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Classic 10-01-2009 10:00 am 2002 WPBA Classic SF #1 10-02-2009 10:00 am 2002 WPBA Classic SF #2 10-03-2009 11:00 am 2007 Texas Hold’Em SF #2 Jeanette Lee vs Johnny Archer 10-04-2009 9:00 am Mosconi vs. Moore 10-05-2009 10:00 am 2002 WPBA Classic Finals 10-06-2009 10:00 am 2002 WPBA Classic SF #1 10-07-2009 10:00 am 2002 WPBA Classic SF #2 10-08-2009 10:00 am 2002 WPBA Classic Finals 10-09-2009 10:00 am 2002 WPBA Classic SF #1 10-11-2009 9:00 am Mosconi vs. Moore 10-12-2009 10:00 am WPBA Classic SF #2 10-13-2009 10:00 am 2002 WPBA Classic Finals 10-14-2009 10:00 am 2002 WPBA Nationals SF #1 10-15-2009 10:00 am 2002 WPBA Nationals SF #2 10-16-2009 10:00 am 2002 WPBA Nationals Finals 10-17-2009 1:00 pm 1999 Women’s Tourn. of Champs 10-17-2009 2:00 pm 1999 Women’s Tourn. of Champs 10-17-2009 3:00 pm 1999 WPBA Classic Tour Finals 10-17-2009 4:00 pm 2003 Women’s Tourn. of Champs 10-17-2009 5:00 pm 2004 Women’s Trick Shot Magic Jeanette Lee vs Ewa Laurance 10-17-2009 6:00 pm 2004 WPBA Florida Classic Julie Kelly vs Jeanette Lee These times are Eastern Time.

10-04-2009 3:00 pm 2009 U.S. Open QF #4 10-04-2009 4:00 pm 2009 U.S. Open SF #1 10-04-2009 5:00 pm 2009 U.S. Open SF #2 10-11-2009 3:00 pm 2009 U.S. Open SF #2 10-11-2009 4:00 pm 2009 U.S. Open Final 10-25-2009 3:30 pm Colorado Classic SF #1 10-25-2009 4:30 pm Colorado Classic SF #2 10-25-2009 5:30 pm Colorado Classic Final 10-18-2009 9:00 am Moore vs. Lassiter 10-19-2009 10:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour SF #1 10-20-2009 10:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour SF #2 10-21-2009 10:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Finals 10-22-2009 10:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour SF #2 10-23-2009 10:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour SF #1 10-24-2009 11:00 am 2007 United States Pro Tour 10-25-2009 9:00 am Babe Cranfield vs. U.J. Puckett 10-26-2009 10:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Finals 10-27-2009 10:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour SF #1 10-28-2009 10:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour SF #2 10-29-2009 10:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour Finals 10-30-2009 10:00 am 2003 WPBA Classic Tour SF #1 These schedules have been provided by ESPN. These are tentative dates and are subject to change

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Jeremy Sossei Goes Undefeated

By Alison M. Fischer,

On September 5-6, 2009, However, Tony avenged the Predator 9-ball Tour spent his 1st loss to Ginky by beating the weekend at Master Billiards him on the hill, 9-8. Tony did in Queens, NY, and it brought not last much longer though, some of NYC's toughest as Marc Vidal would continue players along with it. Players his strong play to beat Tony like George Sansouci, reigning 9-5, in what Spain mentioned Empire State Champion "Spain" was his first-ever win over "The Marc Vidal, Tony Robles, Jorge Silent Assassin." Rodriguez, Jeremy Sossei, This win moved Spain Joey Korsiak, Oscar Bonilla, forward into the semi-final to Jonathan Smith, Mike Miller, meet Jorge Rodgriguez, who and John Alicea were some was returning from his hot of the top names to appear at seat loss to Jeremy Sossei. Master for the Predator Tour's In this semi-final match (race 13th stop of the season. to 9), Jorge and Spain stayed Out of the 55 total players locked, alternating games to attending this event, 5 of meet at 6-6. After Spain took them were females, with Gail a one-game lead at 7-6, Jorge Glazebrook, Alison M. Fischer, had a chance tie the match Brenda Heras, Diana "Snooky" again, but missed another Rojas, and the Highest surprising 9-ball, and Spain Finishing C/D Player in the sailed through to win the set event, Erin McManus. This is 9-6 to get a chance in the the second time this season finals. that Erin has won this award, Marc "Spain" Vidal and she continues to prove then met with the undefeated that she can play with some of Jeremy Sossei in the finals. the toughest guys in NYC. At the late hour, the players However, reigning decided to shorten the race Ocean State Champion and to 7 games. In the first few Connecticut native, Jeremy Top: Delta-13 Highest Finishing CD Winner, Erin McManus games, Jeremy took charge Sossei, was the player to rise L-R BCD Runner-Up Dennis Fokin, Tony Robles & BCD Winner Justin Muller of the match with an early 3-1 above the crowd at Master L-R Stop 13 Runner-Up Marc Vidal, Tony Robles & 1st Place Winner Jeremy Sossei lead, and continued to move Billiards, going undefeated to forward to win dominantly barely missed scratching in the side pocket. He make it his first-ever win on the with a final score of 7-3. was left a cut shot with the 9 one diamond out Predator Tour. Congratulations to Jeremy Sossei for his first of the corner. Incredibly, he under-cut the shot, On his route to the finals, Jeremy landed win on the Predator 9-ball Tour, along with Marc and the 9 bounced out and onto the head spot. in the final four of the winner's bracket after Vidal for a strong performance. The fans were in shock as the cue ball then defeating John Alicea, along with George The Predator 9-ball Tour would also like rolled towards the opposite corner pocket, but Sansouci, Jorge Rodriguez, and Marc Vidal. to thank it's sponsors Predator Cues, Blatt hung in the jaws. This left Jeremy Sossei with Jeremy would defeat Marc Vidal by a 9-5 score Billiards, Delta 13- Racks, The Seminole Pro a make-or-break 9-ball, which he fired in to win to move on to play in the match for the hot seat. Tour, and the match and secure a position in the finals. Also moving into the hot seat match was Meanwhile, after a first-round loss to Sean Jorge Rodriguez, who came with a strong win PAYOUT: Morgan, winner of Predator Stop #12, Mike over Ginky, to meet with Jeremy Sossei. In this 1st: $1100 Jeremy Sossei Miller, was grinding back through the one-loss match, Jeremy took a 7-1 lead on Jorge, but 2nd: $800 Marc “Spain� Vidal side, with wins over Carl Khan, Justin Muller, after taking a break, he did not come back to 3rd: $550 Jorge Rodriguez Arturo Reyes, Juan Guzman, and Oscar Bonilla the table playing quite the same. Jorge fought 4th: $400 Tony Robles to come back on Sunday to knock out Joey all the way back to pass up Jeremy and take 5th/6th: $275 George "Ginky" Korsiak. Miller's run was then ended by Marc an 8-7 lead, winning seven consecutive games Sansouci, Vidal, who had just come from his winner's side to take the hill. In the following game, Jeremy Mike Miller loss to Jeremy Sossei. would come out on top of a safety battle, to 7th/8th: $200 Joey Korsiak, Also returning on Day 2 was's make the match hill-hill. Jerry Tarantola Jerry Tarantola, who bounced back after a In the tie-breaking game, the two got into a 9th-12th: $150 Teddy Cook, first-round loss to Tony Robles to beat "Alaska" safety battle early on, but Jeremy left an open Jonathan Smith, Sean Morgan, Lionel Rivera, Steve Wright, shot and Jorge took advantage. Jorge had John Alicea, Mhet Vergara, and John Alicea. However, Jerry a clear table, but got out of line on the 8-ball. Oscar Bonilla would forfeit his Sunday rematch with Tony However, he wowed the crowd with a showRobles, who was ousted to the one-loss side stopping thin cut down the rail, and the cue ball continued on page 12 by Ginky on the hill. October 2009 page 4

