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Trusted Global Brand of Premium Survival products-Field Tested and Survival Ready!

Strike Survival’s latest product pricing for wholesale and retail companies World Wide. Get the best deals and preferential treatment as Strike Survival’s VIP clients. We provide VIP afterhours services to all Companies and clients that purchase at our wholesale level.

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Prepare and Survive with Strike Survival Strike Survival is committed to supplying the global market with premium survival products. From concept to manufacturing, our team here at Strike Survival maintains the highest level of product compliance. Our products are not only tested and carried by our staff but we also provide products to Military and Government Contractors to test and evaluate our products. Who better to do this than the professional's in the field! If doesn't pass there OK then its not good enough for our customers and clients. Strike Survival works around the clock to make sure each and every customer/client is taken care of and that they are satisfied with our products and services. When buying from Strike Survival at the wholesale level we can offer so much more than the other companies. We believe in Brand Recognition and defining our brand apart from the other companies in the World. We provide some of the fastest shipping , manufacturing, and customer service in this market. Whether you are a retail brick and mortar company,

online retailer, or monthly subscription box rest assure that we stand behind our products and clients. These basic company staples are what make Strike Survival a dominant survival brand. When inquiring about wholesale our team of professional's will put together a competitive price sheet that is custom for your needs and market. All our wholesale pricing is quantity/quality based. Meaning that since there is so many fake and poor quality products out in the market. Strike Survival’s pricing is and always will be at a higher quality than its competitors. We are in the business of survival!

Strike Survival products are great for any outdoor activity or even for survival situations. Camping, hiking, military, and survivalist love our products.

Wholesale Products

Aztec Dust by Strike Survival is the newest bush craft tender on the market. Water resistant and made of a natural proprietary blend designed to produce a fire in all climates and weather conditions.

100% Heavy Char Cloth by Strike Survival. Our char cloth is engineered to produce extremely hot embers when a spark is thrown on it. Burns super hot and longer than most char cloth on the market.

Water proof matches are a must on any outdoor adventure. We provide a neon orange water resistant container and 20 matches in each tube. These have no shelf life and are waterproof.

The One handed striker is designed to be used with one hand in the even you are injured. Super hot sparks are ultra light weight. Works great with our Char cloth.

Strike Match Gen. 1 Is a waterproof match that has a wick that can produce a flame when zippo lighter fluid is added to the well. Will throw a spark and works like a match. Best of Both worlds.

Strike Match Gen. 1 Is a waterproof match that has a wick that can produce a flame when zippo lighter fluid is added to the well. Will throw a spark and works like a match. Best of Both worlds.

All our products are geared towards weight, compact, easy to use and work and all weather conditions and environment's.

Strike Survival Bullet match Gen. 3 is the first all metal construction in this series. Its more durable, more spark, and bigger than the others. Comes apart completely and has all the other feature in the series.

Strike Survival Grenade match Gen. 4 is the heaviest of the series but the same size as the Gen. 1. All metal construction making it durable, waterproof, and all the features of the prior generations.

Strike Survival Capsule lighter is the only full lighter we carry at this time. Small, compact, light, waterproof and durable. Made of all metal and works exactly like a Zippo lighter.

11-1 Multi tool features 11 tools in one conveniently sized credit card style. Comes is various colors primarily in silver or black. Constructed of quality stainless steel. Never leave home with out it.

Strike Survival wire saw is made of high grade steel and is ultra durable. Compact, light weight, and simple to use. This is the only style wire saw approved by NATO.

Mylar blankets are great for any outdoor adventure and a must for any survival/emergency kit. Used widely by emergency services and outdoor enthusiast. Over sized and highly reflective.

Visit us online to place a order:!wholesale/c9qb

Survival has many layers, environment's and you never know when that time comes that you will need it. Just a simple family trip can turn into a survival situation.

Strike Survival Flashlight SS-C21 is a compact tactical style flashlight with zoom. Waterproof, durable aircraft grade aluminum. Has 3 functions: Low, Medium, High, Strobe.

Strike Survival Flashlight SS-Y41 is the most advanced light we carry. Constructed of Aircraft Grade Aluminum, waterproof, and Tactical Size. 5 Modes: low, medium, high, strobe, sos. Comes with accessories

Our Fresnel lens has 3x magnification which is great to start a fire naturally by harnessing the suns power without any other tool. Credit card size and extremely light weight.

Our RFID sleeves are the top rated and manufactured by the same companies that produce RFID chips. Protects against credit card and id information being stolen. Ridged design and stylish.

Our Burnable gift cards are a great survival and marketing tool. Can be custom designed. The size of a credit card. Made of quality bamboo. Laser engraved and make a great impression to your clients.

We carry a great variety of hazmat/ chemical protective suits. In various sizes and styles. These suits are used by emergency professionals world wide and great for any bug out bag.

Visit us online to place a order:!wholesale/c9qb

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Please go to and fill out the “Wholesale Request Form”. There you will be able to select the products, pricing, shipping information, quantity, and all other information required to start the process. From them we can provide you with a quote custom with your needs and requirements along with a price break down of your order inquiry. Its simple and easy to use. After the you have submitted your request our team will review it and compile a price sheet with a attached invoice for your review. If it meets your needs simply pay the invoice and we will begin filling the order immediately once payment is made. Clients with long standing with us earn the option of paying half upfront and the second part once the order is ready to ship. All orders come with tracking information. Orders in excess of $250.00 will have insurance and signature requirements.

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Strike survival wholesale catalog  

Wholesale survival catalog by Strike Survival. Features product list and a short detail description of wholesale products available. Featu...

Strike survival wholesale catalog  

Wholesale survival catalog by Strike Survival. Features product list and a short detail description of wholesale products available. Featu...