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Nov 13-14 Seattle Open Uncle Jack’s Lynnwood, WA Nov 27-28, 2010 Malarkey’s Holiday Classic Tacoma, WA Dec 17-19, 2010 Broken Oar Mandan, ND

November 2010 - Stroke Magazine 3

Mike Gasper Wins

(l to r) 2nd Robert Piersa; 1st Mike Gasper; 3rd Peter Brennan

Sandcastle Billiards - Edison, NJ 9 - Ball Class: A/D October 31, 2010 Mike Gasper wins A/D Tri-State at the Sandcastle Billiards event. Mike finished undefeated. In route to his victory, he faced Ra Hann 7 - 3; Juan Guzman 7 - 5; Eric Tang 7 - 5;Ray Mendez, Jr. 7 - 5; Scott Simonetti 7 - 3; and Peter Brennan 8 -4, to reach the Hot Seat and finally cinch the event with a 7 - 4 win over Robert Piersa in the Finals. While Mike waited in the Hot Seat, Pobert Piersa, who suffered a first round loss to Ricardo Mejia 7 - 4, performed an impressive feat, winning 10 straight matches in a row.... definitely one of the best if not the best performances in The Tri-State Tour’s history. Also, please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Ozone Billirds,Viking Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, and Dr. Dave Billiards Insructional Products for their sponsorship leading to this event. 1st $785 Mike Gasper 2nd $510 Robert Piersa 3rd $320 Peter Brennan 4th $190 Bernard Vogelsang 5th $125 Scott Simonetti, George Osipovich 7th $95 Jeff Kerr, Glenn Andaya

4 Stroke Magazine - November 2010

Sandcastle’s Monthly Scoreboard Results from weekly Tuesday Tourney on 10/26/10 open to ALL levels; Total Number of Players: 15 Total Prize Fund: $605.00 1st Place - $360.00 - Sandie Patarino 2nd Place - $245.00 - Joey “King” Kong 3rd Place - (16 players required) ********************************************************************************** Results from weekly Thursday Tourney on 10/21/10 now open to ALL levels; Total Number of Players: 17 Total Prize Fund: $750.00 1st Place - $375.00 - Wali Muhammad 2nd Place - $265.00 - Alonzo Adams 3rd Place - $110.00 - Chris “Miagi” Giannakouros ********************************************************************************** Results from weekly Tuesday Tourney on 10/19/10 open to ALL levels; Total Number of Players: 16 Total Prize Fund: $640.00 1st Place - $320.00 - Pete V. 2nd Place - $230.00 - John Woo 3rd Place - $90.00 - Joe Sauro ********************************************************************************** Results from weekly Thursday Tourney on 10/14/10 NOW open to ALL levels; Total Number of Players: 19 Total Prize Fund: $835.00 1st Place - $415.00 - AL Lapena 2nd Place - $290.00 - Teddy Taso 3rd Place - $125.00 - Ralph Panuzzo ********************************************************************************** Congrats to BREAK & RUN winner Antonio Navarro; $47.00 (1 ball made) ********************************************************************************** Results from weekly Tuesday Tourney on 10/12/10 open to ALL levels; Total Number of Players: 21 Total Prize Fund: $1030.00 1st Place - $515.00 - Al Lapena 2nd Place - $365.00 - Paul Caivano 3rd Place - $150.00 - Chris (Miagi) ********************************************************************************** Results from weekly Thursday Tourney on 10/07/10 NOW open to ALL levels; Total Number of Players: 17 Total Prize Fund: $720.00 1st Place - $360.00 - Raul Reyes 2nd Place - $250.00 - John Woo 3rd Place - $110.00 - Joey Kong ********************************************************************************** Results from weekly Tuesday Tourney on 10/5/10 open to ALL levels; Total Number of Players: 17 Total Prize Fund: $730.00 1st Place - $365.00 - Robert Perkins 2nd Place - $255.00 - Alonzo Adams 3rd Place - $110.00 - Ed Culhane ********************************************************************************** Congrats to 3 time BREAK & RUN winner Robert Perkins; $44.00! (1 ball made) TUESDAY & THURSDAY NIGHT HANDICAPPED 9-BALL TOURNAMENTS BOTH days are NOW open to ALL levels ! ALL NEW! Sunday Afternoon 14.1 Continuous Straight Pool Tournaments!!! Pete Mizerak (son of Billiards Hall of Famer, Steve Mizerak) and I, The Sandman of Sandcastle Billiards have come together in an effort to bring back Straight Pool and started a weekly handicapped Sunday afternoon tournament which leads up to a $5,000 championship event! Call me at Sandcastle Billiards for more information 732-632-9277 Come on down and be a part of straight pool’s comeback!

