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4 Stroke Magazine - December 2012

12/16/2012 WPBA Tour Championship Semifinal #1 - 1:30 PM Semifinal #2 - 2:30 PM Finals - 3:30 PM These schedules have been provided by ESPN. These are tentative dates and are subject to change

12 Days of Christmas 150 N Out Billiards Amy’s Billiards Aramith Ask the Viper Bar Table Championships BCAPL/CSI BEF Bison Billiards Bob Jewett Corner Pocket Cue & Case CueStix International Derby City Classic Mark “Dr Popper” Dimick Gold Crown Billiards Lucasi Hybrid Lucky 7 Billiards McDermott Monk, The Mueller PureX Sandcastle Billiards Simonis Subscription Tiger Products Ultimate Billiards Zingale’s

32 11 12 3 8 35 35 13 25 10 12 14 36 23 27 11 6 28 2 9 4 26 24 3 34 16 11 12

WPBA Jasmin

12/16/2012 WPBA Tour Championship Semifinal #1 - 1:30 PM Semifinal #2 - 2:30 PM Finals - 3:30 PM


Ouschan is 2012 WPBA Tour Champion By Skip Maloney - Photo courtesy of Jasmin Ouschan, entering the 2012 WPBA Tour Championships at the Chinook Winds Casino Resort in Lincoln City, Oregon on the weekend of November 8-11, was seeded at # 8. Her opponent in the finals, Karen Corr came in at #7. Together, in early rounds, and in the singleelimination semifinals, they had downed the # 1 and # 2 seeds in the tournament, Allison Fisher and Ga Young Kim, twice. Ouschan prevailed in the finals over Corr to claim the tour championship title that had drawn 48 entrants to the Chinook Winds Casino Resort. In early double elimination rounds, Ouschan had defeated Vicki Paski 9-1, Jana Montour 9-3, and in their first of two meetings, downed Fisher 9-6. This put her in the last double elimination match against Jennifer Baretta, who'd survived an opening round, double hill match against Joanne Ashton and gone on to defeat Brittany Bryant 9-4, and Kim White-Newsome 9-2. Corr, in the meantime, defeated Jessica Barnes 9-2, Xiaoting Pan 9-7 and in their first of two, Ga Young Kim 9-7. This set her up to face Kelly Fisher, who'd advanced past Melissa Little 9-3,Vivian Villarreal 9-2, and Nicole Keeney 9-3. Ouschan sent Baretta to the loss side 9-1, advancing to the semifinals where she'd meet up again with Allison Fisher. Corr, in the meantime, survived a double hill battle against Kelly Fisher, also advancing to the semifinals and a second meeting against Ga Young Kim. On the loss side, Ga Young Kim began her trip back to those semifinals with a 9-4 win over Line Kjorsvik, followed it with a 9-1 victory over Monica Webb and downed Barretta 9-5, for her second chance against Corr. Fisher (Allison) survived a double hill battle against Mary Rakin, and at 8 o'clock on Saturday night, squared off against a familiar face, Jeannette Lee. Two hours later, after eliminating Lee 9-6, she faced another familiar face in fellow Fisher, Kelly. She shut Kelly out for her second shot at Ouschan. On Sunday afternoon, just after 1 o'clock (PST), Ouschan took her second set against Fisher (Allison) 7-3. Just after 3 p.m., Corr took her second set against Ga Young Kim 7-5, and the race-to-7 finals was on. Ouschan chalked up four racks, including a first and fourth game break-and-run, before Corr got on the board. When Ouschan rattled a 5-ball in a hole in game five, Corr jumped on it, and ran the table. With an open look at the 1-ball on Corr's subsequent dry break, Ouschan re-established her four-game lead at 5-1. Corr would win two more, to pull within three at 6-3, but Ouschan was on the hill, and sunk the 9-ball, top corner, breaking the 10th rack to claim the event title.

At the event, Jana Montour was named as the WPBA's Rookie of the Year. Teruko Cuccelelli, who improved her ranking by 17 slots in the past year, was named as the association's Most Improved Player. WPBA President Tamre Rogers expressed appreciation for all of the association's fans, venues, and sponsors, including the APA, Diamond Tables, Delta-13 Racks, Simonis and Aramith. While negotiations are ongoing for venue locations to host the WPBA's Regional Tour Championships, expected to be held in January of 2013, the site for the WPBA Masters is already set. That tournament will be held from February 6-10 at the Soaring Eagle Resort and Casino in Mount Pleasant, MI. 1st 2nd 3rd 5th 7th 9-12 13-16

$10,000 $5,500 $3,000 $2,100 $1,850 $1,600 $1,350

Jasmin Ouschan Karen Corr Allison Fisher, Ga Young Kim Jennifer Barretta, Kelly Fisher Jeanette Lee, Monica Webb Niccole Kenney, Lin Kjorsvik, Mary Rakin, Kim White Newsome Vivian Villarreal, Xiaoting Pan, Jana Montour, Brittany Bryant

December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 5

LIMITED EDITION CUE #1-50 | 1-800-835-7665 A Global Division of Cue & Case Sales, Inc.

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L ucasi H ybrid


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6 Stroke Magazine - December 2012 Nov2012Hybrid_ad(9.375x11.25)TBreak.indd 1 10/29/12 9:46 PM

k l c a i n r d t S wins Raxx Joss Tour Stop


EARL STRICKLAND continued his dominance of pool on the East Coast with an undefeated run through the field of 31 other players to win the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour's stop at Raxx Billiards in West Hempstead, NY over the November 10th - 11th weekend. Strickland was only one of the marquee players in this one, as Mike Dechaine, Jeremy Sossei, Jayson Shaw and Shaun Wilkie were also in the field and would not have been considered surprises to snap this event off. Wilkie found himself on the left side of the board early Saturday after a second round loss to Nelson Oliveira. Dechaine was sent away from the winners side by Sossei 9-8 in the final eight undefeated players, and Sossei quickly followed 9-7 at the hand of Jayson Shaw. After Strickland sent Oliveira to the left side, it was down to Earl and Jayson for the hot-seat. Jayson has been taking on just about every world beater on the East Coast lately, but this match went to Earl 9-5 for the hot-seat. On the one loss side, Wilkie had a nice run of four match wins before being eliminated by Dechaine. Sossei's stay on the left side was a short one as he was quickly eliminated by Mike Badsteubner. Dechaine's run on the left side was no easy chore as he defeated Mike Zuglan, Wilkie, Oliveira, Badsteubner (a nice 4th place finish) and Shaw to earn his place against Strickland in the finals. The final match between Strickland and Dechaine would be hard to pick a favorite for, but Earl took control of the first (and only) set to win 9-6 for first place. Strickland's win puts him at number 8 on the Joss Tour points list. Dechaine's runner-up finish moves him from 5th to 4th on the list. Ron Casanzio remains on top of the list, with Sossei one spot behind in second. The second chance event on Sunday drew eight players and

Earl Strickland saw Chris Lazarovitch tested by Brent Boemmelsin a two set final. Lazarovitch took the hot-seat with a 3-2 win over Boemmels, but Boemmels came back and beat Lazarovitch 3-1 in the first set of the finals. Lazarovitch bounced back and took the second set of the finals 3-0 for the tournament win. The Joss NE 9-Ball Tour will be at Snookers Billiards this weekend for the 24th Ocean State 9-Ball Championship. This will be a $5000 added event with no second chance tournament. Players are also reminded that the Turning Stone Classic is coming up in January and the field is already 75% full. Interested players are urged to contact Mike Zuglan at 518-356-7163 to reserve their spot now. Joss NE 9-Ball Tour Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 5th 7th 7th

Playername Earl Strickland Mike Dechaine Jayson Shaw Mike Fingers Nelson Oliviera Jeremy Sossei Shaun Wilkie Lionel Rivera

Prize $1,000 $750 $550 $400 $250 $250 $125 $125

Second Chance Event Place Playername Prize Money 1st Chris Lazaravitch $300 2nd Brent Boemmels $200 3rd Scott Murphy $100 4th Rich Lang $60

December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 7

“The“The Viper” Viper” An Interview by:

An interview with Legendary Professional Player Keith McCready

Melissa Little

Melissa “The Viper” Little has been a WPBA Touring Professional for over 10-years, she has represented the USA in Four WPA World Championships and has over 20 top-10 WPBA career finishes. Melissa is currently the housepro at the Wynkoop Brewing Company located in Downtown Denver. She teaches monthly clinics, gives private lessons, and has created a juniors program that promotes billiards education to the local youth. For more information about Melissa please visit: Read more articles by Melissa Little at

VIPER: Where were you born? Keith: Oh yea… I am good at golf, baseball, football, and most other Keith: I was born in 1957, in Elmhurst, Illinois - a Chicago suburb. sports. I do all things well so its like I was born a natural and I could even run fast. In high school I was scouted out for baseball, but I VIPER: Where and when did you first start turned it down. playing pool? VIPER: Describe yourself in three words? Keith: I was 8-years-old when my dad introduced me to the sport Keith: Cool, calm, and deserving of billiards at a local poolroom called Linbrook family billiards in Anaheim, VIPER: If you had to live CA. At that time, my dad and my older your life over again, what brothers were frequent regulars and would one thing you change become pretty good players. about yourself and/or your A short time later, my brothers and I career? proceeded to our neighborhood friends’ Keith: If I had gone by the book… then houses where they had a pool table. As I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I did kids we competed for hours playing in my professional career, so I wouldn’t 9-ball ring games, 5 cents paid on the have changed a thing. 5-ball pocketed and 10-cents on the VIPER: Who influenced you winning 9-ball. My little gambling the most in pool? career really started when the games got Keith: My father encouraged me the up to 25 cents and 50 cents a game and most. He took me to the pool hall at a the rest truly became history. really young age and he didn’t mind if I VIPER: What was your played pool all day. As a matter of fact, biggest accomplishment in he taught and inspired me to win and the sport of billiards? today I am very grateful for that. Keith: I started off winning a lot of VIPER: Who were/are your smaller events and then in 1979 at the favorite professionals? age of 22, I won my first 9-ball title at Keith: When I was younger it was Larry the Jointed Cue in Sacramento, CA. I Lisciotti and Cole Dickson. They were Keith McCready courtesy of Diana Hoppe beat Larry Hubbard in the finals. just really fun guys to be around. They A few years later in 1985, I won my had the best pool stories and they both played extremely well. When first major; the $25,000 first place prize at the BC Open 9-ball I was younger I had an opportunity to hang out with them a lot. I Championships in Binghamton, NY beating Mike LeBron in the would watch how they played and on my own time try to imitate finals. all there different strokes. I wasn’t the type of player to ask for any VIPER: Did you ever play in a pool league? advise. Keith: No… not really, I tried it for a year and that was the end of As years went on, I learned the most from Ronny Allen because that. good or bad he could perform magic with the cue ball, especially in VIPER: Are you good at any other sports? Viper continued page 30

For Juniors Events, Tournament News, Sponsors, Lessons & For My Fans...