Uwate Lays Down The Law

Best Shot Billiards Customer Appreciation

David Uwate, Tony Crosby, Floyd Milsap

Strokers 2, Tampa was the host location for the Fl State Amateur Championships this weekend. 70 players showed up for this $2500 Added Event, plus a free ($500) entry sponsored by the Seminole Tribe of Florida into the $40,000 Added Mizerak event. Albert Howe was officially crowned Amateur player of the year and received a $500 bonus plus a High end KF Custom cue and a beautiful trophy supplied by Javier Chirino, a very close second was Mark Wathen who received a high end KF custom cue, 3rd was Mike Delawder also receiving a KF Custom Cue. Taz Naravane in his last year as a junior received Junior player of the year, a special award of Sportsman of the year was given to Angel Rivera who Also Received a high end cue. Saturdays 70 players were wittled down to 16 coming back Sunday, 8 winner side and 8 one loss side matches. Local favorite Floyd Milsap went through the winner side to take the hotseat, with wins over, Travis Croft 7-6, Angel Rivera 7-2, Julio Del Pozo 7-3, David Uwate 7-6, Mike Delawder 7-4, Bobby Moore 7-4 and then a final win over Trey Jankowski 7-4. Laying down the law on the one loss side was David Uwate, After taking his first loss to Floyd Milsap, Uwate would reach Sundays play with a win over Jason Richko. Sunday would see Uwate come out strong with wins over John Souders 6-1, Chip Dickerson 6-4, Todd Anderson 6-3, Bobby Moore 6-2, Mike Delawder 6-5 and then a final win over Trey Jankowski to get to the final for a rematch with Milsap who had taken him down on Saturday. The Final would be a single race to 9, the first two racks were shared and at 1-1 Uwate would take control. And never fall behind again. Uwate would take a 6-2 lead, Milsap would win the next two rack to get back to 6-4 and within two racks this would be as close as he would get as Uwate would win 3 of the next 5 racks to take the match 9-6 and be crowned The 2009 FL State 9-ball Amateur Champion which also came with 1st place money of $1100 and a $500 entry into the $40,000 Added Mizerak event to be held in November at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood Fl and also the beautiful Fl State Champion Trophy which was provided by Javier Chirino , A touch of glass Trophies. PAYOUT 1st $1100, plus $500 Entry 2nd $800 3rd $600 4th $450 5th-8th $325 9th-12th $150 13th-16th $100 Top Lady $50

Best Shot Billiards recently held a Customer Appreciation Week, September 14th – 19th shown above are a few pictures of the event – special rates on table time were given all week as well as 10% - 50% off select in-store items. During the month of September customer could register to win a pool cue or a set of darts. Pictured above are the winners of the cues given away, Kevin Ellis, Denise Kuder, owner presenting the cues and Adam Collins. Steve Leslie was the winner of the dart set. Best Shot Billiards is owned and operated by Denise & Ray Kuder. They offer a wide variety of billiard and dart products, home pool tables, foosball, air hockey and poker supplies. They are an authorized McDermott and Viking Cue Dealer and carry other brand name cues, cases and accessories. Service is available on pool tables; re-felting, moving, assembly and leveling. There are six 7’ pool tables for open play in a relaxed environment. There is also a dart board to play for your enjoyment. Pool Tournaments are being held each month throughout the year and are posted on the website monthly. Specials are run on table time throughout the month. They are open at 1:00 CST Monday - Sunday Best Shot Billiards is located in the White Birch Plaza, South US 2, Iron Mountain, MI For further information you can contact them at (906) 776-9411 or for more information.

David Uwate Floyd Milsap Trey Jankowski Mike Delawder Jeff Mabry, Bobby Moore George Saunders, Todd Anderson Walter Blacker, Chip Dickerson, Dan Whitten, Richard Fox Jarred Schlauch, Bill Delisle, John Souders, Taz Naravane Stephanie Mitchell October 2009 page 5

The 3 Slate System By Bill Smith “Mr3Cushion”, Old School

BEFORE WE EMBARK together on this new billiards odyssey, I’d like to clarify two points, 1) The systems, concepts and methods you will read in my column are identical to those I apply in tournament play or anywhere else, I never teach anything I don’t use myself. 2) The instructions you’ve been receiving in other publication are normally about how to score on a shotby-shot basis, generally have been uniformly excellent, and my instructions should be extremely helpful to you too, but they’re based on a different concept. That concept is fairly simple, at least in writing. I believe that the correct primary focus, in advanced three-cushion billiards play, is the positioning of the first object ball. In other words, when I execute a shot, my main concern is to cut, drive, or carry that first ball to a high-percentage scoring zone (a corner), or a high-percentage scoring lane, (along either long rail). Least favorable is the center of the table, where the target becomes smaller. The correct secondary focus of a shot is to see the angle into the first cushion I need to score, along with the proper stroke and speed. Third, I determine whether to play a shot short or long, whether I want to / score off the right or left side of the second object ball, and perhaps whether I can drive that second ball into a highpercentage zone, or lane. Now to the system at hand, which I call The Three-Slate System. As you probably know, a billiard table is divided equally into three slates,

Diagram 1 : shows you a visualization of these three sections. In Diagram 2, your first object ball lies in the Slate 1 section, here we try to cut that ball into an area between the fourth and fifth diamonds on the opposite long rail, banking it cross corner into a high-percentage scoring zone (in all these diagrams the cue ball path is or should be, obvious). You must cut 1/8 of that first object ball, using 4 o’clock English if the shot lies on the other side of the table), and a short stroke; remember, you’re cutting the object ball thin here, and a long stroke will impart too much speed to the cue ball. In Diagram 3, your first object ball is located in Slate 2a. Cut the first ball into the opposite corner, long rail first, with enough speed to bring it back to the other long cushion. Hit it 1 /3 full, with 3 o’clock English, and a normal stroke (that is, your follow-through is the same length as your bridge). In Diagram 4, the first object ball lies in the Slate 2b section, here instead of cutting the ball, we drive it to the short rail, between the first and second diamonds from the opposite corner. As diagrammed, that ball’s route should take it to the opposite long rail, short rail and back to our highpercentage scoring lane. That ball should be hit half-full, with 3 o’clock English, use a bit more speed than usual, to drive the first ball properly. F i n a l l y, Diagram 5 shows you an object ball, lying in the Slate 3 section, this time drive that ball to the short cushion, between the first and second diamonds from the near corner. This is similar to a straight-back bank shot in pool, a two-thirds full hit will send it back to the opposite corner, then to the Slate 2b section and once again, a high-percentage scoring lane. Use minimum 1 o’clock English this time, with a (quick short stroke ) to keep your cue ball from going forward and to long.