Cues for the Cure Former US Open winner starts making a come-back

Stuart, Fla. (Oct. 9, 2010) – It was truly a special event as 23 players from Miami to Tallahassee, Ft. Myers to Daytona and in between came together in Stuart, Florida, to compete in the Flamingo Billiards Tour “Cues for the Cure” breast cancer fundraising event, held in conjunction with the American Cuesports/Lucasi Hybrid All-American Tour. The modified double-elimination tournament was held at Amy’s Billiards (www.amysbilliards. com) in Stuart, Fla., hosted by room owner Amy Poulter, one of Florida’s top players. It was also a special day for JoAnn Mason Parker, having friends affected by breast cancer, and winning her first event on the

23 Participants. Photo by Ali Panjawni.

hand to Parker for another easy out. Score 4-1 Parker. Parker made a great jump shot to pocket the 1-ball in game six. Playing almost flawless pool, Parker played safe, and got ballin-hand again to take the lead 5-1. Fields scratched in game seven, giving ball-in-hand and the game to Parker. With Parker on the hill, Fields broke but came up dry. Parker took the game and won the final match 7-1. This day was also special for other players as well. FBT player Barbara Ellis celebrated her 76th birthday with all the players. Debbie Teichert, currently a women’s golf pro, made her return to competitive pool on this day. FBT player Janice Sesssions raised a record $360 for the breast cancer fundraiser, which benefits the South Florida Affiliate of Susan G. Komen. The players raised a total of $580 this year! Parker won $400, a trophy, and paid entry into the Flamingo Billiards Tour $1000-added Invitational in November. The Flamingo Billiards Tour thanks all of its sponsors, Boynton Billiards (, Ozone Billiards (, Tweeten Fibre ( and the American Cuesports and Lucasi Hybrid All-American tour. And finally, thanks again to Amy’s Billiards for being a great host and supporting the Flamingo Billiards Tour. The Flamingo Billiards Tour’s end-of-year event is the $1000-added, Saturday, November 20th at Ultimate Billiards ( in Fort Pierce, Florida. Please see for all event details.

winner’s side included Kelly Coyle , winning over Jeannie Seaver 7-6, and Susan Miller 7-1. Kelly Cavanaugh made her way to the redraw with a 7-5 win over Amy Poulter, and 7-2 over Marina Souza. Cavanaugh lost to Beahn in the quarterfinals. Coyle made it to the semifinals to be knocked out by Parker 7-4. Amy Poulter made it back from the one-loss side with wins over Barbara Ellis 7-0, Debbie Teichert 7-4, and Christie Cloke, 7-1. Beahn fought her way back to the redraw after losing her first match to Poulter 7-4, with wins against Broxson 7-6, Mimi McAndrews 7-6, and Mitchell 7-3. (L-R) JoAnn Mason-Parker (1st), Amy Poulter (owner) and Chris Ann Fields (2nd) The final match Flamingo Billiards tour. Parker started the day started with Parker easily running out to take with a 7-4 win over Emily Wilmoth Broxson. the first game. In game two, Fields, who Shelly Harrison, fresh off winning the Atlanta played tough all day, hung the 1-ball. Parker Billiards Expo Amateur 9-Ball tournament, sent pocked the next two balls, leaving Fields a Parker west to the one-loss side, 7-5. Not to safety on the 4-ball. Fields attempted to jump be stopped, however, Parker won her match but scratched. However, against Jessica Barnes, 7-2, to make it back to Fields made it back to the RESULTS the final 8-redraw. table for a combo on the ($250-added, modified double-elimination) Parker had a revenge match in the single nine, score 1-1. Parker 1st $400 JoAnn Mason Parker elimination redraw as she matched up again took game three making a 2nd $280 Chris Ann Fields against Harrison, this time winning 7-5. Parker tough cut on the nine. In 3rd/4th $185 Kelly Coyle, Sabra MacArthur-Bean went on to take the next match against Kelly Amy Poulter, Shelly Harrison, Kelly Cavanaugh game four, Fields had a 5th/8th $90 Helene Caukin Coyle, 7-4, making it to the finals. nice run going but missed 9th/12th Marina Souza, Stephanie Mitchell, Christie Cloke This day was also special to relative newthe eight, leaving an easy Jessica Barnes comer Chris Ann Fields, who made it to the out for Parker, up 3-1. 13th16th Niki Rasmussen, Mimi McAndrews, Debbie Teichert finals, defeating Robin Boggs 7-4, and top tour Robin Boggs As the night wore on, 17th/23rd Susan Martin, Janis Sessions, Emily Wilmoth Broxson players Stephanie Mitchell 7-5, Helen Caukin Fields appeared to be losing Melissa Durkin, Raquel Panjwani, Barbara Ellis 7-3 and Sabra MacArthur Beahn 7-3. steam. She scratched in Jeannie Seaver Other players making to the redraw on the game five, giving ball-in-

November 2010 - Stroke Magazine 5

Follow Perfection By: Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy Back in 2005 I proposed an exercise in which you tried to make the nine ball with a series of draw shots from an object ball. Here is a new challenge which will help you perfect your follow angles and speed. The goal is to make the nine ball into the corner pocket labeled “P” by pocketing the one Bob Jewett ball in the side and following to the nine. You don’t have to make it in a single shot. Just leave the nine ball wherever you bump it to, put the one ball back in its spot and take the cue ball in hand. To place the one ball consistently, use a small chalk mark or a donut-shaped self-adhesive paper reinforcement. In the diagram, I show some right English on the cue ball. If the cue ball hits the cushion just before the nine, the spin will help a lot. You can also play the shot without side spin, and that will be best when the nine ball is off the cushion. In any case, you will want full follow on the cue ball -- that makes the angle the cue ball takes off the one P ball more predictable. At first, try to just bump the nine a little. If you hit it hard enough on the first shot C to get it to the pocket, a full hit will knock the nine to the other side of the table. As you ? get to know the angle better, you can be more aggressive 9 with the power. Regulate the path of the cue ball by how full you hit 1 the one ball. Since the one is going to return to exactly the same place on each shot, A you should soon know where the cue ball will go when you shoot from the direction B of the A or B diamonds, How many shots to put and gradually for points the 9 ball in pocket P? in between. For example, Cue ball in hand, 1 ball on your table you may find as shown, 9 ball where it that if your cue stick is over comes to rest. diamond A when you shoot, the cue ball will land on the cushion by diamond C, and shooting from the direction of B will land on the short rail just to the right of pocket P. Besides having full follow on the cue ball for all shots, you should try drive the one ball into the middle of the pocket. Putting it in the left or right side will change the carom angle a lot, so even though the shot to make the one ball is easy, precision pocketing is required to get the cue ball on the correct path. If you knock the nine ball out into the middle of the table, you’re going to have to use extreme measures to get it back. Rather than use draw and try to hit the ball on the tough side, let’s say that you can spot the one ball in the middle of the table to herd the nine back to the left side. To make this into a scored drill, count the number of shots it takes you to pocket the nine. An easy way to do this is to use the solids in order rather than just the one ball as the object ball so you have an automatic count. If you have a practice partner, challenge him to see who can do it in fewer shots. Try playing the strict rules in the challenge: the one ball has to go on the spot shown. REJ

