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January 2011 - Stroke Magazine 3

Krah Tops Sandcastle’ s Monthly Scoreboard Sandcastle Field

The BREAK & RUN JACKPOT has been hit!!! $803.00!!! $803.00!!! $803.00!!! Congrats to winning ticket holder, Raj Vannala & pinch shooter, Dinko Busanich !!! Three balls were made on the break and the rest of the rack was run out beautifully!!! Results from weekly Thursday Tourney on 12/16/10 NOW open to ALL levels; HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Total Number of Players: 8 Total Prize Fund: $325.00 1st Place - $210.00 - Pauli Caivano 2nd Place - $115.00 - Robert Perkins 3rd Place - (16 Players Required) Congrats Gents!

3rd Place Joey Testa Owner Ed Liddawi and Co-Champion Matt Krah

Mezz Pro-Am made its way to Edison NJ to Sandcastle Billiards Sunday December 12th. Special thanks to Ed Liddawi owner of Sandcastle Billiards for hosting the event. A great field came out to play players like: Eddie Abraham, Matt Krah, Manny Chau, Jeremy Sossei, Mike Mille and John Spencer to name a few. Leading the top half of the bracket was Matt Krah with wins over Roger Perkins 7-1, Shaun Dobson 7-6, and Joey Testa 7-5. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Eddie Abraham with wins over Dan Cintron 7-3, Manny Chau 7-5, and John Spencer 7-2 . Playing for the hot seat was Matt Krah and Eddie Abraham this was a great match that went double hill when it was all said and done it was Matt Krah coming away with the win 7-6 and sending Abraham to the one lost side. Waiting for Abraham on the one lost side was Joey Testa, this match was all Abraham from the start winning easily 7-2 to get to the finals. In the finals it was Eddie Abraham vs Matt Krah, Eddie Abraham has to beat Matt Krah twice to win the event. Both players decided to be co-champions, Joey testa would like to thank his sponsor Gary Conover owner of Atlantic City Billiard Club, where Joey Testa is the house pro. I would like to thank the Sponsors and all the players that came out to play. 1st 1st 3rd 4th 5th 5th

$550 $550 $250 $120 $70 $70

Matt Krah Eddie Abraham Joey Testa Mike Miller Manny Chau John Smith

Results from weekly Tuesday Tourney on 12/14/10 open to ALL levels; Total Number of Players: 20 Total Prize Fund: $900.00 1st Place - $450.00 - Roger Hanos 2nd Place - $315.00 - “Big Rich” Pinteno 3rd Place - $135.00 - Teddy Taso Congrats gentlemen! Results from weekly Thursday Tourney on 12/9/10 NOW open to ALL levels; Total Number of Players: 20 Total Prize Fund: $840.00 1st Place - $420.00 - Oscar Bonilla 2nd Place - $290.00 - Wali Muhammad 3rd Place - $130.00 - Sandie Patarino Congrats everyone! Results from weekly Tuesday Tourney on 12/7/10 open to ALL levels; Total Number of Players: 21 Total Prize Fund: $1,030.00 1st Place - $515.00 - “Neptune Joe” Frady 2nd Place - $365.00 - “Big Rich” Pinteno 3rd Place - $150.00 Ryan Wong Congrats gentlemen! Congrats to BREAK & RUN winners, Mike Parry & Ryan Wong; $60.00 ! (1 ball made) Results from weekly Thursday Tourney on 12/2/10 NOW open to ALL levels; Total Number of Players: 18 Total Prize Fund: $750.00 1st Place - $375.00 - “Neptune Joe” Frady 2nd Place - $260.00 - Rob Chichester 3rd Place - $115.00 - Chris “Miagi” Giannakouros Congrats everyone!

Tri State Castle Raj Vannala went straight to the hot seat enduring 3 hill-hill matches to get there. After being sent west by Vannala, Mark Pantovic played strong only to lose to newcomer Chad Rarick and miss out a shot at redemption against Vannala. Not missing a beat, Vannala won handily in the finals 7-5. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th - 6th 7th - 8th

4 Stroke Magazine - January 2011

$700 $400 $250 $150 $100 $70

Raj Vannala Chad Rarick Mark Pantovic Al Cacciola Bernie Vogelsang, Brian Hunter Tim Cahill, Kyle Bubet

Warnock and Wilkie Capture Tour Finale Written by Jerry Tarantola of The Ozone Billiards Predator Tour rolled through Raxx Pool Room in West Hempstead, NY for its 2010 Season Finale. The $3,000-added event attracted 94 players to participate in the two-day event that took place on the weekend of December 11-12, 2010. It was really exciting to see so many players looking to make a statement at the Tour's final event of the year. Standout players who competed in the A/B/C/D 9-ball event included Mike Panzarella, Stewart Wanock, Phil Davis, Derek Schwager John Alicea, and Tim Cahill. This event also attracted some of the area's top aspiring pro ladies including Gail Glazebrook, Erin McManus, Diana Rojas, Borana Andoni, Yomaylin Feliz and Neslihan Gurel. Tony Robles gave out the Player of the Year awards right before the start of the tournament. Many thanks to Predator Cues for awarding the 1st Place winners with a brand new BK2 Break Cue along with a beautiful 1x1 Blak series case and to Jim Murnak Cue Cases who donated 3 cases for the A,B & C Player of the Year. Special thanks to Ron Shapiro of Crown Trophy in New Hyde Park (516-775-5755) for providing the gorgeous awards for the tour. THE PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARDS WENT TO: Sportsman of the Year Award: Luis Novas Pro Player of the Year: Tony Robles, Runner-Up: George Sansouci Open Player of the Year: Oscar Bonilla, Runner-Up: Kevin Guimond A Class Player of the Year: Stewart Warnock, Runner-Up: John Alicea B Class Player of the Year: Scott Simonetti, Runner-Up: Daniel Dagotdot C Class Player of the Year: Matthew Harricharan, Runner-Up: Alberto Estevez Female Player of the Year: Borana Andoni, Runner-Up: Diana Rojas In the final event, consistent grinder Stewart Warnock went through the winner's side undefeated, with wins over Steven Wright 7-3, Phil Davis 7-5, Tim Cahill 7-3, Brian Hunter 7-5, Derek Schwager 7-6, Barry Banks 7-4, and Tony Conzensa 7-5. Tony Conzensa who is a veteran of the game had taken a lot of time off and mentioned that he has been re-inspired to play again. Tony used to be a regular in the weekly tournament scene in the Tri-State area before hanging up his cue. It seems that Tony knocked enough rust off of his cue to make a statement in this event. Tony went through the winner's side in impressive fashion. Tony defeated Mike Davie 7-2, Andrew Kane, 7-3, Henry Lau 7-3, Michael Hertz 7-6 & Troy Deocharran 7-6 before losing to Stewart Warnock 7-5 in the hot seat match. Tony bounced back with a clutch 7-5 win over Tim Cahill to earn a rematch against Stewart in the finals. The final was a close contest but in the end, after coming so close all year long, Stewart Warnock saved the best for last by defeating Tony 7-5 to earn his first win on the Predator Tour. It couldn’t have happened at a better time now that Stewart is waiting for the birth of his daughter. Stewart has been one of the most consistent players on the Tour, and continues to display his heart for the game on and off the table. FINAL RESULTS: 1. $1,400 2. $900 3. $650 4. $500 5/6th. $325 7/8th. $250 9/12. $175 13/16. $125

