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Holland Holland Performing Performing Arts Arts Center Center Thursday, Thursday, September September 20, 20, 2018 2018 || 5:30 5:30 -- 9:00 9:00 pm pm WATCH WATCH LOCAL LOCAL START START UPS UPS COMPETE COMPETE TO TO WIN WIN A A $10,000 $10,000 PRIZE PRIZE PACKAGE* PACKAGE* This This could could be be where where it it all all starts. starts. Where Where you you meet meet someone someone who thinks like you about a problem to solve … or challenges who thinks like you about a problem to solve … or challenges you. you. This This free free live live event event could could be be just just the the beginning. beginning. Because Because connections connections change change everything. everything.

Register Register to to Attend: Attend: *You can enter the Contest by visiting the official registration page at (the “Website”) and completing all of the required information and following all posted instructions. *You canisenter Contest byresidents visiting the officialwho: registration page at18 (the “Website”) and completing all of the that required information andwithin following allBusiness posted instructions. Contest openthe only to legal of STATE (1) are at least years of age; (2) are the owner, principal, or general manager of a business is physically located a Cox serviceable Contest is open only to legal residents of STATE who:BY (1)ENTERING are at leastTHE 18 years of age;YOU (2) are the owner, principal, or general manager of aMATERIALS business that is physically located within a Cox serviceable area. Entry Period begins DATE OF ENTRY PERIOD. CONTEST, ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT (1) YOUR ARE NOT CONFIDENTIAL AND NOBusiness CONFIDENTIAL OR area. Entry Period begins DATE OF ENTRY PERIOD. BY ENTERING THE CONTEST, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE THAT (1) YOUR MATERIALS ARE NOT CONFIDENTIAL AND NO CONFIDENTIAL OR FIDUCIARY RELATIONSHIP IS INTENDED OR CREATED BY ENTERING THE CONTEST; AND (2) THE CONTEST ENTITIES MAY POSSESS OR COME TO POSSESS INFORMATION THAT IS SIMILAR OR IDENTICAL FIDUCIARY RELATIONSHIP INTENDED CREATED ENTERING CONTEST; (2) THESIMILAR CONTEST MAY POSSESS OR COME TO POSSESS INFORMATION THAT IS SIMILAR TO YOUR MATERIALS, ANDISYOU HEREBYOR AGREE THAT BY THE CONTESTTHE ENTITIES MAYAND USE SUCH ORENTITIES IDENTICAL INFORMATION WITHOUT LIMITATION, COMPENSATION, OR CREDITOR TOIDENTICAL YOU. Void TO YOUR MATERIALS, ANDsubject YOU HEREBY AGREE THAT THE CONTEST SUCH ORofIDENTICAL INFORMATION WITHOUT LIMITATION, OR CREDIT TO YOU. Void where prohibited. Contest to Complete Official Rules. To obtainENTITIES a copy ofMAY the USE winner’s listSIMILAR or a copy these Official Rules, send your request along with aCOMPENSATION, stamped, self-addressed envelope to “Cox where prohibited. Contest subject to Complete Official To obtain a copy of thePeachtree winner’s list or a copyRd, of Atlanta, these Official Rules,Sponsor: send your request along with a Inc., stamped, envelope to “Cox Business Get Started” Winners/Rules, Heather Hall, Cox Rules. Communications, Inc., 6305 Dunwoody GA 30328. Cox Communications, d/b/aself-addressed Cox Business, 6205-B Peachtree Business Get Started” Winners/Rules, Heather Hall, Cox Communications, Inc., 6305 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA 30328. Sponsor: Cox Communications, Inc., d/b/a Cox Business, 6205-B Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA 30328. © 2018 Cox Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA 30328. © 2018 Cox Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.


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When your home has been hit by LOVE OUR ROOFS • Our repairs or replacement will meet or exceed LOVE OUR ROOFS a hail storm, you might have to city and national construction codes. call your insurance company to file a claim. Instead of dreading • You’ll receive written guarantees for the product the process of getting your roof and workmanship. and exterior repaired, let the professionals at Xcel Roofing help you out. We offer nearly three • Your work will look as good or better than what decades of experience dealing with you had before the storm. insurance claims.

ROOFING • SIDING • WINDOWS • GUTTERS Call today to schedule your FREE ROOF INSPECTION! 402.345.9235 | |

Looking to SCORE BIG with your employees when it comes to your benefits?

From L-R: Lori Fischer, Lisa Daniels, Candace Chapman, & Wendi Peterson-Stott (seated)

Add us to your team to make this happen. The link between your company and the insurance carrier. 8204 South 109th Street • La Vista, NE 68128

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PAIGE ZUTAVERN - Omaha/Lincoln - President 402-730-0096 |

“Print Proud, Digital Smart” …And Audience First Those who take the time to read my commentary from month to month know I have been championing print against its “adversaries” for quite some time now. It’s not so much that I want the people responsible for marketing their businesses and organizations to think a certain way (although I’m no doubt very passionate about my views on the subject). Rather, in the interest of objectivity, I feel it’s important to hear a different voice and perspective, especially one that seems to be in the minority these days. I’ve always felt strongly that, to quote Aristotle, “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.” This quest to keep our readers informed and give them points of consideration has been a journey of growth and discovery for me too, as I’ve been keeping up more with the ongoing conversation being had by so many people in my industry and outside of it. While pointing out the benefits of print as a staunch advocate, no doubt due to the business I’m passionate about owning and operating, I’ve often used digital in comparison as there’s been somewhat of an either/ or mentality with the two. And many times, that has come to a natural conclusion that the two can indeed work very well together. A recent article by David Pilcher published on the Freeport Press blog echoed that very point, and it’s a great read, so I thought I’d share. Calling a Truce Between Print and Digital Disruption, death, war – these words have been tossed about surrounding the new media landscape. But aren’t we being just a tad hyperbolic? “The relationship between print and digital is complicated, to say the least,” writes Aisling McCarthy in Media Update. “While they are often seen to be at odds with one another, is it impossible to think that they could coexist? And even more than that, could they not work together?” Indeed, they do work together, and have been for years. And because brands are embracing the idea that print and digital can work well together, the “print proud, digital smart” mantra is catching on. Why? Because that’s the way our audiences want it. …“Perhaps it is better to think of print and digital as two sides of the same media coin, rather than opposing teams fighting for readership.” McCarthy reminds us…

“Publishers need to start by thinking about what their consumers want, and then create a point of difference between their print and digital platforms,” McCarthy continues. “Both platforms offer creative opportunities, and the key is to use them to offer your consumers a more holistic experience with your content.” She’s right. And as a fan of Samir “Mr. Magazine” Husni, McCarthy understands that the audience-first approach is the foundation for a successful publishing model in this new media landscape. “There is absolutely no reason that [print and digital] can’t live side by side … At the end of the day, it is audience first, not digital or print first,” she quotes Husni as saying in a previous article. When you understand how your audience interacts with your content, then you can begin to carve out a print and digital relationship that meets their needs – and yours. Print and digital aren’t at war – they are both valid tools and can work beautifully side by side. At Strictly Business, we are “Print Proud, Digital Smart” - we’ve long since taken note of this dynamic duo, as we’ve been promoting local businesses in print, online, and on social media for over 20 years now. In fact, posts to our website have shown up in Google search results for over 1.2 mllion people here in our local marketplace, and many of those are highly ranked. This is due to the fact that we produce original, valuable content you cannot find anywhere else. Ultimately, by getting in front of your target audience – your ideal customers - and developing an enduring relationship on and off screen, there’s a deeper and more tangible connection that’s formed. It’s one that will drive both new and return business. The equation of print plus digital equals incredible potential in the outcome, from increased visibility and reach to more (and longer) engagement, improved SEO, and ultimately, achieving top of mind recognition and being entrusted as a provider of the products and services your customers are seeking. Great things start to happen when you truly understand what your audience wants and how best to connect with them. Wherever you may be in pursuit of that goal, we’d love to be a part of helping you get there. Let Strictly Business Magazine help you lock in your status as THE EXPERT in your industry, utilizing print, the internet and social media. Find out how by contacting Paige at (402) 466-3330.


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PRODUCTION TEAM: Editor Amanda Wilson - Art Director Holly Ryan - SALES TEAM: President/Sales Paige Zutavern - Sales Associate Austin Roper - Sales Associate Schyler Zutavern - Executive Assistant Hannah Hundley - Publisher/Founder/Accounting Shayne Zutavern - STRICTLY BUSINESS is not responsible for unsolicited material. All rights to submission, including letters, will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and are subject to our unrestricted right to edit and comment editorially or creatively, unless otherwise negotiated with the author. Nothing may be printed in whole or part without the written permission of the publisher. The publication of any advertisement in STRICTLY BUSINESS is not an endorsement of the advertiser or of the products or services advertised. Printed in the U.S.A. Copyright ©2018 by PZAK, Inc. Third Class Postage Paid at Lincoln, NE 68505

When Shana Boyd and David Distefano started Eleven Twenty-Three in the summer of 2013, their goal was to take a two-person startup and grow it into an agency with a uniquely talented, high-achieving staff. They wanted to take their knowledge in the media and creative universe and provide the very best for their clients’ brands. The name of the game for Boyd and Distefano has always been dedication to versatility and service. Their 20+ client roster includes everything from large national franchises to smaller local brands and runs the gamut of company size and industries. “When we started,” explains Distefano, the agency’s creative director and partner, “we were two people with a diverse set of knowledge in a ton of different industries. We opened with exactly one client on the roster and a dream. We had big ideas for each brand we met with–and bigger ideas for some we hadn’t quite spoken to yet! We started to figure out there were a lot of areas where we could help companies be more creative and efficient with their ad dollars, even suggesting operational adjustments when we saw the need. We’ve shown each client our dedication to making their brand successful and recognizable, and I think that’s how we’ve been able to grow. We meet brands where they are and they appreciate that.” Eleven Twenty-Three works together with clients on consumer behavior research, smart campaign strategies, creative development and production. And they do it all in-house with a team that clients have access to from the start. Shana Boyd, account director and partner, explains: “When you call to talk to us about your project, you’re talking to the team working on it, so you can rest assured your brand is a priority. No matter where you are in the growth or development of your brand, our team can help you create a plan for success and help you stick to it. We’ve helped businesses increase their visibility by strategically creating and placing campaigns as well as keeping up on what’s happening as the campaign progresses. With all the platforms out there, it really helps that we keep on top of analytics and response, and our clients really appreciate that.” Staying flexible and following the data has always meant success for Eleven Twenty-Three. “When it comes to advertising, we know changing directions isn’t always easy,” says Boyd. “The process can be strenuous and sometimes it’s easy to just keep doing what’s always been done. But is that the right thing to do? Does the same old approach get more sales by drawing new customers in and engaging them with your brand? It takes bravery to look at your brand and say, ‘No, it’s time to change it up.’ And that’s why we’re here. Eleven Twenty-Three, housed in the heart of Ralston, focuses on traditional and digital media planning, event promotions, creative and social media development, and even boasts on-site video production capabilities. Learn more about Eleven Twenty-Three at or feel free to contact the team directly at (402) 593-1123. You can also stay connected with Eleven Twenty-Three on all of your favorite social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vimeo!

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• with up to 10 units • Help rental owners maximize revenue,

minimize expense, and avoid costly mistakes BUSINESS NEWS •• Provide top notch customer service

RPM Legacy Approaches Onemaintenance Year Under support • Offer 24/7 Ownership of Jean and • UseJames cutting edgeDuffy technology to market,

360 Clean, LLC Expands to Omaha

360 Clean, LLC has officially entered • communicate, and maintain properties the Omaha market! The professional Jean and James Duffy, owners of cleanng business originated in Real Property Management (RPM) Lincoln where it has grown a large Legacy, opened their independent client base in just a short amount office in Omaha last fall. A year of time under the leadership of ago, they decided to start their own owner, Teresa Hodgen. With her LEGACY full-service real estate brokerage firm after Jean left the corporateRPM Legacy is new to the Omaha Metro daughter Allisyn Meadows, who shares RPM Legacy isArea. awhere fullWe realspecialize estate brokerage firm inofNebraska and the same talent and passion world, after a career spanning 30 years, she gained years in20 residential for cleaning, resides in the Omaha area, so it was a natural Iowa managing, buying, selling and improving investments. project management experience. Jean is the president of RPM Legacy property management and offer buying and focuses on business development Jean and management of theservices. company. and selling real estate and James Duffy, Owners expansion for the business into the neighboring market. James proudly served 21 years in the military and currently works in Beginning this month, 360 Clean is now serving clients in the Omaha Carmela K. homes Karni, • Manage single family residences E: | andBroker @RealPMLegacy law enforcement. He serves as the security advisor for RPM Legacy. Metro and surrounding areas, based out of its new local office at • with up to 10 units 402.905.0459 | 17125 Emiline St. Prior to the grand opening on September 1, a soft • Help rental owners maximize revenue, Additionally, Carmela Kramer is the designated real estate broker for costly mistakes opening took place on August 1, giving the 360 Clean team time RPM Legacy. Kramer been in the real• minimize estate expense, industryand foravoid over 25 years to meet new neighbors and introduce the business to the community. • Provide top notch customer service and is a licensed broker in Nebraska and California. She is proudly • Offer 24/7 maintenance support and SRS certified in VAPro (Veterans specialization in real estate) At 360 Clean, they truly do it all, with the goal of providing the • Use cutting edge technology to market, (certified sellers agent). best cleaning experience possible to their clients. By offering a full • communicate, and maintain properties spectrum of customized cleaning services, 360 Clean can perform RPM Legacy is an independent franchise of Real Property Management, a wide range of tasks in homes, offices, and places of business for which was launched in 2005 and is the largest property management new construction or rental move-ins and move-outs. They focus on organization in North America. As a full-service real estate brokerage cleaning targeted areas such as windows and carpet, floor care, firm in Nebraska and Iowa, RPM manages, buys, sells and improves and more. Locally owned and operated, 360 Clean is committed investments; specifically for single family homes and complex buildings. to a friendly, professional approach with an emphasis in quality RPM’s mission is to help property owners maximize revenue, minimize assurance and customer satisfaction. expenses, and avoid costly and unnecessary mistakes with their property investments. For more information or to schedule your initial consultation, visit Jean and James Duffy, Owners or contact Allisyn Meadows at (402) To learn more about RPM Legacy, locatedCarmela at 14245 S St., Broker visit www. K. Karni, 206-5946 (Omaha office) or Teresa Hodgen at (402) 460-0883 or contact (402) 905-0459 / info@RealPMLegacy. 402.905.0459 (Lincoln office). com. Information can also found on their Facebook| (@Realpmlegacy).



Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018


Engineered Controls Golf Outing Benefits Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

McPherson Community Federal Credit Union Merges with Centris Federal Credit Union

Thursday, August 9 was a beautiful day for Engineered Controls 15th annual golf outing at Tiburon Golf Course. The event was a tribute to their longstanding support for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. The golfers included Engineered Controls end-user clients, contractors, and consulting engineering firms in the Omaha and Lincoln communities.

On August 1, Centris Federal Credit Union officially welcomed members of the McPherson Community Federal Credit Union in Tryon, Nebraska to its membership. The merger of McPherson to Centris will now allow the entire county of McPherson to Management and board members from be eligible for membership Centris Federal Credit Union were in Tryon, Nebraska to sign merger documents with at Centris. McPherson Community Federal Credit Union Centris president/CEO Steve board members and manager on July 31. Swanstrom said the merger will allow McPherson members greater access to products and services like debit and credit cards that were not previously offered by McPherson Community FCU. Other Centris team members present for the merger signing included Ron VanSkiver, AVP Retail Financial Services; Shad Connick, financial sales manager; and Centris board member Linda Aust and chairman Joe Sacco. McPherson Community FCU was represented by board members Alan Miller, Harold Arensdorf, John Bryant, and Credit Union manager Rochelle Kemp. Centris Federal Credit Union, founded over 80 years ago, is one of Nebraska’s largest community chartered credit unions. Centris serves Douglas, Sarpy, Lincoln, McPherson and Pottawattamie counties and has 13 offices located in Omaha, Grand Island, North Platte and Tryon, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Their mission is to be a trusted lifelong financial partner. Learn more about Centris Federal Credit Union on their website at

In all, 144 played golf and 180 people attended the dinner banquet. In addition to a fun day of golf, the participants raised $3,000 to support research for finding a cure for juvenile diabetes. The golf event included an 18-hole scramble format with 4-person teams. In attendance were five guests from Honeywell Inc., including Chad Knuth, regional sales leader for Honeywell Analytics; Jeff Holt and Brian Storer, regional sales leaders for Honeywell Security; and Elaine Leppla, Mike Grates, and Rich Knapp, sales, distribution, and technical support leaders for Honeywell Environmental Controls. Engineered Controls provides customers with products and services to create efficient, safe, and comfortable building environments. For additional information, please call Pat Killeen at (402) 339-1300 /, or visit www.

Festive Expressions Recognized at 22nd Annual Christmas Decor Conference Dave Hastreiter, owner and operator of Festive Expressions: Illuminations & Decor, attended the 22nd Annual Christmas Decor Conference in Baltimore, MD held July 29 - August 1. Christmas Decor Inc. is a national, professional Christmas light installation company. In 2004, David launched Festive Expressions in affiliation with Christmas Decor and now offers premier holiday lighting and decorating services in Lincoln and the surrounding area. His projects entail design and installation, pro-active service, and take-down and storage of indoor/ outdoor lighting for both residential and commercial properties. At the conference, alongside many other seasoned operators in the industry, David received education and training on new products and best practices. Breakout session topics ranged from wedding/special event lighting to improving job site productivity. The conference schedule also incorporated a 10-hour OSHA training course, in which David earned his OSHA Safety Certification. Other highlights of the event included keynote speaker Curt Cronin, a panel of the pros, 18 different roundtable topics, and an awards banquet. At the banquet, Festive Expressions received the Midwest Regional Franchise of the Year Award and was named the runner-up in the daytime decor category for their brilliant use of greenery (i.e. wreaths, garlands, and bows). Learn more about Festive Expressions by Christmas Decor at /, or contact David at (402) 421-2204 /

Need A Plumber? From Service to Residential Remodeling to Commercial Plumbing...Big Birge has you covered!

The Muscle in the Plumbing Industry Gas Piping Sump Pumps Water Heaters Backflow Testing Garbage Disposals Kitchen Remodeling Commercial Plumbing Bathroom Remodeling Drains/Sewer Cleaning

Get us on the job! 402.575.0102 | SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business


BUSINESS NEWS Living In The Yellow Schedules Additional Women’s Basic Pistol Class


the West Gate Bank® Difference Family-owned since we were established in 1968, West Gate Bank® is a true community bank devoted to serving our customers. Our community focus is not only evident in all that we do, but in how we do it. As a full-service bank, West Gate Bank is large enough to serve all of your banking needs, yet small enough to provide the outstanding personal service that only a community bank can deliver. We are proud to now serve the Omaha market at our three new branches: 1020 South 179th Ct 9775 Q Street 1004 Cornhusker Road, Bellevue | 402.434.3456




Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

Patty Nun, an NRA Trained Pistol Instructor and owner of Living In The Yellow™, has announced the scheduling of a Spring 2019 Women’s Basic Pistol Class in Lincoln on Saturday, March 9. Living In The Yellow™ has been providing Women’s Basic Pistol Training Classes since 2014 and this class is a prerequisite for those who would like to attend the Living in the Yellow™ Conceal Handgun Permit training. “We feel strongly that a basic pistol class better prepares a woman to know and understand how to safely operate a firearm and provides them with the confidence needed to be able to select a gun they will be personally comfortable with owning and operating,” says Nun. This program is for those with little or no previous experience with a handgun. Everything is provided in a safe environment free of any live ammunition. Following the classroom portion, range time is provided with trained RSOs (Range Safety Officers) who guide participants in confidently firing a pistol. Living In The Yellow’s next CHP (Conceal Handgun Permit) Course for Women is scheduled for Saturday, October 27. This program is approved and required for those wanting to apply to the Nebraska State Patrol to be able to carry a concealed handgun. For more information or to register for a class, go to www. or call Patty Nun at (402) 432-6470.