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6 Stroke Magazine - November 2010

8-Ball: You don’t have to get out now, just get out. By Samm Diep, © October 2010

As our pool game improves, so does our game plan. We discover how much more enjoyable it is when we win. We learn to shoot defensive shots. We realize that sometimes the first one to attempt the run out may not always be the one who wins the game. Eventually, we appreciate that in order to win more games, patience trumps pride. Sure, it feels great to break and run, but oftentimes tables are just not very run-friendly. We just have to accept that we don’t need to get out in this inning. It’s now that we ask Samm Diep ourselves, “Is it more important to win this game or to be the hero?” You may have three shots in front of you that you can make, but if none of them help you break out that trouble ball, then QUIT RUNNING! Basic 8-ball strategy tells us when we have one or more balls tied up, it is to our advantage to keep more traffic on the table. If you don’t have a plan to get your guys out of jail, keep as many soldiers around as possible. League or team play environments do not necessarily encourage to the smartest, game“Is it more important winning decisions. Far too often, to win this game or during a team scenario, I’ve witnessed players go for the run to be the hero?” out when it’s nearly impossible. It’s stuck in their mind that they must be the “hero.” They don’t want to let their teammates down. They must get the “points” and they must try to run out whenever they get to the table. In many leagues, the more balls your opponent has left on the table, the higher you can score for that win. This scoring system only promotes super aggressive play. Instead of thinking, “How can I win this game?” their objective shifts to “How can I win this game now?” Many times, this mentality can backfire on them. When they force a run out that isn’t there, true, sometimes they can get lucky, but very often they just clear all their balls out of the way and leave their opponents a back door run out. That’s the worst thing they can do. It’s critical to analyze the table. Take a good look at where the balls are lying. Do you have more than one cluster to deal with? Do you have a way to address each of them? Are you confident you will make the shot that you’re facing? Are you certain you’ll have something to shoot at after your break out(s)? If you answered “no” or you’re unsure of any of these questions, then you may want to consider ducking for now and running out later. Think about lagging a ball in front of a pocket and blocking it from your opponent. If you can’t get out, make your opponent have to work for it. Play a safety where you can also bank one of your balls down by the trouble. Position your balls on the table so they are in your favor. Get them ready for you to take advantage later. Lock up safeties that can get you ball in hand are much easier to play when you have more balls on the table to hide behind. Remember, if you can’t get out now, don’t. If you can’t run out now, position your balls and run out later. A win is a win whether it happens now or later.



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Northern Lights Shootout October 28-31, 2010 Rugby, ND by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow

approximately two hours that the players had off before starting again. The OTBnTV table had matches from two former champions Felix Beardy, who lost to Stan Tourangeau 6-5. The next match Chad Sylvester beat the 2009 second place winner Carey Hafner 6-2. Demetrius Jelatis beat Tyler Perry 6-1, Jesse Engel beat Chris Halkyard 6-1 and the final match of the night was Jerrod Spence from Winnipeg beating Tom Kaminski 6-1.

