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4 Stroke Magazine - September 2013

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Don “Cheese” Akerlow




Stroke November 2014








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October 2014

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October 13-18, 2014

Cover Photo: (L2R) Dennis Orcollo (2nd), Barry Behrman (U.S.Open promoter), Shane Van Boening

The 39th Simonis/Aramith U.S. Open 9-Ball Championship at the Marriott Hotel in Chesapeake, Virginia is the most prestigious and longest running tournament in the USA. This year there were some changes implemented. In years past there has been some controversy over “soft breaks”. Every player refined their break as the week progressed trying different break spots on the headstring, and different speeds and contact points on the 1 ball. This resulted in dry breaks and scratches from seasoned players who would normally have had no problems with their break. The field was limited to 128 players who paid an entry fee of $750 (a reduction from the $1,000 first announced). Throughout the week, spectators and players alike, were treated to some great match ups. The field was strong with many well known names all vying for the title. Niels Feijen (#1 in the world) came from behind to defeat Jin Hu Dang 11-9. Johnny Archer faced off against Sky Woodward, who upset Alex Pagulayan 11-8 earlier in the tournament. Experience proved to

be the deciding factor as Archer beat Woodward 11-5. Jose Parica (2014 Hall of Fame inductee) was defeated by Le Quang Trun of Vietnam. Oscar Dominguez was defeated by Imran Majid of Great Britain. Justin Bergman showed a solid performance against Danny Mastermaker. Alex Pagulayan was knocked out of the tournament by Justin Hall 11-4 after defeating Ralf Souquet the round before by a score of 11-7. Thorsten Hohmann matched up against Francisco Bustamante. Saturday, the final day of play saw the field narrowed to the final 4 players Shane Van Boening facing Nikos Ekonomopoulos, and Dennis Orcollo facing Mike Dechaine. Shane Van Boening won the hot seat after soundly defeating Nikos Ekonomopoulos 11-4. On the one-loss side Dennis Orcollo played as if he could not be beaten. He didn’t give Dechaine much of a chance to play and defeated him 11-2. Both men struggled with their break and scratches but Bustamante emerged victorious 11-5. The semi-final match between Dennis Orcollo and Nikos Ekonomopoulos was similar to the previous match against Dechaine. Orcollo dominated most of the racks and won handily 11-3. This set up the final match between Shane Van Boening and Dennis

Orcollo. The spectators and players alike were expecting an exciting finals and they were not disappointed. The finals was a race to 13 games and the winner must win by 2 games. Van Boening was shooting for his third straight title and Orcollo, who was beaten by Van Boening two years ago in the finals, wanted revenge. These were the best two players of the week Van Boening had already beaten Orcollo earlier on Saturday 11-5 but Orcollo had just beaten two great players Dechaine and Ekonomopoulos by a total score of 22-5! To say Dennis was on a roll was an understatement. The final was a great match. Orcollo jumped out to a 4-1 lead over Van Boening. Shane persevered and came from behind until the score was tied at 7. Van Boening took his first lead at 8-7, and never looked back. Playing in top form and combined with a couple bad breaks from Orcollo that was all Van Boening needed to go down in the history books as the first player ever to win three straight U.S. Open Championships.

1 $30,000 VANBOENING Shane 2 $15,000 ORCOLLO Dennis Congratulations 3 $10,000 EKONOMOPOULOS Nick 4 $7,500 DECHAINE Mike Shane Van Boening! 5 $6,000 BUSTAMANTE Francisco, KIAMCO Warren 7 $4,500 HALL Justin, KLATT Jason 9 $3,500 APPLETON Darren, HOHMANN Thorsten, DOMINGUEZ Ernesto, BOYES Karl 13 $3,000 FUTRELL Chris, PEACH Daryl, REYES Efren, QUAN Do Hoang 17 $2,500 DEUEL Corey, VAN DEN BERG Nick, FEIJEN Niels, KAZAKIS Alexandros, UCHIGAKI Kenichi, MAJID Waleed, BERGMAN Justin, MORRA John 25 $1,900 HUNDAL Raj, GERONIMO Rodrigo, LI He Wen, PINEGAR Jonathan, STRICKLAND Earl, SOSSEI Jeremy, BRUNER Chris, LIU Haitao 33 $1,425 HE Mario, IMMONEN Mika, RODRIGUEZ Jorge, BABICA Radoslaw, OUSCHAN Albin, D’ALFONSO Tom, BARTRAM Chris, PAGULAYAN Alex, SHEARER Brad, TRUNG Le Quang, GRABE Denis, MAJID Imran, STEPANOV Konstantin, SHAW Jayson, MORRIS Rodney, ARCHER Johnny

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1983: Mike Sigel-New York 1982: David Howard-Florida 1981: Allen Hopkins-New Jersey 1980: Mike Sigel-New York 1979: Louie Roberts-Missouri 1978: Steve Mizerek-New Jersey 1977: Allan Hopkins-New Jersey 1976: Mike Sigel-New York

Photo by Alison Fischer


2014: Shane Van Boening - South Dakota 2013: Shane Van Boening - South Dakota 2012: Shane Van Boening - South Dakota 2011: Darren Appleton - England 2010: Darren Appleton - England 2009: Mika Immonen - Finland 2008: Mika Immonen - Finland 2007: Shane Van Boening - South Dakota 2006: John Schmidt - Florida 2005: Alex Pagulayan - Canada 2004: Gabe Owens - Kansas 2003: Jeremy Jones - Texas 2002: Ralf Souquet - Germany 2001: Corey Deuel - Ohio 2000: Earl Strickland - North Carolina 1999: Johnny Archer - Georgia 1998: Buddy Hall - Illinois 1997: Earl Strickland - North Carolina 1996: Rodney Morris - Hawaii 1995: Reed Pierce - Mississippi 1994: Efren Reyes - Philippines 1993: Earl Strickland - North Carolina 1992: Tommy Kennedy - Florida 1991: Buddy Hall - Illinois 1990: Nick Varner - Kentucky 1989: Nick Varner - Kentucky 1988: Mike Le’Bron - Pennsylvania 1987: Earl Strickland - North Carolina 1986: David Howard-Florida 1985: Jimmy Reid-Florida 1984: Earl Strickand-North Carolina

Stroke November 2014


Koka Davladze

wins first Tri-State at the Steinway Billiards Koka tournament trail included wins over Carl Yusuf Khan 7 - 6; Ed Culhane 7 - 1; Chumreon Sutcharitalak 8 - 7; Keith Adamik 7 - 4, Miguel Laboy 7 - 5, and Jaydev Zaveri 9 - 8 for the Hot Seat. In the meanwhile, Ramon Feliciano, winning 5 matches on the loss side metup with Keith Adamik to make a bid for the Finals. The two players matched up with Keith winning 8 - 4 and advancing to face Jaydev Zaveri. Keith won 8 - 6 and a spot in the Finals. Due to the late hour, the both Koka and

Keith decided to call it quits with Koka taking well deserved honors as the undefeated player. The next Tri-State event will be held on November 2, 2014 at BQE Billiards in Jackson Hts., NY. Thank you to Ozone Billiards, Sterling-Gaming, Qpod, Kamui Tips, Ron Vitello, Focus Cases by John Bartron, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics , and Focus Apparel for their sponsorship leading to this event.

photo above (l to r) Koka Davladze; Keith Adamik; Jaydev Zaveri

Results 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th - 6th 7th - 8th 9th - 12th


November 2014 Stroke

Koka Davladze $700.00 Keith Adamik $470.00 Jaydev Zaveri $290.00 Ramon Feliciano $190.00 Miguel LaBoy, Eric Hummel $120 Chumreon Sutcharitalak, Pat Mareno $90 Stewart Warnock, Enock Hooper Tony Ignomirello, Brian Dorfmann $70

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Takes NJ State 9-Ball Championship Title Mezz Pro-Am Nj State 9 Ball State Championship made it way to Sandcastle Billiards in Edison Nj on Oct 4th & 5th. A Strong field came out to play players like: Jeremy Sossei, Matt Krah, Richard Broumpton, Travis McKinney, Phil Davis, Caroline Pao, Jennifer Barretta, Greg McAndrews, Mike Miller, and Daniel Dagotdot. Leading the top half of the bracket was Travis McKinney with wins over Mark Horn Sr. 8-3, Muaz Arshad 8-5, Dinko Dusanich 8-7, Matt Krah 8-5 and Greg McAndrews 8-5. Leading ther bottom half of the bracket was Phil Davis with wins over Chris Taormina 8-4, Max Watanabe 8-4, Ryan McCreesh 8-0 and Mike Miller 8-6. Playing for the hot seat was Travis McKinney Vs Phil Davis, this was a great match that went hill hill but when it was all said and done it was Phil Davis coming away with the win 8-7 sending Travis McKinney to the one lost side. Waiting for Travis McKinney to the one lost side was Jeremy Sossei this to was a great match that went hill hill this time it was Jeremy Sossie coming away with the win 8-7 to get to the finals. In the finals it was Jeremy Sossei Vs Phil Davis this event is a true double elimination but both players decide to play one race to 9. This was a good match but Jeremy Sossei pulled away to win the match 9-5 and the event. I would like to thank all the players that came out to play!!!! I also would like to thank the following sponsors Mezz Cues, Gamblin Clothing Kumi Chalk, QPOD, JD Custom Cues Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo, John Barton JB Cases, Jab Cues & Thing, Billiard Life USA, and Mike Ricciardella.

