 - 5; Pablo Sanz 7 - 4; Hector Ruiz 7 - 3; and Koka Davladze 7 - 4; before being sent to the loss side by Yomaylin "Smiley" Feliz 8 - 5. While Yomaylin sat in the Hot Seat, Koka Davladze defeated Raphael DaBreo 7 - 1 and Luis Novas 8 - 5 for a shot at redemption against Gary, who defeated him earlier. Gary triumphed 7 - 4 and now faced Yomaylin in the Finals. During the Finals, the two players tied at 3:3,5:5 and 6:6 respectively, before Gary asserted himself to finished the match 10 - 7. Special recognition goes to Yomaylin for her impressive performance and 3rd place finisher Koka Davladze for his 6 win/2 loss record. The next Tri-State is a $1000 Added A/D event, to be held on Saturday, January 12, 2013, at Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NL. Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Poison Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics for their sponsorship leading to this event. Thank You

1st 2nd 3rd

Payouts Garry O’Callaghan Yomaylin “Smiley” Feliz Koka Davladze

$1,500 $1,030 $630

TRI STATE TOUR Left 1st place Gary O’Callaghan ; 2nd place - Yomaylin “Smiley” Feliz; 3rd - Koka Davladze

MARCO COSTELLO wins House of Billiards A/D Tri-State Tour

Marco Costello wins House of Billiards A/D Tri-State Tour event. During the event, Marco went undefeated through the field against Rajesh Vannala 7 - 6; Michael Sprague 7 - 6; Louise Petronica 7 - 4: Justin Muller 7 - 5; and Luis Lopez 9 - 5 for the Hot Seat. During this time Emerson Verano worked his way through the loss side, redeeming himself against Justin Muller 7 - 6, who put him on the loss side. Upon defeating Luis Lopez 10 - 6 , he faced Marco in the Finals. The match between Marco and Emerson went back and forth. With the match tied at 7 a piece, Marco took the next two games for his first tournament win. Special recognition goes to Emerson Verano for his strong 8&2 win-loss record and Luis Lopez for a strong 3rd place finish. The next Tri-State is a $1000 Added A/D event, to be held on Saturday, February 2, 2013, at the Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ. Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Poison Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics for their sponsorship leading to this event. Thank You

Payouts Marco Costello Emerson Verano Luis Lopez

1st 2nd 3rd

$1,500 $1,030 $630

TRI STATE TOUR Left 2nd place - Emerson Verano ; 1st place - Marco Costello; 3rd - Luis Lopez

WANLOP CHANTARAKOLKITwins BQE Billiards A/D Tri-State Tour Wanlop Chantarakolkit wins BQE Billiards A/D Tri-State Tour event. During the event, Wanlop went undefeated through the field against Inna Bediner 7 - 6; Robert Veit 6 - 5; Dennis Kenndy 6 - 1; Jamiyl Adams 6 - 4; and “Devil” Dave Ascolese 8 - 7; for the Hot Seat. While Wanlop sat in the Hot Seat, Mishak Daniel worked his way through the loss side only to be defeated in the semi-finals by Devil Dave 7 - 6. Due to the late hour, Wanlop and Dave agreed to split the honors with Wanlop taking a well deserved first place. Special recognition goes to “Devil” Dave Ascolese and Mishak Daniel for there impressive performances. The next Tri-State is a $750 Added A/D event, to be held on Saturday, January 26, 2013, at the House of Billiards in Staten Island, NY. Please provide a thank you to SterlingGaming, Ozone Billiards, Poison Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics for their sponsorship leading to this event. Thank You

1st 2nd 3rd

Payouts Chantarakolkit “Devil” Dave Ascolese Meshak Danial

6 Stroke Magazine - February 2013

$1,500 $1,030 $630

Left 1st place - Chantarakolkit ; 2nd place - “Devil” Dave Ascolese; 3rd - Meshak Danial

ABERNATHY double dips DURGIN to win at Myrtle Beach

Shannon Daulton, Jeff Abernathy, Paul Durgin and Brent Hudgins By Skip Maloney -

The last time Jeff Abernathy won a stop on the Great Southern Billiard Tour was in June of 2007, when he defeated Earl Strickland in the finals. He also won stops on the Southeast Open 9-Ball and Viking Cue Tours that year. On the weekend of January 5-6, Abernathy came back from a short visit to the loss side to double dip Paul Durgin and claim a more recent event title on the GSBT. The $1,000-added amateur event drew 45 entrants to Shore Thing Billiards in Myrtle Beach, SC. Advancing to the winners' side final four, Abernathy met up with Jason Martin, as Durgin squared off againstGreg Dix. Abernathy (an A player) got into the hot seat match with a 9-5 win over Martin (C), as Durgin (B) downed Dix (A) 7-3. With two on the wire, Durgin got into the hot seat 7-7, and waited on Abernathy's fateful return. Martin moved over and picked up Wendell Thompkins, who'd defeated Josh Newman 9-6 and Dean Trammel 9-4 to reach him. Dix drew Todd Kiser, who'd defeated Belinda Calhoun 7-5 and Shane Schronce 7-1. Dix got right back to work, defeating Kiser 9-1, but Thompkins handed Martin his second straight loss 9-4, and advanced to the quarterfinals against Dix. In a straight-up race to 9, Dix and Thompkins battled to double hill before Dix prevailed for a shot against Abernathy. Abernathy then ended Dix's bid 9-7 and got a second chance against Durgin. Abernathy took the opening set 9-3, and though Durgin would battle him to double hill in the second set, Abernathy hung on to win it and claim the event title. Tour directors Shannon and Marge Daulton thanked the ownership and staff at Shore Thing Billiards for their continuing hospitality and support of

the GSBT, as well as sponsors Nick Varner Cues and Cases, Andy Gilbert Custom Cues, Tiger Products, Delta-13 Racks, and Steve Lomax Cues.

Great Southern Billiard Tour Stop Shore Thing Billiards - Myrtle Beach, SC Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 5th 7th 7th

Playername Jeff Abernathy Paul Durgin Greg Dix Wendell Thompkins Todd Kiser Jason Martin Shane Schronce Dean Trammell

Prize Money $700.00 $400.00 $300.00 $220.00 $125.00 $125.00 $75.00 $75.00

February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 7

“The“The Viper” Viper” An Interview by:

An interview with Professional Player Jayson Shaw

Melissa Little

Melissa “The Viper” Little has been a WPBA Touring Professional for over 10-years, she has represented the USA in Four WPA World Championships and has over 20 top-10 WPBA career finishes. Melissa is currently the housepro at the Wynkoop Brewing Company located in Downtown Denver. She teaches monthly clinics, gives private lessons, and has created a juniors program that promotes billiards education to the local youth. For more information about Melissa please visit: Read more articles by Melissa Little at

Where were you born? Jayson: I was born in 1988 in Glasgow, Scotland. Where and when did you first start playing pool? Jayson: The first time I picked up a cue was when I was 5-years old. My father, Charles Shaw was a recognized Snooker player and at a very young age he taught me how to play pool. I remember standing on top of a box in order to reach the pool table. My dad was very adamant about me learning to play with great mechanics and not end up with a funny sidewinder stroke. What was your biggest accomplishment in the sport of billiards? Jayson: When I was 16 years old, I was invited to participate in the IPT events and finished high enough to win $22,000. In 2010, I won the World Men’s BlackBall Championships in Limoges, France. The match was televised live on Eurosport, and I defeated France’s professional player Sebastien Ramier in the finals 8-3. Blackball is basically like American 8-ball but the tables are tighter, also played on a 7 ft table, and instead of having stripes and solids we have 7 yellow balls and 7 red balls and lastly we have the same black ball for the 8-ball. Did you ever play in a pool league? Jayson: No… In the UK they really don’t have any 9-ball pool leagues. You either start off playing professional Snooker at a young age or you get good enough to come here to America and try and win the bigger US events. Are you good at any other sports? Jayson: I love to play soccer, golf and boxing. Describe yourself in three words? Jayson: Focused, Ambitious and loyal. If you had to live your life over again, what would one thing you change about yourself and/or your career? Jayson: Unfortunately I would have to say, I wouldn’t have started playing pool. It seems like it’s a dying sport with no money, if it was my choice to start over I would have played a sport like golf. Who were/are your favorite professionals? Jayson: My favorite players are Ralf Souquet and Darren Appleton, because they are both humble, great guys off the table and on and both are clearly world championship quality players. How did you prepare for events? Jayson: I put a lot of time in on the table especially the break; as a matter of

fact I practiced my break for 5-hours straight this last week. It takes a lot of discipline to rack for your self and then break each time. But in the end that is what will make you stronger. What was the best advice you were ever given? Jayson: My parents played a huge rolled in who I have become. My childhood neighborhood was not great, I have a lot of friends that ended up in prison and my parents really drove me to not become one of those bad statistics and encouraged me to be focused towards achieving my goals. What is one thing that you enjoy most while playing pool? Jayson: I am living the dream… I love travelling to new places to play pool. If you could say one thing to a young up-coming player what would it be? Jayson: Put a lot of time in on the table, stay in school, and follow your dreams. What’s your Favorite game? Jayson: 10-ball A special “Thank-you” to Jayson Shaw for taking time out of his busy schedule to participate in my Ask the Viper. Till next month you can find me on Facebook at

For Juniors Events, Tournament News, Sponsors, Lessons & For My Fans...

