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12-06-2009 10:00 am 1993 Pro Tour Championship Finals 12-13-2009 10:00 am National Women’s 9-Ball Championships 12-27-2009 10:00 am ‘97 $50,000 Challenge of Champions Finals 12-27-2009 11:00 am Men’s 9-Ball Championship Finals

12-13-2009 4:00 pm 2009 WPBA Championships Semi #1 12-13-2009 5:00 pm 2009 WPBA Championships Semi #2 12-13-2009 6:00 pm 2009 WPBA Championships Finals

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Live Streaming Schedule Northern Lights Shootout Rugby, ND Dec 10th: International Cup Canada vs. U.S.A. Dec 11th-13th: 8-Ball Four Bears Classic New Town, ND April 16-18: 8 Ball stay tuned for more info

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December 2009 - Stroke Magazine 3


gets some

- by AzB staff,

Mike Zuglan brought his Joss NE 9-Ball Tour to Raxx Billiards in W. Hempstead, NY on the weekend of November 14th and 15th and thirty five players threw their hats in the ring to win their share of the $4800 in prize money. With no Dennis Hatch in sight, the field was wide open for any number of players to grab this title for their resume. One such hopeful, Joey Korsiak, found himself with a tough path to follow as a first round 9-5 loss to Oscar Bonilla sent him to the one loss side. Meanwhile, back on the right side of the board, Shaun "Get Some" Wilkie and Bucky Souvanthong were charting a course through the brackets, both looking for their first tour wins. Wilkie and Souvanthong faced off for the hot-seat, which was won by Wilkie with a 9-6 scoreline. Souvanthong went to the left side of the board, where Korsiak had sent home seven straight opponents after that first round loss. Souvanthong became victim number eight as Korsiak beat him 9-7 setting up a Korsiak/Wilkie final match. Korsiak showed that he was ready for

business as he put a five pack on Wilkie right out of the gate. Wilkie was unphased and ground his way back into the match. Before Korsiak knew what happened, his lead had evaporated and the score was tied at 7-7. Wilkie got to the hill at 8-7, but Korsiak quickly joined him at 8-8. The case game went back and forth until a long rail kick from Korsiak just missed the side pocket and Wilkie ended the match and tournament with a 9-8 win.

Wilkie earned $1400 in first place prize money, while Korsiak settled for $950. Raxx Billiards room owner Holden Chin donated a prize package that included a free entry to the upcoming Turning Stone Classic XIV as well as three room nights at the Turning Stone Casino. Any player who had never won a Joss event and did not cash at this event was elegible for this prize package, and that lucky winner was Redgie Cutler. Next weekend, Zuglan will bring the tour to the recently relocated Snooker’s Pool Lounge in Providence, RI for the 21st Ocean State 9-Ball Championship. If you have not visited the new location, please call the room or check the tour website for directions. COMPLETE RESULTS: 1st $1,400 Shaun Wilkie 2nd $950 Joe Korsiak 3rd $700 Bucky Souvanthong 4th $550 Marc Vidal 5th $400 Al Lapena Sean Morgan 7th $200 Lenny Favata Nelson Oliviera

Everton wins at Master Billiards

Paul Everton wins Tri-State at Master Billiards 3 weeks after under going surgery. Even with swelling and pain Paul couldn't resist the temptation to play pool. His route to victory entailed wins against Ronny Cochachi 7 - 4; Duane Toney 7 - 3; and Masatoshi Ebihara 7 - 5 on the winner's side; loss to Justice Eagan 7 - 4; then on the Loss Side: Pauls defeated Ron Mason 7 - 6; Emily Duddy 7 - 3; and Rene Villalobos 7 - 4 to reach the finals; lastly, Wins the Final against Justice Eagan 9 - 8. Congratulations needs to go to Justice for his strong showing, he clearly dominated until the finals. Both Paul & Justice deserved to win, but someone has to come out on top and today it was Paul's turn. The Tri-State Tour wishes to thank Matt Carter of Sterling - Gaming for his support of this tournament and the sport.

Left to right, second place finisher Justice Eagan first place winner Paul Everton

4 Stroke Magazine - December 2009

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5/6

$650 Paul Everton $345 Justice Eagan $220 Rene Villalobos $100 Emily Duddy $55 Ron Mason, Romeo Singh

SEAVER WINS BIG Michell Monk crowned 2009 Flamingo Billiards Tour Champ Orlando (Nov. 21, to fight her way back 2009) -- By all accounts, from a 6-3 deficit against Jeannie Seaver is Stephanie Mitchell, about the most mildeventually taking the mannered person you'll set to double hill. It was ever meet. But the next in the final game that time she gets mad, Jeannie found herself you'd be advised to with a gift -- ball-ingrab a seat in the front hand with an easy three row. It was a missed ball out -- but then she ball-in-hand shot that inexplicably missed had Jeannie steaming a chip-shot 7-ball. mad at herself, and it Thanks to a nasty leave, led to her dominating Jeannie got back to the 7-0 victory over Michell table and Monk at the November took the match, but it Flamingo Billiards Tour was a frustrating loss for stop in Orlando. the BAAT Lady (www. Both Jeannie and and not Michell came out of the loser's side to make a victory to be savored for Jeannie. "After the Final 8 in the modified double-elimination that ball-in-hand, I got really mad at myself," format. Michell, fresh off her impressive Top Jeannie said later. 16 finish at the WPBA Nationals, defeated In the first game of the finals, Jeannie took new Flamingo Billiards Tour members Sandy out her frustrations on the break by jumping Hamor (7-4) and Rachel Delaney (7-2), but the cue off the table. But she quickly settled came up short against Stephanie Mitchell's into near dead stroke with beautiful position strong play(7-5). play and precision shots. Michell had Jeannie's day started with a loss to Mary chances in the second and seventh games Kenniston (7-3), another new tour member, but came up short on the 8-ball each time. and one who brings a long resume. Mary Jeannie's long run outs and total control led was an early WPBA pro and board member, to a quick 7-0 victory and her first Flamingo and owns more than 20 major titles including Billiards Tour win. world and national championships. After The victory also moved Jeannie into the being sent to the left side, Jeannie defeated #2 spot in the point standings, ensuring Niki Rasmussen (7-5) and Janis Sessions her a bid to the WPBA Regional Tour (7-0). (Above) The women of the Flamingo Billiards Tour at Championship. Following the redraw, Mary re-matched the Orlando stop. (Below) Jeannie Seaver, November Jeannie took home 1st Place money, a with Jeannie, but this time Jeannie prevailed tournament winner, and Michell Monk, 2009 Flamingo trophy and a Sniper jump/break cue from tour (7-1). On the other tables, Stephanie Mitchell Billiards Tour Champ sponsor Concept Cues (www.conceptcues. defeated Sandy Hamor (7-4) and Sabra com). Special thanks to Flamingo Billiards MacArthur-Beahn defeated impressive newcomer Kelly Cavanaugh Tour sponsors Boynton Billiards ( and (7-4). Tweeten Fibre (, and to Tesh Patel at Corner Pocket The quarter-finals also featured a match-up of #1 vs. #2 in the current Billiards in Orlando ( for his great FBT point standings, with Michell Monk defeating Helene Caukin (7-3) hospitality and support. and clinching the title of 2009 Flamingo Billiards Tour Champion. For all Flamingo Billiards Tour results and information, please visit In the semi's, Michell defeated Sabra (7-1) while Jeannie struggled TOURNAMENT RESULTS