This year’s tournament was held approximately six weeks earlier than last year. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Rugby and businesses throughout the community. There was food and drink 10-31-10 Sunday provided at the Rugby The first match was Stan Armory for spectators and Tourangeau and Jerrod Spence pool players alike. The live in a hill-hill match. Jerrod came streaming was provided out ahead. Stan went to play by both in Jesse Engel and lost 6-5 taking the 9-Ball and the 8-Ball 3rd place. Divisions. With Jerrod Spence on the hill, The 9-Ball started Jesse Engel had to win twice in Jesse Engel Thursday the 28th at 6 order to take his second crown pm. A field of 30 players of the tournament. Jesse came braved the weather through the earlier part of the week with 50mph out smokin’ to show his mastery winds, fog, icy roads and 30 degree weather. While last it was only 20 Jerrod Spence of the table and won 6-0. Never degrees below zero! On our way home from Rugby it was 63 degrees, a letting Jerrod difference from last year of 83 degrees! get into his rhythm. In the final set both players had their The first match up on the TV table was Stan Tourangeau share of mistakes and misses. And as all good matches and Tom Kaminski. Stan is one of the best players do it went hill-hill with Jerrod winning 6-5. throughout the region. Big Tom originally from Rugby, I am purposely not going to explain any parts of this now living in Minot, beat Stan in a hill-hill match. match so you can go watch it for yourself and enjoy it In the second match Thursday night we had Chad by going to It will be on our home Sylvester from Kalispell, MT who is working in the page as the “Featured Video” just click the viewer to Northwest oil fields in North Dakota vs. Jesse Engel, watch. the 18 year old phenom, who placed 17th at his first We at OTBnTV would like to thank the Rugby Chamber U S Open. While there Jesse beat Earl Strickland in a of Commerce and Mark Hamilton for having us back hill match and destroyed Mike Segel 11-1. Jesse had again this year. John Stich for a well run tournament Chad down 5-1 and 6-3 before winning 7-5. Chad won and for commentary during the final match. The Rugby more games off Jesse than any other match before the Day Care who generously provided the food which was finals. He then took down “the billiard coach” 7-3, Mark awesome. And last but not least all the pool players and Oelslager, last year’s defending champion the same 7-3. Jeri Bouvette enthusiast both at the tournament and online who made We then caught up with Jesse for an interview in the the Northern Lights Shootout a great success. OTBnTV booth. You can watch Jesse’s interview at http://www.ustream. 9-Ball Division tv/recorded/10487708 1st $1,000 Jesse Engel Jesse was again on the TV table playing Robert Pulver. Robert lost 7-3. 2nd $500 Dean Flanders OTBnTV then switched TV tables to watch Dean Flanders win 7-4 against 3rd $200 Stan Tourangeau Brent Hanson. That was the last match of Thursday night. 4th $100 Ryan Sollveld 5/6 $50 Brent Hanson, Robert Pulver The TV table was up and running again on Friday early afternoon to watch 9-Ball Consolation Stan Tourangeau working his way through the B side in a match against 1st $100 Matt Sherman Brent Hanson. 2nd $100 Mike Fieldhammer In the hill match it was Dean Flanders out of Fargo, ND against Jesse 3rd $40 Kyle Opstedal Engel from Minnesota. Jesse won a tight match. Dean then played Stan Women’s Division Tourangeau for 3rd place. The TV table had great action all afternoon 1st $250 Jeri Bouvette especially in the finals of the 9-Ball. Dean would now face Jesse in the 2nd $150 Rachel Wentz 3rd $100 Lisa Hunt finals. 4th $50 Val Wilhelmi The first set went to Dean Flanders 7-3. The second set and the rubber 8-Ball Division match went hill-hill with Jesse Engel coming out on top 7-6. 1st $2200 Jerrod Spence OTBnTV was giving out T-shirts during the tournament as well as to 2nd $1300 Jesse Engel viewers who were logged into the chat. There were 7 T-shirts given out 3rd $900 Stan Tourangeau online and 8 given out at the tournament. The 9-Ball tournament ended 4th $600 Felix Beardy 5/6 $400 Demi Jelatis, Tom Kaminski about 7 pm and the 8-Ball started within a half hour and was a race to 5. 7/8 $300 Marc Oelschlager, Matt Sherman OTBnTV filmed until approximately midnight. 9-12 $200 Josh Burbul, Brent Donahue, Chad Sylvester, Chris Halkyard We were scheduled to come back and start broadcasting again at 3:30 13-16 $150 Kyle Opstedahl, Jeff Clare, Nathan Kleespie, Jon Stich pm on Saturday. The tournament had one round scheduled Saturday at 8-Ball Consolation 11 am which would have left half of the 64 player field left to play. The 1st $100 Jim Williams tournament then shuts down for the redraw of the final 32 and a Calcutta. 2nd $75 Ryan Spence 3rd $50 Dan Fisher This was being held at Jester’s Lounge in downtown Rugby. There were 4th


Clive Hjon

November 2010 - Stroke Magazine 7


1st place Darren Appleton (left) photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe

By Skip Maloney - AzB Staff Chesapeake, VA It all came down to the slow roll of an 8-ball, which broke out of the match's 28th rack, bounced off a long rail, meandered its way to the opposite side pocket through a flurry of other balls and just did drop in. Eight balls later, Darren Appleton of Pontefract, England, completed a run of nine straight matches to go undefeated through a field of 256 on hand for the 35th Annual US Open-9 Ball Championships. He became the first British citizen to win the title. The $50,000-added event was once again, for the 14th straight year, held at the Chesapeake Convention Center from October 17-23. Appleton’s trail to the finals began on Sunday, October 17th with an 11-5 victory over Ronald Tutein. Over the course of the event’s six days, he would play a total of 154 games, winning almost 60% of them (91). He gave up, on average, only seven racks per match. His

8 Stroke Magazine - November 2010

nine-match winning streak included two wins over Deuel, as well as victories over Israeli champion Zion Zvi (11-8), Ronnie Alcano (11-7), Efren Reyes (11-5), and David Alcaide (11-8). In the battle for the hot seat, he defeated two-time defending champion, Mika Immonen 11-9. Deuel came into the finals having won five matches in both brackets, defeating, among others, Keith Bennett(11-5), Shane Van Boening (11-8), Rodney Morris (11-9), Jason Klatt (11-1), and in the semifinals, Mika Immonen 11-3. He defeated Warren Kiamco twice, once in each bracket. He defeated him in a double hill battle in the fifth round on the winners’ side and defeated him with the event’s new ‘win by two’ rules in the quarterfinals. It was Appleton who sent him to the one-loss side in the sixth round 11-8, and Appleton who denied him his second US Open title with a thrilling 14-12 victory in the finals. “It all came down to the breaks,” said Deuel at the conclusion of the match. “I broke twice to keep it alive, and on his last break, the 8-ball just rolled in there.