The WPBA Touring Profession 8 Stroke Magazine - February 2013

Just Hanging Out

The Monk

Tim Miller

I remember when I hit my first ball. It was the twelve ball down into the corner pocket. I stood up and said, “I could make a living playing this game”. I have been doing that for close to thirty years. To master something you have to be clear about your purpose. I decided that there was nothing more beautiful than the pure smooth stroke and the sound of the ball settling into the pockets. I’d become a master and show others the beauty of this game. The game has been good to me. I’ve traveled around the world and had the thrill of a visit to the Kremlin. I taught this game on Russian TV with an interpreter and spent a long time in New Zealand working with some great champions. Of course there are the students who proved that a childish person will never learn from a wise man yet my training has helped tens of thousands of player reach world class. I can’t say I have bad memories of difficult students. I do feel bad that they blamed me because they did not reach their goals. It has been an interesting sunset to my career. I went to the Philippines to share The Monk 101 with that country. Fell in love and got married. I am working with a top female player to bring the Philippine Experience to the rooms in Manila. We will be doing a series of workshops in the month of March. Pocket billiards has its own language. I did a workshop in Mexico where no one spoke English. We went through my four strokes and 2-7-2 program completely. It was the same way in Russia. I taught them the strokes via sound. Now, in the Philippines we are getting along just fine. Of course my student Anna is a big help. The of pool game has floundered along for all these years. Many new associations have sprung up to save pocket billiards but they all crashed and burned on the rocks. We have a group of players

now who seem to understand that it is the game we come to see. Performance is so much more valued than personality. That is why it does not matter where you are from we love you if you can play pool. For a while I thought The Monk was fading away and it is time for me to ride off into the sunset so I put together the Philippine Experience. I wanted to leave behind my entire program. I purposely did not include a lot of instructions because you won’t get the knowledge until you succeed with it. Knowledge applied is lesson learned. I did not waste a lot of space trying to offer volumes of pages. I did that with the mammoth Legacy which was 748 pages long. I met students five years later who told me they were still working on that book. Life sure is strange. I wrote a book on how to obtain spiritual freedom. It is one of my best works called FREE PEOPLE. The spiritual side of my life has always been private and still is. One Sunday however, I heard some singing in a church and wandered in. Naturally I stuck out like a sore thumb. I was the only American in the place. To make an interesting story short, I was called up to the front to say a few words. Than to get more to the point, they asked me to come back next Sunday to preach a sermon! They knew nothing about me what so ever. And when I agreed, they all cheered. Now what? What does this have to do with pool you ask? Do you remember when I said you need a purpose in this game? Mine was to show how beautiful this game is and I’ve been doing that for three decades. I write a sermon so I can help people who are struggling to achieve freedom and I end up preaching it in a church in Manila. I plan to be back in the states in May, June and July. Now I am wondering if I will visit pool halls or churches. Be clear about your purpose and it will drive you to where you want to be.


February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 9


Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.

two jopling propositions

Bill Marshall -- known by his pen name of Willie Jopling -- collected, developed and printed a range of interesting shots from simple setup shots to weird techniques to outright flim-flams to interesting legal shots that you might not think of in the heat of battle. Here are two of his shots to test your skill and wit. Once you have them down, you can test your friends and maybe win some lunch money. In shot 1 the goal is to get one of the six balls into each of the six pockets by simply cueing the balls -no cue ball is involved. The rules are that you cannot bank a ball or move the remaining balls when you take a shot. One way that you might try to start is with the 1 into A and the 2 into E and the 6-5-4 into B-C-D in any order. That leaves the 3 for pocket F. That might go on some tables, but not on most. Here’s a hint: start with the toughest shot you’re going to take. I’ll give the answer at the end so don’t read that far until you have tried for a while. In Shot 2 the goal is to make the 9 in the side pocket with the cue ball in hand. The obvious way to do this is to shoot from A and hit right between the 7 and 8. If you hit them simultaneously, the 9 will go in. The only problem with this approach is that it is almost impossible to hit the 7 and 8 simultaneously. I think if someone really practiced at it they might get it one in ten tries. To see that the shot can work that way, put the 6 ball touching the 7 and 8, make sure all four object balls are frozen in a mini-

10 Stroke Magazine - February 2013

Bob Jewett

diamond, and then try the “four ball combo” by shooting as if you were making the 6 straight into pocket C. The trick to this shot is to play the shot from cue ball position B. Barely nick the 7 and then hit the 8. The first contact will start the 9 moving to get it repositioned so the 8 and hit it into the pocket. Experiment with the angle of approach and the amount of the first ball you hit. See how far you can move the three balls away from the side pocket and still have pretty good success. Once you understand this shot you may begin to see similar shots in clusters of balls at games like straight pool, one pocket and even eight ball if the breaker didn’t do a very good job. It’s not the sort of shot you want to shoot but sometimes it’s all that’s possible and the hardest part of such shots is often just seeing them. Have you tried Shot 1 yet? If you’ve given up, read on for the solution. For your first shot, play the 4 into pocket E. This will require some curve since you have to shoot the 4 straight down the table or you will move the other balls. Use both draw and right English for the curve and shoot fairly softly to give the curve time to work. With a little practice you should be much better than 50% on the shot if you work on consistent elevation along with the spin. Once the 4 is gone, the 1-2-3 can go into B-C-D. The 5 then goes into A, leaving a fairly easy 6 into pocket F. If you have a favorite proposition shot, please send it in and you may see it in future column.

OMEGA BILLIARDS TOUR The Omega Billiards Tour is pleased to announce the addition of Lucasi cues and Cuesports International (CSI) as sponsors to the Tour. “We are very fortunate to have a great partnership with Lucasi cues and CSI,” Michael Hoang expressed from his Omega Billiard Supply store in Hurst, Texas. “Promoting pool is important to all of us who love this game. Having Lucasi and CSI join the team is a huge asset for the players and the pool rooms,” he added. "The spirit and drive of the Omega Billiards Tour go right along with the Lucasi mission, and so we are happy to be a part of the Tour by donating 7 of our most popular cues, valued at $2,300 total. Promoting pool and the Lucasi brand are our goals, and we jumped at the chance to be a part of the newly formed Omega Billiards Tour," said Wesley Bond, Vice President of Lucasi Hybrid Cues. Mark Griffin, CEO of CSI shared, “CSI is excited to be affiliated with the Omega Billiards Tour. We believe the founders, Melinda and Michael, share our simple goal at CSI – More Choices for All Players. It is for that reason we

are donating 5 singles entries into our BCAPL National Championships at the Rio in Las Vegas; known as ‘The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World!’ The Omega Billiards Tour operates in an ethical and honorable manner and we are proud to support them.” In addition to Lucasi cues and CSI, our other Tour sponsors include Omega Billiards, ACME Cases, Predator,, Poison cues, Players cues, BCAPL, OB Cues, Irving Ink and Thread, Phil Capelle,, Magic Racks, and the host pool rooms in the DFW area: Rusty’s Billiards, Speed’s Billiards, The Billiard Den, Clicks, and JR Pockets. The brain child of Melinda Bailey from Texas and Michael Hoang of Omega Billiards Supply, the Omega Billiards Tour is a new tour in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that started in the Fall of 2012. The tournaments have consistently been FULL 2-3 weeks ahead of time. The first-ever full season in 2013 will have 6 stops and a Season Finale. Already the tour has received quite a bit of attention by the players, fans, and billiard companies as evidenced by the long list of players on the alternate list waiting to get in and the large crowd of spectators. For the 2013 season, the Omega Billiards Tour will feature the Predator Point Players Tracking where top players will win multiple Predator prize packages and multiple free entries into the BCAPL National Tournament in Las Vegas. All the partnerships are much appreciated by the Omega Billiards Tour and the players. “Our number one goal is to promote pool and provide an avenue for all levels of players to compete in the game they love and improve their skills,” explains Tournament Director Melinda Bailey. “With the sponsors’ help, this is a dream come true!” A HUGE thank you to all our sponsors! If you have any questions, please can contact Melinda Bailey at 817-691-0716. For more information, please visit us online at: http://omegabilliardstour.weebly. com/

Now Open 820 McColloch St - Wheeling, WV 26003 820 McColloch St., Wheeling

W :F &s G F -s r G - Vnea & BCa l CORNER POCKET BILLIARDS N’Owner: CAFE Jay Davis - Manager Sonya Davis

WEEKLY TOURNAMENTS eeklyFOOD tournaments ri at GREAT SMOKING reat ROOM ood mokinG oom GAMING aminG eaGues VNEA & BCA LEAGUES


