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December 2011 - Stroke Magazine 3

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1st Place: Steve Knoll, 2nd Place: Michael Toohig, 3rd Place: Rene Villalobos

The Predator Pro-Am Tour's $1,000 added last stop of the regular 2011 season took place at Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ on November 5-6. "Castle", as most players in the area call it, is known for their famous sizzling steak and friendly atmosphere, as well as catering to some of the best pool players in New Jersey. Forty-five players from around the tri-state area came out to compete in the Amateur 9-ball Event, all looking to end the season on a positive note... and potentially raise their standing in the tour's end of the year rankings. Notable amateur players in this event included Noel Bensurto, Lionel Rivera, Gary Murgia, Jack Smith, Daniel Dagotdot, Ariel Rivera, Carl Yusef Khan, John Ortiz, Ed Culhane, and Steve Knoll of Sarasota, FL. Several players played strong throughout the two-day tournament, but one player showed the most dominance overall. Florida player Steve Knoll is known as being a top amateur player, and proved to be too strong for the competition throughout this weekend. Steve's road through the winner's bracket included wins over Guy Ignonicello 7-5, Christian Smith 7-6, Ed Culhane 7-2, Mike Hertz 8-7, Jack Smith 7-4, Rene Villalobos 10-8 to take the hot seat, and Michael Toohig

L-R 3rd Place: Raphael DaBreo, 1st Place: Jeremy Sossei, 2nd Place: Tony Robles

10-5 in the finals. A number of other players also showed a lot of grit in this event, including Jack Smith, Rhio Anne Flores, Gary Murgia, and Rene Villalobos... who were all playing good enough to win, and left it all on the table during their late-event losses. Michael Toohig was also playing with more swagger and more confidence that I have seen to date on tour. It was a pleasure to watch him dig deep, and come with several wins en route to his strong second place finish. The Open/Pro 10-Ball Division featured pro division points leader and Tour Owner Tony Robles and Jeremy Sossei, as well as several up-and-coming players.

New York player Raphael Dabreo, who was ranked #3 in the B+ Class standings prior to this event, was impressive in making a statement with a solid 3rd place finish‌ but one player was head and shoulders above the rest. Connecticut pro Jeremy "The Giant Killer" Sossei played superb all day en route to an undefeated win. Jeremy defeated Brian Tierney 8-2, Joe Landi 8-4, Tony Robles 8-1, Raphael DaBreo 8-6 for the hot seat, and Tony Robles 9-8 in the finals. Both Amateur and Open/Pro tour players will be looking forward to the Predator Tour's 2011 Finale, which will take place at Raxx Pool Room, Bar & Grill on December 10-11.


AMATEUR DIVISION: 1st: $850 2nd: $550 3rd: $400 4th: $300 5th/6th: $200 7th/8th: $125 9th-12th: $85

Steve Knoll Michael Toohig Rene Villalobos Gary Murgia Rhio Ann Flores, Jack Smith Kapriel Delimelkonoglu, Mike Hertz Phil Davis, Christian Cabera, Mike Harrington, Tony Ignomirello

PRO DIVISION: 1st: $550 2nd: $350 3rd: $200

Jeremy Sossei Tony Robles Raphael DaBreo

December 2011 - Stroke Magazine 5

D'Alfonso holds off Dechaine


D'Alfonso positioned himself as the man to beat as he defeated Matt Tetreault 9-2 for the hot-seat. Meanhile, on the left side of the board, marquee players were in a dog-fight to determine who would take on Tetreault in order to earn their shot in the finals. That player would The Fireball, Mike Dechaine. Dechaine had dropped a match to Mike Davis on Saturday, but came back through the one loss side and defeated Tetreault 9-5 to set up the true double elimination finals. Dechaine kept his momentum going in the first set of the finals and scorched D'Alfonso 9-3 to set up the second set, but D'Alfonso turned things around in the second set and scored a 9-3 win of his own to clinch first place. D'Alfonso earned $2500 for first place, while Dechaine settled for $1800 in second place prize money.

A field of 64 players made their way to Snookers in Providence, RI to take their shot at having their name hung in the rafters next to such notables as Mika Immonen, Francisco Bustamante, George San Souci, Danny Basavich, Dennis Hatch, Mike Zuglan and other winners of the Ocean State 9-Ball Championship. With an all star field that contained such notables as Mike Dechaine, Mike Davis, Stevie Moore, Jeremy Sossei, Tom D'Alfonso, Brittany Bryant and Jennifer Barretta, it was D'Alfonso who came away with the win.

6 Stroke Magazine - December 2011

Tour director Mike Zuglan indicated that there are less than five spots available in the upcoming Turning Stone Classic XVIII. Interested players need to contact Mike asap. 1st $2,500.00 Tom D'Alfonso 2nd $1,800.00 Mike Dechaine 3rd $1,300.00 Matt Tetreault 4th $1,000.00 Mike Davis 5th/6th $750.00 Ivaylo Petrov, Stevie Moore 7th/8th $550.00 Brittany Bryant, Bucky Souvanthong 9th/12th $350.00 Jennifer Barretta, Ray MacNamara Greg Antonakos, Ron Cosanzio 13th/16th $200.00 Paul Dryden, Choneyl Tenzin, Nelson Oliviera Jeremy Sossei



Back row, Lauren Pickard, Sue Roberts, Rene Vassallo, Nicolle Martino, Valerie Smith, Janis Sessions, Carmen Henriquez. Front row, Christina Terlizzi, Jennifer Page.

West Palm Beach, FL (Nov. 5, 2011) - Christina Terlizzi of Stuart, Florida, won her first tournament at the Flamingo Billiards Tour 8-Ball/9-Ball Mini-Tour event on Saturday at Grover's Billiards in West Palm Beach, Florida. Christina played strong on the winner's side, sending Jennifer Page and Nicole Martino to the one-loss side. However, Valerie Smith stopped Terlizzi as they both vied to make it to the hot seat.

Many thanks to Jason Jenkins, owner of Grover's Billiards for his support of the Flamingo Billiards Tour.

Terlizzi made it back to the finals with a close win over Janis Sessions, who played strong all day ending the day for Carmen Henriquez, Lauren Pickard and Nicole Martino. Out for revenge, Terlizzi went back and forth with Smith in the final match in a close race to seven. Ultimately, Smith missed the chance to go double hill, letting Terlizzi take the match and her first win!


The Flamingo Billiards Tour is a WPBA-recognized Regional Tour, a stepping stone to the WPBA. The FBT Mini-Tour gives local women amateur players the opportunity to compete against the stronger FBT players, and a chance to win a free entry into a FBT event.