Steinway Cafe & Billiards 9-Ball Tournaments at 8pm Every Monday & Wednesday

Take Lessons with Earl Strickland and other World Champions Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-4am 3525 Steinway St. Astoria, NY 11102 (718) 472-2124

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L-R Pat Fleming, 1st Jeremy Sossei, 2nd Phil Davis, 4th Caroline Pao, 3rd Travis McKinney owner Ed Liddawi


1st Jeremy Sossei 2nd Phil Davis 3rd Travis McKinney 4th Caroline Pao 5th Mike Miller / Greg McAndrews 7th Matt Krah / Pete Calabrese 9th Daniel Dagotdot / Gerard Seriano / Ryan MrCreesh / Tony Maria (727) 539-7665 11 - 9’ tables (3 - Diamonds) Darts 8 - TV’s Round Robin Tournaments 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month $5.00 8-Ball tournament every Wed. at 1:00pm

Mon - Thurs : 5pm - 1am Fri - Sat: Noon - 2am Sun: Noon - 1am

• Pool Tables • Great Food • • Full-Service Elevated Bar • Drink Specials • Lottery & Quickdraw • Electronic Darts • • Foosball • Video Games • Pro Shop And More! 9 Johnson Road Latham, NY • 518-786-8048

Stroke November 2014


MIKE PANZARELLA Takes Down His First Win

Story & Photo by Alison Fischer / NYC Grind Since playing on the Predator Pro/Am Tour since its inception in 2008, Long Islandbased player Mike Panzarella has finally seen his day in the sun…as he won his first tour title at Steinway Billiards in Queens, NY on the weekend of October 11-12. This tour stop drew 76 players from around the New York tri-state area and beyond. Panzarella’s trek at Steinway did not come without a road bump, however. The winner’s bracket would hang him up in the final four, with a loss to one of Steinway’s regular players, Koka Davladze at a score of 7-5. Leading up to that match, Panzarella had taken out recent Cue Bar winner Miguel Laboy (7-2), Steve “The Russian” Astashen (7-6), Kirill Safronov (7-4), and Keith Adamik (7-5). While Panzarella headed to the one-loss side of the bracket, Davladze continued on with a successful win in the ‘hot seat’ match against one of the ‘C’ class’ top players, Bob Toomey of Queens, NY. Making it all the way to the top of the B/C/D bracket after a 7-0 win over Kyle Bubet, Toomey would record his personal best finish on the tour, eventually taking third place. A tour newcomer Kaz Takagishi, who recently relocated to Long Island from Tokyo, Japan. Takagishi had a streak of wins on the one-loss side against Ron Mason (7-4), Gus Iliopoulos (7-1), Bob Schlott (7-4), Dennis Lake (7-4), and Kyle Bubet (7-3) to get to the quarterfinal. That would be where Takagishi’s run would end, as he was then eliminated from the event by the winner-to-be, Mike Panzarella. Following Panzarella’s loss to Davladze, he went on to defeat former Predator winner Raphael Dabreo (7-1), and had two close finishes in the quarterfinal and semifinal, winning both at 10-8. . His score in the quarterfinal would be 10-8, and Panzarella continued to progress by winning the semifinal by the same score, 10-8. In the final rematch between Koka Davladze and Mike Panzarella, who played an extended-format race to seven, where if the player with a loss reaches seven first, match would be extended to nine games for both. It was clear that Panzarella was in high gear and he got out to a 4-1 lead over Davladze, who had been waiting in the hot seat for some time. Panzarella exhibited aggressive, yet smart play, and pushed his lead ahead to 6-2. At 7-4, he then secured the race to nine. Davladze then made a push to stay in the match and capitalized on a missed six ball, going on to tie the match 7-7. However, a ball did not drop on his next break, and Panzarella ran out to get to the hill at 8-7. He continued with a successful break but would miss the four ball…resulting in a safety battle, before Davladze missed the six ball. Panzarella then ran out for his final needed win, ending the match at 9-7. The Predator Pro/Am Tour would like to give special thanks to its sponsors for their support: Predator Cues, The National Amateur Pool League, Delta 13-Racks, NYC Grind,, Gotham City Technologies, and Ozone Billiards. 1st: $1,400 Mike Panzarella 2nd: $1,000 Koka Davladze 3rd: $300 Bob Toomey 4th: $500 Kaz Takagishi 5/6: $350 Kyle Bubet, Dennis Lake 7/8: $250 Raphael Dabreo, Alex Osipov 9-12: $200 Bob Schlott, Amir Uddin, Shawn Sookhai, Keith Adamik 13-16: $125 Kirill Safronov, Wanlop Chantarakolkit, Gus Iliopoulos, Matthew Harricharan


November 2014 Stroke

On The Road with ... C J Wiley He hustled pool for a while and made a living, then turned pro and made a killing. Clearly, Dallas’ CJ Wiley is on the ball. By Michael P. Geffner DVD LIST:

Million Dollar Challenge Package of Three

1) ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary 2) PCA’s 2nd Tour Stop at the Hollywood Park Casino - Semi Finals between David Matlock and Oliver Ortmann and Finals between Matlock and Allen Hopkins. 3) PCA Million Dollar Challenge Semis with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley and Finals with Earl Strickland vs CJ Wiley (highlights from CJ Wiley vs Paul Potier).

Systems in Pocket Billiards “Systems underlie every phenomenon, and are everywhere one looks for them. They are limited only by the observer’s capacity to comprehend the complexity of the observed entity, item or phenomenon.” This is a useful definition of a system because it does exist “everywhere one looks for them”. If you’re unable to look for anything new I would venture to guess you’ll find nothing new. After playing a lot of my best matches subconsciously (in The Zone) it is challenging to explain some of the shots I was able to pull off. I can’t even try to explain some of the phenomenal things I’ve seen (from many players) in the midst of a 20 hour session, they seem “supernatural”.

Million Dollar Challenge ‘Billiard’s Greatest Shot’ Documentary Semi-Finals & Finals Million Dollar Challenge Semi-Finals & Finals PCA on TV at Hollywood Park

If someone’s really struggling to improve and they don’t believe in developing a better system, then they may unconsciously not want to improve. The mind can pretty much achieve what you can conceive so make sure you at least “think” you’re improving every day. Sometimes we just have to “fake it, til we make it,” and see ourselves as a better player, in a better job, or in a better relationship before it actually happens. I recommend the book ‘Zen in the Art of Archery’ to anyone wanting to learn more about learning to “play in the zone,” (it’s the first book I read on the subject and it’s superb). Posted online 01/13/2014 at

Holiday Gift Guide page 28

$250 Added Bar Box 8-Ball

1st Saturday of the Month

$35 entry includes green fee - Double Elimination - Race to 3 Doors open Noon - Calcutta 2pm - Starts 2:30pm

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Stroke November 2014


Getting the Feel of a Table Tom Simpson © May 2000 – All Rights Reserved –

Master Instructor, National Billiard Academy, “Beat People With a Stick!”