Bill Smith has been one of the top players in the country for all of his 40 year career as a professional 3 Cushion player. He can teach as well as he played and brings us a great opportunity to this great game. Bill has been making Ultimate Billiards in Fort Pierce, FL his classroom every Saturday working with students of different levels and abilities. For more info and to schedule your lesson, please visit October 2009 page 6

Limited Banks

San Francisco Billiard Academy San Francisco Billiard Academy

By: Bob Jewett A lot of learning to play pool is finding your own limits, but you also need to know the limits of the equipment you are playing on. You may have plenty of draw on new cloth with a standard cue ball, but go to a table with old, sticky cloth Bob Jewett Bob Jewett and an over-sized bar ball, and your draw will evaporate. Banks in particular can vary a lot from table to table and sometimes from day to day depending on the humidity. Here are two shots you can use to test the cushions. Each one tests the limit for a particular bank. In Bank 1, the object ball is on the spot, so it is exactly between the first diamond on the banking rail and the third diamond on the Bank 1 shooting rail. The 1 simple mirror system for banking says that shot is not on, but if you hit the object ball full and hard with a little left English, the ball will bank cross corner on a "standard" table. When trying the shot, make sure that the two balls are exactly on the line between the two diamonds as Bank 2 illustrated. Also, check whether you hit the one ball full by whether the cue P ball moves to the left or right after the shot. Unless you do the test accurately, you can't learn much about the table. Once you have tested the cushion like this, you will be prepared for similar shots that may come up in a game. They will rarely be exactly on line, but your test will give you a clue about how to correct them. The same rule (3-to-1) works for cross-side shots as well. Bank 2 is particularly useful at the game of one pocket. It is a two-rail bank of a ball on the foot spot. On many tables, this shot is just barely possible if you can just miss the corner pocket. Note the black target I've placed on the table. If you shoot the object ball towards that target, you should hit on solid cushion on the second rail. On your table, that target may be in a slightly different place. On tables with brand new cloth, Bank 2 is easy because the cue continued on page 15

“Dead Stroke” vs. “In Stroke” By Samm Diep, © October 2009

Once in a while, and always unexpectedly, I experience being in “dead stroke.” If you’re unfamiliar with this term, the most accurate definition I have found is from the website. It defines dead stroke as: Similar to playing on autopilot where a player is at peak playing level and is playing without any conscious effort or thought. Dead stroke is a sustained period of play where the specific player is in stroke. In Samm Diep simple terms, dead stroke is where a player is performing so flawlessly that he or she just cannot miss. To a player who is experiencing dead stroke, the game seems effortless. Let’s break it down. Have you ever broke and ran without even attempting to play position but getting your cue ball perfectly in line for each shot? Something comes over you; almost like you’re having an outer-body experience and you could feel the contact point with little to no effort. You just knew the ball was going into the hole, without even trying. “You cannot miss” and “the game seems effortless.” These are both things that we would love to experience all the time, right? Well, not necessarily. The part of this definition that concerns me is, “similar to playing on autopilot.” This means that we enter a zone where something else takes over and we’re practically unconscious. Don’t get me wrong, its fun when it happens and I try to take full advantage of it when I experience it. However, one of my least favorite things about experiencing dead stroke is that after it’s over, I don’t remember a thing. I can’t remember the super runs I made or how it felt when I made them. The other thing I find myself doing is getting careless. When you feel like you can make anything from anywhere, you forget that you should still try to play position. I find myself making the shots but getting into much more trouble. Some instructors may disagree with this theory, but I believe there is a difference between “Dead Stroke” and simply being “In Stroke.” You see, when you’re in stroke, you’re well-prepared both mentally and physically. You are properly trained. You feel confident and decisive, yet you are not “playing without any conscious effort or continued on page 15


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Robles Assassinates Vergara

On Saturday September 19, 2009, 50 top and rising stars in the pool world gathered at Comet Billiards. Home of the Accu-Stats Arena, Comet Billiards is a marquee locale on the Predator Tour’s calendar and this week’s location for a two-day pro/am billiards brawl. The 15th stop on Predator Tour season drew fierce competitors, many of whom were locked in a heated points race for their respective class divisions. Top player including “The Preacher” Steve Lillis, George “Ginky” Sansouci, Zion Zvi, Joey Kong, Jorge Rodriguez, Oscar Bonilla, Ron Park, “Alaska” Sean Morgan, Mhet Vergara, Jason Michas, Jeremy Sossei, and Tony Robles, among others, came to battle. Room proprietor and host Bill Haley rolled out the red carpet for the players, who enjoyed the spacious playing environment. Feature matches were streamed live from the AccuStats Arena ( The arena boasts a professional commentary booth, where you could hear many top players, as well as Pat Fleming himself giving their perspective on the matches. While there was no shortage of standout play from a number of different players, several players were stirring up a buzz with their swaggered approach. Among them, Scott Simonetti bounced back from a early loss from Tony Robles to win 3 matches in impressive fashion before losing to “King Kong” Joey Kong 9-4. Also, NYC’s Brenda Heras and Alex Gonzalez, who were two underdogs coming in to the tournament, surprised the knowledgeable crowd with top-notch play. Although many of the players at Comet impressed, only the eight final players could come back on Sunday. Tony Robles was running through the tournament with a game that was firing on all cylinders. His break, jump shot, cue ball control, and overall shot making were superb throughout the event. Tony was lined up with a winner’s side match against arguably the most improved player of the year, Oscar Bonilla. Tony Robles defeated Oscar 9-4, in a dominant