RESULTS $75 and paid entry into a Flamingo Billiards Regional Tour event

Christina Terlizzi



Valerie Smith



Janis Sessions


Live Streamer’ s links or schedules Last Saturday of every month: Floating Saturday One Pocket: TBA as it floats around each month Stream starts at 12pm (3pm est) Strickland vs SVB Dec 2-4 PPV - Race to 75 O. Dominguez vs Raj Hundal Dec 9-10 (maybe 11) PPV - Race 25 (List of hundreds of live streamers) December 9-11:


December 2011 - Stroke Magazine 7

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8 Stroke Magazine - December 2011 LH-&-LC-OTBnTV-11-18-11.indd 1

11/18/2011 11:33:22 AM



HOME TOWN: Los Angeles BIRTH DATE: 1/21/95 SCHOOL: Oaks Christian High School, Westlake Village GRADE: 11th FAVORITE SUBJECT: Algebra AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 13 TITLES: 2009 BEF Junior National 9-Ball Champion, 14 & Under Division OTHER AWARDS: CSI Next Generation Team; Represented the United States at the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) World Junior 9-Ball Championships in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011. WHAT KIND OF CUE(S)

DO YOU USE? Predator radial joint custom, 314-2 shaft, BK-2 break cue. LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED: Right SPONSORS: None FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Neil Young HOBBIES: Snowboarding, Video Games MEMORABLE POOL MOMENTS: Playing in the 2011 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Championships in Kielce, Poland. FAVORITE FOOD: Bagels FICTIONAL HERO: Spock REAL-WORLD HERO: Dad GOALS- PERSONAL AND/OR CAREER: Trying to find a way to balance pool, school, and the rest of my life and finding a college that’s near a ski resort in the mountains and has a good pool hall.


November 2011 - Stroke Magazine 9

BARNES BEATS PAGE IN NAIL-BITER JEANNIE SEAVER 2011FB TOUR CHAMPION; CHRIS FIELDS EARNS 2012 WPBA EXEMPTION Boynton Beach, Fla. (Nov. 19, 2011) – If there was any doubt that Florida’s top women 9-Ball players were in the same pool room on Saturday, that doubt was quickly eliminated by the never-ending display of banks, caroms and combos executed with perfection throughout the entire day. At the end of it all, however, it was Jessica Barnes who played strong enough to win the Flamingo Billiards Tour $1,000-added End of Year event. This was Barne’s first win on the FBT.

the table for the game and the match. Jeannie Seaver’s 3rd place finish guaranteed her spot as the FBT highest points finisher and the 2011 Flamingo Billiards Tour Champion. Seaver received Nick Varner’s new Air Jump Cue. A third place finish was also good enough for Chris Fields to secure the 2012 WPBA Exemption. Susan Martin was recognized as the Most Improved Player Award. Janis Sessions was recognized with the Most Valuable Player Award, as the value that she brings to the FBT goes above and beyond in helping to promote and support the tour. Janis has brought several new players; she raises money for the FBT breast cancer fundraiser, and goes out of her way to publicize the FBT, not only by word of mouth but by word of car!

Hot off a recent win on the BAAT tour, Barnes came to the FBT with the same thought in mind. However, Jessica’s first match was a tough double-hill challenge with Kelly Coyle that almost sent Jessica west. Coyle missed the match-winning nine-ball and left Jessica out. Barnes then sent Shanelle Loraine west, only to be stopped by Chris Fields 7-2. Jessica quickly made it to the redraw by sending Christie Cloke home, 7-2. Fields made it to the redraw on the winner’s side after sending both Barnes and Janis Sessions to the one-loss side.

Soash wins Ladies Open side-by-side tournament In a side-by-side event, Margie Soash (pictured below on the left) won the 8-Ball/9-Ball tournament. Juliette Watier (pictured below right) finished second, and Christina Terlizzi finished third.

Four make it to the semi-finals In the semi-finals Barnes drew Chris Fields. Jeannie Seaver would play Jennifer Page again. Down 4-0, Seaver looked like she was losing her mojo. Not to be shut out, Seaver’s stroke caught a second wind and came back forcing Page into a double-hill match. With the 9-Ball sitting in front of the side pocket, the cue ball on the other side and several balls blocking any kind of carom or combo shot, Page took a chance hitting the two into the rail and kicking back towards the nine, but missed, leaving Seaver with an almost identical shot in the opposition direction. Seaver shot the two into the short rail to send it up to the nine, making the two instead of the nine. Seaver continued to run the table and was almost at the finish line. But left with a tough shot on the seven to get on the eight, Seaver missed the shot and Page ran out to take the match. The biggest surprise match of the night was the semifinal matchup between Fields and Barnes. Fields seemed to have the match locked up with Barnes down 6-1. But a few bad rolls for Fields, a few good rolls for Barnes, not to mention that Barnes has been playing strong and came to play with a “never say die” attitude on Saturday – Barnes refused to give up, came back to force a double-hill game and ultimately won match.

10 Stroke Magazine - December 2011

Pictured above: Chris Fields, 3rd, Jennifer Page, 2nd, Jessica Barnes, winner, and Jeannie Seaver, 3rd. Below: Marge Soash, Juliette Watiers

Nail-biting finals The final match between Page and Barnes was like a see-saw. Barnes was quick up two games, making an incredible long rail cut shot on the 9-ball with almost no angle on the nine. In game three Barnes undercut an 8-ball allowing Page to get on the board. Barnes broke next but came up dry, leaving Page an easy shot on the one, followed by a combo shot on the 2-9, tying the match 2-2. Barnes took the next game, and then Page combed again, score 3-3. Ball back in the Barnes’ court made the match 4-3, then in game eight, Page played safe, and with the two-nine tied up on the opposite rail Barnes responded with an incredible ESPN kick shot of the day hitting the two and sending the nine into the pocket, 5-3. Page won the next game, and then ran out to the 8-ball, made the eight and ended up with the cue ball on the rail for a long cut shot with the 9-ball on the opposite rail. A tough shot for even the most seasoned pro, Page missed and left Barnes out. Score 6-4. The next game Barnes missed and left Page out, score 6-5. In the next game, Barnes broke and made two balls. Missing a straight in long rail shot, Page was back at the table with a chance to tie the match. But left with a tough shot to make or even play safe, Page missed and Barnes ran the rest of

Many thanks to room owners Mike Bradford and Joe Sistarelli, (, ( for being great hosts and supporters of the Flamingo Billiards Tour. Thanks also to the legendary Nick Varner and to Boynton Billiards, for supporting the Flamingo Billiards Tour. Our thanks also goes out to Ultimate Billiards in Ft. Pierce, Florida, and to Amy’s Billiards in Stuart, Florida, for their continued support. And of course thanks to all of the women who came out to compete and support the tour. See you next year! Some of the matches from the 2011 End of Year Event can be viewed at recorded/18622494. Check the for the date for the 2012 Kick-Off event. END OF YEAR EVENT ($1000-added, modified double-elimination) 1st Jessica Barnes ($500) 2nd Jennifer Page ($350) 3rd Jeannie Seaver ($200) 3rd Chris Fields ($200) 5th Christie Cloke ($75) 5th Sue Roberts ($75) LADIES OPEN TOURNAMENT ($100-added) 1st Marge Soash ($120) 2nd Juliette Watiers ($ 70) 3rd Christina Terlizzi ($ 40)


Jeannie Seaver, in her attempt to win three FBT events in a row, had a rough start to the day losing 7-5 to Jennifer Page. Not to be stopped, Seaver made it back to the redraw with wins over Loraine, Sessions and Sue Roberts. Page also made it to the redraw with wins over Vanessa Seaver and a tough win over Roberts 7-5.