304-905-8495 304-905-8495

Open Mon-Fri 11am - Sat & Sun 1pm

OWNER: JAY DAVIS • MANAGER: SONYA ALLEN OPEN MON.-FRI. 11 AM • SAT.February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 21 & SUN. 1 PM February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 11

Lake downs Sanchez twice

By Skip Maloney -

Dennis Lake got by Junior Sanchez twice, once in the hot seat and again in the finals, to go undefeated on an A-D handicapped stop on the Predator Tour. The $500-added event, run concurrently with an Open event on the weekend of January 19-20, drew 98 entrants to Steinway Billiards in Astoria, NY. Lake faced Ambi Estevez in one of the winners' side semifinals, as Sanchez met Shawn Sookhai in the other. Lake sent Estevez west 7-4 for a hot seat meet-up with Sanchez, who'd sent Sookhai over 7-6. Lake dominated the hot seat match, winning it 8-3, as Sanchez moved to the semifinals. Estevez picked up Andrew Cleary on the loss Junior Sanchez, Dennis Lake and John Ortiz (Photo by Brian Leong/ side. Cleary had defeated Jud Parker and Bob Tooney, both 7-5, to reach Estevez. Waiting on the Cleary eliminating Estevez 7-6, as Ortiz was busy exacting his revenge on loss side for Sookhai was John Ortiz, who was on Sookhai with a 7-1 victory. Ortiz then ended Cleary's bid in the quarterfinals, a loss-side mission to the semifinals. Sookhai had sent him west from among defeating him 8-4. Sanchez, though, ended Ortiz's four-match, loss-side run with the final eight winners, and Ortiz had downed Doug Masiero7-3, and Rikki a 7-5 victory that gave him a second shot against Lake. Lake, in turn, ended Ragoonan 7-5 to earn a second chance against him. Sanchez's bid for the event title with an 8-6 victory in the finals. Cleary and Ortiz handed Estevez and Sookhai their second straight defeat;

Predator Tour Amateur Event Steinway Billiards, Astoria, NY

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th

Playername Dennis Lake Junior Sanchez John Ortiz Andrew Cleary Ambi Estevez Shawn Sookhai Rikki Ragoonanan Bob Tooney

1861 W Tennessee St. Tallahassee, Florida

Prize Money $1,500.00 $1,000.00 $700.00 $400.00 $275.00 $275.00 $200.00 $200.00

Place 9th 9th 13th 13th

Playername Rene Villalobos Jud Parker Doug Masiero Lidio Rasea Jose Baptista Jerry Tarantola Joe Torres Jason Smith

Prize Money $125.00 $125.00 $125.00 $125.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00

850 224-8644

22 - 9’ pool tables - HD TVs Darts - Liquor - Full Kitchen 10,000 Sq Feet Tournaments weekly and monthly 12 Stroke Magazine - February 2013

Place 17th

Playername Alex Borukhovich Travis McKinney Lenore Donovan Gail Glazebrook Jose Cruz Bobby Schlott Nicholas Chan Tony Ignomirello

Prize Money $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $50.00



FULL NAME: Manuel Perez NICKNAME: Manny HOME TOWN: Kansas City, Kansas BIRTH DATE: 4/14/1998 GRADE: 9th GPA: 3 FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Biology POOL ROOM(S) WHERE YOU PLAY: Dan Tull’s Shooters in Olathe, Ks WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? Durbin Custom Cues & Treadway Custom Cues AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 10 LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED? Right TITLES/HIGHEST FINISHES: 2012 BEF Junior National Runner-Up 2011 VNEA Junior National Champion 2011 VNEA Speed Pool Champion 2011 VNEA Scotch Doubles Champion 2010 VNEA Junior National Runner-Up 2010 VNEA Scotch Doubles Champion 2009 VNEA Junior National Team Champion 2009 VNEA Scotch Doubles Champion 2009 VNEA Artistic Pool Champion 2012 KC Rated 9-Ball Runner-Up 2011 KC Rated 9-Ball Champion”

MOST MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: Winning 2011 VNEA Junior Nationals SPONSOR(S): “Shooters of Olathe, Ks, Treadway Custom Cues, Durbin Custom Cues, Patrick Custom Cues” FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Pop Rock HOBBIES: Pool, Video Games FAVORITE POOL GAME: 9-Ball FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: Shane VanBoening FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Going to my first pool tournament. GOALS (PERSONAL AND/OR CAREER): Video Producer ANYTHING ELSE YOU'D LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU? I like to play pool. I like to promote pool and one day make pool really big everywhere.

    

 

February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 13

14 Stroke Magazine - November 2012

ABERNATHY goes UNDEFEATED By Skip Maloney - Staff

In a January 12-13 stop on the Simonis Cloth Classic Tour, Jeff Abernathy survived an early round, double hill battle against Robert Frost, and then, with Frost at the end of a seven-match, loss-side winning streak, defeated him again in the finals to capture the event title. The $1,500-added event drew 27 entrants to Randolph Billiards in Hickory, NC. Abernathy advanced among the winners' side final four for a match against Allen Gambill, as B.J. Ussery and Darren Schaffer squared off in the other winners' side semifinal. Abernathy moved into the hot seat match with a 9-4 win over Gambill, and was met by Ussery, who'd sent Schaffer west 9-6. Abernathy sent Ussery to the semifinals 9-6 and sat in the hot seat, awaiting the return of Frost. Frost, by this time, had downed tour director Mike Janis, and Chris Cubbage, and gotten by Tim Monk 9-3, and Skip Coffee 9-6, to pick up Gambill. Schaffer moved over to pick up Allen Gambill's brother, Daniel, who'd defeated Clint Clark 9-4 and (in an upset) Brian Capps Jeff Abernathy and Robert Frost 9-2. A 'brotherly love' quarterfinal was avoided, as Frost took out brother Allen 9-5, while brother Daniel was busy downing Schaffer 9-6. Frost then survived a double hill match versus brother Daniel in those quarterfinals. With his eyes clearly on the prize Randolph Billiards - Hickory, NC (the man in the hot seat who'd sent him to the loss side), Frost defeated Ussery in the semifinals 9-5. All matches were conducted by rules dictating that Place Playername the matches be combinations of 8-ball and 9-ball play (it is 1st Jeff Abernathy the format used by the APA for their Amateur Championships). Players flip a coin, and choose either the game to be played 2nd Robert Frost first (either seven games of 8-ball or 10 of 9-ball), or the break. 3rd BJ Ussery In the opening set of the potential, double-set final, pitting Frost and Abernathy against each other for the second time, 4th Daniel Gambill Frost won the coin toss and elected to play the seven 8-ball matches first. He was ahead by 5-2, when the games switched 5th Allen Gambrill to 9-ball. Abernathy came back to win seven of the next nine, 5th Darren Shaffer 9-ball games to capture the event title. Tour Director Mike Janis gave a shout of thanks out to 7th Skip Coffee Randolph Billiards' owners, Randy and Beck Canipe, as well as 7th Brian Capps sponsor Simonis Cloth, who decked out the venue's tables with fresh, blue cloth. The next stop on the Simonis Cloth Classic Tour is scheduled for the weekend of January 19-20, at Mr. Cues II in Atlanta, GA.

Simonis Cloth Classic Tour Stop

Prize Money $1,050.00


$500.00 $250.00 $175.00 $175.00



February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 15

Brandon Shuff

Johnny Archer

Chris Melling


goes undefeated

By Skip Maloney -


Bernardo Estevan won his first major tournament with an undefeated run through 59 entrants, on hand for a stop on the Simonis Cloth Classic Tour on the weekend of January 19-20. The $1,500-added event drew those 59 entrants to Mr. Cues II in Atlanta, GA. According to tour director Mike Janis, the tour's format, dictating a combination of both 8-ball and 9-ball games over the course of a potential 17 game (race-to-9) match (seven 8-ball games and 10 9-ball games) worked in Estevan's favor. Being stronger in 8-ball, he was able to take advantage of that in every match to eventually secure the event title. Estevan advanced to the winners' side final four and met up with Aaron Frady, as Jordan Grubb squared off against John Maikke in the other winners' side semifinal. It was Estevan and Grubb advancing to the hot seat match, after identical 9-5 victories over Frady and Maikke. A double hill battle ensued, which eventually left Estevan in the hot seat, and Grubb on his way to the semifinals. On the loss side, Scooter Goodwin was in the midst of a four-game winning streak that would eventually see him battle Grubb in those semifinals. He'd been defeated by Maikke among the final eight winners. He survived a double hill match versus Bucky Souvanthong, and defeated Matt Bulfin 9-7 to pick up Frady. Maikke drew Brandon Williams, who'd gotten by Justin Kaleb (formerly known as Israel Hightower) 9-4, and Jay Causey 9-4. Goodwin handed Frady his second straight loss 9-6, and turned for a re-match against Maikke, who'd ended Williams' tournament bid with a 9-7 win. Goodwin's winning streak came to an end with a double hill, 'vengeance is sweet' win over Maikke in the quarterfinals. Grubb, though, intent on his own re-match versus Estevan, dropped Goodwin 9-5 in the semifinals. Estevan complete his undefeated run through the field with a 9-4 victory over Grubb in the finals. It was his first major tournament win. Tour director Mike Janis thanked the ownership and staff at Mr. Cues II for their hospitality, as well as Steve Lomax (on-site for cue repairs over the weekend) and sponsor Simonis Cloth. The next stop on the Simonis Cloth Classic Tour is a $1,500-added event, scheduled for February 23-24 at The Rail, in Athens, GA.