Big Birge Plumbing Celebrates New Office and Six Years Brad and Lallenia Birge are the proud owners and operators of Big Birge Plumbing Co. After five years of operating Big Birge Plumbing Co., proud owners Brad and Lallenia Birge have officially moved out of their garages and into their first commercial space! Located off of 204th St. in Elkhorn, Big Birge acquired its new headquarters in August of 2017, then relocated operations there in the fall. The transition was finalized earlier this year with the office and shop both housed there. Since then, The Birges, with the help of some of the crew, have remodeled to create a charming, functional workplace and recently unveiled the finished project a year later. To celebrate the completed renovations of their new office, along with their six-year anniversary, Big Birge Plumbing invited their customers, vendors, friends, and family to join them for an ice cream social and ribbon-cutting event. The ribbon-cutting event, conducted by the West O Chamber, took place on August 12. The event featured live music, tasty treats by Simply Sweet Ice Cream Catering, face painting, and an obstacle course bounce house from Premier Bounce. The skilled professionals at Big Birge Plumbing have a passion for what they do. Whether you need help with a kitchen or bathroom remodel, water heater repair, gas or water piping, or the really fun stuff like drain cleaning and clogged toilets, Big Birge Plumbing will be there with a wrench and a smile. To learn more, please visit or call (402) 575-0102 for your next plumbing project and join their family of satisfied customers!

BUSINESS NEWS Josh Linkner Announced as Guest Speaker for BBB’s Integrity Awards Luncheon

CarePatrol Leadership Ranked in Top 50 of All Franchise Systems

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Foundation will honor metro Omaha’s ethical businesses and students at its Annual Integrity Awards Luncheon on Tuesday, October 9 at the Embassy Suites Omaha – La Vista Conference Center from 11:30 a.m. -1:15 p.m.

CarePatrol, the nation’s largest senior placement organization, was recently recognized as one of the top 50 franchise leaders by Franchise Business Review. This award shows the outstanding support that CarePatrol offers its franchise owners, and the core values that they follow. Those values are then passed down to the clients that they are helping nationwide to find the safest and best care.

Josh Linkner, the #1 ranked speaker on entrepreneurship, innovation, branding will deliver the keynote address. He is a distinguished entrepreneur with 24 years of experience as founder and CEO of five technology companies with a combined value of $200 million – including ePrize, the largest interactive promotion agency providing digital marketing services to 74 of the world’s top 100 brands. Linkner has been involved in the launch and growth of more than 100 businesses, raised more than $150 million in venture capital and employed thousands of people displaced due to the dot-com crash, 9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis. He is the Founding Partner of Detroit Venture Partners along with NBA superstar, Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. - investing in and mentoring more than 100 startups. According to “Magic” Johnson, “When Josh is in the room, business improves!” For reservations go to and for more information, please call the BBB at (402) 898-8550.

Franchise Business Review is the leading market research firm in the franchise industry specializing in franchisee satisfaction and performance. Since 2005, they have researched more than 1,000 franchise brands to bring transparency to the franchise industry. The mission of CarePatrol is to help families find Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care communities at no cost to the family or senior. This is accomplished by matching families with the right community based on their care needs, wants, location, and finances. CarePatrol reviews the state’s care and violation history of every community before they recommend them, and then they’ll line up tours and personally take families to the communities to ensure right questions are being asked. Learn more at or contact Theron Ahlman, owner/certified senior advisor, at (402) 580-2116 / therona@

Omaha Area Center Sphere Network Raises Over $13K for Grief’s Journey Center Sphere recently held its Omaha Area Annual Charity Golf Tournament, this year benefiting the amazing mission of Grief’s Journey. With the incredible support of tournament organizers, sponsors, golfers, and generous donors associated with The Network, Center Sphere was able to present a check to Grief’s Journey for $13,035.89. Center Sphere is an established Network of business professionals whose mission is to share referrals, ideas, and resources through genuine relationships. The Omaha Area Center Sphere Network is home to over 30 amazing non-profit organizations, and The Network is honored to support each and every one of them in their missions to serve. Pictured (L-R) are Grief’s Journey Administrators and staff, along with some of the Center Sphere Golf Tournament Committee Members: Rebecca Turner (Grief’s Journey, Executive Director); Sara Wageman (Soho Creative Inc ); Emmalee Westfall (Colonial Life)’ Kelly Morris (Grief’s Journey, Director of Development); Jaime Hann (ASI Consulting); Anica Rae Marcum (Grief’s Journey, Administrative Coordinator); Gabriela Martinez (Grief’s Journey, Bilingual Outreach & Inclusion Coordinator); and Christopher Slater (Center Sphere CMO and Omaha Area Director). Special thanks to many other Committee Members, not pictured, who volunteered their time and talents to make this the most successful tournament to date! These volunteers include: Travis Payne (BB Roofing LLC); Lacey Sukstorf (Center Sphere/J Hilburn); Linda Gammel (Shelter Insurance); and Katie Pankonin (Grief’s Journey, Program Coordinator). For more information about Center Sphere and how you can get involved, please contact Christopher Slater at or call (402) 881-2811.

LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS • Professional janitors and maids available. • Friendly, professional approach. • Quality assurance and customer satisfaction. • Flexible time frame hours. • All employees undergo a background check drug testing.


1845 Pepper Ave., Lincoln • 402-460-0883 •

SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business


BUSINESS NEWS Veterans in Business Forum Announces Upcoming Meetings The Veterans in Business Forum (VIBF) meets the first Friday of every month (0800-0900). Their next meetings are 7 September and 5 October 2018 at the University of Nebraska-Omaha College of Business Administration, Mammel Hall – Room 215, 6708 Pine Street, Omaha, NE 681820048. The guest speaker for September is Christian Espinosa from the City of Omaha. He will speak about doing business with the City of Omaha. Guest topic for October includes a focus on legislative endeavors focusing on veterans, businesses and small business owners. Congressman Don Bacon has been confirmed. He will speak at 0800. Since this is an election year, Candidate Kara Eastman has also been invited. If she accepts, she will speak at 0900. Contact us below for updates. The mission of the Veterans in Business Forum (VIBF) is to provide business support, education and advocacy to help veterans succeed in business and increase community awareness of veteran-owned business activities. Veterans, active duty, reservists, and civilians are welcome to join and support each other and veteran-related goals. For the latest information, to be a guest speaker and/or to be added to the mailing list, visit VeteransinBusinessForumOmahaNetworking or contact Michel Thornhill at (402) 932-7243 /


Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

Green Plains Invests in Fight for Clean Air For the second consecutive year, Green Plains, Inc. will be the presenting sponsor for the American Lung Association in Nebraska’s Fight For Air Corporate Cup, a local 10k and 2-mile road race, on September 9. Green Plains’ investment in the Corporate Cup will support educational programs to help the 225,000 people in Nebraska who suffer from lung disease, as well as fund research to find a cure for lung cancer and advocacy in the fight for clean air. “Green Plains is a fantastic partner for the Lung Association. Not only are they helping fund vital programs for people who suffer from asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer, but the work they do daily reduces air pollution,” said Julia McCarville, executive director of the Lung Association in Nebraska. “Air pollution causes several health threats to those suffering from lung disease, including shortness of breath, chest pain, wheezing, coughing, asthma attacks, and increased need for medical attention and admission to the emergency department or hospital.” “Ethanol is a cleaner-burning fuel that we produce at our 17 production locations across the U.S. and our five ethanol plants here in Nebraska,” said Todd Becker, president and CEO of Green Plains. ”As the state’s largest producer of ethanol, we are proud to support the American Lung Association and their efforts to improve the quality of the air we breathe.” The Corporate Cup, the Lung Association’s signature fundraising 10K and 2 mile run/walk, is one of the largest corporate road races in the United States. Each year, the event attracts more than 5,000 participants from all over the region. More information and registration for the Corporate Cup is available at or by calling (402) 502-4950.

BUSINESS NEWS ADI Compliance Consulting, Inc. Expands to Omaha

Conklin Commercial Roofing Strives to Fulfill Need for Trained Contractors

ADI Compliance Consulting, Inc., a leader in compliance analysis on the east and west coasts, is expanding its services into Omaha. From his headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia, CEO and owner Mike Mitchell spoke highly of the banking community in Omaha and looks forward to helping it thrive. ADI has appointed Kim Kuhle as the company’s senior consultant in Omaha. She will serve the Midwest on a full-time basis. Kim provides subject matter expertise in Community Development Loan and Investment analysis.

Heartland International, Inc., a nationwide distributor of Conklin Commercial Roofing Systems, has announced the next MR ROOFING SEMINAR being hosted in Kansas City, MO on October 17. Sales in 2018 are up over 42% and there is a currently a significant shortage of trained contractors to fill the demand for installations of Conklin Roofing Systems.

The company has been providing analysis and training to help banks achieve regulatory compliance for 15 years. Working closely with the client, ADI develops a custom plan that involves: aggregating data from the client’s loan reports, the census and the demographic data from public documents; and profiling the assessment area based on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics.

This program is designed to help experienced contractors research the potential of expanding into commercial roofing and specifically the MR SYSTEM developed by the Conklin Company over 40 years ago. This system is a low-labor, high-profit system that provides long-lasting protection to commercial metal buildings. Presentations by experienced contractors from several states will be a part of this seminar.

ADI provides quantitative analysis to help financial institutions comply with regulations, assess their competition, and reduce risk. These regulations include the Bank Secrecy Act, Fair Lending, the Community Reinvestment Act, and Frank Dodd.

Dennis Nun, president of Heartland says, “There is a critical need for qualified contractors as well as those with experience in remodeling, siding, insulation and commercial painting that have the essential experience to be trained as commercial roofing contractors installing our proven Conklin Roofing Systems. In addition to the MR SYSTEM, we have a dozen commercial roofing systems for all types of buildings for both new construction and re-roofing applications.”

For more information, contact Kim Kuhle at (402) 817-3394 /

For additional information or to attend any of these programs, contact Dennis Nun at / (402) 430-7727 or go to

BLUEBARN Theatre Announces Season 30: America in Pieces BLUEBARN Theatre’s very first show was a collection of works for the theatre offering dramatically different visions of life in America. It was called America in Pieces, and each of the pieces were bound together by the common threads of empathy, authenticity, and shared humanity. As they celebrate their 30th year anniversary, BLUEBARN embraces these bonds anew, and invite you to experience an entire season of shows, each with their own unique perspective on life in America. The 2018-19 season line-up includes: • Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker | September 27 – October 21 • An Act of God by David Javerbaum | November 23 – December 16 • I And You by Lauren Gunderson | January 31 – February 24, 2019 • Indecent by Paula Vogel | March 21 – April 14, 2019 • The Woodsman by James Ortiz | May 16 – June 16, 2019 BLUEBARN Theatre, Omaha’s premier professional contemporary theatre, is located at 1106 S 10th St. Come celebrate the sensationally normal, cheerily subversive, and triumphantly theatrical performances this season. This 30th Anniversary Season gives you the chance to escape... back to reality. Become a season member of BLUEBARN today! Call (402) 3451576 or go to


Holiday Lights & Event Decor for your BUSINESS!

BY ONLY 12 WEEKS UNTIL THANKSGIVING! GET YOUR DISPLAYS PLANNED NOW! • Early Commitments • Energy Saving LED Lights • Custom Time Settings • Pro-active Service • Elegant Outdoor Displays Our Hassle-Free Leasing Program includes lights, installation, takedown AND storage! 402.421.2204 | 604 Calvert St. | Lincoln, NE |

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BUSINESS NEWS SCORE Announces September Events Learn from the experts with Greater Omaha SCORE’s small business training workshops. This month’s workshops include: • Farmer’s Market Producers on September 10, 5 p.m., hosted at the Council Bluffs Chamber and on September 17, 5 p.m., hosted at the Kroc Center. This is a USDA workshop on running a successful farmer’s market. • Protecting Your Business Investment on September 12, 4:30 p.m., hosted at the SCORE Offices. This session will explore: key legal considerations for starting a new business; how to select the right type of business entity incorporation; and necessary business insurance coverage. • Accounting, Tax, and Recordkeeping Basics on September 19, 6 p.m., hosted at the SCORE Offices. Hear tips and tools from an experienced Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm owner. He’ll review accounting and taxation best practices and recordkeeping strategies that help businesses grow. • QuickBooks Training on September 24, 6:30 p.m., hosted at Do Space. Join an instructor from SCORE Omaha for an evening workshop on QuickBooks, a popular accounting software for small businesses. • Start-Up Marketing and Funding Basics on September 26, 4:30 p.m., hosted at the SCORE Offices. Marketing and banking professionals will discuss key marketing & sales strategies that drive revenue, banking and capital requirements for initial & ongoing funding, and what a banker wants to see in order to accept your loan request. To learn more about Greater Omaha SCORE and these workshops, visit or contact the SCORE office at (402) 221-3606.


Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

Empowerment Network to Host 7th Annual African American Leadership Conference The Empowerment Network is hosting the upcoming 7th Annual African American Leadership Conference on September 21 from 8 a.m – 4 p.m. at the Hilton Hotel, located at 1001 Cass St. The theme of the event is “Embracing Our Season, Working Together to Build Generational Wealth.” The conference highlights include: the Revive! Black Business Expo, EmPower Talks, powerhouse panels, power-up stations and more. Featured speakers include Dr. Will Moreland and Marshawn Evans. Moreland is a Military Veteran and president of Will Moreland International, LLC, a leading training and consulting company dedicated to helping individuals and organizations maximize their potential. Dr. Moreland is a highly sought-after keynote speaker known as America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer. He is one of the most inspiring thought-leaders and leadership trainers of our time. Evans is a master in teaching the art of manifestation, this former Sports Attorney left her full-time job as an attorney and turned her passion for people into a multi-million dollar enterprise. Additional speakers include Jaylen Bledsoe from Entrepreneuship & Innovation, Dr. Randal Pinkett of the Redefine the Game Institute, and Dr. Pamela Jolly from the Legacy Wealth Initiative. Register at or call (402) 502-5153 for more information. Registration is $99 for the conference and luncheon; deadline to register is September 16.

BUSINESS NEWS Business Ethics Alliance Announces Upcoming Events About Purpose of Business John Tyler, J.D., chief counsel in legal and chief ethics & compliance officer for the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, will headline two events for the Business Ethics Alliance this fall. Attendees will learn about the social purpose of business and how organizations can leverage financial structures and ethics initiatives to “do good” in their business. An Executive Breakfast will be held at the Holland Performing Arts Center on Thursday, September 13, from 7:30-8:45 a.m. Mr. Tyler will address what the C-suite needs to know about the ethics of traditional corporate structure and social enterprise alternatives. Attendees will explore corporate social purpose and the ways in which organizations can make a social impact. An Ethics Luncheon, also on Thursday, September 13, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., will be held at the newly-renovated Scott Conference Center. Designed for middle managers, ethics and compliance officers, and HR professionals, the event will feature a Q&A with Mr. Tyler on what organizations can do to engage employees in “doing good.” To learn more about these events and to register, please visit

Journey Through Time Gala Gets Support of Mannheim Steamroller The Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum is hosting a gala on October 19 to raise awareness and support for the Museum’s mission—preserve the history of Strategic Air Command, the Cold War, and aerospace artifacts—and to inspire learning through innovative and inspirational programs and exhibits.


/TheOmahaBakery 608 S. 72nd St. • Omaha, NE

4 Campuses. 125+ Programs Online. • Business Administration, BS • Critical & Creative Thinking, MA • General Administration, BMS • MBA • Nonprofit Administration, BMS • Organizational and Relational Communication, BS • Public Administration, MPA • And more

The gala is a celebration of the Museum’s 20th Anniversary in Ashland, Neb. and will feature elements from the 1998 opening ceremony, which include a performance by Mannheim Steamroller, featuring Chip Davis. Since opening in 1998, the Museum has welcomed over 2 million visitors. The Museum’s gala is a fundraiser and a platform for announcing future plans which include facility development, as well as, new displays and educational programming. “We are taking the Museum to the next level in serving our community,” said Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum chief executive officer Jeff Cannon. “The Museum began its journey of becoming a regional science center years ago and our plans for the future include preserving history in an interactive and relevant way, and focusing on our community’s educational science, technology, engineering, and math needs.” The public is invited to support the Museum’s future by attending the gala or making a donation. Tickets are $150 each and can be purchased online or by calling the Museum. The reservation deadline is October 1 and the evening includes a cocktail reception at 6 p.m. with a plated dinner and performance by Mannheim Steamroller, featuring Chip Davis starting at 7 p.m. For additional information including ticket and sponsorship information or any other program and service of the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum, please visit

Krista Wilson Business Administration, BS University of Nebraska at Kearney

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BUSINESS NEWS New Assessment Tool From Home Instead Senior Care Aims to Inspire Next Career Move

Brookstone Meadows Places Second at Rib Smoking Competition

Providing insight into the changing post-retirement landscape, a new survey by Home Instead, Inc. revealed that more than half (53%) of workers approaching retirement in the next five years believe they will likely return to work. In terms of their next move, the majority of both those approaching retirement (68%) and those who have “unretired” and returned to work (65%) said they will change or have changed industries. What’s more, nearly 80% of both groups said they want to make a meaningful impact in their communities in their post-retirement years, such as, a role in volunteerism, caregiving, teaching or giving back. To help workers start to think about how to make the most of their postretirement years, the Home Instead Senior Care network is introducing tips and resources including an online career assessment tool that asks users questions about their interests, skills and ideal work environment before recommending categories of jobs that might suit them. Families can find program resources and information at “Whether you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others, share your expertise, network with new people or create something new, our hope is the career assessment tool will help spark ideas and conversation around what a rewarding next chapter could look like,” explained John Hudnall, owner of the Home Instead Senior Care® office serving Dodge, Washington and Saunders counties. Founded in 1994 in Omaha by Lori and Paul Hogan, the Home Instead Senior Care® network provides personalized care, support and education to help enhance the lives of aging adults and their families. Learn more by visiting

After years of serving delectable smoked meats to patients and residents, on Saturday, July 28 Brookestone Meadows entered a rib smoking competition in Millard, winning second place!


Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

The 6th Annual Millard Business Association Ribstock Festival took place from Noon to 11 p.m., with bands playing throughout the day and a variety of activities and vendors for attendees to enjoy. In addition to entering the competition, Brookestone Meadows had a booth where they sold chopped beef sandwiches, ¼ rack of ribs with homemade chips, and smoked or seared chicken wings. The public paid $15 to participate in the voting, receiving a plate with five ribs, each with a different color of toothpick and cast their vote for favorite. Brookestone Meadows was extremely proud to win second place, beating out numerous restaurants and food trucks for this honor. Throughout the day, many people asked when they would have the opportunity to enjoy Brookestone Meadows’ scrumptious BBQ again. The response was that when the need arises, it would be an honor to care for their loved ones and treat them to such delicious fare every day, and oftentimes, friends and family are welcome to join too at events like Wine & Cheese. For more information about Brookestone Meadows, please call (402) 289-2696, or visit

BUSINESS NEWS Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium® Announces New Wildlife Lecture Series

Crown College Celebrates New Classroom and Office Space with Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

For the first time ever, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium® will host the Nancy Armitage Wildlife Lecture Series, a series of three lectures created to honor the memory of Nancy Armitage. The free lecture series will feature various speakers focusing on informative topics facing wildlife today. A committee was created to carry out Armitages’ wishes and select speakers who would be engaging for all ages. To see this year’s lineup of speakers, as well as future speakers and dates, please visit Tickets for each event in the Nancy Armitage Lecture Series are free, but limited. Registration for the first presentation opens on September 18 and registration for each subsequent event will be available the day after the previous event in the series.