Tom Simpson

Tom Simpson


Tables and playing conditions vary considerably, but we have to be able to adjust to whatever conditions we’re faced with, and we have to adjust quickly. To adjust, we just need to look at a few things, and shoot a few “Reference Shots.” We have to deal with enormous differences in table size, ranging from 3 x 6 up to 5 x 10. Big pockets are generous. Cloth makes a huge difference, ranging from very slow and sometimes inaccurate “fuzzy” cloth to very fast and very accurate worsted wool “no-nap” cloth. Cloth will be very fast and slippery when new, and slower and stickier as it wears and as it gets dirty. After all, where do you think all that chalk goes, every shot? It goes into and under the cloth. The liveliness of the cushions affects banks and kicks. Throw affects every cut shot. Here are 4 things to do to quickly get up to speed for any table: 1. Pocket size – Pockets vary in size. Bigger pockets accept more shot error than smaller pockets. Balls are 2-1/4” in diameter. Take two balls and hold them in a corner pocket, side by side, just at the point where they will fall in if you let go of them. How much gap is there between the balls and the jaws of the pocket? If the balls jam into the jaws, the pockets are very tight. If there is a ½” of space between the balls and the jaws, those pockets are buckets. It helps to know what you’ve got. 2. Table speed – Cloth speed varies tremendously. To get a feel for the speed of the table, shoot lag shots. Spend some of your practice time on the lag (cueball behind the head string, shoot down and back, ending up as close to the head rail as possible). You have to get to where you “own” this shot, and can shoot it reliably. Then, when you want to learn the speed of a table, shoot lags until you land several in a row within your typical accuracy range. At that point, declare to yourself that you have the speed of that table, and forget about it. 3. Cushions – Shoot the “geometric kick” from the corner pocket to the side pocket. Start with the cueball centered in front of a corner pocket. Shoot directly at the center diamond on the side rail. Always shoot this shot the same speed, and softly enough that the ball is rolling

November 2014 Stroke

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when it hits the cushion. Did the ball drop in the center of the side pocket? If so, this table is “neutral.” If not, aim a little short or long of the center of that center diamond, and keep adjusting until the ball falls. If you have to aim an inch short of the diamond to make the ball fall, the table banks long. Remember that, and aim your banks and kicks a little shorter than neutral. 4. Throw– Shoot the following Reference Shot to check out the maximum collision-induced throw. It’s mostly going to be related to how dirty or worn the balls are, and how humid it is. The more friction between the balls, the more throw. The more humid, the less throw. Throw is not a curve. It’s an angle change that happens at impact. Freeze two balls together. Line them up straight down-table (the long way), at the head string, lined up between two diamonds. Place the cueball behind the balls, maybe a foot away, on the half-ball hit line toward the back ball. In other words, line up the cueball so there is a straight line between the center of the CB and the center of the back OB, and that line also hits the outside edge of the front OB (easier than it sounds – it’s 30 degrees off of the line through the frozen balls). Now, shoot the CB directly into the back OB with just enough speed to make the front OB go all the way to the end rail. Note where it hits the end rail. Measure how far it hit from the diamond it was lined up toward. Let’s say that was 9”. How far did that ball travel to get to the end rail? Let’s say 6’. That means you can get a maximum 1-1/2” of throw per foot of ball travel (9/6). This is a lot, but it’s not uncommon. This shot shows you the maximum because a) the 30 degree angle (half-ball hit) gives the maximum throw, b) the softer you shoot, the more throw you get, and c) stun produces more throw than spin does – the OB frozen to the front ball is a stunned ball. (A stunned ball is one that is not rolling at the moment of impact.) Shoot this Reference Shot to find out the maximum, and estimate down from there. Once you’ve done these four simple things, you’ll have a good feel for the table.



Tempering Your Temper, part II How I Cool My Own Jets

Michael K Glass

Michael Glass has been teaching pool for close to 10 years. He is a Recognized PBIA Billiards Instructor, taught by none other than Bob Jewett of the San Francisco Billiard Academy. Michael has been playing pool almost all of his life (except when he was in the Navy — it’s hard to install a pool table on a rocking ship!). He managed to stay away from the hustler life; he doesn’t believe in being dishonest in order to win money. He will, however, occasionally play for a beer or two at the local watering hole. Michael teaches all levels of pool players, from beginner to pro, and works on all aspects of the game, from fundamentals, to pattern play, to trick shots. He can be found playing in his home town of San Ramon, CA at Crown Billiards. Visit his website at for pool tips or to schedule a lesson!

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Last month, I talked about my experience attempting to control my emotions while playing very poorly in a big match. A couple of readers mentioned that I didn’t really talk about how to reign in your temper. This month’s article will attempt to address that. The short answer is: I have no idea! We are all different people. Our emotions are triggered by so many different stimuli, that I couldn’t begin to address the entire spectrum that embodies the psychological aspect of the game. If I could, I’d write a book on it (right after I got my Doctorate of Psychology!). However, I will tell you what I do (which works sometimes), and how I try to cope. Step 1: Preparation First, I remember how much I love this game. That’s why I’m in this tournament / league match / pool hall. There is something very satisfying about the smell of the room, the clicking of the balls, the chalking of cue tips, and the jukebox playing some tunes. This is my happy place. Next, I picture myself as a well-oiled machine. I am confident, and I instill fear in all who play me. My opponent will make mistakes, because he’s putting too much pressure on himself. He knows that if he misses, I will run the table on him. And if he doesn’t know who I am, he will when we are done with our match. Step 2: During Play Every shot is a routine, no matter how difficult or easy the shot is. I do not get down on the shot until I am confident of the stroke, speed, and spin I will be applying. I picture the path of the cue ball and object ball. I apply chalk to my cue, get down on my shot, take the same pre-shot strokes, and I execute. Every shot is precisely the same – this rhythm is crucial, and helps me to get into the “zone.” It is within this zone that I feel calm, at peace, and relaxed. There will be many factors that will attempt to bump you out of this zone: a badly missed shot; a miscue; a drunk patron bumping into you; a very obnoxious and loud Miley Cyrus song on the jukebox. Your opponent may even shark you by making noises or comments.

When these happen, get up. Go take a sip of your drink. Reassess the table. Then take a deep breath, and get back into your routine. You might hear rumblings about “taking too long” during your turn. If there is no shot clock, don’t worry about it. When all is said and done, all people will be talking about is how you never seemed to miss. Above all, learn to recognize when your blood is beginning to boil. Figure out what it is that helps calm you, and get back to the zone as quickly as you can. Step 3: The Aftermath When you are done with your match, don’t just evaluate how you played the game. Think about how you felt, and how you reacted. Did you pound your cue into the floor when you missed (man, I need to stop doing this!)? Did you yell at yourself or the balls when you made a bad play? Be honest with yourself, and stop blaming that person who bumped you or the crappy music. You are in control of your stick, and the balls. You chose to attempt that difficult cut instead of a safety, and you misjudged the shot. Don’t get mad at the chalk on the ball that made them skid. Instead, remind yourself that just like in many games, stuff happens. It’s how we handle it that matters. Believe me, dear reader, I know all about this subject. I sometimes have a hot temper, and it usually gets the best of me. I am working on this aspect of my game, and I’m finding that the more I stay in the zone and keep an even temper, the better I do in most tournaments. I recently won a local tournament against some very good players, during a night when a very loud heavy metal band was playing, and their groupies were crowding the tables. I kept my cool, had a good time, and played the best I have in a long time. I truly hope that I can continue to learn from this experience and enjoy this extremely rewarding yet frustrating game. If you would like to share some of your success stories (or even the failures), or have suggestions for future articles, please feel free to drop me a line at I can also be found hanging out with fellow billiards enthusiasts at Come on by and join the discussion!

Stroke November 2014


San Francisco Billiard Academy San Francisco Billiard Academy is a BCA Certified Master Academy.