COLUMNIST San Francisco Billiard Academy

Into The Cushion

Here are two shots that demonstrate a feature of cushions that you might overlook: they are relatively soft. When a ball hits a rail with force, it can sink in more than half an inch depending on the angle and speed of attack.

Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy. The academy offers: Private Instruction Basics Clinic Eight Ball Clinic Nine Ball Clinic Introduction to Billiard Instruction BCA Recognized Instructor Course BCA Certified Instructor Course

Shot 1 is one of the first trick shots I learned. The bank looks impossible since the 1 ball is frozen to both the 2 ball and the cushion. Hit the 1 ball as full as you can without hitting the 2 ball first and the bank will at least be close. Adjust the angle by hitting the ball a little thinner to make it go more towards the short rail (which is called “longer”) or with a little left English to “stiff” or “pinch” the 1 ball and make it go “shorter” or more towards the long rail side of the corner pocket. If you play on the same table all the time, there is a technique you can use to prepare for bank shots such as this. Find a distant spot on the wall along the line where the shot is straight. As long as you set the balls at the same place on the cushion each time, which should be even with the second diamond, you will have a head start on the aiming -- just shoot the 1 ball at the far target. For similar shots, such as threecushion banks and kicks, look for similar guides. Shot 2 -- set up as a combo for the 9 ball -- also looks impossible since the 3 and 5 are at a 45 degree angle into the cushion


and the 5 is a chalk-width or a little more from the 9. Any reasonable person would think the 5 ball will leave the cushion long before it reaches the 9. What happens instead if you hit the shot firmly is that 5 sinks into the cushion and remains in the cushion for nearly an inch as it travels towards the 9. If your speed is right, the 5 will leave the cushion just as it reaches the 9 and the 9 will fly into the pocket. If you set the 3-5 up closer to the 9 ball and maintain high speed, it’s possible to miss the 9 by having the 5 still well into the cushion when it gets to the 9 and it will actually shoot the 9 away from the rail. Once you have a feel for the speed needed to make the shot work with the spacing shown, try the shot without the 3-5. First notice the line of the 3-5 and see how close the right edge of the pair passes the edge of the 9. In the diagram, it looks like the 5 would just miss the 9 if the cushion wasn’t there. Next, remove the 3 and 5 and shoot the cue ball along that same line and at full speed. The 9 should again fly into the pocket as the cue ball follows the same path that the 5 ball did from the combination. I think you will find the shot more than a little amazing. Shots like this are among what I would call “irregular” shots,

where regular shots, such as straight-ins and simple cut shots make up the vast majority of the shots you will ever play. The rare shots can often get you out of trouble, although it’s mastery of the routine shots that will keep you from getting into trouble. And the strange shots are fun.

December 2011 - Stroke Magazine 11



Tim Miller

This is not a feel good program. This is the real deal. You will be working with the monk for over four months. You will be working step by step to build the skills at nine ball that your opponent does not have. You will master the important moves this game calls for. You will become a master nine ball player and play better nine ball than you have every played this game before. May all the rolls go your way, The Monk

In nine ball you must play the conditions. Don’t get outside who you are. Learn to be a warrior. A good soldier is not anxious but prepared to strike at all times with an effective well disciplined stroke. His intentions are clear. He knows his opponent and he knows the territory. He seeks an advantage. Master the art of war. I once lured a top player to a senior center that had no shades on the window. I chose four o’clock in the afternoon. The sun would be just right. My opponent has had surgery and he cannot stand the glare. Since he was the best player he readily agreed to my time and location. I left him shots where he had to face the window and was able to win the match. “Taking your Medicine” I faced a seven ball I could do nothing with. All I could do was pocket the ball and take a long tough shot on the eight ball. I decided I would take my chances with the eight ball. I would go through my pre shot routine and make every effort to pocket that ball. I was not going to lose on the seven ball so I cinched it and then faced a full table cut on the eight. It went in and I was straight in on the nine. If I had any reservations on this move, I would have failed. I call this move, “Taking your medicine”. Make the shot and take what you get. Once I faced a shot where I would break open a clump. I did not know where the balls would go once I made contact. I simply made my shot, allowed the cue ball to plow in to the clump and accepted whatever the roll the roll would be. I call this “Playing for a sweet roll”. In both cases I don’t want to miss my shot because I am worried about the next shot. I faced a shot where I was actually playing for a bank on my next ball. I told myself to “Be willing to face the next shot” and make the shot. In the past when I played for a difficult shot on my next ball I missed the shot I was shooting because I was worried about the tough shot coming up. I call this, “not wanting to face a tough shot”.

CALL THE MONK TODAY 1-603-566-6229

• Take your medicine. • Play for a sweet roll. • Be willing to face the next shot.

You must be certain on what you intend to do. If you read my book I Came to Win I offer you a wonderful chapter on what intentions will do for you. If you can control your mind, and your persona and who you are and how you function you will beat most players. Discipline is what enables us to take home the prize. We all shoot shots well, we all know safeties but the disciplined mind is the one who wins. Rules you must go by: 1. Your first order of business is to classify the shot you are facing. It is a “Taking your Medicine or Playing for a Sweet Roll? 2. You should always see the cue ball coming off the rail. Never send it to the rail and leave yourself a rail shot. Always visualize the cue ball away from the rail. 3. Learn to recognize safeties when they come up. Don’t stand there and try to figure out what you should already know. 4. When playing combo’s always pin point where the first ball is going. You know the second ball is going in the pocket. 5. Make sure you are clear about what you want after the shot. Often times we can only play position for a bank or combo and miss the shot because we are not totally interested in the combo or bank. Pinpoint where the cue ball will go after you deliver the stroke. Spend the day memorizing these rules. Imbed them within your mind so they become a natural instinct. If you would like to be a top nine ball player I have a special training program just for you. It involves personal training from me. You work your way through fourteen levels so nothing is left out of your game. You consult with me on each level so I can keep you on the right track. This is a special program. You can call me 1-603566-6229 or email me at monkbilliardacademy@yahoo. com I will give you more information on this program.