On Wednesday, August 8, Crown College hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Greater Omaha Chamber to celebrate their new classroom and office space at The Porch, located in the Old Mill off of 108th and Dodge St. Students in the Omaha region can now pursue a counseling or ministry degree through Crown College’s hybrid program. The hybrid format is a mix of on-site and online courses that will permit students to take all courses from Crown College and earn either a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The school negotiated the use of this space with one of its long-term partners, Christ Community Church in Omaha. Christ Community Church has a long history with the school and a shared vision for training Christians for leadership and excellence. “God is opening a door for Crown to establish a course location at Christ Community Church in Omaha. Our vision is that ultimately we will equip hundreds of people to serve God worldwide through this effort. The potential is amazing,” says Dr. Joel Wiggins, president of Crown College. Recognized as a top private Christian college, Crown College strives to equip current and future leaders to effectively serve and influence the world. To learn more about Crown College or to apply for one of their degree programs, please contact 800-68-CROWN (27696) / ` or visit

West O Expo Set for September 25 The next quarterly event for the West O Chamber is the West O Expo, set to take place on Tuesday, September 25 from 1 to 6 p.m. at Indian Creek Golf Course (3825 N 202nd St., Elkhorn). This event is West Omaha’s only B2B Expo and it features over 40 booths, food vendors, 50 raffle prizes and over 400 visitors in attendance. Register for a booth or stop out for the day and meet over 100 West O Chamber members and businesses. Attendance is free—no registration required. The West O Chamber has been serving the communities of West Omaha, Elkhorn, Bennington, Valley and Waterloo since 1947. They are committed to making the West O Chamber a welcoming and inclusive community that attracts a talented and diverse workforce. Learn more at or contact (402) 289-9560 /

AccuQuilt Announces Quilt Block Unveiling and 10th Anniversary Celebration AccuQuilt, a U.S. based company that specializes in manufacturing premiere fabric cutting machines, is excited to announce that its annual Quilt Block Unveiling Event will double as a 10th anniversary celebration on September 18. The anniversary celebration will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at AccuQuilt headquarters (8843 S 137th Cir.). Admission to the event is completely free to attendees. They’ll be treated to a day of quilting tips, new product demos, giveaways and catered lunch courtesy of AccuQuilt. Additionally, those who attend will see a special presentation from quilting pro Kaye England and witness the winning quilt block design from the Quilt Block Design Contest unveiled on a 17-foot sign outside AccuQuilt headquarters. This year, Quilt Block Design Contest participants will claim their share of more than $15,000 in prizes contributed by AccuQuilt and sponsors from the quilting and fabric industries, with the grand prize winner taking home a package valued at more than $8,000. AccuQuilt offers quilters, fabric crafters and retailers a premiere line of fabric cutters, dies, quilting patterns and other quilt and fabric cutting solutions that help quilters quickly and accurately cut shapes for quilting and fabric crafts. For more information on how to Cut Time. Quilt More.™, visit or call (888) 258-7913.

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OPEN HOUSE Tuesday, September 18th | 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

Goosmann Law Firm | 17838 Burke Street, Suite 250 Omaha, NE 68118 Located in West Omaha next to Village Pointe

Join the Goosmann Law Firm at their Omaha Open House to Celebrate their Brand New Office Space! Jeana Goosmann, CEO & Managing Partner of the Goosmann Law Firm, opened the firm’s Omaha office in July of 2017. Exactly a year later, in July of 2018 the Goosmann Law Firm completed the expansion of their space here in Omaha. Goosmann, along with Joel Carney, Omaha Managing Partner, and Josh White, Omaha Executive Director, invite you to join them in celebrating the firm’s growth in Omaha and newly expanded office space. The expanded space is located across the hall from their previous suite in the Advent Building in West Omaha. The space boasts 8,000 square feet and includes sixteen attorney and executive offices, nine paralegal and administrative staff collaborative spaces, as well as three state-of-theart conference rooms complete with the newest telecommunications and conference technology. The firm features a modern lobby and seating area paired with a state-of-the-art coffee bar, tall ceilings and hallways, large windows, and a large break room perfect for hosting firm events, meetings, seminars, and group lunches. The Goosmann Law team will be hosting an Open House on Tuesday, September 18th. The Open House will be at the Goosmann Law Firm, 17838 Burke Street, Suite 250 in Omaha, Nebraska, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. The Goosmann Law Firm is a full-service law firm with locations in Omaha, Nebraska; Sioux City, Iowa; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. To learn more about the Goosmann Law Firm, visit their website at or call (855) 843-4531.

Jeana Goosmann

Joel Carney

Josh White

Strategic legal advice that’s worth it.

WWW.GOOSMANNLAW.COM | (855) 843-4531 16

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BUSINESS NEWS CharterWest Bank Opens New Mortgage Loan Centers CharterWest Bank has expanded its number of Mortgage offices in Nebraska by opening new Mortgage Centers in Lincoln, McCook and Omaha. Over the past 14 years, CharterWest Bank has opened mortgage loan centers across the state of Nebraska and has become a leading producer of Nebraska Investment Finance Authority (NIFA) sponsored loans, USDA Rural Housing loans, and Federal Housing Authority (FHA) loans, as well as conventional mortgages. The new CharterWest Bank Mortgage Centers in Nebraska are located at: 4400 S. 86th St., Ste. 101 in Lincoln; 116 W. E St. in McCook; and 4604 S. 25th St. in Omaha. “We’re very excited about expanding the CharterWest Bank mortgage services footprint in Lincoln, McCook and Omaha with the opening of these new Mortgage Centers,” said senior vice president Nick Brion. “And we’re especially excited about our expanded mortgage loan officer team and the professional experience they will provide to our customers in these communities,” Brion said. CharterWest’s full-time mortgage lending staff now numbers a team of nearly 50 individuals. CharterWest Bank is a state-chartered community bank that started in 1985 in West Point, Nebraska. Today CharterWest Bank continues to be headquartered in West Point and also has full-service branches in Pender, Walthill, Elkhorn, and Papillion. CharterWest Bank now has residential mortgage offices in Elkhorn, South Omaha, Lincoln, Papillion, La Vista, Columbus, Grand Island, Kearney, McCook and Hastings. Learn more at

Holmes Murphy Joins Forces With CSDZ Holmes Murphy (, a privately-owned insurance brokerage, has partnered with Minneapolis-based Cobb Strecker Dunphy & Zimmermann, Incorporated (CSDZ; www.csdz. com) in the company’s largest merger to date. This growth of more than 100 employees makes Holmes Murphy one of the largest employee-owned brokerages in the nation and is a reflection of Holmes Murphy’s business strategy, further strengthening the firm’s depth in the property casualty and, more specifically, construction and surety industries. This partnership between Holmes Murphy and CSDZ brings together some of the most innovative minds in the industry and will create a dominant position in the construction and surety markets. “The CSDZ team of insurance professionals has been serving the construction industry for nearly 100 years,” said Holmes Murphy chairman and CEO, Daniel T. Keough. “Their longevity fits well with Holmes Murphy’s foundation in the insurance industry, and we know this growth opportunity will only enhance our clients’ service experience. Holmes Murphy has long been known for providing the best insurance solutions to lower our clients’ cost. By adding CSDZ’s expertise, we’re able to take our knowledge and capabilities to the next level.” CSDZ was initially founded as a construction contract surety organization and has since grown into a nationally recognized specialty risk management organization. It will continue to operate on a stand-alone basis and will remain in its three locations of Minneapolis, Minnesota; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Madison, Wisconsin. CSDZ president, Jerry Ouimet, will maintain his current role, while current chairman and CEO, R. Scott Egginton, is taking on the role of chairman emeritus of CSDZ and will continue to be involved with both client and partner relations. In the future, Holmes Murphy also plans to expand further by bringing its employee benefits, captive, and personal lines expertise into the mix of exceptional property casualty services already offered by both companies.

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Owner of Omaha’s The Bike Rack Named 2018 Nebraska Retail Champion Jim Carveth, the owner of The Bike Rack in Omaha, has been named the 2018 Nebraska Retail Champion for the Second Congressional District by the Nebraska Retail Federation. The 2018 Nebraska Retail Federation award was presented at the Omaha store, located at 14510 Eagle Run Dr., by Omaha City Councilwoman Aimee Melton and Nebraska Retail Federation president Jim Otto on August 17 at 10 a.m. Senator Hilkemann nominated Jim and his business for consideration. The award includes an expense paid trip to the 2018 America’s Retail Champion competition in Washington D.C, September 4 - 6 sponsored by the National Retail Federation. Otto explained that the purpose of the Nebraska Retail Champion/ America’s Retail Champion competition is to emphasize the huge contributions local retailers make to their local communities. They pay local taxes, create local jobs, sponsor local charities, and collect the sales tax that is due on each retail purchase while most of their out of state online competitors do none of those. Otto also expressed his excitement over the quality of all the nominees and especially The Bike Rack owner, Jim Carveth. Otto commented, “Jim exemplifies what a Retail Champion does to generously support the local community and succeed in spite of keen competition. He embodies the fighting spirit of American small business and gives back to his local community in countless ways. Jim is truly a Nebraska Retail Champion.” Jim’s Bike Rack stores do over 30 bicycle rodeos per year teaching youth how to bike safely. They have also given away well over 10,000 helmets throughout the years. The 1st & 3rd Thursday’s are in store bike mechanic/bike safety days. They host “Advocacy” nights bringing together local advocates to discuss and promote cycling. Bike Rack Omaha has won best of Omaha every year since 1997. They support The MS ride, Wear Yellow ride (cancer research), BRAN (Bicycle Ride Across Nebraska), JDRF Ride support, area Boy Scout badge requirement clinics, and the Omaha Safety Council and the “Cyclefest” program. For 8 years, Jim has participated in the Santa cop bike giveaway during Christmas season, giving away 100 bikes to less fortunate youth. Jim and his wife are active in their local church, serving on Vestry and helping with children’s education. They are currently assisting in sponsoring a refugee family from Burma. Nebraska Retail Federation will name the First Congressional District Nebraska Retail Champion winner next week. Linda Taylor with VK Electronics in McCook was named the Third Congressional District Nebraska Retail Champion for 2018. To learn more, visit SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business 17

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402.558.3500 402.502.8757 402.502.5511 Corner of 50th & South Saddlecreek

SW Corner of 144th & Industrial Rd

SW Corner of 120th & Maple


Corner of Washington & Lincoln; Papillion

Dingman’s Mechanical Repair now open on the SW Corner of 120th & Maple!

“We’d Rather Be The Best Than Apologize for Anything Less.” 18

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Meet Virginia Kiviranta, the co-owner of MyStaff Inc. Tell us a little about your business. - MyStaff Inc. is a newer staffing firm in Omaha. We just celebrated our one-year anniversary in June. At MyStaff Inc. we focus on placing candidates in all corporate office positions at all levels, excluding IT. We try to keep our process informal and laid back; everyone on our team works really hard to make our clients happy. How did you get started in the business? - I actually fell into this business. I applied for a staffing manager position with a local staffing firm and 25 years later, here I am, one of the partners of MyStaff Inc. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? - Working through the 2008-09 recession was definitely a bit of a shocker. That was the first recession where I actually felt the consequences. It was harder to secure business and that impacted how I did my job. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - Starting MyStaff Inc. with Brad and Lu Jones has been a huge achievement. Leaving a financially secure position and starting a brand new business was definitely unnerving, but has been so incredibly rewarding. Watching our business grow in such a short period of time has been very gratifying. Tell us a little about your family. - I have a wonderful, supportive family. My future husband Kurt and I have known each other since middle school and he is amazing. He has done so much to help me start this business! What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? My father’s passing right after I graduated from high school was quite a challenge. I almost never left home for college. If it weren’t for the strength of my mother, I wouldn’t be where I am today. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - I enjoy boating, kayaking, and hiking. If only we lived in Colorado! What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - A few years ago, I traveled to France by myself for a week to hike through the wine country. I met up with a guide from Colorado and two women from California. What are you the most proud of? - My professional success. I come from a very small farming community and I never dreamed I would be where I am today. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - To never live in the past, always look forward. If you had a theme song, what would it be? - Well, “Meet Virginia” of course! If you could have a superpower, what would it be? - To be invisible. Which talent would you most like to have? - To be a painter! I love Van Gogh, Monet, etc. They make it look easy. What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - The MakeA-Wish Foundation. Hearing about the wishes that have been granted by the kids and their families makes it so easy to want to give. What is your favorite book or the last good book you read? - An American Tragedy by Theodore Dreiser. That is my English major coming out in me! If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be? - It would be my dad. He was famous to me. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Phone: (402) 614-1441; Email:; Website:

Goin’ Fast & Lookin’ Good!


Lallenia Birge

BIG BIRGE PLUMBING Meet Lallenia Birge, co-owner of Big Birge Plumbing. Tell us a little about your business. - Big Birge Plumbing is a locally owned and operated plumbing company. We perform service calls and specialize in any plumbing-related aspects of new construction and remodeling projects for residential and commercial clients. It’s a family business run by my husband Brad Birge and I. How did you get started in the business? - My husband has a true passion for plumbing and wanted to create something different than the companies he had worked for previously. At the time, I was a personal trainer and he had gotten laid off. My clients started using him as their plumber. We both working two jobs for a while in the beginning, but found that our plumbing business was a full-time job! It was time to take the plunge! I learned how to run a business from the back end, while he tested to get his master plumbing license. Before we knew it, we were business owners and Big Birge Plumbing was up and running! What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? - Learning to let go and delegate so I can focus all my effort on what I am good at and enjoy doing, marketing and culture. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - Surrounding myself with other business owners who want to grow themselves. It seems like an “odd” achievement, however, I feel as though many small business owners isolate themselves and get into a funk. By putting myself out there and being open to learning and growing, while surrounding myself with like-minded people, I’m constantly motivated to better myself, my family, and our business. Tell us a little about your family. - My husband and I have a super sweet, smart, yet cool 8-year-old son, Wyatt, who is our miracle boy and Brad’s twin. We also have a 2 ½-year-old daughter, Brielle, our “gift.” She’s the funniest, most driven and independent little mini-me. Then there’s our crazy Goldendoodle puppy, two cats, and two Leopard geckos. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? Moving to Omaha. Had I not moved here, I wouldn’t have my husband, my kids, the people I’ve met, or our business in my life. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - I love to be active and outdoors. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - I am the only one in the U.S. with the name Lallenia, so that’s kind of cool. What are you the most proud of? - My family. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - “You probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do.” I feel as if many people let “what others might think” get in the way of their goals and dreams. Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Inspiring. What is your favorite book or the last good book you read? - Currently I’m re-reading Traction, which has helped us tremendously with growing and scaling our business. If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be? - Dwayne Johnson, and not just because of his muscles! He is passionate about life, setting his mind to something and doing it no matter what—win or lose. I love that! If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Phone: (402) 575-0102; Email:; Website:

DPC Unlimited LLC is a performance diesel and truck accessory outlet. We offer diesel performance parts and tuning required for on and off-road performance for big rigs and light-duty pickups. We also have your chrome and truck accessory needs covered from the front to the back and the top to the bottom.

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Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

Meet David Ridder, chief credit officer for American National Bank. Tell us a little about your career. - I’ve been in the banking industry my entire professional career and most of that time has been spent in the commercial lending arena. For the past 11 years, I’ve worked for American National Bank developing commercial banking relationships with customers and prospects and leading teams of commercial bankers. I’ve had the privilege of working with some very savvy and successful businesspeople. It’s fascinating to hear their stories. How did you get started in the business? - I was hired as a part-time bank teller when I was a freshman in college. That same institution offered me a full-time lending position when I graduated from college and I’ve been in the banking business ever since. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? - In the past year, I’ve taken on a different role within the bank that has given me more exposure to, and influence on, several other lending areas. It is both the biggest challenge and greatest opportunity of my career. Tell us a little about your family. - I’ve been married for 22 years and have been blessed with a daughter and son. My daughter recently started her sophomore year in college and my son is a junior in high school. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? For me, there are two: Getting married and then having children. Those events have shaped everything that has come after them. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Relaxing with friends and family is always a favorite of mine. That time might be spent playing golf, fishing or hunting, watching sports, catching a movie, or just relaxing by the pool. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - I truly enjoy flying, but I have a profound fear of heights. I recognize that’s completely irrational. What are you the most proud of? - Being the father of two really great kids and whatever role I played in making that happen. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - Never sacrifice your integrity. Which talent would you most like to have? - I’d love to have the ability to play the guitar. I’ve always been impressed by people who have musical talents and are willing to share them. If you could choose any other profession to be successful in, what would it be? - I’ve spent a lot of time coaching youth sports over the years and have really enjoyed watching kids develop their skills. I think coaching at the college level would be even more rewarding. What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - I’ve served over seven years as a board member for One World Community Health Centers. My passion for the organization has grown stronger every year as I see the number of people in our community who benefit from their services. I’m particularly proud of the work being done in the schoolbased clinics and in the teen and young adult clinic. What is your favorite movie? - Lion. What is your favorite local restaurant? - Rivera’s. I like some “heat” in Mexican food. If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be? - John F. Kennedy. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? Direct Phone: (402) 399-5035; Email:; Website:


Shawn Williams

SUMMIT FRANCHISE ADVISORS Meet Shawn Williams, owner of the local Cold Stone Creamery and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchises and the founder of Summit Franchise Advisors. Tell us a little about your business. - We own all Cold Stone Creamery stores in Omaha and the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Midtown and La Vista locations. Recently we began utilizing third party delivery services, so now we can come to you if you can’t come to us! Based on my extensive experience with operating franchises I recently founded Summit Franchise Advisors, which is a specialized consulting company assisting entrepreneurs with identifying, evaluating, and owning the franchise that best fits their personal and professional goals. How did you get started in the business? - My professional career began in public accounting, followed by 12 years in financial management positions. I realized I wanted to own my own business, eventually bringing BounceU to Omaha. We were the first to market in the “bouncy house”/ trampoline family entertainment business. I eventually sold BounceU, and spent several months investigating numerous businesses until Cold Stone became available. It was a “win” because it’s the premium brand in ice cream and I’m proud to be associated with it, I own the entire Omaha market so I control operational quality, and there is room to grow in Omaha so I can scale the business. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? - The Great Recession of 2008 was an extreme challenge. We owned BounceU at the time. People were tight on money and we were in survival mode. However, we adapted, improvised, and managed to scrape through when many other small businesses did not. Tell us a little about your family. - My beautiful wife Cindy has continually supported my entrepreneurial ways. I have a 22-year-old son, Riley, who recently made a wise financial decision to buy his first home. I have an 11-year-old daughter, Karli, who excels both athletically and academically. I have an eight-year-old son, Cooper, who brings joy and adventure to our family on a daily basis. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - My kids are very active in sports and I’ve coached as well. Depending on the time of year, we are playing soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, and/or football. If I have any spare time, I’ll play some golf. We’re also big fans and season ticket holders of Bluejay basketball and Husker football. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - For several years I was a Shriner clown named “Willy.” I performed at numerous parades, circuses, and events, and still know how to juggle. What are you the most proud of? - I’m “self-made.” I paid for my college education independently and was the first person in my family with a college degree. I’ve worked hard and earned everything I’ve achieved. If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - This is my mantra: “Dream Big. Work Hard. Be Nice. Have Fun.” If you could choose any other profession to be successful in, what would it be? - I would have been a good pediatrician, but science was never my thing. What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - I have been on the board of the American Lung Association for many years and I strongly support their cause. I had asthma as a child, my father died from lung cancer, and my mother has COPD. This topic hits close to home. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? Phone: (402) 616-3934; Email:; Website:

Fractional, part-time, or interim financial and HR leadership We are a team of entrepreneurs driving client success by providing access to expertise that helps them grow through objective leadership, partnerships, strategy, and creativity.


