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JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


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Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business



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Great Brands That Compete On Value: Celebrate Their Successes

Happy New Year! Many of us have spent the last few months celebrating the holidays with our family and friends as well as our employees, coworkers, and clients/customers. It’s truly a blessing to live in a community where we all celebrate each other’s successes and I consider myself thankful for that support and fellowship. And really, who doesn’t like a good celebration? Looking back on the ground we covered last year, I discussed each of the components in our magazine and exactly what’s behind their effectiveness individually and collectively. More specifically, I advised on their purposes and the different ways they could be strategically utilized to support a well-balanced, high-impact content marketing campaign. While I plan to present more ideas and tips related to branding your business/organization in the coming year, in the spirit of celebration, let’s talk about how that very thing can in fact also elevate your brand. If there’s a good reason to celebrate, there’s likely a good reason to share your accomplishments. The following instances are good examples of newsworthy celebrations: anniversaries, expansion, awards, endorsements, certifications, industry recognition, notable business and/ or employee achievements, completion of a major project, bringing a new product or service to market, the success of a fundraiser or major event, non-profit partnership, etc. Without celebration and acknowledgment, there’s little to no time spent reflecting on what went right in a way that fosters passion and enthusiasm to continue pressing on towards the next benchmark ahead. There’s also no sense of appreciation that accompanies the hard work and investment you’ve made for that outcome, from within your organization or from the general public outside of it. It’s so easy to focus all of our time and energy on how we can improve and what we can do better for our customers, to grow our businesses, for greater efficiency, to generate more revenue, and the list goes on from there. But taking the time to recognize and celebrate what we’ve done right that’s got us to that point is truly just as important. For a brand to be relatable there has to be a personal connection. When we see others doing great things around us, and are able to share the great things we are doing with others, it’s a means to that end. It’s encouraging to be in good company and also motivates us to do

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business with those who are just as dedicated to excellence. Celebrating the relationships we’ve established and fostered is also an important part of doing business as it shows continued appreciation and helps grow our mutual networks even further. On a related note, I’m so proud to be celebrating the 25th anniversary of Strictly Business in 2018. To reach that milestone, there have been many accomplishments that have paved the way. I’ve not only been extremely proud to share ours with my readers, but those wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my clients and a great team of employees. So in turn, I’m also grateful and honored to have been able to shine a light on their many wonderful accomplishments over the years. This is an exciting year for us, and we plan to share and promote throughout 2018, so stay tuned! All told, especially this time of year, it’s so exciting to think of the possibilities and maintaining forward momentum, forging ahead to make this year even better than the last. What’s the next big meeting tomorrow, what’s our plan for the year, what’s the five-year outlook… we’re so forward-thinking and the only reason we oftentimes look back is to help us formulate our strategy to keep progressing. For myself, with the rigorous schedule of our monthly publications, it’s easy to switch gears the instant one month’s magazines go to press right into the next month’s magazines. As fellow business owners and professionals, I’m sure you can all relate. However, I’ve found that it’s important to take the time, even if it seems like there isn’t any to spare, to focus on what’s just been achieved by the team within the body of work that goes into producing two publications each month. “Treat Yo’ Self” (It never gets old!) is all well and good when you’ve accomplished something you take pride in, but it’s always so much nicer to be recognized by others for your accomplishments. Encourage employees to be proud, incentivize them to do great things, and also share that with the community so that they are recognized by their peers in the industry, their professional network, and extending out to the business community at large. We should all aspire to great things, and when greatness is attained, be sure to celebrate! Elevating your brand is all about capitalizing on opportunities, and just about any reason to celebrate is a prime opportunity. To learn more about how Strictly Business can help you, contact me directly at (402) 466-3330 or visit strictly-business.com/connect. (You can also click on our Staff Letter tab online to view past articles)

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EXPERIENCE THE FIBER DIFFERENCE For more than 12 years, ALLO has provided Nebraskans with Internet, TV and phone services that move at the speed of light—so that Nebraska can move at the speed of business. Our company was founded in 2003 and sought to bring the most modern network possible to people across the state. Since that time, we’ve grown to serve seven Nebraska communities: Lincoln, North Platte, Scottsbluff, Gering, Alliance, Ogallala, and Bridgeport.

At its core, our growth is the result of two things: a better product and better service. Our all-fiber network delivers speeds that fits your business’ needs, and that speed affects more than just the internet. We’re able to offer crystal-clear phone and TV service, as well. Underneath it all, however, it’s our people that make the true difference. On the front end of every customer experience, we employ a team of experts who are dedicated to bringing our customers the most courteous, efficient, and effective installation possible. When our customers have questions or find themselves in need of service, our local team of customer experience specialists is there to help. This pairing of superior products and services has helped our company grow, but it is through that growth that ALLO has been able to help cities from Scottsbluff to Lincoln. By expanding the fiber network across the state, we have improved the quality of life for thousands of people and have contributed to the economic development of communities and their businesses. PHOTO COURTESY OF ED MEJIA, NELNET MARKETING

Today, we are continuing construction in Lincoln—our largest market to date. Already serving downtown and large areas of Lincoln, we continue to grow. In the near future, we will be expanding into other markets, providing unmatched services for additional local businesses.

To see if ALLO is available for your business, visit AlloFiber.com/Business or call (402) 480-6500.

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Celebrating 25 Years





JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business



Formation of Storz Enterprises Announced

Concentric Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Andrew Storz is excited to properly introduce his newly-established consulting business, Storz Enterprises. Storz has been providing business consulting services to clients in the area for some time now in addition to owning and operating Good Life Retirement Solutions. Having spent the last year splitting time between the two, he recently made the decision to close Good Life Retirement Solutions so that he could focus his efforts solely on business consulting. “I’m proud of what was accomplished with Good Life Retirement Solutions and I’m grateful for the many amazing people I was able to meet through it,” Storz stated. “It’s important that everyone be able to pursue their passion. For me, Good Life was not able to ignite the passion in me the same way that my consulting work does. I don’t want to do a disservice to myself or our customers by not being able to fully invest myself in what I’m doing.” Storz’s business consulting work focuses on enterprise process improvement and creating scalable frameworks and solutions for growing companies. He works with businesses of all sizes, types, and across all industries, but his specialty is SMBs. Those interested in learning more can visit StorzEnteprises.com or contact Andrew Storz at (402) 419-3426 or via email at AStorz@StorzEnterprises.com.

This year, Concentric V i s u a l Design is proud to have been in business for 20 years! The locally owned and operated design company specializes in product design, but its offerings also extend to graphic design, logo design, media design, printing services, and consulting in those areas of expertise. Simply stated, Concentric Visual Design takes ideas and brings them to life. Owner Lawrence Owens found his passion was helping inventors and world-class manufacturers bring products to market and achieved much documented success by pursuing it over the past 20 years. Demonstrated in the wide range of projects in his portfolio, Owens excels in the following areas: Industrial Design / 3D Models & Prototypes; Design Engineering / Assembly Design; Graphical User Interface Design (GUI); Part Design & Development; Manufacturing Drawings / Specifications; Sourcing On/Off Shore; Human to Machine Interface Design; Solidworks/Adobe/Microsoft/More; ISO Compliant Design Control Process; Touchscreen / Keypad Engineering; Electroluminescent Lighting Design; Fiber Optic Backlighting Design; Photorealistic Product Renderings; Brand Identity Development; Graphic Design / UX Website Design; Retail Packaging Design & Development; Product Photography; and Digital Video Services. Let Concentric Visual Design help you design a brand-centric user experience that brings customers to your product for life. For more information about Concentric Visual Design or to schedule a free consultation, visit www.concentricvisual.com or call (402) 261-6779.

Tru-Built Construction Honored With 2017 Build Nebraska Award The Association of General Contractors (AGC), Nebraska Building Chapter recently announced the 2017 Build Nebraska Awards winners. Tr u-Built Constr uction was honored to be among them, recognized for The National Willa Cather Center project in Red Cloud, NE. It took years of planning and fundraising to make the Willa Cather Foundation’s vision a reality. The project was officially underway in October of 2015 and completed in December of 2016. Led by Superintendent Steve Powell and Project Manager Tucker Lange, Tru-Built Construction transformed a nearly block-long structure dating back to 1886 into a destination location celebrating the life and work of world-renowned author Willa Cather. Much of the $3.65 million project involved historical preservation to restore and incorporate original building components into the new design. In total, it encompassed 22,700 square feet of renovated space and the addition of 2,200 square feet of space at the site. Powell and Lange managed a team of specialized subcontractors and suppliers, many from Red Cloud but also extending statewide and into Kansas. The National Willa Cather Center is composed of mixed-use spaces including additional museum space, state-of-the-art climatecontrolled archive storage, research/office space, commercial storefronts, greenroom connected to the Red Cloud Opera House, and apartments. Tru-Built Construction was proud to be a part of a project that honors the enduring legacy of one of Nebraska most famous residents in her hometown and that has revitalized the downtown area, restoring it to its original glory. The 2017 Build Nebraska Awards were presented at the Fall Social, Dinner, and Awards Program held November 16 at the Champions Club in Lincoln. 6 Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

Local Goodcents Tops National Franchise List Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs (goodcentssubs. com) has announced its top perfor ming franchise of 2017. The Goodcents restaurant at 2712 Cornhusker Hwy. in Lincoln was named the top-performing restaurant of the year across the Goodcents Franchise system, breaking an all-time high sales record of more than 80 locations across the United States. It is owned by longtime Goodcents franchisees Jeff Barclay and Scott Ritter who first opened the store in 2000. Catering has played an important role in the Cornhusker location growth, which is up more than 25% over last year. Another key driver was its promotion of Goodcents new online and mobile app ordering platform. This location also has one of the highest employee retention rates across the Goodcents Franchise System. “This is a very exciting milestone for our team and the entire Goodcents Franchise System,” said Barclay. “This is a brand we’ve always believed in and we are so appreciative for all of our loyal customers who have supported us over the years.” Barclay and Ritter have been part of the Goodcents Franchise System since 1999, when they opened their first Goodcents restaurant at 4333 S. 70th Street in Lincoln shortly after graduating college. Today, they own five Goodcents locations, with the 5th location having just opened on December 15 at N. 84th St. They also co-own Venue Restaurant and Lounge and Piedmont Bistro by Venue. This year, Goodcents was voted the #1 sandwich shop as part of the ‘Best of Lincoln’ awards and Barclay was awarded the 2017 Enterprising Gambler Award from the Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA). Barclay and Ritter also won the Nebraska Restaurateur of the Year Award in 2016. Connect with Goodcents through Facebook (/GoodcentsSubs), Twitter (@EatGoodcents) and Snapchat (GoodcentsSubs).


Access Family Medicine Expands, Relocates Access Family Medicine has moved! Previously located just south of 84th & Adams St., Access Family Medicine’s office is now at a more central location in Legacy Square at 8101 O Street, Suite 302. Dr. Todd Johnson began seeing patients there on December 27. Due to the growth of the practice in the past year, Access Family Medicine required a larger space with more private areas in order to accommodate new patients and the addition of a second physician, Dr. Stephanie Peterson. The success of the first Direct Primary Care clinic in Lincoln is indicative of many realizing the benefits of the membershipbased, insurance-free model. With unlimited access to your physician at a low monthly rate, including office visits with same-day or next-day appointments available as well as virtually via phone, email, text and webcam, it allows for personalized care tailored to each patient’s preferences and comfort. Diagnostic and in-house procedures are provided at wholesale cost, as well as labs, imaging, and medications. At Access Family Medicine, the number one priority is helping prevent, diagnose, and treat your health issues with affordable solutions that work best for your life. Based on the philosophy of paying for what you can afford and insuring what you cannot, Access Family Medicine offers an alternative approach that has a host of benefits for individuals, families, and employers. To find out more, please call (402) 858-1510, email info@accessdpc.com, or visit www.accessfamilymedicine.com.

Sumner Place Receives Perfect Score In the most recent survey administered by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Sumner Place Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation was rated deficiency-free on its annual Department of Public Health Certification Survey conducted in November 2017. Long-term care facilities are surveyed every year by a multi-disciplinary team. The rigorous unannounced survey is conducted over several days and covers almost 200 quality, safety and performance issues such as medication management, proper skin care, assessment of resident’s needs, respect for residents rights and dignity, food service, environment and administration, to name only a few. Sumner Place has been deficiency free for 5 out of the last 6 years and is currently ranked 4th out of 212 facilities in Nebraska on weighted 3-cycle survey score. “People know that our relationships, services and decisions speak for our desire to always act with honesty, fairness and compassion. People know that they can trust us to be who we say we are and do what we say we will do,” stated Larry Van Hunnik, Administrator of Sumner Place. “When you visit Sumner Place we want you to feel our compassion, experience our courtesy and observe our competence in all that we do. We live ‘Dignity In Life’ at Sumner Place.” This accomplishment is a great honor and testament to the care provided at Sumner Place Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation. Sumner Place is one of 30 facilities owned and/or managed by Vetter Senior Living (VSL) in Omaha, Nebraska. The care center’s administrator and staff develop plans to continuously improve their services and facility with the support from the VSL network. Operating decisions are made locally to assure that Sumner Place remains responsive to the needs of its residents and community.

Hudl Celebrates Grand Opening of New Headquarters Hudl recently celebrated the grand opening o f t h e i r n ew state-of-the-art headquarters location at 600 P Street, Suite #400 in the Haymarket District of Lincoln. To mark the occasion, an official ribbon-cutting ceremony conducted by the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce was held on December 19th. Numerous city and state officials were in attendance along with the general public. During the event, Mayor Chris Beutler, Governor Pete Ricketts, Chamber President Wendy Birdsall, and Hudl CEO David Graff addressed the audience, detailing Hudl’s impact on Lincoln, the state of Nebraska, and the Midwest. Hudl is a leading software company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Founded by David Graff, Brian Kaiser and John Wirtz in 2006, Hudl now offers the tools to edit and share video, interact with stats, and create quality highlight reels for entertainment and recruiting purposes. The whole experience is available online, giving coaches and athletes secure access at home and on the go. With more than 164,000 active teams and over 4 million unique users, Hudl has become the preferred game film solution for all teams, from the smallest youth organizations to professional franchises in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. For more information on Hudl please visit hudl.com or call (402) 817-0060. JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business 7


Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Fallbrook Assisted Living & Memory Care

Cartridge World Introduces Comprehensive Printer Program for Local Businesses

Two years in the making, a groundbreaking ceremony held on October 19 marked the beginning of Fallbrook’s new Assisted Living and Memory Care Senior Housing development. West Development Partners, Sampson Construction, and MJ Senior Housing, in conjunction with Pinnacle Bank, ceremonially began construction by moving some dirt onsite in the rolling hills of the Fallbrook Development in North Lincoln. In attendance were company representatives Brett West, West Development Partners; Justin Sanford, Sampson Construction; Marylynne Bolden and Jason Lange, MJ Senior Housing; Lincoln Chamber of Commerce officials, local professionals and members of the community. The design team led by Sinclair Hille Architects consisted of The Clark Enersen Partners (Civil), Structural Design Group (Structural), and Engineering Technologies Inc. (Mechanical & Electrical). Fallbrook Assisted Living & Memory Care is an MJ Senior Housing Community, a locally owned and operated company with over 20 years of senior housing development ownership, management and training experience. Their portfolio includes Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care Assisted Living communities across Nebraska. In addition, they provide consulting and sales training for other organizations in the senior housing industry. For more information, visit www.FallbrookAssisted.com.

Cartridge World is now offering a program that effectively eliminates the need for local businesses to buy or lease a printer and even the costs associated with any future maintenance! Cartridge World will provide your office or place of business with business class printer(s) and multifunction devices with all printer maintenance and on-site service included. In exchange for the use and upkeep of the equipment, clients simply purchase the initial and ongoing toner cartridge purchases from Cartridge World. Plus, Cartridge World’s premium quality toner cartridges are priced competitively to save you up to 30% versus OEM printer cartridges and big box store toner prices! The team of professionals at Cartridge World will conduct a needs assessment in order to understand your current printing activities and costs. Based on this information they will help you select the best solution for your needs. Then, with free delivery and installation, they’ll take care of the rest to get you up and running! From that point on, Cartridge World provides an automated toner fulfillment service or easy online ordering with free delivery, and will even help you recycle cartridges to minimize the environmental impact of your operations. If you ever have any issues, Cartridge World will promptly show up on-site to troubleshoot. Get the printing equipment and local service you need to improve efficiency and control print-related expenses at Cartridge World. Call (402) 464-3455 or visit www.cartridgeworld.com to learn more.

Essentials Introduces New Home Watch Service Essentials is excited to announce the rollout of a new offering for homeowners, the Home Watch service. Home Watch provides homeowners peace of mind with the assurance that their homes are safe and protected while vacationing, traveling for work, or out of town for long periods of time otherwise. Routine inspections and regular home maintenance checks are performed on a weekly or biweekly basis and there is a presence at your home while you are away. This includes a basic check of plumbing, HVAC, electrical systems, and appliances as well as the exterior of your home. An Essentials technician will also monitor interior concerns such as water heater and air conditioner operation, sump pump operation, and will check doors and windows to make sure they are secure and operating properly. Exterior aspects include looking for signs of pest damage and security breaches, evaluation after major storms, and checking exterior lights and entry points. Additional services can be added, including lawn care, snow removal, mail/courier, bill payment, and pre-arrival home set-up which includes cleaning, laundry and grocery shopping. Updates are communicated via the mobile app, allowing you to view a weekly status report along with photos. If an issue arises, the client is contacted immediately and the Essentials technician will take care of it right away unless it requires a service professional.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

For more information, visit www.essentialshomeservices .com or contact Mary McCombs at (402) 473-5325 / mmcombs@ essentialshomeservices.com.