WINS US OPEN “I made a few outs to keep myself in it,” he added, “but hats off to rolling 8-ball. With the table layout at hand, had it stayed out, Deuel him.” would likely have run the table and tied the match at 14. But that 8-ball “I have a lot of respect for (Deuel’s) game,” Appleton said, “and I did drop and Appleton ran the table to complete his undefeated week knew that if I was to going win it, I was going to have to pot a few balls. at the US Open. “It was a great event,” he added. “I wanted it badly, and I stayed patient.” Reflecting Deuel’s assessment of the match, between the two of them, the match featured seven break-and-runs; four by Deuel. Deuel, though, was also on the ‘winning’ side of a dubious honor; of the seven times they broke dry, Deuel recorded seven of those. The two battled back and forth to a 4-4 tie, at which point, Appleton strung together four in a row to take what was looking to be a commanding lead at 8-4. Deuel came back to win two, including a Deuel ended up sinking 133 of the 218 balls he shot at, giving him break-and-run rack that made it 8-6. One of Deuel’s dry breaks then a higher shot percentage (60%) than Appleton, who’d sunk 91 of gave Appleton the opportunity to go up by three again. In the 16th the 154 balls he’d shot at and ended up with 59%. Amidst great rack, the pace slowed a bit, as the two of them played safe, seven fanfare at the Accu-Stat broadcast table, founder and promoter Barry times with the 1-ball, before Appleton broke the string of safeties. He Behrman handed Appleton his mock oversize check for $40,000, the got all the way to the 5-ball, and then scratched, to give Deuel ball in event trophy and a gold Delta-13 rack. Deuel pocketed $15,000 for hand. Deuel ran out to narrow Appleton’s lead to two at 9-7. his second place finish, while Mika Immonen took home $10,000 for Appleton committed one of his six unforced errors in the match in third place. Champagne was passed around, and Behrman invited game 17, Deuel ran out and it was a single game lead for Appleton. one and all to the traditional post-US Open party at his Q Master Appleton won, Deuel responded, and it was 10-9. Appleton won the Billiards location in VA Beach. 20th game for an 11-9 lead, but Deuel took advantage of another unforced error by Appleton to make it 1110 and then broke and ran to tie the score for the first time since the eighth game. He took the lead in the next rack, for the first time since the seventh game, with his second straight break and run. Another dry break for Deuel knotted things at 12, and with a break and run of his own, Appleton won the game that would normally have ended the contest. But with the ‘ahead by two’ rule in play, Deuel got a chance at redemption and took advantage to tie the match at 13-13. Deuel then recorded his second scratch of the match; this one on the break, and it was ‘advantage’ Appleton, 14-13, moving into the 28th game. It came down, in that 2nd place Corey Deuel (right) photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe - Pool Pics by Hoppe final game, to that slow-

It all came down to the slow roll of an 8-ball...

November 2010 - Stroke Magazine 9


2nd place Gail Glazebrook; Winner - Ramilo Tanglao; 3rd - Alan Chan

Ramilo Tanglao wins Tri-State at the Master Billiards event. In route to victory, Ramilo won early matches against Sameer Mohamed 6 - 3 and Ken DeCuire 6 - 3, then suffered a loss to Alan Chan 6 - 2. On the loss side, Ramilo continued to advance with another win over Sameer Mohamed 6 - 5, and earned wins against Kapriel Delimelkonoglu 6 - 3 and Alan Chan 6 - 3, to earn a shot in the finals. In the meantime, Gail Glazebrook, "2010 BCAPL National 8 Ball Women's Open Champion", had worked her way to the Hot Seat with wins over Kapriel Delimelkonoglu 6 - 0, Karen Friere 6 - 5; Louie Alicea 6 - 5 and Alan Chan 6 - 5. The final match between Gail and Ramilo endedn with a score of 8 - 4 in favor of Ramilo; however, the match was much closer then the score reveals. Ramilo who relentlessly makes combinations on the 9 Ball, made two during the set; in addition, on two misses his opponent was left two extremely bad leaves for the 8 Ball and 9 Ball. All in all, the match could have easily gone to the hill. Congratulations to both Ramilo and Gail for their solid performance. Please provide a thank you to Sterling-Gaming, Viking Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, and Dr. Dave Billiards Insructional Products for their sponsorship leading to this event. Here is how everybody finished 1st $430 Ramilo Taglao 2nd $200 Gail Glazebrook 3rd $100 Alan Chan

6004 Landmark Cntr Blvd Greensboro, NC

(336) 856-8800

Dec 11th

One Pocket Classic

$30 entry - 100% Payback

$300 1st Guar.