performance, lining him with Mhet Vergara. Mhet is a strong open player who has had some impressive performances of late, and this event was no different. Mhet had just come off a clutch 9-7 win over a hot “Alaska” Sean Morgan, who fell short of mounting a comeback in their match. On the oneloss side, “Ginky” George Sansouci L-R, BCD Winner Ariel Rivera, Tony Robles & Runner Up Diana Rojas defeated Ocean State comfortable and sharp on the Accu-Stats table Champion, Jeremy after his match against Ginky. Tony’s game Sossei 9-6 which set him up with Oscar Bonilla. took some warming up, but after missing a Oscar was looking to bounce back from a few shots early, he got into gear, and the two loss to Tony Robles but wasn’t able to fade battled back and forth. There were few easy Ginky’s break in that match, and Ginky closed table layouts in this set, leading to a number out the set 9-6. Ginky’s journey wouldn’t get of safety battles, but with the score tied at 6-6, any easier as he had to defeat Zion Zvi, who Mhet broke dry and gave Tony an open table had two dominating performances on the TV to run out and build some momentum. Mhet table. Ginky followed up two gritty wins with a would win the following game to tie it again at near flawless performance over Zion, who was 7-7, but the next rack, Mhet missed a crucial unable to consistently make a ball on the break 5 ball, and from there the match was in Tony’s in their match. hands as he finished it 9-7 to win the 15th stop After going through 3 top players, Ginky had on the Predator Tour. a chance to avenge his earlier loss to Mhet Congratulations to Mhet Vergara on this Vergara, who clutched out a big win over Ginky breakthrough performance and to Tony Robles on Saturday. Mhet put on a display of heart for a dominant win at this event. The Predator and determination as he overcame a marathon Tour would also like to thank their sponsors blow-for blow-match over Mr. Sansouci. While Blatt Billiards, Delta 13 Racks, and Predator both players did not play up to their earlier Cues for their support of the tour. performances, this was a battle of strategy and 1st: $1000 Tony Robles kicking, leaving Mhet the last man standing with 2nd: $675 Mhet Vergara a final score of 9-7. 3rd: $500 Ginky Sansouci This win was a huge win for Mhet, because 4th: $375 Zion Zvi his highest prior finish in the Predator Tour 5/6: $250 Oscar Bonilla, Sean Morgan was third, and his win against Ginky put him 7/8: $175 Jeremy Sossei, Joey Kong in the finals for the first time against “The 9-12: $100 Yesid Garibello, Steve Lillis, Silent Assasin” Tony Robles. Mhet’s road to Jorge Rodriquez, Junior Sanchez the finals included wins over Jason Michas Highest Finishing C/D: Alex Gonzalez $75 9-7, Carmen Lombardo 9-6, Highest Finishing Female: Brenda Heras $75 Wali Muhammad 9-2, Ginky The Sunday B/CD Tournament drew 16 area Sansouci 9-7, Sean Morgan amateurs. In this event, Diana Rojas met Ariel 9-7 before losing to Tony, then Rivera to battle him once again in the finals. defeated Ginky in the semis. However, Ariel continued his strong play in Tony had a dominant run this match to win 7-3, making this his second on his way to the finals going consecutive B/C/D Predator event win. undefeated, and taking out B/C/D FINAL RESULTS: Scott Simonetti 9-1, Antonio 1st: $175 Ariel Rivera Guerrero 9-5, Zion Zvi 9-7, 2nd: $125 Diana Rojas Oscar Bonilla 9-4, and Mhet 3rd: $70 Dave Fitzpatrick Vergara 9-4 along the way. 4th: $30 Gail Glazebrook In the final match, which Highest Finishing C/D: $100 Erin was one race to nine games, McManus Mhet took an early 4-1 lead Runner-Up Mhet Vergara & 1st Place Winner Tony Robles On Sunday, the Predator Tour also held on Tony, as he was feeling a B/C/D event, which featured a comeback October 2009 page 8

B L A Z E 9-Ball Tour

Blaze 9 Ball Tour made its way to Skyline Billiards in Brooklyn NY on Sunday September 20th. A small field came out to play players like Eddie Vazquez, Carl Khan, Sam Quinzi, Erin Mcmanus, John Alicea and Marc Vidal. Leading the top half of the bracket was John Alicea with wins over Jose Burgos 7-0, Eddie Vazquez 7-6, and Alex Gilarg 7-5. Leading the bottom half of the brsacket was Marc Vidal with wins over Mike Miller 7-6, Carl Khan 7-4, and Bob Madara 7-2. Playing for the hot seat was Marc Vidal VS John Alicea tyhis was a great match with Marc Vidal pulling away late winning 7-5 and Sending John Alicea to the one lost side.

Winner Steve Moore owner John Trobiano second place finisher Sean Morgan

Blaze Tour made its way to Castle Billiards in East Rutherford NJ, on Sunday September 6th a small field came out to play players like: Steve Moore, Sean Morgan, Carmen Lombardo, Caroline Pao, Steve Lillis and Wali Muhammad.

Waiting for John Alicea on the one lost side was Jorge Rodriquez. This match was a great match that went hill, hill but when it was all said and done it was John Alicea winning the match to get to the finals. In the finals it was John Alicea VS Marc Vidal, John Alicea has to beat Marc Vidal twice to win the event. First set was one sided with John Alicea winning easily 7-4, the second set went the same way with John Alicea winning easily 7-3 and his first tour win. 1st $670.00 John Alicea 2nd $300.00 Marc Vidal 3rd $150.00 Jorge Rodriquez 4th $100.00 Bob Madara Leading the top half of the bracket was Sean Morgan with wins over Steve Banner 7-1, Rob Pole 7-2, Bob Madara 7-3 and Steve Moore 7-5. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Carmen Lombardo with wins over Erin McManus 7-2, Steve Lillis 7-4, and Caroline Pao 7-3. Playing for the hot seat was Sean Morgan VS Carmen Lombardo this was a great match with Sean Morgan pulling it off 7-4 to win the match sending Carmen Lombardo to the on lost side. Making the moves on the one lost side was Steve Moore with wins over Steve Lillis 7-5, Caroline Pao 7-6, and Carmen Lombardo 7-5 to get to the finals. In the finals it was Sean Morgan VS Steve Moore, Steve Moore has to beat Sean Morgan twice to win the event. First set was all Steve Moore winning easily 7-4. Second set was the same as the first Steve Moore winning 7-4 and the Blaze event at Castle Billiards. 1st $800.00 Steve Moore 2nd $350.00 Sean Morgan 3rd $230.00 Carmen Lombardo 4th $100.00 Caroline Pao

Zimmerman Wins Season Opener Dominiak Cues Northeast 10-Ball Tour Kicks Off in Latham, NY Despite a beautiful sunny fall day in the northeast, the first stop of the Dominiak Cues Northeast Amateur 10-Ball Tour season kicked off with 25 players at the popular Diamond Eight Billiards in Latham, NY on Saturday Sept. 26th. The tour saw many new faces show up to participate on tour as well as some usual suspects like Tom Acciavatti, Joe Sobowicz, Chuck Hill, Gene Hunt and Jeremy Bean. The lone female player in the field was Janet Tycks, also a regular on the tour. Players came from New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont to try their skills at 10 ball. The top half of the winners side brackets saw tour newcommer Jared Zimmerman from Mayfield, NY make his way to the hotseat match after getting a bye in the opening round with wins over Jackie Ford, Rich Atlre, and Frank Rich. On the bottom half of the winners side tour regular Tom Acciavatti was playing steady and got by Paul Oickard in the first round and continued to the hotseat match with wins over Walter Rogowsi, Chuck Hill and Frank Majesky. The hotseat match was a closely contested battle with Jared Zimmerman coming out on top with great shotmaking. Tom Acciavatti came out on top from the one losss side. The finals kicked off about 7pm and the tour format is a 1 race to 5 finals at all tour stops. Jared got out to an early 3-0 lead on Tom and seemed to be cruising to the win on the season opener. But, Tom Acciavatti was not done yet. After an error by Jared, Tom clawed his way back into the match with a win to make it 3-1. Jared again appeared to take control of the match