Business Opportunity for Liquid Lawn Fertilizer Applicators Announced Fox Liquid Fertilizer Service, of Lincoln, NE, prides itself on delivering the highest possible level of service to its customers and homeowners. “We focus on results, not ‘Up-Sells,’” says owner Jordan Nun. “We try to do everything we can to delivery exceptional, lush green, pest and weed-free lawns, with courteous service.” Nun prides himself on being a family business based on integrity and environmental consciousness. “We believe a well-managed business is a business that does what is morally and ethically right under all circumstances; if we take care of our customers, they’ll take care of us!” Fox Fertilizer is expanding this mission across the Midwest, by helping other individuals do the same thing they have been doing in the Lincoln area. “At this rate of growth, we won’t be able to keep up. There are just too many millions of square feet of turf out there!” On January 3 and January 17, Jordan will be hosting luncheons in Lincoln at Pizza Ranch (8420 Lexington Ave, Lincoln NE 68505) from noon to 1 p.m. for those interested in learning more about what it takes to develop a successful fertilizer and weed control business. For more information or to inquire services offered by Fox Liquid Fertilizer Service, contact Jordan Nun (402) 413-0020 or go to www. FoxFertilizer.com.

Winners of 2017 Build Nebraska Awards Announced The Nebraska Building Chapter is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Build Nebraska Awards. The program is designed to recognize outstanding projects built by member firms. Projects were evaluated based on innovation in methods and materials, project management, client services, challenge of a difficult job and sensitive treatment of the environment and surroundings. On November 16, 2017, the top Projects of the Year and the Honorable Mention Projects were announced in five categories. NEW CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS UNDER $8 MILLION Project of the Year: Saline County Courthouse Addition, Wilber; Cheever Construction. Honorable Mention Project: Suzanne Scott Housing at QLI, Omaha; Kiewit Building Group Inc. NEW CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS $8-$15 MILLION Project of the Year: Nebraska Soccer & Tennis Complex, Lincoln; Sampson Construction. Honorable Mention Project: Heafey Hoffman Dworak and Cutler Funeral Home, Omaha; Kiewit Building Group Inc. NEW CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS OVER $15 MILLION Project of the Year: Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, Omaha; Kiewit Building Group Inc. Honorable Mention Project: Great Plains Health, North Platte; Sampson Construction. BUILDING RENOVATIONS ANY DOLLAR AMOUNT Project of the Year: National Willa Cather Center, Red Cloud; Tru-Built Construction. Honorable Mention Project: Box Butte General Hospital, Alliance; Beckenhauer Construction, Inc. SPECIALTY CONTRACTOR Project of the Year: Saline County Courthouse Addition, Wilber; Jeff MacTaggart Masonry, LLC. Honorable Mention Project: Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, Omaha; Commonwealth Electric Company of the Midwest.

First National Bank Named One of MONEY’s Best Banks First National Bank has been selected one of MONEY’s Best Banks. In addition, MONEY has named First National Bank the best bank in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota. The full list of banks, including First N a t i o n a l ’s r a n k i n g, i s available on Money.com. According to the publication, MONEY evaluated the largest 90 brick-and-mortar banks, 50 credit unions, and 15 online banks, as identified by bank consultancy firm Novantas. Bankrate.com, MONEY’s project partner, collected data on fees, interest rates, and account requirements for checking and savings accounts. Using Bankrate’s data, MONEY compared more than 800 accounts and 18,000 data points. When selecting state winners, MONEY excluded checking accounts that required a minimum balance greater than $1,500 to either open the account or waive monthly fees. Priority was given to banks whose checking accounts had no (or easily waived) monthly fees and low or no ATM fees. MONEY also sought higher interest rates for checking and savings accounts. Additional factors included J.D. Power customer service ratings, when available, from the 2017 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study, geographic reach within a state, recent enforcement actions, and mobile app ratings in the iTunes and Google Play stores. MONEY is a registered trademark of Time Inc. and is used under license. From MONEY Magazine, November 1, 2017. ©2017 Time Inc. Used under license. MONEY and Time Inc. are not affiliated with, and do not endorse products or services of, First National Bank of Omaha.

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


BUSINESS NEWS Ironhide Construction Completes Apple Roofing Project Ironhide Construction was proud to be a part of constructing the new Apple Roofing headquarters at 4833 N. 32nd Street in Lincoln, NE. As a subcontractor on the project, Ironhide Construction erected a 14,000-square-foot Behlen pre-engineered metal building provided by the owner. Ironhide designed an addition to the building as well, using steel to create a bump out on the south side of the building that adds architectural interest to the entrance, as well as incorporating stairs and a mezzanine. As a finishing touch, Masterline 16 architectural metal panels were installed horizontally and vertically for an aesthetic design feature. Ironhide Construction is a general contractor and structural restoration company serving clients across the Midwest. Whether an architect’s vision or a client’s idea not yet on paper, Ironhide Construction transforms metal into modern – delivering sophisticated, custom buildings that are both functional and stylish. Ironhide Construction is also one of only a few companies in the region that specializes in the challenges of structural restoration, as well as developing phased maintenance plans for buildings, parking garages, and other structures. Ironhide Construction approaches every project with transparency, accountability, and quality results from proposal to completion. For more information, please visit www.ironhideconstruction.com or contact Troy Bridgford at (402) 420-4961 / troy@ironhideconstruction.com.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

Fields Floral Introduces Membership Club Fields Floral is excited to announce the launch of a Membership Club, offering a convenient way to enjoy fresh flowers or give a special gift every month of the year! The Membership Club is an annual subscription with a monthly fee or paid for in full up-front. Those who pay in full at the time the account is set up will receive free delivery for the entire year, and all members receive a 10% discount on any additional orders. There are three price tiers to choose from based on arrangement and/or gift basket size and there are options to customize the details to fit varying needs and special requests. Whether it’s your loved ones, clients, or treating yourself to fresh flowers in your home, office, or place of business, simply provide details about your recipient(s) for each month and Fields Floral will do the rest! You’ll have all of the major holidays and special occasions covered for an entire year so nothing gets forgotten accidentally, all while saving time and money too! Fields Floral serves clients in the Lincoln community as well as Hickman, Waverly, Bennet and surrounding areas. For your floral or gifting needs or for inquiries about the Membership Club, call Fields Floral at (402) 483-4564 or email fieldsfloral@gmail.com. You can find out more about Fields Floral online at www.fieldsfloral. com, and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

BUSINESS NEWS Nutrition Zone Announces Grand Opening of Lincoln Location Nutrition Zone is pleased to announce the opening of the first store in Lincoln. The Grand Opening event will take place on January 6 at 10:00 a.m. Nutrition Zone Lincoln’s brand new, beautiful store is located at 400 N. 48th Street, Suite B4 in the strip mall at 48th and R Street by TJ Maxx. Nutrition Zone provides a full spectrum of products ranging from sports nutrition, weight loss, vitamins and minerals to name a few. Each location prides itself on having the highest level of customer service, a knowledgeable team, and the best products at unbeatable prices. The owners of the new locally owned and operated store, Dustin and Michaela Judd, are Lincoln residents. Both have a passion for fitness, health, and helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle. Stop by Nutrition Zone’s Grand Opening for huge discounts, tons of giveaways, and free samples! Don’t miss out - NEW YEAR, NEW STORE, NEW YOU! For more information, please call (402) 440-5716 or visit www.nutritionzoneusa.com.

WISB to Host Monthly Luncheon on Jan.10th The Women in Sales and Business (WISB) monthly meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 10th at The Venue in the NE/ Lancaster Room at 4111 Pioneer Woods Drive, Lincoln, NE. The speaker this month will be Wendy Tridle. She is a professional organizing coach in Lincoln, Nebraska. Organize by Design teaches people to organize their workspaces and lives. Wendy will present on “Organized Space = More Productive Life!” In this life changing presentation, you will be given information so you can increase your productivity and potential. Wendy will explain how LESS IS MORE and CONQUER THE CLUTTER. Wendy will also have you imagine a workspace and walk through a layout so it is more functional and ergonomic. Then, she will give you several tips, ideas, and tools to use to LIVE AN ORGANIZED LIFE! The meeting starts with lunch at 11:30 a.m. with meeting following from 11:55 a.m. until 1 p.m. Cost is $18 which includes lunch (cost is $10 if you only attend the meeting). Please register online at www.wisblincoln.org on the events page to RSVP. More information can also be found on the website or by contacting WISB via email at info@wisblincoln.org.

Social Security Announces 2% Benefit Increase for 2018 Monthly Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for more than 66 million Americans will increase 2% in 2018. The cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) will begin with benefits payable to more than 61 million Social Security beneficiaries this month. Increased payments to more than 8 million SSI beneficiaries began on December 29, 2017. The Social Security Act ties the annual COLA to the increase in the Consumer Price Index as determined by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some other adjustments that take effect in January of each year are based on the increase in average wages. Based on that increase, the maximum amount of earnings subject to the Social Security tax (taxable maximum) will increase to $128,700 from $127,200. Of the estimated 175 million workers who will pay Social Security taxes in 2018, about 12 million will pay more because of the increase in the taxable maximum. Information about Medicare changes for 2018, when announced, will be available at www.medicare.gov.

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Vicente Clothiers Celebrates 1st Year in Business Vicente Clothiers is proud to be celebrating its oneyear anniversary! Established in January of 2017, Vicente Clothiers is a true custom clothier with an unparalleled array of distinctive styling options for men and women. Vicente Clothiers is owned and operated by Eddie Brown, who designed his business model to meet the needs of busy professionals like himself who have an appreciation for dressing to impress, no matter the occasion. Vicente Clothiers can meet your formal, professional, and casual wardrobe needs as well as accessorizing with custom footwear and more. With an impressive portfolio from which to design your own garments, creating your own signature look and building your professional wardrobe has never been easier. For those looking to enhance their style and confidence, Vicente Clothiers not only provides extensive garment selection and custom design, but also professional fitting. As a client, you’ll receive the personal concierge services of an expert clothier who brings the shopping and tailoring experience directly to you at your home or place of business. What does your wardrobe say about you? Vicente Clothiers can partner with you on defining exactly what you’d like that to be. For more information about Vicente Clothiers or to schedule a consultation, visit www.vicenteclothiers.com or call (402) 570-7209.

Panology Tech Solutions Completes Infrastructure for FUSE Coworking Expansion Pa n o l o gy Te c h Solutions recently assisted with building out the new infrastructure for FUSE Coworking (FUSE), upgrading it to a network that provides 10-gigabit Internet connectivity. FUSE Coworking has expanded to occupy the space on the 2nd floor of the building, which was vacated by Hudl after completion of its new state-of-the-art headquarters. There will also be space available for lease in February and with the infrastructure established by Panology, the network now extends throughout the entire building. This project also played a part in Lincoln recently securing the designation as a Smart Gigabit Community, with FUSE, ALLO Communications and University of Nebraska-Lincoln being the program collaborators. To be designated a Smart Gigabit Community, cities must partner with universities, nonprofits, telecommunications providers and others in developing two gigabit applications each year. FUSE is a growing collaborative workspace in the Lincoln Haymarket that gives startups, entrepreneurs, corporate innovators, freelancers and remote workers a shared space to work on their business and concepts while providing a network of resources and learning opportunities. . As a fellow SMB, Panology Tech Solutions is honored to play a part in helping other SMBs in our community do great things.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

Panology Tech Solutions provides the assistance you need to improve how your business utilizes and incorporates technology. The locally owned and operated technology solutions firm provides comprehensive offerings that are customized to fit the client’s needs and budget, with emphasis on customer satisfaction and quality of service. For more information about Panology Tech Solutions, please call (402) 937-9137, email info@ panologyinc.com, or visit panologyinc.com.


Roper & Sons Opens New Location Roper & Sons Funeral Services has ex p a n d e d to South Lincoln! Roper & Sons is now open and serving families at its newest location on the southwest corner of 40th & Yankee Hill. They are proud to grow with the city and provide easier access to services in the everexpanding communities in the southern part of our city and county. Roper & Sons South can be reached at (402) 261-5907, or you can visit the new location at 3950 Hohensee Drive. Please contact Tom Roper, President, at tom@roperandsons.com; Dean Schneider, Vice President, at dean@roperandsons.com, or Jodi Freeman, Outreach Coordinator, at jodi@roperandsons.com with any questions.

Nebraska Builders Home & Garden Show Coming Soon The Lancaster Event Center at 84th & Havelock in Lincoln will feature more than 250 exhibitors at the 46th Annual Nebraska Builders Home & Garden Show produced by the Home Builders Association of Lincoln. It will be held February 9-11 in Pavilions 1 and 4; hours are Friday 1 9 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. Admission is $8, or $7 with donation of a non-perishable food item for the Lincoln Food Bank, and free for children 12 and under. The Show will have great ideas for landscaping, decorating, remodeling or building a new home. It features the latest products for both for the do-it-yourselfer and those who want to hire a professional. Whether wanting to talk to builders or see new products, the Show is an outstanding opportunity to get ideas. Special features include: • HBAL Stage – The stage will feature presentations by Wildlife Encounters, Custom Blinds & Design, REALTORS Association of Lincoln, Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, VirtuActive 3D Drafting & Design and Lincoln Landscaping. • Food Bank House - Remodelers Council of Lincoln built a frame house and will fill the walls with non-perishable food. Each year more than 4,000 lbs. of food is donated to the Food Bank of Lincoln. • High School Interior & Residential Design Contest – 46th annual event with entries from area high school students on display during the Show. Cash prizes are given for first, second and third place in both categories. • “If I Could Build a House” Art Contest – Grade school students who participated will have their artwork on display. Individual winners received $50 from HBAL. • Kid’s Square – Fun activities for kids including balloon creations, face painting, magic shows, kids’ projects and a bounce house. For more information, go to www.hbal.org/builders-home-gardenshow.

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


BUSINESS NEWS Talent Plus, Inc. Flips Model of Traditional 360 Review With Positive 360SM

Kingery Construction Announces Winner of Holiday Contest

Talent Plus, Inc. ® is the leading partner in building and sustaining highperforming, fullyengaged cultures through talent selection, development and analytics. Now by flipping the model of a traditional 360 with the release of the Positive 360SM, Talent Plus has created a positive experience that turns the traditional employee review into an opportunity of recognition that will lead to individuals feeling emotionally rehired. The Positive 360 is designed to help individuals understand their key strengths and to gain the perspective of their peers, leaders and team members. It is intended to be a positive experience while providing the individual with realistic, quality, growth-oriented feedback. “It is critical that we offer tools that will continue to enhance our client’s experience and that of their employees. The roll-out of the Positive 360 will be meaningful to any company looking to augment their performance management and development space by replacing poor, negative or antiquated offerings. The Positive 360 reinforces an individual’s strengths and they are encouraged to pursue them further, leading to greater productivity and engagement,” according to Kimberly Rath, Talent Plus President and Co-Founder. Talent Plus, Inc. is the Leading Talent Assessment Partner® in the industry and an internationally recognized management consulting firm with over 400 clients in 20 countries delivering interviews in more than 20 languages. Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Talent Plus also has an office in Singapore. For more information, please visit www.talentplus.com.

Kingery Construction Co. held a contest to design it’s company Christmas card, involving a past client in a very special way. Students from Seward Middle School, which Kingery Construction built in 2011, had the opportunity to submit their artwork for consideration at the end of November. Congratulations to Traetyn Schaefer, an 8th grader at Seward Middle School, who was selected as the winner! Along with his design being featured on Kingery Construction’s Christmas cards, he was awarded a gift card to Runza. Additionally, a donation was made to Seward Middle School to help fund the school’s art department. Being active in the community and giving back are very important parts of the culture at Kingery Construction. It was a lot of fun to see all of the festive creations the students submitted and an honor to play a part in supporting the arts in education for youth. Kingery Construction is a locally owned and operated commercial contractor that has been in business for 93 years, providing services for schools, universities, hospitals, churches, commercial, government, industrial, and private projects. The company has developed relationships with owners and architects that stretch back decades and continues to be proud of our ongoing relationships and projects. For more information about Kingery Construction Co., please visit www. kccobuilders.com or call (402) 465-4400.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

BUSINESS NEWS Scooter’s Coffee Honored on Inc. 5000 List Scooter’s Coffee is thrilled to announce its inclusion on the 36th annual Inc. 5000. The list is the most prestigious compilation of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. The Inc. 5000 represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the American economy’s most dynamic segment—its independent small and midsized businesses. “We enthusiastically and humbly accept this recognition from a foremost leading business industry publication,” says Rob Streett, President and Chief Operating Officer of Scooter’s Coffee. “A 65% growth rate these past three years is a testament of the hard work and dedication of our employees. We are committed to building on our growth through the excellent service and products our loyal customers across the country have grown to depend.” The 2017 Inc. 5000 is ranked according to percentage revenue growth when comparing 2013 to 2016. To view Scooter’s Coffee in the full ranking, visit: www.inc.com/profile/scooters-coffee. For more information about Scooter’s Coffee, visit: scooterscoffee.com, facebook.com/scooterscoffee, or ownascooters.com.

BBB International Investigation Exposes Online Puppy Scams According to a report by Better Business Bureau (BBB), scams to sell non-existent puppies and other pets may be so widespread that anyone searching for a pet online is likely to encounter this fraud. The report -- “Puppy Scams: How Fake Online Pet Sellers Steal from Unsuspecting Pet Buyers” -- estimates that tens of thousands of consumers around the world may have fallen victim to the scam, with prospective buyers losing anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars each to the thieves. A summary of the study can be found at: go.bbb.org/ puppyscam. The report was prepared by C. Steven Baker, retired director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Midwest Region. He is working with five BBBs, including the Omaha office, analyzing and reporting on some of the most pervasive fraud issues that impact American consumers. Since its release in September, the study received worldwide media coverage with an audience reach of over 1.3 billion.