WOULD YOU PAY $300.00 TO BECOME A TOP PLAYER IN YOUR TOWN? More detailed information available online

12 Stroke Magazine - December 2011

Big Daddy’s Billiards Watch for Upcoming Events Call for Info

7954 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd Glen Burnie, MD 410-760-1332

December 2011 - Stroke Magazine 13

TAP Little River, SC, Nov. 23rd, 2011 - TAP Players from all over the USA and Canada, the best of the best from each TAP territory, won their trips to the TAP Nationals event held in Las Vegas, NV November 9th through the 14th. Bally’s once again played host to this exciting event, that TAP Players look forward to each and every year placing their bets, they will be the TAP National Champions for 2011. The kickoff party starts off the event on Wednesday evening, with fabulous food and beverages provided by Founder and CEO Loyd Schonter. Registration handed out gift bags also provided by Schonter for each and every National trip winner / player. So, they were winners when they arrived. The Predator Group provided their support of the event once again, along with vendors D & D Cue Repair, Speed Break, Pool A Holic Apparel, Hustlin, SharkNU Apparel, and Joe Salazar from Connoisseur Cues. BCA Hall of Fame Inductees and World

returns from another roll at the dice, in Las Vegas!

Champions Robin Dodson and Allen Hopkins both attended TAP’s National event this. Robin provided instruction on jumping and Allen held expositions throughout the entire week of the event. Players and Licensees alike enjoyed the opportunity to interact with them both, and vice versa. This year, a lot was at stake. Championships for the TAP 8 Ball National Team Event and 9 Ball National Team Event were held in addition to the ever popular Rally dream team event, slated as Rally at Bally’s for the second year. Singles provided each evening as well, also produced 8 National Champions.

Matt Wheeler

These Champions are congratulated on their accomplishment! TAP, LLC Pools Amateur Tour Facebook page, has several pictures and videos of this event posted on our wall.

And who were the Winners?

Jesse Hornbeck

8 Ball National Team Champions – A Town Express Runner Up – Bounty Hunters 9 Ball National Team Champions – TAP Dat Again Runner Up – Here Comes The Pain Rally at Bally’s Team Champions – A Town Runner Up – Anytime Billiards 2/3 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion – Matt Wheeler 4 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion - Jesse Hornbeck 5 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion – Cecil Edwards 6 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion – Eric Smartnick 7 Handicap 8 Ball Singles National Champion – Kevin Clark 2/3 Handicap 9 Ball Singles National Champion – Eddie Rivera 4/5 Handicap 9 Ball Singles National Champion – Dan Lewis 6/7 Handicap 9 Ball Singles National Champion – Tommy Najar

14 Stroke Magazine - December 2011

Kevin Clark

Dan Lewis

9Ball 2nd Here Comes The Pain What else hAPPened? TAP’s phone application was released for review at the event. This new TAP feature product will be available in the next couple of weeks for use by some selected areas, and will be going out to all TAP Players and Territories in 2012. The phone application will allow players to keep score on their phones and submit via their phones, but that’s only the beginning. In 2012 TAP will be introducing it into the TAP Events. 2012 TAP Nationals will be going to Charleston, SC and 2013 to Pheasant Run, near Chicago, Illinois. TAP’s traveling Nationals has been quite successful. Brining TAP and its players to locations they may have never been traveled to personally. The next TAP Event TAP’s Rally in the Valley, in conjunction with the Allen Hopkin’s Super Billiards Expo, is

9Ball TAP Dat Again Don’t have TAP where you are? Interested in starting your own league? Call 1-800984-7665 Ext. 2 to reach Sam Rullo TAP’s Sales Director and he will be more than happy to help you.

Want more information about TAP? Check out our website, www.tapleague. com; Facebook Page - TAP, LLC Pools Amateur Tour and Erik Smartnik Tommy Najar / or contact us, through our expected to be our largest event to date. corporate office, at the Also, at a new home, the Philadelphia Live Help desk, via Expo Center at the Oaks, in PA is going email or IM. Join the to allow growth of not only the Rally in countless others that the Valley Dream Team event, but also have been checking will allow for the introduction of a new us out. event as well. Don’t miss the excitement of TAP and it’s new releases of upcoming events and formats.

2nd Bounty Hunters

We look forward to hearing from you ! TAP ON !

8Ball A Town Express

December 2011 - Stroke Magazine 15

16 Stroke Magazine - December 2011


The Women’s Pro Billiard Tour returned to the beautiful Chinook Winds Event Center on the Oregon coast this year for the most coveted title on the tour, the WPBA Tour Championships, or as veterans know it, “the Nationals.” The event is only open to 48 players, and only by invitation. The world class field included all WPBA’s top guns save Karen Corr, who has moved back to England and is unsure whether she’ll return to professional competition. Beginning play on Thursday morning, November 10, the double elimination field was quickly whittled down to the top 16 who would compete in single elimination rounds for the title. The players making it past this first round would be featured in the quarter-finals, taped for ESPN broadcast in December and January (check for up-to-date air times). The final sixteen took to the floor late Friday night to pare down the field, with eight great matches. US Open runnerup Ga Young Kim defeated Hall of Famer Ewa Laurance 9-6 despite a valiant comeback from Laurance late in the game. Last year’s Tour Championship runner-up and the 2010 National Junior Champion Brittany Bryant defeated Norway's Line Kjorsvik 9-7. Great Britain's Kim Shaw destroyed American contender Liz Cole, and in a surprise victory, the Texas Tornado Vivian Villarreal bested UK native Kelly Fisher. Fisher, hot off a win at the Yalin Women's World Championship in the Philippines, was an early favorite. The other four matches in this round included Swedish native Helena Thornfeldt defeating Georgia's Monica Webb 9-2; media superstar Jeanette Lee (the Black Widow) over Colorado's Melissa Little 9-3, Hall of Famer Allison Fisher over hot newcomer Erica Park of Korea 9-3; and New York's Jennifer Barretta over Liz Ford 9-5. On Saturday, the first to take the stage in the televised races to seven were Ga Young Kim vs. young Brittany Bryant. Kim quickly left Bryant tied for fifth with a 7-2 win, then waited for her semi-final opponent. Next up, England’s Kim Shaw vs. the “Texas Tornado” Vivian Villarreal. Villarreal put on a whirlwind performance, but Shaw stayed right with her until the bitter end. Vivian eked out a 7-6 victory to set up a Kim vs. Villarreal showdown. In the third quarter-final match, Jeanette Lee faced friend and formidable opponent Helena Thornfeldt. Lee won by a slim one game margin, 7-6. And, wrapping up Saturday’s action, a marquis match between BCA Hall of Famer Allison Fisher and New York’s Jennifer Barretta, always a contender but yet to win a major title. Fisher, winner of the 2011 U.S. Open 9-Ball Championships, the WPBA’s last major tour stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma this past June, was eager to put another notch in her belt, and eventually defeated Barretta 7-5 in another close match to set up a Lee vs. Fisher semifinal. The top four contenders took to the floor Sunday afternoon, each