L-R OpenPro 2nd Place, Manny Chau, 1st Place, Shaun Wilkie, 3rd Place, Earl Herring

Skyline Billiards owner Rob Pole defeated Mike Miller 8-7 before losing to "The Silent Assassin" Tony Robles 8-5. In a feature match, Tony was lined up against regional standout Manny Chau. Tony defeated Manny earlier 8-4 but Manny bounced back with wins over Zion Zvi 8-5, Joey Korsiak 8-3, and Jeremy Sossei 8-4 before the rematch with Tony. Manny controlled the set and beat Tony 8-5 to set up a semifinal match against the great Earl Herring. Manny was ahead of Earl 4-0 but the cool and confident Earl staged a comeback and fell short losing the match 8-5. Shaun who won this event last year, was determined to defend his championship and came out swinging against Manny. In the end, Shaun earned the victory by a score of 9-7. FINAL RESULTS: 1st: $1,000 2nd: $750 3rd: $500 4th: $325 5th/6th: $100

Shaun Wilkie Manny Chau Earl Herring Tony Robles Jeremy Sossei, Rob Pole

Tony Robles & The Predator Tour would like to thank all the players who came out to compete this stop and for participating in the 2010 season. The Predator Tour would also like to thank their sponsors: Predator Cues, Poison Cues, Ozone Billiards, Delta-13, The Seminole Tribe of Florida, The Seminole Pro Tour,,,, Jim Murnak Cue Cases,,, Billiards Digest, Inside Pool Magazine, Pool & Billiards Magazine, & Maxim Billiards. Please check our site as the schedule for the 2011 Predator Tour Season should be completed in the next couple of weeks.

Stewart Warnock Tony Conzensa Tim Cahill Harry Lau Troy Deocharran, Barry Banks Richard Ng, Rob Omen Derek Schwager, Wilfredo Albay, Ricky Ragoonan, Michael Hertz Borana Andoni, Mark Pantovic, Brian Hunter, Erin McManus

Alongside the amateur event, the Ozone Billiards Predator Tour's Pro/Open Event also drew a gritty field of some of the toughest players in the region. Legendary straight pool player Earl Herring was impressive with standout wins, defeating Mike Miller 8-4, Bill Dunsmore 8-5 and Tony Robles 8-7 before losing 8-3 to Shaun Wilkie.

L-R ABCD 2nd Place, Tony Conzensa, 1st Place, Stewart Warnock

January 2011 - Stroke Magazine 5

Fargo Flip -- Fun For All By: Bob Jewett

San Francisco Billiard Academy I recently had the pleasure of playing in the nicest pool room I’ve ever visited: Mike Page’s Fargo Billiards in Fargo, ND. It has bar- and full-sized tables and a full-sized bar along with a great menu. The rest rooms alone are worth a stop -how many pool rooms can claim that? Bob Jewett During the visit I was reminded that one of the most fun pastimes in my first pool hall was the almost constant ring game which had from three to six players. There were several games that we commonly played including nine ball and partners rotation. The games were as much social as “commercial” and they allowed a wide range of players to compete together. In Fargo, Mike introduced to me a ring game he calls “Fargo Flip.” It can be played with any number of players from three on up, and we had from four to eight players in our game. The basic game is nine ball which is played by two teams. The “Flip” comes at the start of each game when each player flips a coin to determine whether he is on the Heads or the Tails team. The Tails always break. After the break, it is played like Scotch Doubles with each player taking one shot with turns rotating among the members of the team. The order of play is up to the members of the team, but once each one has shot, they have to maintain that order for the rest of that game. At first I thought this would be confusing and lead to aguments but there was never a problem. There is some strategy if you really want to work at it, such as putting up a weak player if the shot is either very easy or hopeless, but mostly it was the closest person to the shot who took it if the order was still open. Coaching is allowed. This can be a great benefit to the weaker players as they learn some of the strategy and possible shots, but the coach needs to be careful to speak to the level of the shooter. A beginner won’t be able to spin the ball with inside follow to come in short on the fourth cushion, so don’t ask him to. This kind of mistake I see all the time during coaching time-outs on league nights where I play. The rules of the game are just like regular nine ball. This is different from most nine ball ring games in which many of the rules -- such as ball in hand for any foul -- are suspended. Pushouts and safeties are played as usual. At the end of the game each player on the losing team pays each of the winners one jellybean. (In jurisdictions where social wagering is not illegal, you might consider playing for quarters or dollars instead of jellybeans.) So, if the Heads win and there are five on the team against the three Tails, the Tails each throw out five jellybeans (making 15) and each of the Heads picks up three jellybeans (also making 15). Be sure to have lots of jellybeans or change available. Before the flip each player should make sure he has as many jellybeans as there are other players, since after the flip he may be alone against the rest. Players are free to enter or leave the group at the end of each game. If you need to take a bathroom break, just say you’re out for a game and don’t flip. If a new player wants to get in or a player returns from a break, he just waits for the next flip. In general, the majority can deny entry to a new player, but if Efren or Shane showed up, I’d want him in the game. Is the scene at your local venue getting a little stale? Try Fargo Flip for a little variety.