Announcing Russ’s Wine and Food Experience The 2018 Russ’s Wine and Food Experience will be held at the Embassy Suites on Friday, February 23. This is the 10th year for the event, which has become a favorite of Lincoln-area wine lovers. The Russ’s Wine and Food Experience raised almost $350,000 for the Lincoln Community Playhouse over the last nine years. Approximately 90 booths will fill the main ballroom, offering an international selection of wines. Foodies can sample fine cheeses, gourmet desserts, beef, seafood, fresh-baked artisan breads, and many unique items. In addition to the main ballroom, reserve room guests will enjoy an exclusive selection of reserve wines and a buffet prepared by Russ’s Market Catering to You. The goal for this year’s Lincoln Wine and Food Experience is $40,000, which includes proceeds from a silent auction. General admission tickets for the main ballroom are $50 in advance, $60 at the door. Advance tickets for the reserve room are $70, $80 at the door. There is also a limited number of Cellar Room tickets available for sale at $125. Tickets are on sale at Russ’s Market locations in Lincoln and online. Learn more at LincolnWineAndFoodExperience.com, and follow Russ’s Market on Facebook and Twitter.

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BUSINESS NEWS 360 Clean Teams Up With Royal Family KIDS Aventine at Wilderness Hills to Host Open Starting on January 1, 2018, House, Meet & Greet With New Management 360 Clean will be donating a portion of its yearly profits to Royal Family KIDS in Nebraska, which will be allocated to the Lincoln camp and club, in addition to supporting the cause by being personally involved. Royal Family KIDS provides camp experiences for children ages 6-12 in the foster care system. Through its programs, Royal Family KIDS shows them that they are loved, cared for, respected, and valuable, fostering courage and self-love. Currently Royal Family KIDS operates 13 camps in Nebraska. The average camp serves 45-50 children each summer with the help of wonderful volunteers. The organization’s goal is to launch 15 more to reach all of the kids who are eligible to enroll in the program. For information about how you can get involved too, visit royalfamilykids. org/nebraska. Serving the needs of both residential and commercial clients, 360 Clean is a locally owned and operated premier cleaning company, with a team of professionals who have the skills and abilities to meet and exceed your expectations. 360 Clean is committed to a friendly, professional approach with an emphasis on quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Offering a full spectrum of customized cleaning services, at 360 Clean, they truly do it all! For more information or to schedule your initial consultation, visit 360cleancompany.com or contact Teresa Hodgen at (402) 460-0883 / thodgen@live.com.


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Aventine at Wilderness Hills has a new on-site management team, and is excited to introduce them to the Lincoln community at an upcoming open house on Friday, January 5th. The on-site management team is now led by Nancy Salmonson, a Nebraska native, who joined the team in June. Between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., come meet the professional and friendly staff and see why they enjoy working and living at Aventine at Wilderness Hills. It’s a great opportunity to ask them about their short and extended lease terms, resident events, preferred employer program, and generous resident referral program. Above all, the apartment homes at Aventine at Wilderness Hills offer many of the amenities you would expect in a home with the added luxury of a responsive staff to meet your maintenance and property management needs. Aventine at Wilderness Hills is a luxury apartment community located in southeast Lincoln near the corner of Yankee Hill Road and S. 27th street. They offer 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartment homes with custom finishes. It’s a pet-friendly community that features a clubhouse, resort-style swimming pool, fitness centers, grilling stations and a car care center. Get in touch with Aventine at Wilderness Hills today to schedule a tour! For more information, please visit www.liveaventineapts.com or contact Nancy Salmonson at (402) 975-6199 / Aventine@thesterlinggrp.com.

BUSINESS NEWS DQ Grill & Chill Opens New Fallbrook Location Lincoln native Karl Westberg has opened a Dairy Queen Grill & Chill at 850 Fallbrook Blvd in Lincoln. 18 years ago, Westberg was the manager of a Godfather’s Pizza in St. Peter, MN when a tornado destroyed virtually everything he owned. Needing a new opportunity, Karl moved back to his hometown of Lincoln and spent his life savings on a small DQ Brazier that was for sale. Fast forward to now, and Westberg owns five Dairy Queens in and around the Lincoln area, with the one on Fallbrook Blvd being his most recent addition. In an effort to give back to the community that has given so much to him, Westberg partners with many local schools, holding “Night Out” events where 10-15% of proceeds are donated to programs within these schools. Westberg also has a relationship with the local CMN Children’s Hospital for the Miracle Treat Day – where $1 per blizzard is donated along with the proceeds from CMN balloon sales. Westberg is excited to further his relationships within the Lincoln community through his Dairy Queen businesses.

High Yield Fertility Intensives Offered in Columbus and Omaha Dennis Nun, President of Yield Champions, has announced the location of two soil fertility seminars coming up in January in Nebraska. “We’re excited to be able to bring cuttingedge fertility training to our customers and clients as well as opening up these programs to seed and fertilizer dealers, farm managers, land owners and other agricultural professionals. Our featured speakers will be leading, innovative soil fertility agronomists, Cory Oberlander in Columbus on January 11th and Dennis Dammen in Omaha, Nebraska January 22 and 23 for our 2-day Pro AG II Program.” Oberlander, of Agveris, Inc., manages the fertility programs for over 160,000 acres in 7 states. Dammen, of Crop Maxx, Inc., trains ag professionals throughout the U.S. through a series of Pro Ag I & II 2-day seminars each year. To preview the concepts shared by Oberlander and Dammen go to www.300BushelCorn.info. For more information on tickets to these events, visit www.YieldChampions.com, contact via email at Dennis@300BushelCorn.info, or text to (402) 430-7727.

Lincoln Cabinet Celebrates One Year Under New Ownership Lincoln Cabinet is celebrating its one-year anniversary under new ownership with Lori Wellman and Heidi Polacek. Lincoln consumers may recognize the Lincoln Cabinet name and familiar red heart logo. The company has a 50-year history of excellence in the Lincoln area. Wellman and Polacek purchased the company when previous owners, Vern and Sheri Jansky, retired in September 2016. Wellman has been with Lincoln Cabinet 20 years, and Polacek joined the company 10 years ago. They have both been designing and general contracting for many years, and were excited to make Lincoln Cabinet their own. Wellman and Polacek are working to put their own stamp on the business. Their philosophy is to focus on the three areas that make Lincoln Cabinet stand out: quality work, excellent customer service, educated and professional staff. With a year of ownership under their belts, Wellman and Polacek are excited about the future, and are continually looking for ways to make the company and the process for their customers even better. Find Lincoln Cabinet at 624 K Street, lincolncabinet.com, or call (402) 475-0650 to discuss your next project.

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Kids Eat Free Mondays at Cowboy Chicken Cowboy Chicken is already beloved for its wood-fired chicken and handmade side dishes. Now, the fast casual restaurant chain is gaining popularity for another reason: Kids eat free on Monday nights! Every Monday from 4 p.m. to close, children 10 and under receive one free kids’ meal with the purchase of a regular adult entrée. Cowboy Chicken’s delicious kids’ menu meals include the following: The Cowpoke - Choice of two drumsticks or a half breast, served with one side and a roll; PB&J - Choice of one side; Veggie Plate - Choice of two sides and a roll. Kids’ menu meals are served with milk or juice. Sides include apples, carrots, chips or one of Cowboy Chicken’s popular Wild West sides. This offer is dine-in only and cannot be used with any other discounts or coupons. For more than 30 years, Cowboy Chicken has been serving all-natural, hormone-free rotisserie chickens that are hand seasoned in store, marinated for 24 hours and then slowly roasted for two hours over a real wood-burning fire. Other dishes include signature sour cream tomatillo chicken enchiladas, abundant scratch-made sides such as Twice Baked Potaters™, Baked Mac & Cheese, Ranchero Beans and seasonal cobblers baked in-house daily. Cowboy Chicken’s hearty and healthy dishes are available during lunch and dinner for dine-in, take out, catering and delivery. On-the-go diners can order on the Cowboy Chicken app, available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, which allows guests to order ahead, pay with their phone at checkout and earn rewards. Visit www.cowboychicken.com for more information or to order online.


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CBMC’s First Business Connections Event of 2018 Coming Up Last month CBMC introduced Business Connections – a series of events open to the public. A recurring feature will be Business Profiles, where a local businessman will address a crucial topic at a breakfast, lunc h, or after-hours time. Each will share what’s been instrumental in their growth, both personally and professionally. The first Business Connections event of 2018 is tentatively set for this month, with details to be announced soon. Be sure to get in touch for further information! CBMC’s goal is to reach those in the business community who would like to know how to have a relationship with Christ, or want to grow in their faith. This is done through community - meeting at outreach events, and mentoring one-on-one or in small groups - leading to the accountability and growth found when deep relationships are developed with fellow believers. If you’d like to be kept in the loop about upcoming events, receive the newsletter with devotionals and essays about Faith in the Marketplace, or know more about CBMC, please contact one of the following individuals: Ed Nix, Area Director, Leadership Institute, at (402) 7308797 or enix@cbmc.com; Larry Middendorf, Area Director, at (402) 540-1093 or lmiddendorf@cbmc.com; or Dean O’Bryan, Field Staff, at (402) 440-6816 or dobryan@cbmc.com. You can also learn more at Lincoln.cbmc.com or CBMC Lincoln on Facebook.


Visit Grows Trade Relationship With China Lt. Governor Mike Foley recently traveled to China for a trade mission to strengthen the trade and agricultural ties between Nebraska and China. On Saturday, November 4, the trade delegation attended the opening ceremony of the Nebraska D e m o n s t ra t i o n Fa r m followed by a dinner banquet with Shaanxi Province Governor Hu Heping. On Sunday, the delegation attended the Yangling Hi-Tech Agricultural Expo with the Lt. Governor participating in multiple meetings and discussions focusing on trade and agriculture, and ended the night with a dinner with local business partners. On Monday, the Lt. Governor met with representatives with the Shaanxi Department of Commerce and Shaanxi People’s Friendship Association. On Wednesday, Lt. Governor Foley met with representatives with the Hebei Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security. This department is mainly responsible for government personnel management, overseas investment, foreign exports, labor security, retirement, etc. During this meeting, Lt. Governor Foley and Hebei Province Department of Human Resources and Social Security Director Wang signed a memorandum of understanding to build a better relationship between Hebei Province and Nebraska. Lt. Governor Foley also met with importers of Nebraska beef at Morton’s Steakhouse in Shanghai to thank them for their support of Nebraska beef exports to China. The group wrapped up the trade mission on Friday, November 10, with a meeting with the Jiangsu Department of Commerce, followed by a tour of the Nanjing Industrial Park.

EyeCare Specialties Gets Traction With EOS Implementation From John Fulwider, gear80 EyeCare Specialties is getting traction with its vision: Providing the highest level of optometric care in order to enhance quality of life. EyeCare Specialties chose John Fulwider of gear80 to help them implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System ® , also known as Traction. After just three fullday sessions across two months, they’ll have a complete shared vision: Who they are, where they’re going, and how they plan to get there. EyeCare Specialties has served southeast Nebraska with state-ofthe-art optometric care for more than 20 years. As we have grown, our commitment to patients has remained the same—to provide the highest level of care in order to enhance quality of life. Every day, our unique and talented optometrists and highly trained employees offer compassionate and innovative optometric care. From comprehensive eye health exams to the best lifestyle choices in eyewear, we are committed to providing professional and personalized care to our patients. gear80 helps entrepreneurial leadership teams in Lincoln get everything they want from their businesses. All we do is help growth-oriented companies like Bulu Box, Bluestem Fiber, and ComPro implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System, also known as Traction. It’s a proven set of practical tools that get your people rowing in the same direction; executing your vision with accountability and discipline; and working together as a healthy and cohesive team. If you want to grow your business, contact Professional EOS® Implementer John Fulwider at (402) 202-2820 or john@gear80.co.

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Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

ASK THE EXPERT: COMPRO 402-488-5100 www.comproins.com

by Chris McPike, Vice President ComPro Insurance

Health Insurance and Taxes January always means the beginning of tax season. Most people will receive a 1095 from their health insurance company, their employer, or the Health Insurance Marketplace. The form is similar to a 1099. It reports your eligibility and participation in health insurance plans for the previous year. The information on the 1095 is reported to the IRS and will be included in your personal tax return for 2017. The 1095 serves two primary purposes. It is used to determine whether you had “qualifying coverage” in a health insurance plan for 2017. That information is the basis for whether you must pay a penalty for not having insurance. This “individual mandate penalty” may be eliminated for future years, but remains a part of the tax code for 2017. For those who used the Health Insurance Marketplace to enroll in an individual or family health insurance plan, the 1095 reports the dollar amount of Premium Tax Credit that you received in 2017. This is part of the calculation to determine if you are due a refund or may have to reimburse some of the Premium Tax Credit. HSA accounts can be funded until April 15th and be used as a deduction for 2017. If you have not fully funded your HSA account yet, this is a great way to lower your taxable income AND set aside some money to pay for future medical, dental, or vision expenses. ComPro…..Health Insurance Simplified Make an educated decision, visit ComProIns.com today. (402) 488-5100 | 1040 N. Cotner, Lincoln NE Tax Year

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Jen Graff



Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

Located at 1001 South Street, Lancaster Rehabilitation Center is the largest skilled nursing facility in the state of Nebraska. Jen Graff is the Social Services Director at Lancaster Rehabilitation Center. Tell us a little about your role at Lancaster Rehabilitation Center. My focus is the psychosocial well-being for those we care for. I began working here in 2009 and have since managed several departments. As part of the leadership team I’m tasked with guiding and developing staff members, supporting decisions, and hosting events. How did you get started in the business? - I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Family Sciences from UNL and following graduation I began my career in social services at a local skilled nursing facility. During my tenure I was given a new opportunity to become the social services director. After ten years I had additional opportunities to work in marketing and home health care. I subsequently returned to the skilled nursing setting where my heart will always be. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? - As a health care professional, I think the biggest challenge any one of us faces is ensuring the people we take care of get all of the resources and support necessary for successful outcomes. At times resources are not always available or appropriate to the specific needs of individuals and the barriers they face in order to have everything they need. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - Having the opportunity to build a team of professionals who work together to provide the best quality of life for the population we serve. Tell us a little about your family. - I’ve been married for 23 years to my high school sweetheart Jim. We were born and raised in Lincoln and attended East High School, where both of our boys, Cole (20) and Alex (17), also attended. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? Becoming a mom and starting a family is my greatest accomplishment and was life-changing. That being said, careerwise it was when I was given the opportunity to establish a new team of social workers for our facility and assisting in growing our business in a positive way. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - I like retail therapy, so it’s shopping, shopping, shopping. I also like to spend time with my husband and kids and being around my family. What are you the most proud of? - Personally, I’ve taken the most pride in raising my boys and having a family that supports one another. Professionally, I’m tremendously proud to work for an organization that recognizes people’s talents and allows us to use them to help our residents. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - My previous supervisor told me, “People will always come and go, but it is the relationship you develop during your time together that makes a difference.” If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Problem-solver. Which talent would you most like to have? - I would love to be able to sing. I try in the car…but only so others do not have to hear it! If you could choose any other profession to be successful in, what would it be? - Event planner. I have always been involved in planning events and parties. I like the details and organization, and of course the end results. What is your favorite local restaurant? - FireWorks Restaurant. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? Phone: (402) 441-4101; Email: socserv2@lancasterrc.com; Website: lancasterrc.com.



Andy Park

NEBRASKA REPERTORY THEATRE Founded in 1968, the Nebraska Repertory Theatre is the state’s only professional regional theater. Andy Park is Nebraska Repertory Theatre’s Artistic Director. Tell us a little about your business. - We’re professionals in residence at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and our goal is to produce live theater of the highest caliber. We showcase the work of emerging and established playwrights and hire professional actors, directors and designers for our productions. How did you get started in the business? - In 2014, The Rep’s previous artistic director stepped down after serving in the role for years. There was a national search for her replacement and somehow I managed to talk my way into this incredible opportunity! Prior to that I’d served as artistic director for a show boat in Ohio, marine mammal shows at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, and a Chinese circus. It’s equally exciting to work at a more traditional theater. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? - The biggest challenge and greatest joy of working in the theater is the artistic collaboration. From the perspective of an audience member enjoying a show, it’s easy to overlook how many people are involved. Our first show this season had a cast of 25—but when you account for the backstage crew, designers, box office staff, ushers, marketing and publicity personnel—nearly a 150 people worked extensively on the production. What has been your most important achievement professionally? Founding and running Chicago’s Quest Theatre Ensemble for 15 years taught me more about making theater than any school ever could. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? After grad school, I found myself working at a job I couldn’t stand and writing grants for projects I didn’t believe in. Finding a stable job in theater can be so difficult. Out of the blue, I received a call from Cirque Shanghai, which launched my career. Over the next several years, I spent much of my time in China creating acrobat shows that toured the world. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - If it’s nice out, I love to go camping. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - I’m a stilt dancer! What are you the most proud of? - I’m quite proud of a large-scale puppet show that I created called Blue Nativity. It ran in Chicago for 16 years and toured Europe. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - “Move before you’re ready.” Whenever I’m weighing a new opportunity I keep this in mind so I don’t talk myself out of it. If you had a theme song, what would it be? - Sam Cooke’s Let the Good Times Roll as performed by the Grateful Dead. What is your greatest talent that you don’t utilize in your daily work life? - I’ve been doing ventriloquism since childhood, but it tends to freak out coworkers in most office settings. Which talent would you most like to have? - Math. How do people do that? What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - I’m involved at St. Mary’s, Catholic Charities and also Friends of The Rep, a committed group of supporters who make live theater possible. What is your favorite local restaurant? - Maggie’s is incredible! If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? Phone: (402) 472-2072; Website: nebraskarep.org. JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business




Ben Russell

MCGILL RESTORATION McGill Restoration Inc. has been in business since 1985, and is a recognized industry leader in the rehabilitation and preservation of concrete and masonry structures throughout the U.S. Ben Russell is the Vice President of Operations at McGill Restoration. Tell us a little about your business. - We specialize in restoration and work on many different types of projects. There are four different sectors to our business: Industrial, Infrastructure, Parking Garages/Stadiums, and Masonry. The jobs we perform include tasks like waterproofing, establishing structural concrete, industrial blasting and painting, caulking and epoxy injection, and faux finishes, just to name a few. How did you get started in the business? - Right out of high school I started working for my uncle doing footings, foundations, and concrete flatwork. After a few years of that, I started my own company pumping concrete. I was in business for myself for 11 years and McGill Restoration was one of my best clients. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? Transitioning from the field to the office. I have always been very hands-on and to step back and let the guys in the field do the work was hard. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - It’s tough to choose between winning awards on projects I’ve managed that I’m very proud of and being promoted to the position I’m in now. Tell us a little about your family. - I have been married to my best friend for 18 years now and we have seven children, four boys and three girls. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? - When I started working at McGill Restoration. At the time the housing market was crashing. Most of my work was residential and it was very difficult to get contractors to pay. I went to Tim McGill to see if he was hiring and he offered me a job on the spot. With the way the market was going and a growing family to provide for I was extremely thankful for the opportunity. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Hang out with the family or go hunting or fishing. What are you the most proud of? - The work ethic I see in my kids. It’s a proud moment when people tell you how hard your kids work without you even asking about it. If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Dedicated. If you had a theme song, what would it be? - Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty. If you could have a super power, what would it be? - To see into the future. Which talent would you most like to have? - Photographic memory. What is your favorite movie? - American Sniper. What is your favorite TV show? - Seinfeld. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Phone: (402) 558-7989; Email: brussell@mcgillrestoration. com; Website: www.mcgillrestoration.com.