Bob Jewett

Bob Jewett


Yes, bowlliards. The game is just like the name sounds, a cross between billiards and bowling. It is a great solo practice game and works well as competition. The rules are fairly simple. Rack any 10 balls and break them open. A scratch on the break incurs no penalty. Any ball pocketed or driven off the table is spotted up on the foot spot. The cue ball is taken in hand behind the line after the break. You then play any ball into any called pocket until you miss or foul. Scoring is just like bowling and scoring is best done on a bowling score sheet. If you run all 10 balls after the break, you mark it as a strike and begin your next rack. If you miss before clearing the table, you get a second chance to clear the table for a spare. If you don’t make all 10 balls in two turns, it’s scored as an open frame. Just as in bowling, you play 10 racks with the possibility of two more racks if you score strikes at the end of the game, and the highest possible score is 300. I think this game is especially good at teaching you patterns and how to play within your own abilities. In the diagram is an example position after the break shot. The best way to play the balls depends on your skill level. The break was a minor disaster in that you pocketed the 2 and 10 balls and they spotted up creating a cluster. If you have good position skills, a way to solve the cluster immediately is to play a stop shot on the 6 ball and then play the 4 in the side nudging the 2-10 softly so as not to make another cluster. That pattern is fine for an advanced player but if you aren’t yet sure of your long distance stop shots -- the cue ball might roll forward six inches to the wrong side of the 4 ball -- you should plan a simpler run. At my former home room, there was an old man we called Jaroosky, and his frequent advice was “Shoot the ducks.” It is excellent advice at this game where total ball count is important. The easy pickings I see here are the 3 followed by the 7 and 1. The cue ball is shown behind the line ready for a try. Do you see how it is placed not quite correctly? If you shoot a simple rolling cue ball from the position shown you are very likely to run into the 1 ball and perhaps will be left without any good shot. The 3 ball would be straight in from C, but we are supposing your stop shot from there is uncertain. The simple, low-effort way to play the shot is move the cue ball toward C to where there is just enough angle that you can’t scratch if you make the 3. Soft roll to A and out will give you either the 1 or 7 as your next shot. After those, a good place to try to send the cue ball is to spot B where there are a lot of options. A final suggestion about strategy: if you are in a very bad position on your first turn of the rack

November 2014 Stroke

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A 1







B 9




In hand behind the line after the break. REJ

and unlikely to make any ball, make sure that if you miss you will leave yourself an easy shot to start your try for the strike. Or, you may want to play that each turn is begun with the cue ball in hand anywhere but remember that the full rules don’t allow that latitude. For more information on bowlliards, visit the website which has the complete rules and score sheets along with ways to do league handicaps.

CHALK TALK Sponsored by: Master Chalk In SKY My OISpinion THE NO LIMIT



It didn’t take very long for the rumors to start, following the conclusion of SVB winning his third straight U. S. Open and 4th overall. Are the players going to get paid? What in the world just happened? Or should I say happened again. Is it enough to say that you paid somebody the money they were due from a pool tournament, weeks or months after it was over? I have never played in a pro pool tournament and to be quite honest, I never was that good to be able to play. But I have won some 50 pool tournaments on an amateur level. There has been promoters/bar owners that have cheated some players out of their money. Either the tournament never was played again or the players never showed up again, thus ending the tournament. Fortunately we never had to deal with this situation very often. We had the power to not show up and we didn’t. And so do the pro players. I have been publishing pool magazines for the past quarter century, starting with leagues and moving on to tournaments and to the present day. We covered the IPT and other tournaments like the U. S. Open 9-Ball Championships who didn’t pay or post dated checks for one reason or another. So why do the pool players go back? Why do they put up with this BS from the same promoter year after year? Are they chumps? Are they a glutten for punishment? Are they somehow misinformed? I

have even heard pro players at different events since IPT went under say they would gladly go back and play in the IPT tournaments. Do they believe something would change? Is it because most of the great pool players, the ones who could hustle are just hustling and they don’t mind being hustled? I don’t think so. I don’t believe for one minute in any way, shape or form that it is the fault of the players. Are they perhaps nieve? I don’t think so. Are they dreamers? Are they hopeful? Are they desperate to have a tour that they would do anything? Or go anywhere? Or play in any tournament? Perhaps, but their heart is in the right place. So what do you do? This year was supposed to be different (again). The money was supposed to be in escrow. Guarantees and assurances were made. As a side note what ever happened to Charlie Williams and his players union (for the lack of a better term)? The UPA didn’t show up either. What about the WPA who was paid a sanction fee by the U. S. Open? These organizations were started and run to look out for the players or am I wrong? Do they just take the money? Someone should be looking out for the players. But no one does. Why does this continue to happen and nothing is ever done about it? There is no way that I would want the U. S. Open to fold or any other event - just pay the players. As of this writing, there has been no word of any post dated checks issued by the U. S. Open not being able to be cashed. That’s a good sign.

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BRAIN FREEZE! Anthony Beeler is a 2013 BCA National 9-Ball team champion. He also finished 9th out of 1086 players in the 2013 BCA National 8-Ball Championships. He is a certified Level 3 instructor for the American CueSports Alliance and is the founder of Maximize Your Potential Billiards Academy located in Bradfordsville, Kentucky. Beeler is also a fully licensed Kentucky Educator having, received his bachelor’s degree at Campbellsville University and his master’s degree in Education Leadership at Eastern Kentucky University. Throughout his pool-playing career Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professional players in tournament competition.


November 2014 Stroke

The old adage that “over-analysis leads to paralysis” is often true in the game of pool. One of the primary difficulties pool players face is the amount of time they have as they transition from one shot to the next. In reality, this is both an advantage and a problem. The advantage is you don’t have to shoot the cue ball until you are completely ready. The problem is this extra time available can be completely misused. When you use that extra time to over-analyze a shot then your brain can become frozen and send the wrong signals to your body. The mind can only process a limited amount of information at one time. A good example of this is over-analyzing a simple layout of balls. For example, you might look at your shot and see it as a difficult cut. Then you go to the other side of table and see it as a bank shot. After an internal debate with yourself, you circle around the table another time to decide how much the slow cloth will affect the bank shot if you do in fact decide to shoot it. So far, you are doing what any pool player would do, but when you start to introduce numerous factors that may effect your decision such as the cleanliness of the balls, the fact that the table rolls off slightly, and the outcome of your last bank shot, etc. - your mind becomes overwhelmed with details. Great players relax and let their imagination account for all the variables. Whatever a pro player initially selects, for the most part he shoots. A pro doesn’t second-guess himself and certainly doesn’t look for reasons to change his mind once he is down into his stance. Another good example of this occurs when I see players get into their stance and look at a shot for a long period of time. Often they are thinking about a checklist of 5 things they want to accomplish with one stroke. This is too much information for the mind to handle at one time and this can also lead to a “brain freeze.” Try not to think about everything your pool instructor told you to do on every single shot. Simplify your approach and focus on one part of the process at a time especially when you are set up and ready pull the trigger. A quiet mind is necessary to get into the correct flow and become immersed in the proper execution of the shot. How do you quiet your mind? First of all, stay in the present moment, don’t think about past shots or matches or let them obstruct your current thinking. Be totally focused on the shot at hand, not the one you had five minutes ago. And don’t become frozen trying to analyze the details of every missed shot or try to fix your stroke in the middle of a match. Leading coaches often teach their students to silently repeat a mantra to quiet their mind. If negative thoughts come to mind, you’re instructed to let them pass and focus back on the mantra. It isn’t reasonable to believe that you will keep your mind 100% quiet, but you can focus your attention on your breathing just before each shot. If other negative thoughts come to mind let them pass and refocus on the rhythm of your breathing. You can use a simple pool-specific “mantra” to quiet the mind and focus on the basics of your pre-shot routine such as “Set, Pause, Finish, Freeze” or “1,2,3-1,2-1,2,3,4.” Try also to stay focused on your tempo. Visual players might want to see the shot then visualize what is going to happen next and finally let their subconscious take over. Save your concerns about your stroke mechanics for your practice sessions in between matches. Always remember that pool is a game best played with a quiet mind. So the next time you become overwhelmed with too many details take the time needed to thaw out your brain and you won’t become frostbitten by a cluttered thought process.

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“It’s the one thing you can buy today that will guarantee you’ll shoot better tomorrow.”

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July 2014

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Union Station Billiards Re-opens after the flood

Union Station Billiards of Portland, Maine has made a remarkable comeback after having 4” of standing water in their poolroom giving a new name to “pool”. In August the city of Portland received 6” of rain in two hours causing all the drains in the city to back up. After two months of drying out, cleaning up and replacing nearly everything but the pool tables, they have reopened with a more open, brighter, inviting feel. Formerly a more divided pool hall the remodel after the flood allowed owners Phil and Mary Harju to take down some walls and open up the pool hall. The bar had to be replaced but the new bar will have 25 tap lines. All the carpets were replace, the walls were cut up 4’ due to water damage. Where there used to be a stage the area is open now, a dividing partition has been removed and a small room usually used for private pool matches has been opened up and transformed into a game room with foosball, air hockey and an electronic punching bag. There was even room to have an indoor cornhole game which requires 27 feet of space between the boards! The transformation is amazing, Union Station is a fun place to be. There is always something going on. Monday nights hosts an in-house league. There are also APA 8 and 9 ball leagues. Besides the sixteen 9’ Brunswick pool