Read more articles by Bob Jewett at

6 Stroke Magazine - January 2011

Breaks Can Be Deceiving By Samm Diep © January 2011

In the infant stages of my pool game, I was constantly reminded of the importance of practice and repetition. I was building muscle memory and honing my skills. If I went for more than one day without practicing, I could feel my game suffer. It seemed like I was taking an immediate step back and in some cases would even need to relearn things. Of course, I never minded playing and practicing so much in the beginning Samm Diep because I was obsessed. I put in the hours because I was falling in love with the game. The breaks were seldom, by design. These days, as I’ve improved and my skills and knowledge advanced, I find myself practicing for longer sessions but with less frequency. Let’s face it, there comes a point where your priorities shift and “life” keeps you from putting in the hours that you were once accustomed to. Over the past year, whenever I’ve taken a break, I’ve returned to the table renewed. I’ve found myself pocketing balls just as well or better than I was prior to the time off. Does this mean it’s not necessary to practice on a regular basis anymore? What’s the point of practicing if I’m playing just as well without it? The two main factors that infrequent practice affects are confidence and consistency. Playing well after a long break can be deceiving for a couple reasons: When you’re playing well without practicing, you fool yourself into thinking you don’t need to practice. You may be able to get away with it once or twice but over time, that lack of practice will accumulate and take its toll on your overall ability to execute. With waivered confidence, tentative shots and decisions will lead to repeated mistakes and vice versa. Playing well without practicing gives you a false sense of security. You might start hitting the balls well and feeling like you’re ready for competition. It’s only then when your abilities are put to the test that you realize you’re pocketing balls on autopilot. Once you get to the money ball or key ball, that’s when the inconsistency surfaces. Routine run outs become more work than they should be. Confidence is so critical in the game of pool. If ever you tell yourself you’re out of stroke, then you’ll be out of stroke. You may be hitting the ball well but you will still be a bit rusty. The next time you return from a break, try to still play with confidence but do not be deceived. Be aware of your limitations and play within them. Until you get back in stroke, take fewer risks and be more patient.

Read more articles by Samm Diep at

Big Daddy’s Billiards Jan 15: 9-Ball $45 entry - Race to 7/5 - DE Practice 10:30am - Noon

7954 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd Glen Burnie, MD 410-760-1332

2010 World Junior 9-Ball Champions Crowned

The United States was host to the XIX National Champion Liz Lovely and World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) Jauslinn Arnold. Arnold won two World Junior 9-Ball Championships thrilling 7-6 matches against Zhi-Ting on November 29th - December 1st. Wu of Taipei and Natalia Seroshtan Junior billiard champions 19 years of Russia before losing to Bryant or younger traveled from around the and Nechaeva. Arnold finished in a globe to Reno, Nevada to compete strong tie for fifth place, while Lovely for the world titles in both the boys’ finished tied for thirteenth. and girls’ divisions. Twenty different In the boys’ division, Jesse Engel countries from six continents were of the US stormed through the represented, and at the end of winner’s bracket with victories over the tournament, North America Manuel Ederer of Germany 9-4, Ryan dominated the girls’ division with Spence of Canada 9-3 and Marcos a gold and silver medal, while the Garcia of Nicaragua 9-5. Engel boys’ division claimed a silver medal. then faced the defending champion The United States Pool Players Ruslan Chinahov of Russia, winning Association (USPPA) and Rail Bird 9-6 and later sent Francisco RuizProject produced this prestigious Sanchez of Spain to the one-loss junior event alongside the WPA World 2010 WJC Medalists: L-R: Ruslan Chinahov (RUS), Francisco Ruiz-Sanchez (ESP), Jesse Engel bracket in a close match 9-7. Engle Wheelchair 9-Ball Championships at was now the only undefeated player (USA), Brittany Bryant (CAN), Briana Miller (USA), Anastasia Nechaeva (RUS) the Peppermill Resort. and only one match away from the The feature story this year was Brittany Bryant of Canada winning her second gold title. medal and crowned the 2010 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Champion of the girls’ division. In the semi-final match, Sanchez shattered any hope that former champion Chinahov Bryant began strong, winning her match against Hee-Joo Kang of South Korea 7-4 and had to defend his title, by winning decisively 9-1. Sanchez then charged ahead for a then defeated the 2009 WPA World Junior 9-Ball Champion Keng Chun Lin of Taipei 7-5. rematch with Engel. The final match was filled with excitement as the two boys were Bryant later bested Jauslinn Arnold of the US 7-3 before facing Briana Miller of the US to competing for one of the most prestigious titles of their career. In the end, with a final score compete for a guaranteed position to play in the finals. of 11-6, Sanchez would be the one accepting the gold medal and crowned 2010 WPA Meanwhile, Briana Miller, the determined 15 year old from Pennsylvania, made her World Junior 9-Ball Champion. Engel took honors to become the “2010 Silver Medalist.” way through the winner’s bracket by edging ahead of long time rival Samia Konishi of Among the field of 31 boys that competed in the event were US favorites Danny Japan 7-6. Then, Miller defeated Simone Kuenzl of Germany 7-3 and also won a thrilling Olson, finishing tied for seventh place, the BEF Junior National Champion Landon match 7-6 after trailing by 4 games against Karen Garcia of Nicaragua. Shuffett, finishing tied for ninth place, Billy Thorpe, finishing tied for seventeenth and With Bryant and Miller the only two standing in the winner’s bracket, the fierce Brendan Crockett, finishing tied for twenty-fifth. Other North American players include Miller sent Bryant to the one-loss bracket by winning handily 7-3. Bryant was anxious for Canada’s Ryan Spence and Pod Shognosh, finishing tied for seventeenth and tied for another chance to play Miller in the finals and made quick work in the semi-final match twenty-fifth respectively. against Anastasia Nechaeva of Russia by winning 7-1. In the one set finals match, the BOYS’ DIVISION: GIRLS’ DIVISION: swift shooting style of Miller was put to a halt when at six games each, Bryant won three Ist - Gold: Francisco Ruiz-Sanchez (ESP) 1st - Gold: Brittany Bryant (CAN) consecutive games, giving Bryant the match win 9-6 and the world title. Miller took the 2nd -Silver: Jesse Engel (USA) 2nd - Silver: Briana Miller (USA) well deserved silver medal. 3rd - Bronze: Ruslan Chinahov (RUS) 3rd - Bronze: Anastasia Nechaeva (RUS) Also representing the United States in the 16 player girls’ division was BEF Junior

Lucky By Andrew Monstis

Lately I’d been thinking about Lucky, probably because of the attention over the story I wrote about him. I’d honored his request not to tell anyone where he lived or who he was; that last part was easy enough – I didn’t even know who he was. In our latest correspondence Lucky sounded like things weren’t going so well. I liked Lucky and would help him if I could. We’d shared things about our lives in letters and phone calls, and I felt we’d gotten to be pretty good friends, even like brothers. He thought it was great that I’d married a woman who loved pool, and he hoped I’d bring Sassy over sometime. With all the things we talked about it seemed funny that I only knew him as Lucky and he continued to keep his real name from me. Since it had been a while that I’d seen him face to face, I thought it was time for a visit. This little game of cover up and anonymity was going to change on this visit. I packed enough for several days, thinking I might stay with Lucky for a while. Sassy decided to stay home and tend to the Cascade Pool

Part II – “Who is He?”