1st $370 2nd $240 3rd $130 5th $75 9th 13th 17th

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

Jeannie Seaver Michell Monk Sabra MacArthur-Beahn Stephanie Mitchell Helene Caukin, Kelly Cavanaugh, Sandy Hamor, Mary Kenniston Janis Sessions, Mimi McAndrews Shanelle Loraine, Rachel Delaney Niki Rasmussen, Christine Nevins Tracy McCreary, Vanessa Seaver Christie Cloke, Barbara Ellis

Michell Monk (640) Jeannie Seaver (530) Helene Caukin (480) Stephanie Mitchell (450) Sabra MacArthur-Beahn (395) Niki Rasmussen (290) Christine Nevins (240) Christie Cloke (225) Mimi McAndrews (210) Amy Poulter (200)

December 2009 - Stroke Magazine 5

From Frozen Balls To Very Hot Shots By Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion”, Old School

GRIT YOUR TEETH and bear it: From time to time, your cue ball is going to come to rest frozen against the cushion. And after you're done cursing the gods, you'll usually have to deal with limited shot options; after all, you can't address that cue ball with very many variations in English any more. Still, opportunities exist — on some fairly common shots — to score and achieve a highpercentage shot for your next attempt.

How do you assess which is the correct execution of those available to you? Start by looking at the common denominator in these diagrammed examples — specifically, that you can only address the cue ball with 11, 12, or 1 o'clock English, because only the uppermost portion of the ball can be cued. So this is a good place to look for center-ball bank shots, especially those which have a simple solution as to their final positions. In the examples that follow, Diagrams 1 and 2 should yield excellent position to continue the run; Diagrams 3 and 4 show fairly difficult shots in which a simple solution as to final-resting-place might not be so obvious. In Diagram 1, the cue ball is 6 Stroke Magazine - December 2009

frozen to the long cushion (as it is in all examples); the white object ball is maybe a half-inch off that same cushion, and the red ball sits between them, about a ball and a half from the long rail. You can't turn around and shoot the double-the-rail bank shot out of the corner, because your cue ball is frozen (in three-cushion play, you cannot shoot into a rail to which your cue ball is frozen and have that rail count in your total). Next, there's no shot off either side of the white; there's not enough room to get behind it going off the inside, and the outside is far too difficult. And there's no shot off the red to the far top rail, because the white cannot be passed. Where then? To Solution 1, whose beauty is in its simplicity. The positions of the balls are such that you only have to aim to contact the short cushion first at the corner, with just enough speed to score the point. With this in mind, you'll achieve the position as diagrammed. Diagram 2 offers the quintessential frozen-ball problem: all three of the balls are frozen to the side rails. Some might try for an almost-impossible thin hit off the outside of the white ball, trying for the natural angle... but even if you got that hit, the . high-ball action on the cue ball will cause it to go long on any table, especially one with new cloth. There is a double-the-rail shot off the corner side of the red,

but again, because of the frozen factor, it's extremely difficult to control. Solution 2 is one of my favorites in exhibition to show how a seemingly difficult position can

surrender a beautiful next-shot opportunity. The white and red balls are one ball's width apart, frozen at the first diamond, while the cue ball rests on the opposite rail, a third of a diamond from the corner. Shoot with 12 o'clock English to the short cushion first at the corner, and with proper speed you'll split the balls like an atom Diagram 3 really doesn't offer much of a choice. Play a "tickey" behind the red and the ball will travel too long; a thin hit off the outside of the white would be too tough for most; and the inside of the white just doesn't compute here at all. So shoot into the short rail as diagrammed with 12 o'clock English. Your speed should be sufent to get the cue ball through the white ball after contacting the top two rails, then down to the short rail and the third ball. Theoretically, you could even achieve position here, if the white ball comes to rest in the opposite corner while your cue ball lands softly on the red. Diagram 4 figures to confuse the novice and intermediate player alike. First, you must understand that shooting into a cushion first yields the exact opposite cueball effect that shooting off an

object ball would. For instance, when you contact an object ball using follow, the cue ball tends to bend back toward the same cushion you first contacted; when you use draw off an object ball, the cue ball tends to rebound off the cushion sooner, creating a shorter angle. But in striking a rail first, a cue ball with follow will rebound from the rail sooner, and draw makes the cue ball tend to "hug" the rail with the proper slower speed. So for the diagrammed shot, the cue ball must rebound quicker off the rail in order to come out long enough to score, and that's why the follow English we're forced to use in frozen-ball shots is an ally here. Additionally, you'll need a little help from reverse English that's right, 1 o'clock English to help the ball come out longer yet (reverse English helps maximize the cue

ball's bounce off a cushion). Next time you find your cue ball strapped to the cushion more than you'd like, demoralize your opponent with one of these. Overcoming a well-played safety is enough of a will-breaker as it is; playing position from such a leave is moxie to the max, and will leave your opponent limp.