by winning the next game and getting to the hill with a score of 4-1. Tom again clawed his way back in with a win, then the next 2 games as well making the match now hill/hill 4-4. The final game went back and forth with a couple balls tied up and both players playing cautiously taking safties when available. Then an opening came for Jared to run out and take the match with a combo on the 10 ball off the 9 ball. It hit the center of the pocket and Jared Zimmerman takes home the title to the season opener. A shout out to Janet Tycks for her 13-16 finish in a tough field. Ladies receive free entry at every tour stop and only have to pay the $10 table time fee. Also Jackie Ford held the winning ticket for the new beautiful Dominiak Cue. For tour dates and info please visit the tour website www.DominiakCuesTour. com On behalf of all the players we thank Bill Dominiak www.DominiakCues. com for his support in sponsoring the tour with adding a new Dominiak Cue to each tour stop. We would also like to thank our co-sponsors and for their continued support of the tour. 1st $250 Jared Zimmerman 2nd $150 Tom Acciavatti 3rd $90 Frank Rich 4th $70 Frank Majewski 5/6 $20 Chuck Hill, Walter Rogowski October 2009 page 9

National Championship Series

Sambajon and Butera Down to the Wire at NCS 9-Ball National Championship Finals At the NCS 9-Ball National Championship finals, spectators witnessed the finesse and knowledge of top veteran players, Santos Sambajon and Sal Butera. Both men played the extended finals race to 15 in A class form. On the tough pro cut 9’ Diamond table and with the alternate break format, initially the match was tied up. However starting with game 9,

Butera started making his move when given ball in hand after Sambajon scratched on the break and in quick fashion, Sambajon saw himself down 9-6. With a combination of well executed safes and patience Sambajon fended off Butera, who as a spectator said earlier was playing all day as if giving a clinic. The next 30 minutes saw the match tied up 10-10. Butera, also known for his laid back and patience at the table, calmly waited for his opportunity. It came when the next break by Sambajon came up dry allowing Butera to run out. The next came when Butera broke and ran out to now give himself a two game advantage making it 12-10. In game 23, Butera pushed to a jump. Sambajon chose his option and handed the table back to Butera. The cue ball close to one short rail on one end and the one ball near the other short rail but close to the corner pocket. Butera had one big challange, the wall of other balls between whitey and the one. Due to a couple of other balls obstructing the potential kick path, Butera had no choice but to jump almost the entire length of the table and over two balls in the middle in order to keep Sambajon in his chair. Poise, stroke, bang, the cue ball flew through the air and landed dead pocketing the one in the corner and getting perfect on the two. The crowd of 70-80 spectators went wild. Butera, after taking a moment to compose himself from the shot and crowd response, ran out to make it 13-10. Sambajon was now facing needing 5 to Butera’s 2. But Sambajon has been in this rodeo before and knows how to keep focus and bear down just waiting for his opening chance. Perfect shape, well played safes and few misses by Sambajon slowly allowed him to edge up on Butera. Soon the match was hill-hill. Butera broke but scratched in the side leaving the final rack wide open. Sambajon meticulously played perfect shape on the entire rack until his shot on the 8-Ball did not come up on the table as high as he played leaving himself a deep back cut to a corner pocket. With the cue ball and 9-ball only about an inch apart as well, this shot is one that tests any player. Taking a close examination, Sambajon also had to impart high inside to avoid a potential scratch at the other end of the table. He made this under pressure tough shot and to a standing ovation by the crown, Sambajon won 15-14. Both players will receive paid entry to the 2010 U.S Open 10-Ball Championship at the Riviera Hotel and Casino where 96 players from around the US and world will vie for approximately . Sambajon also won $3800 in cash, the #308 cue from OB Cues and custom engraved rack October 2009 page 10

commemorating his win by DELTA-13 and a custom engraved and made solid crystal trophy. 1st Santos Sambajon (IL) $3800 + Entry 2010 US Open 10-Ball 2nd Sal Butera (CA) $2500 + Entry to 2010 US Open 10-Ball 3rd Adam Kielar (PA) $1700 4th John Kucharo (IA) $1100 5-6 Jui Lung Chen (TX) $750 / Denis Strickland (TX) $750 7-8 Justin Whitehead (AZ) $400 / Todd Marsh (WA) $400 Parica First NCS 10-Ball National Champion In front of over 300 spectators both on-line and on-site, Jose Parica defeated Shaun Wilkie in the NCS 10-Ball National Championship finals at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Produced by CueSports International (CSI) with Bad Boy Billiards Productions, the 4th event in the new NCS series had a small but talent loaded field, including such notible players as Harry Platis, Jon Kucharo, 14 year phenom and Junior National Champion Brendan Crockett, Sal Butera, Adam Kielar and Denis Strickland to name a few as well as Parica and Maryland top player Wilkie. Parica, who found himself early in the tournament on the left side of the bracket battled back to meet Wilkie in the final single extended race to 13. The semis finals saw Parica playing Bill Anderson from McKinney, Texas. Anderson, who started competing again in 2008 after years away from the sport, found Parica too dominant a force and settled for 3rd. The final match was also all Parica, as Wilkie faced the lethal combination of dry breaks and an in-form Parica. Thus, the leader of the U.S Pinoy invasion handily added another title to his long list of pool accomplishments. Both Wilkie and Parica will join the top two finishers of the NCS 9-Ball

National Championship, Santos Sambajon Jr. and Sal Butera receiving a paid entry to the 2010 U.S Open 10-Ball Championship scheduled next May at the Riviera Hotel and Casino. As the winner of the inaugural NCS 10-Ball event, Parica also received $3000 in cash, a #308 model cue designed by Danny Janes exclusively for NCS sponsor OB Cues, a custom engraved DELTA-13 Elite rack and a custom solid crystal trophy.

The NCS (National Championship Series) is a division of CueSports International. CSI is also the parent company of the BCA Pool League, the newly launched USA Pool League. CSI also produces the U.S Bar Table Championships and the Jay Swanson Memorial in addition to the U.S Open 10-Ball Championship. For more information about CSI and the NCS, please call (702) 719-7665 or email

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5–6

Jose Parica (CA) $3000 + Entry 2010 US Open 10-Ball Shaun Wilke (MD) $1900 + Entry to 2010 US Open 10-Ball Bill Anderson (TX) $1200 Denis Strickland (TX) $800 Todd Marsh (WA) $500 / Jon Kucharo (IA) $500