November 2014 Stroke

tables there are also three Coin Op tables, 2 dart boards, 2 foosball tables, ping-pong and the new game room. Specials abound at Union Station with the “All Day Every Day Bud & Bud Light 16 oz. Drafts for only $2! Daily Food Specials from their Pub Style Menu and a Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 3pm to 7pm. During that time play on the pool tables only costs $5 per hour per table! A deal that is hard to beat. Every Friday night there is an 8-Ball tournament at 8pm with an $8 entry and race to 2. Union Station also host a 9-Ball Series. In order to qualify for the season finale you must have played in 4 tournaments throughout the series. This year there will only be 9 tournaments (due to the flood). The season opener is November 2nd, texas express rules, race to 9, double elimination (no handicap), $35 entry. Doors open at 11am, play starts at noon and the house adds $100 every 8 players. The finale will be held in June 2015. Don’t miss out! Mary Harju wanted to give a shout out to all those who helped out during the flood. All of their pool teams had to be taken in by other venues and she really appreciated every ones help. Mary also commented, “We want to thank

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Good Times Good Friends all our friends and employees. They were amazing! We couldn’t have reopened without their help. Don’t miss the upcoming Greg Libby Memorial Tournament - November 16th. The entry is $35, Handicapped, doors open at noon with $250 added. Come out and help celebrate Greg and his love for pool. Union Station Billiards is located at 272 St John St, Portland, Maine. If you have any questions or need directions give them a call at 207-899-3693. Check out the results in the December issue of Stroke Pool Magazine.

our: py H to 7pm p a H 3 - Fri le) Mon pool/tab r h ($5

19 Pool Tables (16 - 9’ & 3 coin op) Darts Foosball Ping Pong Arcade Games Pub Style Menu Daily Food Specials Full Bar

272 St John St - Portland, ME

---- All Day Every Day ---Bud & Bud Light 16 oz Draft - $2 Every Friday Night 8-Ball at 8pm $8 buy-in Race to 2

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Nov 16: Greg Libby Memorial Tournament $35 entry Race to Handicap added Sign up at Noon


Stroke November 2014


Real Woods, KILLER DESIGNS The New 2015 Valhalla VA Series cues feature rich colors, real woods and killer, original designs. Aggressive in style and solid performers, these premium imports are made for those who want a great cue that doesn’t look like the rest. Valhalla cues start at $49.99 and equipped


with a Lifetime Warranty, including warpage from Viking Cue. More than just a pool cue, Valhalla is an attitude and a way of life.

Š2014 Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC

Corner Pocket Billiards Open 9Ball Wheeling, WV Corner Pocket Billiards N Cafe held their monthly $500 added Open 9Ball on October 18th. A rather smaller field of 25 showed up but with 14 players having cashed or won in the past events proved to be a great benefit. Jerry Hager was one of the last people to enter and was debating on even coming to the event since he hadn't played for over 3 weeks while dealing with family health issues and a death in the family. Even though Jerry won both the Senior 8 & 9ball events at the VNEA Nationals, everyone knows that without practice in a tough field your odds are slim to none! Needless to say, Jerry played like the monster we have known him to be and never game up more than 3 games all the way to the finals with wins over Edwards, Rob Krull, Joey Arbuckle, Bobby Hibbitts, and Jason Lychik. You know he was playing great as all half of those that lost to him battled all the way back to get into the money. Congrats to Jerry as he proved he is a true champion! Players: Jay Davis, Babe Hanna, Rob Krull, Butch Weimer, Mark Magnolia, Curtis Walker, Carl Schulte, Teruko Cucculelli, Larry Richards, Renee Edwards, Joey Arbuckle, Jason Loychik, Chris Mitchell, Travis Keadle, Bobby Hibbitts, Chuck Tuttle, steve Tetino, Zac Edwards, Mark Ciperman, Ken Atkinson, Lester Turner, Mike Cumberledge, Jerry Hager, Tom Purich, and Bill Hromy.

Results 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6)

Jerry Hager $1430 Rob Krull $800 Jason Loychik $390 Chris Mitchell $250 Joey Arbuckle $90 Butch Weimer $90

Top Female competitor: Teruko Cucculelli $40 Like Us On Facebook

Stroke November 2014



October 2014

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ONE POCKET TOURNAMENT Article by: JJ Jones Photo by: JJ Jones


Hollywood Florida’s monthly One Pocket Tourney was held at Lucky 7 on Saturday Oct. 18th, hosted by owners Charlie and Tiffany. Attendance was down slightly with many local players out of town, but enthusiasm was high. Entry Fee was originally $60, but there was a surprise. Local player Gary K. challenged the other players to pony up another $25 per person and he would put in $ 200 added money. Everyone rose to the challenge, raising the entry fee to $85. The extra entry fee money plus the $ 200 added money brought the total monies to $ 1,050. There was $ 950 paid out in prizes after $ 5 the Rollover One Pocket Ghost Break Shot and $ 5 Registration Fee were taken out. With 10 players, the top three places were paid.  Prize money was $ 490 for First Place, $280 for Second Place, and Third Place was $185. Format was race to three on both winner and one loss sides. Rack your own, three foul format. Flip for the break, then alternate breaks. No one was able to win the Rollover One Pocket Ghost Break Shot so the jackpot rolled over to $ 280 going into next month. Even with a pick your pocket, open break and ball in hand, it is a severe challenge. The highest skill levels have to run eleven to win the jackpot. As always this was a handicapped tournament. This month there was good news for the lower skilled players. The higher skill level players had to give even more weight. The highest skill level 15 plays a 5 skill level, the handicap is a daunting 12 – 4. The tournament director, Rob Melrose, adjusted the handicapping to favor the lower skill level players. More competitive handicapping not only makes it possible for everyone to win, but also encourages an active Calcutta Player auction. The action was intense. Almost all of the matches were battles. Ultimately, Wilkie Wright was the winner taking home the $490 first place money. Rob Melrose was second with the $280 prize and Anthony Meglino was third with $ 185. Next month’s Lucky 7 One Pocket Tournament looks to be exciting with the absent local players returning, the Rollover One Pocket Ghost Break Shot Jackpot growing, and the newly tuned handicapping encouraging more players. Hollywood Florida seems to be poised to offer both lovely weather and One Pocket competitions.


7 Billiards

4850 South State Road 7

Hollywood, FL 954-239-8254

Home of the Pink Table (pinkie)

14 Pool Tables - 1 Snooker Table - Weekly Pool Tournaments APA - TAP - Player Leagues

Smoke Free Environment Like Us On Facebook

Hours: Mon-Fri 3pm to 2am Sat-Sun Noon to 2am

Stroke November 2014


Archer goes undefeated Skip Maloney - Staff Johnny Archer put a stop to a nine-match, loss-side winning streak byJonathan Pinegar to go undefeated and win the Side Pocket 9-Ball Open Championship on the weekend of October 25-26. The $2,000-added event, held three times a year in the final weeks of October, February, and June, drew 80 entrants to Side Pocket Billiards in Shreveport, LA. A 16-entrant Ring Game on Friday night was won by Gary Abood, with Charlie Bryant and Joe Barnes finishing second and third, respectively. Archer and Zack Sanderson faced off in the hot seat match of the main event, after both had chalked up 7-5 wins over C.J. Wiley and Charlie Bryant, respectively. Sanderson put up a fight in the struggle for the hot seat, and forced a deciding game, which was won by Archer. Over on the loss side, 'Hennessee from Tennessee' Pinegar was hard at work on his long trek back to the finals. He'd been awarded a bye in the opening round of play, and then defeated Jerry Moore, before Shawn Putnam sent him to the losers' bracket 7-5. On the loss side, he eliminated Derek Cantu, Clint Freeman, Yang Yim and Chris Brown to advance into the money rounds (9-12). Victories over Wesley Barnes (7-5) and Tony


Barrington (7-4) set him up to face Bryant, coming over from the winners' side semifinals. Wiley drew Joe Barnes, who'd gotten by Gary Abood 7-3 and spoiled Pinegar's hopes for a re-match, with a 7-5 win over Putnam. It was Wiley and Pinegar who advanced to the quarterfinals; Wiley 7-4 over Barnes, and Pinegar 7-5 over Bryant. Pinegar took the quarterfinal match 7-4 over Wiley, and got a shot at Archer with a 7-5 victory over Sanderson in the semifinals. Archer, though, known to be never more dangerous than he is with a finish line in sight, took the opening set of a potential true double elimination final, giving up only three racks and claiming the event title. 1 ARCHER Johnny $2,700 2 PINEGAR Jonathan $1,350 3 SANDERSON Zack $700 4 WILEY CJ $350 5 BARNES Joey $250 BRYANT Charlie 7 BARRINGTON Anthony $100 PUTNAM Shawn 9 ABOOD Gary $50 WEATHERSBY Donny BARNES Wesley, HUNDLEY Jeremy