San Francisco Billiard Academy

Going for Gold

“You Get What You Give” By Samm Diep, © November 2009

San Francisco Billiard Academy

By: Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett Here is a drill that is both useful to perfect your use of side spin and is a good test of how the cushions work. Try a few shots like this if you have to play on a table that is strange to you. Put the one ball a diamond from each cushion and the cue ball and Bob Jewett nine ball roughly as shown. 9 The goal is to both make the 1 one ball and ? carom the cue ball off the side 3 2 cushion into the nine ball. How far over can you move If you set up the cue ball and still get to the the one ball as nine ball? a nearly straight shot, you can get to the nine with simple follow and no side spin. Find that angle first. Next, start moving the cue ball to thinner and thinner cut shots. You will need increasing amounts of left spin to get the correct angle off the cushion. (Hint for beginners: if you find that you over cut the ball -- hit it too thinly -- when using side spin, you will need to aim fuller, even though it doesn’t look right.) While you will need a good amount of side spin, you will also need some follow to help bend the cue ball forward. Finding the best mixture of side and follow is an important part of this drill. Also, if you hit the shot harder than necessary, you will find that the cue ball doesn’t have time to arc forward and the spin is less effective. If the cloth of the table is brand new and slippery, the spin won’t take well on the cushion and you won’t be able to get to the nine from much of an angle. On the other hand, if the rail cloth is old and sticky or if the cue ball is sticky, the spin will take well on the cushion and it will be easy to get to the nine even from fairly large angles. Once you have the maximum angle figured out for the one ball, try the same drill for the two ball. (The three ball is not there while working with the two.) I think you will find that the two ball allows a wider range of incoming angles for the cue ball. Finally, try the drill with the three. You should be able to set the cue ball up for almost a 90- degree cut and make the shot with enough spin to get to the nine. REJ

How do you prepare for a big event? Are you the “Cram-Practicer”? You know the player that rarely practices and thinks that if they play 10 hours a day for the week leading up to the tournament that it will actually make a difference. Are you the “League Player”? That’s the player that only plays three nights a week, their three league matches, and believes somehow that will count towards a balanced practice. Or, are you the “Steady Practicer”? Samm Diep This is the student that spends hours a day in the poolroom shooting drills and learning new things. They work hard and are realistic about their expectations. Ever heard the song lyric, “We only get what we give?” (“You Get What You Give” by the New Radicals, circa 1999) How true, and what a novel concept. What we get from pool and from our performance depends on how much effort we give to it. If we don’t practice, we can’t expect to play consistently. If we keep working hard and competing regularly, we will ultimately win more matches. We eventually get what we give. World Champions Ralf Souquet, Mika Immonen and Thorsten “Practice isn’t the thing Hohmann are perpetual students you do once you’re of the game. At their level, it would good. It’s the thing be so easy to relax and lighten you do that makes you their practice load. Besides, they’ve good,” Malcom Gladwell earned it, right? They have won numerous titles and prizes. They (Outliers) can shoot any shot and they fear no one. They should be allowed to take a break from their practice, right? On the contrary, they are three prefect examples of getting from the game what they give. Regardless of the countless notches on their belts, they continue to practice between tournaments and in between matches. They understand the importance of tournament preparation, even at their level. To them, “giving” not only includes their time on the table but it also includes maintaining good active health. They are athletes and their training encompasses mental, strategic, as well as physical conditioning. At tournaments of all sizes, whenever there is an open practice table, one of the first players to jump on it is former US Open Champion, Shane Van Boening. He is always hitting balls. Whenever he’s not in competing and he has a free moment before his next match, he’s at the table. A lesser player may wonder, “Why would someone like Shane need to practice so much? He’s already a champion.” Obviously, this is not a new concept for him. That is how he became the great player that we see today. He understands the value of practice and what he gets out of it. In the words of the great Malcom Gladwell (author of Outliers), “Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good.” The greatest players didn’t get where they are by chance. They gave and gave to the game and in turn, they reap the benefits.

December 2009 - Stroke Magazine 7

Two New World Champions! -Jerry Forsyth, WPA Press Officer-

Keng-Chun Lin, Anja Wagner

Rusian Chinakhov, Phil Burford

Ruslan Chinakhov of Russia and Keng-Chun Lin of Taipei are the new WPA World Junior Champions. The final day of play began with Anja Wagner (GER) defeating Konishi Samia (JPN) 9-7. Then Keng-Chun Lin ended the winning streak of Liz Lovely (USA) by that same 9-7 margin. This set up the semi-final match between Liz Lovely and Anja Wagner as Keng-Chun Lin waited for the victor to play the championship round. That would be Anja Wagner as she found momentum first and carried her margin to everlarger numbers that resulted in her winning out 9-5. However, the power that Wagner displayed

would not be enough to overcome the skills of Lin. Keng-Chun Lin defeated Ms. Wagner 9-6 to stand atop the podium and receive the gold. Watch out, Ga-Young, Jasmin and Allison. Those footsteps you hear are sure and confident. This brought the young men out for their final contests. First up were the two undefeated players, Nolle Stefan (GER) and Ruslan Chunakhov (RUS). Chinakhov found his true form and demolished the young German 11-1. The two players who had already suffered one loss were up next and had a much closer battle as Phil Burford (GBR) narrowly bested Kuei-

Min Lin (TPE) 11-9. As Chinakhov rested, Burford and Nolle hit the tables again to see who would face him. This one was a real nail-biter as the two men traded blows and neither faltered until the very end when Burford managed to squeak by with an 11-10 win to win the privilege of facing Chinakhov for the title. While Burford certainly gave a fine accounting of himself, there would be no doubt as to who the champion would be. Ruslan Chinakhov has announced himself with his 11-8 win as a player to be reckoned with on the world stage. Remember the name, you will be hearing it again.


On a fishing trip to Lake Isabella, Thomas O’Connor called an old acquaintance--well known cuemaker, Bert Schrager. That visit led to Tom’s purchase of Bert’s cuemaking shop during the summer of 2006. Tom began planning new cues while transitioning from LA where his livelihood was servicing and repairing tables for many of the pool halls. Now, three years later, an inventory of cues exists that provides a wide selection of exotic woods and inlays. Tom has been playing pool since he asked for and received his first cue for his sixth birthday and has been making cues for over thirty years. Working as a contract machinist in the aerospace industry, Tom began working on cues in his spare time and soon was making a few for friends. Since he was playing in—and winning—many tournaments, Tom’s focus was a cue that played well. He has built many cues for players in the greater Los Angeles area. 8 Stroke Magazine - December 2009

The addition of several lathes, a mill, and a pantograph increased Tom’s production level. Several hand made, one of kind cues are in process. Tom designs and creates each cue as an individual, so no two are ever identical. Tom still focuses on a cue that is a player’s cue, but also now has a great selection of cues with detailed inlays. While he enjoys creating the ebony cues with elaborate ivory and abalone inlays, his appreciation of the beauty of woods keeps some cues less adorned. Tom also makes cues for customers to their designs and preferences. He has a selection of collector cues as well. For a change of pace, he has also made some electric guitars and several walking canes—and yes, they involve cue sticks! Visit to view some of his creations. And if in the area, please give a call – 760 379 4675. See ad page 10