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Jeff Johnson

MIL-TEK CENTRAL Based in Omaha and serving clients in a three-state area including Nebraska, Kansas, and Colorado, Mil-tek Central is an exclusive distributor for Mil-tek DK, a company that has manufactured safe, small footprint, pneumatic baling and trash compaction equipment for the last 25 years. Jeff Johnson is the co-owner and CEO of Mil-tek Central. Tell us a little about your business. - We provide businesses of all sizes equipment that is environmentally conscious in that the power source is compressed air and the safety record is spotless. We work with a wide variety of industries helping them recycle, save money, and create a more efficient workplace. Mil-tek Central also tries to bring together the complete solution by partnering with local recyclers to collect the material. How did you get started in the business? - My wife and I were operating the Prometric Testing Center in Omaha, but we didn’t own the business, so we were looking for another business opportunity. We were looking for something we could call our own, but not be in the usual franchise business model. In doing research, we came across Mil-tek’s exclusive distributorship opportunity and felt that recycling/ sustainability were areas that were going to become more and more relevant for businesses in the US. We also felt that the pneumatics, small footprint, and safety record would set the equipment apart. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? Starting this new business and catching up on all the different social marketing approaches, understanding how people are buying today versus even 10 years ago, and defining markets to prioritize. What has been your most important achievement professionally? I don’t know if this is the most important but one of the most satisfying experiences I had was being part of a small software company and seeing it grow to a point where most federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies were using our product and it essentially was a standard throughout the industry. The experience was awesome and the people I worked with were great. Tell us a little about your family. - My wife Dianna and I own and operate Mil-tek Central and have been married for 5 years. We have four kids: Will, Carly, Dustan, and Dana. Dustan and Dana are married and we have 6 grandchildren between them so that keeps us very busy. Carly is going to dental school in the fall of 2018 at UNMC and Will travels quite a bit working on a construction crew. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - I’m a UNL alum and lifelong Husker fan so following sports, especially during football season, does take up some weekend time. I also enjoy golfing, skiing, traveling, and spending time with friends and family. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - My great-great grandfather Luther French was the first settler of Sutton, NE and our family’s one claim to fame. Given the sparse building materials on the plains, the family’s housing consisted of a “dugout” that was literally built into the bank of a stream. In the summer Sutton still has the annual “Dugout Days” celebration. What is the best piece of advice you ever received? - Treat your customer the way you would want to be treated. If you had a theme song, what would it be? - Taking Care of Business by BTO. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Phone: (402) 560-4874; Email: jjohnson@miltekusa.com. Or, you can always go to www.miltekusa.com to get further information on the equipment, videos, and industry-specific applications.

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business




Joseph Wendt

IRONHIDE CONSTRUCTION Transforming metal into modern, Ironhide Construction is a locally owned and operated general contracting and structural restoration company. Joseph Wendt is the Business Development/Project Manager at Ironhide Construction. Tell us a little about your business. - Our core services are general contracting and structural restoration, but we also develop phased structural maintenance plans. Additionally, we have a Pre-Engineered Buildings division. How did you get started in the business? - Other than my first job at a grocery store, I have never had a job that wasn’t in the construction industry. My dad was a draftsman, so I remember growing up looking at plans and drawing my own designs on his drafting table. During college, I started a general contracting company, which I owned for 10 years before I sold it in 2013. I joined Ironhide to help move them into the general contracting side of construction. They had already been successful as a steel erector and it only seemed fitting that the company start managing and designing their own projects. What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally? Especially in our industry, it’s the lack of qualified and skilled labor. Living in a city like Lincoln with very low unemployment rates already, it’s that much more challenging. When you do come across these individuals you need to be willing to do what it takes to retain them. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - Starting, growing, and ultimately selling my first company. I was 23 years old when I started it and when the economic storm hit in 2007-2008, I had to completely change directions in order to find a niche that would sustain and grow the company. When I sold it in 2013, we were doing business in 15 states and growing. The grit it took to thrive during those tough years taught me the most about business and how you can do anything if you set your mind to it. Tell us a little about your family. - I have been married to my beautiful wife Kristin for 7 years. We have a 4-year-old daughter named Makenna, a 2-year-old son named Kyler, and a newborn daughter named Kinley. We also have two miniature dachshunds, Sydney and Tiny. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - When I have one, and I’m not spending time with my family, I love anything outdoors. What is the most unique or interesting thing about you that most people probably don’t know? - I have a degenerative eye disease called keratoconus. Because of it I had to have a corneal transplant in my left eye, and will probably force me to have one in my right eye in the next couple years. What are you the most proud of? - My family. Being able to help my kids learn and grow into their own little unique personalities is the best feeling in the world. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - Take chances! You fail 100% of the time if you don’t try. The growth in a person is a result of what you learn and how you use that new knowledge. What is your favorite local restaurant? - Venue and Kinja. If you could have dinner with one famous person from the past or present, who would it be? - Elon Musk. I feel like he wakes up on any given morning with an idea and then goes out and makes it a reality. I want to know his process. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? - Phone: (402) 420-4961; Email: joe@ironhideconstruction.com; Website: ironhideconstruction.com.


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Jeremiah Jorgensen SAM’S CLUB

Sam’s Club is a leading membership wholesale club, offering superior products and services at outstanding values to its members. Jeremiah Jorgensen is the General Manager of Sam’s Club North. Tell us a little about your business. - Our North location has provided goods and services to the Lincoln area for over 24 years. It does 60 million dollars in sales a year, and this year alone we’ve donated $37,000 to the local community. How did you get started in the business? - I started with Sam’s Club 18 years ago as a cart attendant while in college in Sioux City, IA. I was promoted to cashier, checkout supervisor, and then to a technology lead position. Next, I was recruited for the Manager in Training program and became assistant manager in Springfield, IL. From there I worked in different cities in Illinois and Iowa before being promoted to co-manager in Omaha, NE in 2011. I then had the opportunity to become club manager and relocated to Ames, IA, came back Omaha, and now I’m here in Lincoln. What has been your most important achievement professionally? - Seeing all of the people I’ve promoted moving forward in their careers, running their own clubs, and becoming great leaders within Sam’s Club. Tell us a little about your family. - My wife Misty and I have been together for nearly 12 years. We have four children, three boys and one girl. Our oldest is 10 and our youngest is 4, with a 7 and a 5-year-old in between. They are all smart, funny, and just great kids. My wife also works for Sam’s Club as an assistant manager. What do you see as one of the biggest turning points in your life? - Meeting my wife. She has always been a positive influence and very supportive of my professional and personal goals. I had never met anyone as confident, resourceful, and intelligent as she is, and being with her and starting a family together changed my life. What is your favorite thing to do on a day off? - Spend time with my kids. I work a lot and when I’m off I want to be a part of their lives. I enjoy biking, horseplay, and gaming with all of them. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? - “Underpromise, over-deliver.” I was told that by a fellow Club Manager it’s stuck with me ever since. As managers or associates, we all want to fix everything and be impressive. Oftentimes this leads to setting unrealistic goals and falling short, no matter how hard we worked or how much effort we put forth, which is then seen as being mediocre or unsuccessful. When you set realistic goals and you’re not only able to meet them but to surpass them, this is the true measure of success. If you could choose only one descriptive word to be remembered as, what would it be? - Influential. If you could have a super power, what would it be? - To fly. I enjoy flying and a goal of mine is to obtain my pilot’s license. What local non-profit organization(s) are you passionate about or involved with, and are there any special reasons why? - I volunteer with Special Olympics. My older brother has cerebral palsy and he’s an inspiration to me. He’s 55 years old and just amazes me with how much he enjoys life. What is your favorite local restaurant? - Engine House Café, hands down. Their Ribeye Eggs Benedict is delicious. If our readers would like to contact you, how should they do so? Via email at jdjorge.s06413.us@samsclub.com or stop in and see me!

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ASK THE EXPERT: GEAR80 402-202-2820 www.gear80.co

by John Fulwider, Founder gear80

Resolve Not To Do Things For The New Year


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

Throw away your New Year’s resolutions list of things to do, business owner. Write a Notto-Do List instead and make 2018 your best year yet. Two big ideas here: 1. You must do only what you love and are great at: your Unique Ability®. 2. Everyone, you included, gets 80% of their results from just 20% of what they do. Here’s why and how to cut out all that extra stuff you do so you produce more, profit more, and have fun doing it. Good to Great author Jim Collins found people who built successful companies “made as much use of stop-doing lists as to-do lists. They displayed a remarkable discipline to unplug all sorts of extraneous junk.” Make your not-to-do list by looking at a sample of past calendar appointments and rating them according to how they used your energy, time, and strengths. • Energy: Did the activity energize or drain you? At the end, was your mind spinning as you contemplated possibilities and next steps, or did you just want to collapse on the couch and forget all about it? • Time: Was the time invested worth the value generated? (Hint: Odds are, it wasn’t. Just 20% of the time we spend, and the things we do, generate 80% of the value, according to the well-established Pareto Principle.) • Strengths: Were you operating from your strengths, or struggling against your weaknesses? People are “able to gain far more when they expend effort to build on their greatest talents than when they spend a comparable amount of effort to remediate their weaknesses.” (Source: Lincoln, Nebraska’s own Donald Clifton!) Go through each activity and make one X for an energy-drain, a second X for a poor use of time, and a third X for operating from a weakness. As you might guess, three-X activities are prime candidates for X-cision (ba dum bum CHING!) from your regular professional and personal practices. We’re aiming to get you in your Unique Ability: What you love to do and do best, and what creates the most value for others. It’s going to be a short, short list; remember, 20% of what you do generates 80% of the value. Feeling competitive? Win the gold medal in not doing when you plug your not-to-do list into the Entrepreneurial Operating System’s Delegate and Elevate tool. If a task’s essential, but you don’t love it and aren’t great at it, delegate it to an employee—and you’ll elevate her or his role as a non-owner starts rocking a formerly “owner only” task. Delegate and Elevate is part of the Entrepreneurial Operating System®: A complete, proven system with simple tools that help you get three things we call vision, traction, and healthy. Vision: Get leaders 100% on the same page with where you’re going and how to get there. Traction: Work with leaders on discipline and accountability, to execute the vision. Healthy: Build a healthy and cohesive Leadership Team. From there, as goes your leadership team, so goes the rest of your company. Your entire company gets crystal-clear on your vision; much more disciplined and accountable in executing your vision; gains consistent traction; and moves forward shoulder to shoulder together as a healthy, functional, cohesive team. Text or call me at (402) 202-2820 if any of this resonates with you. I’d love to show you and your leadership team how to get vision, traction, and healthy right away.


Grace Kats With Graceful in Home Healthcare Recognized as Top RN in Nebraska Grace Kats, RN, owner of Graceful in Home Healthcare LLC, was recently honored by the International Nurses Association as a Worldwide Leader in Healthcare & Top Registered Nurse in Nebraska. Recipients of this award have demonstrated leadership and achievement in the field of nursing, as healthcare providers of excellence. Kats was recognized among the distinguished professionals nationwide who qualified for inclusion in the 2017 edition of Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. The skilled and compassionate team of professionals at Graceful in Home Healthcare are focused on proving exceptional care for patients of all ages and varying needs. Services are provided on an hourly basis all the way up to 24-hour care seven days a week. Whether you simply require assistance with a few tasks around the house or a caregiver who can provide both medical and non-medical services, Graceful in Home Healthcare will make all of the necessary arrangements to meet your specific needs. The ultimate goal is to make the lives of clients easier, safer, and more enjoyable while keeping them healthy and happy. Graceful in Home Care is locally owned and operated by Grace Kats, RN-BSN who has over 15 years of experience as a caregiver. For more information about Graceful in Home Healthcare, LLC, please call (402) 387-7933. You can also find out more about the company online at www.gracefulinhomecare.com or by connecting on Facebook.

AGC Nebraska Building Chapter Presents 2017 Quality People Awards The Associated G e n e r a l Contractors Nebraska Building Chapter is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Quality People Awards. The Quality People Awards are designed to c e l eb r a t e a n d recognize the achievements of individuals who “go above and beyond� in their communities, profession or company. The Groundbreaker Award was presented to Curtis Boschult, engineer, Kiewit Building Group.

Curtis Boschult

Kristopher Montgomery

Matt Ramm

Dennis Neemeyer

The Mentor Award was presented to Kristopher Montgomery, project assistant manager, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. The Innovator Award was presented to Matt Ramm, project engineer, Kiewit Building Group. The Community Supporter Award was presented to Dennis Neemeyer, project manager, BD Construction, Inc., Kearney.

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


PERSONNEL NEWS Christian Record Services for the Blind Announces Promotion of Jeri Lyn Rogge

SCC Instructor Dan Fogell Receives 2017 NCCA, ACCT Regional Faculty Award

Christian Record Services for the Blind is excited to announce Jeri Lyn Rogge as the organization’s director of editorial and outreach ministries. Rogge, who served as Christian Record’s communication director since 2015 and in other positions of responsibility since 2013, will be transitioning to this new role in early 2018. Rogge will be the senior magazine editor, producing publications in large print, braille, and audio for people who are legally blind in North America. Additionally, she will work with church disability coordinators, church members, and summer camp directors to develop systems for reaching and engaging people who are blind in their communities. “We are excited Jeri Lyn has accepted these new responsibilities. She brings a wide variety of skills, creativity, and vision to enhance ministry with people who are blind,” said Diane Thurber, Christian Record president. In ministry since 1899 and based in Lincoln since 1904, Christian Record provides free confidence-building reading services and summer and winter camp experiences to people who are blind. Approximately 20,000 people receive these services because of the generosity of individuals and business owners. To learn more, visit www.ChristianRecord.org or call (402) 488-0981.

Competing against faculty members from four other Nebraska community colleges, Southeast Community College’s Dan Fogell was selected to receive the Nebraska Community College Association Faculty Member Award & Association of Community College Trustees Regional Faculty Member Award presented November 6 during a ceremony in McCook. Fogell is a science instructor at SCC, where has taught for 13 years. Originally from Rhode Island, he was in the Air Force and ended up at Offutt Air Force Base in Bellevue. He finished college at the University of Nebraska Omaha with primary focuses of herpetology (the study of amphibians and reptiles) and biology. His favorite part about teaching is the students. “The most exciting time of the academic year is the first day of classes each quarter when I get to meet a new batch of learners,” he said. “SCC students are a diverse group of all ages, creeds and nationalities, and they all have a story to tell about why they’re here. I love listening to them.” Fogell has many ideas he would like to implement at SCC, including adding relevant transfer classes to the science curriculum and offering more online biology courses for distance learners. He also would like to offer students more opportunities to conduct science research projects. Each year the NCCA seeks nominations for a variety of state awards. Winners of those awards are eligible for ACCT’s regional awards.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

PERSONNEL NEWS HoriSun Hospice Welcomes Ember Mensah Horisun Hospice is pleased to announce the addition of Ember Mensah, RN, BSN, as Hospice Case Manager to its team. Ember received her associate’s degree in Nursing in 2013 from Kaplan University, and her bachelor’s degree from Kaplan University in 2015. Prior to joining the HoriSun team, Ember worked in home health care as a case manager. HoriSun Hospice believes that hospice care affirms life. HoriSun Hospice’s mission and promise to the community is simple – to provide the best care possible, 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all whose lives are affected by a life limiting illness or condition. Comfort, compassion, and caring are their guiding principles. For more information about HoriSun Hospice, please call (402) 484-6444 or visit www.horisunhospice.com.

Darlene Starman Appointed to Nebraska Real Estate Commission It is with pleasure congratulations are extended to Darlene Starman of the Woods Bros Lincolnshire office on being appointed by Governor Pete Ricketts to the 1st District broker position at the Nebraska Real Estate Commission. This six-year term position was well earned and greatly deserved. Starman has been an active realtor for almost 30 years and her expertise and experience will be a great addition to the commission. Starman has served our community in many capacities and has been a leader in our industry for over two decades. She has served as the president of the Realtors Association of Lincoln and most recently as the chairman of the Realtor Champion Workgroup and the realtor federal political coordinator to U.S. Senator Deb Fischer. Please join in congratulating her and thanking her for her public service on the commission.