eager to make WPBA history and cement the last title of the 2011 season. Ga Young Kim was having none of the Tornado’s dark cloud; she defeated Vivian Villarreal 7-2 and set her eyes on the prize. Ditto Allison Fisher, who quickly eliminated Jeanette Lee 7-1 to secure her own seat in the final. And so it was a fan’s dream, two of the best players to wield a cue facing off in a battle for the last bragging rights of the season. Ga Young Kim came on strong in the final match, opening with a two-rack run. But a scratch in the third rack put Fisher at the table to run out and close the gap 1-2. Answering with a break and run of her own she quickly tied the match 2-2. Fisher then pulled ahead 3-2, only to be stopped short by another game win from Kim to tie it up 3-3. Then Ga Young Kim hit another gear. She won the next three racks to lead 6-3, just one game away from the title, but Allison fought back with a clever masse in game ten, followed by a break and run to trail one game, 5-6. She broke, played safe on the one, but left Ga Young Kim a long cut shot. Kim made the cut to the delight of excited fans, and ran the remainder of the rack to take the game, match and title victory! The WPBA Classic Tour and its culminating Tour Championship is sponsored by the American Poolplayers Association, Diamond Billiards, Iwan Simonis, Delta 13, Pooldawg and Aramith. The Tour Championships were hosted by the Chinook Winds Event Center in Lincoln City, Oregon. Visit for more info.

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LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (November 14, 2011) — The top amateur poolplayers in the country came to the Gulf Coast of Florida in early November to compete for the coveted U.S. Amateur Championship title. After three days of intense competition, Suzanne Smith of Edgewood, Wash., and Ernesto Bayaua of Houston, Texas, emerged as the 2011 U.S. Amateur Champions. This year’s event took place Nov. 4-6 and was held in two locations: Strokers in Palm Harbor, Fla., and the Crooked Cue in Clearwater. The Men’s Division began Fri., Nov. 4 at Strokers, while the Women’s Division got underway the following day at the Crooked Cue. In the finals the of the Women’s Division, Smith defeated local favorite Jamie Toennies of Largo, Fla. The match opened in the 8-Ball set, with Toennies jumping out to a 2-0 lead. Smith came storming back, closing out the 8-Ball set with four straight wins, and opening the 9-Ball set with two more. Finding herself down 6-2, Toennies didn’t give in. She took the next three games to pull within a game of Smith. Finally, Smith managed to close out the match by taking the next three

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games for a 9-5 victory. Smith moves on to compete in the WPBA U.S. Open next year. Toennies finished as the Runner-up in her first U.S. Amateur Championship competition. Finishing in 3rd Place was Lenore McCarthy of Bolingbrook, Ill. In the Men’s Division, Bayaua bested former champion Ron Park of Charlotte, N.C. The match would prove to be one of the greatest comebacks in U.S. Amateur Championship history. The match opened in the 8-Ball set, with Park opening up a commanding 6-1 lead. Just when it looked like the former champ was ready to put the match away, Bayaua reeled off six straight wins for a 7-6 lead as the match shifted to the 9-Ball set. Park took the first two games to regain the lead, before Bayaua tied it 8-8. Park momentarily regained the lead with a win in the 17th frame, but Bayaua would not be denied, winning the next three games and the match 11-9. Bayaua will advance to the U.S. Open Championship next year. Park’s Runner-up finish was his highest at a U.S. Amateur Championship since he won the event in 1994.


Finishing in 3rd Place was David Uwate of Miami, Fla. In 4th Place was Will Haagensen of Mobile, Ala. Criegh Dumo of Bonney Lake, Wash., and Pete Ziemak of Windsor Locks, Conn., tied for 5th Place. The 2011 U.S. Amateur Championship was produced and conducted by the American Poolplayers Association (APA). Preliminary qualifying rounds were held throughout the country in mid-Sept., with nearly 2,200 players attempting to qualify. Smith and Bayaua competed with the nation’s most highly skilled amateur poolplayers who were all vying for the U.S. Amateur Championship title. The Men’s Division consisted of 128 players, while the Women’s Division featured 32 players. As Champions, Smith and Bayaua will return next year to defend their coveted titles. The U.S. Amateur Championship is a double elimination tournament that offers the nation’s top amateur players the opportunity to showcase their skills through a combination of 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches, in the only APA event that does not use The Equalizer® handicap system.



The APA, based in Lake Saint Louis, Mo., sanctions the world’s largest amateur pool league, known as the APA Pool League throughout the United States, and as the Canadian Pool League in Canada. Nearly 270,000 members compete in weekly 8-Ball and 9 Ball league play. The APA is generally recognized as the Governing Body of Amateur Pool, having established the official rules, championships, formats and handicap systems for the sport of amateur billiards. The APA produces three major tournaments each year—the APA National Team Championships, the APA National Singles Championships and the U.S. Amateur Championship—that, together, pay out nearly $1.5 Million in cash and prizes annually! In 2010, the APA National Team Championships were recognized by Guinness World Records as the “world’s largest pool tournament.” The APA and its championships are sponsored by Aramith, Action Cues and Pool Dawg. For complete coverage of the U.S. Amateur Championship visit index.html.



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Where Has Lucky Been? Vegas! Lucky is fine, because you haven’t heard anything last month. I took a picture of Lucky with my cell phone. He doesn’t know about it. I know he’ll hate it. I have to figure how to get it off my phone. We have been reading “West Coast Pool Players” and Pool and Billiard Magazine on the laptop. Neither of us had shaved for a while, and Lucky was looking more like Uncle Sam by the day. It had been a fantastic time, winning a lot of money and having a blast. I had to constantly remind myself of the real reason Lucky had agreed to go on the road with me in the first place. It wasn’t just for the fun of it; it was that he needed money for his medical bills. He’s holding up pretty good. Still, I wished it could just go on and on. Traveling down 95 going through Idaho. We spent a lot of silent time just looking at the scenery. We will likely not do any gambling here on this leg of the trip. We would likely just get the skinny on some players from Roger Anderson then come back later. There used to be tons of action around Boise, Twin Falls. We kept driving till we stopped to rest from the long drive. We ate in Winnemucca a town that is really looking like a mini metropolis. The casino’s there have decent food and cheap. Surprising we hit some snow before we hit Tonopah. We rolled in Vegas admiring at all the glitter and for a place to stay. Found a cheap room to get bearings from. We had reservations at the event the next day so we stayed at budget Suites. Lucky was kicked back on the bed with his boots off, while I sat at the table going through Vegas coupon books. We were sitting in the room remembering all the matches we’d played in the past weeks. We laughed till we were silly over some, and spoke of others with the respect due to true and honorable players. Lucky brought up the 16 year old kid from Portland. Lucky thought the kid looked ready to start play in action. I told Lucky he was going to be at the BCAPL national event. Lucky hinted about maybe backing him and help keep his head on straight. Lucky says many young pool players turn out to be jerks. “wonder if the kid has the character and the maturity it takes” Lucky’s thinking was surprising because Lucky has previously said he backs no one. Especially admitting what his father went through backing him at a young age and “business” players do. Lucky who rarely is out of line sees more out of Chris then just pool talent, He might develop into a good person but time will tell. Lucky commented about how much he enjoyed the classy Cue Sports International BCAPL Tournament especially for its non-smoking, and I knew it was a lot more than that for him; it was one of the few places he could watch and play the sport he loved and safeguard his health, too. Vegas is action and, we were anticipating the upcoming days at Riviera and expectations at the VNEA tournament. We decided to go out see what was happening. We went to Cue Club but it had no one in action. It has been a great spot for action for years. Toby VS. Coney… but it was dead. We next went to Pool Sharks. The name was