Liu Shasha is World 9-Ball Champion! -Jerry Forsyth, WPA Press Officer-

Shasha with trophy. Photo by Michael Newman

The pool world has a new World Champion and she is only 16 years old. Liu Shasha of China has defeated Karen Corr of Great Britain 9-5 to claim the title and set her career in motion in grand style. When the last day of the Kappa 2009 Women’s World 9-Ball Championship in Shengyang, China began there were four undefeated players all seeking the same prize. The two semi-final matches could not have been closer. First, Karen Corr defeated

Fu Xiofang of China 9-8 to earn her berth n the final set. Then Liu Shasha edged her fellow Chinese citizen Pan Xiaotang by the same 9-8 margin to get her ticket punched for the honor of playing Corr in the finals. Before the final match a playoff was held between Pan Xiaotang and Xiaofang to determine our third place finisher. Pan controlled this match throughout and took that spot with a very convincing 9-1 victory. Then a crowd of over 1,000 very excited fans took their seats to watch the final battle. It appeared that Corr would walk away with the title. She was the master of the table early on and rarely gave Shasha a glimpse of daylight. At one point she led our race to nine games by the score of 5-1. Shasha was obviously nervous and off her game. But then, assuming that she had to be aggressive to have a chance at victory, she put her nerves

down and began her march. She won the next game to make the score 5-2, then broke and ran five racks in a row to lead 7-5. The penultimate rack had a bit of back and forth but Shasha won that as well and then on the final break she made four balls on the snap and easily made the clearance to take her 6th break and run of the match and earn the gold! Congratulations to our youthful champion and to all of the organizers who worked so hard to make this event a grand success. Every detail was handled with care and the event ran as smoothly as any ever witnessed.

Karen Corr

Albay wins at Eastside Billiards Wilfredo went undefeated with a 6 - 0 win/loss record, defeating Mike Davie 6 - 2; Bhavin Patel 6 - 2 ; Robert Kight 7 - 2; Yomaylin Feliz 6 - 1; Kyle Ferris 7 - 6 and Geoffrey Bauer 7 - 5 in the Finals. Special praise goes to Runner-Up Geoffrey Bauer with an impressive 7 win/ 2 loss record. And congratulations to Kyle Ferris on his 3rd place finish in his first Tri-State event. The Tri-State Tour thanks Sterling - Gaming; Ozone Billiards; Viking Cues and our other sponsors for their continued support in our favorite sport. Finally, we wish to thank the owner of Eastside Billiards ( Jerry Shipman) for hosting the event. RESULTS: 1st $670 Wilfredo Albay 2nd $340 Geoffrey Bauer 3rd $190 Kyle Ferris 4th $110 Robert Kight 5/6 $65 Yomaylin Feliz, Gary Murgia 7/8 $50 Teddy Lubis, Trevor Heal

From left to right; Geoffrey Bauer, Wilfredo Albay, Kyle Ferris.

December 2009 - Stroke Magazine 9

MONDAY SWEEPS Great Southern Tour

by Lea Andrews

Sam Monday, an extremely familiar face in the late rounds of the Great Southern Billiard Tour, went undefeated November 7-8 through a talented field to earn his first win on the tour this season. Monday and 71 other players gathered at Speakeazy Billiards in Sanford, NC, for the $1,500-added event. AA-ranked Monday breezed past A-ranked Larry Faulk 11-2 to arrive in the hot seat match versus B-ranked Scott Johnson, who’d gone hill-hill 7-8 against A-ranked Eric Charlton, who was racing to 9. Cruising to victory once again, Monday allowed Johnson just two games to claim the hot seat. On the left side of the bracket, Chuck Cuneo eased by James Blackburn 7-2 to face Michael Fuller, who’d ousted room owner Jimmy Bullis 11-6. Getting past Fuller 7-7, Cuneo moved on to Faulk and moved on 7-7 once again to the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, B-ranked Kevin Boggs edged out last stop’s



Sam Monday $1,000



Chuck Cuneo $500



Scott Johnson $400



Eric Charlton $200



Kevin Boggs, Larry Faulk



Brad Shearer, Michael Fuller

9th $50

Jack Miller, Adam Pendley, Jimmy Bullis James Blackburn

winner Adam Pendley 7-10 to face another previous winner,

10 Stroke Magazine - December 2009

B-ranked Brad Shearer, whom he held to 2 games. Boggs

didn’t fare as well against the next former winner he faced, Charlton, who advanced hillhill 9-6 to meet Cuneo, who’d been on a west-side mission to the finals since falling to Boggs in the first match he played. Cuneo wasn’t about to stop, and he moved decisively past Charlton 7-4 to face Johnson, managing to hold him at bay 7-6 to face Monday. On the way to the finals, Monday had given up, on average, not even two games per match. Cuneo, therefore, did very well to manage four games in the only set of the true double-elimination finals. Cuneo’s valiant effort earned him second place, while Monday’s stellar play all weekend earned him first. Another winner, Terri Faulk, earned $50 as the highest-finishing lady. Sam Monday, an extremely familiar face in the late rounds of the Great Southern Billiard Tour, went undefeated November 7-8 through a talented field to earn his first win on the tour this season.

Dedication to the Sport

NC-GA Mountains

In March 2008, the last billiard room within fifty miles of Blairsville, Georgia went out of business. KT Billiards, located in Hayesville, just across the border from Blairsville in North Carolina, had been running weekly tournaments for years. The 20-odd players who had supported and competed in those tournaments suddenly found themselves with no place to play. Toby Perry, a retiree from Florida who had recently moved to Blairsville, decided to do something

seven other dedicated players. Having been a member of BCA, ACS, and APA leagues in Florida, Toby recognized the benefit of playing in sanctioned competition and set about trying to become an official league operator. After pleading his case to John Lewis, Executive Director of the American CueSports Alliance, he was able to have ACS’s 30-player minimum league size rule waived for his league, and the NCGA Mountain Masters league was born.