league. It was a cool fall evening when I left the house. I like to drive at night, when there’s less traffic and more time for contemplation, and this night was clear with a crescent moon resting on the treetops. I probably should have written or called Lucky, but I figured the surprise would be just fine. The internet weather reports forecasted nice weather where I was headed, warmer than here at home. Once out of town and on the quiet highway, I passed only an occasional car and the never-ending trail of nighttime long-haulers. I got to recalling stuff that happened to me during the past years -- the tournaments, the games I played, the people I respect and call friends from the pool world. I especially thought about winning the VNEA International Team championship in 2009. I give a lot of credit to Lucky for my contribution to the teams winning. He taught me an incredible amount of stuff about pool and life that night I met him. I realized I had gotten fuzzy on some of those things I learned from Lucky. I needed a refresher. My own game was slumping and I couldn’t think of anyone remotely as

qualified who could help me. After a long beautiful drive through the night, I arrived in Lucky’s neck of the woods. It actually was a nice sunny morning, as the unpredictable weather people said it would be. A good breakfast was definitely on my mind, and so was some sleep. I decided to stop in at the café to call Lucky instead of going directly to the ranch to surprise him. Maybe he could come in for some breakfast with me. I pulled into the small town, stretching my neck and realizing how tired I was. A few yawns later it dawned on me that I could not find a parking spot, and that seemed highly unusual for a town this size. Cars, suv’s and pickups filled every empty space up and down the street, and there were a whole lot more people up and about than ought to be at this time of the day. My brain was awake enough to note the many different colored license plates. Why would this sparsely populated town see this much traffic, and this early in the morning? … Maybe a county fair or a big auction? Guess I’d have to do some walking. I parked the car a couple of

Andrew Monstis

country blocks away from the café and hoofed it back up the road to where all the commotion was. People were milling around, talking in small groups. Some folks were just sitting back watching everybody else. Others were deep in conversation. On my way to the cafe, two guys passed me, heading the other way, and I heard one mutter, “Unbelievable.” The other looked shell-shocked, and kept trying to light his cigarette with shaking hands. Another person across the way had his hand on the some guy’s shoulder, like he was consoling him. A kid on a bench was slumped over, holding his head in his hands. His friend next to him, dog faced and teary-eyed, was counting a few bills and some change. I continued on down the middle Lucky (continued on page 12)

January 2011 - Stroke Magazine 7


continued to slowly pull out and after three more racks led Moore 7-4 in our race to 13. At the twohour mark the score saw Deuel leading 9 games to Corey Deuel has 5 and our holiday crowd defeated Stevie Moore was entertaining dreams to claim the champions of sugar plums and shot spot at the Turning clocks. Stone Classic XVI in Verona, NY. In rack #13 Deuel was This week featured on his way through the some of the most rack when he scratched on the 7 ball and left memorable matches of the year with Johnny Moore an easy two-ball out to move within two Archer coming from behind to narrowly games at 10-8. Moore escape Karen Corr 9-8 then began to claw his way back into contention and Dennis Hatch and Corey Deuel Earl Strickland shooting and, taking advantage of a couple of missed steps at lightning speed in a win. This meant that Moore had to return match that found Hatch emerging the winner. by Deuel, tied us first at 10 games and then to battle immediately against Dechaine took the lead at 11-10 before Deuel captured Many of the weeks matches went double-hill, and prevailed 9-5 there to earn both a bit with three of these coming in a row on the another rack to tie us again at 11. Our race to of revenge and his honors into the finals 13 was now a race to 2 games for the win. In AZBilliards/Accu-Stats free live stream. rematch against Deuel. Our two finalists took a long road on his attempt to gain the hill first Stevie Moore Deuel took control early in the final race Sunday to reach their final showdown. The landed to straight on the 8 ball and had to to 13 games as he deposited the first three 9 settle for a long cut on the 9 ball. He jawed day began with four matches on tap. On the balls. In rack four Stevie played a safety on one-loss side Hunter Lombardo came on that in the corner, gifting the hill position to the two ball that could have allowed Deuel Deuel. Deuel then made a ball on the snap strong to defeat a resurgent Earl Strickland to continue his winning ways as he left a 9-8 while Gabe Owen controlled Tom and had a shot on the 1. He made that and narrow window to the 2 ball open with the 9 D'Alfonso 9-3 to progress. On the winner's then made a long shot on the 2 ball. THe ball sitting nearby in the jaws of the corner 3 went into the foot corner and he played side Corey Deuel defeated perennial Turning packet. But the combination attempt went three-rail shape on the 4. The 4 dropped Stone favorite Dennis Hatch 9-7 and Stevie awry and Moore returned to the table to lay obediently into the side pocket and the rest Moore destroyed Mike Dechaine 9-1. waste to the rest of the rack to score his first This set up the next pair of match-ups on of the rack lay out before him in a simple bead at 3-1. pattern. When he put the 8 into the corner the one-loss side of the brackets. Here Mike Our combatants traded blows the next the cue ball rebounded off of the rail into the Dechaine took down Hunter Lombardo 9-5 three racks to find the score at 4-3 in favor 9 and drove it into the opposite corner for the and Dennis Hatch stayed alive by besting of Deuel at the end of the first hour of play. win. Gabe Owen 9-2. Hatch and Dechaine then In rack number eight Deuel played a nifty paired off and Dechaine never gave Hatch Our thanks go out to Mike Zuglan and the carom off of the 1 ball to pocket the 9 in the much air as he dominated the big man to Joss NE 9-Ball Tour for hosting a marvelous corner and stretch his lead a bit to 5-3. Deuel win 9-4. Meanwhile, the week of pool. The Joss Northeast 9-Ball Tour's "Turning Stone Classic XVI 9-Ball Open", hot seat match between sponsors of this event Corey Deuel and Stevie include the Turning order of finish and payouts. ($41,400 total prize fund) Dec 16-19, 2010 Moore turned into an Stone Casino, Simonis $8,000 Corey Deuel endurance-testing 2.5 1st Cloth, Joss Cues, Webb $5,000 Stevie Moore hour marathon that 2nd Custom Cues, Cameron 3rd $3,600 Mike Dechaine finally resulted in Deuel Custom Cues, Samsara $2,600 Dennis Hatch claiming the chair 9-7 4th Cues, World CLass Cue $2,000 Hunter Lombardo, Gabe Owen after Moore was up 7-6 5/6th Care, Billiards Press, $1,600 Earl Strickland, Tom D'Alfonso and running out when 7/8th, Tiger 9/12th $1,200 Shane Van Boening, Raj Hundal, Shawn Putnam, Johnny Archer he committed a clothing Billiard Products, OB 13/16th $850 Beau Runningen, Brian Brekke, Shaun Wilkie, Mike Zuglan foul that sent him to his Cues, Poolonthenet. 17/24th $550 Gary Lutman, Rodney Morris, Karen Corr, Jarrod Clowery, chair for the rest of the com, Cue-Z Products, Mike Davis, Charlie Williams, Justin Bergman, Max Eberle match as Deuel took 25/32nd Cue Shark, Billiard $300 Manny Chau, Jesse Engel, Earl Herring, Jonathan Demet, control and ran the rest, and Tim Parisian, Thorsten Hohmann, Mark Ritter, Cleiton Rocha of the racks to grab the By AzB staff with permission from Mike Zuglan