Simonis Cloth Classic Tour Stop Mr. Cues II - Atlanta, GA




1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th 9th 13th

Bernardo Estevan Jordan Grubb Scooter Goodwin John Maikke Brandon Williams, Aaron Frady Matt Bulfin, Jay Causey Justin Kaleb, Frank Quattlebaum, Bucky Souvanthong, Jeff Hook Sam Pradad, David Styers, Jeff Crawford, Dustin Byrd

$1,400 $900 $600 $425 $245 $130 $100 $60

SINCE 1961

GOLD CROWN BILLIARDS First Pool Hall in Broward County (11) 9 ft. Tables & (1) Golf Table Open: 7 days 11am - 2am Everyday

-- Smoke Free -Call today & reserve your team 954.921.8439

2233 Hollywood Blvd, FL 33020

February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 17


Master of

Pagulayan and Eberle close out Derby City Classic with wins

BY: AZBILLIARDS.COM By 2 PM on Saturday, the 9-Ball event at the Derby City Classic was down to only 7 men. The redraw found Niels Feijenplaying Alex Pagulayan, Shawn Putnam faced John Brumbackand Shane Van Boening against Francisco Bustamante. Mike Dechaine caught the bye. By now the Master of the Table honors had alread been won by Franciso Bustamante; with his victory in the Banks division and his runner-up finish in the One Pocket. But the Nine Ball division is a BCA points event and so there is a lot on the line for those competitors. First to finish was Shane Van Boening as he defeated Bustamante 9-4 with a quick pace. Then John Brumback defeated Putnam 9-6, but Putnam was the only player in the field to still have his buyback intact so he was able to continue on. The last match was on the Accu-Stats feature table and it was a great one. Alex Pagulayan was leading this match 7-5 when he fouled with a shot clock violation, giving up ball in hand to Feijen. With that Feijen then took that rack and the match narrowed to 7-6 with Feijen breaking. His break came up dry and Pagulayan fired a 1-6 bank combination into the corner pocket and was off to the races. He cleared the table to stand on the hill. On the next break he sent the 9 ball into the corner pocket to claim the win and his pace in the cadre of the final five players. The redraw found Alex Pagulayan catching the bye. Mike Dechaine had to face Shane Van Boening and, as luck would have it, Putnam and Brumback drew one another again and would have to have a rematch of the previous round.

The match between John Brumback and Shawn Putnam was much closer. It went all the way to double-hill with Putnam owning the snapping rights. The 7 ball went down on the break and Shawn had an easy opener on the one ball. The rest of the rack lay at his mercy and he showed none as he cruised through the rack to take the win 9-8. (DCC continued on page 26)

18 Stroke Magazine - February 2013


In this round Mike Dechaine defeated Shane Van Boening 9-2 when Van Boenings break shot never showed up for the match. When he did not scratch on the break, his break came up dry and that is all the ammunition that a player of Dechaine’s caliber needs to win.

Alex Pagulayan

theFrancisco Table Bustamante

Francisco Bustamante Wins Derby Banks Title


The round 12 Semi-Finals had Justin Hall with a bye andFrancisco Bustamante versus Shannon Murphy. The match looked like a run away with Shannon taking the first two games to get on the hill in the race to three. But Bustamante showed his Hall of Fame heart and talent winning the next three games to put Shannon on his first loss. After Shannon exercised his re-buy, the draw was made for round 13. Round 13 had Bustamante getting the bye and the first spot in the finals. Shannon Murphy would have to play Justin Hall for the other spot in the finals. Shannon won the lag but broke dry, Justin came to the table and ran five and out for the first game. The second game Justin broke dry and Shannon came to the table and took down three balls and after two more times to the table took the second game 5 to 0 to tie the match at 1 apiece. Game 3 was a close battle but Justin took it 5 to 4 putting him on the hill. Round 13 was not a lucky number for Shannon as Justin eliminated him in the fourth game and to move on to the finals against Bustamante. Shannon had a great run and finished 3rd. Bustamante won the lag but broke dry and after some back and forth play he took the first game 5 to 2. The second game was no better for Justin losing 5 to 1 and Bustamante was on the hill. But in the third game Justin took a lead and won 5 to 3. In game four Justin scratched to start out down one ball. Bustamante went up by two balls and Justin made three balls to tie the game, with the one ball he owed. Justin then took a lead at 3 balls to two. But Bustamante found an opening to win with the game 5 to 3 and the match to claim the championship.

Bustamante Wins Master of the Table Francisco Bustamante

Bustamante’s “Master of the Table” title was good for an extra $20,000 in prize money. Justin Hall and Pagulayan were 2nd and 3rd in the “Master of the Table” competition.

February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 19



Beach Sharks win winter division 101 apa 8-ball

Article and Pictures Submitted by: Janis Sessions

What a great way to start the New Year - 01/07/2013 4 teams played to see who would have the right to be called the Division 101 Winter Champs for APA. The first round playoffs started with the 2nd place Beach Sharks playing the 3rd place Nightowls. This would go the distances both teams winning 2 matches, but “Young Gun DAN” would win the last match to keep the Beach Sharks hopes alive. At a different pool hall the 1st place Unique Play Shooters and the 4th place Spinners also played and the 1st place Unique Play Shooters would win to advance. The final playoff game was on 01/14/2013. Unique Play Shooters and Beach Sharks would meet up to play for the Championship, money and trophies. First game would be Janis Sessions with Beach Sharks and Bryan Blackshear with Unique Play Shooters. The game would go double hill, Sessions missing a key shot giving her opponent ball in hand, he had 4 easy shoots to get out and he did. Beach Sharks started off with the first match going to the Unique Play Shooters. Warren Sweeney with Beach Sharks and Ellandra Broughton with Unique Play Shooters would also have a double hill match, but Sweeney would give the Beach Sharks the win. Both teams have one game each. Game 3 would bring Erick Henriquez with Beach Shark to the table against Merlin Julien with Unique Play Shooters. Henriquez is a very strong pool player; he has a skill level of 6. Julien is the Captain with Unique Play Shooters and his skill level is 5. So as you all know who play APA it’s a 5 to 4 race. Henriquez would start off very slow, not shooting his game and before you knew it, Julien was up 3 games to 0. The next game I saw a determination in Henriquez eyes, and he started his come back and took 5 games in a row. WOW! WHAT A GAME! Henriquez was down on games but he wasn’t out.

20 Stroke Magazine - February 2013

He won those 5 games in a row like he was the only one at the table and giving Beach Sharks needing one more match. Game 4 would go to Unique Play Shooters. Ronnie Santarone with Beach Sharks just couldn’t get his game going. Now both teams just need one match to take the Division Championship. WHO WOULD STEP UP to the challenge??? Beach Sharks would put up Daniel Gray “Young Gun DAN”; Unique Play Shooters would put up their last player. Both teams watching this last match very intently. Unique Play Shooters player missed a shot and this brought Gray back to the table only needing to pocket 2 balls and then he would be on the 8 ball. His last two shots were not easy at all; in fact I wish I had filmed one of his shots. How he banked the ball down the other end of the table was something to see, and he got good shape on the next ball and then……we all saw Gray on the 8 ball and he nailed it. WOW WHAT A WIN. First Place $720 – Beach Sharks: Virginia Kalos, Janis Sessions, Mitchell Goldman, Gary Hardee, Ronnie Santarone, Warren Sweeney, Daniel Gray (Young Gun DAN) and Erick Henriquez. Second Place $540 – Unique Pool Shooters: Merlin Julien, Adolfo Guzman Jr, Alvaro Prada, Bryan Blackshear, Ellandra Broughton, Jason Hall, Chris Dasque and Yamilko Fregio. Third Place $360 Nightowls: Marty Sherman, Galeno Rivera, Meir Strahlberg, Leonardo Fernandez, Stephen Temeyer, Gary Gottfried, Dean Spiegel and Karina Spiegel. Top Gun – went to Marty Sherman who is the Captain of the Nightowls. Beach Sharks play out of Sunny Isles Billiards (Sunny Isles, FL.), thanks for the table time and to Howard and his father, Gary Kalos (Dade APA League Operators) for doing a great job with the league.