Register Noon - Starts 2pm Double Elim. - No Handicap Race to 2/1

10 Stroke Magazine - November 2010

Riviera Room Rates

CueSports International (CSI) will be celebrating the 35th anniversary of the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships in May 2011. The host Las Vegas venue, the Riviera Hotel & Casino is offering an unprecedented room rate special for those who stay at the host hotel during the upcoming BCAPL nationals. This unique 3-tiered special includes some of the lowest rates in recent history being offered at any pool league national championship. The agreement between CSI and the Riviera Hotel & Casino will especially be beneficial to all players, exhibitors and referees who plan to stay in Las Vegas for 8 or more days. All rates allow up to four people per room, do not increase Friday or Saturday and do not require a voucher via CSI or the BCAPL. Below are the exclusive BCAPL three tier Riviera Hotel & Casino room rates: $60 Per Night / 8 Night Minimum: Perfect for all Players, Referees, Exhibitors and others who plan to attend most of the event. This special tournament rate is available until the normal reservation cutoff date (04/12/11), or until group room nights begin to sell out. $70 Per Night / Any number of nights less than 8 / Must Be Booked By January 31, 2011: A great early bird special for everybody who may not be there 8 nights but plan early and like to save money. $80 Per Night / Any number of night less than 8 / Booked after January 31, 2011: For all who make their reservation after January 31st and who are not planning to stay 8 nights or more. Additionally, the Riviera Hotel & Casino will be offering in 2011 to all Registered Guests participating in the BCAPL national event: 3 free slot tournaments; food and drink specials; and show specials. For more details about the 35th BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships visit:

Strickland Endorses USA Pool League Calling for a Pool “Revolution” Earl “The Pearl” Strickland is one if not the most decorated U.S. player of his generation. Equally passionate about the sport, “the Pearl” and industry leader CueSports International (CSI) both agree it is time for a “revolution in pool” and that revolution is the USA Pool League (USAPL). Strickland additionally endorses the USAPL because CSI set up the USAPL to give at least 50% of all monies collected back to the amateur league members on the local level and a sizable portion of CSI’s USAPL proceeds into developing more exposure and support of professional players. “The USAPL is a league that works on behalf of the players, not one where the players work for the league. CSI puts its money where its mouth is. This I can get behind”, said Strickland. CSI is actively recruiting and screening prospective USAPL Managers. All USAPL Managers have free protected territories and use the LeagueSys online scoring and scheduling system. For more information visit:

Crown Cues Update In the first week of December, Gene and Renee’ of Crown Cues will drive up to Side Pockets in St. Charles, MO to watch most of the Dr. Cue Classic Artistic Cup IV. They are planning to take a couple of friends from the Tulsa area and will gladly head up a caravan of others who are interested in going, as well. Contact Gene and Renee’ at sales@ for more information about joining the caravan. This should be an excellent opportunity to see some very talented trick shot artists in a major competition, get some autographs, etc.. Things have been way out of kelter for Crown Cues most of the year, which has caused a slowing down of cue production and repairs. In 2011, Gene is planning to take a breather. Although he still plans to be at the Super Billiards Expo, he will be taking much of the year off from building cues, so he can get some things caught up at home. He will still take orders and sell items he has in stock. However, cue orders could take as long as 2 years to complete. Gene wishes to thank all his customers for being so supportive and understanding when things have been tough.