8 Stroke Magazine - January 2011

Europe Storms to Mosconi Cup Triumph! USA 8 – 11 Europe

Luke Riches, Matchroom Sport: luke.riches@ E U R O P E are the 2010 PartyCasino. com Mosconi Cup champions after Darren Appleton and then Ralf Souquet took the requisite two points to see their side over the line for their third triumph in four years. It was Souquet who downed the winning 9 ball – a repeat of the 2007 event when he beat Rodney Morris for an 11-8 win. This time his victim was Corey Deuel and the York Hall erupted as the German’s team mates charged into the arena for some wild celebrations. "This is the greatest feeling on earth to make the final 9-ball and make us win, “said a jubilant Souquet. The MVP Award went to Darren Appleton who won the hearts of the crowd with a string of marvellous performances filled with superb shot making under pressure. His record of two singles and two doubles points with a single defeat was unmatched by any other player in the event. “You can't win the Mosconi Cup without playing like a team and the lads have been amazing,” said Appleton. “I played really well but a massive part of it has been down to the crowd and it was very easy to feed off the crowd - the bigger the crowd the better I play. "We had a lead overnight and that set us up for today and the guys played awesome. The emotion is just crazy. We had a great spirit in the camp, the crowd were fantastic and were our sixth man. "When we came here you just think about playing well for the team and win it for your

team and your nation. You don't think about yourself but obviously it's a great bonus to win

Team Europe - Champions

the MVP so I'm very happy with how I played. "It's really difficult to get into the European team as there are that many great players. It's really hard to make the team but hopefully winning the MVP gives me a chance of getting in next year's event as well." For captain Johan Ruijsink, it was his third Mosconi Cup following a win in Vegas in ’07 and a draw in Rotterdam in ’06. "I haven't lost one yet and it's an honour to be the European captain, but I would like to thank Matchroom for staging such a great event again and thank you to the opponents. “If they weren't such worthy opponents it wouldn't have been such a great Mosconi Cup. Last of all I would like thank my team. They stuck to the plan and we did it." England’s Karl Boyes, who was the only rookie in the event, completely dispelled any doubts about his ability to handle it with a string of match-winning performances. "I've watched a lot of Mosconi Cups being a sports fan and everyone has always said Bethnal Green is the place it should be. On the first night I saw the crowd shouting and chanting and it was just unbelievable. Everything has

just been awesome," said Boyes. The teams entered the evening session with Europe needing two points and the Americans three, and it was Darren Appleton who fired Europe within one point of victory with a stunning performance that put him right in line for the MVP award. He beat Shane Van Boening 6-2 in what was a 50/50 match on paper but the man from Pontefract put in his best show of the week to put his team on the hill. Appleton played some magnificent shots under pressure including an eye-catching table length draw shot as he overwhelmed Van Boening. That set the scene for Souquet to bring the Cup home for Europe. It was a disappointing weekend for the Americans who were always in it but fell away in the critical closing stages. "They played well so congratulations to the Europeans. They outplayed us all week and we just have to take it and wait for next year," commented Rodney Morris. Notes: Matchroom Sport are one of the world’s leading producers of televised sport and are responsible for over 1,000 hours of original programming across a range of nine sports. Based in the UK and chaired by charismatic founder Barry Hearn, the Mosconi Cup is one of a stable of pool events that include the World Cup of Pool and the World Pool Masters. The 2010 Mosconi Cup is sponsored by, the world’s leading online casino. Tables are supplied by Brunswick Billiards, cloth by Iwan Simonis, Super Aramith balls by Saluc and the Official Cue is Predator.

January 2011 - Stroke Magazine 9

In My Opinion by: Don “Cheese” Akerlow

Should a pool player be paid at the end of the tournament?

We all remember the IPT, so one would have to ask oneself, is it becoming a trend, “I’ll send you the money” or “give you a check”? Then by the time you get home and deposit it... it bounces! Where will it all end? Even in the December issue of Billiard Digest, Darren Appleton agreed to have 4 payments of $10,000 wired to him on successive Friday’s in November. This is not the first time this has happened. When will someone step up and take the lead? Whether it is a national tournament or a local tournament something has to change. I talked to a Minnesota player about getting paid by check, getting home to only find out the check bounced. With numerous calls to the bar in Great Falls that went unanswered for almost a month ... I have not heard from him whether the check was made good but who knows. Are the players so glad to finally get paid they forget all that happened? They may never return to THAT tournament but what happens to the next unsuspecting player? The same thing? This used to happen and very few players ever found out. Thus allowing this to happen again and again and even when the players found out, they are still lured by the promoter or tournament because of the money! The latest event to come to our attention was the recent USPPA Pro Am Tournament held at the Peppermill Reno Resort and Spa December 1-5, 2010. Rumors were circulating around the billiard blogs about the event and the fact that some of the players had not been paid their winnings once again! Could this be another tournament that failed to fulfill their obligations to the players? I asked Tony Annigoni of the USPPA if he understood how this looked, whether right, wrong or indifferent, this looks bad for the USPPA and pool in general. He answered, “We were unbelievably disappointed that this happened.” With the widespread use of the internet and pool blogs, word spread and so did the rumors. In order to get to the truth, you must go to the source and ask the questions. To that end we contacted the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino and Dana Shores (Leisure Sales