The WPBA Touring Profession 8 Stroke Magazine - December 2012


The Monk

Tim Miller

I am in the Philippines working with pool players. After thirty eight years of teaching this game I find it refreshing to work with players who are dedicated to skill development. I tell a student to shoot a series of balls in a specific manner and he does it until he has mastered exactly what I sought to teach him. Knowledge in pocket billiards does not win games. It is your ability to pocket a ball that brings home first place. With students in the past it has always been “how do I make the ball?” With students in the Philippines it is “do I have the ability to make the ball?” I have always taught “ability ” more than knowledge. The difference between ability and knowledge is found in effort. Some players are content to possess the knowledge but not the skills. Skill development comes with hard work. When you ask questions you delay your learning. If I give you a series of shots to do and you spend all your time wanting me to explain why I assign them to you then you really don’t want to learn. You just want to debate. I am the instructor, you are the student so, do the work. Most students resist because they are not ready to possess the skills. They would rather talk about it than do it. I have a training manual I wrote for my Philippine players. It sells all across the Philippines and is very comprehensive. I’ve had it translated into the Tagalog language. Many of the assigned patterns have little explanations. You are required to run the table. I’ve watched students

struggle and struggle and struggle until they finally get it. You wonder why I don’t offer an explanation when they fail so often. It is because they cannot learn what I am teaching them until they complete the assignment. Then they possess the skill I am trying to impart. In this training manual I write things like, “do this pattern until you achieve an 80% success rate”. I know full well it could take three months before the student can accomplish that level of success. If I offered this training to an American student they would quit and tell their friends The Monk can’t teach. My teaching method today is hard core. I am 67 years old and I don’t have time to baby sit pool players. If you want to be world class, a strong tough player, then you need to keep quiet and do the work. My training is guaranteed to produce results because it requires your own effort which turns into experience and experience is the best teacher in pocket billiards. If you think you can dedicate yourself to two years of training, then this is the manual for you. Tens of thousands of pool players will read this article but only a handful will have the heart to commit to serious training. If you are one who has a desire to be world class and join the pro’s then email me to find out more about the Philippine Experience. You will receive the American version but pay the Philippine price! This is a limited time offer. Email me for more information.

ROAD PLAYERS TRAINING PROGRAM Win tournaments. Win matches. MAKE YOUR PRACTICE COUNT! Step by step training! 15 levels to work through! Find out more online at:

December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 9


Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.

Better B re a k i n g

Are you ashamed of your break shot? Do you feel it is costing you games that you would otherwise win? Here is an organized way to go about improving your break technique. The discussion is about eight ball, but a modification for nine ball is at the end. It is best to do this drill with a friend to save time on racking and to help with the scoring. This break drill gets you to focus on more than just raw power. You need to control the cue ball while getting a good spread or you will just be giving up ball in hand on well-spread tables. The idea is to score various facets of the break. This will force you to notice what you are not doing well and what you need to work on. One set of the drill is ten break shots. On each break you score points for each thing that you do correctly with up to six points per break for a possible total of 60. You get one point for each of the following on each break shot: 1. Check the rack. Make sure that at least the head ball is frozen to its two neighbors. 2. No rail contact. The cue ball should not touch a cushion. If it doesn’t get to a cushion, it can’t scratch. If you scratch on a break, the score for that break is zero. 3. Cue ball to target area. Keeping the cue ball in the middle of the table makes a shot after the break more likely. It also means that you don’t put a lot of draw or follow on the cue ball which is just wasted energy 4. No side spin. You goal is to hit the cue ball close to dead center. Don’t worry about a couple of turns but if the cue ball is spinning like a top you have wasted all that energy. 5. Ball pocketed. Sorry, you don’t get a point per ball. One is enough. 6. First shot made. A break and a miss is usually worse than no ball on the break. An exception to point 2 is if you are practicing the second ball break at eight ball. In that case you will need to hit the side cushion but try for the other parts of cue ball control. If you hit straight on the head ball the cue ball should bounce back some because the rack is collectively heavier than a single ball. A little follow will get the cue ball to skid and come to a stop as shown. A major point is to have very little spin on the cue ball. Any spin you do get reduces the power in the cue ball and consequently the speed you get into the object

10 Stroke Magazine - December 2012

Bob Jewett

balls. Zero for a scratch on the break seems a little harsh, but giving up ball in hand is the worst way to start a rack. Work to keep the cue ball away from cushions -- that’s where the pockets are -- and to get a full hit on the head ball which transfers maximum energy into the rack. If you are not hitting the head ball squarely, notice which side you favor and work on fixing it. Try breaking from both the side and the middle of the kitchen. See what’s best for you. If you want to practice your nine ball break, the scoring is about the same, but for Point 6 substitute being able to see the lowest ball on the table.

KIRA BROWN WINS FBT END OF YEAR EVENT Seaver and McCormick tie for 2012 FBT Champion Ft, Pierce, Fla. (Nov. 17, 2012) – New names made their way on to the final eight single elimination bracket at the 2012 Flamingo Billiards Tour End of Year Tournament. Kira Brown won the night and her first FBT tournament. Jenny Samuel, a relative new-comer to the FBT finished second. Sue Roberts and Jeannie Seaver finished third. This was Roberts’ best finish, and Seaver finished high enough to tie with Crystal McCormick for the 2012 FBT Tour Champion title. Seaver also earned the Tour Champion title in 2011. Also making it to the final eight board – Robin Boggs, Shanelle Loraine, Kelly Coyle and Jennifer Page. Brown knocked out Seaver and Page in double hill matches. Samuel defeated Loraine and Roberts to make it to the final match against Brown. Both players did well for their first time in the finals. The edge and the match went to Brown, however, who recently finished in 8th place at the APA US Amateur National Championship. Congratulations Kira!

case. All of the players received token gifts for their participation throughout the year. Many thanks to Ultimate Billiards room owners Gary Gilsanen, Bill Mallen and JoAnn Mallen, Amy’s Billiards, Cue-Phoria, Slate Billiards and Boynton Billiards for their support of the 2012 Flamingo Billiards Tour. We also thank Cue and Case for their support of the FBT End of Year Event. And of course thanks to all of the women who came out to compete and support the tour. See you next year! Some of the matches from the 2012 End of Year Event can be viewed at http://

Kira Brown

Players receive awards As the highest points finishers going into the End of Year Event, Jeannie Seaver and Crystal McCormick in first and second place respectively, received a Lucasi Air Hog Jump Cue. Third and fourth place finishers Sue Roberts and Cassidy Mulligan receive a Player Break/Jump cue. Shanelle Loraine and Jennifer Page received a cue case for their 5th and 6th place finishes. Those players who attended every event – McCormick, Seaver, Mullian, Roberts, Lorraine, Alicia DeABreu, and Janis Sessions – earned a paid membership worth $40 for the 2013 FBT year. Players voted Cassidy Mulilgan as the Most Improved Player and received a cue

GOLD CROWN BILLIARDS SINCE 1961 First Pool Hall in Broward County (11) 9 ft. Tables & (1) Golf Table Open: 7 days 11am - 2am Everyday

-- Smoke Free --

Call today & reserve your team 954.921.8439

2233 Hollywood Blvd, FL 33020


The Flamingo Billiards Tour is tentatively scheduled to kick off the 2013 season in January with a WPBA Qualifier for the Soaring Eagle event. The Qualifier will be held at Ultimate Billiards. Check to confirm the date.

Results of the End of Year Event ($400-added, modified double-elimination)

1st 2nd 3rd 3rd 5th 5th 5th 5th

Kira Brown Jennie Samuel Jeannie Seaver Sue Roberts Shanelle Loraine Jennifer Page Robin Boggs Kelly Coyle

Ultimate Billiards 1st Saturday of the month 9-Ball tournament

$60 entry (includes green fee)

$500 ADDED Sunday Open 9-Ball $35 entry - $250 ADDED 4112 Okeechobee Rd Ft Pierce, FL 772.464.7665

$350 $250 $125 $125 $75 $75 $75 $75

Pool Tournaments

Thurs, Sat & Sun Over 12,000 sq ft

One of Billiard Digest’s Top 10 Pool Rooms 17 - 9’ Olhausens ~ 1-7’ Diamond 6 Dart Boards ~ 24’ Shuffleboard 10 TV’s ~ Full Kitchen ~ Beer & Wine

539 E Plaza Drive - Mooresville, NC 704.660.5363 Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am - 2am Sun: Noon - 12am

December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 11

Adams Crowned 2012 Florida State Amateur 9-Ball Champion

out another nail biting rack to be crowned 2012 Florida State Amateur 9-Ball Champion. A big congratulation goes out to all players who attended this event, The Amateur players really know how to behave and have a great time while being competitive pool players. Chris Adams showed his class all weekend on and off


Chris Adams was crowned the Posion FL State Amateur 9-ball Champion this weekend. A large field of 107 players turned up at Zingales Billiards in Tallahassee for a fantastic weekend of pool playing. Adams would have his hands full as he navigated through some hard fought wins over Van Mangum, David Uwate, Cliff Thrasher, Dave Strong, Denny Fox, Anthony Piazza, and then a nail biter win over Nick Applebee 8-7 to set himself up for the final. Denny Fox would grind his way back to play Chris Adams in the final, Fox would defeat Adams in the first race, 8-7 to force the sudden death one rack shootout to determine the winner. Adams would win the lag and break and run

the table for a fully deserved win. The $5000 Added Florida State Open 10 Ball championships will be held at Zingales Billiards 1st-2nd December. You don’t have to be a tour member or Florida resident to play. We would like to thank Michael Zingale and all his staff for hosting a great tournament this weekend, and our title sponsor Poison Cues for helping us bring the tournament to the players. We would also like to thank custom cue maker Robert Harris, Robertson Billiards, and Simonis Cloth.