Billiard Cabin

about the situation. He contacted as many local players as he could locate and ran ads in a regional weekly newspaper soliciting players for a league that would compete in the members’ homes. By late summer, he had commitments from

The primary criterion for entry into the league is that one member of each team must have an 8-ft or a 9-ft pool table in his home available for league play. The first league session started in September 2008 with four teams of two players each,

making it the smallest sanctioned ACS League Association. In addition league in the nation. The format is to being responsible for their leagues a combination of 9-ball and 8-ball, in Georgia, the organization also similar to the APA Masters, except the matches are a race to five. One scotch doubles and four singles matches are contested each league night. The second session kicked off in November with the league having expanded to six teams. In Table in the cabin - Toby Perry January they sent seven players to the ACS provides administrative assistance Southeast Region 8-Ball Singles to ACS leagues competing in the Championship held in Jonesboro, adjoining states of North Carolina, Georgia. They made their presence South Carolina, and Tennessee, known when the “mountain men” which do not currently have formal finished 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 9th through state associations. 12th. Since taking office, Toby, working By the third session, the league with his Board of Directors and local had doubled in size, but, at sixteen contacts, has been able to launch players, it was still the smallest an Internet web site and conduct sanctioned league in the nation. popular, well-attended regional In March they sent three 3-man tournaments in Chattanooga, teams to compete in the ACS Tennessee and Savannah, Georgia. Southeast Regional 8-Ball Team ACS Georgia has plans to host at Championships held in Roswell, least four tournaments in the ACS Georgia. Their teams finished Southeast Region over the next 3rd, 5th and 6th, solidifying their twelve months. Be sure to check reputation as a league to be reckoned out their new web site at www. with. and see first During the tournament weekend, hand what can be accomplished with at a Board of Directors meeting a little hard work, a high degree of conducted by John Lewis, Toby Perry commitment, and of course, a whole was elected President of the Georgia lot of dedication to the sport. December 2009 - Stroke Magazine 11

Delta-13 in the Spotlight PoolDawg Launches eBillme™ for Debt Free Shopping

Customers Can Now Make Cash Payments at over 75,000 Walk In Locations

Andy Segal, Trick Shot Magic Champion 2009

Parker, Colorado, November 18, 2009 Executive Billiards and their Delta-13 Elite billiard ball rack have teamed up with Billiards International, LTD. for the second year running to support five professional events televised on ESPN. Next week begins the airing of the first tournament, “Trick Shot Magic”. The other four events include the “International Speed Pool Challenge”, the “International Challenge of Champions”, the “International Tournament of Champions”, and the “World Cup of Trick Shots”. Please find the tournament times and dates below. ESPN Tournament Dates --------------------------------------------------- 2009 Int’l Challenge of Champions Sunday, December 20th 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm EST Sunday, December 27th 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST 2009 World Cup of Trick Shots Sunday, January 10, 2010 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm EST “We are delighted to have Executive Billiards as our official rack sponsor. The players all agreed that the Delta-13 pool table rack provides the tightest rack in the sport,” said Matt Braun, President of Billiards International, LTD. The Delta-13 billiard ball rack is the only aerospace engineered rack with a Lifetime Guarantee to never warp, bend, or splinter. You can learn more about the Delta-13, “The True Triangle”, and its complimentary line of billiard accessories at Executive Billiards is a subsidiary of RJD Machining, a twenty-two year old precision machine shop in Parker, Colorado. The company produces close tolerance metal and plastic components for the aerospace, computer storage and medical device industries.

Lafayette, Colo.—November 3, 2009 — PoolDawg, an online leader in retail billiards and game room equipment, today announced that it has added eBillme™ as a new payment option that allows PoolDawg customers to conveniently and securely make online purchases without a credit card. With the launch of eBillme™, customers can now place their order online and then pay through over 17,000 online bank sites or 75,000+ walk-in locations. Upon selecting eBillme™ Walk-In, online shoppers will be sent a bill which can be paid at one of the over 75,000 walk-in locations across the U.S., including MoneyGram’s nearly 40,000 agent locations, gas stations, 7 –Eleven stores and more. A Walk-In locator is available at to show consumers their nearest walkin location. “More and more, customers are asking for ways to pay without a credit card” said Mike Feiman, PoolDawg’s director of marketing. “Our goal at PoolDawg is to offer not only the widest selection of billiards and game room equipment, but to also give our customers the widest selection of payment options. By offering eBillme™ as a payment option, our customers can pay for their orders with cash at over 75,000 walk-in locations, giving them the choice to put their credit cards away when shopping online.” The eBillme™ payment option is now available to all customers at Simply select the products you want to purchase, go through the standard checkout and select the eBillme™ payment option. Customers will then be directed through a simple walkthrough for receiving their bill and completing their payment. About PoolDawg, Inc. is the recognized online leader in retail billiards and game room equipment, offering over 3,000 products ranging from pool cues and cases to dart supplies and game room furniture. As one of the web’s largest billiards retailers, PoolDawg offers billiards products from over sixty manufacturers including Scorpion, Predator, Meucci, Lucasi, McDermott, Schon and Viking. For more information, please visit www. or call 866-843-3294. About eBillme™ eBillme™ is the most secure way to pay online and the only online payment solution that extends the convenience of online banking to the merchant’s checkout process. The service enhances security for online shoppers, and enables merchants to increase sales while reducing transaction costs. No financial data is exposed and the payment transaction is securely transferred from the customer’s bank to the retailer’s bank. Consumers can shop online, by catalog or through call centers, and pay for their purchases at their bank, credit union, or bill pay portal using the security and convenience of online banking or by paying the bill at over 75,000 walk-in locations. For more information, please visit or eBillme’s Online Debt-Free Shopping Mall.

10 Ball Jan 9-10, 2010 Team DMIRO 12 Stroke Magazine - December 2009

$1000 Added Call for info

December 2009 - Stroke Magazine 13

O’NEAL RACKS UP Cooper Needs You

VICTORY Landon Shuffett, David (owner of Rack & Cue), Josh O'Neal

The Viking Cue Amateur 9-Ball Tour was at Rack & Cue Billiards in Campbellsville, Ky for their action packed weekend that kicked off on Friday Nite with a mini tournament and concluded on Sunday nite after Josh O’Neal would claim first place by double dipping Landon Shuffett in the $1500 added Viking Cue 9-Ball Tournament. The weekend would prove to be packed full of action as 98 entrants vied for their share of over $7500 up for grabs. To view the chart for this event click here. RESULTS: 1 $1,860 2 $1,100 3 $780 4 $500 5 $250 6 $250 7 $100 8 $100 9 $60 10 $60 11 $60 12 $60