Director) issued the following statement. “Peppermill Resort Spa Casino was the headquarter hotel for the USPPA/Two Cushion Club - Pacific Rim Billiards Expo that took place November 28-December 5, 2010. Peppermill provided the venue for the Billiards tournament but was not involved in billiards tournament registration, rating or handicapping of billiards players, collection of billiards tournament registration fees or payment of billiards tournament prize monies.” Our concern was that the Peppermill was mentioned in the rumors as having been in some respect responsible for the non-payment. According to their statement, they were not. It is important to gather as many facts as possible to make an informed decision. Tony called me and he openly spoke about the USPPA Pro Am and some of the problems that arose during this particular event. He said that, “ We never had a problem like we had with this last one, but the checks are going out, until we moved locations and the procedures were quite different. Because of the absence of the event last year, 2009, we chose not to have a cut off date. Because of that we had to verify that every person that played in the event was qualified to receive free entry into the poker event.” All of the USPPA players had free entry into the poker tournament and Tony commented that, “The poker tournament was an incentive for our players to play in the pool tournament.” Tony went on to further explain that because poker is a gaming event there is much stricter regulations to be followed than with the pool tournament. Tony mentioned that he had personally called every player to let them know when the check was going out and when they could expect payment. To that I asked Tony how the players reacted since they hadn’t gotten paid at the event and haven’t gotten paid so far? He replied, “A certain number of players have gotten paid. Every player I called, with the exception of 6 or 7 players said that they were fine with it and didn’t anticipate any problems getting paid.” Tony said that there were issues with handicapping, player qualification and paypal and after they verified people’s payments, qualifications and made sure that no one was violating any of their policies payment was going out the 31st of December and everybody would be paid in full. Tony assured me that policies have already been put into place so that the players will be paid by check at next year’s event and they will be able to cash that check before leaving the Casino. The question is will Tony pay? I can’t answer that, but the longer it takes, the worse it is. It has now been three weeks and counting. We will be keeping on top of this and will let you know what we find out in upcoming issues of The Break. Any questions email

New Divisions and More at U.S. Bar Table in 2011

In 2011 the U.S. Bar Table Championships will be expanded to include Women’s 10Ball and Women’s All Around bonuses. Event producer, CueSports International (CSI), is also adding more money to total $25,250 added. Celebrating its 18th anniversary, the event will be held February 21-27, 2011 at the tournament’s long time host location, Terrible’s Sands Regency Casino Hotel in Reno, Nevada. The popular bar table event has grown substantially in the past couple of years. In 2010 the event drew slightly over 500 players, a 27% increase from 2009. Starting in 2011 the tournament will feature the following divisions: • Open 10-Ball • Open 9-Ball • Open 8-Ball • Women’s 10-Ball • Women’s 9-Ball • Women’s 8-Ball • Open All Around Bonuses to the top three (3) point leader • Women’s All Around Bonuses to the top two (2) point leaders

To be eligible for either the Open or Women’s All Around Bonus points, a player must compete in all three of the respective divisions. The room block rates for the U.S. Bar Table Championships at Terrible’s Sands Regency are very low and sell out quickly. The 2011 rates based are $18 Sunday – Thursday and $40 Friday and Saturday, and they require a one night advance deposit. Call 1-866-386-7829 to reserve your room with block code POOLBAR-FEB11. For more information, view the event flyer and the entry form visit www. or Starting in early 2011, CSI will be able to accept online registration for all CSI independent events including the “Swanee”, U.S. Bar Table Championships, the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship, and the 12th U.S. One Pocket Championship. Visit, for more information about CSI and its divisions.

CSI Adds 9-Ball Championships in May 2011

CueSports International (CSI) has listened to the requests of BCA Pool League Operators and players, and added BCAPL National 9-Ball Championships singles and team competitions to the BCAPL series of events in May at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The dates for the BCAPL nationals are May 11-22, 2011. The BCA Pool League 9-Ball Challenge will kick off the BCAPL calendar of events Wednesday, May 11-12 and two BCAPL 9-Ball singles events will take place Thursday, May 12 with Men’s and Women’s Open Singles 9-Ball. Then from May 13-21, the BCAPL 8-Ball National Championships will take center stage with its 22 singles, scotch doubles and teams divisions. As the 8-Ball events wind down, a two day BCAPL 9-Ball team tournament will take place the closing weekend Saturday and Sunday, May 21-22. Below is more information about the BCAPL National9-Ball Championships. For more details and entry forms visit BCAPL 9-Ball Singles (May 11-12, 2011): • BCAPL 9-Ball Challenge • BCAPL 9-Ball Singles (BCAPL Open Players Only) • On-site late signups allowed, space permitting.

10 Stroke Magazine - January 2011

BCAPL 9-Ball Teams (May 21-22, 2011 / Three Player Teams / Three Divisions): • Men’s / Mixed Open • Men’s / Mixed Advanced / Master • Women’s • On-site late sign-ups allowed, space permitting. Long time event host, the Riviera Hotel & Casino has lowered their room rates for the BCAPL 2011 nationals with a three tier pricing structure ($60 - $80 per night). To receive these great new rates (with no resort fee), you must book through the BCAPL online Riviera booking link or call the Riviera toll-free number (800) 6346753 Group Code BCAPCPP. Go to: BOOK MY ROOM AT THE RIV Starting in early 2011, CSI will be able to accept online registration for all CSI independent events including the Jay Swanson Memorial 9-Ball Tournament, U.S. Bar Table Championships, the U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship, and the 12th U.S. One Pocket Championship. CueSports International is dedicated to creating more choices for all players. CSI is the parent company of the BCA Pool League and the USA Pool League. Visit, for more information about CSI and its divisions.

January 2011 - Stroke Magazine 11


(continued from page 7)

of the street, and overheard in another small group of men standing in a circle of smoke, “Where?” … “Atlanta…” … “Nah, Toronto” … “LA some 30 years ago…” … “That’s Roosevelt Johnson…” …“… around 35 years ago in Atlantic City.” From an old man walking in circles and talking into a cell phone a few steps away, “I been around for 50 years and I never saw this guy. No. I’m telling you, he’s a nobody. Maybe he’s from Canada …” The door to the lounge next to the café swung open, disgorging two more guys, one with a stick unscrewed in one hand and his open case in the other. He kicked viciously at the door with one polished brown loafer, and limped off after his buddy. Well, I guessed I’d go in and check this out. Maybe Lucky was here and not at the ranch, though I doubted it. He usually put in several hours of work there before meandering into town in the afternoons. I pulled open the heavy old lounge door and walked straight into the backs of a dozen people. I had to excuse myself several times before I even got through the door. It was wall-towall people inside, no one budging. The murmurs and speculations were louder than the local boys playing Proud Mary in a boot-shuffling dance hall. The unmistakable sounds of ringing cell phones rose above the clamor. As I pushed my way through the crowd, all of a sudden my consciousness was filled with only what people were saying, “I think he must be from the Northwest.” … “No, he’s from Southern California.” … “I don’t know, maybe it was someone else - I can’t really remember.” … “How the hell does he beat these guys? He has no stroke, no style.” … “I called my stake horse. He’ll be here in a couple of hours.” A cell phone rang, “Hello? I’m still here… when are you coming? ” I still couldn’t see what was going on. I used my size to push my way to a vantage point. There was absolutely no place to sit, let alone stand. The action was all at the one lone pool table. Someone in the crowd mumbled, “He’s pretty good.” With every step I shuffled I heard a different conversation, “He’s on a roll.” … “He beat me and my horse yesterday.” … “ … Houston, Texas last year.” … “What kind of a cue is that?”