PAYOUTS: 1st: 2nd: 3rd 4th 5/6th 7/8th

Chris Adams Denny Fox Nick Applebee Anthony Piazza Jason Richko, Del Sim JR Rossman, Jeff Jordan

$2000 $1200 $900 $600 $400 $300

9-12th 13-16th 17-24th

Tracie Majors, Raymond Linares, Justin Ledford, Joey Tucker Prescott Buckwold, David Uwate, Denny Singleterry, George Saunders Micheal Zingale, Dave Strong, Bobby Petrocelli, Adam Shaw, Matt Deweese, Randy Jordan, Jim Sandaler, Ricky Sanchez

NOW FULL LIQUOR H : 11:30 -7 & 12 -3 appy hour

am pm

am am

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10 - 9’

pool tables Play pool from 11:30am - 7pm and Midnight -3am for only $5

12686 Starkey Rd - Largo, FL 727.330.7822 12 Stroke Magazine - December 2012

$200 $150 $100

1861 W Tennessee St. Tallahassee, Florida 850 224-8644

22 - 9’ pool tables HD TVs - Darts Liquor - Full Kitchen 10,000 sq feet Tournaments weekly and monthly



FULL NAME: Brady Behrman HOME TOWN: Albers, IL BIRTH DATE: 3/10/94 GRADE: 12th FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Small Business Management WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? Lucasi Hybrid (playing & break cue) AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 8 LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED? Right TITLES / HIGHEST FINISHES: 2nd in Illinois State 8-ball OTHER NOTABLE AWARDS: 4th in BEF Junior National 9-Ball Championships. MOST MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: Playing Johnny Archer at Derby City Classic in 2012 and losing 7-4. I played a great set but he shot great. SPONSOR(S): Lucasi Hybrid and Cue Sports International FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Pretty much anything HOBBIES: Play pool or hang out with friends FAVORITE POOL GAME: 10-ball or 9-ball, and banks FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: Darren Appleton Favorite food: Pizza REAL-WORLD HERO: My father, he’s the one who showed me everything I know about pool &

life FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Going to my dad’s pool matches with my friend Gerry, basically how I learned how to shoot. GOALS (PERSONAL AND/OR CAREER):To own my own business or pool hall


December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 13


PureX Jump Break Cue “The thing I like most about the Pure X is the three joint construction that allows me to customize the cue length for both breaking and jumping. It has given my break extra power and my jumps have become deadly accurate.”


(tube of 5)

Predator 1080 Pure Chalk “I’ve tried a lot of chalks over the years but the Predator chalk is the best I’ve ever used.”





Pro-Series Glove “It allows my table pace to be more consistent throughout all tournament match play. The smooth material gives me a comfortable relaxed feeling. I absolutely love it and will never play without one ever again.” – SHAUN WILKIE

Cue Candy “I love it because it doesn’t mess up my tables. My Players love it because it is super silky and almost twice the size of other brands.” – GARY HATFIELD,

APA operator room owner.

 



Lucasi Jump Cue “The Lucasi Jump cue is the industry standard in the Trick Shot World. I used mine when I won the World Championship on ESPN. I always keep a Lucasi in my case.”

Pro-Series Sport Case (3b/5) “The Pro-Series style cue case I personally use, is the best case I’ve owned in years. Not only does its attractive edgy look capture everyone’s attention, but most importantly it protects your equipment with a wellconstructed, roomy design.”






(2 cue)

Tip Master 6-n-1 Tip Tool “The Tip Master is everything I need in one tool, works great and last for a long time! Plus it’s lightweight aluminum so it lasts forever. ”

Extreme Cue Holder “Extreme Cue Holder is great for when I’m playing in a tournament or bar league in a crowded area. It protects my cues from getting knocked over and damaged.”



Extreme Bridge Head “Extreme Bridge Head has 3 different positions and 8 different angles to find your perfect shot. Making the Extreme Bridge Head a must have in your case. It's space age foam leaves your cue damage free. Plus, gives you a fast, snug, easy fit every time!” – CHUCK WHITE,

Cue Time Billiards & Games. Sebring, FL.

Rack Tight “The break is the most crucial shot in any pocket billiard game. Rack tight delivers the perfect rack every time for both players. NO MORE LOOSE RACKS!” – GRACE NAKAMURA


Balance Rite Forward Weighted Cue Extension “It’s the easiest and best option to add forward balance and a few extra inches to your favorite cue. ”





Lucasi Quick Release Joint Protectors “The new aluminum joint protectors are very light weight, good looking and protect my cues great!” – IGNACIO CHAVEZ

(800) 835-7665 WWW.CUEANDCASE.COM

14 Stroke Magazine - November 2012 Nov2012Access_ad(9.375x11.25)TBreak.indd 1

10/29/12 10:19 PM

DECHAINE DECHAINE WINS Ocean State 9-Ball Championship

By AzB Staff

Mike Dechaine has a number of major titles to his credit, already in his career. But one title that has eluded him the last two years was the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour's Ocean State 9-Ball Tournament at Snookers Billiards in Providence, RI. In 2010, Dechaine finished in second to Mika Immonen. Dechaine got closer in 2011, when he beat Tom D'Alfonso on the first set of the finals, but lost in the second set. This year, Dechaine left no doubts as he cruised to an undefeated win over a field of 72 players and will finally be able to see the banner lifted to the rafters with his name on it. Dechaine took the hot-seat with a 9-0 win over Jeremy Sossei that was finished in roughly 30 minutes. Sossei went to the one loss side and found Brett Stottlemyer waiting. Stottlemyer had just defeated Ronnie Alcano, but Sossei made it look easy with a 9-3 win over Stottlemyer. The true double elimination finals wouldn't even come close to a second set as Dechaine cruised to a 9-3 win over Sossei for his first Ocean State title. Dechaine commented after the tournament, "This event is one I have wanted to win for year. Now my name can hang along side some of the best names in pool.". Dechaine went on to send out his thanks to his sponsors Predator Billiards and Snookers Billiards. Although he settled for second place, Sossei's finish was enough to move him to the top of the points list. Dechaine moved into second place with Ron Casanzio, Nelson Oliveira and Matt Tetreault filling out the top five places. The next event on the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour is the Turning Stone Classic XX on January 10th - 13th at the Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Verona, NY.

24TH OCEAN STATE 9-BALL CHAMPIONSHIP Place Playername Prize Money 1st Mike Dechaine $2,500 2nd Jeremy Sossei $1,800 3rd Brett Stottlemyer $1,400 4th Ronnie Alcano $1,100 5th Joe Dupuis $850 5th Jason Michas $850 7th Mike Davis $600 7th Nelson Oliviera $600 9th Earl Herring $400 9th Dave Grau $400 9th Ron Cosanzio $400 9th Jayson Shaw $400 13th Noel Bensurto $225 13th Steve Mack $225 13th Kevin Bauccio $225 13th Tom D'Alfonso $225

December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 15

APA Sco tch Double s


BISON BILLIARDS November 30, 2012 Dan Miosi and Lamont “The Monster” Hicks lost their 1st match to Cheryl Wright and Corey Bailey, then went on to win 6 straight on the one loss side to earn the right to face the winner of the winners bracket, Darreck Diperto and Mike Harris. Dan and Lamont won both matches to take 1st place. Shane Enderby and Steve Wilson also did a great job winning their first 4 matches on the winners side only to lose to Mike and Darreck on the hot seat.




1st 2nd 3rd 4th

$340 $170 $80 $50

Dan Miosi and Lamont”the Monster” Hicks + $560.00 Darreck Diperto and Mike Harris + $280.00 Shane Enderby and Steve Wilson Rick Pendleton and Jim Doran

Jonathan Woo wins House of Billiards' A/D Tri-State Tour event

uring the event, his tournament trail on the winner's side included, Gary Murgia 7 - 3, Arturo Reyes 7 - 2, John Stiles 7 - 6, and Jerry Troy 7 - 2, before lossing the Hot Seat match to Michael Aro 7 - 6. On the loss side, Jonathan won rematch with Jerry Troy 7 - 6 and earned the right to face Michael in the Finals. Mike took an early 3 - 0 lead, but Jonathan never lost his poise, closing the match 9 - 6. Special recognition goes to Jerry Troy and Robert Veit for a solid third and fourth place respectively. The Tri-State Tour, staff and membership wish to thank Dennis Kennedy, owner of the House of Billiards, for their generous support of the players, along with providing great playing conditions. Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Poison Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics for their sponsorship leading to this event.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5-6 7-8

$600 $400 $250 $140 $90 $70

Jonathan Woo Michael Aro Jerry Troy Robert Veit Bryan Jeziorski George Poltorak



December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 17

9Ball 6/7 Singles-Rob Brandenburg

8Ball 7 Singles-Skylar Woodward

9Ball 4/5 Singles-Bill Varkonyi

8Ball 5 Singles-Ron Beach

8Ball 6 Singles-Gale Flick Jr

9Ball 2/3 Singles-Omar Nassif

Terry’s Allstars 8BallSingles4-AmandaKarrip

9Ball R U Kidding Me

18 Stroke Magazine - December 2012

8Ball 2/3 Singles-Kevin Adams Jr.