Wahadi Allen Named Head Chef at The Waterford at Williamsburg The Waterford Communities is pleased to announce that Wahadi Allen has been named head chef for The Waterford at Williamsburg. Allen was hired on as a chef in February of 2017 and was promoted to his current role in November. Prior to that, he served as executive chef at various establishments across the United States. Allen has an Applied Science in Culinary Arts (AAS) degree and is a very talented chef who enjoys creating exceptional dining experiences for residents with the combination of the variety in his dishes and a superior level of service. The Waterford Communities are comprised of three locations: Waterford at College View, located at 4848 S. 48th Street; Waterford at Williamsburg, located at 3940 Pine Lake Road (both are assisted living facilities); and Waterford at Wilderness Hills (a memory care facility) located at 8939 Keystone Drive. Feel free to give Christy a call at (402) 423-0000 to schedule a visit to any location or visit the website at www.thewaterford.net.

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Ashley Schueth of RBC Wealth Management The Cooper Foundation Elects New Board Earns CFP Designation Members Ashley Schueth, CFP, investment associate at RBC Wealth Management in Lincoln, has earned the educational designation of certified financial planner (CFP) through Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards Inc. (CFP Board). While not required to hold this designation as an investment associate at RBC Wealth Management, Schueth chose to pursue it for educational purposes, as it demonstrates extensive knowledge in many areas of the financial planning process including investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, insurance planning and risk management. Schueth also was tested on ethical obligations faced by investment advisors. CFP Board, a nonprofit regulatory organization, fosters professional standards in personal financial planning so that the public values, has access to and benefits from competent and ethical financial planning. The organization awards the designation of CFP to individuals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certification requirements. CFP Board currently authorizes more than 55,000 individuals to use these marks in the United States. Schueth has worked in the Lincoln Office of RBC Wealth Management for the last nine years on a team with Kurt Anderson, CFP financial advisor, who is a 26-year veteran. Their goal is to help clients achieve peace of mind by simplifying their financial lives and increasing the probability that they will reach their financial goals. They pride themselves on building long-term client relationships based on knowledge, trust and respect. Find out more about RBC Wealth Management at www. rbcwealthmanagement.com.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

The Cooper Foundation (cooperfoundation. org) elected Connie Duncan and Tyre J. “T.J.” McDowell, Jr. to its board of trustees at the December board meeting. Duncan is a member of the Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education representing District 2. She was a special education teacher for LPS for 17 years followed by four years as a retention specialist for Learn to Dream at Southeast Community College. Duncan now works part-time for Nebraska Children and Families Foundation as vice Connie Duncan president of philanthropy and is director of her family’s foundation, Duncan Family Trust. She is also a board member of Humanities Nebraska, Lincoln Community Foundation and Lutheran Family Services. T.J. McDowell, Jr. is vice president for Campus Community at Nebraska Wesleyan University. Before joining Wesleyan, McDowell was graduation initiative coordinator for LPS, executive director of the Clyde Malone Community Center, program manager at Community Health Endowment, Tyre J. McDowell, Jr. executive director of Lighthouse, and director of education outreach at the Lincoln Action Program. He is a board member for the Child Advocacy Center and Nebraskans for Civic Reform, is president of the Community Justice Center, and is secretary of the NAACP-Lincoln Branch.


Headsetters™ Welcomes Back Tony Livingston Tony Livingston has rejoined Headsets by Headsetters™ as a National Account Manager. Tony will again be contributing all of his years of sales and management to further expand the company’s sales and service to all of its customers in North America. He will be responsible for several existing accounts and will consistently be adding additional clients. Tony can be reached at (402) 951-9126 or via email at tonyl@headsetters.com. Established in 1992, Headsetters™ is a full service national provider of Wireless, Bluetooth and Corded Headsets by Plantronics GN Netcom, Jabra, VXI, Sennheiser and Starkey. Additional services include all headset accessories, headset repairs, headset rentals and refurbished headsets. For more information, visit www.headsetters.com or contact Chelley Baack, General Manager, at (402) 951-9105 / chelley@headsetters. com.

Frank X. Leonard Joins Strictly Business Omaha as VP of Business Development Strictly Business is excited to introduce Frank X. Leonard, who has joined the team as Vice President of Business Development. He will be focusing his efforts on the Omaha Metro market, leading the charge to meet the needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes that are looking to grow by generating more leads and profits. As an asset to clients who are working towards meeting their goals in 2018 and beyond, Frank will be leveraging his expertise to assist in the areas of business consulting, strategic growth, marketing plans, managing client campaigns, and achieving top-of-mind recognition in the marketplace. Frank Leonard brings over 30 years of experience in sales, training, marketing, and business development to his new role at Strictly Business. Most notably, he created a superior sales force for the largest financial services company in the country. After six years he reached the level of Regional Vice President, running offices in Virginia and Maryland and excelling as a top presenter/recruiter/trainer. His extensive experience also includes business acquisitions with a focus on increased revenue. Additionally, Frank played a key role in representing the interests of clients of his father’s lobbying firm, The Leonard Group. Although he enjoyed the challenges of “working the Hill,” Frank was still truly drawn to entrepreneurship – particularly as it relates to new products to market, new technologies, and connecting people. To that end, he founded Leonard Group Consulting, LLC, a firm specializing in merchant services and facilitating prime business connections around entrepreneurship and business development. He then formed a strategic relationship with LBlakes Parners, LLC, a New York-based Private Equity, Media and Entertainment firm, where he worked on select projects and joint ventures for a number of high-profile clients. He also has international expertise with new market penetration into the U.S. Frank and his wife Kelly, who is a native Nebraskan, have been married for 30 years and have four beautiful children. They recently relocated back to their home state to be closer to extended family. Frank is excited to begin the next chapter of his career here working with area business owners and professionals. If you are interested in the opportunities available with Strictly Business in the Omaha publication, please call (402) 466-3330 or email office@ strictlybusinessomaha.com.

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


PERSONNEL NEWS Pat Ohmberger Elected Regional VP of NAR Karen R. Butzke Joins Butzke Insurance, During the National Association of Realtors Inc. as Office Manager (NAR) national convention in Chicago on November 4, 2017, Pat Ohmberger, associate broker at HOME Real Estate, was elected as the 2020 Region 8 vice president. As regional vice president, Ohmberger will act as a representative of the NAR and oversee their work in the region. Region 8 encompasses Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Nebraska Realtors Association President Gene Brake said, “We are very fortunate to have Pat as our Region 8 vice president. She brings many years of experience and great leadership experience to the position.” In her 25 years of experience in real estate, Ohmberger has held many positions locally, statewide and nationally. A few are regional vice president (2010) Women’s Council of Realtors, president (2008) Realtors Association of Lincoln, Realtor of the Year (2013) Nebraska Realtors Association, national director (2015-17) National Association of Realtors. Ohmberger says she has strived to serve in national leadership roles since becoming part of a Leadership Academy class in 2011. Pat Ohmberger has been opening doors for people since 1992 and as part of HOME Real Estate, has access to a whole team of professionals to help Lincoln homebuyers and sellers. Find her online at www.patohmberger.homerealestate.com.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

Butzke Insurance, Inc., a locally owned and operated supplemental insurance agency, has announced the addition of Karen R. Butzke in the role of office manager. Karen joins her daughter Kerry Butzke, a supplemental benefits advisor who established her own agency seven years ago. Due to recent growth in response to the growing demand for supplemental insurance, Kerry brought Karen on to assist with a wide variety of tasks that are essential to operations. The mother-daughter duo will now be able to serve more individual and business clients in the Lincoln community and surrounding areas. Karen’s duties include general office and clerical tasks as well as submitting claims and policy changes, running new quotes, and ensuring clients’ needs are met. Prior to joining Butzke Insurance, Inc., Karen worked for Walmart as a receiving clerk for 13 years. During that time she was honored with multiple Associate of the Month awards. Ultimately she wanted to transition to a job with more flexibility, and is excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the family business. Butzke Insurance, Inc. offers Aflac as well as a wide range of other supplemental insurance plans, providing excellent products that help policyholders protect their finances in the event of an unexpected injury or illness. For more information, please contact Kerry Butzke at (402) 413-9108 / butzkeinsurance@gmail.com.

PERSONNEL NEWS Legacy’s Jamie Norris Named First Mission & Values Award Recipient Legacy Retirement Communities recognized Jamie Norris as the recipient of their Mission & Values Award for 2017. Norris is the Wellness Coordinator at the Legacy Estates and has worked for the company for 6 years. She was nominated for the award by a Legacy Estates resident. Legacy Retirement Communities CEO Greg Joyce gave out the award at the company’s annual Employee Appreciation Banquet held at Hillcrest Country Club on November 16th and stated, “Jamie is a great example of the vision of this award. She works with great passion and enthusiasm to benefit the lives of our residents. She positively impacts the lives of others and lives out our mission and values every day. We are so glad to have her as part of our Legacy family.” Norris was selected from over 40 nominations, which were accepted from residents, resident family members and employees. Legacy Retirement Communities is family-owned and operated and provides independent, assisted living and memory care on three campuses throughout Lincoln. For more information, please visit www. legacyretirement.com or call (402) 436-3000. You can also stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Union Bank & Trust Promotes Tyler Hunt and Seth Perrett Union Bank & Trust recently promoted Tyler Hunt to Private Banking Officer and Seth Perrett to Customer Insights and Analytics Officer. Hunt joined Union Bank in 2012, and has held numerous positions, including Branch Manager of the 70th & Pioneers Branch. He has been a Private Banker since March of 2016. In his expanded role as Private Banking Officer, Hunt will serve as the single point of contact for high net worth individuals and their businesses. In this role, he strives to exceed Tyler Hunt clients’ expectations and proactively takes care of all their financial needs. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Nebraska Wesleyan University. Hunt serves on the Goodwill Board, and volunteers with the United Way, Junior Achievement, and the Nebraska Heart Association. Perrett joined Union Bank in 2007 and brings over 10 years of experience to his position. As the Customer Insights & Analytics Officer, he is responsible for using data mining and predictive analytics tools to gain insights Seth Perrett into customer financial behavior, financial products/services, and marketing methods to reach customers. He studied Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Perrett is a member of the Lincoln Elks Lodge, and volunteers with the United Way, Special Olympics, and the Food Bank of Lincoln. Union Bank & Trust (www.ubt.com) is a privately owned, Nebraska bank that offers complete banking, lending, investment and trust services. The bank has thirty-eight full service and loan production offices in Nebraska and Kansas. It is the third-largest privately-owned bank in Nebraska with bank assets of $3.7 billion and trust assets of $17.9 billion as of June 30, 2017.

Ryan L. Parker Elected CPA Society Chairman Ryan L. Parker of Lincoln was elected the 2017-2018 Chairman of the Board of the Nebraska Society of Certified Public Accountants at the Society’s Annual Meeting held October 23 at the Embassy Suites in La Vista. Ryan Parker is the President & CEO of Endicott Clay Products Company near Endicott, Nebraska. A Society member since 1999, Ryan has served on the Society’s Industry Committee before being elected to the Board of Directors in 2014. He holds degrees from Iowa State University and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and began his career with Deloitte & Touche LLP in Des Moines, IA before becoming the Vice President of Finance for Endicott Clay. In 2010, he was promoted to President & CEO of Endicott Clay. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the national Brick Industry Association. Elected as Chairman-Elect was Patrick A. Meyer of Lincoln who is a Partner in the Nebraska-based CPA firm of HBE LLP with offices in Lincoln and Norfolk. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and has been a Society member since 1991. Pat has over 25 years of client experience working with various profit, non-profit and governmental organizations. Elected to the Society Board in 2015, Pat has served as Secretary and on the Executive Committee. Newly elected members of the Society’s Board of Directors are Erica R. Parks of Omaha, the Tax Director of Hancock & Dana of Omaha, and Ryan L. Burger of Lincoln who is a Shareholder in the Seward firm of Gabriel Burger Else CPA PC. Founded in 1928, the Nebraska Society of CPAs, with nearly 2,650 members, is the premier professional association for CPAs in Nebraska. JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business 35

PERSONNEL NEWS Attorneys William Blake and William Austin Wyuka Welcomes New Funeral Director Form New Law Firm Joshua Vossler William Blake and William Austin are pleased to announce that they have established the Blake Austin Law Firm, LLP at 301 South 13th Street, Cornhusker Plaza, Suite 101, in Lincoln. Mr. Blake is a nationally recognized attorney specializing in eminent domain proceedings. His practice includes the representation of landowners and condemning entities in eminent domain cases, commercial litigation, and general practice. Mr. Austin is a former city attorney for the city of Lincoln. He went into private practice in 1999. He currently serves as public advocate for the Nebraska Public Service Commission on matters dealing with jurisdictional natural gas utilities. His practice is primarily focused on administrative and municipal law. Each of the partners has over 40 years of experience in the practice of law in Nebraska and look forward to expanding their practice while providing clients with excellent legal services at reasonable rates.

Wyuka Funeral Home is pleased to introduce their new funeral director, Joshua Vossler.

William Blake

William Austin

Vossler is a Lincoln native who graduated from Southeast High School. He served as a Sheriff’s deputy for seven years before pursuing a career as a funeral service professional. Vossler finds great satisfaction, both professionally and personally, in serving others. He is honored to have the opportunity to play a part in paying tribute to the lives of those who have passed, as well as helping loved ones through a difficult time. Vossler’s ability to connect with an audience and form personal relationships will naturally lend itself well to his new role at Wyuka. In his free time, stand-up comedy is a hobby that he enjoys. Wyuka Funeral Home is a full-service funeral home located on the original grounds of the historic Wyuka Cemetary, which was established in 1869. Serving all religious denominations and ethnicities, Wyuka has a longstanding presence in the Lincoln community and is well known for their experience, compassion, and professionalism. For more information about the services offered by Wyuka Funeral Home, please visit www.wyuka.com or call (402) 474-3600.

Find out more about the firm online at www.blakeaustinlaw.com.

SCC Graduate Morteza Fatemi Receives Alumni Award From NCCA


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

Morteza Fatemi is the recipient of the 2017 N eb r a s k a C o m m u n i t y C o l l e ge A s s o c i a t i o n’s Distinguished Alumni Award from Southeast Community College. Each of the five Nebraska comm unity colleges who are members of the NCCA selects one graduate who is worthy of the award. O r i g i n a l l y f ro m I ra n , Fatemi came to the United States in the late 1970’s. Pictured L-R: Greg Adams, NCCA He enrolled in Southeast Executive Director; Morteza Fatemi; Community College because Dr. Paul Illich, SCC President. of its affordable price tag and small class size. Fatemi graduated from SCC’s Environmental Laboratory Technology program in 1985. He is a senior qualification engineer for Novartis Consumer Health/GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare in Lincoln. Following his graduation from SCC, Fatemi worked as a lab assistant at SmithKline Beecham Animal Health and worked his way up to a research associate. He worked there for 13 years and then worked at Pfizer Global Manufacturing for 10 years as a quality assurance specialist. In 2009 he commuted to Elkhorn, where he worked as a quality assurance specialist at Merck Animal Health. Two years later he returned to Lincoln to work at Novartis Consumer Health as a QAS, and now as a senior qualification engineer. Fatemi says he is able to use his experiences at SCC every day in his job. “I love the science field; I learn every day,” he said. “I can always go there and relate to what I learned at SCC.”

PERSONNEL NEWS BancWise Agents Earn Top Honors in 2017 BancWise Realty is excited to announce its 2017 award winners! Bob Wayne has been named the winner of the coveted 2017 BancWise Founder’s Award. This award is given to the individual who has not only reached high production standards for sales but also uses their time and talents to better those around them. Bob was voted by his peers to receive this award and is most deserving. “BancWise exists to serve our clients and each other and Bob goes above and beyond daily to emulate character traits that build up those around him. His leadership creates a desire for others to follow and inspires them to find their greatest potential. Bob is a perfect example of living each and every day to its fullest,” said co-owner Bryan Trost. Sandra Larsen has earned the honor of Top Producer in 2017 for the second consecutive year. This award is given to the BancWise Realty Specialist with the highest dollar volume of closed sales in a given year. Sandra not only demonstrates a very high level of production, with more than $15 million of closed sales in 2017, but also a very high level of care for her clients and teammates. “Sandra’s success is a direct result of putting people first and caring for their needs. Whether it is a teammate or a client, Sandra will jump right in to listen and understand where they are to see how she can best help or encourage them. Integrity, compassion, a genuine heart for others and positivity is what Sandra adds to our team every day. We are honored to have her as a leader at BancWise. Congratulations Sandra!” said co-owner Josh Sand.

Bob Wayne

Sandra Larsen

Joanne Carlberg of Bridge to Better Living Named Business Leader of the Year Luke Brown

Finally, BancWise would like to congratulate Luke Brown as the 2017 Newcomer of The Year! This award is given to an individual agent who positively impacts the team environment while producing at a high level. “From the moment Luke arrived he made a point of intentionally finding ways to help his teammates in growing their business while learning to grow his own. His attention to detail and care for his clients and those around him has laid the foundation for a successful career in real estate. We are grateful for the energy that Luke brings to help our positive culture flourish,” said co-owner Bryan Trost. BancWise Realty, located at 6120 Apples’ Way #100 in Lincoln, NE, is your full service, one-stop resource for saving time and money while minimizing stress during the process of buying and selling your home. The mission of BancWise Realty is to simplify the process, while making a positive difference in the lives of clients and employees. Find out more at www.bancwise.com.

It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know & Who Knows You! At Strictly Business Magazine we strive to recognize local businessmen and women for their significant awards, promotions, ac hievements, and/or efforts in partnership with other organizations and the Lincoln community. If you know of someone who meets these criteria and wish to include their news in our publication, please call (402) 466-3330 or submit your news via our website at www.strictly-business.com.