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appropriate. The first thing was that the smoke was so thick rolling out the door. It seemed like death factory. We read in the newspaper Las Vegas is considering more restrictions of no smoking law. I knew Lucky would baulk at going in, because of his medical condition. He had to look in… We took a big breath and walked in. It was hard to hold it in. The first thing we saw was the doorman “Thumb”. Thumb’s been around Vegas pool a while. He was setting up action and keeping track of each game in action like a calculator. He new odds and game score. Right next to us was Ronnie Allen barking up a storm. “I’ll play anyone here for no less then a thousand”. Scott Frost tried to get him playing. Ronnie wants to know what the spot is… they just can’t agree on any game. In the mist of barking as we stood there Ronnie turned to us and starred at Lucky speechless he stopped in his tracks just kept starring, almost hypnotized glued at his face. After a long pause 45 seconds people talking to him and he was oblivious, Ronnie’s says you look familiar. I know you”…Lucky just said likely not. Meaning Ronnie didn’t know him personally but they played a few times. Lucky told me stories. Ronnie didn’t fully recognize him. It was as time stopped for Ronnie he continued seemed to be in a trance you could visualize is brain endeavor to figure it out. It was a who’s who over in the joint. We looked over and there was the kid from the Northwest, Chris from playing cowboy Jimmy Moore’s Jr. A tough seasoned player for the kid. Lucky kept an eye on him during his play and later that night lucky said….”He’s got talent” He’s got to be still in school??”. “Look out Shane” Lucky said it in faint voice so just he and I could hear. Couldn’t help to notice Doug and Bernie from Concord, CA walk through the doors. It seemed that the rail wanted to trounce on them and get them in action. It was non stop barking. Moments later Gentile front Canada and a kid from Oklahoma got into a race to 7 one pocket for $5000.00. It didn’t take long to see that the Canadian was seriously out playing the Oklahoman. We had a soda but Lucky couldn’t stay too smoky. Next day We were getting psyched up to go find a game, when the phone rang………. Devastating news! It was one of my teammates, saying wasn’t going to be able to come Vegas and play with the team! He got hurt! , but it put a serious crimp on the rest of us at the team event. In fact, it completely knocked us down. We needed a full team of five members to be able to compete. Lucky must have seen my face fall, because he immediately offered to play in his place, a gallant gesture on his part, but I morosely explained to him that to play he’d have had to be previously qualified How great that would have been to have him, Lucky would have been the best replacement any team could have! He’s an unselfish player, he has a positive attitude, genuinely helps people with their games, once committed wants to be there and give his best, makes sacrifices for the team. Oh, and of course he’s the best player I have ever known. What else

could a team want in a team player? Well, then Lucky said we could go ahead and leave Vegas if I wanted, it wasn’t at all important for him to stay. He could sense my distress, and he wanted to make things better for me, and just forget the reason we were there in the first place. What a great person and friend to have at a time like that. But I said no thanks; we’re here to make some money, plus have some fun. I took a deep breath and psyched myself up to tell the other team members and break the bad news. I knew that would go over like a lead balloon. Early in the morning 3am the phone rang again. This time it was a friend at the action room who was scouting for action players for us and had spotted someone we thought sounded interesting. Good timing, as I clearly could use a distraction. Within a few minutes we were down the elevator and strolling into the convention area side room. The action was thick but the air was clear. Unbelievable! Someone People called HR, with “Hoosiers” written across his shirt, had just won about three grand from a Minnesota player. While he stuffed money into his pocket we heard him say to a buddy, “I’ve been waiting for this day since he beat me last year.” It looked like he had gotten his revenge pretty good. Lucky, sizing up the moment, strolled over to HR to see about some action, and HR put him onto a buddy of his, who accepted. Lucky’s first attempt at action was a hit! How easy can it be, I thought. Lucky took off his coat and asked to borrow a cue from me, which I got from the cue storage vendor who set up lockers at the event every year. They started playing on the table HR had just vacated, but by then most everyone had drifted elsewhere, not seeing anyone they thought was worth watching. And that was just the way Lucky liked it. Lucky proceeded to play down but solid and beat this guy in what I now knew as a very routine manner. The first set was for $500 and ended 9-6, the next another five bills and 9-7. I kind of thought Lucky was going to let the guy win a set but he didn’t, and he picked up $1,000. After every game the guy would go outside the door and light a smoke, take a drag, put it out, and come back. Nic fix. Didn’t work. Lucky knows it a weakness when some smokes as they are too preoccupied with it physiologically and not as occupied on pool. Lucky accepted the guy’s money graciously, and handed me my cue back. I really thought Lucky was going to play more, but said he wanted to wait a while to let things cool down. I knew he didn’t want people to think that he was there to hustle, so I checked my cue and we left. I appreciated Lucky’s class act. He didn’t want to search and badger people into games as many of the young kid hustlers do. In Vegas it scares most of the action off. Those kids and their egos are bigger than their common sense…………… More on Vegas in next issue…. I am trying to include Lucky’s picture along with these issues, but I can’t figure out how to get the picture of Lucky off my cell phone……


Goes Undefeated Daniel Dagotdot wins A/D 9 Ball Tri-State at Port Richmond Billiard Club. In route to the Hot Seat, Daniel went undefeated with wins over Harry Lau 8 - 6; Keith Adamik 7 - 4; Dan Cintron 7 - 5; Richard Ng 8 - 6; Quin Y. Chen 10 - 6. Quin sat poised for another shot at the Finals. In the meantime, Eddie Perez, new DANIEL DAGOTDOT, QUIN Y CHEN, EDDIE PEREZ to the Tri-State Tour, won 6 ( 6 wins , 1 loss) matches to face his BCA teammate Quin. Both players decided to split the win 1st $600.00 Daniel Dagotdot with Quin declared the winner and on his way to meet Daniel. Much to 2nd $360.00 Quin Y. Chen everyone's surprise, Daniel agreed to call it quits, split the purse and take 3rd $220.00 Eddie Perez the win. Many thanks go to Gary Murgia for his part as a catalyst for the 4th $140.00 Richard Ng event, and to Mike , Moe and Karen for providing a congenial atmosphere. 5th - 6th $80.00 Gary Murgia, Alex Osipov Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Ron Tarr 7th - 8th $60.00 Billy Cheng, Hector Ruiz Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics for 9th - 12th Keith Adamik, Dan Cintron their sponsorship leading to this event. Tony Ignomirello, Pat Mareno