TAP National Championships Come To An End 2012

TAP – Nationals 2012 – North Charleston, SC. TAP, LLC held its National Event, inspiring the Best of The Best . TAP's National Event was kicked off Nov. 2nd at the Embassy Suites and Convention Center in Charleston N.C. TAP Corporate is happy to provide a Welcome Party for the player's who have made it there. The Best of the Best Teams from all over the USA and Canada came to play for the coveted "National Titles in 8 Ball and 9 Ball Team and Singles events". TAP's signature event "Rally Blue & Gray Dream Team event" was also held in conjunction with the Nationals. Play started on November 3rd and continued through November 6th, when the winners were awarded Blue Gray Dream Team Don’t Laugh Your Next their prizes and trophies in all events. McDermott Handcrafted Cues, TAP’s Cue Sponsor, NC (Picture) was onsite with TAP Members Only Specials, and provided instruction and sales of 2nd Place – White Hawk, PA their products. 3rd/4th Place – Big Game Hunters, PA and TAP Toronto, Canada D & D Cue Repair provided repair and cleaning of the players cues, as they do at 5th – 8th Place – Smokin Mirrors, NY; Tommy’s Sport Bar II, PA; Jacobs Gun all TAP events. Slingers, PA and Northcoast TAP Destroyers, OH Connoisseur Cues and Billy’s Billiard Supplies were also on hand at the event selling a variety of high end cues, custom cues and pool accessories. Singles 2/3 8 Ball Champion – Kevin Adams, Jr., OH Sharkin U Apparel once again provided sales of their popular demand apparel line Singles 4 8 Ball Champion – Amanda Karrip, MI and provided gift packages to each of the singles event winners. Singles 5 8 Ball Champion – Ron Beach, FL Sticky Fingers in Mt. Pleasant provided shuttle service to and from their facility, Singles 6 8 Ball Champion – Gale Flick, Jr., PA which was much appreciated by the TAP players, as they enjoyed their great food and Singles 7 8 Ball Champion – Skyler Woodward, KY atmosphere of their restaurant. TAP Apparel showcased their new line of apparel coming out on the TAP Online Singles 2/3 9 Ball Champion – Omar Nassif, FL store as well as their new full line of customized products they can do for TAP Players Singles 4/5 9 Ball Champion – Bill Varkonyi, OH and their Licensees. Singles 6/7 9 Ball Champion – Rob Brandenburg, Canada North Park Grille provided discounts and lunch specials to the TAP players at their facility with 18 Pool Tables, Sports Bar with Large Screen TVs and Congratulations to all of our National Champions for 2012! Entertainment each night. TAP’s best of the best from all over the USA and Canada were getting ready for Sam Rullo, TAP Sales Director, provided tours of Pool Net to the players to show this TAP National event, when Hurricane Sandy came ashore. What it revealed was how to login to their member profiles, answer questions, and showed prospects in several type of Champions, those that irregardless of what they had endured were South Carolina what TAP has to offer in their areas. coming to Nationals, those that were not affected reaching out to those that were Competition throughout the event was impressive. Several “on the hill” matches and those that could not make it due to the devastation she played on their lives had were played by all. Some great amateur play happened as some matches were live endured and survived revealing the real hearts of the Champions they all are. broadcast by Lavalinked, for the first time, testing out this new endeavor. The Nationals went as scheduled, but it never left the TAP families mind of what At the end of the week, the National Champions were crowned. each and every champion had gone through and continued to go thru as we were having the event.. Plans are being made to reach out to our brothers and sisters who National 8 Ball Team Champions for 2012 - Terry’s All Stars , KS (Picture) could not be with us, in the weeks and months to come. 2nd Place – 14 Balls and A Pocket, NJ Don’t miss the excitement of TAP and it’s upcoming events, industry leading 3rd/4th Place – Finish Line, TX and Going the Distance, NY advancements in computer technology for amateur players and new formats, in an 5th-8th Place – Laughing Bear, OH; Tommy’s Sports Bar, PA; inverted pyramid company structure, that put’s its players on top. Team Punishment, OH; Doyle Rules, NJ Don’t have TAP where you are, don’t want to wait? Interested in starting your own league now? Call 1-800-984-7665 Ext. 2 to reach Sam Rullo TAP’s Sales National 9 Ball Team Champions for 2012 – R U Kidding Me?, TAP Canada (Picture) Director and he will be more than happy to help you. 2nd Place – George Lopez Crew, CO Want more information about TAP? Check out our website, www.tapleague. 3rd/4th Place – TAP Dat and Longhorns, PA com; Facebook Page - TAP, LLC Pools Amateur Tour and / or contact us, through our 5th-8th Place – The Great Eight, GA; TOMF, WA; Pocket Monsters, FL, and corporate office, at the Live Help desk, via email or IM. Join the countless others that Muskrats, PA have been checking us out. Rally Blue Gray Dream Team Event Champions for 2012 – Don’t Laugh Your Next, We look forward to hearing from you ! TAP ON!

December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 19

2nd Place – Daniel Gordon – ActionShot

3rd Place – Christine Honeman – Conifer, CO

4th Place – Troy Jones – Muncie, IN

20 Stroke Magazine - December 2012

2nd Place – Asia Cycak – Raleigh, NC

3rd Place – Ernesto Bayaua – Houston, TX

5th Place – Stewart Warnock – Bardonia, NY

1st Place – Brian Parks – Bakersfield, CA

1st Place – Tammie Jones – Muncie, IN

JONES & PARKS WIN U.S. AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP Winner of Men’s and Women’s Divisions Advance to 2013 Pro Events

LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (November 16, 2012) — The top amateur poolplayers in North America headed south to the Sunshine State in early-November to compete in the U.S. Amateur Championship. The 2012 version of the sport’s most prestigious amateur tournament featured 128 men and 32 women all with the dream of adding the title “U.S. Amateur Champion” to their billiard resume. The Men’s Division began Fri., Nov. 9 at Stroker’s in Palm Harbor, while the Women’s Division got underway Sat., Nov. 10 at the Crooked Cue in Clearwater. Both divisions came together on Sun., Nov. 11 at Stroker’s for the final rounds of competition. This year’s event featured a strong mix of U.S. Amateur Championship veterans as well as a talented pool of newcomers. In all, more than 1,700 players attempted to qualify for this year’s tournament. In the finals the of the Women’s Division, Tammie Jones of Muncie, Ind., defeated Asia Cycak of Raleigh, N.C., 9-4. “This is the tournament I’ve wanted to play in my entire career and to be able to come here and win this Championship means the world to me,” said Jones after the match. Jones relished the thought of knowing that wherever she goes, and whatever tournament she plays in, she’ll forever be known as a U.S. Amateur Champion. “The title U.S. Amateur Champion lasts forever, and that was in my mind every single match. I wanted that title, and to be able to hold onto

5th Place – Jeff Blattel – Augusta, S.C.

it forever,” she added. Jones moves on to compete in the WPBA U.S. Open next year. Cycak finished as the Runner-up in her first U.S. Amateur Championship competition. Finishing in 3rd Place was Christine Honeman of Conifer, Colo., who was also making her first U.S. Amateur Championship appearance. In the Men’s Division, former champion Brian Parks of Bakersfield, Calif., defeated Daniel Gordon of Marietta, Ga., 11-4. The victory was Parks second U.S. Amateur Championship title, having won the event in 2009 as well. “I’m just really happy. I played hard, I competed hard. I take my hat off to Dan (Gordon), he’s a great competitor,” said Parks after the victory. Parks, a U.S. Amateur Championship regular, said the victory meant even more to him the second time around given the outstanding level of competition that the U.S. Amateur Championship offers. “The competition just gets better and better. There are so many top notch players here, and to go through the 128-player field that we do, it just seems to get harder and harder to win, but I can’t wait to come back

Championship on pg 31

December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 21

Lucky The Town Fair continued

……… The wind was blowing so hard. Lights were barely staying on. The building was shaking apart. What were we doing there it was insanity. Lucky said he would stay until they quit. These guys had their noses open and wouldn’t quit. Obviously they weren’t going anywhere and all of this happening on the eve of the Presidential election. “Rackem” Vincent racked them and they played on, $1000, a race to 3, set at 10 to 1. These guy could have robbed Lucky. But Lucky was wining money not for himself but for the community and its needs. Lucky went for it just running out every game. Vincent peeled off another grand off his bank roll. The guy who called himself Grady Seasons was noticeably edgy you could tell he wanted to be somewhere else! I heard a window glass POP! coming from the next room, we were in a big storm. Vincent Lauria and Grady Seasons were the names they told us. They must have thought we wouldn’t have known those names that were from the color of money. These two were something else. Avoiding hightailing it during the storm. The jute box was trying to play music "It's In The Way That You Use It" by Eric Clapton, it was un-enjoyable listening to every other word of the song….they should have just turned jute box off long ago. Lucky finally won the 15th set. Lucky up $15,000 no sign of quitting. These guys would not slow down Lucky said lets go to $3000 a set and I’ll give you the same 10 to 1. They thought for a minute on this next set to 7 they could win $30,000 and be ahead $15,000 Lucky went for it again he broke and just ran out 7 racks of 8 ball in about 20 minutes. The wind was racing through the building through the broken windows stirring up in the lounge. The Booze bottles were falling off the bar selves, papers flying around and chairs walking across the floor. The owner of the place was telling us we have to go. He won’t be responsible for any injuries. “Here, here owner said… down to the cellar NOW”!! We rustled to the cellar. When we closed the air tight steel door we could barely hear much from above. It was a solid thick cemented steel reinforced basement. Just like a bunker. It had supplies build for something like this. Cellar had loads of blankets, a cupboard full of food and plenty of water. It was well stocked with supplies. A battery pack kept lights on. Even had a bathroom. Wished it had a Radio so we could hear about weather and election coverage. For the first hour we sat there at a table. You didn’t know what was happening above ground. But it was violent. It was reasonably warm there and we sat around with blanket over our shoulders. It wasn’t letting up! The 5 of us, Grady and Vincent, the lounge/bunker owner Lucky and I sat there and told stories. Lucky told a pool story about Archie the Greek and Jack Binion and the Horseshoe casino. Lucky said that Archie the Greek was a big time gambler and had Binions Horse casino stuck for multi millions playing cards. He almost won the casino away from Binion. Archie the Greek was also a pool player who Lucky saw playing for $50,000 a game. “I was never in the right place to get a chance to play Archie, Lucky said… I was sitting back listening to all Lucky’s narratives. I realized how well he knew all the pool players and how well he moved like a ghost for decades. Hardly anyone knew much him. That was the biggest puzzle for me. So few knew Lucky and the ones who did know him were hall of famers. Lucky should be a Hall of Famer himself. I witnessed more talent than any of them possibly many of them combined. We were sitting directly across the table from the characters from the “Color of Money”….funny who didn’t give their real names and thought we wouldn’t have a