Joanne Carlberg of Bridge to Better Living was recently honored by the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce as the Business Leader of the Year. She was chosen from a number of business and nonprofit leaders in Sarpy County. Joanne has represented the Omaha and surrounding areas for Bridge to Better Living since 2015. Bridge to Better Living, a Pictured L-R: Joanne Carlberg service to Seniors considering and Mary Ann Stallings. a transition to Independent, Assisted, Memory Assisted or Skilled Care has always valued Joanne as one of their transition consultants and is delighted to have her presented this award. Service to community is important in Joanne’s career and personal life. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce as well as Secretary for the Millard Noon Lions Club. Joanne has dedicated nearly three decades to assisting Seniors in the community navigate skilled nursing and post-acute health care. As a Transition Consultant with Bridge to Better Living she now consults with families to research Senior Living Options and maintain quality of life during their Senior years. Joanne truly lives her company’s mission Placement with Passion. Bridge to Better Living, founded by Mary Ann Stallings in 2010, serves Lincoln, Omaha and surrounding areas. For more information on Bridge to Better Living visit www. bridgetobetterliving.com or call (402) 802-3301. JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business 37

PERSONNEL NEWS HUB Welcomes New Executive Director Rose Five Nines Welcomes Newest Account Hood Buss Executive Scott Pulverenti The Hub Central Access Point for Young Adults is pleased to welcome Rose Hood Buss as its new Executive Director. Hood Buss brings a great deal of ex p e r i e n c e i n t h e a r e a o f yo u t h development and nonprofits. She will be responsible for day to day operations of the organization, fundraising and community outreach. Hood Buss says, “I know firsthand the power of having caring adults in the times that seem the hardest to get through and couldn’t imagine working in any other field.” The Hub, which just celebrated its 10 year anniversary, is excited to embark into the next 10 years of providing support services to youth. Board President Sarah Murtagh states, “After an extensive search with much interest we are delighted to bring Rose aboard. We believe her passion for the field, nonprofit skills, and fundraising experience are exactly what the organization needs at this time. We are excited to begin our next chapter.” The Hub provides unconditional support and programming for young people ages 16-24 as they become productive, independent, active members of the community through educational support, employment assistance and empowerment. To learn more about The Hub and how you can support the mission, visit www.hublincoln.org.

Five Nines is pleased to announce the addition of Scott Pulverenti as an Account Executive for the Outside Sales Team in the Lincoln office. Before joining Five Nines, Pulverenti spent four and a half years in business development, aligning product and market fit across multiple industries. He is excited to have the opportunity to connect with Lincoln businesses to help them find efficiency through Managed IT Services. “We are thrilled to have Scott join our Outside Sales Team,” said Joel Friesen, President at Five Nines. “His positive attitude and strategic mindset will help Five Nines continue to create meaningful partnerships with future clients.” Founded on an intense desire to solve problems and build long-term relationships with clients, Five Nines leverages technology to drive business success. With offices in Lincoln, Omaha & Kearney, Five Nines advises the best IT solutions for Nebraska based businesses, offering Managed IT Services. Through its unique service model, Five Nines’ clients experience reduced costs, accelerated growth, and increased productivity. Learn more at: www.gonines.com.

Kruse and Moreland Elected to Nebraska Community Foundation Board of Directors Two community leaders were recently elected to the Nebraska Community Foundation board of directors. Kurt Kruse is a native of Albion. He owns and operates Kruse Farms, a grain and cattlefeeding enterprise in Boone County. Kruse graduated from Hastings College with a degree in business. He and his wife live on an acreage just outside of Albion. Kruse is also the chair of Nebraska Community Foundation’s Boone County Community Foundation Fund, whose mission is to help communities work together and inspire investment in Boone County’s quality of life. He is pleased to join the Foundation and help communities work together to grow and prosper. Also joining the board is Jane Moreland of Imperial. After graduating from UNL with a degree in business administration, she and her husband, Mike, returned to Chase County where they raised crops, cattle, and thoroughbred race horses. Moreland was the owner and broker of Moreland Realty for over 35 years.

Kurt Kruse

Jane Moreland

Moreland is also a member of the Imperial Community Foundation Fund advisory committee, an affiliated fund of Nebraska Community Foundation, and is excited about the growth and impact of NCF and its local affiliated funds.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

Nebraska Community Foundation is a statewide 501(c)(3) organization using charitable giving to build prosperous communities. In the last five years, through NCF, over 39,000 contributions totaling more than $128 million have been reinvested to benefit Nebraska’s people and places. Find out more online at NebraskaHometown.org.

PERSONNEL NEWS Huffman Engineering Hires John Robinson for Lincoln Office Huffman Engineering, Inc., a leader in control systems integration, has announced the recent hiring of John Robinson, P.E., who will work in the company’s Lincoln office as a mechanical engineer. In his new role, Robinson will use his extensive knowledge of process analysis, project management, and regulatory compliance to assist customers in the life science manufacturing and public utilities industries. Prior to joining Huffman Engineering, Robinson served for four years as Mechanical Engineer for Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc. in Houston, Texas where he designed a variety of types of safety enclosures for hazardous manufacturing environments. In addition to engineering design, Robinson has project management and analytics skills specific to the control panel and utility industries. A graduate of Auburn University, Robinson holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering. Robinson is a licensed Professional Engineer in the state of Texas. Huffman Engineering, Inc. is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, and has served the Midwest since 1987, specializing in pharmaceutical, life science, machine, and utility process control applications. For more information, visit huffmaneng.com.

The Lexington Welcomes Two New Directors The Lexington Assisted Living Center is pleased to announce Sherri Hill as resident services director and Eldonna Rayburn as marketing director. Hill brings over 30 years of long-term experience with a focus on healthcare quality, education and training, and performance improvement. She has a B.A. in allied healthcare and a master’s degree in leadership. Hill’s previous employment includes quality consultant for a national long-term care organization Sherri Hill and working as a healthcare improvement liaison with Nebraska’s Healthcare Quality Improvement Organization. Hill will direct resident care and services, serving as the liaison between the residents, family members and their healthcare providers. Rayburn has over 20 years of experience providing communication, marketing and public relations support in senior healthcare. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in advertising from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Eldonna Rayburn Rayburn has held director positions at two other healthcare care facilities in Lincoln. She will be the front-line contact for inquiries and tours, guiding prospects seamlessly through the move-in process and assisting with applications and other paperwork, as well as directing the marketing efforts. At the corner 56th and Pioneers Blvd., The Lexington Assisted Living Center offers individuals 55+ a beautiful community with one and two bedroom apartments, emergency call system, many amenities, inclusive pricing and is Medicaid certified. For a tour or more information, please call (402) 486-4400, email erayburn@ thelexington.com, or visit the website at www.THELEXINGTON.com.

Realtor Tanya Porter Joins Keller Williams Lincoln Derek J Kats, Realtor and co-owner o f Ke l l e r W i l l i a m s L i n c o l n ( w w w. kellerwilliamslincoln.com), along with the entire brokerage, welcomes the newest addition to the Keller Williams Lincoln family, Tanya Porter. Tanya is an entrepreneur at heart. She has been a business owner for the past 20 years and also a mother of 5 children so organization, structure, and motivation are an integral part of her lifestyle. She enjoys working in real estate because she gets to help make people’s dreams come true. As Tanya says, “Home ownership is a journey for most people; there are ups and downs and I am so excited to be able to be a part of that process and to see the smiles and excitement on their faces when they get to walk into a home and call it their own.” Tanya was accepted into the mentorship program established by Kats for aspiring Realtors, which was put in place to unlock agents’ true potential and match them with the industry-leading tools and training that only Keller Williams can provide. Derek Kats and the agents at Keller Williams Lincoln look forward to watching her future growth and successes. Tanya Porter can be contacted directly at (402) 580-9046. Located at 5539 S. 27th Street, Suite 206, Keller Williams Lincoln is part of the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world, with local real estate professionals offering decades of combined expertise and proven results. Each office is independently owned and operated. Keller Williams Lincoln is an Equal Housing Brokerage. JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business 39

NON-PROFIT NEWS The Allstate Foundation Helps Empower Victims of Domestic Violence

Vision Maker Media Gears Up for Spring Film Festival

The Allstate Foundation continues to be an impor tant par tner in Friendship Home’s ability to empower victims of domestic violence to take charge of their futures and deal with the financial realities that make recovering from an abusive relationship difficult.

A unique opportunity awaits the Lincoln area in 2018 that brings Native storytelling and film to life. The 7th biennial Vision Maker Film Festival will take place April 20-26 at the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The theme “We Are All Related” is a conceptual translation from the Lakota language--Mitakuye Owasin-a commonly used expression indicating the Lakota’s relationship to each other and the world.

An Allstate Foundation grant has been supporting Friendship Home’s Economic Empowerment Program for a number of years, and that will remain the case again in 2018. This is an increasingly important part of Friendship Home’s advocacy work; ensuring victims have the information, the tools and the skills to reclaim their financial independence. The Allstate curriculum “Moving Ahead Through Financial Management” is a realistic and common ‘cents’ guide for victims who are taking charge of their lives. Friendship Home provides safe shelter, support and advocacy for victims of domestic violence and their children. To access shelter and services, call (402) 437-9302. To learn more about Friendship Home, visit www.friendshiphome.org.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

Opening night, April 20th, will feature the award-winning film “RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked the World” at The Ross. The film explores the Native American influence on music history despite efforts to ban, censor and erase Indian culture in the U.S. You can find out more about this film online at www.rumblethemovie.com. In total, more than 30 new films by diverse filmmakers from across the country will be showcased--stories of social justice, hope and overcoming adversity. Filmmakers will present and encourage dialogue to provide educational opportunities that benefit teachers, students and the public. Sponsorships available: http://bit.ly/ VMFF2018Sponsor. Like/Follow: @vmfilmfest.​

NON-PROFIT NEWS Domesti-PUPS Announces Upcoming Event: “I Love My Dog Expo” Domesti-PUPS is excited to announce their annual “I Love My Dog Expo” is set for February 24-25 from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. at the Lancaster Event Center, Pavilion I located at 84th & Havelock in Lincoln. The “I Love My Dog Expo” is a family-style, dog-friendly event featuring the positive aspects of responsible dog ownership, the principles of proper dog selection and training, and offering a vast array of dog-related products and services including live educational demonstrations. It’s a full day of fun for dog lovers young and old! There will be entertainment to enjoy and numerous vendors with all sorts of fun products for all of the organization’s dog-loving friends. The “I Love My Dog Expo” is an annual benefit for Domesti-PUPS, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides service dogs for persons with disabilities, pet therapy programs, classroom dogs and educational programs. It is a catalyst to help the general public better understand and appreciate the many ways that dogs improve our lives. Information about how Domesti-PUPS utilizes man’s best friend’ to impact our communities will be available throughout the event. Admission is $8 for adults and free for children under 10 and dogs of all ages. For more information, visit www.ilovemydogexpo.com or contact Michelle O’Dea at info@domesti-pups.org.

Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach Announces New Board Leadership in 2018 Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach is excited to announce the Board of Directors and Officers for 2018. The Executive Committee includes Dave Smith (Technology Manager, Allstate Life and Retirement) as President of the Board; Natasha Plooster (President of Eat Fit Go Lincoln) as President Elect; Greg Ernst (Senior Vice President at UBS Financial) as Immediate Past President; and Kiley Wiechman (Accountant at HBE Becker Meyer Love LLP) as Treasurer. Directors are Prem Bansal, Community Volunteer; Fr. Kenneth Borowiak, Pastor, St. Michael Catholic Church; Jennifer Conzemius, Staff, St. Peter’s Catholic Church; Rick Costello, Global Account Director, SAP America; Eric Dinger, President, Powederhook; Greg Frayser, Attorney, Cline Williams Wright Johnson & Oldfather LLP; Chassidy Jackson-Goodwin, Lincoln Police Department; Ruth McKinstry, Community Volunteer; Brad Meyer, CEO, People’s Health Center; Josh Midgett, President, Integrated Life Choices; Brian Rote, President, Cornhusker Winnelson Company; Alynn Sampson, Youth and Family Programs Director at Food Bank of Lincoln; Roli Saraf, PhD, Adjunct Faculty, Kaplan University and Southeast Community College; and Lincoln Zehr, CEO, Hampton Enterprises, Inc. Special thanks to Joseph Young (Executive Vice President – Vision Nebraska, Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry) for serving nine years on the board including serving as President of the Board. Learn more about Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach at www.mtko.org.

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


NON-PROFIT NEWS Bright Lights Announces Summer 2018 Program Dates Bright Lights will again be offering five weeks of quality lear ning programs to elementary and middle sc hool students in Summer 2018. The program weeks for 2018 are June 4-8; June 11-15; June 18-22; June 25-29 and July 9-13. Registration will begin March 24 at BrightLights.org. The respected non-profit, started by two Lincoln women over 30 years ago, typically offers over 100 classes to more than 1,500 students each summer. During a class, students are immersed in their chosen topic for a week of hands-on learning. Parents know the class is teaching their children valuable STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts/literature and mathematics) principles, expanding their view of the world and helping them build new relationships with students sharing similar interests; the students just find it fun. As one parent put it, “My six-year-old thought she was spending a week enjoying Dr. Seuss, but it was so much more than that! She learned about science, math and other subjects in a fun environment. I don’t think she even realized she was learning.” The main site for classes this year will again be Holmes Elementary but classes also take place at various community sites around Lincoln. Before Care, Lunch Care and free bus services are available at select sites. More details on these services plus need-based scholarships can be found at BrightLights.org.

Save the Date: SCIP Hosts Hop, SCIP, Jump and Run Event


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

School Community Intervention & Prevention (SCIP) is planning its 5th annual fundraiser, “Hop, SCIP, Jump and RUN,” set to take place on May 12, 2018 at Lincoln Southwest High School. Proceeds will benefit SCIP, a program of Lincoln Medical Education Partnership. At the event, children and adults of all ages will participate in a 1-mile Fun Run or 5K Race. After the race, participants will have the opportunity to visit sponsor booths to become eligible for prizes. SCIP is currently seeking sponsors and volunteers for the event. Sponsorships will help SCIP provide needed resources to schools and families throughout the state of Nebraska. Sponsorships available for the event include Title, Finish Line, Hydration Station, Mile Marker and Booth. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, contact (402) 327-6843. SCIP is a program designed to bring together families, schools and the community to support student behavioral and emotional health. SCIP’s mission is to provide an effective prevention and early intervention process for youth with behavioral health concerns, so they may achieve healthy, productive lives. SCIP works with schools by providing tools and resources to address behavioral and emotional health issues that impact children, adolescents and their families. Through this event, we hope to encourage lifelong health and wellness, physically and mentally, of youth and beyond. For more information, contact Michaela Emmons at memmons@lmep. com or (402) 327-6843 or visit our website: www.scipnebraska.com.

NON-PROFIT NEWS Haymarket Theatre Announces First Performances of the Year The Haymarket Theatre is excited to present its very first production of 2018, Hairspray Jr.! It’s 1962, and spunky, plussize teen, Tracy Turnblad, has one big dream – to dance on the popular Corny Collins Show. When she finally gets her shot, she’s transformed from social outcast to sudden star. Hairspray Jr. is filled with a host of parts for a wide cross-section of students and there is an abundance of energetic production numbers. Classes start Saturday, January 13 and will run for 8 weeks. This show will fill up quickly so register now to reserve your spot! The next production at the Haymarket Theatre has also been announced. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Death Star rehearsal dates will be March 24-May 12 on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Email the Haymarket Theatre at sharon@haymarkettheatre.org or call (402) 477-2600 for more information or to ask about scholarship opportunities that are available. The Haymarket Theatre is a local theatrical arts organization with a beautiful 145-seat performance space located in Lincoln, Nebraska’s Historic Haymarket district. The Nebraska youth theatre stages ten full-length productions a year, numerous day camps, a weeklong spring break session, and three separate in-depth three-week summer performance camps. Find out more online at www.haymarkettheatre.org.

Nebraska Recycling Council Announces Appointment of New Advisory Council Nebraska Recycling Council (NRC), a statewide nonprofit dedicated to maximizing the economic and environmental benefits of resource recovery in Nebraska, is pleased to announce the appointment of thirteen professionals involved in recycling services to a new Advisory Council. The purpose of the Council is to help NRC with statewide policy and program development by identifying barriers to efficient and effective resource recovery. The Advisory Council’s inaugural members are Jack Chappelle, Engineering Solutions & Design (Overland Park, KS); Dale Ekart, EcoCycle (Boulder, CO); Lori Erickson, MNIS-Oxford (Oxford, NE); Kelly Flynn, Custer County Recycling (Broken Bow, NE); Gene Hanlon, City of Lincoln (Lincoln, NE); Andy Harpenau, Gretna Sanitation/Soil Dynamics (Gretna, NE); Kent Holm, Douglas County Environmental Services (Omaha, NE); Chelsea Johnson, Nebraska League of Conservation Voters (Lincoln, NE); Dana Klabenes, City of Neligh (Neligh, NE); Pasha Korber-Gonzalez, City of Alliance (Alliance, NE); Kelley McReynolds, Mid America Recycling (Lincoln, NE); Benjamin Newton, Central Community College (Grand Island, NE); Jane Polson, Keep Nebraska Beautiful (Lincoln, NE); and Tamara Slater, Goodwill of Greater Nebraska (Grand Island, NE). Ex-officio members are Mark Brohman, Nebraska Environmental Trust; Dan Curran, Nebraska Department of Economic Development; Julie Diegel, Nebraska Recycling Council; and Ruth Johnston, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality. For more information about the Nebraska Recycling Council, visit www.nrcne.org.

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NON-PROFIT NEWS The Hope Venture Sets Date for 2018 Run for Hope

Lincoln Community Foundation Grants Nearly $1 Million

Save the date! The Hope Venture is excited to announce that this year’s Run for Hope will take place on April 7th.

Thanks to the foresight of generous donors, L i n c o l n Community Foundation made grants in November 2017 of more than $943,000 for 150 different organizations.