November 2014 Stroke

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L to R: Johnny Archer, Jonathan Pinegar

2014 PartyPoker Mosconi Cup America’s five for Blackpool announced

WITH JUST six weeks to go until the 21st annual PartyPoker Mosconi Cup breaks off at the Tower Circus in Blackpool, Team USA skipper Mark Wilson has named his five players to take on the huge task of winning back pool’s most prestigious team trophy. Having assembled a squad of eight players at the start of the year, Wilson has now reduced that to the five players who will do battle against their European counterparts. They are: Cory Deuel (7 Mosconi Cup appearances) Shane Van Boening (6 Mosconi Cup appearances) John Schmidt (1 Mosconi Cup appearance) Justin Hall (debut) Justin Bergman (debut) In order to maximise their chances of glory, Wilson will be bringing the whole squad to Blackpool with the three non-playing members filling very specific roles as he leaves no stone unturned. Jeremy Sossei is tasked as Offensive Coordinator in the build up and during the event while Oscar Dominguez fulfils the role of Defensive Coach. The eighth member of the squad Brandon Shuff has a technical role as Special Shots Instructor. Commented Mark Wilson, “Despite having to name the five playing members we are still eight strong and are a family pushing for the ultimate goal. I sincerely could have drawn the names at random and been well pleased, proud, and willing to put it all on the line. “These guys have all unilaterally improved both on and off the

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table and represent the sport into the new era. “Today we are beginning the final stages of preparation with even more urgency and intensity. The guys have all contributed and sacrificed for the entire year and I sincerely appreciate all of their collective efforts now and moving forward. The team and staff are excited and prepared for the ultimate challenge of Mosconi Cup XXI.” In addition to the eight players and Captain Mark Wilson, Don Wardell MD assists as Vice-Captain while retired Navy SEAL Lt. Commander Amir Pishdad is added to the team as ViceCaptain. The 2014 PARTYPOKER.COM Mosconi Cup is sponsored by, the world's leading online poker site. The Official Table of the Mosconi Cup is supplied by Diamond Billiards, the cloth is supplied by Iwan Simonis and the Official Balls are Super Aramith by Saluc. Predator is the Official Cue and Mosconi Cup clothing is supplied by Universe. Follow the PartyPoker Mosconi Cup of Facebook and Twitter @ mosconicup

Stroke November 2014


BCA Pool League Comes To South Florida A Division of CSI More Choices for All Players Article by: Janis Sessions Photos by: Janis Sessions On Oct. 9, 2014 the “South Florida BCA Pool League “came to Broward County Area of Florida. This night was the “Meet and Greet” for pool players to sign up, meet the league operator; Janis Sessions and enjoy some cake. The BCA format brings more choice to pool players. Players can join this league or become just a members, you the player choose. Here are Team benefits: Start a team or come join a team, players who have played a minimum of 8 full regularly scheduled matches in the same division with BCAPL will be sanctioned and eligible to play in the; BCAPL National Championships at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino on July 22nd – August 1st, 2015. Here are some of the member benefits: Eligibility to play in the BCAPL National Championships (Singles and Advanced or Master Scotch Doubles)

Eligibility to play in selected Regional and State BCAPL events Teams started playing on Oct. 16, 2014 out of Lucky 7 Billiards (4850 South State Rd 7, Davie, FL) and so far so good. If you are interested stop by Lucky 7 or check out the BCA web site:

1861 W Tennessee St. Tallahassee, Florida


November 2014 Stroke

850 224-8644

22 - 9’ pool tables - HD TVs Darts - Liquor - Full Kitchen 10,000 Sq Feet Tournaments weekly and monthly Like Us On Facebook

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Stroke October 2014


Holiday Gift Guide

VOD21 – Bloodshed: Got 8-Ball on the brain? So does our skull on the Voodoo “Bloodshed” cue. Digitally engraved and painted blood red this evil looking cue is ready to let people know for you it’s Halloween year round. Extra shafts are available in 12 and 13 mm. The butt end features Voodoo’s blood pulsing bumper logo and is weight adjustable. When your pulse starts racing and your hands start sweating the Midnight Leather wrap is there to help you keep your grip. Retail price $165.  Qualified dealer requests welcome.  1-800-645-9803.  www.cuestix. com.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

The G607 is one of several new additions to McDermott’s G-Series cue line. It features a birdseye maple forearm and black urethane sleeve which are enhanced by turquoise, cocobolo, black and white urethane points and inlays. This beautiful cue comes standard with a lizard-embossed leather wrap and McDermott’s high-performance G-Core shaft. The G607 retails for $695 and is covered by McDermott’s Lifetime Warranty. Learn more at www.

McDermott’s newest Harley-Davidson® cue is the HD40. It features sleek Harley-Davidson® dark custom graphics and comes standard with McDermott’s high-performance G-Core shaft. Affordably priced at $325, the HD40 is covered by McDermott’s Lifetime Warranty. Learn more at www.

KRM-06: Just as fast and hot as the V8 muscle cars it was designed after, Action’s Khrome 06 is pinstriped up and ready to turn heads. No need to worry about spinning out this hot rod, the tire tread wrap will keep you from burning rubber. Extra shafts are available in 12 and 13 mm. Retail price $119.  Qualified dealer requests welcome.  1-800-6459803.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

The G229 is one of two no-wrap cues added to McDermott’s G-Series cue line for 2014. It features a birdseye maple forearm, handle and sleeve with a light American cherry stained. This colorful cue is accented with five sets of bocote, cocobolo, green and index rings. Affordably priced at $299, the G229 comes standard with a high-performance G-Core shaft and is covered by McDermott’s Lifetime Warranty. Learn more at

ATH39: Vivid color, butterflies and style are just a few things that make this cue a one of a kind. The ATH39 Athena cue has a black Irish linen wrap, thinner taper for smaller hands, comes with a 10in butt extension and the shaft and butt measure 28.5 inches. Retail price $139.  Qualified dealer requests welcome.   1-800-645-9803 or visit www.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

28 November 2014 Stroke

EBMC22F: The first Eight Ball Mafia case designed especially for women with winged hearts and gorgeous designs to match the EBM11 cue. With plenty storage and a side pocket to hold a jump butt the EBMC22F has as much functionality as it does beauty.   Retail price $99.  Qualified dealer requests welcome.  1-800-645-9803.  www.cuestix. com.  Manufactured and distributed exclusively by CueStix International.

McDermott recently debuted their new Cue of the Year for 2014. The G1305 is a limited edition cue (Edition size: 100) that features a madrone burl forearm and sleeve with a black urethane no-wrap handle. The cue is adorned with Juma Gem & madrone burl inlays with silver, green and index rings. The 2014 Cue of the Year retails for $1,399 and comes standard with two high-performance shafts; the Intimidator i-2 & i-3. Learn more about the 2014 Cue of the Year at www.mcdermottcue. com/2014coty.

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Michelle Jiang FULL NAME: Michelle Jiang


OME TOWN: Harvard, MA BIRTH DATE: 8/2/2000 GRADE: 9th GPA: 4 FAVORITE SUBJECT IN SCHOOL: Math POOL ROOM(S) WHERE YOU PLAY: Ayer Billiards Cafe WHAT KIND OF CUE(S) DO YOU USE? Pechaur AT WHAT AGE DID YOU START PLAYING POOL? 12 years old LEFT OR RIGHT HANDED? Right TITLES / HIGHEST FINISHES: 2014 Junior Nationals Runner-up (14 under girls) 2014 BCAPL 9-Ball Open Women’s Division tied for 5th 2014 14 under boys and girls Massachusetts Championship 1st place OTHER NOTABLE AWARDS: 2013 American Math Contest 8 Distinguished Honor Roll MOST MEMORABLE POOL MOMENT: Finding out I was going to China to represent the US in the Junior Worlds FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Everything! HOBBIES: Pool! Playing the Flute, Singing FAVORITE POOL GAME: 9- ball FAVORITE POOL PLAYER: Allison Fisher, Karen Corr FAVORITE FOOD: Fried Eggs with Tomato, Clam Chowder REAL-WORLD HERO: My Dad FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Eating clam chowder in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. GOALS (personal and/or career): To keep my grades up, Become a much better pool player Like Us On Facebook