22 Stroke Magazine - December 2012


clue. I thought Lucky never uses his real name too so he can’t be too upset with them trying to conceal who they were. But they could have come up with better aliases. We could hear the barely audible wind hollowing outside the bunker. I am sure if we were outside the bunker it would be vicious. You had to wonder if the town was devastated. It seemed to be a elongated wind storm with numerous wind gusts. We were very safe and sound where we were. I hoped!! If the town was flattened the amount of money the Fair helped raise wouldn’t be enough. All we could do is sit and ride it out! Lucky entertained us with more old time stories of 60’s,70’s Lucky told us about Don Watson was one of the all time best 9-Ball players, Luther Lassiter claimed Don Watson was the best hustler he ever saw. Don liked playing the horses. When he wasn’t playing pool he was analyzing the racing forms. He just had this light little stroke and moving the balls around that was so damn effective. It never looked like he was doing too much, except running out every game. Don rarely showed any emotion. Don made 9-Ball look so simple and just went about his prolific production, picked up the cash, and sat back down like nothing had happened. Sounded like Lucky… Lucky said, “Bob Dylan folk singer once stated that he could measure the pulse of a town by its pool room, its true”. Lucky walked into Cochran's billiards in San Francisco in 1965, and a cocky 18 year old rookie player from Texas, named Ronnie Allen was hanging out. Lucky manage to match up with a Ronnie right out of the box playing 9 ball. Lucky let him win a few games cheap at $20 a game. Lucky threatening to quit in a master move got Ronnie to offer him weight the wild 8 and the breaks, if the bet was jack up to $100 a game. All the backers in the joint came to Ronnie’s rescue and staked him. After about 20 games ahead the backers pulled up on Ronnie. A Pissed off Ronnie stormed out saying “I’ll get a real backer and come back” “I'm gonna crush this guy and win all the money in the joint”. One of the backers said play that guy, who was Jack Cooney. Jack wanted to play real bad, and got out of another game he was in just to play Lucky. Jack was always matched up and playing somebody. Lucky just made a big chunk of the room’s money off Ronnie and everyone wanted it back and some. Jack offered the same spot but $200 a game. Lucky said “It took a while but I beat Jack too”. “Lucky quickly left Cochran’s and stay low keyed.” Lucky remembers leaving Cochran's, with a ton of money in his pocket and no one asked who he was. I know they were puzzled on who just beat one of their own. Lucky said “The most of the best 9 ball players of the 60's if matched up today in 2012 with top 9ball players would lose. Those old timers, with exception of a 2or3, did not play real strong 9 ball, because they did not have to. They played up to the levels of their time. Now if those old timers matched up in straight pool today it’s the opposite with today’s players losing.” The two hustlers, from where ever, with made up names, were listening to Lucky’s stories. Just a few hours ago they ditched a high stakes game for the safety of the basement. I was wondering what they might be thinking listening to Lucky stories as they were just getting beat to death getting such big odds? Sitting in that basement waiting it out made me feel weary. Somehow listening to the stories it made me feel revitalized. The chronicles Lucky told of days gone by. What a pool action era. That era’s action was three to four times what it seemed today. That level of action needs to come back in every place with a pool table in the country, I know many places around the world pool is thriving like it did in the hustling days of 60’ 70’ and 80’s. It was late, all were tired and laid down on cots and fell asleep. Waking up we noticed that the noise was stopped. We open the hatch and went

Lucky on pg 28

an Boenin

Van Boening comes back

By Skip Maloney -

The reigning and two-time US Open 9-Ball champion,Shane Van Boening tripped on down to bayou country on the first weekend in November to join a field of 128 entrants on-hand for the annual White Diamond Billiards Super 9-Ball Championship. Hosted by White Diamond Billiards in Lafayette, LA, the event drew a strong contingent of Midwest luminaries like James Davis, Jr., Shane Winters, Chip Compton, and Joey Gray. Though Van Boening was tested and defeated in the battle for the hot seat, he returned from the semifinals to double-dip James Davis, Jr. and claim the event title. To no one's surprise, Van Boening advanced among the winners' side final four, where he met up with Daryl Biggart. Davis, Jr., in the meantime, squared off against George Breedlove. Biggart and Breedlove

were sent west, leaving Davis, Jr. and Van Boening battling for the hot seat. Davis, Jr. won that battle and waited for Van Boening to get back. Over on the loss side, Joey Gray was in the midst of a 10-match winning streak that would eventually pit him against Van Boening. With five down and five to go, Gray defeated Carl McClendon, and Justin Ledford to pick up Biggart. Breedlove drew Shane Winters, who'd gotten by Robb Saezand Chip Compton. Gray and Winters advanced to the quarterfinals, where Gray chalked up his 10th and final loss-side victory. Van Boening was waiting for him, and ended Gray's streak with a victory in the semifinals. In a true double elimination format, Van Boening doubledipped Davis, Jr. to claim the White Diamond Billiards Super 9-Ball Championship title

White Diamond Super 9-Ball

Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 7th 9th

Playername Shane Van Boening James Davis Jr. Joey Gray Shane Winters Darrell Biggart George Breedlove Chip Compton Justin Ledford Junior Jueco Karl McClendon Robb Saez Jesse Bowman

Prize Money $2,143 $1,040 $796 $551 $367 $367 $214 $214 $107 $107 $107 $107

24 Stroke Magazine - December 2012

Eric & Brian Roberts at Backstage Billiards

Ladies winner Valerie Dukich with USAPL Mgr. Mark Lepich, whole banner

Winner John Gore with Mark Lepich (USAPL Mgr & Mgr. Backstage Billiards)

BCAPL / USAPL Players Take Center Stage at Backstage in Florida CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (November 14, 2012) - The 2012 BCAPL / USAPL Florida State Championships was held November 9-11 at Backstage Billiards in Orlando, Florida. The $2,000 added inaugural event was comprised of Scotch Doubles, Men's Singles and Women's Singles divisions. All three divisions were handicapped based on the BCAPL national player ratings: Open, Advanced and Master. The Scotch Doubles event kicked off Saturday morning with $500 added. Seven teams vied for the $325 first place prize. Bryan Lyons of New Port Richey and Valerie Dukich of Clearwater took home the nice bonus for their excellent play in the finals defeating Dave Kartner of Port St. Lucie and Christie Cloke of Stuart two sets in the finals in this true double elimination format. The singles divisions started Saturday and finished on Sunday. The Men's Singles division had a total purse of $2,500 and the Women's Singles division a total purse of $820. In the men's group, 30 players focused their efforts to pocket the tidy $1,000 first place prize. The last man standing was Jon Gore of Palm Coast, pocketing the $1000 prize, with James Doyle of Port St. Lucie receiving $500 for second place. In the Women's Singles, Valerie Dukich, in addition to her win in the scotch event, prevailed as the top woman shooter of the weekend, taking home an additional $300 first place for her efforts, with Christie Cloke receiving $180 for second place.

g Comin k Tour or Y w e stern N


$250 Added Guaranteed

Bar Box 8-Ball 1st Saturday of the Month $35 entry includes green fee - Double Elimination - Race to 3 Doors open Noon - Calcutta 2pm - Starts 2:30pm

FULL RESULTS AND PAYOUTS: Scotch Doubles 1st: Bryan Lyons, New Port Richey, FL / Valerie Dukich, Clearwater, FL $325 2nd: Dave Kartner, Port St. Lucie / Christie Cloke, Stuart, FL $165 3rd: Jim Sawyer, Orange City, FL / Helene Caukin, Orange City, FL $110 4th: Dave Singleton, Port Orange, FL / Beth Hluszti, S. Daytona, FL $70 5-6th: Greg Baker, Mt. Dora, FL / Judy Markham, Grand Island, FL $40 5-6th: Terry Markham, Grand Island, FL / Lesleigh Hopkins, Eustis, FL $40 7-8th: Jimmi Phillips, Lady Lake, FL / Janene Phillips, Lady Lake, FL $30 Men's Singles 1st : Jon Gore, Palm Coast, FL $1,000 2nd: James Doyle, Port St. Lucie, FL $500 3rd: Billy Burke, Pompano Beach, FL $275 4th: Danny Morris, Cocoa, FL $175 5-6th: Ke Wu, Orlando, FL $110 5-6th: Bob Sloan, Palm City, FL $110 7-8th: Dave Kartner, Port St. Lucie, FL $75 7-8th: Paul Carroll, Port St. Lucie, FL $75 9-12th: Jimmi Phillips, Lady Lake, FL $45 9-12th: Bryan Lyons, New Port Richey, FL $45 9-12th: Ray Rangel, Mt. Dora, FL $45 9-12th: Joe Conkling, Port St. Lucie, FL $45 Women's Singles 1st : Valerie Dukich, Clearwater, FL $300 2nd: Christie Cloke, Stuart, FL $180 3rd: Helene Caukin, Orange City, FL $115 4th: Lesleigh Hopkins, Eustis, FL $75 5-6th: Jenni Gonzalez, Orlando, FL $45 5-6th: Beth Hluszti, S. Daytona, FL $45 7-8th: Janene Phillips, Lady Lake, FL $30 7-8th: Caren Taylor, Odessa, FL $30 To participate in BCAPL / USAPL events, players must be either a BCAPL or USAPL league member. For more information on an area BCAPL (BCA Pool League) location near you, visit For information on the USAPL (USA Pool League) visit

December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 25



XLG QUAD FACE TIP Gives you more ball-to-tip contact

Get ultimate control over your game with the Players Pure X™ Technology Jump Break Cue. This revolutionary new cue lets you pick your perfect shot with four interchangeable quick-release joints for a total of five different power configurations. The engineers at Players didn’t stop there, either. The Pure X™ also has an all-new tip, impact system and high performance grip. Get increased ball-to-tip contact for a radically extended sweet spot with the new XLG Quad Face Tip; a dramatically stiffer hit with maximum power thanks to the Carbon Fiber Impact System; and never lose your grip at a crucial game-winning moment again with the Mz Multi-Zone Grip’s intense traction and stability. What does all this mean? The Pure X™ is the ultimate weapon: fully customizable for any situation, for scary accurate, blazing fast and explosive breaks every time!

MZ MULTI-ZONE GRIP TECHNOLOGY Keep even your most powerful break smooth and the ball right where you want it




Air Flight + Long Jump for Distance


46” Long Jump

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58” Full Jump/Break

4 +

CARBON FIBER IMPACT SYSTEM Engineered to place virtually indestructible material at key impact points

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35.5” Dart


Guaranteed For Life... Even Against Warpage! 800-835-7665 A Global Division of Cue & Case Sales, Inc.


ANY PureX Jump/Break Cue and receive a PureX HXT or Skinny Low Deflection Playing Shaft, a $129 Value Absolutely FREE! Buy

*Offer vaild from Nov. 10 - Dec. 15, 2012. While supplies last, no backorders. Can not combine with any other offers.

Premium Kamui Black Soft Layered Tip

HXT Low Deflection Shaft

26 Stroke Magazine - October 2012 Nov2012PureX_ad(9.375x11.25)TBreak.indd 1

10/29/12 10:20 PM

SCOREBOARD Left to right: Hunter Lombardo, winner; James Lubrano, Jr., room owner and Chris Filippelli, second place.

Hunter Lombardo top dawg at Top Hat Billiards!