Bison Billiards

APA Scotch Doubles Tournament Results By Mike Shriver

Cheryl Wright

Rich Mayer & Amanda Eisensmith 3rd place

1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place

Lynn Shriver and our APA League Operator Jonnie Walker

Mike Shriver Jr. and Adam Smith

Special thanks to Shane, Steve, Garrett, and Phil for “quickly” replacing a light fixture right before the start of the tournament. Thanks also to Cheryl, Adam 1, Adam 2, Jr., Nick Wenzel, Jonnie Walker, our APA league operator, and especially my wonderful wife Lynn. They all pitched in so I could participate in the tournament.The team of Dave Wright and Mike Shriver(myself) won 5 straight matches including a tough match against Mark Hatch and Chris McKeever for the winners of the winners bracket. Dave Wright & Mike Shriver $300.00 plus $700.00 Mark Hatch & Chris McKeever $150.00 plus $400.00 Rich Mayer & Amanda Eisensmith $100.00 plus $280.00 Tom B. & Rob Stanton $450.00

$50.00 Bounty’s were won by the teams of; Dave Wright & Mike Shriver and Nick Coppola & Mike Lackie.

1st place winners Mike Shriver, Dave Wright

Dan & Jake Miosi, Father - Son Team February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 21

Van Boening Y

By AzB staff,

comes back from semifinals loss to take down Archer at Turning Stone XX

Shane Van Boening

ou really couldn't have asked for more in a 21st century pool tournament than the final group of 12 players, out of a full field of 128, who competed in Turning Stone XX, the $25,000-added Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour stop, hosted by the Turning Stone Resort in Verona, NY from January 10-13. Among them were arguably the best player in the world right now (Shane Van Boening), along with three of his four Mosconi Cup teammates - Mike Dechaine, Johnny Archer and Dennis Hatch. Van Boening's other Mosconi Cup teammate, Brandon Shuff, fell early, in a loss-side double hill battle versus Jason Klatt. Also among the final 12 were Warren Kiamco, Ronnie Alcano, Jayson Shaw (who's won three events on this season's Predator Tour), Corey Deuel, Thorsten Hohmann, Shaun Wilkie, and Jonathon Demet, the 'dark horse' player in the group, who'd been sent to the loss side from among the winners' side final eight by the 12th player on the list, Karen Corr. In the end, it was Van Boening who prevailed, coming back from a defeat in the hot seat match at the hands of Archer, to take the Scorpion down in the finals. Both finished the tournament with 7-1 records. Van Boening won 65% of his games; 75-35, including two shutouts, one in his opening round against David Mills, and the other against Kiamco in one of the winners' side semifinals. Archer won 58% of his games (68-49).

Turning Stone XX Results

January 10-13, 2013 - Total prize fund $41,400 1st $8,000 Shane Van Boening 2nd $5,000 Johnny Archer 3rd $3,600 Thorsten Hohmann 4th $2,600 Mike Dechaine 5/6th $2,000/ea Warren Kiamco, Karen Corr 7/8th $1,600/ea Dennis Hatch, Jayson Shaw 9/12th $1,200/ea Ronnie Alcano, Jonathan Demet, Shaun Wilkie, Corey Deuel 13/16th $850/ea Ron Casanzio, John Morra, Hunter Lombardo, Oscar Dominguez 17/24th $550/ea Jason Klatt, Jessie Engel, Mario Morra, Ivaylo Petrov, Matt Tetreault, Spencer Auigbelle, Corey Harper, Tom McGonagle 22 Stroke Magazine - February 2013

Van Boening opened the proceedings with the shutout over Mills and then went through Willie Oney, Robb Saez, fellow Mosconi Cup teammate Mike Dechaine (9-7) and survived a double hill battle against Jayson Shaw, which moved him (Van Boening) among the winners' side final four for the match against Kiamco. Archer opened up with a victory over Bob Cunningham, and then went through Manny Chau, fellow Mosconi Cup teammate Dennis Hatch (9-7), Ron Casanzio and Shaun Wilkie, which moved him into the other winners' side semifinal against Karen Corr. Van Boening did his shutout number on Kiamco, as Archer was busy sending Corr west 9-4. Van Boening took an early 3-0 lead in the hot seat match that followed, but Johnny went on a run that put him out in front by four when he reached the hill. Van Boening came back to force a deciding 17th match, but Archer hung on to sit in the hot seat, having won what proved to be his last match. Corr moved west to pick up Thorsten Hohmann, who'd survived two straight double hill duels versus Deuel, first, and then Jayson Shaw. Kiamco drew Dechaine, who'd eliminated Shaun Wilkie 9-4 and then, fellow Mosconi Cup teammate, Hatch 9-3. Hohmann put an end to Corr's bid with a 9-5 win, and in the quarterfinals, faced Dechaine, who'd defeated Kiamco 9-7. Dechaine proved to be the third Mosconi Cup team member to go down, falling to Hohmann in those quarterfinals 9-7. Van Boening got his second crack at Archer with a 9-6 win over Hohmann in the semifinals. The final race-to-13 battle stayed close for a little while, but Van Boening took over once Archer had chalked up his fifth rack. Van Boening had a three-point lead at the time, and he kept it going to the eight-point lead that gave Van Boening the title.

25/32nd $300/ea Tom D'Alfonso, Brent Boemmels, Zion Zvi, Cleiton Rocha, Dave Grau, Adam Kielar, Jessie Piercey, Bill Cote Our second chance event on Sunday January 13, 2013 results are: 1st $500 2nd $300 3/4th $200/ea 5/8th $100/ea

Holden Chin Kevin Ketz John Babravich, Gregg McAndrews Mark Creamer, Paul Rozonewski, Jay Plonski, Bruce Carroll

Mike Davis wins Planet Pool Tour while Kim Whitman takes Ladies event

By Skip Maloney -

Mike Davis took time away from his duties as a member of the World Professional Billiard League's Las Vegas Dice team to participate in a stop on the Planet Pool Tour on the weekend of January 5-6. He finished the $500-added Open event that drew 42 entrants to VIP Billiards in Catonsville, MD undefeated, but not before being challenged by Alan Duty, who'd won nine matches on the loss side to meet him in the finals. In a concurrently-run event that drew 13, Kim Whitman took top honors in the Ladies Division of the tour stop. As his eventual challenger in the finals was working his way through the west bracket where he'd been since the opening round of play, Davis worked his way through Paul Duty, Tony Long, and Brady Bounds to move among the winners' side final four and a match against Ted Harris. Brett Stottlemeyer and Danny Greensquared off in the other winners' side semifinal. Davis defeated Harris 9-6 and was met in the hot seat match by Green, who'd downed Stottlemeyer 9-4. Green battled Davis to double hill before moving to the semifinals, leaving Davis in the hot seat. On the loss side, Alan Duty chalked up five wins (including a bye) to move into the 9/12 round of play, where he defeated Paul Ho 7-3, and then, Shaun Wilkie 7-5 to hook up with Harris. Stottlemeyer drew David Zecena, who'd survived a double hill match against Dustin Paris and defeated Bounds 7-5. By identical 7-3 scores over Harris and Zecena, Duty and Stottlemeyer advanced to the quarterfinals. Duty then took two 7-5 scores to get by Stottlemeyer, and then, in the semifinals, Green. Duty didn't know it at the time, but he'd won his last game of the weekend. He moved into the finals against Davis, who shut him out to claim the event title. On the Ladies' side, Kim Whitman returned from a 6-3 defeat at the hands of Borana Andoni in the battle for the hot seat to defeat her in the finals 7-3. Whitman had moved west and defeated Alexandra Calabrese 5-2. Calabrese had advanced to meet Whitman after a 5-3 victory over Linda Shea in the quarterfinals. Tour directors Mike Ricciardella and Jose Burgos thanked VIP Billiards' owner Steve Didier and his staff for their hospitality, as well as sponsor Black Heart Tips.


Open 24 hrs During Tourney

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Mike Davis Alan Duty Danny Green Brett Stottlemeyer Ted Harris David Zecena Shaun Wilkie Brady Bounds

LADIES Kim Whitman Borana Andoni Alexandra Calabrese Linda Shea

Open 24 hrs During Tourney

$3,500 Added Guaranteed Open 9-Ball March 22 – 24 (12) Diamond Bar Tables – Races to 7 Double Elimination - $40 Entry Fee – 128 Players Max. Players Meeting at 7:00 – Play Immediately Follows Alternate Breaks – Rack Your Own – Top Woman Paid


Big Tyme Classic $7,000 Added Guaranteed March 21-24 (5 Events)

Invitational Only Events

Womens Open & Seniors

March 21 – One Pocket – Races to 4

March 24 – Womens Open 9 Ball Double Elimination - $40 Entry Fee $1,000 Added – 32 Players Max Diamond Bar Tables

Single Elimination - $150 Entry Fee $1,000 Added – 16 Players Max

March 22 – 9 Ball Banks – Races to 7

$800 $525 $240 $150 $100 $75

Single Elimination - $150 Entry Fee $1,000 Added – 16 Players Max Players Meeting at 12:30 Play Starts at 1:00 Both Days Both Events are One Day Events

Payouts for both Invitational Events (1st) $1,600 (2nd) $800 (3/4th) $400

Tourney Directors

In Attendance

Paypal Entries: * Send as gift payment only *

Brent Thomas - 832-725-9750 Ming Ng – 786-554-7447 For more Info call anytime

Ron Geyer of the Custom Cue Connection & Connoisseur of Custom Cues Joe Salazar

No entries will be taken the day of the event

Big Tyme Billiards 100 Cypresswood Dr. Spring,Texas 77388 281-288-0800

Both Events – Races to 7/5 Both Events – Alt. Breaks Players Meeting at 12:00 Play Will Follow

Payment Info:

Mail In Entries:

$450 $225 $140 $100

March 24 – Seniors (55+) 9 Ball Double Elimination - $40 Entry Fee $500 Added – 32 Players Max Played on oversized 8 fts.