Little Wooden Shed Colorado Classic Photos and story by Anne Craig – WPBA

In August, Gene and I climbed the ladders and put a new roof on the little wooden shed, so it will stay dry, inside. We worked into the night, but we got the roof done before it rained. The new roof works great and looks good. Also in August, two young men we sponsor, Jamey Gray and Tim Chin, were 2 of the 12 top trick shot artists who competed in the Ultimate Trick Shot Challenge, in Las Vegas. Andy Segal took 1st place, followed by Jamey Gray in 2nd and Tim Chin in 3rd. Crown Cues is proud to sponsor such talented young men as Tim and Jamey. We took to the roads again in September! Thanks to an invitation from Dwight Sisson (BigDogatLarge) and a welcome from Tom Gedris of Triple Cross Cues, we took our cues to show at the US Open Qualifier at Pockets, in Tallahassee, Florida on the 18th and 19th. We saw some super talent and some intense competition. Mike Davis took 4th place and Han Barber took 3rd place. Aaron Bolling and Stoney Stone went head to head for 1st place. Their match started off tight, but Stoney stayed focused and drove ahead to claim a 1st place victory, with Aaron taking 2nd place. During the tournament, Blackjack David Sapolis was secluded to one side of the room, while he was pocketing 10,000 balls to raise money for The United Way of The Big Bend. Toward the end of the second day, the management decided to open up that side of the room to business, and interference became a huge problem for him. People continued getting in his way. I don’t know many people who would have been able to continue without getting angry, but he did a fine job. Finally, after he perservered as long as he could, he unscrewed his cue and left. Before he left, he did manage to pocket 8400+ balls for the cause. Before we left town on Sunday, Aaron Bolling took us to the usual hangout at Snookers and we also went to check out the new smokefree pool hall, Geo’s, on Mahan Drive. They are planning a big shindig for their grand opening event on October 2nd. We hope their place does well. On our way back home, we decided to go through Mobile, Alabama, where we found a really nice pool hall on the I-65 Service Road South, called Bumpers Billiards. We stopped in to play for a while and found a couple of large rooms with some well-cared for tables, some big tv screens and a very comfortable atmosphere. In Meridian, Mississippi, we returned to Sneaky Pete’s on Poplar Springs Dr., where we stopped for a while in July. They recently acquired and recovered an old, United barbox table, which was VERY nice to play on!! Now, we know why we played so much better when we (continued on page 12)

The Final match of the 2009 WPBA Colorado Classic is set, with Kelly Fisher looking for her first win of 2009. Meanwhile, the 2009 U.S. Open 9 Ball Champion, Ga Young Kim, was gunning for her second win this season! We knew this could end up a quick match since both players are known for their fast play. Kelly Fisher won the lag and pocketed a ball on the break. She proceeded to run out and take the first game of the match. Ga Young stepped up and broke, pocketing a ball. Ga Young was finally able to

an amazing back cut shot. She gained shape on the five ball, sinking it down the rail. The 7 was below the 8 and Ga Young came to the short side of the ball. She elected to play safe, sticking the cue ball behind the 8 and sending the 7 ball up table to rest on the rail. Kelly missed the ball entirely giving Ga Young ball in hand and in record time, Ga Young took a 5-1 lead. Kelly broke in game 7, pocketing a ball and played a great safe on the 1. Ga Young was forced to kick 2 rails, leaving the cue ball on the

get a good shot on the ball and ran out to tie the match. Kelly broke and made a ball but missed the 3 and Ga Young took advantage of the error and ran out to go up 2-1, and go into game 4 with the break. Ga Young made the 2 and nearly pocketed the 9 ball but instead, had a very long shot tough cut on the 3. She sank it, coming up short shape for the 4 in the side. She not only pocketed the 4 but sent the cue ball up table to hit the 9 in and she took a 3-1 lead. Kelly is never one to give up easily, and went into game 5 with the break. She pocketed a ball, and proceeded to navigate through the rack. The only problem ball was the 3. She decided to play a safe, leaving Ga Young to jump. Once again her trusty jump cue worked. She came up short, leaving Kelly with a very long spot shot. She made it, but another safety battle was underway on the 4, but she scratched off the 4 ball and Ga Young ran out to take a 4-1 lead. Ga Young broke, made a ball and came back off the one ball for shape on the 2. She played

end rail and the one ball 8’ away. Ga Young couldn’t make the long slice down the rail and Kelly was able to pocket the one ball in the side. She continued on and ran out, down 2-5. But Ga Young had the break in game 8, making a ball and putting together an awesome run out. She was now on the hill, 6-2 Kelly broke in game 9, and although she made a ball, she had no open pocket for the 1. She tried a tough 1/7 combination and left Ga Young with the cue ball sitting over the 7. She missed the 1 and Kelly stepped back to the table. She executed a poor safety and Ga Young, made a bank into the side pocket. She snookered the cue ball behind the 5 while the 2 went up table, and Kelly kicked one rail. She hit the ball, leaving Ga Young with a partial jump shot. This time though, her jump cue failed her as the 2 ball hung in the pocket. Kelly focused all of her energy into this rack, running out but still down 3-6. Ga Young went into game 10 with the break advantage and won her 2nd title of the 2009 Season winning 7-3. October 2009 page 11

Wilkie 2 in a Row

Story by: Mike Andrews Photos Courtesy of: Mike Andrews and Team DMIRO

Team DMIRO was at Guys and Dolls in Roanoke, Va, this past weekend for a two day event. Guys and Dolls doors quickly filled with over 50 spectators and players alike; when the Team DMIRO Nationwide 10 ball tour rolled in the town. Local favorite like Larry Price, who was the winner of the amateur 9 ball event at The 2009 Allen Hopkins’ Super Billiards Expo. Larry played as an open player along side with the Team DMIRO Pros. Shaun Wilkie Showed up for his 2nd event to challenge the amateurs. Friday night we had over 22 players challenge Shaun Wilkie in a race to one, if the amateur wins, they would receive a free tour card from Team DMIRO. Only 1 amateur beat Shaun Wilkie, Jon Chisom. The other 21 players had to purchase their tour cards, after they were dominated by Shaun Wilkies impeccable play.

Saturday we began with the open/pro side where only 3 players showed. Shaun Wilkie defeated Larry Price 7-2. Mike Andrews received a bye after the random draw was completed. The amateur bracket had strong competition, with Eric Charliton, Chris Stoneman, and Jon Chisom, along with Tilford Epling. The final 4 to come back for Sundays final 8 were, Eric Charliton and Tilford Epling on the winner side, on the one loss side we had Chris Stoneman, and Steve Connor. The first match on Sunday was Mike Andrews vs. Tilford Epling, Mike Andrews missed a straight in 10 ball to go hill hill, and Tilford defeated him 7-5. Tilford advanced to the hot seat match where he faced Eric Chaliton, after Eric upset Shaun Wilkie defeating him 7-5. The hot seat match was won by Eric,and it seemed he was playing on the table by him self. He defeated Tilford 7-1 and took the hot seat. On the 1 loss side, Larry Price Defeated Mike Andrews 7-2, and Shaun Wilkie defeated Chris Stoneman 7-3, Tilford Epling 7-3, and Larry Price 7-6. During the final match which is one race to 9; Shaun won the lag and took control of the match. After a few missed opportunities Shaun defeated Eric Chaliton 9-3 and he took home his 2nd Team DMIRO stop in a row. Team DMIRO 4 The WORLD 0. Think you have what it takes? Join Team DMIRO at the next tour stop in Break Time Billiards Salisbury, MD Oct 10-11th, then at Gate City Billiards, in Greensboro, NC Nov 7th. The players and the tour would like to thank their sponsors, Tiger Products, McDermott Cues, OB Cues, Delta 13, Zinzola Custom Cues, Hammond Custom Cues, Donnelly Custom Cues,, Azbillairds, Maxim Billiards, and The Super Billiards Expo. 1st $780 Shuan Wilkie 2nd $555 Eric Charliton 3rd $325 Tilford Epling 4th $225 Larry Price 5/6 $110 Mike Andrews, Chris Stoneman 7/8 $55 Steve Connor, Johnny Nixon October 2009 page 12