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Diamond Official Table THE 18th ANNUAL Mosconi Cup will be contested on a DIAMOND PRO-AM table following an agreement between Diamond Billiard Products of Jeffersonville, Indiana and Matchroom Sport of the UK. That means that for the first time in the event’s history Diamond will be supplying the table on which all four days of the most intense competition on the pool calendar will be played. Diamond is well established in the United States as the Official Table of major events such as the US Open, the Derby City Classic, the Ultimate 10-Ball, US Open One-Pocket Championship, US Open 10Ball Championship as well as all WPBA events. In addition it is the popular choice among tournament players across the United States. Chad Scharlow, Vice President of Diamond Billiard Products Inc. commented “I am very excited to have Diamond pool tables featured at the Mosconi Cup. I consider the Mosconi Cup and Diamond tables to be premium brands within the billiard industry and look forward to showcasing them as such, “I know that the players love our tables and we’re looking forward to seeing all the action unfold on a Diamond table in Las Vegas next month.” The Mosconi Cup takes place at the MGM Grand from Thursday to Sunday 8-11 December and features two five man teams


PLAYERS, FANS, MEDIA CONTACTS, SPONSORS, AND FRIENDS, On a flight several years ago I found a Time Magazine in the seat back pouch in front of me. A corner of one page was folded over, so I knew that something in the publication’s content must have caught the attention of the person reading it. Upon further inspection I discovered a “special message of life” that became for not only me, but also my wife, Marty a key to understanding the billiard journey we had embarked on together back in the fall of 1986 with our professional show work, teaching exploits, unique artistic pool promotions and the various cue sport competitions attempted. The words at the top of the page captivated my attention as well: “Success is finding your calling and passion in life… …And pursuing it regardless of financial gain” In light of a new and exciting “life” vision plan for Marty and me, I have made a decision to leave the professional Artistic Pool arena as a competitor. We are planning to continue 1) performance and entertainment show engagements, 2) “open forum” teaching sessions, plus 3) directional effort and active sponsorship of junior, amateur, and professional Artistic Pool competitions. We will also be “sharing our journey experience” in various formats, so that others may be encouraged to remain focused with a special “hope and joy” to fulfill any heartfelt

22 Stroke Magazine - December 2011

representing the USA and Europe doing battle over four heated days. Commented Matchroom Sport Chairman Barry Hearn, “We’re delighted to be teaming up with Diamond for the Mosconi Cup. The players have nothing but good to say about Diamond tables and the Mosconi Cup in Las Vegas in front of a sell-out crowd will be the ideal baptism for one of the world’s premier tables.” Tickets for the Mosconi Cup are priced at $35 per day or $120 for the four day season passes and booking charges will apply. Currently the Mosconi Cup is sold through Ticketmaster (1-800-7453000) or MGM Resorts Contact Center (1-866-740-7711). Visit and search ‘Mosconi Cup’ Notes: Matchroom Sport are one of the world’s leading producers of televised sport and are responsible for over 1,100 hours of original programming across a range of sports. Based in the UK and chaired by charismatic founder Barry Hearn, the Mosconi Cup is one of a stable of pool events that include the World Cup of Pool and the World Pool Masters

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY Monthly Bar Box $250.00 Added 8 Ball Tournament. We started ON TIME and finished in 6 1/2 hours. Great job Jake Miosi, keep up the good work. November 7, 2011 1st Dan Miosi 2nd Eddie Rosa Jr. 3rd Santo Merlo 4th Danny Kolacz

$350.00 + $185.00 $175.00 + $120.00 $100.00 + $70.00 $50.00

vision that has been given to them. I plan to continue “consultant” and “commentary / announcer” work with the growing professional Artistic Pool movement worldwide and accent those efforts by establishing an official education resource tool called The Artistic Pocket. This special newsletter - style “sport report” will help all players, fans, media, sponsors, and friends of Artistic Pool to 1) understand the documented facts / foundation of our sport past, 2) enjoy the present movement even more, and 3) plan for future event participation, global promotion, and fellowship of talents with others. The 1st edition of this publication is scheduled for release in early January with subsequent editions coming out every 30 – 60 days. Marty and I also have plans to reveal a unique “outreach” concept called the R.A.C.K. UP A VICTORY Tour. This will include new player / fan-friendly opportunities at select and limited venue locations with 1) The Master’s Treasure For You, 2) APPA (Artistic Pool Playing Artists), and 3) The Foundation of R.A.C.K. Special sport “stewardship” and “ambassadorship” principles will highlight the overall experience for all involved. For more information on this tour vision, please email or call us. Best Victories!! Tom and Marty (“Dr. Cue” and “Ms. Cue”) Email: Phone: 765.795.4968

ALCANO YIELDS TO PEACH BY MARLON BERNARDINO - COURTESY OF AZBILLIARDS.COM Manila, Philippines---Britain's Daryl "The Dazzler" Peach, pulled off an amazing comefrom-behind 9-7 finish over Filipino cue master Ronato "Volcano" Alcano, to win the Philippine Bigtime Billiards (PBB) Face Off Series dubbed as "The Dazzler and The Volcano" late Saturday at the PAGCOR Airport Casino in Paranaque City. The 39 year old Peach, a native of Castleford West Yorkshire England, came back from 7-2 down winning seven straight racks after Alcano collapsed in the end game.

a joint undertaking of Mega Sports World and BRKHRD Corp. and held in cooperation with Airport Casino Filipino, Crown Sound System, Sakura Amplifiers, Home Theater Systems, Malungai Life Oil, Diamond Billiard table, Hermes Sports Bar, I-Bar, Golden Leaf Restaurant, Bugsy Promotions, Billiards Managers and Players Association of the Philippines (BMPAP) with The Philippine Star as the official media partner.

"In the start of the match I was so nervous when (Ronato) Alcano took a 7-2 lead," said Peach, who beat Alcano in the 2006 International Pool Tour (IPT) in Las Vegas, Nevada and 2007 World Pool (9-ball) Championships in Manila.

"I guess it's not my day," said the 39-years-old Alcano from Calamba City, Laguna, who beat Peach during the 2007 World 8-ball Championships in United Arab Emirates.