Live Streaming Will be free all 4 days

They are two of the best In the business.

We Would Like To Thank All Sponsors: Jerry Olivier of Olivier Custom Cues – Roger Shuett – APA of North Harris County Roddy Lucia - Star City Amusements The Billiard Factory Visit our website at

February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 23

2013 MUSIC CITY OPEN Nashville, Tennessee

By Steve McDonald, Tournament Director Photo by: Ricky Bryant For 26 years running, Nashville, Tennessee’s premier billiard club, JOB Billiard Club, hosted the 26th Annual Music City Open 9-Ball Championships held January 16-20, 2013. Budweiser, Alex Brick Custom Cues, Diamond Billiard Products, Simonis Cloth, Nick Varner Cues and Cases, Accu-Rack at, and The Bigtruck Show/ sponsored the event. This was the third year for JOB’s new owner, Ricky Gamble, as Jim Blaylock, previous owner, is still enjoying retirement, piloting his yacht around the country. Ricky still has, former WPBA Touring Pro, Peg Ledman as General Manager of the club and they are keeping the tradition alive for JOB’s. Two Hall of Famers were present for this event... Johnny Archer and Buddy Hall. Also, legendary player Bill Dunsmore entered this event. Legends and tradition are common place at JOB’s.

Tournament Director Steve McDonald had a busy weekend, as 108 open division players and 32 ladies division players showed up for the competition that was held on 7-foot Diamond Smart Tables with Simonis Cloth. With 3 rooms full of Diamond Tables, JOB’s provides the perfect venue for the event, as they can handle a large number of players with ease. And this was one of the strongest fields ever for this event in both the Open Division and the Ladies Division.

This year all the action was covered via live streaming by The Bigtruck Show at Rockin’ Ray Hansen did a great job providing fans everywhere with live pool action from JOB’s. Check out And as usual for JOB’s tournaments, Spider was there to take photos of all the action. He got lots of photos for the event, so if you need photos, call Spider at 615-804-4671. Action got kicked-off Wednesday night with a 9-ball, race-to-9, single elimination mini tournament. 68 players entered this event and Johnathan Pinegar topped the field with a win. The main tournament format is 9-ball, race-to-11, double elimination in the Open Division and race-to-7 in the Ladies Division. This tournament has always been a full double elimination event, and this year both divisions went the full two rounds in the finals.

NicoleKeeney 24 Stroke Magazine - February 2013

In the open division, Danny Smith won both final sets against Larry

9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS Nevel with both sets going hill-hill. That is so close; it’s too bad we can’t have two winners. In the ladies division, WPBA Touring Pro, Nicole Keeney, defended her title from last year by winning over Liz Lovely. On Saturday night, JOB’s always has Midnight Madness at this event. This always proves to be a great event, as it drew in a whopping 16 players in a single elimination format, race-to-11, paid out first and second place. It was a $500 entry, so that makes $8,000 to the winners. This year Johnny Archer and Eric Durbin won the Midnight Madness. A beautiful $1500 Alex Brick Custom Cue was raffled off and given away just before the finals. The lucky winner was Sam Zuaiter, a local JOB’s regular player.

TOURNAMENT RESULTS: OPEN DIVISION 108 PLAYERS – ADDED BY J.O.B’S $6,000 1st Danny Smith $4,000 2nd Larry Nevel $2,300 3rd Josh O’Neil $1,500 4th Joey Gray $1,000 5th/6th Shannon Daulton / Eric Durbin $700 ea 7th/8th Johnny Archer / Johnathan Pinegar $400 ea 9-12 $295 ea 13-16 $200 ea 17-24 $140 ea LADIES DIVISION 32 PLAYERS ADDED BY J.O.B’S $1,000 1st Nicole Keeney $1,000 2nd Liz Lovely $650 3rd Sharon Miller $450 4th Samantha Patton $280 5th/6th Kim Housman / Jessica Mollinet $200 ea 7th /8th Christy Hardin / Amy Jones $150 ea MINI TOURNAMENT 68 PLAYERS 1st Johnathan Pinegar $465 wins 9-0 2nd Nick Hickerson $300 3rd/4th Dwayne Hale / John Gabriel $165 ea


February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 25


14.1 Challenge

Max Eberle


At this point the announcement was made that Max Eberle had defeated Dennis Orcullo upstairs and had won the 14.1 division. Max had a great week at Straight Pool.



(continued from page 19)

The next round had Shawn Putnam with the bye so Alex Pagulayan and Mike Dechaine squared off for the rights to the final berth. At first this match appeared that it was going to go the way of Mike Dechaine. He won the first four racks, but Alex Pagulayan took some very risky shots and they all paid off as he kept narrowing the score until we finally stood at double hill with a one rack decider to determine our winner. Pagulayan shot one of the most skillful racks we have ever seen to take the game and the rack.

Dennis Orcollo

Bigfoot 10-Ball Challenge Friday saw the crowning of the Champion of the first “Big Foot� 10 Ball Challenge. The two semi-final rounds on Friday saw Johnny Archer and Ronnie Alcano going home with $5000 and Niels Feijen playing Dennis Orcollo for the $20,000 dollar first prize. The match saw Niels take an early lead but then passed by Dennis. But Niels continued to grind but came up short as Dennis finished it off at 11 to 9. It was a great battle with Dennis taking home the Championship and Niels gets the $10,000 second place.

26 Stroke Magazine - February 2013

This set up our grand finale between Pagulayan and Shawn Putnam. Pagulayan won the lag and proceeded to break and run the first rack. And the next. But on the next break, Pagulayan was hooked after the break and had to push out. After a brief exchange of safeties Putnam found a shot on the two ball and ran out from there to bring the score to 2-1. Putnam then broke and ran a rack of his own to tie us at two apiece and send a message to his opponent that he was in no mood to spend time in the chair. His next break came up dry and Pagulayan was able to capitalize on that and control the table to claim that rack. When he also broke and ran the next rack he led the match 4-2. The next rack featured a tremendous safety exchange that found Putnam putting Pagulayan in grave danger as he went to the two-foul point and then faced a daunting task to just contact the two ball. He did make a good hit on it and forced Putnam to run out to get close at 4-3. When the next 9 ball fell we were tied at 4 games apiece. Putnam broke and ran the next one to take his first lead of the evening at 5-4. (continued on page 27)

Corey Deuel Wins The Derby One Pocket BY RICKY BRYANT - AZBILLIARDS.COM

Day seven of the 15th Derby City Classic would start with eight players remaining in the One Pocket competition but at the end of the day it would come down to three. The first semi-final match would have Shane Van Boening playing Corey Deuel withFrancisco Bustamante getting the Bye. The match started with game one being a true safety battle going almost one and half hours with Shane Van Boening taking the lead 1 to 0. The second game would go to Corey in a short fifteen minutes. But Shane Van Boening, the 2011 and 2012 One Pocket Champion, would take the next two games to put Corey on his first loss. Round 13 was another three man draw and Corey Duel got the bye. Round 13 would not be as lucky for Shane Van Boening getting eliminated in third place by Francisco Bustamante 3 to 0, setting up the final between Francisco Bustamante and Corey Deuel. Corey played a great first game taking it 8 to 0 setting the tone for the match. The second game Bustamante looked to be making a comeback but Corey closed it out 8 to 3 to go on the hill. And in the third game of the match Bustamante made a critical mistake and Corey Deuel closed out the match 8 to 0, to take the 2013 DCC One Pocket Championship. Bustamante’s continued play in the 9 Ball event, coupled with his second place finish in the One Pocked and his win of the 9-Ball Banks, locks him for the All Around Championship.