The Friday night mini tournment drew in 26 players and was won by Tim Heath from Tuledo, OH. PAYOUTS: 1st $684.00 2nd $513.00 3rd $342.00 4th $171.00

Tim Heath Gary Luttman David Rice Joe Powell

The Viking Cue Amateur 9-ball Tours Sunday tournament was won by David Rice after he came back in set 2 of the double elmination format to claim the win over Gabe Apollos. PAYOUTS: 1st $400 2nd $200 3rd $75

David Rice Gabe Apollos Robert Frost

The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour would like to thank David the owner of Rack & Cue Billiards and his staff for hosting this weekend’s event. The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour will be at Dot’s Cue Club in Rocky Mount, N.C. next weekend for it’s Amateur Only event view the details below the action will kick off on Friday night with a mini tournament. We hope to see you all there. 14 Stroke Magazine - December 2009

Cooper is a 3 yr. old little boy who has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma…..cancer. He has been given a 30% chance to live, even after extensive chemotherapy treatments. His parents need help paying for his medical care. I was asked a couple of weeks ago by OB1 Tour Player, Kim Pierce, if I would make the 4 hour trek to the Green Room in Temple, Texas to help with a benefit for Cooper. Of course, I could not say no. There will be a benefit pool tournament, silent auction, raffles, and a challenge the pro table. The Women’s Professional Billiard Association (www.wpba. com) players have kindly offered to donate billiards memorabilia as well as the PREDATOR GROUP ( and Pool & Billiards Magazine ( . The charity event will be December 5th starting at 12pm until close. Please join us if you can, if not, please send any donations to the following address: The Green Room c/o Sheryl Sofge, Owner 2313 South 57th Street, Temple, TX 76504. Thank you for taking the time to read this. God Bless. Kim White

2009 WPBA FINALS Story & Photos by Anne Craig – WPBA

November 15th, 2009: Hollywood, FL - The Finals were set as two fierce competitors entered the arena, ready to do battle for the title of the 2009 WPBA Tour Champion. Jasmin Ouschan is coming into this final poised to win Jasmin Ouschan her third WPBA title of the season, and Xiaoting was looking for her first win since the 2008 BCA event. The crowd was amped up and ready for a great match as the competitors stepped into the arena for the lag which Jasmin won. Jasmin broke and she pocketed a ball but missed the 1 ball which set off a safety battle between them. Xiaoting ended up leaving Jasmin snookered behind the 7 and partially the 6 ball for the 2, all lined up across the short side of the table. The crowd cheered as Jasmin jumped the 7 ball, missing the 6 and hitting the 2 dead center of the side pocket for position on the next ball and she ran out for a final score of 7-2 and winning the title of the 2009 WPBA Tour Champion and her 3rd title of the season. Could the 2009 Player of the Year award be far behind? We’ll have to wait and see! That’s a wrap for the 2009 WPBA Season!

The Scorpion Scores By Raymond Linares Photos by Fred Stoll

Johnny “The Scorpion” Archer has

Archer and Morris both struggled early on in their match, not being able to find the break for the TV

never won a Seminole Pro Tour title... until now. Falling short of championship glory at the Mizerak Championships for the last 2 years, Archer would not be denied this year. Exhibiting the world class combination of power and control that garnered “The Scorpion” with multiple world 9 ball titles, Johnny played above and beyond the rest of his peers. Archer’s road to the finals was littered with impressive victories. Most notable were his two victories against former US Open champions Rodney Morris and John Schmidt. Tied at 4-4, Archer broke and ran four consecutive racks on “The Rocket” in a winner’s side matchup. Then in the hot-seat match, Archer showed some real lock-down pool as he steam rolled “Mr. 400” John Schmidt. Rodney Morris had to take a more difficult path through the treacherous one-loss side to make it back to the finals. He would defeat Rafael Martinez 8-2, Shane Van Boening 8-7, and John Schmidt 8-6 in succession for a chance at redemption against Archer. The stage was set for a clash of two legends.

table. At 3-2 in favor of Archer, Morris would miss a long shot on the four ball. Focusing on the position of the cue ball more than the pocket, Morris hung up the four and left Archer with a manageable run-out. The next game would see both players jockeying for position through a safety exchange that ultimately went to “The Rocket”. Trailing now by a score of 4-3, Morris came with a break and finish after a fantastic cut on the 6 ball to tie the score at 4-4. Morris continued to struggle on the break, coming up dry in the ninth game. It would seem that “The Scorpion” would clear the table but after an errant scratch on the five ball, Rodney fulfilled the task nicely finishing off the rack with a beautiful power draw shot that brought the cue ball 1 rail for position on the 10. Leading at 5-4, Morris once again found no friends on the break and after a strong safety exchange, Archer would tie the match. The crowd could really sense the pressure in the player’s arena at this point. Cheering loudly for their favorite, they applauded as Archer, feeding off the crowd’s energy,

followed with a timely break and run. Unfortunately Johnny couldn’t replicate that feat in the twelfth frame as he broke and scratched. Rodney, with the cool demeanor that brought him such success in the past, ran out to uproarious applause. Tied at 6-6, Rodney once again broke dry, after a brief safety exchange, “The Scorpion” would take control of the match. With a fantastic crosscorner bank, the former World 9 Ball Champion Archer would clear the table and take the lead at 7-6. The crowd, could sense Johnny’s determination, and watched as he would break and run the next rack to claim the hill at 8-6. In the last frame Morris would have an opportunity to make a comeback, however after a goofy kiss off of the point from the side-

pocket, Rodney’s cue-ball sailed cross table and scratched in the opposite side pocket. Archer’s back was turned and to the table, and from the audience’s chuckles, Archer realized that Morris had

jokingly stopped the cue-ball with his fingers in the jaws of the side pocket. With ball in hand, Archer collected the last few balls on the table and with it the $15,000 top prize and title of Steve Mizerak 10 Ball Champion. In the presence of a wonderful crowd, and members of the Seminole Tribal council, Archer and Morris gracefully accepted their respective prizes. Showing truly why they are revered as some of the top players of our sport. Their tact, sportsmanship, and wonderful spirit of competition are examples that should be followed by all players. This event was an amazing one as always, and it is precisely due to the dedication and willingness of the Seminole Tribe of Florida to sponsor professional pool and billiards that this was all possible. Special thanks to them for continuing to set the bar and leading the way in men’s professional 10 ball. We’d also like to say special thanks to Brunswick and Simonis cloth for providing such excellent p l a y i n g conditions. Thank you as well to theactionreport. com for providing top notch quality streaming of the event during the week. Special thanks as well to Fred Stoll of for providing such wonderful i m a g e s throughout the event. Finally, we’d like to thank all those who’ve supported the Seminole Pro Tour throughout the entire season. It’s been quite a successful year, and we await an even more successful season next year.