… “Didn’t we see him beat Buddy Hall and Cole Dickson in Tennessee years ago?” … “That lucky bastard.” Somebody was obviously the talk of the town. Thought Lucky had to be here watching what was going on. I was starting to get the picture. I couldn’t help but think, man, this is not what I expected. Stretching up on my toes, I could see over the crowd some older, not so elegant guy unscrewing his cue and placing it in an old, beat up case. He spread out a whole lot of bills on the table. I did a double take… it looked like Lucky! I started to head for him; then realized it wasn’t him, just a close resemblance. I scanned the crowd, but didn’t see him anywhere. To my left I noticed the pay phone. Maybe I’d give Lucky a call right now and get the scoop. While I was pondering that, faces began to stand out … some of the best bar table players around were in this room - plenty of road players, some old-timers, some young pool prodigys and some high-roller types you see at every big tournament. Even the famous Rail Birds and Bill Cress were there. There were a lot of gold chains and expensive threads. You’d think they were going to some formal event. I could smell the sweet aroma of sweaty money. E Pluribus Unum was obviously the spoken language here -- maybe more money in this room than in Fort Knocks. I wondered for a moment where the armed security was. Come to think of it, everyone was likely packing. I had never seen anything on this scale before, only minor versions, and mostly big talk, at some of the larger tournaments. Everyone was wolfing to gamble. The excitement was unmatched, anywhere, anytime. I felt like I’d stepped back in time, to the era where this stuff really happened, something I’d not seen in my lifetime. I plugged 25 cents into the phone and dialed Lucky’s number. I had to press my hand over my other ear to hear the phone ringing faintly, and after several rings with no answer I hung up. Well, maybe he was here somewhere. I scanned the crowd again and thought that might be Lucky over by the jukebox, but was disappointed when it turned out not to be him after all. So, I thought, I’ll watch the action for a while, and if Lucky shows up we’ll have breakfast in the café. A waitress squeezed by and I managed to snag her and order

a cup of coffee. I wasn’t counting on getting it. A clothes rack stepped up to the table, very sharp, took off his leather coat and traded it for a sparkling cue from a brass-cornered oak case presented to him by a handsome but hard-eyed woman. Looked like people were chafing at the bit to play who ever this guy was who was winning. In the meantime, the winner had laid his cue on the table and picked up the money, licking a finger and counting the bills quickly. Pretty slick, I thought. Wonder who he is? He does not look familiar to me. He was wearing a fancy and very expensive custom suit and wingtip shoes. And wearing his suit jacket while he played. Clean-shaven, short hair, looking neat and very much like he just came from church or a board meeting. I didn’t recognize him as anyone I knew. I wondered if Lucky had already played him. Maybe he beat Lucky. I really needed a better look at this guy, so I made a move through the crowd to a spot nearer the end of the table. I could not think of any player who could beat the Lucky I had played that night, and I was determined to get a closer look at this guy and see what he was about. He turned slightly, someone opened the front door, and in the

streaming, smoky light beams I could finally make out his face. Now, I thought, maybe I had seen him before. But who, where? My fatigue and the smoke made my head hurt and my squinting dry eyes burn. Ah, bag this, I thought. I’m going to get something to eat and grab some sleep. Then, in one of those frozen moments of time, when all the fragmented pieces of memory and reality come together, the realization of who this man was rushed through me. It was… I mean, it wasn’t, but it was … the same face, or at least the same under the face, I mean. Grab a hold, I thought. I couldn’t believe it, I was caught so off guard. I closed my eyes and literally shook my head to clear it. Wow! That’s Lucky! What the…? So now what? I had come here planning to buy my friend breakfast and shoot the breeze in the peace and quiet of this quaint place, and hopefully find out how I could help him with his … problems. That picture was fading fast. The picture before me was electric with question marks and unknowns. What had happened to Lucky to bring him to this, all that he abhorred and abandoned years ago? I could only stand here, suspended in the crowd, and watch, and wait, and wonder, what’s next?


Mr & Mrs Marc Vidal Congratulations Samm & Marc from Cheese & Mary

12 Stroke Magazine - January 2011

KNIGHT & BERBER NEW POISON WINNERS Ultimate Billiards was the host room for the latest $2000 Added Poison tour event. Mike Fieldhammer was looking very strong in the $1000 added amateur event as he made his way to the hotseat match with some very strong wins over Tom Karalis 7-6, Jeremy Boling 7-5, Prescott Buckwold 7-5 and then Anthony Meglino Mike Fieldhammer, Tony Crosby, Richard Knight 7-1 to make his way to the hotseat match where he would face Richard (Turtle) Knight. Knight was also having a great event as he made his way through to the hotseat with wins over Kenny Decure 7-0, Dan Lettau 7-5, Stephen Richmond 7-2 and then a hard fought win over Jim Sandaler to set up the winner’s side final with Fieldhammer. This would prove to be an exciting match with Fieldhammer cruising out to a 5-2 lead and 6-3 but Knight was going down easy and leveled the match at 6-6 and just when it looked like he would take the hotseat a miss on the 9 in the side pocket would be enough for Fieldhammer to take the case game. On the one loss side Wesley White was looking Dangerous after taking a 7-6 loss to Anthony Meglino on the winners side White would record strong wins over Allen Auman 5-4, Steve Frost 5-3, Jimmy Sandaler 5-1 a revenge 5-4 win over Meglino to set up a semi Final match with Richard Knight. This would also guarantee another new winner on this season amateur tour. The semi final would be one way traffic with Knight come out a 5-0 winner to set up a final rematch with Fieldhammer. Knight would have to beat Fieldhammer in a 7 and if he could do that it would go to the sudden death 1 rack shoot out. Knight would go onto take the first set 7-4 to set up an exciting 1 rack shootout which he would also go on to win and take down his first ever Poison Tour event along with the $550 1st place prize money. The Open event would bring out the big guns with the like of Mike Davis, Tommy Kennedy, Neil Fujiwara, Hunter Lombardo and Richard Broumpton to mention a few. Han Berber would prove to be the man to beat on the day as he would record strong wins over Tony Crosby 7-3, Tommy Kennedy 7-5, John Ditoro 7-6 and then another strong 7-4 win over Neil Fujiwara to take the hotseat match. On the one loss side