November 2010 - Stroke Magazine 11

Fields Tops Field at Wally’s in Lakeland Chris Fields dominated the broke with no results. Harrison 20-player, $400-added tournament profited with a run-out that included held at Wally’s in Lakeland, FL, a well-executed thin cut on the 6. September 25th. It is her first Tiger Game 5 went multiple innings, with Bay Area Amateur Tour (BAAT) Fields claiming success. In game 6, win, since joining in July. The win swapped shots and misses ended launched her into 10th place overall with Harrison missing the 9-ball and for the 2010 season! Newcomers Fields sinking it, reaching the hill. The Denise Khidirian, Jennifer Masone, game was now 8-ball. Fields broke, Tracey Mullen, and Abby Roche made nothing, and Harrison ran out. were welcomed, as well as returning The following game was another player Shelly Harrison. Harrison, safety battle, culminating with Fields who came in 2nd in a 2008 BAAT scratching on the ball before the 8 tournament, secured another 2nd and Harrison capitalizing, making place win! the match hill-hill. In the final As the day’s tournament game, Harrison broke and nothing progressed, the 7th/8th place round fell. Fields seized the opportunity, featured important matches to the running her group, pocketing the 8 players in the tour points race. It pitted for the win, and forcing the second Jessica Barnes (3rd overall) against set! Niki Rasmussen (1st overall), and Match 2 of the finals started with Rachel Delaney (4th overall) versus Harrison making nothing on the Kelly Cavanaugh (2nd overall). The break in 8-ball. Fields dropped all Runner-up Shelly Harrison, Tour Director Stephanie Mitchell, and Winner Chris Fields. Barnes/Rasmussen match started of her group but missed the 8. After shutout. The Cavanaugh/Fields match began with with Barnes winning the first game two innings of shots and misses, 8-ball. Fields won game 1, and the players traded of 8-ball. Rasmussen answered with three wins in Harrison missed a bank on the ball before the 8 games through game 4, which was the first game 8-ball and one win in 9-ball. Rasmussen needed two and Fields prevailed. Game 2 featured several of 9-ball. At this point, Fields buckled down, winning more wins to take the 6-5 handicapped-format race; safeties that ended with Harrison banking the 4 the next three games, and the match, 5-2. Beahn but Barnes wouldn’t relent, pressuring Rasmussen and scratching. Fields sunk the 10 and the 8 for and Cavanaugh collected $50 for their 5th place by winning the next two games. Rasmussen the win. In game 3, Fields broke and pocketed all finishes. responded, taking the next two games, and the of her group but missed the 8. Harrison made 3 In the quarter-final match, Rasmussen and match, with a score of 6-3. balls and missed, leaving the easy 8-ball for Fields. Fields vied for the win and the chance to advance in Meanwhile, Delaney and Cavanaugh were With the game changed to 9-ball and Fields ahead the 6-5 race. The match began with Fields winning butting heads, with Delaney needing five games to 3-0, Harrison took advantage of Fields’ miss in the the first two games of 8-ball. Rasmussen replied win the match before Cavanaugh took four. Delaney second inning, running the last six balls and getting with the next two wins, also in 8-ball. Here, the game surged ahead, winning the first two games of 8-ball. on the board. Harrison’s rally was short-lived, changed to 9-ball and, once again, Fields found her Cavanaugh won game 3, and the game changed to however, as she scratched on the break in the next rhythm, sweeping the next three games for the 5-2 9-ball. Delaney showed determination, winning the game. Fields made a long 1-9 combo to win and win. Rasmussen took 4th place and $100. first game of 9-ball and taking the lead 3-1. Now reach the hill. The sixth game went several innings, The semi-final round was a grudge match Cavanaugh took charge, winning the next three ending with Fields uncharacteristically hanging the between Fields and Toennies, as Toennies had games and the match. Barnes and Delaney received 9 for Harrison to pocket. Harrison broke in game 7 delivered Fields to the left side of the chart earlier prize packages of gifts provided by our sponsors for with nothing pocketed. Fields’ 6-ball run included with a 5-2 win. Fields showed she was ready to their 7th place tie. an impressive draw shot on the 3 for shape on the play, winning the first two games of 8-ball. Toennies The next round contenders included Rasmussen 4, finishing with a safe. Harrison was trying to stay struck back, taking the following game. But Fields versus Sabra MacArthur Beahn, who had just been alive and made a good hit, but she left the 7 ball was not to be vanquished. The game changed to sent west by Harrison, and Cavanaugh opposing open. Fields pocketed the remaining three balls for 9-ball and Fields swung the momentum back her Fields, who found her way to the one-loss side thanks the 5-2 win. Fields received $300 for her first BAAT way, snagging the next three games and the match to Jamie Toennies. In the former match, Rasmussen win, and Harrison collected $225 for 2nd place. Nice with a score of 5-1. Toennies 3rd place finish earned made short work of Beahn in the 5-5 race with a 5-0 playing, ladies! her $150 for the days Thanks to Ed Khidirian, owner of Wally’s, and efforts. his staff members, for providing a great location The stage was set for the tournament. Thanks also to our sponsors, for the final round between including Tiger Products, Lucasi Hybrid, Sterling Fields and hot seat Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Ray Martin, Nick Varner, winner Harrison. Fields, Robertson Billiard Supplies, jumped out of the starting Tweeten Fiber, Billiard Scoop, and Sports Rock, for gate with a break-and-run making it possible for BAAT to give gifts to players, in the first game of 9-ball. fans, and room owners. Safety play predominated For tour and schedule information, go to the in games 2 and 3, with BAAT Tour website at, or Harrison winning game contact Stephanie Mitchell at (813) 833-8707 or 2 and Fields game 3. In Sabra Beahn at (727) 480-2250. the fourth game, Fields

1st $300 2nd $225 3rd $125 4th $100 5th-6th $50 7th-8th

12 Stroke Magazine - November 2010

Chris Fields Shelly Harrison Jamie Toennies Niki Rasmussen Sabra MacArthur Beahn Kelly Cavanaugh Jessica Barnes Rachel Delaney

Fernandez Wins

second. Sunday saw the $500 added Second Chance Non Pro Event where seventeen players put up $20 each for another shot at a tournament payday. This event was won by Joe Dupuis, with Doug Brown taking second. Dupuis won $300 and Brown settled for $200. Six played cashed in the second chance event. TJ’s owner, Steve Reynolds, expressed special thanks to John Lekas from Total Amusements for helping to sponsor the event. The Joss NE 9-Ball tour will be at Trick Shot Billiards in Clifton Park, NY next weekend for their next tour stop. And don’t forget the Turning Stone Classic XVI taking place December 16th - 19th at The Turning Stone Casino in Verona, NY. The event is filling fast.

by: AZB Staff Reprinted with permission from Mike Zuglan Fernandez wins first career Joss Tour Event Dave Fernandez fought off thirty six other players and a comeback bid from Ivaylo Petrov to win the Joss NE 9-Ball Tour’s Maine Event IV at TJ’s Classic Billiards in Waterville, Me. Fernandez and Petrov’s first meeting at this event was for the hot-seat, where Fernandez won by the narrowest of 9-8 margins. Petrov had another tough match on the one loss side where he eliminated Jeff Kennedy 9-7. The final double elimination match saw Petrov get the first match with a 9-7 score to force a final race to 9 in order to determine Dave Fernandez the final winner. Fernandez came out strong in the final set and raced to an 8-2 lead, but 3rd Petrov refused to quit and win the next five games to pull back within 4th one at 8-7. A dry break from Petrov in rack sixteen was the end of the 5th comeback bid as Fernandez ran out the rack for his first Joss NE 9-Ball 5th Tour win. 7th Fernandez earned $1100 for first place, while Petrov pocketed $800 for 7th

Jeff Kennedy Cody Francis TJ LaFlamme Gareth Steele Ashley Nowlan Colin Maloney

1st Dave Fernandez $1,100.00 2nd Ivaylo Petrov $800.00 $600.00 $400.00 $250.00 $250.00 $100.00 $100.00