Check out our Archives for more Video Footage of Johnny Archer

December 2009 - Stroke Magazine 15

TOP AMATEURS CROWNED Winner of Men’s and Women’s Divisions Advance to 2010 Pro Event LAKE SAINT LOUIS, MO (November 19, 2009) — The top amateur poolplayers in the country came to Strokers in Tampa, Fla., in early November to compete for the coveted U.S. Amateur Champion title. Betty Sessions of Conyers, Ga., is the 2009 U.S. Amateur Women’s Champion after defeating Mary Rakin of Daly City, Calif., 9-3. Sessions avenged an earlier round loss to Rakin that sent her to the one-loss bracket. In the finals, Sessions came out strong in the 9-Ball set, jumping out to an early 3-1 lead before Rakin could win her first game. The players traded victories in the next two games before Sessions

audience of spectators. The players split the 8-Ball set 4-4. In 9-Ball, they continued to trade wins through the first eight games. Parks gained a narrow edge with consecutive wins in the ninth and tenth games of 9-Ball. The 20-year-old Cole responded well under pressure, coming back to win the next two games and sending the match to-the-hill. In the 13th and final game of 9-Ball, it was Parks, the seasoned West Coast shooter, winning his first U.S. Amateur Championship title. Cole finished as Runner-up and is no doubt a name you’ll be hearing more in the future. Defending U.S. Champion Travis Gunn of Hewitt, Texas, finished

Women’s Division: Michelle Monk, Betty Session, Mary Rakin

rattled off four straight wins. Rakin closed out the 9-Ball set with a win, but trailed 8-3. On-the-hill to begin the 8-Ball set, Sessions won the first game and closed out the match 9-3, to take home her first U.S. Amateur Championship title. She moves on to compete in the WPBA’s U.S. Open next year. Rakin finishes at the Runner-up after an impressive performance in her first U.S. Amateur Championship competition. Former champion Michell Monk of Orlando, Fla., finished in 3rd Place. Brian Parks of Bakersfield, Calif., is the 2009 U.S. Amateur Champion in the Men’s Division after a thrilling 11-10 win over young gun Joseph Cole of Pelham, Ala. The hill-hill battle was a nailbitter, much to the delight of a large

in 3rd Place, losing only to Parks and Cole. Dean Vince of Wesley, Chapel, Fla., finished in 4th Place. Daniel Gambill of Hickory, N.C., and 2008 Runner-up Chris Walls of High Springs, Fla., tied for 5th Place. The 2009 U.S. Amateur Championship, produced and conducted by the American Poolplayers Association (APA), was held at Strokers in Tampa, Fla., Nov. 6-8. Preliminary qualifying rounds were held throughout the country in mid-Sept., with more than 1,500 players attempting to qualify. Sessions and Parks competed with the nation’s most highly skilled amateur poolplayers who were all vying for the U.S. Amateur title. The Men’s Division consisted of 128 players, while the Women’s

16 Stroke Magazine - December 2009

Men’s Division: Chris Walls, Daniel Gambill, Travis Gunn, Brian Parks, Joseph Cole, Dean Vince

Division featured 30 players. As Champions, Sessions and Parks will return next year to defend their coveted titles. The U.S. Amateur Championship is a double elimination tournament that offers the nation’s top amateur players the opportunity to showcase their skills through a combination of 8-Ball and 9-Ball matches, in the only APA event that does not useThe Equalizer® handicap system. The APA, based in Lake Saint Louis, Mo., sanctions the world’s largest amateur pool league, known as the APA Pool League throughout the United States, and as the Canadian Pool League in Canada. More than 260,000 members compete in weekly

8-Ball and 9 Ball league play. The APA is generally recognized as the Governing Body of Amateur Pool, having established the official rules, championships, formats and handicap systems for the sport of amateur billiards. The APA produces three major tournaments each year—the APA National Team Championships, the APA National Singles Championships and the U.S. Amateur Championship—that, together, pay out nearly $1.5 Million in cash and prizes annually! The APA and its championships are sponsored by Cuetec Cues. For complete coverage of the U.S. Amateur Championship visit http:// www.usamateurchampionship. com/coverage/2009/

Blaze 9-Ball at R i l e y ’ s Blaze 9 Ball Tour made it way to Riley’s Billiards in Boothwyn PA Sunday November 8, 2009. A strong field came out to play, players like: Matt Krah, Mike Miller, Joey Testa, Denise Reeves, Shaun Wilkie, Josh Brothers, and Megan Black. Leading the top half of the bracket was Matt Krah with wins over Shaun Wilkie 7-3, Randy Jaragoske 7-2, and Josh Brother 7-4. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Mike Miller with wins over Bob Madara 7-4, Carl Khan 7-2, Joey Testa 7-3. Playing for the hot seat was Matt Krah Vs Mike Miller this was a great match that went hill hill, after being down 6-2 Krah came back to win the match 7-6. Sending Miller to the one lost side. Waiting for Miller on the one lost side was Joey Testa but this match was all Mike Miller winning easily 7-2 to get back to the finals. The finals was Mike Miller Vs Matt Krah, Miller has to beat Krah and e to win the event. In the first set it was all Miller winning 7-1 but in the second set it was Krah winning 7-5 to win the event. I would like to thank all the players that came out and the sponsors for their on going support.