One Pocket

Corey Deuel


(continued from page 26)

Pagulayan won the next rack to tie us at five and now the championship would be decided by what amounted to a race to four games. At this point the announcement was made that Max Eberle had defeated Dennis Orcullo upstairs and had won the 14.1 division. Max had a great week at Straight Pool. Before taking down Orcullo he defeated Niels Feijen 100-97 (after trailing 97-66 in the match) to get to the finals. Pagulayan then broke and ran the next rack. On his next break he made three balls but scratched. Putnam looked good to get out but he fell funny on the four ball and had to shoot it with the cue behind his back. He made the shot but the cue ball refused to stop rolling as commanded and he scratched in the side pocket. Game to Pagulayan and now he had a two game margin in the match at 7-5.

Putnam won the next rack to come within a single game at 7-6 and with the break he was in control. His break had him snookered on the one ball and when he attempted a jump shot the cue ball left the table to give ball in hand to Pagulayan. Pagulayan ran out to gain the hill. Pagulayan made two balls on the break and had no shot on the first ball. He played a fine safe with both distance and a blocking ball. Putnam missed the ball and Alex had ball in hand to begin his work at the table. The balls were all out in the open, the run was easy, and Alex Pagulayan cleared the table to claim the Derby City Nine Ball Championship for 2013. Pagulayan earned $16,000 for the win, while Putnam took home $8000 for second.

February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 27

2013 Guinness Book of World Records page 266

Did You Know? Johnny Archer (USA) has appeared in the 9-Ball Mosconi Cup pool touranemtn the “Ryder Cup of Pool” - 15 times, playing for the USA between 1997 and 2011. He shares the reord with Ralf “The Kaiser” Souquet (Germany), who also notched up 15 appearances for the European Team.

NOW FULL LIQUOR H : 11:30 -7 & 12 -3 appy hour

am pm

am am

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10 - 9’ pool tables Play pool from 11:30am - 7pm and Midnight -3am for only $5

12686 Starkey Rd - Largo, FL 727.330.7822


7 Billiards

4850 South State Road 7

Hollywood, FL 954-239-8254

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14 Pool Tables - 1 Snooker Table - Weekly Pool Tournaments APA - TAP - Player Leagues

Smoke Free Environment 28 Stroke Magazine - February 2013

Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm to 2am Sat-Sun Noon to 2am

Press Releases TAP Licensse of the Month

Jeanette Lee to be inducted into WPBA Hall of Fame By Press Release

I bought the North Coast TAP League January 1st of 2012 with great enthusiasm. I am happy to say we are gaining interest and growth everyday. This of course, couldn’t have been accomplished without the great support and structure that TAP Corporate has in place, including Team Help from fellow Licensees, always there when you need them. On a local level, a personal thanks to Dottie Lavigne who is always keeping me straight and helping me out in the office. Most importantly, a big thanks to the North Coast TAP players and Host Locations for giving me the opportunity to provide them with the services that North Coast TAP has to offer. I except this award with them all included, and look forward to another great year.

$250 Added Guaranteed

Bar Box 8-Ball 1st Saturday of the Month

$35 entry includes green fee - Double Elimination - Race to 3 Doors open Noon - Calcutta 2pm - Starts 2:30pm

Mt. Pleasant, Mich. – Billiards superstarJeanette Lee, known throughout the world as “The Black Widow,” will be inducted into the Women’s Professional Billiard Association (WPBA) Hall of Fame on Wednesday, Feb. 6 prior to the start of the 2013 WPBA Masters at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. Lee, who has won over 30 national and international titles, is currently ranked as the No. 3 billiards player in the world. Taking the sport by storm, Lee captured the nation’s attention in 1998 after being named “WPBA Sportsperson of the Year” and earning “Player of the Year” honors from both Billiards Digest and Pool & Billiard Magazine. In 2001, Lee was crowned as the World Games Gold Medalist and continued her success in 2003 by clenching the Tournament of Champions title. As she accumulated tournament victories, Lee quickly ascended to No. 1 in the world. “Being inducted into the WPBA Hall of Fame is one of the greatest honors a player can receive,” said Lee. “It's a part of history and to be voted on and recognized in this way by my peers on the tour means so much to me. While I do feel I've contributed to this sport, I still want to continue to bring new eyes to the game and help it grow.

Thank you to the WPBA and ESPN for giving me the platform to do so, and I thank God, my family, friends, sponsors, past and present, and of course, my fans, for being there through it all.” As the most recognized face in billiards, Lee has been consistently ranked as one of the most powerful people in the sport by Billiards Digest. Lee is currently working to reclaim her rank as the No. 1 billiards player in the world while raising a family of six with her doubles partner and husband, George near Indianapolis, IN. To follow Lee as she is inducted into the WPBA Hall of Fame, find her on Twitter: @JeanetteLeeTBW, Facebook: jeanetteleetheblackwidow, Instagram: JeannetteLeeTBW and . Jeanette Lee is a player representative for the American Poolplayers Association, the world's largest pool league. Among her mentors are the late Gene Nagy, pros Tony Robles, Bob Carman, Jerry Briesath, and Mark Wilson. Said Jeanette, “There are so many others that I have learned from, I want them all to know they were and are appreciated but these names are the ones that I have spent the most time with and really molded my love of the game, in both knowledge, fundamentals and winning attitude!”

February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 29

Press Releases

US Bar Table Championships Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The 2013 WorldPPA Reno Shootout returns March 1-3 to join the US Bar Table Championships on the finest in billiard equipment -- Diamond pool tables, Simonis 860 Tour Blue pool cloth, and Super Aramith Pro pool balls. To download and print the entry forms for the 20th US Bar Table Championships, visit ALLUPCOMINGEVENTS.aspx To download and print the 2013 WorldPPA Reno Shootout entry form, visit Be sure to get your entry fee in early (before February 15th) to avoid late fees. Room rates for the 4 star Grand The USBTC Tar Arena at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino, Reno, NV taken in 2012 by Andy Chen. Sierra Resort and Casino are only $44 / $54, until February 1. In room wifi and The US Bar Table Championships (USBTC) will celebrate the 20th anniversary the airport shuttle are provided free of at the stunning Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, Nevada February 25 – charge, and no resort fee will be added. Call (800) 501-2651 and use group code: March 3, 2013. POOL13 to reserve your room. Each room includes FREE internet and health club The $25,250 added event is produced by CueSports International. It is open access. to all players, and a good mix of amateur and professional players participate each CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. year. Entries are being taken online via for both events. CSI supports the WPA/BCA structure to govern the sport and to promote an You can also enter via mail or fax. organized hierarchy for pool player advancement. In the past 8 years CSI has The US Bar Table Championships also offer a unique feature: bonuses to the directly paid out $8,000,000 to players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA top three men and top two women who compete in all three (8, 9 and 10-Ball) open Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events or women’s divisions, based on cumulative points. such as the US Bar Table Championships, the Jay Swanson Memorial, the US The tournament will be directed by Bad Boys Billiard Productions, and live Open One Pocket Championship, the US Open 8-Ball Championship and the US video streaming will be provided by TAR ( The USBTC Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit,, and immediately follows the Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament at Hard Times for more information about CSI and its divisions. Billiards in Bellflower, California, creating a great opportunity for players to attend both events.

Mosconi Cup XX set to be 'best one yet'

By Matchroom Sport

FOLLOWING ON from the huge success of the Mosconi Cup in London last month, Matchroom Sport can announce that both the American and European sides for the 2013 event, which takes place in Las Vegas in December, will comprise entirely of wildcard picks. Europe won their third Mosconi Cup in succession in December but not before the game American side had given them plenty of scares in the 11-9 victory at the York Hall. The defeat though meant America have now won pool’s most prestigious trophy just once in the past seven years. This December will see the landmark 20th edition of the Europe v USA challenge and the overall score stands at 11-7 to America with one match tied. 2013 also marks 100 years since the birth of cue sports legend Willie Mosconi and 20 years since the great man’s death. Commented Matchroom Sport Chairman and Mosconi Cup founder Barry

30 Stroke Magazine - February 2013

Hearn, “When I first promoted the Mosconi Cup back in December 1994 it was an instant hit, and it has been very satisfying to have seen it grow into the biggest tournament on the pool calendar. “Last December at the York Hall saw one of the closest Mosconi Cups of recent times and we were rewarded with fantastic viewing figures on Sky Sports as well as blanket live coverage on ESPN3 in the USA. “2013 will see a very special event in many ways as it is its 20th year and we plan to make Mosconi Cup XX the biggest and best one yet. “We will be pulling out the stops to bring the biggest names in pool from both sides of the Atlantic together for a humdinger of a match and I hope that the competition has helped cement Willie Mosconi’s legacy and kept his name alive to new generations of pool fans.” Exact venue details as well as the dates of the 20th annual Mosconi Cup will be announced in the coming weeks.