Anthony Meglino was making his way back after taking a 7-4 loss to Richard Broumpton he would go onto record wins over Matt Deweese 6-4, Tony Crosby 6-4, John Ditoro 6-5, Jerry Calderon 6-4 before running into Neil Fujiwara who would stop him in his tracks with a 6-0 win to leave Meglino in 3rd place. This would guarantee another new winner on tour. Berber who had played great pool all day would go onto take the final with a 7-4 win over Fujiwara to take his first event. The Poison Tour would like to Neil Fujiwara & Han Berber congratulate new winner’s Han Berber and Richard Knight and also host room Ultimate Billiards for another great. Our next event will be at Stroker’s II in Tampa on 4th-5th December check out the for more info. Don’t forget to check out Poison Cues which are on display at all Tour events PAYOUTS 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th-6th 7th-8th

$550 $400 $300 $200 $115 $75

OPEN PAYOUTS 1st $570 2nd $400 3rd $300 4th $200 5th-6th $100 7th-8th

Richard Knight Mike Fieldhammer Wesley White Anthony Meglino Jimmy Sandaler, Stephen Richmond Steve Frost Ed Kiess

Han Berber Neil Fujiwara Anthony Meglino Jerry Calderon Richard Broumpton, John Ditoro Tony Crosby, Tommy Kennedy

January 2011 - Stroke Magazine 13

Call First - All Tournaments are subject to change without notice

Read Online

DATE Jan 6-9 Jan 8 Jan 8 Jan 13-17 Jan 14-16 Jan 15 Jan 15-16 Jan 21-29 Jan 21-29 Jan 21-29 Jan 22 Jan 22-23 Jan 28-30 Jan 29 Jan 29-30 Jan 30 Feb 3 Feb 5 Feb 5 Feb 11-13 Feb 12-13 Feb 13 Feb 17-19 Feb 19 Feb 19 Feb 18-19 Feb 21-27 Feb 21-27 Feb 21-27 Feb 25-27 Feb 26 Feb 26 Feb 27 Mar 5 Mar 13 Mar 19-20 Mar 20 Mar 26

CITY Mt Pleasant, MI Levittown, NY E Rutherford, NJ Nashville, TN Columbus, OH Glen Burnie, MD Brooklyn, NY Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Elizabeth, IN Edison, NJ Merritt Island, FL Alpena, MI Ft Pierce, FL Latham, NY Midland, MI Fort Mitchell, KY Springhill, FL E Rutherford, NJ Alpena, MI Bellflower, CA Jackson Heights, NY Alpena, MI Dothan, AL Brooklyn, NY Amsterdam, NY Reno, NV Reno, NV Reno, NV Alpena, MI Orange Park, FL Edison, NJ Midland, MI E Rutherford, NJ Somerset, NH Clifton Park, NY Levittown, NY Edison, NJ

LOCATION Soaring Eagle Casino Cue Nine Castle Billiards JOB Billiards 8-Ball Sports Bar Big Daddy’s Billiards Gotham City Billiards Derby City Classic Derby City Classic Derby City Classic Sandcastle Billiards Island Breakers Alpena Holiday Inn Ultimate Billiards Diamond Eight Billiards Big D’s Bar & Grill Drawbridge Inn Capone’s Castle Billiards Alpena Holiday Inn CSI BQE Billiards & Bar Alpena Holiday Inn Pockets Gotham City Billiards Main St Billiards CSI CSI CSI Alpena Holiday Inn Park Avenue Sandcastle Billiards Big D’s Bar & Grill Castle Billiards Busters Billiards Trick Shot Billiards Cue Nine Billiards Sandcastle Billiards

PHONE (920) 206-6355 (516) 796-4600 (201) 933-6007 (615) 868-4270 (614) 436-2948 (410) 760-1332 (718) 714-1002 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (812) 288-7665 (732) 632-9277 (321) 459-9100 (231) 625-2114 (772) 464-7665 (518) 786-8048 (989) 839-9815 (614) 989-0680 (352) 688-9965 (201) 933-6007 (231) 625-2114 (702) 719-7665 (718) 779-4348 (231) 625-2114 (334) 793-9644 (718) 714-1002 (518) 705-1173 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (702) 719-7665 (231) 625-2114 (904) 215-1557 (732) 632-9277 (989) 839-9815 (201) 933-6007 (603) 692-7926 (518) 383-8771 (516) 796-4600 (732) 632-9277

EVENT / RULES 8-Ball & 9-Ball 6 Divisions Joss NE Tour Tri State Tour B-C-D 10-Ball 9-Ball Open & Ladies 9-Ball Teams/Singles Men/Women 9-Ball - Race 7/5 - DE Tri State Tour A-B-C-D 9-Ball 9 Ball Banks One Pocket 9 Ball Tri State Tour B-C-D 9-Ball Amateur/Open on 8’ Gold Crowns Players Promotions Women Flamingo Billiards Tour Joss NE Tour Big D’s 9-Ball OB Cues 8 Ball Mania 9-Ball Amateur/Open Tri State Tour B-C-D 9-Ball Players Promotions B-Players Jay Swanson Memorial Tri State Tour A-B-C-D 9-Ball Players Promotions A-Players SE Open Tri State Tour C-D 9-Ball Joss NE Tour U S Bar Table 10-Ball (M/W) U S Bar Table 9-Ball (M/W) U S Bar Table 8-Ball (M/W) Players Promotions Mixed 9-Ball Amateur/Open Tri State Tour A-B-C-D 10-Ball Big D’s 9-Ball Tri State Tour B-C-D 9-Ball Robert Dionne Memorial Joss NE Tour Tri State Tour A-B-C-D 9-Ball Tri State Tour C-D 9-Ball

ENTRY Call $70/$120 Call Call Call $45 (incl g.f.) Call $110 $135 $160 Call Call Call Call $70/$120 Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call $70/$120 Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call $70/$120 Call Call

ADDED $10,000 $2,000 $500 $7,000 $1,500 Call $1,500 $10,000 $15,000 $25,000 $750 $1,000 ea Call Call $2,000 $250 min. Call $1,000 ea $500 Call $4,000 w/192 $1,000 Call $1,000 $1,000 $2,000 $6000/$1000 $6000/$1000 $6000/$1000 Call $1,000 ea $750 $250 min. $500 $1,000 $2,000 $1,000 $750

TIME Call Call Call Call Call 10:30AM Call Noon Noon Noon Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call Call


Streaming Schedule


Feb 19-20, 2011 February Freeze Tacoma, WA

Mar 16-20, 2011 SD State 8-Ball Rapid City, SD

Apr 1-3, 2011 Platte Valley Open - WY

Apr 8-10, 2011 MCMOA Montana State 8-Ball

To Schedule your LIVE Streaming call 406-285-3099

14 Stroke Magazine - January 2011

Stroke Magazine January Issue 2011  
Stroke Magazine January Issue 2011  

The January Issue of Stroke Magazine is now available to read online. The new year brings results from December along with new tournament li...