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Cody Simons


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Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

Meet Cody Simons, owner of DPC Unlimited LLC. Tell us a little about your business. - DPC Unlimited LLC is a family owned and operated diesel performance, chrome and truck accessories retail outlet, utilizing over 40 years of combined experience in the repair and trucking industry. At DPC Unlimited LLC, we specialize in assisting our clients with making their trucks look good and perform at their best. We can help with any chrome or truck accessory need you may have and offer the diesel performance parts and tuning required for on and off-road performance for big rigs and light duty pickups. How did you get started in the business? - At a very young age, I found that I had a love for cars and trucks thanks to my dad. As the years went by, my passion grew and I knew it was what I wanted to pursue as a lifelong career. After graduating from Lincoln Tech with an associate’s degree in automotive, I’d been looking for a way to bring something to the industry that isn’t in the market around here. Earlier this year that vision became a reality with the opening of DPC Unlimited LLC. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? - Becoming a business owner at a relatively young age. While the times and views are changing, being on the younger end of the spectrum comes with its fair share of challenges and doubts. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - After graduating high school, attending tech college to obtain an associate’s degree in automotive was my first. Going on to get my CDL and the experience needed to join my father’s trucking company has been the most recent. Tell us a little about your family. - I was born in Lincoln to parents who still reside here. At the end of April, I married my best friend Shelbie. Our little family consists of two dogs and a turtle. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? - When I came to the point where I had the ability and knowledge to go into business myself. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - What is a day off? While starting DPC Unlimited LLC and still to this day, we also operate a small trucking company. My current schedule consists of weekdays spent at the store and weekends driving the trucks. If I do find myself having a little free time, you’ll find me working in my shop at home. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - My compassion; I’m always willing to help someone else. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - Don’t let anyone tell you something’s impossible. If you had a theme song, what would it be? - “Eastbound and Down” by Jerry Reed. Which talent would you most like to have? - I would like to be able to play the guitar. If you could choose any other profession to be successful in, what would it be? - Law enforcement. What is your favorite movie? - Bad Boys II. What is your favorite TV show? - The Ranch, Letterkenny, and Street Outlaws. What is your favorite local restaurant? - Tico’s Mexican Restaurant. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Phone: (402) 466-0555; Email:; Website:


Josh Jackson

MCGILL RESTORATION Meet Josh Jackson, estimator and project manager at McGill Restoration. Tell us a little about your business. - McGill Restoration is a specialty contractor based in Omaha. We do a variety of restoration projects across the Midwest region. While our primary focus of business started with masonry restoration, over the years it has expanded into many different areas of repairs. We currently offer services in four main divisions: Parking Garages/Stadium Repairs; Industrial, Restoration, and Coating; Infrastructure Repairs and High Performance Coatings; and Masonry. At McGill, we are committed to providing the highest quality restoration services in the industry. I haven’t experienced any other company in the area that takes pride in preservation as much as McGill Restoration. It’s been a rewarding experience from day one. How did you get started in the business? - As an intern in college, I worked for a variety of contractors. I really fell in love with the work and projects that come with this field. During my last semester of school, I interned for McGill Restoration, which really gave me hands-on experience doing restoration work. After seeing the completed projects, I knew that this was the field for me. Tell us a little about your family. - My father is a retired Air Force veteran and my mother works as an elementary school nurse. I have three younger siblings, a brother, and two sisters. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? - The biggest turning point in my life thus far was definitely my choice of major in college, which resulting in me finding work in an industry I really enjoy. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Watch English Premier League soccer and spend time with friends and family. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - I am a huge soccer fan. I actually got the chance to go to London and watch a premiere league game live! What are you the most proud of? - Right now, I am proud of graduating with a bachelors in Civil Engineering, and getting a job at a great company after graduation. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - The advice that has stuck with me the most is to always look for opportunities to learn. Never get complacent because there is always more to discover. If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Authentic. If you had a theme song, what would it be? - “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals. If you could have a super power, what would it be? - My superpower of choice would definitely be teleportation. I would never be stuck in traffic again! What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - I was involved in a community service group in college and we worked with many great non-profits. Habitat for Humanity and Keep Omaha Beautiful both have great goals and are doing real good in our communities. What is your favorite book or the last good book you read? - The last good book I read has to be Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner. What is your favorite TV Show? - Westworld has got to be number one. It’s an incredibly entertaining and thought provoking show. If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be? - The late physicist Stephen Hawking. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? Email:; Website:

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SANDLER TRAINING by Karl Schaphorst, President


Wave the Magic Wand! One of the most interesting salespeople I ever saw in a selling situation was a new car saleswoman. In the part of town where I lived at the time, the dealership where she worked was very successful. As I later found out, she was responsible for most of the sales. Her prospecting and selling techniques were first-rate, but what made her closing rate exceptional was a very simple device—she literally would wave a “magic” wand if the prospect could not make up his or her mind. Once she understood why the prospect wanted to buy a car and made sure that the prospect had the budget, she asked very calmly what the prospect wanted to do. Well, the choice was clear. Either the prospect said “yes” or something else. With those who wanted something else, she did the following. She picked up a red pen and as she waved it from left to right, she said, “This is a magic wand that lets you change whatever you want. What would that be?” Despite what the prospect said, she’d then take the response and restate it as a question and wait for a response. The magic wand allowed the prospect a no pressure way to state unresolved concerns. Once these concerns were visible, the saleswoman chose either to deal with them or move on. She did not waste her time trying to get someone to buy who was not going to buy. As a result, since she could concentrate on those who would buy, her closing rate was exceptionally high.

The magic wand works exceptionally well for most salespeople. This tactic is powerful because you control the situation as the prospect sees the future and tells you all about it. If your product is in the “future,” all you have to do is ask the prospect what he/she wants you to do. If your product is not in the future for some reason, you will be told the reason. Knowing the reason allows you to take the prospect’s statement and question him/her about it. “You wish you could change the color. That’s interesting; why is that?” “You wish you could change the price. That’s interesting; why is that?” If you are one of those salespeople who think it is wimpy, silly, etc. to pretend that the red pen you are waving back and forth is a magic wand, consider this: IT WORKS! Yes, the prospect may think for a moment that you are being slightly foolish. If being foolish for a few seconds gives you a way to uncover the reason the prospect has not purchased yet, what have you lost? Nothing. What have you gained? You’ve gained a higher likelihood of making the sale. Isn’t that why you are in sales? Rest assured that ten minutes after the prospect has left, he/she won’t remember you waving a magic wand. Should you decide to use this tactic, be serious when you wave the pen. If you don’t take the magic wand seriously, neither will the prospect. A magic wand gives the prospect a safe way of telling you what you need to do to make the sale. Sandler Training is a global training organization with over three decades of experience and proven results. Sandler provides sales and management training and consulting services for small- to mediumsized businesses (SMBs) as well as corporate training for Fortune 1000 companies. For more information, please contact Karl Schaphorst at (402) 403-4334 or by email at You can also follow his blog at

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Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

PERSONNEL NEWS American National Bank’s Jeff Richardson Recognized as Leadership Sarpy Graduate The Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Sarpy program recently recognized its newest graduates. Jeff Richardson, community banking area manager for American National Bank, was one of the graduates. This program is instrumental in developing professional leaders who are able to improve their personal and professional skills so that they are equipped with the tools to perform in leadership roles and work within the community. Participants meet with local business professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist in Sarpy County. “Leadership Sarpy through Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce provided second to none exposure to all aspects of the fastest growing county in Nebraska,” Jeff explains. “Through this leadership experience, I was able to gain unique access to local and state government, the growing Omaha non-profit sector and interaction with some of the most influential business minds in the Omaha Metro. Leadership lessons learned through this year-long program will supplement my ongoing passion for organizational development and leadership within the Omaha community.” American National Bank is proud to recognize the accomplishments of their personnel who are dedicated to strengthening themselves as leaders and staying active in the community. To learn more about American National Bank, located at 1413 South Washington St. in Papillion, visit or call (402) 339-3935.

American Heart Association Welcomes New SVP of Health Strategies Dr. Jeff Willett The American Heart Association, Midwest Affiliate has named Dr. Jeff Willett senior vice president of health strategies. He will oversee strategies that advance the work of the Association including changing policy, leading breakthroughs in science and technology, changing systems, transforming healthcare, and changing communities. “Dr. Willett joins the Association with more than 20 years of experience in non-profit health leadership. He brings a strong background in health policy, community health, research and evaluation and media relations,” said Kevin Harker, executive vice president of American Heart Association. Most recently, Dr. Willett was the vice president of the Truth Initiative in Washington D.C., where he oversaw a team of health policy researchers focused on tobacco prevention. Closer to home, he spent five years as vice president of programs and policy for the Kansas Health Foundation. Jeff earned a Ph.D. in Sociology with a focus on health and a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. “I’m excited for this opportunity; the American Heart Association has an incredible team of staff, volunteers, and partners working to create opportunities for all people to live healthier lives,” Dr. Willett said. “It’s an honor to work alongside the individuals who are improving health in our communities.” The American Heart Association is the world’s leading voluntary health organization devoted to fighting cardiovascular disease. Learn more at

Jeff Sneller Joins Aqua Systems Longtime business development specialist Jeff Sneller has recently joined Aqua Systems, a local company with proven expertise in the water-treatment field. “As Director of Business Development for both Omaha and Lincoln, we’re so happy to have Jeff on board,” said Jeff White, President of Aqua Systems. “He’ll oversee our Pure Water and Ice Dispenser division, adding his strong work ethic and quality management to our company. Plus, he’s got a great first name!” “I’m a problem solver by nature, so being able to help a client solve their water challenges is fun and exciting,” said Sneller. “Business development gives me the opportunity to get acquainted and make lasting relationships with great people!” Serving the area for well over 20 years, Aqua Systems provides water treatment options for both home and business. Offering softeners, drinking systems and solutions for problem issues, Aqua Systems is the source for Omaha and Lincoln when it comes to water treatment. For more information, go to or call (402) 466-6800.

Allisyn Meadows Heads Up 360 Clean’s New Omaha Office as Branch Manager 360 Clean, a locally owned and operated professional cleaning company that recently opened an office in Omaha, is pleased to introduce branch manager Allisyn Meadows. In this role, Allisyn will be overseeing operations at the newly established Omaha location, which is the company’s second, with the first being in Lincoln. Allisyn brings with her a wide range of expertise gained from six years as a supervisor at Home Depot locations throughout the Lincoln and Omaha area. A Lincoln native, she relocated to Omaha in 2007. Here, she has worked for almost a decade with West Interactive in Omaha, holding the title of director and guiding many divisions within the company. Daughter of 360 Clean’s owner, Teresa Hodgen, Allisyn has also been actively involved with the business since it was established. When the opportunity to join forces and grow the family business came about, she made the decision to change careers and commit to leading business development and daily operations for the Omaha branch. Ultimately her goal is to develop it into the same well-known, highly recommended and reputable company for residential, commercial and new construction cleaning that their Lincoln office has achieved. What excites Allisyn the most is the chance to build a “work family” that not only consists of her employees, but her clientele. Locally owned and operated, 360 Clean is committed to a friendly, professional approach with an emphasis in quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Any inquiries about 360 Clean can be directed to Allisyn Meadows at (402) 206-5946. More information about 360 Clean can also be found online at SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business 25

PERSONNEL NEWS Kris Skov Joins Virtual C as Project Manager

Chris Mueller Named COO of Aradius Group

Virtual C is pleased to announce the recent addition of Kris Skov, who has taken on the role of product manager for the company. His knowledge and expertise make him a great asset to the team. Skov comes to Virtual C with a broad 17-year professional track record, with a background in product management, consulting, project management, and sales. Prior to joining Virtual C, he worked for Deluxe Corporation within their financial marketing and analytics division, most recently as a product management specialist. A graduate of Concordia University, Nebraska, Skov received a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. He has also achieved additional licenses and certifications throughout his career. While attending Concordia, he was a multi-sport athlete and participated in numerous other on campus groups. Skov is a proud husband of 15 years and father of two children. He enjoys engaging within his community and participating in a variety of recreational sports. Virtual C offers executive consulting services, working with businesses to facilitate technical and operational transformation and growth strategies. They offer fractional management services, lean and agile development strategies, business infrastructure expertise, and mentoring/ coaching services. For more information about Virtual C, contact or visit their website at

Aradius Group, Nebraska’s leader in print communication services, has announced the promotion of Chris Mueller to the position of chief operating officer. Mueller was hired at Aradius Group in 2007 as a national account executive. He worked in that position for five years, until he discovered his passion for the operations side of the printing industry. Over the past six years, he has held the titles of director of continuous improvement and vice president of manufacturing. Mueller is celebrating 11 years with Aradius Group this year and is excited about the opportunity to take Aradius Group to the next level. Since 1858, Aradius Group has been reinventing itself to meet the evolving needs of clients throughout the United States. By adapting to changes in the marketplace and adopting new technologies and best practices, Aradius Group has grown to become a leading full-service provider of offset printing, mailing, fulfillment, direct mailing, and creative services. Aradius Group is also a leader in the implementation of eco-friendly initiatives and was the first Aradius Grouper to earn Chain of Custody Certification from the Forest Stewardship Council® and G7® Certification. Aradius Group has been named Best Printer in Omaha for 12 consecutive years by B2B Magazine. For additional information about Aradius Group, please visit www.

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Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

PERSONNEL NEWS Nebraska Medicine Names Dr. James Linder New CEO There is a new but familiar name now leading Nebraska Medicine, with James Linder, MD, assuming the role of chief executive officer of the health care system. The Nebraska Medicine Board of Directors announced the change on August 8. Dr. Linder replaces Dan DeBehnke, MD, MBA. “The Nebraska Medicine Board is extremely pleased that Dr. Linder has accepted this new and important responsibility,” said Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, chairman of the Nebraska Medicine Board and chancellor of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and University of Nebraska Omaha. “His past service as a practicing physician, his leadership in health care, as well as his highly engaged role as a member of the Nebraska Medicine Board, make him uniquely suited for this position.” Dr. Gold says Dr. Linder’s experience, locally and globally, make him especially well-suited for the job. “Dr. Linder clearly understands the global role of academic health centers and the importance of Nebraska Medicine’s relationship with the communities, patients and families that we serve every day,” added Dr. Gold. “We’re confident Dr. Linder will further enhance the incredible momentum that Nebraska Medicine has been building in recent years and will provide the skilled leadership necessary to guide the organization on its continued mission of providing serious medicine and extraordinary care.” A native Nebraskan, Dr. Linder earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry and microbiology from Iowa State University and his medical degree with distinction from UNMC. He completed his residency training in pathology at Duke University Medical Center and at UNMC. Dr. Linder has served as a member of the hospital medical staff for many years as a practicing pathologist. He has previously served in the role of the interim dean of the UNMC College of Medicine and as the interim president of the University of Nebraska system from 2014 through 2015. “I am honored and enthused to accept this key leadership position,” Dr. Linder said. “Nebraska Medicine continues to be uniquely poised along with all of our university and community partners to provide optimal care for all Nebraskans as well as expand its reach as a strong academic medical center on the regional and global stage.” Dr. Gold added, “The board is grateful to Dr. Dan DeBehnke for his service and dedication to our patients and to our staff, learners, and community partners. We wish Dr. DeBehnke the very best in his future endeavors.”

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know & Who Knows You! At Strictly Business Magazine we strive to recognize local businessmen and women for their significant awards, promotions, achievements, and/or efforts in partnership with other organizations and the Omaha community. If you know of someone who meets these criteria and wish to include their news in our publication, please call (402) 466-3330 or submit your news via our website at www.

West Gate Bank® Welcomes Tyler Peterson The West Gate Bank® Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Tyler Peterson as a mortgage loan officer. A native of Elkhorn, NE and a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Kearney, Peterson brings 15 years of mortgage and finance experience to his role at West Gate Bank. As a mortgage loan officer, he will work directly with clients to recommend the best mortgage products for their needs, building customized solutions for brokers and clients purchasing or refinancing a home and assist clients with the mortgage origination process from start to finish. Peterson is involved with coaching youth basketball and softball teams, a member of various networking groups, and participates in community initiatives on behalf of West Gate Bank. Tyler Peterson is located at West Gate Bank® Pacific Springs at 1020 S 179th Ct. and can be reached at (402) 758-8716 or at West Gate Bank® is a family owned community bank celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018. As a full service banking institution, West Gate Bank® is large enough to serve all your personal or commercial banking needs, yet small enough to provide the outstanding personal service that only a community bank can deliver. For more information, visit

Brandy Brentlinger and Dan Michaud Join Outlook Nebraska Team Brandy Brentlinger and Dan Michaud have joined Outlook Nebraska (www. Outlook’s mission is to positively impact everyone who is blind and visually impaired. Brandy Brentlinger joined Outlook Nebraska as the accounting facilitator. She brings nearly seven years of payroll, benefit administration, and employee engagement and retention knowledge and experiences to the Outlook Nebraska team. Brentlinger oversees the day-to-day accounts payable, accounts Brandy Brentlinger receivable and bi-weekly payroll functions to ensure the accurate and timely processing of accounting information. Additionally, she serves as a liaison for Outlook’s accounting department between customers, vendors, and other stakeholders and ensures the continual development of the accounting team. Prior to Outlook Nebraska, Brentlinger held similar roles at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Tecumseh Poultry, and Adecco Staffing. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in human resource management from Bellevue Dan Michaud University. Having served in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years, Dan Michaud brings his strong facilities management and maintenance skills to the Outlook team. As the building management facilitator, Michaud is responsible for the overall upkeep and management of the Outlook Nebraska facility. He monitors the facility’s cleanliness and needs, coordinates contract services, and ensures the security of associates and guests. Prior to Outlook, Michaud has held a similar position in the Air Force while stationed at Offutt Air Force Base. His military certifications include mission support, emergency management, and anti-terrorism. SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business 27

PERSONNEL NEWS Nebraska Hospital Association Welcomes Margaret Woeppel and David DeVries

Bridge to Better Living Welcomes Kristine Dykeman-Schoening

On July 23, Margaret Woeppel, MSN, RN, CPHQ joined the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) as vice president of Quality Initiatives. As a registered nurse, Margaret spent 13 years at Bryan Health in Lincoln. She served as a regional services consultant for 48 Heartland Health Alliance Hospitals and was both a clinical research liaison and flight nurse. In addition, she held the position of rural division quality officer, where she oversaw quality in both owned and managed facilities. Margaret currently serves as president of the Nebraska Rural Health Association and is a National Rural Health Association Rural Health Congress member.

Bridge to Better Living announces the addition of Kristine Dykeman-Schoening, a 29-year veteran in the Senior Health Care Field as director of development. Kristine has a BA in Psychology from the University of NebraskaLincoln , a Certification of Gerontology from UNO, and is a Certified Social Worker with the State of Nebraska. Her talents in social work, supervision, leadership, and administration have helped thousands of seniors navigate their aging journey. Kristine is passionate about building relationships with individuals and care teams to ensure a common goal. She has extensive knowledge and resources in the Lincoln community including post-acute care. Kristine received the 2016 Coalition for Older Adult Health Promotion Professional of the Year award, is a graduate of Leadership Lincoln Class XXX, and currently serves on the Seniors Foundation Board.

David DeVries joined the NHA in early August as a health data analyst. David worked for Nebraska Health and Human Services as the epidemiology surveillance coordinator for the Division of Behavioral Health. Prior to this role, he was a health surveillance specialist with DHHS in the Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention program. He’s also worked as an analyst for the Lincoln Regional Center, Mutual of Omaha and UNMC.

Margaret Woeppel

Kristine is a tremendous asset to the Bridge to Better Living’s team and will serve in an administrative capacity and as a transition consultant.