"However i didn't lose hope because of the winner's break format. Maybe I could turn the situation around but I needed to play solid," added Peach, who became the first Englishman to capture the World Pool Championship title, beating Filipino qualifier Roberto "Pinoy Superman" Gomez, 17-15 in the finals match in the sport’s biggest tournament 2007 World 9-Ball at the Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City. The race-to-9, winner’s break, 10-ball match was

After a 7-all deadlock in the 14th rack, Alcano, a former WPA World 9-ball and 8-ball champion had a big chance to reach the hill after Peach scratched in the 15th rack, but failed to capitalized on the error by Peach.

Daryl Peach of Great Britain flanked by Verna Mariano and Airport Casino Manager Dan DG Enriquez

From there, Peach never looked back winning two straight racks for an impressive come-frombehind 9-7 victory. Peach's next assignment will be a match against World 9-ball Champion

Francisco "Django" Bustamante on Saturday, November 26. Peach took home the top $5,000 purse while Alcano settled for $2,500 in the Mega Sports World and BRKHRD Corp.joint undertaking event which was aired worldwide through the internet at,, www., ph, Solar Sports, Sky Channel 70 and Destiny Channel 34.

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11/18/2011 10:40:59 AM

Pool Rocks the Rack Starz



On Friday, November 18th, well over two hundred professional and amateur billiards players, celebrity VIP’s, New York City media and fans gathered at Union Square’s upscale billiards club, Amsterdam Billiards to celebrate the release of the Rack Starz 2012-2013 Limited-Edition Collector Series Calendar. Kicking off the event was a comprehensive press schedule, which consisted of interviews with the likes of NBC Sports; ESPN; Bleacher Report and numerous online outlets followed by a photo shoot for the front cover of Stroke Magazine, which hits newsstands in December. After the press interviews wrapped up, the Rack Starz hit the red carpet for their arrival introduction. Wire Images photographer, Gary Gershoff made sure to capture each moment as the ladies walked into their event. As guests arrived, each person was presented with a gift bag and given the option to purchase the 2012-2013 Limited-Edition Collector Series Calendar. Guest enjoyed an assortment of freshly prepared hor d’oeuvres (served on a center billiard table, buffet-style), complimentary Budweiser beer, and/or 901 Tequila cocktails and mingled amongst each other. The Rack Starz posed for pictures and autographed calendars to enthusiastic fans. Around 7:45pm, our moderator for the evening, Tony Robles: Reigning Grand Master 8-ball

this event a huge success. People enjoyed their time, as reflected by the positive feedback by guests. “Not really knowing much about the billiards industry, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When I arrived, the enthusiasm and kindness from all the ladies, plus their amazing talents on the table blew me away. These Rack Starz are impressive and I am excited to see what’s next.” says Tiffany Landon, Fashion Designer. “The Rack Starz calendar launch was so such fun; I met some talented women and even learned a few trick shots. I can’t wait to show all my friends my new skills on my own pool table. Next time the party is at my house!” continues Actress, Crystal Hunt.


For more information on the Rack Starz or to purchase the2012-2013 Limited-Edition Collector Series Calendar, visit

PHOTOS: #1 (Top row L-R) Neslihan Gurel, Alison Fischer, Supadra Geronimo, Jennifer Barretta, Michele Li, Yomaylin Feliz and Liz Ford, (Bottom row L-R) Borana Andoni, Caroline Pao, Gail Gl a z e b r o o k , and Emily Duddy #2 Actress, Crystal Hunt



Champion announced organized exhibitions in the center ring for the ladies to showcase their talents. While a few of the ladies were perfecting their trick shots, other Rack Starz were challenging VIPs to a game of pool. Before the party ended at 10:00pm, Robles extended his appreciation to everyone for coming, as well as everyone behind the scenes at Rack Starz for making

and Celebrity Stylist, Phillip Bloch attend the Rack Starz Calendar Launch Party. #3 Gail Glazebrook (L) and Supadra Geronimo challenge a double trick shot. #4 The Rack Starz model the new Pool Rocks T-shirt! See page 9 to order


g Comin k Tour ew Yor stern N


$250 Added Guaranteed

Bar Box 8-Ball 1st Saturday of the Month $35 entry includes green fee - Double Elimination - Race to 3 Doors open Noon - Calcutta 2pm - Starts 2:30pm

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CITY LOCATION Brooklyn, NY Gotham City Billiards Raleigh, NC Brass Tap Billiards Buffalo, NY Bison Billiards Buffalo, NY Bison Billiards Frazer, PA Main Line Billiards Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand W Hempstead, NY Raxx Pool Room Largo, FL Corner Pocket E Rutherford, NJ Castle Billiards Buffalo, NY Bison Billiards Raleigh, NC Brass Tap Billiards Warwick, RI Bo’s Billiards Bayside, NY Cue Bar Rochester, NY Six Pockets Buffalo, NY Bison Billiards Elizabeth, IN Horseshoe Elizabeth, IN Horseshoe Elizabeth, IN Horseshoe Elizabeth, IN Horseshoe Elizabeth, IN Horseshoe Elizabeth, IN Horseshoe Elizabeth, IN Horseshoe Elizabeth, IN Horseshoe Elizabeth, IN Horseshoe Elizabeth, IN Horseshoe Buffalo, NY Bison Billiards Bellflower, CA CSI Reno, NV CSI Reno, NV CSI Reno, NV CSI Reno, NV CSI Reno, NV CSI Reno, NV CSI


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ENTRY ADDED Call $1,250 $25 Call $35 (incl g.f.) $250 Guar $35 (incl g.f.) Call Call $1,000 Tickets on Sale Cal $3,000 Call Call Call $500 Call Call $40 Call Call Call Call $1,000 Call Call $35 (incl g.f.) $250 Guar $100+$10 reg. $10,000 Guar $125+$10 reg. $15,000 Guar $150+$10 reg. $10,000 Guar $25+$5 reg. $1,000 $25+$5 reg. $1,000 $25+$5 reg. $1,000 $100. $8,500 $500 $10,000 $50 $12,500 min Call Call $35 (incl g.f.) $250 Guar $80 $3,000 Guar Call $6,000 Call $1,000 w/16 Call $6,000 Call $1,000 w/16 Call $6,000 Call $1,000 w/16

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26 Stroke Magazine - December 2011

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For Details Visit


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Enter Online at


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The 1 6 nt” Mem th Annua Feb o l rua rial 9-Ba Jay Swan ll Tou ry 4 son Har r n d Ti a me hosted by 5, 201 ment Ope n to 2 www s B .har $80 All Playe dtim illi a esbe r . 0 s rds (inclu / llflo des $ 0 En wer.c 20 re try Doors Op om g./ 50 B

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Profile for Stroke Magazine

Stroke Magazine December Issue 2011  

The Pool Players Best Source of Information for the East Coast and adjoining states has the December issue online. The cover features the Ra...

Stroke Magazine December Issue 2011  

The Pool Players Best Source of Information for the East Coast and adjoining states has the December issue online. The cover features the Ra...