Stroke November 2014



They say it’s better at the beach and they are right! Chinook Winds Casino Resort is one great facility and tournament venue. Having this event tucked in at the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon created an atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else. Chinook Winds Casino Resort added $15,000 to the Men and women’s events which preceded Western BCA’s 17th Annual 9-Ball Championships which are held each October. Western BCA (WBCA) and Chinook Winds jointly produced this event. The $10,000 added men’s tournament and $5,000 added women’s tournament drew in players from all over. 76 men entered from places like Iowa, California, Nevada, British Columbia, Idaho, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington and England. Notables in the men’s field were Chad Vilmont, Stan Tourangeau, Dan Louie, Jason Williams, Simon Pickering, Damian Pongpanik, Danny Golkul and Rafael Martinez. 32 women came from


KIM JONES California, Nevada, Arizona Oregon and Washington. There were many distinguished Women players, hard not to name them all. Notable players were Rebecca Wagner, Eleanor Callado, Cindy Doty, Elizabeth Jensen, Annie Gay, Linda Carter, Jodie Velligas, Mary Coffman, Cindy Sliva and Kim Jones. The women’s event had two of the northwest’s top ladies playing in the finals - Kim Jones and Cindy Sliva. These women play as good bar table pool as any female players in the country. The northwest was represented with some very good women’s play. Jing Liu and Debra Welfringer were especially formidable obstacles for the ladies. The final was a two set thriller. Shot after shot, safety after safety, great to see this caliber of talent and


gamesmanship. In the final, Cindy won the first set hill-hill. Kim took it to Cindy in the next set as she prevailed with superb play and won the $3000 first prize. The Men’s final match was one of the best clinics on bar table pool that you will ever see. Ramesh (Danny) Golkul and Rafael Martinez played for the $6000 first prize. It was a greatly played match. Golkul is a great competitor. A champion in England, he showed why he was considered one of the favorites to win. Rafael Martinez was flawless in his 4 ‘B’ side matches and only missed one makeable shot during the final two sets. Danny played great himself but could not stand up to Rafael’s game. The first set, Golkul raced out to a 3-0 lead. It looked like he was taking the tournament but Rafael ran off 5 games to lead the first set 5-3 and went on to a 7-5 win. The 2nd set was a repeat of the first with Rafael in charge all the way and capturing the title by a score of 7-3. Any pool player dreams about playing the way Rafael played. Also having a great tournament was Pete Gates, who made it to the point match against Danny Golkul and finished 3rd behind these two great players. These and other matches can be viewed on YouTube. A Calcutta was held before the Tournament. It was the first time one was done at any WBCA event. The 2 hour Calcutta was a festive time for bidders trying to get their horses. There was a group field bid for those not making

November 2014 Stroke

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the minimum bid. There was also a side pot bid on what state or province the winner would come from that had $820 for men and $650 for women. The Calcutta brought in $9475 for the men’s division and $3000 for women’s. The Calcutta is going to be a regular feature at future Open events. The Chinook Winds Open was a Race to 7 for the men (to 6 for the women) played on 7’ Diamond Tables provided by Bad Boys Billiards Production. “Fast” Lenny Marshall of On The Rail provided excellent quality streaming with many videos to view. Co-tournament directors Andrew Monstis and Mike Jensen ran a smooth event. Chinook Winds Casino Resort and Western BCA plan to have a March event. It will be 8-ball with 96-128 men and 32-48 women and will be right after the US Bar table Championships. MEN’S CHINOOK WINDS OPEN 10-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS 1st $6000 Rafael Martinez - Ellensburg, WA 2nd $3500 Danny Gokhul - UK 3rd $1900 Pete Gates - Oregon City, OR 4th $1000 Stan Tourangeau - Ferndale, WA 5/6 $750 Damian Pongpanik - Monroe, WA Todd Marsh - Montlake Terrace, WA 7/8 $550 Bob Zack - Portland, OR Darin Walding - Portland, OR 9-12 $400 Michael S. Jensen - Portland, OR Dan Louie - Mercer Island, WA Simon Pickering - Mission, BC Nick Kurger - Penticton, ALB 13-16 $200 Jason Williams - Concord, CA Paul Marquez - Portland, OR Kevin Parr - Beaverton, OR Mike Deitchman - Beaver Creek, OR WOMEN’S CHINOOK WINDS OPEN 10-BALL CHAMPIONSHIPS 1st $3000 Kim Jones - Lynnwood, WA 2nd $1800 Cindy Sliva - Tacoma, WA 3rd $1000 Deby Welfringer - Steilacoom, WA 4th $700 Jing Liu - Seattle, WA 5/6 $550 Annie Gay - Salem, OR Kimberlee Hole - Auburn, WA 7/8 $300 Cindy Doty - Kelso, WA Eleanor Callado - San Bruno, CA

Hewitt and Piercey Score Canadian Sweep

L-R RON CASANZIO, PREMIUM BILLIARDS MANAGER MARK RUZEKOWICZ AND DANNY HEWITT - photo by: Gregg Ordon Some players will take a first round loss as a sign that it just isn’t their event to win. Others will take it as a challenge. Put Danny Hewitt in the latter category as he bounced back from a first round loss to Bucky Souvanthong to stay undefeated the rest of the way and won the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour’s stop at Premium Billiards in Syracuse, NY on October 25th and 26th. While Hewitt was winding his way through the one loss side, his countryman Martin Daigle and Ron Casanzio were enjoying runs through the winner’s side. They met for the hot-seat, where Casanzio scored a 9-8 win. On the one loss side, Hewitt had already put together an eight match winning streak and Daigle become win #9 for Hewitt with a 9-7 score. Hewitt would have to defeat Casanzio twice to win the event, but what are another two matches after already winning nine in a row? The first match went to Hewitt 9-3, but Casanzio wasn’t going home in second without a fight. Casanzio came out to a quick 4-1 lead and was doing all he could to hold Hewitt off. Hewitt got back within one rack at 5-4, but Casanzio pushed the lead back out to two racks at 7-5 and 8-6. That would be the last rack for Casanzio though, as Hewitt was the last three racks for the 9-8 win and a successful winning streak of eleven straight matches. The second chance event on Sunday featured Canadian road partners Jesse Piercey and Randell Truscott facing off three times to determine a winner. Truscott drew first blood with a 3-2 win for the hot-seat, but after sending Dominick Martoccia home in third place, Piercey came back to defeat Truscott 3-1 and 3-0 in the finals. The next event on the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour is November 1st and 2nd at Salt

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City Billiards in another $1500/$500 added main event and second chance tournament. Players looking for a spot in the upcoming Turning Stone Classic XXIII on January 8th - 11th are urged to contact Mike Zuglan as soon as possible at 518-356-7163. - by Main Event Payouts 1 CAN HEWITT Danny 2 USA CASANZIO Ron 3 CAN DAIGLE Martin 4 CAN PARENT Alain 5 USA WILKIE Shaun USA DIXON Dwight 7 USA GRAU Dave USA ONEY Willie Second Chance Payouts 1 JESSE PIERCEY 2 RANDALL TRUSCOTT 3 DOMINICK MARTOCCI 4 NATE MARSHALL 5/6 MARK CREAMER/ HENDRIK DROST

$1,050 $750 $600 $450 $300 $200 $300 $200 $120 $80 $40

Stroke November 2014


Parica and Immonen

Inducted into BCA Hall of Fame

One of the highest achievements you can receive to be honored by your peers. Congrats to well deserving Jose Parica and Mika Immonen on their induction into the BCA Hall of Fame.

Bogie Uzdejczyk

wins Tri-State at the Clifton Billiards CLIFTON, NJ - October 4, 2014 Bogie’s tournament trail included wins over Duane Toney 7 - 4; Keith Adamik 7 - 6; Hank Nguyen 7 - 5; Chris Peralta 7 - 4; and Robert Jew 9 - 6 for the Hot Seat. After Chris’ loss to Bogie, he worked his way through the one loss side. Chris defeated Nelson Tran 7 - 2; Teddy LaPadula 7 - 5 and Robert Jew 7 - 3 to earn a rematch with Bogie.

left 1st Bogie Uzdejczyk; 2nd Chris Peralta; 3rd Robert Jew.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th



Bogie Uzdejczyk Chris Peralta Robert Jew Teddy LaPadula

November 2014 Stroke

$550.00 $280.00 $160.00 $110.00

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During the Finals, Chris took an early; but Bogie tied the match at 3 games a piece. Both players traded the lead and tied at 4 to 4; 5 to 5 and 6 to 6 respectively. Bogie won the next game for a 7 - 6 victory. Robert Jew deserves recognition for his solid 3rd place finish. Please provide a thank you to Ozone Billiards, Sterling-Gaming, Qpod, Kamui Tips, Ron Vitello, Focus Cases by John Bartron, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, Human Kinetics , and Focus Apparel for their sponsorship leading to this event.