David DeVries

To find out more about the Nebraska Hospital Association, please visit

Bridge to Better Living is a free, no-cost service for clients and assists them in finding the best quality of life when choosing a move to a Senior Living Retirement Community; Independent, Assisted, Memory Care, or Long-Term Care. Founded in 2010 by Mary Ann Stallings, the facility currently serves Lincoln, Omaha, and surrounding communities. For more information or to meet with a Transition Consultant, contact Bridge to Better Living at (402) 302-8801 or go online to

Professional Service You Can Trust PARKING GARAGES/STADIUM REPAIRS Concrete Repairs – Shotcrete Post-tension Repairs Deck Coatings Water Repellents Concrete Strengthening Expansion Joints Vertical & Horizontal Caulking Epoxy Injection Wall & Ceiling Coatings Power washing & Cleaning Partial/Full Depth Concrete Repair

INFRASTRUCTURE REPAIRS & HIGH PERFORMANCE COATINGS Concrete Repairs – Shotcrete High Performance Coatings Faux Finishes Concrete Strengthening Epoxy Injection Water Repellents Abrasive Blasting Expansion Joints Bridge Deck Patching

INDUSTRIAL RESTORATION & COATINGS Caulking & Glazing Patching & Repair Pedestrian Coatings & Decorative Concrete Wall Coatings Below-grade Waterproofing Hot-applied Waterproofing Epoxy Flooring Pour in Place Concrete

MASONRY RESTORATION Tuck Pointing Repair & Replacement of masonry units, terra cotta, and precast Exterior Building Façade Cleaning Patching & Repair Water Repellents Caulking


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PERSONNEL NEWS Kelsey Malecha Joins CIP’s Executive Team

Kathleen Pallesen Joins Berry Law Firm

Kelsey K. Malecha, MAI, CCIM, has joined the executive team at Commercial Investment Properties (CIP) as senior vice president and director of growth, research, and analytics. Kelsey is responsible for all aspects of development, investment analytics, property performance, and market analysis for the company. Malecha has 12 years of valuation and advisory experience as a commercial real estate appraiser in the Midwest. Malecha graduated from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, and is a member of the Urban Land Institute, CCIM Institute, Appraisal Institute, and NAIOP. CIP is a second-generation, family-owned company that specializes in multi-family development, property management, and investment management. It is headquartered in Lincoln and has offices in Omaha and Bloomington, Minnesota. Malecha resides in CIP’s Bloomington office. CIP manages more than 30 apartment communities in Lincoln, Omaha and Alliance, Nebraska; Ames and Des Moines, Iowa; and Bloomington and Woodbury, Minnesota. Rooted firmly in customer service and value, CIP focuses on providing exceptional experiences for its residents. For more information about CIP, visit

Berry Law Firm’s Omaha team is pleased to welcome Kathleen Pallesen! A legal powerhouse in her own right, Mrs. Pallesen has practiced law for over 25 years and has extensive experience in probate, guardianship, civil litigation, and elder law. After earning her JD from the University of Nebraska, Mrs. Pallesen’s legal career started in Washington D.C. as a legislative aide to Congressman Peter Hoagland. In 1995, she returned to Omaha and became a prosecutor for the Douglas County Attorney’s Office. Mrs. Pallesen created the “Termination Unit,” where she filed and adjudicated termination of parental rights cases for all the children languishing in foster care. She has also been in private practice at Spethman Pallesen Law Offices, LLC since 2013. A devoted community volunteer, Mrs. Pallesen co-chairs the 2019 MarianFest and is a former member of the Aksarben Foundation, Women’s Ball Committee, which raises funds for Horatio Alger Scholarships in Nebraska and western Iowa. Mrs. Pallesen finds fulfillment by helping people in times of legal crisis. She thinks outside of the box and crafts solutions tailored for each client. These qualities make her a perfect fit for Berry Law Firm, continuing the pattern of strong growth that has earned Berry Law a place on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing businesses for the past two years. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, contact Berry Law Firm at (402) 466-8444 or via

Nebraska Community Foundation Welcomes Betty Wagner and Kara Weander-Gaster Nebraska Community Foundation proudly welcomes Betty Wagner of Lincoln and Kara Weander-Gaster of Norfolk to its growing team of community development professionals serving Greater Nebraska. Betty Wagner has joined the Nebraska Community Foundation (NCF) staff as executive assistant to the CEO. In her new position, Wagner handles a variety of logistical communications and organizational duties for both NCF administrative staff and the board of directors. Betty Wagner Prior to arriving at NCF, Wagner served as executive assistant at Grand Island Central Catholic Development Foundation. Before that, she spent 13 years as the executive assistant for Grand Island Public Schools and 11 years as a divisional office manager for the city of Grand Island. Originally from Wayne, NE, Kara WeanderGaster (now of Norfolk) has taken on the role of affiliated fund development coordinator for northeast Nebraska, providing technical assistance to NCF’s affiliated funds and Kara Weander-Gaster donors. Weander-Gaster will work with volunteer leaders to build community awareness, conduct successful fundraising efforts, and increase community impact through grantmaking and citizen engagement. Since 2004, Weander-Gaster has served as the Norfolk Arts Center’s executive director where she brought the organization to a new level of artistic excellence and community engagement with numerous programs and services, which were embraced by the community and strongly supported by area businesses. Learn more about the Nebraska Community Foundation at nebcommfound. org or call (402) 323-7330.

RD Industries Hires Scott Neuhalfen, Promotes Stewart Auger RD Industries, the premier global leader in closed loop chemical containment and dispensing systems, announces new hire and promotion. RD Industries has named Scott Neuhalfen as director of quality. In this role, Mr. Neuhalfen will be responsible for all aspects of the production process. Scott earned a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from UNL and he brings with him a passion for helping people understand the real cost of quality, along with 10 years of experience in quality Scott Neuhalfen control, leadership, product development, and manufacturing from Schneider Electric. After his start in June 2017, Stewart Auger has been promoted to the position of vice president of global sales at RD Industries. In this role, Mr. Auger will lead the company’s strategies for expansion into new international regions, further develop the U.S. and Canada markets, and serve as a vital member of the management team. In the short time he’s been with the company, Auger and his teams have expanded the global sales footprint along Stewart Auger with driving customer satisfaction. His 25 years of experience span across a variety of roles in finance, sales, project management, and customer service. RD Industries has earned the confidence of industry leaders worldwide by bringing innovative solutions to a variety of industries. Their worldclass innovation and engineering teams are continually working to develop emerging technology solutions. For more information, please visit SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business 29

NON-PROFIT NEWS Angels Among Us, KFAB Announce Radiothon in Support of Pediatric Cancer

Open Door Mission Prepares for Annual Love Your Neighbor Gala

Angels Among Us and KFAB will be joining forces again this year to raise awareness and funds for families in the community who are battling pediatric cancer! From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Wednesday, September 12, the organizations will host an on-air Radiothon. Last year, the Radiothon helped raise nearly $60,000 in support for families. Be sure to tune in—your support is greatly appreciated!

On Thursday, September 27, Open Door Mission will host their annual Love Your Neighbor dinner and auction at the Embassy Suites Conference Center (12520 Westport Parkway, La Vista). The silent auction will begin at 5 p.m., followed by dinner and a live auction at 6:30 p.m.

Angels Among Us provides financial and emotional support to families that are living or being treated in Nebraska for pediatric cancer. In 2018, Angels Among Us will support over 60 families with the support they need to remain financially stable due to a pediatric cancer diagnosis. Learn more about Angels Among Us online at Angels Among Us is currently seeking matching sponsors to help reach its goal of exceeding the amount raised in 2017. If your company is interested in sponsoring an hour of the Radiothon, or for any other inquiries, please contact the Angels Among Us staff at (402) 934-0999.

Omaha Home for Boys Achieves National Reaccreditation Omaha Home for Boys has achieved national reaccreditation through the New York-based Council on Accreditation (COA). The Home was expedited for reaccreditation for the second straight cycle as a result of scoring top marks in all accreditation standards. Organizations pursue COA accreditation to demonstrate the implementation of best practice standards in the field of human services. COA evaluated all aspects of Omaha Home for Boys’ programs, services, management, and administration. COA accreditation is an objective, independent, and reliable validation of an agency’s performance. The COA accreditation process involves a detailed review and analysis of an organization’s administration, management, and service delivery functions against international standards of best practice. The standards driving accreditation ensure that services are well-coordinated, culturally competent, evidence-based, outcomes-oriented, and provided by a skilled and supported workforce. “Being reaccredited by COA means the Home is among the best in the field,” said Jeff DeWispelare, Omaha Home for Boys’ president and CEO. “We are proud to be a part of this community of excellence.” To achieve COA accreditation, Omaha Home for Boys first provided written evidence of compliance with the COA standards. Thereafter, a group of specially trained volunteer Peer Reviewers confirmed adherence to these standards during a series of on-site interviews with trustees, staff and clients. Based on their findings, COA’s volunteer-based Accreditation Commission voted that Omaha Home for Boys had successfully met the criteria for accreditation. The Omaha Home for Boys has served at-risk youth for more than nine decades with a mission to support and strengthen youth, young adults and families. Learn more at or call (402) 457-7000. 30 Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

Every year, Open Door Mission looks forward with great anticipation to this gala. It is a night of fun and celebration which helps generate needed funds for the continued work of Open Door Mission and its 37+ programs that serve hungry, homeless, and poverty-stricken people in the Omaha community. Individual tickets to this event are $10; sponsored tables of 10 are $750. Bring your family, friends, and coworkers for a engaging night learning about the Mission! You can lear n more or purc hase your tic kets at www. For further questions, contact president Candace Gregory at (402) 829-1502 / or events coordinator Deb Saraka at (402) 829-1503 / dsaraka-rubin@

Nebraska Recycling Council Hosts Annual Awards Luncheon Materials recovery is changing rapidly. Some are calling for a move t owa r d s s u s t a i n a b l e materials management, a n d a way f ro m t h e traditional weight-based system. The three-year effort by China to restrict imports of secondary materials has disrupted global recycling systems, including those in the U.S. Midwest. The American recycling system of 2018 will be much different than the materials recovery efforts in the coming years. Join the Nebraska Recycling Council at the 2018 Annual Awards Luncheon & Workshops on Tuesday, October 2 from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The County Club of Lincoln. Awards will be presented to Nebraska businesses and communities that have excelled at resource recovery and recycling. Concurrent workshops, “Community Workshop: Thinking in Systems” and “Business Workshop: Measuring What Matters” begin at 8:30 a.m., along with a vendor show. The keynote address will be delivered during the awards luncheon by Jerry Powell, owner of three magazines (Resource Recycling, Plastics Recycling Update, and E-Scrap News). For more information and to register, visit: Nebraska Recycling Council is a statewide, member-based, 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. Their mission is to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of resource recovery in Nebraska. Visit for more information.

NON-PROFIT NEWS Dreamweaver Guild Members Prepare for Upcoming Boots & Buckets Fundraiser

Tour de Brew LNK Announces September Charity: Domesti-PUPS

Dreamweaver Foundation is celebrating their five-year anniversary this month. To commemorate this milestone, Dreamweaver is hosting a “Boots & Buckets” fundraising event on Thursday, September 20 at A View on State (13467 State St.). Boots & Buckets, presented by Pinnacle Bank, will kick off at 5:30 p.m. with a cocktail reception and heavy hors d’oeuvres, followed by the excitement of a live auction. There will also be a silent auction. Guests are invited to wear their favorite boots and help raise the spirits of terminally ill seniors by making dreams on their bucket lists come true. Dreamweaver would like to thank their guild of volunteers for all the efforts they are pouring into making this event come to life. For tickets and sponsorship information, go online to or call (402) 697-5471.

Domesti-PUPS has been announced as this month’s charity of Tour de Brew LNK on September 20. The event got its start in October 2013 with the goal to provide a fun way to unite the community and support local charities and, of course, enjoy craft beer. Each month, a different brewery and charity are featured.

Project Harmony Gives Advice for Baby Safety Awareness Month September has been designated Baby Safety Awareness Month each year with the intention of educating parents and caregivers on safeguarding against hidden hazards in the home. Some of these hazards include loose change on the coffee table, magnets on a refrigerator, and hot mugs. While these are important reminders for the safety of all infants and toddlers, Project Harmony would like to remind new and expecting parents of the importance in thorough background screenings for all childcare providers, including in-home care providers and nannies. Thorough background checks are often overlooked, or taken for granted. Parents expect their children to be safe in child care. Child safety is listed as the top indicator that parents look for when choosing a child care provider. But while a safe facility and any safety training and education completed are important, a background check can verify that the person watching your child is trustworthy. A background screening is more than just checking a resume or contacting a list of references. A good background check will: • Verify name, current address and social security number • Search criminal records using the person’s name, aliases or other names in the past, in addition to the maiden name of female applicants • Review the person’s driving record • Check court records • Check national sex offender records • Confirm college or other educational degrees Federal law requires that all states have policies in place to protect the health and safety of children in child care programs. Parents should ask if background checks are utilized for all daycare providers/staff (including the director, cooks, volunteers, van drivers, custodians, etc.) and, if so, what type of background check is conducted and how often. If hiring a personal nanny and/or babysitter, don’t be afraid to ask for a background check. Any employer would ask, and expect, the same when considering an applicant for hire. There are several background check services to choose from, but eNannySource has been recognized by Business News Daily as the best background check service for household employees based on service and affordability. Packages range from $19 to $89. To learn more about background check regulations in your area, visit For information on Project Harmony, go to www.

In order to participate, riders must register for $5 at Moran’s Liquor Works (3400 A St., Lincoln) between 4:30 and 6 p.m. on the day of the event. Riders then bike to Cycle Works (720 N 27th St., Lincoln) for refreshments offered until 6:45 p.m. Next stop is at a tour-supported restaurant to grab a bite to eat. The final stop is Empyrean Brewing Company’s warehouse on the corner of 8th & L St. Riders will regroup and collect their last raffle ticket for a chance to win prizes. The drawing starts at 9 p.m. and beer is served until 10 p.m. To learn more or for sponsorship information, contact Eric Bahm at (402) 310-7364 / Domesti-PUPS is excited to partner with Tour de Brew LNK for this unqiue fundraising pursuit. The event has seen continued participation growth, with last year’s rides averaging about 200 riders per event. To date, Tour de Brew LNK has raised over $30,000 for local charities. Domesti-PUPS is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in Lincoln. They provide therapy dogs, service dogs for persons with disabilities, and trained rescue dogs. To learn more about DomestiPUPS, visit

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NON-PROFIT NEWS LFS Announces “Stories of Survival: Three Generations of Surviving Genocide” Event

United Way Grant Funds Critical Programs for At-Risk Kids

Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (LFS) partnered with the Institute for Holocaust Education and UNL Amnesty International to host a free public event entitled “Stories of Survival: Three Generations of Surviving Genocide,” featuring stories of survivors of the Holocaust, the Cambodian Killing Fields, and an ISIS attack.

Child Saving Institute (CSI) recently received grants totaling $171,600 from the United Way of the Midlands. Thanks, in part, to the generosity of United Way donors, CSI can continue offering free services to children who participate in the agency’s School and Family Enrichment (SAFE), KidSquad, Teen & Young Parent, and Independent Living Skills programs. The United Way also provided funding to support the agency’s Emergency Shelter and Therapy programs.

This event will take place on Thursday, October 11 from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the Kimball Recital Hall, located at 1113 R St. Doors will open at 7 p.m. If interested in attending this event, please RSVP at stories-of-survival/. The Lutheran Family Services’ (LFS) mission is to express God’s love for all people by providing quality human care services that build and strengthen individual, family, and community life. The organization’s vision is safety, hope, and well-being for all people. For more information, please call (402) 978-5646 or visit www.

“Funding from United Way supports critical programs for the prevention, intervention, and healing of child abuse, neglect, and trauma right here in the metropolitan Omaha area,” said Peg Harriott, CSI president and CEO. “With help from United Way donors, children and families have the chance to find hope and healing.” United Way of the Midlands focuses the efforts of many to help their neighbors stand strong by addressing basic needs and fostering success in the classroom and the workplace. To learn more, visit www. CSI is dedicated to the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child trauma, abuse, neglect, and abandonment. CSI has met the changing needs of metro area children for more than a century, based on the belief that ALL children should have homes where hope is kindled and dreams can be achieved. Learn more at

Project Pink’d to Host Sexual Wellness After Breast Cancer Conference In the breast cancer community, the rebuilding of one’s life after treatment is referred to as the “Second Battle,” a battle that is muc h different than the first because survivors are dealing with long-lasting side effects from the treatments they receive, such as chronic pelvic pain, anxiety and depression, bone pain, lymphedema, and chest wall restriction. Side effects impact their quality of life in many ways, including sexual wellness. Project Pink’d, Inc. will host their inaugural Sexual Wellness After Breast Cancer Conference on Saturday, October 27 from 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at the Hilton Downtown Omaha. A continental breakfast and lunch will be served. Registration is required at The complimentary conference, in partnership with Brier Jirka, LMHP, CPC, CST, a licensed mental health practitioner and sex therapist, will bring healthcare professionals together to provide a comprehensive agenda with an emphasis on empowerment, selfknowledge, and self-care in regards to sexual wellness among breast cancer survivors. The conference will be conducted in a “round-robin” forum so that each participant is able to attend a session on every topic in a smaller group setting. Focus will be on four topics: Self-Empowerment – Learning to Be Your Best Advocate; Body Image After Breast Cancer; Physical Therapy (eg. Breast and Pelvic Floor); and Sexual Tools & Techniques. This program is made possible by generous donors and sponsors, including The American Society of Breast Surgeons Foundation. Call Project Pink’d at (402) 905-0691 for more information. 32 Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

Grief’s Journey to Host EMDR Education Program on September 26 Grief ’s Journey will be offering an educational program geared toward the Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) treatment modality. On Wednesday, September 26 from 4 to 5:30 p.m. at Grief’s Journey, located at 7811 Farnam Dr., Bridgette Maas, a registered play therapist, will explain EMDR and share creative and playful ways she uses EMDR to help individuals across the lifespan. Registration fee is $20 ($10 for current GJ facilitators - enter FACILITATOR at checkout). Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a unique, non-traditional form of psychotherapy used to help heal trauma, decrease anxiety, increase self-esteem, and improve overall wellness. Unlike traditional talk therapy, EMDR was designed to focus less on the traumatic events themselves and more on the memories of these events, with the end goal being to diminish the negativity of these memories and replacing them with positive thoughts and feelings that will encourage healthier behavior. This treatment is performed through a hand motion technique used to guide the client’s eyes in a side to side motion, similar to a pendulum swing. This program meets the criteria of an approved continuing education program for mental health practice and social work in the state of Nebraska for 1.5 hours. For more information about Grief’s Journey or to register, please visit

NON-PROFIT NEWS NAMI Omaha Announces Upcoming Public Educational Meeting

Tickets Now Available for CEDARS “Power of the Purse” Premier Fundraiser

NAMI Omaha is excited to share that their next free Mental Health NAMI Affiliate meeting, open to the public, will be held on Thursday, September 6 from 6 - 8 p.m.

Fun, fashion, and class in an exquisite ambiance—that’s how Molly Brummond and Becky Perrett, co-chairs of CEDARS 15th Annual Power of the Purse, describe CEDARS upcoming charity purse auction. At 6:30 p.m. on November 8, the ballroom at the Cornhusker Marriott in Lincoln will be transformed into a festivity of breathtaking handbags for this signature event to benefit the children in CEDARS care. Throughout the event’s history, Power of the Purse has raised over $1 million to help children and youth achieve safety, stability, and enduring family relationships. “Grab your girlfriends and enjoy the best girls’ night out in town,” Perrett says. “Join us for new exciting features as we celebrate our 15th year of making an impact for the children and families who need it most.” “This is a night you won’t want to miss!” Brummond adds. This first-class event is the premier fundraiser for women helping children in our community and tickets are highly desired. The event is a sellout every year. Visit the event website at to purchase tickets and register to bid. For more information about Power of the Purse, or how CEDARS helps children and families, call (402) 434-KIDS (5437) or visit www.