The Run for Hope is a 5k/10k run at Pioneers Park benefitting the Backpack program at The Hope Venture. 100% of proceeds from the race go to fund a backpack with a year’s worth of sc hool supplies to a child living in poverty in India. Without these supplies they are not able to attend school. The Hope Venture is a non-profit organization on an adventure to give those in need tangible hope. By linking arms with partners in India, Kenya, and Uganda, The Hope Venture determines local solutions to their local needs. After all, it’s small acts of great love – like a kindergartener donating their tooth fairy money to buy another child a backpack or a college student foregoing Starbucks a few times to purchase a family a goat – that can change the world. Helping others should be a joyful thing, and The Hope Venture is always looking for ways to do just that in our global community. Learn more about The Hope Venture at www.thehopeventure.org.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

The grants came from designated funds that were created by donors to support the programs and operations of their favorite nonprofits and houses of worship. These endowed funds provide annual financial support to the organizations specified by the donors, helping the community and the nonprofits grow and thrive forever. LCF recently announced a new initiative providing a 10% match on new gifts of $10,000 or more to a designated endowment fund for a donor or group of donor’s favorite nonprofit or house of worship. The match is available until December 2018. Details can be found at www.LincolnForever.org. Since 1955, LCF has been privileged to be part of many wonderful legacies by matching community needs with the passions of our donors. LCF serves as a faithful steward for many types of philanthropic gifts and help donors create lasting legacies of giving. With gifts of all sizes from thousands of donors over the years, the assets of LCF have grown to more than $120 million.

NON-PROFIT NEWS CenterPointe Named Winner of 2017 BBB Integrity Award CenterPointe is proud to be honored as a Lincoln, NE recipient of a 2017 Integrity Award from the Better Business Bureau. The organization was recently recognized along with the other winners at the 2017 Integrity Awards luncheon held on October 17. The Better Business Bureau Integrity Awards recognize local companies who clearly demonstrate that they have integrated ethics into all facets of their organizations. CenterPointe has a long-standing commitment to ethical practices with every individual served, from every member of its team, and with every community stakeholder who funds or partners with the organization to accomplish its mission. CenterPointe provides pivotal treatment, rehabilitation, housing and crisis services for people suffering with mental and substance use disorders. With the support of community members, CenterPointe helped 2,301 people on their journey to turn their lives around last year, 55% of whom had an annual income of $1,000 or less. Last year, 401 people accessed safe, affordable housing through CenterPointe’s services. Together we can help people get better, sooner, for longer. For more information about CenterPointe, visit centerpointe.org or contact Abbigail Swatsworth at (402) 475-8717 / aswatsworth@ centerpointe.org.

Tabitha Offers Grief Groups, Hospice Volunteer Training Throughout January Ta b i t h a , your answer for Elder Care, offers grief groups and hospice volunteer training throughout the month of January in Lincoln. Grief and support groups are open to anyone in the community experiencing loss or needing support and helpful caregiver tips. • “Loss of a Loved One Drop-in Grief Group,” held every Monday, 10-11:30 a.m., and every Wednesday, 1:30-3 p.m., at The Harbor Coffeehouse, 1265 S. Cotner Blvd. Call (402) 486-8546 for confirmation of dates. • “Men’s Drop-in Grief Group,” held every other Friday, 1:30-3 p.m., at Hy-Vee deli, 7151 Stacy Ln. Call (402) 486-8546 for confirmation of dates. • “Caregiver Drop-in Support Group,” held every third Wednesday of the month, 5-6:30 p.m., at Tabitha The Club— Adult Day Services, 4600 Valley Rd. Care for loved one provided at no charge. Meals are available for $5. • Six-week “Growing Through Grief Support Group,” held Wednesday mornings, January 10 – February 14, 10-11:30 a.m., at Tabitha, 4720 Randolph St. To register, please contact Jamie Scott, at (402) 486-8546 or email Jamie.Scott@Tabitha. org. Tabitha also offers hospice volunteer training throughout Lancaster County. Tabitha Hospice volunteers can provide respite care, bereavement support, companionship, light housekeeping, office and clerical support while providing comfort and joy to Tabitha clients. For questions about hospice volunteering, contact Tabitha Hospice at (402) 486-8506 or email Hospice.Volunteer@Tabitha. org. For general questions, please contact Tabitha at (402) 486-8520 or (800) 418-9335.

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Child Guidance Center Holiday Events a Huge TeamMates: Make a Difference in Your Success Community in 2018 Child Guidance Center (CGC) inspires healthy futures for children and families through comprehensive behavioral and mental health services. “We are so grateful for the community support of children and families that we receive all year long but especially during the holiday season,” shared Katie McLeese Stephenson, Executive Director. CGC’s warm coats and clothing campaign and Christmas campaign for the boys receiving treatment through the Therapeutic Group Home were very successful thanks to local donors and board members. Through the Holiday Book Drive Campaign, Barnes and Noble at South Pointe customers provided thousands of books, games, puzzles, activity kits, and much more for CGC staff to use with children throughout the year and many, many items for the children and families to enjoy at home. “These are only a few examples of the wonderful support that Child Guidance Center received recently and there are many that have been unnamed but are just as much appreciated. Thank you so much,” continued Ms. McLeese Stephenson. For more information about Child Guidance Center programs or to make a donation, go to www.child-guidance.org or call (402) 475-7666.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

LPS winter break will end on January 6, and students will return to the classroom for a fresh start in 2018 as they begin the 2nd semester. Help them start off on the right foot by teaming up as their mentors in 2018! There are still hundreds of students in northwest Lincoln looking for a TeamMates mentor, and countless more potential mentors working there that could fill that need and greatly benefit from creating a meaningful mentoring relationship with a student. Mentoring is a two-way street. Making a community investment like mentoring a student improves morale and gives employees a deeper sense of stability and satisfaction in their workplace. It often surprises many mentors to discover how much they get out of giving a little time each week. All told, it gives them a chance to be bigger than themselves and it demonstrates a company’s commitment to their community. Finding time is not always easy, but TeamMates strives to make whatever schedule work. Will you give your employees the chance to make an impact? Nearby is a school that needs your help. If you are interested in collaborating with a school in 2018 and beyond, go to www.LincolnTeamMates.org/SB or call (402) 4361990. Together We Transform Lives.


Bowl for Junior Achievement in February J u n i o r A c h i e ve m e n t of Lincoln will host its annual Bowl-A-Thon on Saturday, February 24th at Parkway Lanes & Hollywood Bowl. Last year, over 320 teams gathered pledges and bowled - raising over $110,000 for Junior Achievement’s financial literacy programs! Join in the fun this year and recruit a team of co-workers, family or friends to bowl. Not a bowler? With nearly 1,800 participants, sponsoring the Bowl-A-Thon is a great way to showcase your business. T-shirt sponsorships and lane sponsorships are still available! Proceeds from the annual Bowl-A-Thon go to fund Junior Achievement’s financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship programs in Lincoln’s K-12 public and parochial classrooms, reaching 30,000 students this year alone. If you’d like more information on sponsoring the Bowl-A-Thon or team participation, please contact Reya Christensen, Special Events Director, at (402) 467-4479 or rchristensen@jalincoln.org.

Community Action Awarded $460K Continuum of Care Supportive Grant On November 30th, Mayor Chris Beutler and Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties announced the award of a $460,000 grant to administer a Supportive Housing Program. This grant is made possible through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Continuum of Care Program and will allow Community Action to house 40 homeless families in Lincoln. “Community Action has a strong history of housing homeless families,” said Mayor Chris Beutler. “Through this grant, families will be connected with a long-term home where they will be able to build strong relationships with schools, neighbors, and community organizations. The services to be provided are critical to the shortterm and long-term prosperity of our city.” The goal of Community Action’s Supportive Housing Program is to move families into a home and provide ongoing support for up to 24 months. While in the program, families will receive empowering support in areas such as personal financial counseling, goal planning, employment search and stabilization, parenting skills, and tenant education. “Families need safe and stable shelter before they can work toward achieving long-term economic stability,” said Vi See, Executive Director of Community Action. “This grant will ensure that families are provided with the stability and individualized support they need as they work toward their individual goals.” Community Action must commit a local match of $115,000 to support grant activities. Community members can help with this need by designating monetary contributions to support the program. Many of the families transitioning into housing have little to no household belongings, so donations of items such as towels, sheets, and dishes are also greatly needed. To find out more about how to help, including items that can be accepted, visit www.communityactionatwork.org or call (402) 471-4515.

Nebraska Community Blood Bank: 50 Years of Dedicated Donors Each time someone donates blood at Nebraska Community Blood Bank (NCBB), they are making an impact in the lives of those in our comm unity – a service NCBB has expertly delivered for 50 years. As NCBB celebrates this exciting milestone throughout 2018, it serves as an opportunity to thank, remember, and encourage the people who’ve helped achieve this half century of success: blood donors. Each January, NCBB acknowledges the lifesaving contribution blood and platelet donors make by celebrating National Blood Donor Month. While many are welcoming another year, NCBB is saying thank you for your generous donations that will give others more time to experience life with their family and friends. Technology advances at great speed, but scientists have yet to discover a way to synthetically create blood - it remains one of the most precious resources that can only be given by a person. As a donor with NCBB, you are vital to helping carry out their lifesaving mission. Help NCBB continue this work by telling others why you choose to help save lives. Challenge yourself this year to ask a friend, family member, or co-worker to give blood donation a try, or share your story of how blood donation has impacted your life on social media. Appointments can be scheduled at NCBB.ORG or by calling (402) 486-9414. JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business 47


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

HEALTH NEWS Advanced Body Composition Assessment Now Available at Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. is excited to announce the recent addition of a brand new offering Advanced Body Composition assessment utilizing the Horizon DXA system by Hologic! You eat right, you work hard, and you push yourself to achieve your sports and/or fitness goals. But how do you really know if you are successful? The scale will never tell you the whole truth. What will is getting the true picture of your body’s composition in key areas with a dual energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA scan). An Advanced Body Composition assessment will give you precise measurements of your total bone density, body fat, and muscle mass, enabling you to track your body composition changes and the genuine effects of your training regimen. It will also help your health professional assess what level of exercise or intervention is needed to maintain a good ratio between fat and lean muscle mass. With the DXA system, the time it takes to scan your entire body is minimal and radiation exposure is extremely low, with no injections, invasive procedures or pain involved. For a limited time, Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. is offering the Advanced Body Composition assessment at a special introductory rate of $50 ($150 value). In conjunction with a DEXA Bone Scan, that rate is reduced to just $35 + DEXA fee. Call Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. today at (402) 434-3370 to take advantage of this incredible offer!

Dignity Health and Catholic Health Initiatives to Combine to Form New System Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) and Dignity Health have signed a definitive agreement to combine ministries and create a new nonprofit Catholic health system. The combination brings together two leading health systems, allowing the organizations to expand their mission of service and create a healthier future for people and communities across 28 states. The new health system will build a stronger operational and financial foundation to expand access to quality care, build upon complementary resources and capabilities, and reinvest in critical areas to accelerate improvements in care delivery. It will include more than 700 care sites and 139 hospitals, offering people and communities access to quality care delivered by approximately 159,000 employees and more than 25,000 physicians and other advanced practice clinicians. The organizations are geographically complementary with no overlap across hospital service areas. The new organization will be led by an office of the CEO. Lloyd Dean, president and CEO of Dignity Health, and Kevin E. Lofton, CEO of CHI, will both serve as CEOs, each with specific and independent responsibilities and decision-making authority. The governing board for the new organization – the Board of Stewardship Trustees – will include six members from each legacy board and the two CEOs. The new organization plans to establish its corporate headquarters in Chicago and operate under a new name that will be chosen in the second half of 2018. Local facilities will continue operating under their current names. Dignity Health’s Board of Directors and Sponsorship Council and CHI’s Board of Stewardship Trustees have approved the combination. The deal is anticipated to close in the second half of 2018 and is subject to federal, state, and church approvals.

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


HEALTH NEWS UNMC Seeks Participants for Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Trial

#LincolnGoesRed for American Heart Month and #WearRedDay

The University of Nebraska Medical Center recently launched an Alzheimer’s disease (AD) research study and is recruiting subjects for the trial.

Did you know heart disease k i l l s m o r e N eb ra s k a n s than all forms of cancer combined? The designation of February as American Heart Month is aimed at increasing awareness that heart disease is the No. 1 killer, although many cardiovascular diseases are preventable with simple lifestyle changes including more physical activity and a healthier diet.

The study, which is headed by Daniel Murman, M.D., professor in the UNMC Department of Neurological Sciences and director of the Memory Disorders & Behavioral Neurology Program, is called The Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative (API) Generation Study. Dr. Murman explains, “Previous trials suggest that we must treat Alzheimer’s disease very early to be successful in slowing down the disease process. The Generation Study is looking for normal adults between the ages of 60 and 75 years, who are at increased risk of developing symptoms of AD because of a genetic subtype. The trial involves medication designed to decrease a protein called beta amyloid in the brain, which is thought to be an important cause of AD.” Dr. Murman also has been involved in Alzheimer’s research efforts through other nationally funded clinical trial efforts in the past, including the Expedition 3 trial for patients with mild AD, and the Nobel Study for patients with mild to moderate AD, and continues to be involved in the Anti-Amyloid Treatment in Asymptomatic AD (A4) study. Additional information about participation in the clinical trial featured above can be found in the below resources: Alzheimer’s Association Trial Match at www.alz.org/trialmatch; UNMC Clinical Trial Database at net.unmc.edu/ctsearch/index_unmc. php; Generation Study at www.generationstudy.com; and www. endalznow.org/GeneMatch.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

To mark American Heart Month, Lincoln is going red with events throughout February and into March, National Wear Red Day on February 2, and the Heart and Stroke Ball on March 9 at the Embassy Suites Lincoln. Themed “Disco” and chaired by the Slattery Family of Art & Soul Kitchen & Wine Bar and media sponsored by 1011 Cares, the event features two harrowing survivor stories and celebrates the American Heart Association’s work and mission, and the lives saved and improved thanks to donors and volunteers. The American Heart Association team is also soliciting businesses to “Go Red” on National Wear Red Day. For more information, contact Liz Zillig: Liz.Zillig@heart.org. For Lincoln Heart Ball inquiries or opportunities to sponsor, contact Brianna Georgeson: Brianna.Georgeson@heart.org.

HEALTH NEWS NU Foundation Employee Wellness Program Wins Awards The University of Nebraska Foundation received three awards this year for its employee wellness program, Healthy U. With the program, employees have benefited by increasing their physical activity, making healthier eating choices, weight loss, smoking cessation, controlling blood pressure and more. Gov. Pete Ricketts and the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services conferred the foundation with the Governor’s Wellness Award. The award encourages businesses in the state of Nebraska to offer wellness programs. The foundation was recognized as one of the Midlands’ 20 healthiest companies with the Excellence in Worksite Wellness Award presented by WELLCOM, a nonprofit that elevates workplace wellness. The award honors organizations for positioning wellness programs as a strategic business opportunity and making a difference in employees’ lives. The foundation also received the Organization Health Champion Award from the American Diabetes Association in recognition of meeting the healthy living criteria in the areas of nutrition and weight management, physical activity and organizational well-being. More information about the foundation and its career opportunities can be found at at nufoundation.org.

Honor Health & Wellness Celebrates Grand Opening Honor Health & Wellness hosted a grand opening c e l eb r a t i o n o n December 5, which kicked off w i t h a r i bb o n cutting ceremony c o n d u c t e d by representatives of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. The family practice clinic, located at 1620 S. 70th Street, Suite 104, is owned and operated by Kristina Saunders, APRN, NP-C, CDE and is currently accepting new patients. The grand opening was a well-attended event that was open to the public. It presented the perfect opportunity for those in attendance to tour the clinic, meet the staff, and learn about their philosophy, approach, and care model. Honor Health & Wellness provides comprehensive medical services including preventative health care and chronic disease management for individuals and families throughout the lifespan. Saunders and her team of professionals are dedicated to supporting the varying goals for achieving optimal health and wellness of those here in the Lincoln community. She specializes in diabetes management and education, as well as in care coordination for individuals with multiple chronic illnesses. Be sure to check the website for upcoming diabetes education opportunities that are free and open to the public. The practice accepts most commercial insurance, Medicare and Medicaid. At Honor Health & Wellness, “We HONOR you, we HONOR your health, and we would be HONORED to be your partner in wellness!” Those interested in learning more about Honor Health & Wellness are welcome to contact Kris Saunders directly at (402) 802-0402 or may visit the website at www.honorhealthwellness.com.

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business



Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center First in Nebraska to Offer New Type of PET/CT Scan Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center (SNCC) is the first center in Nebraska to offer the first effective PET/CT scan for prostate cancer patients. The scan can detect the location and extent of cancer that has recurred after initial treatment and spread to other parts of the body. Prostate PET/CT scans can detect cancer earlier than either CT scans alone or MRI scans. PET/CT scans work well for breast, lung, colon and other cancers, but until recently did not work well for prostate cancer because there were no effective tracer drugs for the disease. That changed in May 2016 when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new PET scan tracer drug specifically for prostate cancer. The drug is a synthetic amino acid analog called Axumin (fluciclovine F-18) injection. Attached to the amino acid is a radioactive tracer, fluorine-18. After Axumin is injected into the patient, the drug is taken up by prostate cancer cells. The fluorine-18 emits a small amount of energy in the form of gamma rays. The PET/CT scanner detects this energy, and a computer produces a detailed image. SNCC completed the first Axumin in Nebraska this past November, in collaboration with Urology, P.C. For 20 years SNCC has provided comprehensive cancer care in two locations in Lincoln and eleven communities in Southeast Nebraska, combining advanced medical oncology and radiation oncology services. For more information, visit LeadingCancerCare.com or call (402) 4207000.