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EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED 9-Ball - Handicapped $25 8 Ball $5 9 Ball $20 $100 w/32 Open 9 Ball $10/$20 Call Open 9 Ball $5 Call 9 Ball $10 Call Open 9 Ball $8 Call Open 9-Ball $30 Calcutta One Pocket Hdcp 9’ Diamonds $15 $100 w/13+ 8 Ball $5 Call Open 9 Ball-Ladies play free $10 Call 9-Ball Handicap $10 Open 9 Ball Am/Pro $20/$40 8 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $13 Call 8 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $8 200% payout 9-Ball - Handicapped Call 9-Ball Handicap-SE $15 (incl g.f.) Call 9-Ball Handicap-Round Robin $15 $$$ 9-Ball $Call 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 9 Ball $20 $100 w/32 Open 9 Ball $5 Call Open 9 Ball $10 Call 8 Ball $7 100% payout 3 Cushion $15 Call 9 Ball $15 $200 Scotch Doubles 8 Ball/9 Ball Call Open Bar Box 8 Ball-SE $20 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball - Race to 2 $8 Call 9-Ball Luck of the Draw Sc Dbls $15 $5/player Pool Tournament $12 Calcutta 8-Ball-Race to 2-DE $5 Match w/20+ 8 Ball/9 Ball (1st Sat) Round robin Call 8-Ball Race to 2-DE $5 $$$ 9 Ball $10 8 Ball 8 Ball $15 9 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $5 Call 8 Ball $20 Call 9 Ball $20 Call 8 Ball $8 5 Chip Elim. 8 Ball Call 200% payout Pool Tournament $12 Call 9-Ball - Ladies (1st Sun) Call 10-Ball (3rd Sun) Call 10-Ball Handicap-Race to 5 $15 $$$ 9 Ball $10 9 Ball $10 Mixed 8 Ball & 9 Ball $7 9 Ball - 10-Ball Break Pot $20 9 Ball $15 Call 8 Ball - bank the 8 $10 Call 8 Ball Call Call 8 Ball $5 $$$ Alt 8 & 9 Ball Call Call 9 Ball $10 Call Alternating 8/9 Ball $10 $100 w/23+ 8 Ball $7 1/3 pot 8 Ball $10 $3/player

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Stroke November 2014


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CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 (incl g.f.) $250 Phoenixville, PA Classic Billiards 610-935-1118 Benefit Pool Tournament $40 Call Brockton, MA Westgate Lanes 508-580-2911 9-Ball Varies Call Frazer, PA Mainline Billiards 610-647-8805 9-Ball $60 Call Portland, ME Union Station Billiards 207-899-3693 9-Ball Series Opener $35 $100 every 8 Edison, NJ Sandcastle Billiards 732-632-9277 NJ State 8-Ball Championship Call Call Edison, NJ Sandcastle Billiards 732-632-9277 Accu-Stat Invitational Pro players PPV Pelham, AL Blue Collar Billiards 317-439-8849 9-Ball Open-Limit 64 $60 incl g.f. $1,500 w/64 N Vernon, IN Phat Guys 812-767-1109 9-Ball-Limit 32 $100 incl g.f. $750 w/32 Anniston, AL The 917 256-661-0761 9-Ball $30 incl g.f. Call Lexington, SC Grady’s 803-957-7665 Scotch Doubles $50/t $1200 w/30t Livonia, MI Snookers Pool & Pub 734-422-9510 9-Ball $30 Call Somersworth, NH Buster’s Billiards 603-692-7296 9-Ball-Don Clemons Memorial Varies Call Columbus, OH Players 614-239-7665 One Pocket $65 incl fees $500 Yorkville, NY Hippo’s 315-768-0218 Al Conte Memorial $120/$70 $2,000 Griffith, IN Griffith Billiards 219-934-POOL 9-Ball $60 $1,000 w/96 Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 9-Ball $30 Call Kokomo, IN Ryno Room 765-252-3630 9-Ball $70 incl g.f. $1,000 w/ff Columbus, OH Players 614-239-7665 Ohio St 8-Ball Open Div $50 incl fees $1,000 Columbus, OH Players 614-239-7665 Ohio St 8-Ball Women’s Div $50 incl fees $1,000 Charlotte, NC Press Box 704-717-2727 9-Ball $35 $500 Portland, ME Union Station Billiards 207-899-3693 Greg Libby Memorial $35 $250 Phoenixville, PA Classic Billiards 610-935-1118 9-Ball Tour Finale $60 Call Jackson, MS Cross Corner 601-941-7890 10-Ball Ring Game-Limit 16 $100 Call Jackson, MS Cross Corner 601-941-7890 9-Ball Open $40 $1,000 w/64 Jackson, MS Cross Corner 601-941-7890 10-Ball Open $60 $1,500 w/32 Jackson, MS Cross Corner 601-941-7890 One Pocket-Limit 12 players $100 $2,000 Montoursville, PA Genetti Hotel 570-220-0168 9-Ball - Limit 256 M / 64 W $55 Call Montoursville, PA Genetti Hotel 570-220-0168 8-Ball - Limit 256 M / 64 W $55 Call Montoursville, PA Genetti Hotel 570-220-0168 Mixed Scotch Doubles $55 Call Wheeling, WV Corner Pocket 304-905-8495 8-Ball Call $500 Astoria, NY Steinway Billiards 718-472-2124 9-Ball Call $1,000 Edison, NJ Sandcastle Billiards 732-632-9277 Wmn World 10-Ball Qual. $50 2 spots Seven Valleys, PA Finley’s Tavern 717-428-9094 10-Ball $40 Call Columbus, IN Lag’s Billiards 812-375-9010 9-Ball $50 incl g.f. $500 w/48 Nashua, NH Boston Billiard Club 603-943-5630 9-Ball Partners Varies Call Grand Rapids, MI Call 616-826-3056 7 Divisions of 9-Ball Varies Call Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 incl g.f. $250 Adrian, MI Club 109 517-759-6741 Open 8-Ball $30 Call Portsmouth, NH Legends Billiards 603-433-1154 9-Ball Varies Call Bay City, MI Who’s Who 989-714-6678 Big dawg 9-Ball $110 Call Pelham, NH Shooters 603-635-4855 9-Ball Varies Call Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 9-Ball $30 Call Astoria, NY Steinway Billiards 718-472-2124 9-Ball Call $1,000 Abington, MA Stix & Stones 339-788-9381 9-Ball Varies Call Kittery, ME Navy Yard Billiards 207-439-7135 9-Ball Varies Call Two Great Champions Tour - Challenge Matches, Exhibitions, Special Appearances - Call Jay Helfert 310-370-3994 (see ad p24) Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 8-Ball Bar Box $35 incl g.f. $250 Portsmouth, NH Legends Billiards 603-433-1154 9-Ball Varies Call Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards 716-632-0281 9-Ball $30 Call Nashua, NH Boston Billiard Club 603-943-5630 9-Ball Varies Call Toledo, OH Stevies Pool Room 419-691-7665 Glass City Blast-9-Ball $50 incl g.f. Call Toledo, OH Stevies Pool Room 419-691-7665 Glass City Blast-8-Ball $50 incl g.f. Call Toledo, OH Stevies Pool Room 419-691-7665 Open Sc Dbls 8-Ball $60/t incl g.f. Call Somersworth, NH Buster’s Billiards 603-692-7296 9-Ball Varies Call

November 2014 Stroke

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TIME Noon 10AM 1PM Call 11AM Noon Call 6PM 11AM 4PM Noon 1PM 1PM 10:30AM 10AM 10AM Noon 10AM 10AM 10AM 11AM Noon Call 7PM 7PM 7PM 7PM Call Call Call Call 11:30AM Noon 10AM 1PM 1PM Varies Noon 11AM 1PM 10AM 1PM Noon 11:30AM 1PM 1PM Noon 1PM Noon 1PM 7PM Noon 7PM 1PM









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Stroke Pool Magazine November Issue 2014  

History is made at the U. S. Open 9-Ball Championships this year ... read about it and more in this issue

Stroke Pool Magazine November Issue 2014  

History is made at the U. S. Open 9-Ball Championships this year ... read about it and more in this issue