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EAST COASTERS vs THE WESTIES Have you ever heard of a tournament with multiple divisions being played in multiple locations by players spread out across the country simultaneously? Behind The Rock Tour (BTRT) pulled it off for the third time this year with participants hailing from Cues Billiards in Marietta, Georgia, Black Diamond Billiards in Spokane, and Malarkey’s in Tacoma. Using the scored game “211” developed by BTRT, handicaps, and the internet, all three rooms played at the same time. The competition started with a videotaped “throw down” by the East Coasters to the Westies. The tournament lasted two days and resulted in some very strong play by the top shooters. The big-talking Georgia clan came close to the money, but the Washington rooms took home all the loot! Players qualified by participating in eleven prior “211” matches over the four months leading up to the weekend event. “211” is defined as 10-Ball versus The Ghost with some minor variations and with scoring which allows statistical handicapping. The tournament consisted of three rounds: Preliminary, Sudden Death, and Finals. The Preliminary Round consisted of each player posting two match scores with only the top 75% advancing to the Sudden Death Round. Sudden Death was just that – each player plays one match with the top third net scorers moving to the Finals Round. The Finals Round was a battle on Sunday where each person plays two matches with only the best net scores determining the final rankings. The tension built right away as players finished playing their Preliminary Round matches and the scores were uploaded to the website. Players watched the web page with anticipation waiting to see if they played well enough to make the cut to the next round. Three personal bests (PB) were posted in the Open Division as the top five scores combined with handicaps went to Eric Sawyer (PB=84) 178.41, Leon Thomas (PB= 76) 175.99, Brian Dietzenbach (85) 175.05, David Holloway (PB=62) 167.17, and Larry Francisco (65) 161.30. The top five finishers in the Intermediate Division were Giselle Cole, Linda Thompson, Pat Pilgrim, Clara Silvas, and Elaine Eberly. The Sudden Death round started immediately after the 1st round. Again the anticipation grew quickly as the players finished their matches and scores were uploaded to the website. Players huddled around the monitor at each location

waiting to see if their match was good enough for a chance to play in the Finals Round on Sunday. The fight for the last two qualifying spots in the Open Division was a difference of just 2.08 points separating 4 players. Mind you, all players in these divisions have handicaps that go out to the one one/hundredth of a point. Clark Smith slid into the 4th position by 0.24 of a point over Ren Hone who just squeezed by Seth Cumby by 0.34 of a point with David Holloway only out by less than two points. The Intermediate division came down to Pat Pilgrim pushing Giselle Cole out of the Finals Round by a mere 1.53 points. On Sunday, the Finals Round finishes in the Open division were: 1st Robert Colby (89) 168.56 Malarkey’s, Tacoma WA $408.00 2nd Deby Welfringer (52) 151.14 Malarkey’s, Tacoma WA $200.00 3rd Ren Hone (45) 148.01 Black Diamond, Spokane WA $130.00 (Ren is our second eldest and wisest member on the tour who is, let’s say senior. Happy Birthday, Ren!) 4th Dennis Hostak (51) 146.27 Malarkey’s, Tacoma WA $87.00 (Just for the record Dennis is our eldest and wisest player on the tour) 5th Clark Smith (50) 142.25 Malarkey’s, Tacoma WA $43.00 Intermediate Division 1st Linda Thompson (29) 147.17 Black Diamond, Spokane WA $165.00 2nd Pat Pilgrim (29) 143.53 Malarkey’s, Tacoma WA $110.00 Congrats to all who made it to the finals. The next BTRT Tri-Annual Event will be held March 30-April 1, 2012. Currently over 50 new players are establishing their averages and another 100 or so are qualifying in variety of rooms across the country. This next event could have as many as a dozen participating rooms and a hundred players in the simultaneous tournament event. Check out to find out more about the tour, “211”, and the Tri-Annual Tournaments. Whether you’re interested in playing or own a pool room, contact them through the website or call 253-226-3594. BTRT would like to thank the Event Coordinators and all tour members for their support and participation. The Tour is growing week by week resulting in bigger and more payouts each week. Get involved!

BISON BILLIARDS SCOREBOARD MONTHLY BAR BOX 12-3-11 1st Mark Hatch $250.00 plus $100.00 2nd Bobby Schroeder $125.00 plus $50.00 3rd Santo Merlo $75.00 4th Nick Brucati $30.00

ONE POCKET 12-4-11 Fran Imburgia beats Mark Hatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1st Fran Imburgia $100.00 2nd Mark hatch $35.00 Thanks to Tim Majors(Alabama), and Ralph Tate(Ohio) for their participation. It was great having you guys here for the one pocket tournament. Stop back next time you’re in town.

Along with good food, fun, and good conversation, People Inc. had a “draw your partner” 8 ball tournament. There were 14 teams competing for 1st place and a pair of trophies. !st place Joe and Ian 2nd place Stacy and Kevin 3rd & 4th Nick and Kathy Jen and Bronson

BISON BOYZ WIN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Bison Boyz finished in 1st place in the Monday Night APA league.This was a real team effort led by the strong play of Dave Wright, who also won the “top gun” award for the session. Congrats to Danny Kolacz, Dave and Cheryl Wright,

Shawn McCluskey, Tom Scherrer, Vicki Schara, Brent Karamanos, and Mike Shriver. This was a tough race, 9 points seperated all the teams.

g Comin k Tour or Y w e stern N


$250 Added Guaranteed

Bar Box 8-Ball 1st Saturday of the Month $35 entry includes green fee - Double Elimination - Race to 3 Doors open Noon - Calcutta 2pm - Starts 2:30pm

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Stroke Magazine January Issue 2012  

Complete coverage of the Mosconi Cup with records, stats, history and daily updates. Check out the tournament trail for all the latest tourn...

Stroke Magazine January Issue 2012  

Complete coverage of the Mosconi Cup with records, stats, history and daily updates. Check out the tournament trail for all the latest tourn...