NOVEMBER $500 ADDED Results 1st $850 Anthony Meglino + a custom R T Cue Value $1,000.00 2nd $575 Hunter Lombardo 3rd $350 Randy Eperson 4th $150 Jesse Engle 5th/6th $75 Prescott Buckwold & Nick Applebee


Jupiter, FL (Nov. 4, 2012) – Sunday was a beautiful day for a walk in the park, and that’s how it must have felt to Hunter Lombardo as he practically strolled his way to the top of the leader board at Top Hat Billiards & Lounge in Jupiter, Florida. Participating in the Flamingo Billiards Tour “Cues for the Cure II” fundraiser, Hunter had few obstacles in his path although Eric Swingle forced Lombardo to take a detour to the left. The event was a modified, double elimination format, combination 8-ball/9ball race to five, playing down to four on each side. The final four on the one-loss side redrew into a single elimination bracket on the winners’ side. In the final eight player board, Lombardo eliminated Sam Kantor and Justin Gilsanen, then matched up against Chris Filippelli in the final match. Filippelli played strong, but not quite strong enough to take the win from Hunter, fresh off a respectable finish in the top 32 at the US Open. Other players making it to the final board of eight included Greg Deaton, Chris Gentile, Eric Swingle and Lyn Remsen. The FBT would like to thank all of the players who participated in the event, the games and raffles, and for their donations to the cause. In particular, thank you to Top Hat room owners Jim and Wendy Lubrano for their wonderful support and going out of their way to collect gifts for the raffle. Special thanks also go to Robin Boggs, Fred Meister, Jerry Sotelo and Fonda Cash Music for their assistance with this event. Also, many thanks to all of the local businesses that donated gifts, including Gold’s Gym, Rancho Chico, Palm Beach Ice Cream, Edna Hibel Art Foundation, Cobb Theatres, Jupiter Salon & Spa, Private Eyes Optical, known one-pocket player Tom Wirth, local cue maker Tony Martz and especially thanks to Boynton Billiards for their continued support of the FBT. All proceeds raised benefit the South Florida Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Lyn Remsen and Robin Boggs also won free entry to the Flamingo Billiards Tour End of Year event on November 17, 2012 at Ultimate Billiards in Ft. Pierce, Florida. Some of the matches can be viewed on Ustream, search for Flamingo Billiards Tour at Top Hat Billiards. Hunter Lombardo Chris Filippelli Greg Deaton Justin Gilsanen Sam Kantar

$250 $150 $100 $100 $50

Chris Gentile Eric Swingle Lyn Remsen ($300 added)

$50 $50 $50

As seen on ESPN World Cup of Trick Shots and YouTube MARK “DR POPPER” DIMICK

December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 27

DEBACLE: The 2012 U.S. Open (DEBACLE: A sudden disastrous collapse.) By Barry Behrman - 2012-11-27 One month later and better healed mentally and physically, I want to apologize to the few U.S. Open players to whom prize money is still due. I assure you that I am drawing near to a resolution in this matter. Furthermore, I am offering no excuses whatsoever and am accepting full responsibility for this years disappointments. So with that said, I would like to humbly request that my daughter, Shannon, be left out of any postings related to this matter. It was not she who made the final determinations that led us to this point. It was me. Although we have never tried harder, and on paper the feedback prior to the event was very positive, the old saying: “seeing is believing” rang true as the set-up and execution could have and should have been better, MUCH better. We also know without question that all future U.S.Opens will be held in a single large room with ample seating space for all. With regards to the issues of payment I am also very aware that that is not the way to conduct business. There will never be another U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship unless all of the added monies are placed in an escrow account a minimum of 30 days prior to the event and all entry fees have been paid to the B.C.A. I admit that the players are very concerned about participating, rightfully so I might add, but this is why I have made the point of outlining guidelines for the allocation of funds. Let me repeat: In the future ALL prize monies will be held in escrow and all payments will be made at the event itself. On another note, we may have some good news about the future as we are seeking a new venue that will better support the event so as not to have to suffer any future shortcomings. Again I will never put the players, myself, or my family in that situation again. While I still have great passion for the game I am not getting any younger and it is not healthy to continue on this way. For the sake of the event and myself, there must be a rock-solid foundation prior to the next U.S. Open or there may not be another one. I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to the players and the people who were in attendance this year who thanked me for my efforts even through failure. Also, to the people who have written not so nice things about me, I understand and feel your pain as well. Any man unwilling to accept criticism, be it good or bad, is not fit to move forward towards health and a better future. I can admit that at times I have been foolish with certain matters


but a man must be able to realize his own mistakes and be willing to do whatever it takes to fix the issues. I, very simply, cannot and will not put anyone including myself through any doubt again! My daughter and myself are pursuing a much better way to move forward. Making proper financial arrangements is our top priority and will be done before all else. This is the most important factor ahead of us and it will be treated as such in moving forward in preparations for the 38th U.S. Open. Again, I am so very sorry and people dear to me know my sincerity in my commitment to having all of the prize money as well as added funds secured and in the appropriate hands 30 days prior to the next event. My deepest gratitude to all and I wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season. Sincerely, Barry Behrman P.S. Better late than never is not an acceptable excuse anymore for the event or anyone involved. I am again so very sorry to have let so many people down over the past years and I am affected more than you know. Tomorrow is a new day and I am committed to a new path. EDITOR’S NOTE: Where was the ABP? In 2011 the ABP put a boycott on the U.S. Open to insure all monies both entries and added would be put into escrow (see press release August 2011 in Stroke Pool Magazine). email: This is the only way to get a hold of the ABP that is based out of Chicago, IL, started in part by Charlie Williams who was negotiating with Barry Behrman, U.S. Open promoter. The president of ABP is Johnny Archer. Why wasn’t ABP there to protect the players at the 2012 U.S. Open. On the Facebook page it states that the ABP is the only professional billiard players association for the protection and betterment of players in the sport. Where were you ABP?

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up to the Lounge. It was surreal, a mess one of the walls was missing and confusion all over the place. Smoke from sparks off of electric items being thrown around. Mud and water painted on the walls still standing. The pool table untouched and pristine. Amazing the light on over pool table was still hanging straight. The electricity was on as the jute box was playing music “the weather outside is frightful… let it snow let it snow” A Dean martin tune. How ridiculous was that.! We walked to where the wall once was and looked out to the street. It was also in disarray. It was a big storm!!. One of the town’s folk came by to ask how we were. “The hurricane didn’t hit any other place then a few buildings on this street”. “ I never heard of a hurricane hovering in one place for that many hours”. How eerie that was. Many of the town folks were walking around, checking if everyone was alright came up to us. I asked if he knew who won the election. He said “you won’t believe it but Obama won”, “landslide” Lucky in a gaze at his friend and suddenly his eyes opened more his head popped up and slowly one corner of Lucky’s mouth turned up then the other side of his mouth turned up reveling a classic positive Lucky grin. That’s all that needed to be said. Roaming around gawking at the destruction, the two movie characters persisted in continue the pool game. “Hey man, let’s play, we aren’t quitting, we got lots of cash” Wow I thought…After all we just went through the stories and them being stuck big, they wanted to continue. Glass was all over on the floor the smell of booze from all the broken bottles. Lucky said “ how much do you guy have between you” they said a lot! Lucky got on his cell phone call the mayor “how much did the fair bring in?” Mayor was wondering why he was asking, when the town just went through what it did. But Lucky got the amount and hung up or flipped his phone off. Ok! you guys have

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$30,000 ? Yup! But we need a big spot! OK “That’s the bet 5 to 1 odds”. You win its $150,000, The spot you even don’t have to shoot the 8 ball and I have to make it in my last pocket. A race to 9 and I’ll give you 5 games on the wire to start. That seemed to me a little crazy. The two hustlers talked it over and came back, Ok! I can’t believe they went for it, “we get the first break” . Lucky agreed to it all. The first break they ran out and not having to shoot the 8. Score jumps to 4 to nothing, them… next break nothing went in and Lucky just went to work as we know he can. Rack after rack after rack Vincent never shot again. They were astonished. They paid Lucky and they were dead broke. They asked for some road money. Lucky said “want to earn $1000 apiece for a day’s work” …help us clean up this town….. “Got to get it ready for Christmas”…….. “It’s going to be a great NEW Year!!”


7 Billiards

4850 South State Road 7

Hollywood, FL 954-239-8254

Home of the Pink Table (pinkie)

14 Pool Tables - 1 Snooker Table - Weekly Pool Tournaments APA - TAP - Player Leagues

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Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm to 2am Sat-Sun Noon to 2am

Austin Long, Justin Long

2012 Summer Session APA Money Cup Article by: Janis Sessions

Catch Us if U Can!: Derek Friedman, Kerri Xirau, Edward Xirau, Josh Friedman, Aaron Levy, Nick Brown, Austin Long, Justin Long

Owners of Lucky 7

9-Ball Money Cup – Was played on 10/20/2012 at Premier Billiards located at 8120 Wiles Road, Coral Springs, FL. There would be 16 teams to qualify. The day would start with the captains meeting lead by Gene Weaver, who is the league operator for the Broward, FL APA. Lauren Pickard whose team is “Now What?” and Amy Garber whose team is “Hellifino” listen to questions from the other players. Everyone wants to understand the rules before the games start. This was my teams second time playing in this event. My team “Just Shoot the 9” had the highest score at end of the summer sessions. We would win the first round betting “Now What?”, but would lose the second round, team “Steph’s Shooting Stars” would send us home. My team did win $100, which was nice. Our home pool room is Lucky 7 located in Davie FL. and we got our trophies for having the highest score from our division during the summer session. The final team to win the 9-ball money cup would be the team named “Starlite”; they play out of Starlite Lounge located at 960 N Federal Hwy Pompano Beach, FL. They would meet up with the team named “Catch Us If U Can!” who plays out of Beyond Billiards located in Davie, FL. It would be an exciting match between these two teams, who would play for 1st and 2nd place. Because it was getting very late the two teams agreed to split the $2,200 payout money and then play one match for the trophies. Kerri Xirau who plays on the team “Catch Us if U Can!” would miss a 1-9 combo and Bill Moore from the “Starlite” would come back to the table and made 2 balls to win the match by only 4 balls. Congratulations to Steve Lebron and his team the “Starlite” for winning the 9-Ball Money Cup! Congratulations to Derek Friedman and his team “Catch Us if U Can!” on their 2nd place finish.