Sossei performance from one of NYC’s toughest up-and-coming players, Justin Muller. Justin, who hails from Long Island, had a first-round loss to Chris Laz, then returned with wins over Teddy Cook, Steve Wright, Rene Villalobos (6-5), Carl Khan (6-2), and Alex Gonzales (6-2). However, young Dennis Fokin was dominating the winner’s bracket of this tournament, going undefeated to land in the hot seat. And, in the final match, it looked like Dennis would easily take out Justin Muller, as he took big 4-0 lead in the final race to 7. But, Justin got back on track and turned the match around to win the final match 7-5. Congratulations to Justin Muller, who has been officially dubbed “The Rogue Rhino” by Jerry T, for his killer instinct, aggressive style, and his “never say die” attitude, which he proved in this event. 1st: $150 Justin Muller 2nd: $100 Dennis Fokin 3rd: $50 Alex Gonzales

Little Wooden Shed were younger... it wasn’t the difference in our skill, it was the TABLES!! Our games on that table took us back to when we were young. Even with the smaller pockets, it played so beautifully! We’d have brought it home with us, if we could! They also have a newly-covered 9 footer in the back. They are looking for a larger place to grow, but for now, they’re stuck in a nice little corner... just some nice folks who treat you as if you belong to the neighborhood. As we were cruising through Memphis, Tennessee on Hwy 78, we stopped at The Rack, which is a 24/7 pool hall... ring the bell and walk in. We didn’t have time to play, but it looked very nice, with a good number of tables and a nice lady named Pat, who invited us to come back, anytime. Now that we are back home, we are planning to stay here for a while and get a second wind. We’ve traveled a lot, this year, but we’ve had some great times, met some fine people and found some excellent places to play. Gene is currently working hard in the little wooden shed, preparing for the holiday rush that is coming, soon. If you did not get to meet us on the road, this year, we hope to meet you, next year.

Winters Cruisin’ at TJ’s For the first time streaming live 4000 online viewers watched the Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour kick off its 2009-2010 Season with a bang. The Maine Event III hosted by TJ’s Classic Billiards in Waterville Maine saw Shane Winters emerge on top of the 39 player field including such notables as Mike Zuglan, Nelson Oliveira, Tom McGonagle, and local legend TJ LaFlamme former owner of TJ’s. Maine was represented well by hot seat winner Ivaylo Petrov who dominated a very tough bracket beating Richard Young of Canada, Shane Winters and Dave Grau. In the true doubleelimination format Shane Winters battled back to beat Ivo twice. The first set Shane jumped out to an early lead but Ivo grinded back to eventually lose 9-7. The second set was all Shane Winters as he cruised to a 9-1 victory which earned him the first place prize of $1500.00 and the coveted State of Maine plaque. The owners of TJ’s Classic Billiards, Steve and Tammy Reynolds, would like to thank Mike Zuglan , all the players and fans that made this event such a great success. RESULTS: 1st $1,500 Shane Winters (pictured left) 2nd $1,020 Ivaylo Petrov 3rd $800 Dave Grau 4th $600 Nelson Oliveira 5/6 $400 Cleiton Rocha, Ray McNamara 7/8 $200 John Clark, Joe Dupuis Raffle Prizes $1500 Joss Cue won by Mike Bradford Turning Stone Prize Package Winner TJ LaFlamme

Flamingo Billiards Tour Scoreboard

West Palm Beach, Fla. – Sept. 16, 2009 – The Flamingo Billiards Tour, Florida’s only WPBA-recognized regional tour, is proud to announce the addition of Concept Cues as a product sponsor. Concept Cues ( was founded by pro players Tony “The Sniper” Crosby and Corey Deuel and features high-performance cues with superb craftsmanship. The winner of each Flamingo Billiards Tour event will receive the best-selling “Sniper II” jump/break cue, a solid maple cue with two quick release joints and an all-in-one phenolic tip and ferrule. “Our cues are designed by players for players,” said Tony Crosby. “That’s one of the reasons we’re very excited to join the Flamingo Billiards Tour and to have the opportunity to put our cues in the hands of the top women players in Florida.” The next Flamingo Billiards Tour event is Saturday, October 3rd at Amy’s Billiards in Stuart, Fla. For more information, please visit

Strokers 2 in Tampa was again the host location for part 2 of the FL State Championships, Last week was the Amateur this week saw the Open which attracted some World Class players showing up for the $2500 Added plus a entry into the $40,000 Added Steve Mizerak event to be held in November by the Seminole tribe of Florida.

PAYOUTS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th/6th 7th/8th Top Lady

$1000 Mike Davis (+ Entry into Steve Mizerak $40,000 Added) $800 Corey Deuel $800 $600 Han Berber $600 $500 Jerry Calderon $500 $280 John Foster, Louis Altes $280 $150 Richard Broumpton, Tony Crosby $150 $50 Borana Andoni $50

T J’s Classic Billiards

Maine State Ladies 9--Ball Championship d October 10th Come dde a 0 adies Out l $5t0 Open to all ladies $50 entry & 2 3 Play wi h Doors open at 11 am - Call to sign up 14.1 Airport Rd - Waterville, ME 207-877-POOL (7665)

October 2009 page 13

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

DATE Oct 3 Oct 3-4 Oct 3-4 Oct 3-4 Oct 3-4 Oct 3-4 Oct 4 Oct 5-11 Oct 9-11

CITY Edison, NJ Jacksonville, FL Columbus, GA Duluth, GA Goldsboro, NC Clifton Park, NY Boothwyn, PA Goldsboro, NC Palm Harbor FL

LOCATION Sandcastle Billiards Bankshot Billiards Players Billiards The POOL Room Fast Eddie’s Trick Shot Billiards Riley’s Concord Billiards Fast Eddie’s Strokers Billiards

PHONE (732) 632-9277 (904) 998-2100 (706) 653-0106 (770) 418-9086 (919) 759-0071 (518) 383-8771 (610) 859-8058 (919) 759-0071 (727) 786-6683

Oct 10

Waterville, ME

T J’s Classic Billiards

Oct 10 Oct 10-11 Oct 11 Oct 11 Oct 17 Oct 17-18 Oct 17-18 Oct 17-18 Oct 18 Oct 24 Oct 24 Oct 24 Oct 24 Oct 24 Oct 24-25 Oct 24-25 Oct 24-25 Oct 24-25 Oct 31 Oct 31-Nov 1 Nov 7-8 Nov 7-8 Nov 7-8 Nov 7-8 Nov 7-8 Nov 7-8 Nov 8 Nov 9 Nov 11-15 Nov 14-15 Nov 15 Nov 20 Nov 21 Nov 21-22 Nov 21-22 Nov 21-22 Nov 21-22 Nov 22 Nov 28-29 Dec 5 Dec 5-6 Dec 5-6 Dec 5-6 Dec 6 Dec 19-20 Dec 19-20 Dec 20