The topic for the September meeting will be “Why Vote” and will be presented by the League of Women Voters® of Greater Omaha ( Main talking points will be why voting is so important. There will also be an opportunity for individuals to become registered voters. These meetings take place the first Thursday of each month at First United Methodist Church, located at 7020 Cass St. in Omaha. Parking is available on the east and north side of the church. Enter through doors 4 or 6 and proceed to room 112. A complimentary light dinner is served. NAMI Omaha is a local affiliate of The National Alliance on Mental Illness. They provide free support to family and friends who have a loved one living with mental illness through education, literature, workshops, conferences, support groups and more. They also offer support groups to the individuals who have a mental illness. For information on NAMI, go to, call (402) 345-8101 / (877) 463-6264 or email For helpful articles on mental illness, follow on Facebook at www.

Nebraska Community Blood Bank Celebrates 50th Anniversary Nebraska Community Blood Bank (NCBB) will celebrate its 50th anniversary this October.

A Roofing Specialist You Can TRUST SERVICES:

“Reaching our 50th anniversary milestone is remarkable,” said Ellen DiSalvo, president of NCBB. “We started out very small with five employees and a handful of donors. But, because of hard work and good people we’ve managed to stay on the cutting edge and not only sustain our services but grow to better serve Nebraska. We are grateful for the people who’ve made blood donation part of their lives and our community partners, volunteers and supporters who understand the importance of us being able to do what we do.” NCBB was founded in 1968 by the physicians of the Lancaster County Medical Society to ensure a safe and stable blood supply to support the city’s new open-heart surgery program. Prior to the establishment of a community-based blood bank in Lincoln, a blood donor would be called to the hospital to donate as blood was needed. A centralized blood bank allowed for blood to be collected, tested, and stored outside of the hospital to better serve the needs of the community. NCBB is a non-profit that helps save the lives of thousands of patients by providing blood to hospitals in Lincoln, Omaha, and surrounding communities. The need for blood is constant, as is the need for volunteer blood donors and supporters. To learn more about how you can help, please visit

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Storm Damage & Insurance Claim Specialists Dedicated to providing the highest level of QUALITY, SERVICE, and PROTECTION. Contact us today! 402.999.ROOF | SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business


NON-PROFIT NEWS Purchase Raffle Tickets to Win Mini Cooper, Support Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation

HETRA Announces FREE Veterans Resource Fair on October 20

Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation is offering one lucky winner a chance to ride home in a Mini Cooper, all while raising money for childhood cancer research! A 2017 Mini Cooper ($28,000 MSRP) was donated to Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation by a group of generous individuals. The donation was made in order to help Sammy’s Superheroes continues its mission to fund life-saving research that will lead to modern treatments for all types of childhood cancer.

Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy (HETRA) and is hosting a FREE Veterans Resource Fair on Saturday, October 20 from 9 a.m. Noon in the HETRA arena, located at 10130 S. 222nd St. in Gretna, NE. This event is open to retired and active duty Veterans, Veteran’s families, and Veteran’s Caregivers.

The Mini Cooper is being raffled off in September, which is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The official date of the raffle will be announced toward the end of the month. You can purchase your chance to win it for $100 for 1 ticket or 7 tickets for $500. Contact executive director Jeremy Stanislav (jstanislav@ / (402) 560-1578) to get tickets. Must pay cash or check. The money raised from the raffle will go towards Sammy’s Superheroes pledge of $400,000 to the University of Chicago Medicine’s Pediatric Cancer Data Commons project. For more information about this pledge and all research projects Sammy’s Superheroes supports with fundraisers like this one, visit www.

Attendees will browse vendor booths to learn about veteran-specific programs, offers, products, and services only available to the Veteran Community. FREE raffle prizes will be awarded throughout the morning. From a 90-minute float from Float Center, a George Foreman photo with autographed program, a fantastic COACH purse, or a $50 Amazon Gift Card, there is something for everyone! Attendees will even get to meet our special therapy horses. Interested in being a vendor? Please visit to register or contact Jodi Teal at or (402) 359-8830.

Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation is 501c3 non-profit.

JDRF Announces Fall Events for Families Affected by Type 1 Diabetes Community Alliance Presents “Breaking the Silence 2018” Featuring Yashi Brown Community Alliance will host their “Breaking the Silence 2018” event on October 11, at 5:30 p.m. at the Holland Performing Arts Center. “Recovery is not only real but should be the expectation.” This is what Yashi Brown wants the world to know. Brown, the niece of the late Michael Jackson, has lived with mental illness since the age of 19. For five years, her symptoms went unnoticed until she experienced a psychotic episode and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Today, she is a writer, poet, and spoken word artist thriving in her recovery and recognized as a leading advocate in the mental health community. Her success is rooted in a support system of family, friends, treatment and spirituality. There are many in our community who have yet to find the support needed for their recovery. Through Community Alliance’s Breaking the Silence event, they work to end the stigma surrounding mental illness and offer increased understanding and hope to all those affected by these illnesses. Breaking the Silence is one of the largest educational efforts surrounding mental illness in Nebraska and across the Midwest. Committee members include: Kathy Gerber (chair), Jane Alseth, Julie Cobb, Ande Johnson, Deirdre Milobar, Darlene Mueller, Sue Oakes, Robin Putnam, Carol Russell, Stephanie Samson and Sheri Stanek. For tickets, sponsorship information, and further details, please visit, email breakingthesilence@, or call (402) 341-5128. 34 Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

The JDRF Omaha-Council Bluffs Chapter is thrilled to be hosting their annual Outreach Event, sponsored by the I-80 Cosmopolitan Club of Omaha, at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch on Sunday, October 14 from noon to 2 p.m. This event enables individuals living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and their families to spend a funfilled fall day enjoying a hot dog lunch, roasting marshmallows, connecting with other families, and experiencing all that Vala’s has to offer. A Vendor Fair provides information on community resources and the latest technology for insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). People with T1D can still enjoy Halloween treats and save some of the candy for treating low blood sugars. Anyone can use these great alternatives: • Parents can buy back the sweets from their child. • Check with your local dental offices. They often have candy buyback programs. • Give back to others! Food pantries often accept candy donations for those in need, and military organizations will send candy to troops overseas. JDRF is the leading global organization funding T1D research. JDRF works every day to change the reality of this disease—and to prevent anyone else from ever knowing it—by funding research, advocating for government support of research and new therapies, ensuring new therapies come to market, and connecting the T1D community. For more information, visit the organization’s website at www.jdrf. org/omaha, or contact Anna Raur, JDRF senior outreach manager at (402) 397-2873 /

NON-PROFIT NEWS Assistance League® of Omaha Sponsors Operation School Bell

Heartland Hope Mission Offers Lunch and Learn in Millard

Eac h year, Assistance League ® of Omaha sponsors Operation School Bell, in which over 4,000 children are given the opportunity to shop for new clothes. Operation School Bell will be held October 9-21 in partnership with JCPenney’s Westroads store (800 N 98th St.) where the event takes place.

Heartland Hope Mission is offering a Lunch and Learn at their Millard location on Friday, September 14, at 11:30 a.m. at the Millard Plaza, 5321 South 139th Plaza. Lunch is provided at no cost, but a reservation is required.

Children will be given vouchers for the amount of money they are allowed depending on their age. These children are recommended for this program by their school counselors or nurses. This involves 202 schools in the Greater Omaha area, both private and public. This meets only 10% of the need in Omaha. Assistance League of Omaha is a volunteer non-profit organization that supports seven Philanthropic Programs that help the Omaha community. Resource development includes the Christmas Caravan and the Assistance League Thrift Shop at 36th and Leavenworth St., along with grants and donations. For more information, contact Nancy Glasser by calling (402) 496-1846, or email To learn how you can volunteer for Assistance League and transform the lives of children and adults through community programs, visit

Heartland Family Services Announces Salute to Families Program Heartland Family Ser vices ( will host the 36th Annual Salute to Families Program on Thursday, November 15 from 6 - 9 p.m. at Happy Hollow Club, located at 1701 South 105th St.

Please RSVP with Renae at (402) 733-1904, Ext. 11 or reserve your seat on the website at www. The Lunch and Learn will include words from Thrivent, the event’s sponsor, and will conclude with a presentation about Heartland Hope Mission’s programs and services. Enjoy lunch, networking, and team building at this free event. Heartland Hope Mission helps working poor families by providing them with some of life’s most basic staples including: a week’s supply of food, clothing, hygiene items, SNAP assistance, community referrals, job resources, and financial classes. Because Heartland Hope Mission is a faith-based organization, they also offer encouragement and prayer. In 2017, Heartland Hope Mission provided food pantries to 45,000 people; 12,600 people received clothing and household items; 9,800 personal hygiene products were distributed; and 23,800 volunteer hours were utilized. All food is distributed locally. Heartland Hope Mission envisions a strong community where all families are hopeful and self-sufficient.

Careers accelerate when the quest for feedback exceeds the ego’s determination to be right!

The Salute to Families recognition program will honor four families and one family advocate from the Omaha metro area. In recognition for helping Heartland Family Services create the path to a better tomorrow, the Salute to Families program highlights strong families and individuals who place a high priority on building and strengthening their bonds, while encouraging individual growth. This year’s Salute to Families honorees are: Leadership – Diane & Sen. Ben Nelson Community Service – Willie Podestá Young Challenged & Successful – Dr. Idalene & Rev. William Williams Commitment to Family – Melia & David Vankat Family Advocate – Ira Combs Tickets to the event are $60 each or $600 for a table of 10. Formal invitations will be mailed this fall. For more information about the event, please contact Nicole Tromler at (402) 552-7424 / Since 1875, Heartland Family Service has responded to the needs of our area’s most vulnerable children and families. Each year, the agency’s 50+ programs serve more than 52,000 individuals of all ages from over 15 locations in east central Nebraska and southwest Iowa.

Leadership/Executive Coaching helps leaders to personally grow in areas important to business results. Career Transition Coaching emphasizes accelerating success for leaders facing new roles and responsibilities. Team Coaching is working with staff members at various levels to reach new heights of productivity and personal satisfaction. Team Selection & Development creates strategic plans and routines to hire and develop the right person for every job.

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HEALTH NEWS MOD Dermatology Hosts Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony to Celebrate Grand Opening

UNMC to Host National Modeling, Simulation Meeting on September 25-26

MOD Dermatology held a ribboncutting ceremony with the Greater Omaha Chamber on Thursday, August 2 during an open house event to celebrate their grand opening. The new office space is located at 168th and Dodge, inside the Excel Physical Therapy building. Dr. Melanie Ortleb and the rest of the “modsquad” welcomed friends, family, and community members to celebrate the grand opening with giveaways, specials, ECreamery, fresh popcorn, and much more!

Registration is now open for the National Modeling & Simulation Coalition (NM&SC) 2018 National Meeting, which will be held September 25- 26 at UNMC in the newly renovated Truhlsen Events Center. The focus of the meeting with be improving human performance and effectiveness. A conference reception will be held September 25 at the KANEKO Reality Exhibition in downtown Omaha, and is available to all fullregistration participants. Note: This will serve not only as the conference reception, but also as the last night for the KANEKO Reality Exhibition. Registration fee for University of Nebraska/Nebraska Medicine faculty and staff is $100 and includes meals on both meeting days as well as the reception at KANEKO. University of Nebraska students are invited to attend the conference free of registration charges, excluding meals, but are required to register. For more information or to register, visit Questions can be directed to the iEXCEL team at

MOD Dermatology’s goal is to provide a modern approach to dermatologic care, by specializing in all aspects of dermatology, including medical, surgical, pediatric, and cosmetic dermatology. This is done by involving patients in the decision-making process and developing a customized treatment plan that will not only be effective, but will also align with what is important to the patient. More common treatments include: skin cancer, acne, rosacea, eczema, rashes, warts, and more. The practice also has a specialized focus on skin cancer prevention, targeting prevention by performing full body scans. Cosmetic services offered include Botox, fillers, microneedling, chemical peels and more for those wanting anti-aging treatments. MOD Dermatology is now accepting patients of all ages for appointments. For more information, please visit www. or call (402) 509-4812.

Madonna’s Omaha Campus Earns Three-Year CARF Accreditation CARF International announced that Madonna Rehabilitation HospitalsOmaha Campus has been accredited for a period of three years for its 13 programs, including: Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs, Brain Injury Specialty Program - Inpatient/Outpatient (adult and pediatric), Stroke Specialty Program - Inpatient/Outpatient (adult and pediatric), Pediatric Specialty Program - Inpatient/Outpatient, and Interdisciplinary Outpatient Medical Rehabilitation Programs - Multiple Service. According to the CARF surveyors, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, as a system, demonstrates a clear dedication to excellent care experiences for the persons served, evidenced by engaged leaders, team members, and external stakeholders. They added that the hospitals are spacious, contain state-of-the-art equipment and exhibit a wonderful environment that promotes rehabilitation programs. This accreditation decision represents the highest level of accreditation that can be given to an organization and shows the organization’s substantial conformance to the CARF standards. An organization receiving a Three-Year Accreditation has put itself through a rigorous peer review process. It has demonstrated to a team of surveyors during an on-site visit its commitment to offering programs and services that are measurable, accountable, and of the highest quality. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals ( offers worldclass medical rehabilitation and research, specializing in traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, pulmonary conditions, stroke, and neurological diseases for adults and children. It is a non-profit organization with hospital locations in Lincoln and Omaha, providing physical and medical rehabilitation in Lincoln since 1958 and at the new Village Pointe location in Omaha since 2016. 36 Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

American Heart Association Announces $6.5 Million Commitment to Expand Stroke Care American Heart Association held a press conference on Tuesday, August 21 at the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel to announce a $6.5 million commitments for its Mission: Lifeline Stroke initiative to expand and enhance stroke care in Nebraska. The foundation of this new initiative is a three-year grant of $5.35 million from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. The press conference schedule included remarks from the following: • Kevin Harker, Executive Vice President, Midwest Affiliate American Heart Association/American Stroke Association • James Bobenhouse, MD • Stroke Medical Director, Bryan Health and CHI St. Elizabeth Neurology Associates • Walter Panzirer, Trustee • Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust • Jill Duis, Nebraska Stroke Advisory Council member and stroke survivor • Sen. Roy Baker, Nebraska Legislature Mission: Lifeline Stroke specifically focuses on connecting all the components of acute stroke care into a smoothly integrated system that reinforces the use of evidence-based guidelines to timely and effectively treat stoke patients. Mission: Lifeline Stroke will build upon the gains achieved by the existing Nebraska Stroke Advisory Council by further strengthening the collaboration with stakeholders across the state. There is only one comprehensive stroke center in the far east of the state, and the primary stroke centers are clustered around I-80, leaving great distances for patients to travel and risk patient ineligibility for care within the limited treatment time window. The hospitals report barriers such as lack of diagnostic support from a board-certified neurologist (36%); apprehension about adverse patient outcomes (48%) and litigation (25%); and inadequate treatment protocols (19%). Nearly one-third of Nebraskans seek initial emergency care in a critical access hospital that lacks access to qualified neurologists (94 in state) and neurosurgeons (26 in state). The American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association are devoted to saving people from heart disease and stroke – the two leading causes of death. To learn more or to get involved, visit

JOINING ORGANIZATIONS Omaha is home to a vibrant, thriving business community, there’s no doubt about it. Among the contributing factors are the many fantastic professional organizations we have here. With excellent range among the collective group, if you’re looking to get involved in one, the odds of finding the perfect fit for your professional interests and ambitions are about as good as it gets. Whether you’re seeking to expand your horizons by way of access to additional resources and educational opportunities, mentorship, the opportunity to meet new people in and outside of your profession/industry, getting involved in the community and outreach efforts as a part of a larger group initiative, or sharpening a particular skill that would prove useful to advancing in your career such as public speaking or networking, membership in a professional organization is the way to go. The sayings “time is precious” and “time is money,” or any other variation, are exactly why you should consider joining a professional organization – it’s time well spent, that’s for sure. For your investment, the return is any (or all!) of the benefits above and likely well beyond. As a prime example, in terms of making connections in the community, it’s an environment rich with potential. Qualified is the key word – by tapping into a network of professionals, you have access to a wealth of knowledge and solid referrals, whether it’s helpful information a colleague passes along, a great job opportunity, getting connected with the best job candidates, trusted sources to give your business, and a way of populating your own pool of potential clients. In some organizations the membership will be limited to others in your same profession, or your industry in broader instances, while in others it will be like-minded professionals across all industries – the choice is yours. When you think of it as a Venn diagram, many will opt for involvement in both types as there are distinct benefits to each as well as the shared ones. Above all, the power of networking is not to be underestimated; in fact, no matter what your career aspirations may be, building these types of relationships and various contacts will be instrumental to your success. Similarly, as for career advancement, involvement in community organizations, both professional and nonprofit, are a must on any resume – and with good reason. In short, it is very telling of where one’s priorities lie. What are you doing with your precious free time? By devoting some of it to being a contributing member of a local organization, it shows that, outside of the confines of the workplace, you are invested in self-improvement, and that you have a willingness to learn, grow, and oftentimes to be of service to others. All of these things speak volumes to a person’s character, and in the end, you’ll get back what you put in and so much more. Membership and participation in a professional organization is hands-down one of the best investments to make in your future. Furthermore, if you’re an employer, you’ll reap all of the same rewards from supporting your employees who participate in professional organizations and encouraging those who are interested to do so as well. It’s never too early or too late to get involved, but before you leap headfirst into making a commitment, first identify your objectives, do your research and ask for recommendations. If you’re looking to join a professional organization, we’ve highlighted some wonderful ones right here in our community that are currently welcoming new members and would love to have you! SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business 37

The Cor nhusker Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors continually strives to be the leading voice promoting free enterprise within the construction industry in Nebraska. The organization’s main goal is to provide member companies and their employees with an opportunity to succeed, winning work and delivering that work safely, ethically, and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which they work. Whether a large or small company, joining ABC provides value. ABC offers training, continuing education courses, and opportunities for networking and showcasing project successes. Our mission affords us the opportunity to share the industry through student events to help build the workforce in Nebraska. For more information or to discuss joining ABC Cornhusker Chapter, contact Anne Klute at (402) 477-4451 or You can also visit to find out more.

The Nebraska Society of Certified Public Accountants is a dynamic association of 2,600-plus professionals NEBRASKA SOCIETY OF dedicated to advancing the accounting profession and furthering Certified Public Accountants the knowledge, competence, and | 402-476-8482 performance of its members. The Society offers nearly 100 opportunities each year for CPAs to meet and exchange ideas with fellow professionals and develop leadership skills. Want to prove your abilities to a partner in a CPA firm? Join a Society committee to network with the profession’s leaders. More than 40 Nebraska CPA firms are represented on Society committees. Don’t work in public accounting? Dozens of industries are represented. In addition, the Society provides live and online Continuing Professional Education (CPE), state and federal legislative representation, and technical and professional information to help CPAs better themselves and the profession. We also offer college scholarships and mentoring to help build a better Nebraska. Make your next important career move and join the Society. Visit today!