Nick Brown

Starlite Team: Steve Lebron, Bill Moore, Danny Gonzalez, Shana Brody, Justin Graham, Richard Brantman

Just Shoot The 9: Janis Sessions, Laura Clay, Elenor Freeman, JJ Jones, Jose Gonzalez, David Carnevale, Barney Santos

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“The Viper”

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One-pocket. And then later in my career, I was inspired by Buddy Hall’s smooth stroke and phenomenal mechanics. Wimpy Lassiter, I had a lot of respect for his game and he reminded me of what true legends are about. Oh and I can’t for about Minnesota Fats, every time he was around he made me laugh – he was truly hilarious and definitely one of a kind. VIPER: How did you prepare for events? Keith: Remember Melissa; I was a money player so I didn’t have much time for preparation because I was always in action. Tournaments were secondary to me. Sometimes, I would have to postpone a money game to play in a tournament match and then afterwards I would continue gambling. VIPER: What was the best advice you were ever given? Keith: I never really accepted advice from others, and believe me a lot of them gave me suggestions but as a young kid those recommendations seemed impossible to me, I guess I was just too stubborn to listen. The best ways for me to learn were to watch the techniques of the better players and then try to imitate them on my own time. VIPER: What is one thing that you enjoy most while playing pool? Keith: My favorite thing I enjoyed the most was watching my opponents sit like statues as I ran over them. I loved to watch their facial expressions. They give you a certain look when your giving them a pounding- its like as if they’re about to be drowned. VIPER: If you could say one thing to a young up-coming player what would it be? Keith: I would tell him to work real hard and dedicate his time to watching other great players like I did. I would suggest learning all of the different kind of strokes that pool has to offer, including the finesse stroke. I firmly believe that pool is a total process. VIPER: I think its funny that you say “He” what if it was a 12-yearold girl wanting help? Keith: I guess your right Melissa, I would teach her how to play the correct way. You know there are a lot of knowledgeable players out there but they really don’t know how to explain how to play the correct way. It would take some time, but after a while of working with me I guarantee she would be playing real well. And the main thing is, all players need to learn to be comfortable with what ever comes most natural to them and then we can go from there. – It’s a working progress. I like to teach plus I think everyone needs a good mentor. VIPER: What did your parents say about you playing pool for a living? Keith: I lost my mom to Cancer when I was 10 or 11 so I was basically on my own after that. Being so young I had to figure out a quick way to win. So I became a good all around gamble. Whether it was poker, flipping coins, pool, basically any/ever thing I could do to make money. And in the long run, it worked out for me. VIPER: What’s your Favorite game? Keith: I like the more skillful games like banks, 1-pocket, and pay-ball. 9-ball is my least favorite, because I don’t like to sit around and watch my opponents run-out all the time. Today’s players are way too methodical and with their bogus routines it’s boring and drives me nuts to watch them slowly run out. Yuck!!! Facebook Questions: Oscar Dominguez from Sylmar, CA asks: It’s rumored that you always switched cues around. If you could start over, do you think you would have been better off sticking to one cue and mastering it? Keith: That’s hard to say… for me, I would play with a cue for a while and then try something else that seemed better for some reason or another. Back then, cues were a dime a dozen so it didn’t really matter what I was playing with. But, I think in the long haul, yes it probably would have been better to stick to one cue. Being a stubborn gambler, when you went broke, you got rid of it. It was always an automatic to pawn your cue to a friend to get some money and later buy it back. I was also known to lose a match and break my cue into a million pieces and then throw it into the fireplace. Bart Mahoney from Sacramento, CA asks: If you hadn’t ever played pool, what do you think you would be or be doing today? Keith: I probably would have become a professional baseball player or golfer but then again, I was limited with my size so maybe a professional poker player? Manny Talavera from New Castle, IN asks: Who was your toughest opponent? Longest session ever played? Best friend in pool?

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Players you went on the road with? Keith: When I was playing full time on the circuit my toughest opponent was Earl Strickland. My longest session was playing for four-days, playing a game called pay ball on a snooker table against all the world champions at the Billiard Palace in Bellflower, CA. I ended up winning about $6,000 that day. I once played for three-days and decided to take a nap on a chair of the corner of the pool hall and I woke up with my pockets being cut out with scissors and ALL my money was gone! So the lesson I learned from that episode was to protect my stew by sleeping with my hands in my pockets. That is a true story I didn’t really have a best pool friend to say, but I had a lot of pool related friends. The first player I went on the road with was Hawaiian Brian, and from then on it’s just too many to mention. But it’s safe to say, that I was always accompanied with a partner and rarely did I travel alone. Bill Akers from Mediapolis, IA asks: Did you like working next to Paul Newman & Tom Cruise? What was the impact like on your game? Did the movie make you more famous in the pool world and/or in general? Keith: Yes… I really enjoyed working with the crew of the “Color of Money especially Paul Newman and Tom Cruise; I could have had more opportunities with acting but I chose to compete on the pro circuit instead. The movie didn’t have much impact on my pool game, except for making the action a little bit tougher and me a little bit more noticeable. In other words it knocked my action with the suckers. I was already pretty famous from the pool world but more normal people would approach me from being in the movie. As a mater of fact, I remember three-days after the movie debuted I was flying to my next pro event and fans noticed me as Grady from the movie. Cory Wilcox from Largo, FL asks: Do you still have the T-shirt that says, “The World’s got the 8.” Keith: No, that was a thing of the past. I wore it for a few years and then retired it. Bryan Bell from Colorado Springs, CO asks: There are rumors of you coming out of retirement. Is it true? Keith: Its possible … I guess he’s been reading the Internet lately. Angel Levine from Chicago, IL asks: What’s are you doing now? Are you still playing pool? Keith: I have not played in 6-7 years and I still continue to bet sports and play on-line poker. I met the love of my life Jenny, my angel in the year 2002 and she got me to quit all the negatives in my life and has truly been taking care of me ever since. She really has saved my life. Marvin Reed from Georgetown, SC asks: In his prime, who was the player he did not wanted to play and why? Keith: My answer would be no, because I was never really afraid of anyone! Hunter Roberts from San Carlos, CA asks: How tough was life on the road? When were you in your prime? Why do you shoot sidewinder? Keith: Being a road player had its good times and rough times but I always had a great time. Back then; it was easy to get a hold of money because there were always money games around. But these days, if you go broke you might end up in the streets. The reason why I play pool sidewinder is because I learned to play pool at a very young age. My arms could barely reach the table and I had to learn by standing on boxes to reach the table. Bobby Martinez from Mesquite, TX asks: What is your biggest comeback from behind victory (gambling & tournament)? Were you afraid of anyone? Did anyone consistently beat you? Keith: My biggest comeback was once playing a 9-ball tournament and being down 10-0 playing Jimmy Mataya and I came back to win the set 11-10. And wouldn’t you know it, the very next tournament I had him down 10-0 playing 9-ball and he came back to beat me 11-10 – Grrr….pool is funny game. Nobody ever consistently beat me but I would have to say at times Mike Segal and Earl Strickland were my toughest opponents. A special “Thank-you” to Keith McCready for sharing his thoughts on his personal life and pool career.



is TAP Licensee

Hi, my name is Ed Hobbs & I live in Tacoma, WA. I started Northwest Tap in 2006 with 18 Teams. There currently are 83 Teams in our strong core of pool players in the South King County area of the Puget Sound. I personally have a passion for the game of pool. Northwest Tap is a pool league for the pool player. The best group of people that you can imagine are part of this League & we are all very proud to represent TAP. TAP ON!

Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament Marks 17th Year CueSports International, Henderson, Nevada (November 7, 2012) - A time honored tradition returns to southern California for the 17th year. The annual Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament (the “Swanee”), produced and directed by CueSports International (CSI), will be hosted February 23-24, 2013 by Hard Times Billiards in Bellflower, California for the third consecutive year. Young and old, novice and professional players have kept alive the memory of one of the most beloved players in the sport, Jay "The Gentle Giant" Swanson. Jay is fondly remembered for all that he stood for - excellent pool play, great sportsmanship and a gentle spirit. It is no small feat to cash in this event, but history took place in the 2012 Swanee this year. Alex “The Lion” Pagulayan won for a second consecutive year surviving a litany of fellow well known names including former Swanee champions Dave Hemmah (1996), Mitch Ellerman (2009), Amar Kang (2006) and the only other two time winner Morro Paez (1999 and 2001). The Swanee has had a full field of 192 in four of the past five

U.S. AMATEURS (continued from pg 21) again next year,” he added. Parks will advance to the U.S. Open Championship next year. Gordon finished as the Runner-up in only his second U.S. Amateur Championship performance, and recorded two impressive wins over defending champion Ernesto Bayaua of Houston, Texas who finished in 3rd Place. In 4th Place was Troy Jones of Muncie, Ind. Stewart Warnock of Bardonia, N.Y., and Jeff Blattel of North Augusta, S.C., tied for 5th Place. The 2012 U.S. Amateur Championship was conducted by the APA, and is the only tournament produced by the APA open to both members and non-members. Preliminary qualifying rounds were held throughout the country in mid-September. As Champions, both Jones and Parks will return next year to defend their coveted titles. The U.S. Amateur Championship is a double elimination tournament that offers the nation’s top amateur players the opportunity to showcase

years. Due to the event’s popularity with leading players, CSI has scheduled the Swanee on February 23-24 and the US Bar Table Championship in Reno on February 25-March 3 to accommodate players who wish to play in both. It is recommended that players register in advance to secure a spot. Players may register online at or by faxing or mailing their entry forms to the CSI office. For further details, including the flyer and entry form, please click ALL UPCOMING EVENTS under the Events tab at CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. In the past 8 years CSI has directly paid out $8,000,000 to players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. CSI also produces independent events such as the US Bar Table Championships, the Jay Swanson Memorial, the US Open One Pocket Championship, the US Open 8-Ball Championship and the US Open 10-Ball Championship. Visit,, and for more information about CSI and its divisions.

their skills through a combination of 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches, in the only APA event that does not use The Equalizer®handicap system. The APA, based in Lake Saint Louis, Mo., sanctions the world’s largest amateur pool league, known as the APA Pool League throughout the United States, and as the Canadian Pool League in Canada. Nearly 270,000 members compete in weekly 8-Ball and 9 Ball league play. The APA is generally recognized as the Governing Body of Amateur Pool, having established the official rules, championships, formats and handicap systems for the sport of amateur billiards. The APA produces three major tournaments each year—the APA National Team Championships, the APA National Singles Championships and the U.S. Amateur Championship—that, together, pay out nearly $1.5 Million in cash and prizes annually! In 2010, the APA National Team Championships were recognized by Guinness World Records as the “world’s largest pool tournament.” The APA and its championships are sponsored by Aramith, Action Cues and Pool Dawg. For complete coverage of the U.S. Amateur Championship visit