Parsippany, NJ Jackson Hts, NY Worcester, MA Vineland, NJ Sunnyside, NY Jacksonville, NC Williamsville, NY Winchester, VA Gainesville, FL Windsor Locks, CT Ft Pierce, FL Ft Pierce, FL Iron Mountain, MI E Rutherford, NJ Gainesville, FL Syracuse, NY Bayside, NY Midlothian, VA Brooklyn, NY Indianapolis, IN Ft Pierce, FL Ocala, FL Sanford, NC Yorkville, NY E Rutherford, NJ Fort Pierce, FL Manchester, CT Ft Pierce, FL Hollywood, FL W Hempstead, NY Gainesville, FL Ft Pierce, FL Ft Pierce, FL Palm Harbor, FL Providence, RI Fairfield, OH Yorkville, NY Amsterdam, NY Inman, SC Gainesville, FL Mobile, AL Ft Pierce, FL Syracuse, NY New Milford, CT Holiday, FL Cayce, SC Springfield, MA

Comet Billiards BQE Billiards London Billiards Q-Ball Billiards Master Billiards Fast Freddy’s Bison Billiards Blue Fox Billiards Art of Billiards Pool Table Magic Ultimate Billiards Ultimate Billiards Best Shot Billiards Castle Billiards Art Of Billiards Cap’s Cue Club Cue Bar Diamond Billiards Gotham City Billiards Brickyard Billiards Ultimate Billiards Bankshot Billiards Speakeazy Billiards Hippo’s House of Billiards Castle Billiards Ultimate Billiards World Champ. Billiards Ultimate Billiards Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Raxx Pool Room Art of Billiards Ultimate Billiards Ultimate Billiards Innisbrook Resort Snookers Pool Lounge Michael’s Billiards Hippo’s House of Billiards Main Street Billiards G-Jays Art of Billiards Breaker’s Billiards Ultimate Billiards Salt City Billiards Buster’s Billiards Hammer Heads Billiards Karl’s Korner Snookers Billiards

EVENT / RULES Tri State Tour KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open J Pechauer SE Open GSBT A/B Amateur 9-Ball Jacoby Carolina Tour Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour Blaze 9-Ball Tour Carolina Open Seminole Pro Tour

ENTRY Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call

ADDED Call $1,000 ea Call $1500 Call Call Call Call Call

TIME Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call

(207) 877-7665 Maine State Ladies 9-Ball


$500 w/32

11 AM

(973) 334-7429 (718) 779-4348 (609) 267-2300 (718) 706-6789 (910) 938-3050 (716) 632-0281 (540) 665-2114 (352) 225-3535 (772) 464-7665 (772) 464-7665 (906) 776-9411 (201) 933-6007 (352) 225-3535 (315) 701-0101 (718) 631-2646 (804) 794-8787 (718) 714-1002 (317) 248-0555 (772) 464-7665 (352) 867-8100 (919) 775-1166 (315) 768-0218 (201) 933-6007 (772) 464-7665 (772) 464-7665 (954) 327-7501 (516) 538-9896 (352) 225-3535 (772) 464-7665 (772) 464-7665 (727) 942-2000 (401) 351-7665 (513) 860-0044 (315) 768-0218 (864) 472-8716 (352) 225-3535 (251) 341-1117 (772) 464-7665 (315) 454-8643 (727) 939-9494 (803) 791-1772

Call Call $25+$10 Call Call Call Call Call $25 $25+$10 Call Call $25 Call Call Varies Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call $25+$10 Call Call Call $25 Call Call Call Call Call Varies $25+$10 Call $25 Call Call Varies $25+$10 Call Call $25+$10

Call Call $350 Call Call $1500 $2000 Call $200 $350 $250 $100 Call Call $1,000 ea $600 Call Call Call Call $1000/$500 $1,000-700 $1500 Call Call Call $350 $500 Call Call $200 $500 $1000 $1500 Call $1500 $600 $350 $1500 $200 $1500 $1,000 ea $600 $350 $1,000 ea $1500 $350

Call Call 11 AM Call Call Call Call Call 10 AM 11 AM Call Call Noon Call Call Noon Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call 11 AM Call Call Call 10 AM Call Call Call Call Call Noon 11 AM Call 10 AM Call Call Noon 11 AM Call Call 11 AM

Watch the LIVE Stream from Strokers at

Watch the LIVE Stream from TJ’s at Tri State Tour Predator 9-Ball Tour 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour Blaze 9-Ball Tour Tri State Tour GSBT A/B Amateur 9-Ball Joss NE Tour Viking Cues 9-Ball Tour 9-Ball Open 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour Flamingo Tour - Ladies Men’s Open 9-Ball 8-Ball Tri State Tour KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open CNY 9-Ball Tour Predator 9-Ball Tour Viking Cues 9-Ball Tour Tri State Tour Brickyard 9-Ball Classic Tommy Kennedy Open/Amateur KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open GSBT A/B Amateur 9-Ball Joss NE 9-Ball Tour Predtor 9-Ball Tour J Pechauer SE Open 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour One Pocket Steve Mizerak Championship Joss NE 9-Ball Tour 9-Ball Open One Pocket DMIRO 10-Ball KF Cues Tour Amateur Only Joss NE 9-Ball Tour GSBT A/B Amateur 9-Ball CNY 9-Ball Tour 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour GSBT A/B Amateur 9-Ball End of year BIG EVENT GSBT A/B Amateur 9-Ball KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open CNY 9-Ball Tour 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour KF Cues Tour Amateur/Open GSBT A/B Amateur 9-Ball 10 Ball Dominiak Cues Tour

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Dead Stroke

thought.” You’re fully aware of your actions and executive each one deliberately. Being in stroke is being in control. To me, that’s the difference between the two. Being in dead stroke is a “sustained period” that may come and go without warning. Being in stroke is managing your own actions and not being on autopilot. It means that even when the conditions are not ideal and your opponent is driving you bonkers, you maintain your sense of awareness and grind through it. You aren’t oblivious to it. You trust in your stroke and force yourself to stay down and follow through, no matter how uncomfortable you may feel. Most importantly, you’re living and experiencing each shot. Don’t be on autopilot. Be in control.

Limited Banks

ball slides and hooks off the first cushion if you shoot at moderate speed. You may even be able to move the one ball a ball or two to the "hard" side. On tables with sticky rails, this shot is difficult or impossible because there is no slide off the first cushion and the cue ball goes wide. On tables like that, find how many ball-diameters you have to move the object ball to the "easy" side of the spot to allow you to make the ball. It is possible to help the angle by getting some "hold-up" side spin on the object ball. In this case, right English on the cue ball will get a little left on the object ball which will help the angle on the second cushion. Shots like these are useful both as rules of thumb for standard equipment and as tests to measure an unknown table against that standard. If you have some of your own, email them to me and you may see them in a future column.

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Stroke Magazine - October 2009  
Stroke Magazine - October 2009  

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