The Empowerment Network (empoweromaha. com) works together with the residents and leaders to TRANSFORM the ECONOMIC condition and QUALITY OF LIFE of African Americans, North Omaha residents, and citizens of the Greater Omaha area. The goal is to close long-standing gaps in employment, entrepreneurship, education, housing and other quality of life factors to transform Omaha into a great city, thriving and prosperous, in every zip code and neighborhood. The Network CONNECTS the community on a common vision and mission; consistently COMMUNICATES key issues, solutions and priorities; COLLABORATES with individuals, groups and organizations on strategies, programs, policies and fundraising; and CREATES positive change through facilitation, advocacy, capacitybuilding and leadership development. The Network also generates and presents research and trends and hosts monthly and annual community meetings, summits and conferences, featuring local, regional and national speakers. The Network model, recognized regionally and nationally, relies on each person and organization doing their part. 38 Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

We build leadership, strengthen organizations, and elevate Greater Omaha through positive, practical business ethics. In addition to this mission, the Business Ethics Alliance is committed to illuminating Greater Omaha as a beacon for business ethics by elevating the level of ethics dialogue and education within our community. As a non-membership, non-profit organization, we invite individuals of all ranks from small to large employers and associations to align with us. Attend our signature events or hire us to enhance your business–no matter what industry. Learn more at www.

The Nebraska Restaurant Association acts as the principal advocate for Nebraska’s hospitality industry and promotes the qualities of strength, unity and excellence in and of its membership. The Association is dedicated to serving Nebraska’s restaurant and retail beverage industries by providing comprehensive industry education, proactive representation, aggressive industry promotion and the highest quality member benefits. Membership is a small investment with big rewards in the health of your business and the entire food service industry. It’s a big world out there and we will do all we can to make it a bit smaller! For membership information and to learn more about the Nebraska Restaurant Association, contact Brandy Nielson at bnielson@ or (402) 488-3999. Nebraska Restaurant Association is on the web at and

BNI Heartland (Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, and Western Iowa) offers members the opportunity to build a firm referral program to nurture referral partner(s). Last year alone, BNI, with over 240,000 members in more than 8,600 chapters throughout every populated continent of the world in 73 countries, generated more than 9.3 million referrals, which resulted in over $15 billion dollars of tracked business for our members. Cumulatively, since 1985, BNI has generated over $100 billion dollars in tracked business for our membership! Even more important, our local chapters closed over $40 million in tracked business, creating an ROI of 700 times their investment! Belonging to BNI is like having dozens of salespeople working for you who carry your information with them, and when they meet someone who could use your products or services, they recommend you. BNI provides a structured, supportive system of giving and receiving business. It does so by providing an environment during breakfast, lunch and happy hour meetings in which you develop personal relationships with other qualified business professionals. By establishing this “formal” relationship with other people, you will have the opportunity to substantially increase your business. BNI’s core values are Givers Gain, Building Relationships, Life-Long Learning, Traditions + Innovation, Positive Attitude, Accountability, and Recognition. For more information about BNI Heartland, please contact our regional office at (402) 880-6311, email, or visit our website,

Passionate about where we are from and where we are going. We do more than live in this community, we imagine what it could be and push it to greater harnessing vision, expertise, and the power of ‘we’ to raise our quality of life. We know community and business needs are ever-changing. Nothing is permanent. Nothing is guaranteed. Except for this: We’ll be here to connect and catalyze, advocate and lead, creating new opportunities, shouting up our region, strengthening it by helping others succeed. We won’t let up – and we won’t let down – because our work is too important, our pride is too deep and our community is counting on us. We are the Greater Omaha Chamber. Be part of it. OmahaChamber. org/Belong | | (402) 346-5000

The Apartment Association of Nebraska (AAN) is the local affiliate of the National Apartment Association (NAA). The NAA currently has over 170 affiliates, and boasts over 8.7 million apartment homes globally. Founded in 2002, the Apartment Association of Greater Omaha and Lincoln was created by a group of property managers and owners with a vision to help create and maintain a high level of professionalism in the multifamily rental housing industry in the greater Nebraska area. On October 5, 2002, the AAGOL received its charter from the NAA. In 2014, the name was changed to the Apartment Association of Nebraska to better represent their membership. Their members include multifamily owners and management companies, apartment communities, and the supplier members who service this industry. The mission of the Apartment Association of Nebraska is to support, inform, and connect the multifamily community through education, legislation advocacy, and professional networking. For more information about the Apartment Association of Nebraska and their upcoming events, be sure to visit

The West O Chamber has been ser ving the communities of West Omaha, Elkhorn, Bennington, Valley and Waterloo since 1947. We are committed to making the West O Chamber a welcoming and inclusive community that attracts a talented and diverse workforce. Our goal is to be an ally for your business as you welcome, connect and engage with other businesses in the community. In 2017, the West O Chamber added in over 150 new, active members and this year we will cross the 500 member mark for the first time in our history. Featuring monthly events including Coffee and Connections, After Hours, The West O Lunch and numerous ribbon cuttings, the West O Chamber has become one of the fastest growing networking groups in Omaha. Our next quarterly event is the West O Expo, which is set to take place on Tuesday, September 25 from 1 – 6 p.m. at Indian Creek Golf Course. We hope to see you at the West O Expo! For more information on the West O Chamber, visit www. or contact our office at (402) 289-9560 /

The Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) is a statewide voluntary membership health care trade association representing Nebraska’s hospitals and health systems. The health care industry touches many aspects of public policy. The NHA monitors a broad spectrum of issues on behalf of its members. This year, the NHA was deeply involved with legislation affecting credentialing, provider payment models, workforce development, insurance, taxation, and health care program funding. Public policy and advocacy priorities are driven by a vision that every Nebraskan has access to affordable, safe, high-quality health care. Through effective leadership, member participation, and collaboration with policymakers and other partners, we seek to develop a unified voice to establish effective health care policy. We also provide members with trend and regulatory information, educational programming, communication, data reports, and special services. Visit for more information about the NHA.

The Millard Business Association (MBA) was established in 2003 and is comprised of more than 350 area businesses who believe strongly in the free enterprise system. The MBA provides the catalyst for our new members to grow and prosper through a variety of events, opportunities, services, and programs. Joining this thriving organization is great way to GROW Your Business. Members do not need to reside in Millard. The basic requirement is doing business or wanting to do business in the Millard area. Membership is only $130 per year. Some of the benefits include: Networking and Exposure—“It’s not what you know but who you know.” Make all those important contacts through Networking Lunches, “Bagels & Business” Meetings, Business After Hours, and Ribbon Cuttings. Join one of our many active referral groups. Government Representation—Attend one of our Government lunches, meet one-on-one with your local, State, and Federal representatives. Educational Opportunities—Stay competitive, be productive! Our monthly “Lunch and Learns” offer expert advice for today’s economy. Membership Directory—As a member you receive a free listing in the printed and online directory, which is distributed across the entire Millard area (30,000 copies printed yearly). Apply for membership at For more information, contact the MBA Admin, Kim Jipp, at (402) 7072827 or email

Don’t Miss Out! This is an excellent opportunity for your professional organization to gain exposure among our readers, as well as for our readers to familiarize themselves with the local resources available that could make an impact on their personal and professional growth. If you are a local professional organization that is interested in participating in the next JOINING ORGANIZATIONS feature in Strictly Business Magazine, please call (402) 466-3330 or email today! SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business


Entertaining Clients If your business is anything like ours, you know how important it is to establish and maintain strong relationships with each of your clients. A great way to accomplish this is by going above and beyond, not only to meet their needs but to give them special treatment and exclusive access to desirable opportunities.



At Strictly Business Magazine, we know that good customer service isn’t just a perk, it’s an expectation. That’s why, throughout the year, we invite our clients to join our team at a variety of fun events, like airboat tours, fashion shows, comedy shows, theater productions and much more. Or, we’ll host an event ourselves, which allows us to continue building our relationship with them. This is how we go the extra mile to ensure our clients know they are important to us and that we value our partnership with them. There are many things to take into account when planning something fun for your clients. For starters, do you have a large, diverse clientele or do you just have a few key clients? If it’s the former, you might consider hosting a large event and opening the invitation up to the entire, or a large selection, of your customer base. With the welcomed return of Husker football season, it’s the perfect time to host a tailgate for your clients to attend. Corporate tailgates have become a popular trend, and if you really want to make yours stand out, coordinate your tailgate with Blur Parties. There ain’t no tailgate like a Blur Parties tailgate! “Gameday tailgate hospitality is our specialty,” reports Stacy Leners with Blur Parties. “For these types of events, it’s best to know your guests’ interest levels ahead of time, and not only sporting interests but social interests. Ask questions like…

Stacy Leners Blur Parties

• What do they like to eat and drink? • Do they like to partake in tailgate games? • Would guests be interested in viewing other sporting events on TV during that time? • Is there a certain type of music they prefer? • Are guests likely to bring children with them? • Will any guests special accommodations (handicap accessibility or dietary restrictions)?


Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

Take the time to get to know your clients so you can be sure you’re not putting them in a situation that makes them uncomfortable.” With Blur Parties, everything is pre-arranged and pre-paid so that all clients have to do is invite their guests and show up! Blur Parties can create the entire game day experience for you and your guests including not only the tailgate, but arranging game tickets, transportation and lodging! In addition, if you are looking to entertain clients or employees during the College World Series, Blur Parties offers a hospitality tailgate location in Omaha directly across from TD Ameritrade Stadium. 2019 will be their 9th annual event and they are currently taking reservations and booking clients for next June. If you prefer to handle the planning yourself and hosting your own event, you’ll need to select the venue, food/drink, and entertainment. Location determines a lot of the other aspects of the event, so make sure you book a space that can accommodate all your guests. A lot of venues have access to in-house catering and beverage options, and even tables and chairs, but if you’re hoping to give your an event an extra twist, you might consider looking into Honeyman Rent-All. Honeyman has an entire division dedicated to party and event rentals, with just about anything you could possibly need or want for the occasion at hand. From canopies and candelabras, to glasses, linens, and trays. They also have an inventory of games and themed decorations. If you’re planning a tailgate party, choose from a variety of outdoor yard games like horseshoes, yard darts, or corn hole—they even have a dunk tank you can rent! If you know what your clients like, you can customize an event just for them. You could also choose to entertain your clients at your place of business. It could be a few key partners or, if your space allows, you could host a large group of people. This is a nice way to showcase where all the action happens, giving your clients a behind-the-scenes look into your operations. If you go this route, you’ll want to make sure your office is in tip-top shape. We recommend giving 360 Clean a call. “A professionally cleaned space is impactful, relaxing, and inviting – all things that make for a great atmosphere to entertain, both professionally and personally,” comments Allisyn Meadows with 360 Clean LLC. While new to Omaha, the experts at 360 Clean bring over 25 years of experience with them. They offer customized cleaning services for both Allisyn Meadows residential and commercial properties. 360 Clean LLC 360 Clean pays attention to detail and they clean target areas such as windows and carpet, floor care, bathrooms, and more. 360 Clean will leave your office looking spick-and-span, which will please your guests and give you time to focus on other areas of the planning. The food you choose to serve your guests can be the make or break of a good client appreciation event. If you’re planning your own function, you’ll need to seek out a caterer. If you live in Omaha, chances are you’ve already heard of The Garden Café, a local bakery and restaurant that has been in town since 1985. Our team loves Garden Café! They have amazing seasonal specials and we enjoy the comfortable, old-fashioned vibe at their establishment (featuring two private party rooms, FYI). They also provide dependable, full-scale catering services. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Garden Café can conveniently deliver to you—even if you call them last minute, they’ll make it happen for you. On a smaller scale, when entertaining one or a few of your clients, there is nothing wrong with the classic “wine and dine” approach. If you really want to treat your clients to something

Omaha’s Newest Cajun Experience Explore Acadian Grille’s wide variety of dishes and refreshments, such as: Gator Bites, Po Boys, Gourmet Burgers, Collard Greens, Traditional Gumbo, Shrimp & Grits, Jambalaya, Blood Orange Crème Brulee, Abita Beer, La Marca Prosecco Wine, and much more!

Acadian food, then and now, presents a blend of French and soul food widely beloved not only in Louisiana, but around the world. Enjoy Acadian Grille Today!

725 N. 114th St., Omaha, NE | 402.933.0980 |

special, offer them a spread of Cajun delicacies that Acadian Grille has on their menu. “We would love to host you and your associates at our new restaurant!” Exclaims Dan O’Brien with Acadian Grille, a Louisiana-inspired scratch kitchen that opened its doors in Omaha a couple months ago. “We have a wide array of southern specials, including Crawfish Étouffée, Shrimp & Grits, Crab Cakes, Gator Bites, Po’ Boys, and Jambalaya. Your experience at Acadian Grille can Dan O’Brien be as casual or as fancy as you want. We Acadian Grille have delicious appetizers and burgers, and we also have Smoked Chipotle Rubbed Ribeye and Herb Butter Sirloin. For dessert, we can fix you some homemade vanilla ice cream or a Blood Orange Crème Brulee. My cousin Matthew is the mastermind behind the menu. He’s been a chef for over 30 years, spending part of that time studying in Louisiana. You can count on him to give you all the spicy notes and hardiness of authentic Cajun cuisine that you know and love. So bring your clients over to our joint soon and enjoy a few Abita beers (a New Orleans staple) or a glass of wine while feasting on our bayou favorites.” To review, try to be intentional and creative when it comes to entertaining your clients. Put that extra effort in to make them feel valued. Doing so will result in a strong, long-lasting partnership—maybe even a friendship! These relationships are very important. Entertaining clients is an investment, not an expenditure. Make it a priority in your business structure, if you haven’t already. SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business


Senior Living Helping You Choose A Retirement Community Independent Assisted  Memory Assisted  Long Term Care  

Serving Omaha, Lincoln and Surrounding Areas


Services at NO COST to the Client


S H O R T- T E R M R E H A B I L I TAT I O N | S K I L L E D N U R S I N G

Retirement homes are not what they used to be. Professional chefs, personal trainers, organized events and activities, essential amenities, top-notch security and privacy—are we talking about a senior living facility or a 5-star hotel? It can be hard to tell the difference sometimes, especially with the senior housing options we have here in Lincoln. However, no matter how luxurious or accommodating these places are, nothing can replace the sense of home that only our family and loved ones can give us. If you have a family member living in some type of retirement or assisted the living community, don’t forget that you still play a crucial role in their physical, emotional, and mental health. With the holiday season around the corner, this is a great time to renew your commitment to the elderly loved one in your life. Or, if you are one of our senior readers, perhaps it is time you renewed your commitment to your own health and well-being. Making a Move

Sometimes heroes don’t wear capes, they simply wear a smile... and their superpowers are patience, empathy, and compassion. At Brookestone Meadows, we know heroes. Our team members are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those they care for. Our dedicated team members provide world class rehabilitation and skilled nursing to our residents, you’ll always find heroic care here.

Moving yourself or your loved ones from the place that’s been home for years to an apartment in a senior living community is just a part of life, especially since for the most part we are all living much longer lives than our ancestors just a few generations back. That being the case, there are more communities than ever before, which means more options to consider. Theron Ahlman with CarePatrol of Nebraska says, “When helping a senior individual and their family, I think finding a great community truly makes life more enjoyable and eliminates stress for everyone involved. Not only are there numerous benefits for the individual living there, but family members no longer have to worry about whether that person is safe and having his or her needs met.” Theron Ahlman

A proud member of Vetter Senior Living

600 Brookestone Meadows Plaza | Elkhorn, Nebraska | (402) 289-3696


Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

Looking ahead of time is the way to go, according to Ahlman. He says it is CarePatrol of Nebraska easier to plan ahead rather than being forced to look into a new place to live if an emergency occurs: “If it’s a rushed deal then you don’t get to enjoy finding your new home, your kids might be the ones picking out the community as you are in rehab and can’t go look, and you may not get the one you

want as a room might not be available when you need it.” With the weather being nice and the roads being easily accessible, he suggests looking now. He says another plus in checking out options includes being able to see what the home would look like throughout most of the year, specifically concerning flowers in bloom. If you or your loved one wants to stay at home, Ahlman recommends reaching out to offer assistance instead of waiting to be asked, whether it be shoveling the driveway or giving them a ride to doctor’s appointments, family activities or otherwise. If you’re not available to help, a suggestion Ahlman offers is looking into transportation that can assist with getting you to the places where you need – or want – to be. Above all, aside from emphasizing the abundance of resources that are there for you to use if and when you need them, Ahlman says planning is key. “You plan for retirement, plan for a wedding, and plan for almost everything else in life, so why not sit down and plan for the next step so you are prepared to make the move when ready?” After finding the ideal place for you or your loved one, moving from a home into an apartment can be a daunting process. From sorting out belongings and downsizing to physically moving the items from one location to the other, and oftentimes putting some items in storage too, it takes a lot of time and effort. After retirement, for those who are interested in moving, whether it be somewhere for a couple of months or permanently, it can be overwhelming. Let’s be honest, a move is a big feat no matter the age! People generally have a lot of items that they want to bring with them - after all, every item holds a memory or meaning. However, some items are things that will not be able to fit into apartments. This is a realization that can be hard to admit because of the connection people can have with certain items. When downsizing for a move, the most important questions to ask yourself or your loved ones are “Do I need it?” and “Will I use it?” If the answer is no, then it becomes a question of what to do with it. Options include selling it at a garage sale, donating it, passing it on to future generations, or storing it while its fate is being decided. Seasonal Safety Tips With the colder months coming, more people in general are prone to falls because of snow, ice and sleet that will build up on sidewalks, stairs, roads and parking lots. As you might suspect, this correlates with more accidents occurring involving seniors throughout the winter months. Before deciding to venture outside, whether it’s just a quick walk to the mailbox, an appointment in town, or to another state to visit loved ones, your safety should be a priority. Don’t go out unless you absolutely have to for whatever reason, particularly if inclement weather poses a serious hazard. Or, ask your loved one to take you or accompany you instead of going it alone. For seniors especially, just one slip and fall can do serious damage, with the initial injury leading to further complications that may impede recovery. Especially for those who choose to remain living in the place they’ve called home for many years, home safety is something that when in place, will provide peace of mind for seniors and loved ones as they go about their daily lives. It’s actually a great way to plan for the future, too. By having an alarm system installed, having access to a personal emergency system, making any necessary

Medical Alert SOLUTIONS

Our desire is to honor the aged, and provide products that help keep you home safely as long as possible.

Please visit | 402-891-9700

ElderCare Resource Handbook The Handbook is an all-inclusive listing of services, programs and other resources available for the aging. • Government • Financial • Legal • Medical Services

• Therapies • Home Health Care • Living Options • Transportation

• Food Programs • Resources • Elder Moving • Funeral Arranging

Purchase Your Copy Today!

modifications within the home, or otherwise, you have the ability to prevent accidents from happening or act quickly in the event of an emergency. Daniel Ward with MediGuard mentions that it’s common for adult children to express concerns about the safety of their aging parents who continue to live at home. To that end, he notes, “More people are having quality conversations with their senior loved ones regarding safety at home, which is a great thing to see because it can truly make all the difference.” He recommends taking the time to talk Daniel Ward about safety issues within the home MediGuard and identifying areas that could use improvement based on the person’s daily activities and needs. Some suggestions he provides are: • Handrails around the house and outside on the porch stairs and sidewalk. • Properly operating entry doors. • “Easy reach” access to frequently used items, like dishes. Since better safe than sorry holds true here, Ward also highly recommends purchasing a personal emergency system. As technology as have advanced so have these systems, which have increased in popularity as they are convenient, discrete and easy to use. “Having protection when you are alone is becoming normal for many and it can be fun as well!” he adds. He also provides a final word of caution. “When Mom or Dad SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business 43

are beginning to think about signing up for a service, they should be wary of signing an agreement or being asked to provide their credit card information over the phone. Instead of going with the first company you contact, look around and get information about several different options so that you can make the best possible decision. MediGuard carries a variety of the most popular devices and we help you learn which system is best suited for you without the need for a contract.” Making Memories Together

Jinae Attanasio Brookestone Meadows

Transitioning from fall into winter and the holiday season, during that time there are plenty of gatherings, parties and activities on the agenda for most. This typical family time is something we hold closely to our hearts—it’s the time in which memories are made and family bonds grow stronger. Jinae Attanasio with Brookestone Meadows says any opportunity can turn into a tradition or memory at any given time—you just have to see the opportunity and take it by the reins!