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12 Days of Christ mas Jump Easier

Break Harder




The person I have in mind is Duke Bayman. DANIEL BRADLEY Duke & I go back a long time in the game. I would like to nominate a real hero for We have a mutual medical condition in the 12 days of Christmas Give aways. My common. His has gotten worse over the son Daniel Bradley is 20 years old and is years. Migraine. I started to get mine when currently deployed on the USS Eisenhower I became disabled from a seizure disorder with the US Navy. Daniel has had a passion in 2005, & now have Post Concussion for pool since he was like 5. Daniel has a heart of GOLD. Not only did he join the Syndrone. I have Meds, at least that work US Navy to fight for our freedom, but he some of the time. Duke suffers almost has helped many other fellow pool players everyday. And was recently turned down for and friends. Before being deployed, when JODY TEIPEN-HOLBROOK Medical trials, but has such a great outlook he was home for 2 weeks, he would take his I would like to enter my wife Jody anyway. But hardly a day goes by, that he friends to play pool and the ones that didn’t Teipen-Holbrook. She is a fun loving have the money to play, he always covered doesn’t stop on Facebook, to wish everyone and outgoing person who truly enjoys it all. He has a friend whom he has had a Happy day! And wishes everyone, to have since they were 5, and he bought Anthony socializing with others. She has expressed a blessed day! And then he stops by, to check a nice cue and case and taught him to play an interest in learning to play the games on me to say Hi & hopes for me to have a as well. He is always willing to help anyone of pocket billiards so that we may both blessed day!! he can, including his parents. His dad and enjoy playing in leagues together. I are divorced but we are all still one happy BUT-It doesn’t stop him, from getting out She has spent the last 17 months helping family. Last Christmas Daniel paid off his there to make someones day, no matter how dad’s car so that his dad wouldn’t have to to run her parents Child Care Ministry he feels. I know I’m not his only stop eitherstruggle anymore since he hurt his back (since May 2011). She receives no pay. Then he may go take a nap. and can’t work and is currently still waiting We also live in the child care center with So, Don-Duke is my candidate. I know you on disability. On the day he deployed my our daughter, 11. We have been here mom, my 8 year old, and myself drove to will get alot. But enjoy this, it’s a great thing. since April 30, 2011. Norfolk to see him for the last time for And the wonderful stories you will hear, will 9 months. Before we left he handed me She walked away from her Bachelor be more than worth it. Only wish you could some money to make sure we could make Degree at Indiana University to come share...But I know you can’t. it back home and not struggle. My mom The tip here features a “stinger” and take over the child carestem with that projects downward through a hole Happy Holdiays! lost her job after 14 years of being with the me so that her parents could go to their in the center of the ferrule. This results in aMartin very efficient, precise hit. same company, and I try to take care of us Debby retirement. However, her parents are not both as well as my younger son, since being deployed Daniel has sent me money twice ready nor willing to step away, despite “just because”. This will be Daniel’s first what they tell us and everyone else Christmas away from his family (He came repeatedly. home last year from VA), and it will be very God bless, Kenneth Steven Holbrook hard for all of us. It would be absolutley amazing if he could be part of this great promotion of the passion he misses so much. When he boarded the ship, he took his pool case with him, hoping to get a chance to play. He says other than his family, pool is what he misses the most. Thank you for the oppertunity to share my story with you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. X (Fingers Crossed! ) April Bradley







I believe that my daughter Kaci Steilow is deserving of a Holiday Gift package. Kaci has made great choices in her life to better herself. Her choices in her career path have been based on helping others. After graduating from high school she served in the US Army in Ira, as a Mental Health Specialist, helping the soldiers work threw their needs. She also worked hard at being creative in activities to promote mental wellness for the troops, Halloween parties, Christmas parades, and Karaoke nights. As a mother I am proud of all that she does for others, Kaci is now about at graduate with a RN degree in December and another path of helping others will begin. Kaci joined a pool league about a year ago, she has been a quick learner and shows the passion and love for the game. It is the first time I have seen her do something for herself, I know every time she helps others she is receiving her own personal gift for giving, to recieve a gift for given present because you see all that Kaci gives would be great gift for a wonderful daughter! Lynn Steilow


TAP Nationals

2012 U.S.

Brian Parks

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Cue Ball results Colorado State Championships Keith McCready Interview

2012 U.S. Amateur Champion


an in Ousch JasmLincoln City, OR


If you have any changes to your weekly pool tournaments EMAIL: us at DATE Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays Saturdays Sundays

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EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED 9-Ball Call 8 Ball $15 8 Ball $5 9 Ball $20 $100 w/32 Open 9 Ball $10/$20 Call Open 9 Ball $5 Call 9 Ball $10 Call Open 9 Ball $8 Call Open 9-Ball $30 Calcutta 8-Ball $12 8 Ball $5 Call Open 9 Ball-Ladies play free $10 Call 9-Ball Handicap $10 8 Ball $6 8 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $13 Call 8 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $8 200% payout 9-Ball Handicap-SE $15 (incl g.f.) Call 9-Ball Handicap-Round Robin $15 $$$ 9-Ball $Call 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 9 Ball $20 $100 w/32 Open 9 Ball $5 Call Open 9 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $7 100% payout 3 Cushion $15 Call 9 Ball $15 $200 8 Ball $10 8 Ball $10 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball - Race to 1 $10 Call 8 Ball $15 Call 8 Ball $8 Call 8-Ball-Race to 2-DE $5 Match w/20+ 9-Ball Open-Handicap $7-$12 $3/player 8-Ball Race to 2-DE $5 $$$ 9 Ball $10 8 Ball 8 Ball $15 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $20 Call 9 Ball $20 Call 8 Ball $8 5 Chip Elim. 8 Ball $7 Call 8 Ball Call 200% payout 10-Ball Handicap-Race to 5 $15 $$$ 9 Ball $10 9 Ball $10 Mixed 8 Ball & 9 Ball $7 8 Ball $10 Call 9 Ball $15 Call 8 Ball - bank the 8 $10 Call 8 Ball Call Call 8 Ball $5 $$$ Alt 8 & 9 Ball Call Call 9 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $6 Call 8 Ball $7 1/3 pot 8 Ball $10 $3/player

TIME Call 7PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 8PM 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 7PM 7PM 7PM 7PM Call 8PM 7:30PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 7PM 5PM 8PM 8PM 7PM 7PM 7:30PM Call 8PM 8PM 11:30AM 7:30PM 8PM 7PM 6PM 6PM 6PM 1PM 7PM 7:30PM 7PM 3PM 2PM 6PM 8:30PM 2PM 6:30PM 4PM 2PM 7:30PM 7PM 7PM 8PM 8PM 5:30PM 2PM

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December 2012 - Stroke Magazine 33

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Click on the MAP link online to get directions to each location DATE Dec 1

CITY Ft Pierce, FL

LOCATION Ultimate Billiards

PHONE EVENT / RULES (772) 464-7665 9-Ball


ADDED $500


Dec 2

Ft Pierce, FL

Ultimate Billiards

(772) 464-7665




Dec 1

Williamsville, NY

Bison Billiards

(716) 632-0281

8-Ball Bar Box

$35 (incl g.f.) $250 Guar



Jan 5

Ft Pierce, FL

Ultimate Billiards

(772) 464-7665






Jan 6

Ft Pierce, FL

Ultimate Billiards

(772) 464-7665





Jan 5

Williamsville, NY

Bison Billiards

(716) 632-0281

8-Ball Bar Box

$35 (incl g.f.) $250 Guar



Jan 11

Fargo, ND

Fargo Billiards

(701) 282-4168






Jan 12-13

Fargo, ND

Fargo Billiards

(701) 282-4168

Midwinter Shootout 8 Ball



Jan 19-20

Williamsville, NY

Bison Billiards

(716) 632-0281

NE 9-Ball

$60-A/$40-B $1,000 Guar


Jan 20

Williamsville, NY

Bison Billiards

(716) 632-0281

2nd Chance - Players out


$250 Guar


Jan 25 Jan 27 Jan 27 Jan 29 Jan 30

Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN

Derby City Classic Derby City Classic Derby City Classic Derby City Classic Derby City Classic

(812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (310) 370-3994 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665

9-Ball Banks (buy back option) $110 One Pocket (buy back option) $135 Straight Pool Challenge $100 10-Ball Challenge Call 9-Ball (buy back option) $160

$10,000 Guar $15,000 Guar $6,000 Guar $10,000 $25,000 Guar

Noon Noon 9:00AM Call Noon


Feb 2

Ft Pierce, FL

Ultimate Billiards

(772) 464-7665






Feb 3

Ft Pierce, FL

Ultimate Billiards

(772) 464-7665





Feb 2

Williamsville, NY

Bison Billiards

(716) 632-0281

8-Ball Bar Box

$35 (incl g.f.) $250 Guar



Feb 23-24

Bellflower, CA


(702) 719-7665

Jay Swanson 9-Ball (Max 192) $80/$85

$3,000 Min



Feb 25-Mar 3 Reno, NV


(702) 719-7665

10-Ball Bar Table-Open Div





Feb 25-Mar 3 Reno, NV


(702) 719-7665

10-Ball Bar Table-Wmns Div


$1,000 w/16+


Feb 25-Mar 3 Reno, NV


(702) 719-7665

9-Ball Bar Table-Open Div




Feb 25-Mar 3 Reno, NV


(702) 719-7665

9-Ball Bar Table-Wmns Div


$1,000 w/16+


Feb 25-Mar 3 Reno, NV


(702) 719-7665

8-Ball Bar Table-Open Div




Feb 25-Mar 3 Reno, NV


(702) 719-7665

8-Ball Bar Table-Wmns Div


$1,000 w/16+





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Stroke Magazine December Issue 2012  

Over 90 tournaments listed and results from the WPBA Nationals in Lincoln City, OR - TAP Nationals - U S Amateur Championships, an interview...

Stroke Magazine December Issue 2012  

Over 90 tournaments listed and results from the WPBA Nationals in Lincoln City, OR - TAP Nationals - U S Amateur Championships, an interview...