2nd place finisher Mike Miller owner Chris Riley and winner Matt Krah



Matt Krah



Mike Miller



Joey Testa



Shaun Wilkie



Josh Brother Mike Danato

Putnam Takes DMIRO Stop

By Mike Andrews:

After two weeks of exciting pool, the trip to Florida's Tournaments was capped off at Ultimate Billiards, in Fort Pierce, Florida. Where the likes of Shawn Putnam, Charlie Bryant, Rob Saez, and a group of Amateurs gathered to try and take down this $1,000 Added 1 day event. This event was unlike other DMIRO events, it was a single bracket, and was randomly drawn. First round Rob Saez drew Charlie Bryant and sent the Hillbilly to the 1 loss side after and exciting Hill Hill match. First round Han Berber also sent Shawn Putnam to the 1 loss side, after another hill hill 1st round match. Shawn defeated Jason Sheerman 7-6, Doug Young 7-1, and Charlie Bryant 7-5 to face Han Berber who was defeated by Rob Saez for the hot seat. Han was defeated 7-3, and Putnam and Saez played a 1 race to 13, to determine the winner. Off the bat Shawn was down 3 racks, and took 1 to make it 3-1, then they exchanged racks making it 7-5 Shawn, who then decided to take 5 in a row making it 10-7 Putnam. Shawn Putnam then took control of the match and Saez was not able to hold Putnam off, and Saez was defeated 13-8. Team DMIRO would like to thank Bill and his crew at Ultimate Billiards for hosting this event. Also the sponsors, Tiger Products, McDermott Cues, OB Cues, Delta 13 Racks, Hammond Custom Cues, Zinzola Custom Cues, Donnelly Custom Cues, Diekman Cue Builder and all of our supporting friends and fans. December 2009 - Stroke Magazine 17

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

DATE Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 6 Dec 5-6 Dec 5-6 Dec 5-6 Dec 5-6 Dec 6 Dec 12-13 Dec 12-13 Dec 12-13 Dec 17-20 Dec 19-20 Dec 19-20 Dec 20 Jan 2 Jan 2-3 Jan 3 Jan 9-10 Jan 9-10 Jan 9-10 Jan 16 Jan 22-30 Jan 22-30 Jan 22-30 Jan 23-24 Jan 30-31 Jan 30-31 Jan 31 Feb 13-14 Feb 13-14 Feb 14 Feb 27-28 Feb 27-28 Feb 28 Mar 13-14 Mar 14 Mar 27-28 Mar 28 Apr 3-4

CITY Albany, GA Raleigh, NC Gainesville, FL Mobile, AL Ft Pierce, FL Spring Hill, FL Syracuse, NY New Milford, CT Goldsboro, NC W Hempstead, NY Rocky Mount, NC Verona, NY Holiday, FL Fayetteville, NC Springfield, MA Albany, GA Columbus, OH Worcester, MA Greensboro, NC Spring Hill, FL Syracuse, NY Windsor Locks, CT Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Syracuse, NY Orlando, FL Latham, NY Clifton Park, NY E Yorkville, NY Palm Harbor, FL Springfield, MA Longwood, FL N Syracuse, NY Ayer, MA Tampa, FL Albany, NY Merritt Island, FL Springfield, MA Syracuse, NY

LOCATION Break Time Pub Brass Tap Billiards Art of Billiards Breaker’s Billiards Ultimate Billiards Capone’s Billiards Salt City Billiards Buster’s Billiards Fast Eddie’s Sports Bar Raxx Pool Room Sharks N Shooters Turning Stone Casino Hammer Heads Billiards King Street Billiards Snookers Billiards Break Time Pub Cornfed Red’s London Billiards Gate City Billiards Capones Billiards Korky’s Pool Hall Pool Table Magic Horseshoe Casino Horseshoe Casino Horseshoe Casino Cap’s Cue Club Corner Pockets Diamond 8 Billiards Trick Shot Billiards Hippo’s Strokers Billiards Snookers Billiards Fast Break Billiards Salt City Billiards The Billiards Cafe Strokers 2 Billiards Golden Cue Billiards Island Breakers Snookers Billiards Korky’s Pool Room

PHONE (229) 344-5377 (919) 876-2382 (352) 225-3535 (251) 341-1117 (772) 464-7665 (352) 688-9965 (315) 454-8643 (919) 759-0071 (516) 538-9896 (252) 937-8882 (518) 356-7163 (727) 939-9494 (910) 425-7665 (229) 344-5377 (614) 834-1000 (336) 856-8800 (352) 688-9965 (315) 488-4888 (866) 766-2671 (866) 766-2671 (866) 766-2671 (315) 701-0101 (352) 867-8100 (518) 786-8048 (315) 768-0218 (727) 786-6683 (407) 830-1036 (315) 454-8643 (813) 814-2277 (321) 459-9100 (315) 488-4888

EVENT / RULES 9-Ball Open Toys for Tots End of year BIG EVENT GSBT A/B Amateur 9-Ball KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open Women’s FL State Champ. CNY 9-Ball Tour 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour GSBT A/B Amateur 9-Ball Predator Tour Finale Jacoby Carolina Tour Turning Stone XIV 9-Ball Open KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open GSBT A/B Amateur 9-Ball 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour 9-Ball Open Amateur/10-Ball Ring 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour Team DMIRO 10-Ball KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open CNY 9-Ball Tour 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour DCC - 9-Ball Banks DCC - One Pocket DCC - 9-Ball CNY 9-Ball Tour KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open Joss NE 9-Ball Tour 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour CNY 9-Ball Tour KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open CNY 9-Ball Tour 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour CNY 9-Ball Tour

ENTRY ADDED $40 $500 $40 + toy $45/$25 $300 w/32 Call $1500 Call $2,000 Call Call Varies $600 $25+$10 $350 in prizes Call $1500 Call $3000 Call $1000 $150 $25,000 Call $2,000 Call $1500 $25+$10 $350 in prizes $40 $500 Varies Call $25+$10 $350 in prizes Call $1,000 Call $2,000 Varies $600 $25+$10 $350 in prizes $100+$10 reg $10,000 guar $125+$10 reg $15,000 guar $150+$10 reg $25,000 guar $105 $600 Call $2,000 $100 $2,000 $25+$10 $350 in prizes $105 $600 Call $2,000 $25+$10 $350 in prizes Call $2,000 $105 $600 $25+$10 $350 in prizes Call $2,000 $25+$10 $350 in prizes Call $2,000 $25+$10 $350 in prizes $105 $600

TIME Call Call 10 AM Call Call Call Noon 11 AM Call Call Call Call Call Call 11 AM Call 1 PM 11 AM Call Call Noon 11 AM 10 AM 10 AM 10 AM Noon Call Call 11 AM Noon Call 11 AM Call Noon 11 AM Call 11 AM Call 11 AM Noon

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Canada vs. U.S.A.

Dec 11th-13th: 8-Ball stay tuned for more info or 18 Stroke Magazine - December 2009

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December 2009 - Stroke Magazine


Stroke Magazine December 2009  

The Pool Players Voice for the East Coast now has the December issue online. Read all the latest news from tournaments and events.

Stroke Magazine December 2009  

The Pool Players Voice for the East Coast now has the December issue online. Read all the latest news from tournaments and events.