Also noting the abundance of these opportunities, Attanasio lists “pumpkin patches, fall festivals, hayrack rides and costume parties” as just a few good ideas of seasonal events to attend with loved ones. She also suggests turning everyday activities into bonding experiences, and suggests that this may even come about by asking for help or offering help to your loved ones. “There is no shame in getting support from your loved ones; in fact, take the opportunity to turn it into a tradition or memory

Serving Our Community For Over 125 Years

DOUGLAS COUNTY health center

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that your family will cherish for years to come,” she says. In asking for help or providing assistance with daily chores or various tasks, you and your loved ones not only bond, but it gets checked off the to-do list and there’s an element of safety involved. One thing in particular that Attanasio recommends seniors get assistance with is decorating the home for the holiday season, specifically concerning high surfaces, ladders and hanging decorations out of reach, as these are ways that seniors could get hurt. Contrary to the holiday comedies, it’s no laughing matter when someone gets injured, and especially seniors who can experience complications with the healing process. Going back to what was previously mentioned regarding safety during the winter months, she also offers a few words of advice. “Ensure that proper equipment and support is in place for upkeep of snow and ice such as proper shoe wear, snow blowers or assistance with snow removal. Our rehab department is very busy in the winter months, offering therapy services to those who were unfortunately involved in ice/snow related accidents.” Are You Covered? For seniors, having adequate insurance coverage is so important for a number of reasons, some obvious and some you might not think about until the time comes that you need it most. The enrollment date for Medicare begins October 15 and goes until December 7, so you or your loved ones will want to be sure to take action soon if applicable. Now is the time to review your options for Prescription Drug Plans and Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019. All Medicare beneficiaries are strongly encouraged to work with a professional insurance agent who will help you evaluate your choices and guide you through the process. As far as planning for the future past that goes, there’s always going to be a bit of uncertainty. Jim Laughlin with Home Nursing with Hear t is among the extensive list of experts in various fields who predict the cost of healthcare as one such issue. He explains, “Seniors are living longer and due to this, their retirement savings struggle to accommodate the extra years. This combined with the rising cost of healthcare creates a challenging Jim Laughlin situation for not only the senior, but the Home Nursing with Heart family as well. The National Council on Aging (NCOA) has resources and tools to help find ways to offset these financial burdens.” Another concern for seniors, he says, “is the result of cancer and heart conditions like heart attacks, stroke, heart failure or any other acute health issue. When disabilities arise, the independence of the senior is compromised. Although hopefully they can overcome the disability, sometimes they cannot. In this scenario, major decisions regarding living arrangements, costs, government support, and family support must be made. I’ve always been a proponent of the services provided by CareMATRIX for help with these decisions as well as seeking guidance from a medical social worker, as there are a wide array of support options many people aren’t aware of out there.” Laughlin says he often talks to seniors who are concerned about how to pay for skilled nursing and therapy services at home. “Seniors have worked their entire life paying into the Medicare fund,” he says. “It’s time they take advantage of the

benefit they’ve earned. Their generation tends to fend off the thought of asking for help but this is a benefit they’ve earned for themselves. If skilled nursing and/or therapy services are needed at home, you are welcome to contact Home Nursing with Heart and we’ll help you figure out what would be covered and for how long, etc.” Starting the Conversation So, with all of this to consider, how prepared are you for the upcoming months? Do you know if your senior loved ones or prepared or what steps they are planning to take? “In my line of work, lack of preparation is something I see often,” Kyle Johnson with Care Consultants for the Aging says. “It can present a number of problems for people depending on the circumstances. As we all age, life just becomes more difficult. People who are more understanding and aware of their personal care changes are the ones who seem to do best when sudden changes occur.” Kyle Johnson Care Consultants for the Aging

While gathered around the table, starting the conversation of moving you or your loved one into a retirement facility is a conversation that is hard. It’s a discussion that could go either good or bad, depending on how it is approached. But regardless of how you feel it might go, it should be approached sooner than later, and with everyone involved if possible, most importantly the person at the center of the conversation. “Your loved ones need to be a part of the decision making process,” emphasizes Robbie Nathan with Bridge to Better Living. She recommends discussing the options in small portions, then giving everyone time to think things over and waiting patiently for a response.

Robbie Nathan Bridge to Better Living

Nathan says when discussing options family members should relate success stories of seniors who have moved into a community to your loved one, as it could help them worry less about being unhappy in a new home.

She suggests using the help of a third party such as Bridge to Better Living to be certain all options have been considered. “Bridge to Better Living knows once the family is on board about a move to a Senior Living Option, such as Independent, Assisted or Memory Assisted it is time to continue the conversation and move to the next step even if the senior is not entirely positive about a move.” Individuals and family members do have the option to tour communities with one of Bridge to Better Living’s Transition Consultants if it would help them feel comfortable and more secure in their decision. “We will set up tours and accompany them on the appointments. Pictures of the community are able to be taken and reviewed by the family and their senior,” she says. She adds by doing so an open and ongoing conversation is possible and all individuals involved in the process will trust the decision to have a new home is in the best interest of the Senior. When discussing the option to move, remember to focus on the positive aspects – in almost all circumstances in life, attitude determines outcome. When living in a retirement community, seniors have more social opportunities on a daily basis.

We Will Personally Guide You to Find Safe Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Alzheimers/Memory Care. We Proudly Serve Lincoln, Omaha & Surrounding Cities We are a FREE Locally Based Service!

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“Retirement communities offer many opportunities for social interaction, even for true introverts. If a resident prefers a ‘one-on-one’ activity, the staff is able to provide something based on the person’s interests. It’s important to keep the brain engaged, especially during the winter months ahead when days are shorter,” she adds. Take for example someone who really enjoys cooking. Nathan mentions some communities offer full-service kitchens so seniors are still able to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, cooking favorite recipes in the kitchen and preparing for the family meal. Concerts and plays are common events many seniors enjoy, she notes. “There is usually a sign-up list, everyone is notified and reminded, and transportation is arranged. Churches offer group activities throughout the year too. For those living in a retirement community, the staff not only make reservations for the events going on in the community and create a corresponding transportation schedule but also work hard to put together a great schedule of in-house activities as well.” We hope your cup runneth over with all of truly wonderful parts of life, especially this holiday season, and may you also take full advantage of the time you are giving with the most important people in your world. You might find yourself needing to get down to business and face some tough realities, and that’s okay—it’s a part of life for all of us. When you need a helping hand, be sure to reach out to the local resources here in Lincoln, because doing it together is so much better than doing it alone. SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business


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TECHNOLOGY TRENDS While you’ll find innovation anywhere you look in the business world, the pace of this in the technology industry in particular is staggering. Staying in the know can be a challenge for someone who isn’t actively involved in the field in some manner—and just when you think you’ve got a good grasp on it, the latest and greatest thing comes out and there’s a new learning curve ahead. That being the case, it’s wise to utilize the expertise of the professionals to guide you through selecting what works best for your business, implementation, troubleshooting, and so on. This way, you can stay busy doing what you do best while they provide insight and support on what they do best. Information Technology (IT) Support First, you’ve likely heard the adage “You can’t look forward without looking back.” To give a little bit of context on the rapid evolution of the tech industry, and more specifically something that many businesses are very familiar with, information technology or IT, Adam Walter with Virtual C shares, “Often we forget that the field of information technology (IT) is very young. A problem that has existed for quite some time is the lack of seasoned professionals. The first round of IT professionals graduated from college Adam Walter in the early 2000s, and before that, there Virtual C was not even a degree for IT. This means a truly seasoned professional has 15-20 years of experience at most.” So how does that factor into tech trends that apply to businesses today? Walter explains, “There are still very few of these seasoned professionals available, but with our reliance on technology, we are desperate to hire the best. With this new field depth, a new trend that we are seeing is an increase in the use of management consulting to take advantage of these professionals. Other industries have enjoyed this luxury for decades, but information technology has largely had to forge the paths alone. For the first time, IT professionals are able to hire executive level consultants to help with their departments. Of course, at Virtual C we are most excited for this new level of engagement as IT shops around the world start shifting into a new level of professionalism. No longer does the small IT shop have to work alone. Now, CEOs have someone to turn to if they are concerned with technology in-house. The biggest thing our clients are asking for from us currently is agile (cultural) transformation, which is focused on helping departments increase communication and connect with business processes. They are really enjoying this new methodology as it starts creating an atmosphere of innovation in a stagnant field. It also creates a much more relaxed company as technical staff are able to adapt to the business much more quickly. I really believe that IT coaching and fractional management will

“No hype, no upsell, no BS; just straightforward technology advice”

Technology Made Easy

Adam Walter Chief Information Officer

Andrew Storz Chief Agile Officer

Your Partner for Technology Strategy

Creating Frameworks for More Effective Organizations

Technology is a critical part of every business. However, many organizations fail to align their technology strategy with their business strategy. Our mission is to help guide your technology strategy & implementation to keep your business optimal. Technology is an Ocean. We are Navigators.

Agile is a mindset. Whether you’re an organization looking to gain competitive edge or an Agile organization looking to help with continuous improvement, we can help you realize your full potential. Agile is an Ocean. We are Navigators.

Contact us today! Info@VirtualC.Biz | www.VirtualC.Biz SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business


become more popular; through coaching IT, staff can have a mentor to accelerate their growth. Through fractional management; companies are able to save a lot of money by hiring more experienced staff than they could normally afford and gain an edge on their competitors.”

as a 3D model. Perhaps in a business you might have space where your remote co-workers can walk and talk to each other as if they were physically located in the same space? There are a wealth of exciting possibilities across all industries.”

When asked if there was anything new offered by Virtual C on the horizon, Walter’s quick and enthusiastic is as follows: “Indeed there is! We are launching a new product called ‘Soundboard’ where any company can engage Virtual C to help solve a problem, review a contract, or just bounce ideas. We realized that not every company needs a long-term commitment. Sometimes you just need a professional to make sure you are making the right decision, or to help negotiate a contract. This is what Soundboard is built for. For a few thousand dollars, you can have a panel of professionals solve the problem facing your company. Our soundboard has helped companies land large contracts, resolve issues with personnel management and caught errors that would have cost millions of dollars. Don’t know if you should move to the cloud? Are you struggling with personnel? Do you need to deal with an underperforming vendor? Or perhaps you just need help negotiating a complicated RFP. We are here to help.”

The Cloud

Along the same lines, he also provides a word of caution. “Avoid the trap of thinking that more technology will help your company. Technology adoption should be appropriate to the business needs. My advice to entrepreneurs and business owners out there is to avoid letting technology drive your business. Focus on what your business does and see if technology fits and augments what you do. If it does not, then it is unnecessary overhead.”

“Among a number of technology-related trends that have emerged recently, cloud computing has been one that’s seen significant growth,” says Jared Daake with Five Nines. “The price point is becoming more accessible for those in the SMB market and adoption rates are increasing.

Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR)

I’m excited about cloud computing. A growing number of our clients use cloud services and that number will continue to grow into the future. As the prices continue to decrease, businesses are able to design a highly available system with little upfront capital expenditure.”

Walter also identified this as a trend to watch for as it is predicted to rapidly evolve in the coming years. “I really think Augmented Reality will be a major player in technology in the future,” he poses. “As a construction worker, imagine being able to see where underground lines are in real time as GIS data is overlaid on your safety goggles. Imagine a school classroom where you can study the solar system

One Solution at a Time

Cloud-based solutions empower businesses to stay current with technology without having the inconvenience and expense of owning, managing and maintaining large in-office equipment.

Jared Daake Five Nines

Expanding a little more on what’s to come, he also offers the following insight: “The future of SMB technology will vary largely depending on the vertical. Highly-regulated industries will migrate to cloud computing more slowly than those in other industries. Security demands will continue growing well into the future, and along with cloud computing, will be the largest growing technology expenditure for the SMB market. Business continuity and disaster recovery will have an increasing importance for SMBs as well.

We Know Data Centers! Protecting the Integrity of Mission Critical Facilities -

Although it’s now relatively common knowledge to know what it means to be in/on “the cloud.” This was not the case even just a few years ago. This trend emerged with the introduction of various cloudbased services and collocation centers with servers designed for extensive data storage. True to form, in the modern context of “cloud computing,” what was forecasted as something that would change how we operate entirely did just that in a little over a decade’s time. As the user base has steadily grown, it’s become the standard for how we store, access, and use our data, online and off-site, to conduct our business operations (and for personal use, too).

Power Management

DCIM Full Service Provider

Five Nines is currently expanding our service offerings to include managed firewall and security services. As businesses become more regulated, we’ve had to continue to grow and enhance our business in the area of cyber security. We feel we have a strong offering at a very competitive price and thus far, our clients have been very pleased.” To sum it up, he states, “The tech landscape overall will continue focusing on security, scalability, and cloud computing. Other overarching themes will be machine learning and consolidation of network management.” Artificial Intelligence (AI) Daake also made note of how artificial intelligence will continue to evolve, making it another great example of what looks to be a game-changer for all types of businesses.



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“Artificial intelligence is another emerging technology that will become the standard for all antivirus and antimalware software in the near future. Artificial intelligence and machine learning has the potential to be very disruptive technology in the coming years. It isn’t hard to imagine a future when a computer will see a server or network issue and automatically remediate those issues. Many things can be automated now, and if they can automated, there is no reason as to why a computer couldn’t automatically do that in the future.”

Remote Monitoring

Human-Centric Lighting

Remote monitoring for companies used to be considered a luxury. Now it’s not only a standard, it’s considered necessary and even mandated (with penalties incurred if not done). In all things technical, successful condition monitoring of equipment plays a key role in predictive maintenance and helps prevent costly downtime by allowing problems to be detected before they become severe.

Now, let’s switch gears a little bit to talk about cutting-edge technology in the physical space where you work or do business. Lighting, for instance, might seem out of place on this topic, but it absolutely deserves a place in the conversation, and Doug Dushan with Echo Systems offers us a glimpse into why.

Angela Wilson, CEO of Predictive Technology, Inc. (PTI), speaks on the trends of remote monitoring, “PTI is seeing a big push towards remote monitoring of equipment and conditions within facilities. We have seen a stronger growth in the need for remote monitoring of critical equipment and the facility environment that supports business viability within the utility, telecom, medical, transportation, and government industries recently. Especially with industries that have multiple locations and/or have facilities in remote and difficult locations to support. These organizations are using remote monitoring to manage equipment maintenance, service, individual device viability, efficiencies, and predictive analysis of possible device failure.” Wilson adds, “Remote monitoring is ever-evolving, just as all tech trends seem to be in a constant state of change. “We are just scratching the surface on cloud based software to monitor multiple and/or remote locations. It will continue to evolve as well as wireless technology. I see the cloud monitoring expanding into all aspects of business. Every business wants and needs to protect its equipment.” Understanding asset performance is key to optimize your operations and prevent costly downtime events. Remote monitoring and analytics provides a simple and secure approach to help monitor equipment and collect valuable performance analytics. It can give you valuable insights into how well your assets are working and alert you when performance falls outside of acceptable performance standards. Utilizing professionals, like the ones at PTI Solutions, can make the process of monitoring equipment easier, streamlined, and more efficient.

“An emerging trend is awareness of the quality and color temperature of the lighting, specifically as it relates to worker health and Doug Dushan wellbeing,” he advises. “Employing lighting Echo Systems in the workplace to help regulate human circadian rhythms can serve up tangible benefits in worker productivity by enhancing natural serotonin production. Everyone would acknowledge that technology moves fast. But there is a difference between evolutionary progress and evolutionary jumps in technology. The emergence of “human-centric” lighting is a substantial jump in how technology can benefit the human environment. While human-centric lighting is only recently emerging, with companies like Lutron and USAI at the forefront, it will become more commonplace and the larger population realizes the health and productivity benefits. It will also have ‘game-changing’ implications for the architectural and interior design communities. Color tunable, human-centric lighting also allows for individual adjustment of specific fixtures color temperature, allowing for enhancement of aesthetic features. For example, lighting can be adjusted to bring out specific colors in artwork, or to pull natural tones out of granite or wood flooring. In short, human-centric lighting can be adjusted to present a physical space in the best possible light, literally. Amazon, for example, is employing human-

SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business


centric lighting in the meat, cheese and produce sections of its newly acquired Whole Foods stores. The idea is to make the food appear as appealing as possible by modifying color temperature. At Echo Systems, we offer lighting design services to provide the best possible lighting layout and fixture recommendation for a given application. We recently completed an addition of a Lighting Lab in our state-of-the-art Experience Center, located at 4315 S. 120th St. in Omaha, NE. There, the public can be educated on this powerful trend in human-centric lighting. The Lighting Lab is the only public space outside of Manhattan where this technology is on display. For a look at the future, I highly recommend scheduling a tour of the Lighting Lab at Echo Systems.” Building Management Systems (BMS) Building Management Systems (BMS), also referred to as Building Automation Systems (BAS), are another excellent example of trending technology that has incredible applications in the place where you work and conduct business. “From a building technology perspective, there are a whole host of Building Management System (BMS) programs that will incorporate more advanced technology in the workplace,” says Pat Killeen with Engineered Controls. “These serve the purpose of making a building smarter and more efficient by providing essential instrumentation and control. Since lighting and security have already been mentioned, let’s look at those two examples. The lighting controls solution we provide at Engineered Pat Killeen Controls can make lighting much more Engineered Controls efficient. With smart scheduling, presence detection and photocells, you can ensure lights aren’t left burning in


Strictly Business SEPTEMBER 2018

vacant areas and that lights are off in areas where there is already plenty of natural light. Then there’s our integrated security solutions to meet your every need. These include standalone and networked access control solutions, an intrusion detection or video surveillance solution, or a fully-integrated security system. There is now a whole array of new video cameras with better low light technology, and the number of manufacturers embracing the wireless lock technology is expanding at such a rapid pace that at some point it may overtake hardwired locks. Then there’s NFC readers that turn cell phones into credentials, integrated apps that notify law enforcement or others of emergencies, and vandalism/ballistic window laminates to add to the physical security and protect the occupants inside of buildings. Engineered Controls offers our customers high quality products and services that create efficient, safe and comfortable building environments. So to that end, if someone was looking to improve the energy efficiency in their facility we have products and service that will do that. On the other hand, if someone is looking to protect their people and assets, we have safety products and service that do that as well. As far as integration goes, we have team of experienced engineers assigned specifically to create custom integration solutions to pull all of the building equipment into a common BMS platform regardless of manufacturer.” When it comes to use of technology in operating a business, there is an abundance of potential. The fact that there’s always something new being introduced is an incredible thing, but the majority of business owners are not in the tech space, so for them it might feel overwhelming—it doesn’t have to be, though! Enlist the help of local experts in the industry to help stay up on tech trends to keep your business moving forward.

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What is it? - Five Nines is hosting its’ 3rd annual Nebraska Tech Summit on Tuesday, October 30th. The Nebraska Tech Summit is a day set aside to provide organizational leaders meaningful time away from the office, with opportunities to learn something new, interact with technology, and develop strategic ideas for their business. From a Gallup keynote to more personalized breakout sessions, this event will have a little something for every business. What’s the agenda? - Registration: 8:00 – 8:30 • Continental Breakfast & Welcome Keynote: 8:30 – 9:00 • Breakout Session #1: 9:15 – 10:00 • Breakout Session #2: 10:15 – 11:00 • Lunch and Keynote: 11:00 – 12:45 • Breakout Session #3: 1:00 – 1:45 • Breakout Session #4: 2:00 – 2:45 • Closing & Prizes: 2:45 – 3:30 How can you attend? - For registration and breakout session information, please visit SEPTEMBER 2018 Strictly Business


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