Press Releases

US Open 8-Ball Championship at the


CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (January 4, 2013) – CueSports International (CSI) is expanding the roster of professional tournaments at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas in July 2013. CSI will introduce the inaugural US Open 8-Ball Championship on July 23-27, sponsored by the American Cuemakers Association. The new event will follow the well established pro events produced by CSI – the 14th US Open One Pocket Championship and the 5th US Open 10-Ball Championship. As with the 10-Ball event, the US Open 8-Ball Championship will be $25,000 added and a 2013 Billiard Congress of America (BCA) Points Event. The two BCA Point Events will be held back to back under one roof, greatly assisting US players in their quest for pro points while keeping travel expenses lower. The combination of CSI US Open events in July is truly unique. In the course of 10 days top US and international players will have the opportunity to play in three professional level tournaments in three separate disciplines with a combined total of $60,000 added. The US Open 8-Ball and US Open 10-Ball fields will be limited to 96 players and the US Open One Pocket will sport a 64 player field. In 2010 CSI, which is also the parent company of the BCA Pool League (BCAPL) and USA Pool League (USAPL), launched the US Open 10-Ball Championship in conjunction with the BCAPL National



Championships, known as “The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World!” CSI added HD live video streaming by (TAR) and free stream feeds to each of the host hotel rooms. In 2011, CSI added the US Open One Pocket Championship and the 14.1 High Run Challenge. For 2013, “The Greatest Pool Tournament in the World!” will present three new events: the US Open 8-Ball Championship by CSI, the 2013 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship, and the 25th Annual Junior National 9-Ball Championships, which is produced by the Billiard Education Foundation (BEF). New also in 2013 – spectator general admission to all three CSI pro events, the world artistic pool and junior national competitions, and the 14.1 challenge will be FREE to the players competing in the BCAPL & USAPL National Championships (July 17-27, 2013) also being held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. For more information about the 1st US Open 8-Ball Championship, 5th US Open 10-Ball Championship and 14th US Open One Pocket Championship please visit For information about the 37th BCAPL National Championships please visit and for information about the 3rd USAPL National Championships please visit View pro and amateur pool action on the CSI YouTube page,

WPBA Live on ESPN3

By Press Release

MT. PLEASANT, MI - The Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort will again host the best female billiard players in the world February 7-10, when the Women's Professional Billiard Association WPBA Masters 9-Ball Championship launches the 2013 Women's Pro Billiard Tour season, with LIVE coverage on ESPN3! Kicking off the event on Wednesday, February 6 is a WPBA Kids Clinic for tribal youth, followed by the induction (6 p.m.) of the famed "Black Widow" Jeanette Lee of Indianpolis, IN into the WPBA Hall of Fame. Jeanette's induction will precede a charity pro-am to benefit the Angel Tree Foundation. Preliminary rounds begin Thursday, February 7, through Saturday, February 9 with 48 top players competing in two sessions each day in double elimination play. The tournament will conclude on Sunday, February 10 beginning at 1 p.m., when the final four players remaining will compete for the title of 2013 WPBA Masters Champion LIVE on ESPN3! Alongside the WPBA Masters will be the Soaring Eagle Open V, featuring amateur singles 8-Ball and 9-Ball tournaments in men and women's divisions, with 400 players! This event will begin on Thursday, and continue through Sunday. Visit for more info. Tickets are available via or via the Soaring Eagle Box office at 888-726-9633. For information on the Soaring Eagle Open V, visit For info on the Women's Pro Billiard Tour, visit

February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 31


Watch it LIVE March 11-17 on

Western BCA Opens

Grand Master Event to BCAPL Members

Western BCA, for the first time, is opening the Grand Master division of its Regional 8 Ball Championships to all qualified BCAPL members. Sponsored by Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon, the Grand Master event will be held March 12-14, 2013 in the casino’s convention facilities. Based on a field of sixteen, $2,500 will be added to the Men’s GM event and $2,000 to the Women’s GM event. This is an 8 Ball double elimination event. The men race to 7, the women race to 6. Qualified BCAPL Master or Grand Master

32 Stroke Magazine - February 2013

players can enter. To be qualified, BCAPL entrants must have completed eight weeks of league play after June 1, 2012 and prior to February 11, 2013. Entry fees for Western BCA players are $100 plus a $25 green fee. Entry fees for BCAPL, nonWestern BCA players are the same plus an additional $10. The entry deadline for the event is February 11, 2013. Late entries will be taken up to February 18, 2013 and must include a $25 late fee. Call Mike Jensen, GM Coordinator, to enter and for details, at 360-703- 4081.


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TIME Call 7PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 8PM 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 7PM 7PM 7PM Call 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 7PM 5PM 8PM 8PM 7PM 7PM 7:30PM Call 8PM 7:30PM 8PM 11:30AM 7:30PM 8PM 7PM 6PM 6PM 6PM 1PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 3PM 7PM 2PM 6PM 8:30PM 2PM 6:30PM 4PM 2PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 8PM 5:30PM 2PM

Call to see how to list your weekly pool tournaments 406.285.3099

February 2013 - Stroke Magazine 33

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CITY LOCATION Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards Amsterdam, NY Sharp Shooters Billiards Stuart, FL Amy’s Billiards Bellflower, CA CSI Midlothian, VA Diamond Billiards Midlothian, VA Diamond Billiards Reno, NV CSI Reno, NV CSI Reno, NV CSI Reno, NV CSI Reno, NV CSI Reno, NV CSI Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards Stuart, FL Amy’s Billiards Myrtle Beach, SC Shore Thing Billiards Lincoln City, OR Western BCA Wheeling, WV Corner Pocket Billiards Wheeling, WV Corner Pocket Billiards Wheeling, WV Corner Pocket Billiards Wheeling, WV Corner Pocket Billiards Clifton Park, NY Trick Shot Billiards Spring, TX Big Tyme Spring, TX Big Tyme Spring, TX Big Tyme Spring, TX Big Tyme Spring, TX Big Tyme Las Vegas, NV Rum Runner Sacramento, CA Jointed Cue N Syracuse, NY Salt City Billiards Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards Albany, NY Golden Cue Billiards W Hempstead, NY Raxx Pool Room New Milford, CT Fast Eddie’s Billiards Las Vegas, NV BCAPL

PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME (716) 632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 (incl g.f.) $250 Guar Noon 518-627-4634 Joss Tour Call $2,000 Call 772-232-9966 Women’s Mini Tour Handicap Call $50 Call (702) 719-7665 Jay Swanson 9-Ball (Max 192) $80/$85 $3,000 Min Call 804-794-8787 Open VA State 10-Ball $100 Call 10AM 804-794-8787 Women’s VA State 10-Ball $100 Call 10AM (702) 719-7665 10-Ball Bar Table-Open Div Call $5,500 Call (702) 719-7665 10-Ball Bar Table-Wmns Div Call $1,000 w/16+ Call (702) 719-7665 9-Ball Bar Table-Open Div Call $5,500 Call (702) 719-7665 9-Ball Bar Table-Wmns Div Call $1,000 w/16+ Call (702) 719-7665 8-Ball Bar Table-Open Div Call $5,500 Call (702) 719-7665 8-Ball Bar Table-Wmns Div Call $1,000 w/16+ Call (716) 632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 (incl g.f.) $250 Guar Noon 772-232-9966 Flamingo Tour 9-Ball $35+$5 g.f. $250 Call 843-712-1905 9-Ball & Open 10-Ball Varies $1,000 Call GM Singles M/W Open to ALL BCAPL $100+$25 $2,500/$2,000 Online (304) 280-8688-Jay Eastern Reg BCAPL 8/9 Men $45 ea $10,000 Guar 9AM (304) 280-8688-Jay Eastern Reg BCAPL 8/9 Wmn $35 ea Payout 9AM (304) 280-8688-Jay Eastern Reg BCAPL Men Team $275 9AM (304) 280-8688-Jay Eastern Reg BCAPL Wmn Team $200 9AM 518-383-8771 Joss Tour Call $2,000 Call 832-725-9750 One Pocket-Invite Only $150 incl. g.f. $1,000 Guar 12:30PM 832-725-9750 9-Ball Banks-Invite Only $150 incl. g.f. $1,000 Guar 12:30PM 832-725-9750 9-Ball - Max 128 $40 $3,500 Guar 7PM 832-725-9750 Wmns 9-Ball - Max 32 $40 $1,000 Guar Noon 832-725-9750 Senior 9-Ball - Max 32 $40 $500 Guar Noon 702-736-6366 Andy Mercer Mem. 9-Ball $200 $3,700 Guar 7:30PM 916-456-3243 44th Annual 9-Ball $50 $5,000 payout w/90 Call 315-454-8643 Joss Tour Call $2,000 Call (716) 632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 (incl g.f.) $250 Guar Noon 518-459-9442 Joss Tour Call $2,000 Call 516-538-9896 Joss Tour Call $2,000 Call 860-350-8569 Joss Tour Call $2,000 Call 37th BCAPL National Champ. Varies Online Online

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Mosconi Cup Captain?

The U.S. Open Notebook U.S. Ultimate Billiards Op en Cues for the Cure 2012 Champion Lucky g nin oe B n Va e Shan TAP PR


in Ouschan JasmLinc oln City, OR

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Stroke Pool Magazine February Issue 2013  
Stroke Pool Magazine February Issue 2013  

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