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INTRODUCING: The Revolutionary Stallion Stainless DIY Range Of Staircases & Balustrades

April 2011

DIY Horizontal Bar Balustrade System DIY Vertical Bar Balustrade System DIY 10mm Glass Balustrade System DIY Prefabricated Staircase System

DIY Horizontal Bar Balustrade System What is the Stallion Stainless Steel DIY Balustrade System? It is our new range of ready-to-go posts and accessories for balustrades in a 316 Stainless Steel Satin Finish.

Where can it be used?




Both inside and outside of your home. 316 Stainless Steel is the best corrosion resistant steel available, particularly when used outside or in coastal locations. Like all products that are subject to the outside elements, if they are not regularly maintained they will deteriorate in appearance. Products can be applied to prevent deterioration can be found at most good hardware stores.

BHS - Bar Holder (Square Post)

RPD-980 - Round Post RPD-900 - Round Post SPD-980 - Square Post SPD-900 - Square Post

CS1 - Curved Saddle

BE 12.7mm - Bullet End

BHR - Bar Holder (Round Post)

FS1 - Flat Saddle

HT 12.7mm - Hollow Tube available in 304 and 316 grade

BHCE - Closed End Bar Holder No bullet end needed

Installation Guide at

What are the key features and benefits of the Stallion range? • 2 styles of posts available • 40mm Square Post for top mounting • 50mm Round Post for top mounting (cover plate supplied) • No welding or gluing required for the posts; they are ready straight out of the box to fix to the stair • Posts are available in 2 set lengths; 1 for the rake and 1 for the level. Length is measured from the bottom of the post to the top of the saddle (when fitted) • The saddle (the part the handrail fits to) can be adjusted to suit any angle and even more

importantly can be removed to make the fixing of the handrail easier • 2 different balustrade options are available that can be fitted to the posts • Glass Clamps for both the square and round posts to suit 8mm and 10mm glass • Horizontal Bars, the holders (for both square and round posts) and bullet ends • All parts are kept in stock for immediate delivery • Recently upgraded design • Heavy duty cast saddles • 4 fixings to base plate





This is the latest vertical DIY balustrade system. It has been developed to accommodate the issue associated when you have a balcony or void area higher than 4 metres. This DIY system is currently only available with square posts and is only available in 316 certified satin finish.




Adjustable pivots are flexible up to 38 degrees

P1 - Patented Adjustable Pivot Arm To Suit 12.7mm Square Tube

Installation Guide provided upon request

CS1 - Curved Saddle

FS1 - Flat Saddle

SPD-980 - Square Post SPD-900 - Square Post

P2 - Patented Adjustable Pivot Arm To Suit 38.1mm Square Tube

ST 12.7mm - Square Tube (1.2mm wall)

ST 38.1mm - Square Tube (1.2mm wall)

DIY 10mm Glass Balustrade System

GC1 - 8-10mm Rubber Glass Clamp (Round Post)

CS1 - Curved Saddle

FS1 - Flat Saddle

RPD-980 - Round Post RPD-900 - Round Post SPD-980 - Square Post SPD-900 - Square Post

GC2 - 8-10mm Rubber Glass Clamp (Square Post)

Double wrapped, Waterproof packaging used to avoid scratching.

Toughened Glass Sizes In Stock

This system is also available in a Stainless Steel mirror finish. Just Released! Please Note: Raking custom angle panels require MDF templates usually made by local glass suppliers. ie - Viridian.

10mm 850×1500 10mm 850×1450 10mm 850×1400 10mm 850×1350 10mm 850×1300 10mm 850×1250 10mm 850×1200 10mm 850×1150 10mm 850×1100 10mm 850×1050 10mm 850×1000 10mm 850×950 10mm 850×900




10mm 850×850 10mm 850×800 10mm 850×750 10mm 850×700 10mm 850×650 10mm 850×600 10mm 850×550 10mm 850×500 10mm 850×450 10mm 850×400 10mm 850×350 10mm 850×300 10mm 850×250

Installation Guide provided upon request

DIY Prefabricated Staircase System These staircases are usually packaged pre-fitted ready for delivery inter-state or regional WA. To pre-make these staircases, it is very simple and all that is needed is a basic sketch and the dimensions. In some instances, we can arrange for the dimensions to be measured by our skilled tradespeople to ensure a high quality and accurate product is manufactured. The Process Of Manufacturing Our Prefabricated Stairs

Beams come in options:

Plates cut to size & drilled

Stumps cut to angle & length

Setting out stairs ready for welding

Products are re-checked prior to shipping

Heavy duty mig welding.

Stairs being positioned and lifted with block & table

A fully welded system ready to be disassembled

Stairs all etch primed and packaged ready to ship locally or interstate.

RHS 200mm x 100mmx 6m or 200mm x150mm x 6m

We Manufacture To Suit Requests And Drawings Sent From All Over Australia. Free Shipping!

Stairs awaiting packaging and delivery to Sydney

Stairs awaiting packaging and delivery to Melbourne

Stairs awaiting packaging and delivery to Tasmania

Custom-Made For Easy Installation Some recently completed DIY assemblies that are being further developed by our team...

Fully adjustable to suit any angle or height.

Some recently completed jobs done with steel stringers and glass treads... These modern steel and glass staircases can add that extra touch of elegance to any entrance, home or workplace. The specially made glass treads allow the transfer of light through the stairs and can provide an atmospheric and open design.

We custom make all timber treads in our own factory, using 3 different timbers to match existing timber floors or other timberwork

Treads getting glued up on a press machine

Treads getting cut to size

Treads getting sanded

Malaysian Cherry Treads

Victorian Ash Treads

Jarrah Treads

Stainless Steel & Timber Handrails Timber Handrails: Suitable For Internal Use. Our timber handrails can be made from a variety of different timbers. These range from standard timbers such as Jarrah, Victorian Ash or Malaysian Cherry up to exotic species such as American Oak or Marri. Each timber handrail is unique and built to fit your taste and budget.

49mm Round Handrail and 49mm Round with Flat Base

Elliptical Handrail 70mm x 43mm

Handrails can be supplied in a sand finish, however we also offer high quality single packed spray finish lacquer.

Stainless Steel Handrails Stainless Steel handrails can be used in both mirror or satin finish. The most common size is 50mm round railing.

Parts & Service Bolts and screws must be supplied by Stallion Stainless to ensure high quality products are used. We have a huge range of screws and bolts available in stock. All products include an Installation Guide and we can also offer product and technical support if needed. From nuts and bolts, to screws and washers, Stallion Stainless provides an extensive range in both 304 and 316 grades of stainless steel straight off the shelf. Most fasteners can be manufactured in different types of stainless steel or other non-corrosive alloys. Non-standard shaped fasteners can be fabricated to your individual specifications in any material. visit our website for more details:

Other Products... Custom Balustrade & Staircases

DIY Stainless Steel Fittings

DIY Stainless Steel Pool Fittings

Coming Soon... DIY Staircases In Many Styles Stallion Stainless is the first Australian staircase company which specialises in both stainless steel and timber all combined in one factory. When you contact our Stallion Stainless head office you won’t be passed onto a sales person. You will be dealing directly with the owner of the company.

Paul Taddei

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Stallion Stainless - DIY Balustrade & Staircase Brochure  

This is the brochure for the Stallion Stainless DIY staircases and balustrades