November 2010 - Stroke Magazine 13

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Read Online DATE Nov 4-7 Nov 6 Nov 6-7 Nov 6-7 Nov 7 Nov 7 Nov 11-14 Nov 13 Nov 13-14 Nov 13-14 Nov 14 Nov 20 Nov 20 Nov 20 Nov 20-21 Nov 20-21 Nov 27 Nov 27 Nov 27-28 Dec 4-5 Dec 4-5 Dec 11 Dec 11 Dec 11-12 Dec 17-19 Dec 18 Dec 18 Dec 18-19 Dec 26 Jan 21-29 Jan 21-29 Jan 21-29

CITY LOCATION PHONE EVENT / RULES ENTRY ADDED TIME Hollywood, FL Seminole Hard Rock Hotel (954) 985-5701 Steve Mizerak Championship Call $50,000 Call Gainesville, FL Art of Billiards (352) 225-3535 Open 9-Ball Men & Women $25M/$20W $250 w/32 10AM Yorkville, NY Hippos House of Billiards (315) 786-0218 Al Conte Memorial $120/$70 $2,000 Call Atlanta, GA Mr Cues II (770) 380-6290 NGB Amateur Billiards Tour Call $1,000 Call Brooklyn, NY Gotham City Billiards (718) 714-1002 B-C-D 9-Ball - Tri State Tour Call $750 Call South Amboy, NJ Primetime Billiards (732) 721-6555 Mezz Pro Am Tour Call $1,000 Call Goldsboro, NC Fast Eddie’s Sports Bar (919) 759-0071 GSBT-Tour Championship Call $7,500 prize fund Call E Rutherford, NJ Castle Billiards (201) 933-6007 C-D 9-Ball Tri State Tour Call $500 Call Lynwood, WA Uncle Jacks (See ad p20) (425) 640-5474 9-Ball Seattle Open $55 $1,000 w/full field 9:00AM Watch it LIVE on presented by Tiger Products Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Poison 9-Ball Amateur/Open $65/$75/$85 $1,000 ea 11AM Rockaway, NJ Rockaway Billiards (973) 625-5777 Mezz Pro Am Tour Call $1,000 Call Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Flamingo Billiards Tour Final Call $1,000 10:30AM Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Men’s Open 9-Ball $55 $250 11AM Sunnyside, NY Master Billiards (718) 706-6789 A-B-C-D 9-Ball Tri State Tour Call $750 Call Williamsville, NY Bison Billiards (716) 632-0281 Joss NE Tour $120/$70 $2,000 Call Fairfield, OH Michael’s Billiards (513) 860-0044 GSBT-Amateur 9-Ball on 9’ Call $1,500 Call Edison, NJ Sandcastle Billiards (732) 632-9277 B-C-D 9-Ball Tri State Tour Call $750 Call Ft Pierce, FL Ultimate Billiards (772) 464-7665 Amateur & Open 8-Ball $55 ea $250 ea 11AM Tacoma, WA Malarkey’s (See ad p25) (253) 383-3301 9-Ball Holiday Classic $60 $3,000 w/128 9:00AM Watch it LIVE on presented by Tiger Products Conyers, GA Classic Billiards (770) 679-5278 GSBT-Amateur 9-Ball on 7’ Call $1.500 Call Lafayette, LA White Diamond Billiards (337) 989-9889 SW 10-Ball Tour Call $500 w/64 Call Greensboro, NC Gate City Billiards (336) 856-8800 One Pocket Classic $30 $300 1st Guar Noon Edison, NJ Edison Billiards (732) 572-7665 B-C-D 9-Ball Tri State Tour Call $750 Call Cornelius, NC Kylie’s Sports Bar (704) 895-6944 GSBT-Amateur 9-Ball on 9’ Call $1,500 Call Mandan, ND Broken Oar (See ad p20) (701) 667-2159 8-Ball Open Race to 5 $50 $2500 7:00PM Watch it LIVE on presented by Tiger Products Gainesville, FL Art of Billiards (352) 225-3535 End of the Year BIG EVENT Call Call Call Rutherford, NJ Castle Billiards (201) 933-6007 A-B-C-D 9-Ball Tri State Tour Call $500 Call Sanford, NC Speakeazy Billiards (919) 775-1166 GSBT-Amateur 9-Ball on 9’ Call $1,500 Call Sunnyside, NY Master Billiards (718) 706-6789 B-C-D 9-Ball Tri State Tour Call $750 Call Elizabeth, IN Derby City Classic (812) 288-7665 9 Ball Banks $110 $10,000 Noon Elizabeth, IN Derby City Classic (812) 288-7665 One Pocket $135 $15,000 Noon Elizabeth, IN Derby City Classic (812) 288-7665 9 Ball $160 $25,000 Noon


Streaming Schedule


Nov 12-14, 2010 Seattle Open Uncle Jack’s Lynnwood, WA

Nov 27-28, 2010 Malarkey’s Holiday Classic Tacoma, WA

Dec 17-19, 2010 Broken Oar Mandan, ND

Jan 14-16, 2011 TBA

Feb 2011: OPEN

Jan 21-23, 2011 TBA

March 2011: OPEN

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14 Stroke Magazine - November 2010

Apr 1-3, 2011 Platte Valley Open - WY Apr 8-10, 2011 MCMOA MT

16 Stroke Magazine - September 2010

Stroke Magazine - November Issue 2010  

Stroke Magazine's November issue features the U S Open and results from around the area. This is the Pool Players Voice on the East Coast.

Stroke Magazine - November Issue 2010  

Stroke Magazine's November issue features the U S Open and results from around the area. This is the Pool Players Voice on the East Coast.