Diabetes Education of the Midlands Announces Statewide Educational Events


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

Diabetes Education of the Midlands is hosting Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Expos throughout Nebraska in 2018! These learning events are designed to help individuals compare products, understand out-of-pocket costs and personalize their diabetes therapy. Dates/Locations include: Omaha – Diabetes Center of the Midlands, 2910 S. 84th St. – March 1st, May 3rd, June 14th, August 2nd, September 6th, and November 1st Lincoln – Location TBD – April 12th, July 12th, and October 11th Grand Island – Quality Inn Conference Center, 7838 Hwy 281 – March 13th and November 13th Kearney – Location TBD – June 19th What to Expect: • Doors open at 6:00 p.m. – Meet with manufacturer representatives • Breakout Presentation at 6:15 p.m. – Brief unbiased overview on all pump and CGM products, along with realistic expectations for pump and CGM therapy Who Should Attend? • Anyone considering insulin pump and CGM therapy • Users who are interested in upgrading, comparing products or adding to their current therapy • Friends and family are welcome RSVP is encouraged to ensure that a cost estimate can be obtained at the expo! Call (402) 614-5298 or email pumps@diabetes-supply. com. Check out the organization’s Facebook page for more information.


DISH is a New American restaurant in the heart o f d ow n t ow n L i n c o l n . The locally owned and operated establishment offers exceptional service and food quality in an upscale yet comfortable setting. DISH staff works hard to provide each guest with an experience that fits their needs – whether a business luncheon, romantic date, or evening out with friends. Thank you to our friends who joined us this month!

This Month: Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers (48th & R) Raising Cane’s has ONE LOVE — quality chicken finger meals. Since the first Lincoln location opened in 2006, Raising Cane’s has set out to not just be another restaurant in the community. Raising Cane’s focuses its menu on offering ALWAYS FRESH, NEVER EVER FROZEN® made-to-order chicken fingers paired with their homemade Cane’s sauce, grilled Texas toast brushed with garlic butter, creamy cole slaw and crinkle-cut french fries. At Raising Cane’s you get an exceptionally high quality product served quickly and conveniently in a fun environment. They have a great concept, but it takes passion, a great crew and exceptional culture to make a concept a success. These are things that drive Raising Cane’s®. On behalf of our entire Strictly Business team, we would like to invite you to our next Friends4Lunch event we are holding on Friday, January 12th at Raising Cane’s (48th & R) at 11:30 a.m. (Lunch prices range approx. $6-$10) Space is limited and RSVP is requested. Please email office@ strictlybusiness.com or call (402) 466-3330 to attend.

Friends4Lunch is one of our continued monthly networking events held at one of our favorite local restaurants. The tradition was established in the hopes of offering a casual way to make valuable connections with friends and strangers alike in the area over lunch while supporting our clients and enjoying their amazing cuisine.

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business



Strictly Business JANUARY 2018


402-466-3419 • www.liba.org

A Simple Solution to Property Taxes Once again this year the debate on how to lower property taxes is at the top of every state senator’s mind. Today, I offer the simple solution, and it’s a bill that just sitting and waiting to be voted out of committee. The Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) supports LB576. Last year, it was introduced by Senator Brewer and subsequently amended by AM399. The bill as amended freezes assessed property values unless there have been improvements to the property. The freeze remains in effect for four years. If improvements like a new hotel or new housing development are added, then the value would go up and local cities and schools will collect more money. LB576 is a short-term solution to protect against property tax increases. It does not force schools or cities to make cuts. It simply protects taxpayers from increases in their property taxes. During the freeze, the Legislature can fully weigh its options and make the best choice on property taxes for Nebraskans. Meanwhile, if LB576 passes, schools, cities, and other taxing authorities will receive MORE money due to new developments being assessed at higher rates. Everyone wins! The Tax Foundation has ranked Nebraska property tax rates on owner-occupied housing as seventh highest in the nation. Asking taxing authorities to accept stable revenue from property taxes and prioritize for the next four years is reasonable. In Lincoln, respondents to a 2017 resident satisfaction survey from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Policy Center and the City of Lincoln said that the biggest decrease in resident satisfaction was in affordable quality housing. To help keep the momentum of growth in Lincoln and throughout Nebraska, we must “put our foot on the break” regarding property taxes. While LB576 is simple enough to understand, the property tax situation in Nebraska is not. There may be no silver bullet to the excessive property tax burden on Nebraskans, but LIBA believes that a good, permanent solution or master plan can be developed. LB576 is the short-term measure for protecting against property tax increases. In the interim years before LB576 expires, the Legislature can fully weigh its options and make the best choice on property taxes for Nebraskans.


JMISKO surgical design | md With locations in Omaha, Lincoln and Kearney, NE, JMISKO surgical design | md offers a wide variety of services including Adult Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell Pain Treatment, Robotic Hair Transplant Procedures, Weight Loss Services, Hormone Replacement Services and Aesthetic Services. JMISKO takes a progressive approach in all of their services to provide their patients the life-changing results they deserve. With the help and support of their team they have been able to introduce new and innovative medical treatments to the Nebraska market that otherwise would not be available. For more information, please visit www.jmisko.com or call (402) 484-5144.

Fields Floral Fields Floral has a long-standing tradition in Lincoln, NE dating back to 1977. The company transitioned ownership in 2017, and is now owned and operated by Sara Reyes Sudman. The unique, newly-renovated shop, currently located in the historic College View area on 48th & Cooper, offers floral arrangements for any special occasion – weddings, anniversaries, funeral services, and just because. Fields Floral also offers gift items that add that special touch to your arrangement or gift basket. After four decades in business, the professionals at Fields Floral are still passionate about the superb quality of their stems and the fun relationships they build with customers. Fields Floral has evolved throughout the years to stay current with fresh ideas while staying true to its deep roots which are the foundation of its sterling reputation. Fields Floral serves clients in the Lincoln community as well as Hickman, Waverly, Bennet, and surrounding areas. For your floral or gifting needs, call Fields Floral at (402) 483-4564 or email fieldsfloral@ gmail.com.

360 Clean, LLC

LIBA studies and promotes these types of issues that are important to businesses and our community. If you have an interest in joining LIBA, please call me at (402) 466-3419. LIBA membership is not restricted to just businesses. We also have “individual” memberships for those who want to help influence our local government decisions.

360 Clean, LLC recently began offering its professional cleaning services to Lincoln and surrounding areas within a 40mile radius! 360 Clean, LLC is locally owned and operated by Teresa Hodgen, who was the original owner of Hire A Maid for over 26 years. She founded 360 Clean with the mission of going above and beyond the service you’d receive from just your average cleaning company. It’s the special things that 360 Clean does to take their customer service to the next level that you’ll notice when you work with them, and the pride taken in the work that sets them apart. Hodgen and her team of professionals at 360 Clean share a passion for providing the best cleaning experience possible. 360 Clean is committed to a friendly, professional approach with an emphasis on quality assurance and customer satisfaction. For more information or to schedule your initial consultation, visit 360cleancompany.com or contact Teresa Hodgen at (402) 460-0883 / thodgen@live.com. JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business 55


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

LINCOLN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE by Wendy Birdsall, President

402-436-2350 • www.lcoc.org

Chamber President Looking Back, Looking Forward The December transition into January always brings a sense of hope and renewal. As we look forward to another year of growing jobs in Lincoln and raising our national profile, I do so with confidence based on our successes in 2017. Lincoln received numerous awards and rankings from national publications including a number one ranking from “Trivago” for Best City for Craft Beer and Cycling, a number three ranking from “Forbes” magazine for Best City for Young Entrepreneurs and a top ranking for Nebraska for Best States for Business. Membership in the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce continues to be strong, but what we are very proud of is our retention rate at 86% which is well above the national average. We are excited that more and more organizations are seeing and experiencing the value of a Chamber membership. The Chamber advocated at the local level for critical community infrastructure, tax reform, talent attraction and economic development. On the federal level the Chamber advocated for fiscal responsibility, infrastructure funding, energy policy, immigration reform, trade and research. The business community knows the Chamber is always looking out for their best interest and new ways to grow and attract more businesses to Lincoln. The Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development (LPED) also points to a number of successes. Lincoln’s startup business scene has become nationally recognized and the awards are a direct result of the innovation and entrepreneurship promotional efforts from the Partnership. We have a record number of people employed in Lincoln at 193,000 – 2,000 more than this time last year and 12,000 more than just five years ago. The Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) had a record setting month for lodging tax and visitors and hosted several major national events such as USA volleyball and USA wrestling. The CVB kicked off the first-ever Lincoln Craft Beer Tour this past summer distributing over 600 beer guides in one week. The solar eclipse in August brought thousands of visitors to Lincoln and the Chamber’s seasonal sign campaign attracted a great amount of media attention. The Lincoln Young Professionals Group has grown to 1,400 members, and continues to fuel leaders for Lincoln’s future. Lincoln’s Young Professionals Group celebrated 10 years of empowering young professionals in Lincoln to create an energetic and dynamic environment of learning, networking and entrepreneurship. As I look forward to 2018, I can’t help but be excited for what’s ahead for Lincoln. New businesses are starting every day as a result of the work of the entrepreneurship community. New employers are looking to Lincoln because we have worked together to ensure our city is vibrant and people are choosing to stay in Lincoln to join the workforce each year. I know the next 12 months will hold something special for Lincoln’s future. The Chamber’s mission is to improve the lives of Lincoln residents by providing increased economic opportunity and can only be accomplished together. For more information, please contact Jaime Henning at jaimehenning@lcoc.com.

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business



Strictly Business JANUARY 2018


402-434-6900 • www.downtownlincoln.org

Lincoln Nonprofit Hub Evolves, Now Known as Foundry Beginning next spring, the Lincoln Nonprofit Hub will officially rebrand as Foundry. In addition to a building remodel that will offer more office space for nonprofits, Foundry will offer a new premier coffee bar and gathering space with 100% of profits supporting Lincoln-area causes and nonprofits. According to a press release, the change is due to the changing needs of Nonprofit Hub’s members and community who need more space and a gathering area. “While we’ve loved working with nonprofits over the past several years, we’re setting out to establish a more inclusive brand by opening our doors to the community in deeper ways and welcoming social impact companies that are focusing on doing good in the world,” The Nonprofit Hub Team stated in the press release. The Lincoln Nonprofit Hub, an offshoot of the Lincoln company Firespring, first opened at 14th and P Streets in 2015. Randy Hawthorne has served as the executive director of the co-working space since its launch. The core elements of the organization will remain. Those interested in working at Foundry are able to purchase a membership at various tiers, including a day pass, monthly membership, private offices and more. Nonprofit Hub will become the educational arm of Foundry and continue to provide the same valuable services to organizations throughout the world, according to the Foundry and Nonprofit Hub press release. “At Foundry, nonprofits and socially conscientious businesses alike are turning something raw into something calculated and meaningful that will make our community—and world—a better place. This one-of a kind-facility will be a place for socially-minded businesses and people to gather and make a positive, everlasting impact within our community,” The Nonprofit Hub Team said. The project is currently raising money by asking 500 donors to donate $500 to help Foundry’s renovation. Each donor will receive an engraved brick to be put on permanent display in building itself. Donors will also receive a membership, voting rights to choose nonprofits which will benefit from Foundry’s donations, special invitations to private events and more.

Founded in 1967, the Downtown Lincoln Association provides services and champions initiatives for maintaining and enhancing our vibrant downtown. Our vision is to create an energetic downtown environment where we live, learn, work, invest and play. DLA has evolved into a multi-faceted organization supporting a wide range of programs and activities including maintenance, economic development and advocacy. For a complete listing of downtown businesses, events and residences visit downtownlincoln.org. ‘Like’ us on Facebook at facebook.com/downtownlincoln.

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business



Strictly Business JANUARY 2018





Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

What are your goals for your business in 2018? How do you plan to meet them? These are questions you may have already answered, or at the very least you have probably given them some thought. While business planning isn’t just something that you do in the final months of the year or into the beginning of the next, as it’s an ongoing process, it is a common time to take stock of what you accomplished in the last year and use that information to determine your trajectory for the next. Offering insight on items of importance to consider when planning, Derek J Kats with Keller Williams Lincoln provides the following suggestions: “The door has closed on 2017. It’s now history. You will never again have a chance to change it – and since history has a tendency to repeat itself you better make the rest of 2018 count! We all share the common drive to set goals for the new year, but what can Derek J Kats we do to truly hit the ground running in 2018? Generally I share my expertise as Keller Williams Lincoln a Realtor and real estate investor, but on this topic, I’ve chosen to offer suggestions based on my experience as a business owner. 1. Review Your 2017 Accomplishments. How do you know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been? You can have the best map in the world but you’ll never be able to find your way home if you can’t ascertain where you are at right now! If you ended 2017 on a growth spurt, set 2018 goals a little higher. If 2017 was a downer, decide how to turn it around in 2018. 2. Be Thankful. Thank all those who helped you last year. In whatever method you feel best, but make sure you complete this basic step. 3. Set 2018 Goals ASAP. Set your goals early to allow them to become real before you’re off and running this year’s race. Now that it’s already January if you haven’t set your goals put them on paper right away! 4. Move Into The Future. It is just beyond you no matter where you are at. Just yesterday I heard an astute 35-year-old businessperson say she can’t keep up with her 8-year-old daughter on the computer! Always stay on the cutting edge with the Internet and other computerdriven activities. You don’t want to be the 50-year-old who says, “Help me. I must catch them for I am their leader!” What new intelligence-driven procedure should you master this year? 5. Add a Revenue Center. Today it seems progressive businesses are getting their revenue from several different areas instead of just one. Google used to be just a search engine. Now it is a social media club (Google +), a video repository (YouTube), a travel agency and much more. What’s your new revenue center for 2018? Maybe it’s something online that helps people and makes you money

while you sleep! 6. Host an Annual Event. Everybody should have an annual event they sponsor. Now is the time to start (or beef up) your annual event. It’s fun and it helps business! What annual event are you known for? 2018 has just begun, but I assure you it has almost passed. There is so much to do and so little time. Plan it well. For help with planning your real estate needs, please feel free to contact me for a personal consultation at (402) 770-5021 or (402) HOMES-4-U.” With respect to your goals for the coming year, it’s important that you are planning in a way that makes them actionable. “Vision without traction is hallucination,” says John Fulwider with gear80. He recommends growing your business in 2018 by implementing a proven, complete system with a set of simple, practical tools that will get you three things: • Vision: First getting your leaders 100% on the same page with where you’re going, and how you plan to get there. • Traction: Your leaders execute on that vision with discipline with discipline and John Fulwider accountability. gear80 • Healthy: Helping leaders become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team—because leaders sometimes don’t get along very well together. “From there, as goes your leadership team, so goes the rest of your company,” Fulwider says. “We get to the point where everyone is rowing in the same direction, gaining consistent traction, and walking shoulder to shoulder together as a healthy and cohesive team.” Lincoln companies like Bulu Box, Bluestem Fiber, ComPro, and EyeCare Specialties work with Fulwider to strengthen the Six Key Components™ of their business: 1. Vision: Getting everyone in your organization 100 percent on the same page with where you are going and how you plan to get there. 2. People: Surrounding yourself with great people, top to bottom, is critical because you can’t achieve a great vision without a great team. 3. Data: This is running your business on facts, figures, and objective information, rather than feelings, egos, and subjective emotions that often drive decision making in an entrepreneurial company. 4. Issues: Strengthening the Issues component means getting really good at solving your problems as they arise. Successful people are just really good at solving their issues. 5. Process: Strengthening the Process component is just getting all of the most important stuff in your business done the right and best way every time. It creates consistency and scalability in your business. It makes it easier to manage, more profitable and more fun. 6. Traction: Vision without traction is hallucination, so you need to bring discipline and accountability into the organization, taking the vision down to the ground and making it real. “This system applies to big and small businesses alike, in any industry. The same issues—136 to be exact—bug entrepreneurs in every industry, in every business climate. To the extent you can strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your business, those 136 things fall into place.” Fulwider is a Professional EOS® Implementer, meaning he’s trained to help companies implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® described in the book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, by Gino Wickman. “The power of EOS® is that it is real world, simple and practical. There’s no theory here or flavor of the month; no magic pills; just timeless, field-tested tools that really work.”

In agreement about doing what you do best and hiring out the rest, Aaron Newell with AR Solutions advises, “Now that you have a snapshot of the previous year, you can learn very valuable lessons from your experiences during that time that can be applied to the coming year. Take an honest look at your strengths and weaknesses. That will help you determine what you can do to be more efficient and where you should be spending your time and effort versus what would be best to put in the capable Aaron Newell hands of a professional. First off, by freeing AR Solutions up your time to engage in activities that are generating revenue for your business, there will be more of it. Secondly, by investing in the services of the professionals who are focused on doing what they do best, you’ll benefit from better results in the other areas of your business that aren’t your forte too. It’s a win-win. With accounts receivable and collections in particular, it takes time, effort, and consistency to get the best results. Then there are the complexities involved with the legal aspects of collections to take into consideration. By partnering with AR Solutions, you’ll be assured that you’re protected legally, that your reputation is being upheld by our representatives, and that we’re working hard to collect on your past-due accounts. Since your expenses don’t stop just because your clients are unable to pay, when you’re planning, be realistic about the numbers. A good rule of thumb is to not expect to collect all of your receivables you have billed for and when that happens, to be proactive about ways you can decrease that number for a better outcome. This could involve your processes for intake/contracts, billing, and/or collections. We offer a free evaluation that covers all of those things and at the end, we’ll offer you solutions to consider.” JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


Financially, insurance also remains a current concern for businesses. “Health insurance has been such a big topic of discussion, and many are planning for changes in the coming year,” says Kerry Butzke with Butzke Insurance, Inc. “While taking a look at employee benefit packages, I encourage businesses to consider offering supplemental insurance. It is not the same as health insurance or at all related to that type of plan and it’s not expensive, which are by far the two most common Kerry Butzke misconceptions I encounter. Health insurance Butzke Insurance, Inc. pays the providers, while supplemental pays the policyholder. According to a recent Harvard study, 60% of all bankruptcies are a result of medical bills, and 77% of those people had health insurance. Today, health insurance plans that are the most affordable have high deductibles and don’t cover much of the expenses incurred up to that point. If you are struck with a serious illness or injury, how do you plan to pay for medical care on top of your other bills while you are out of work? I always say you can’t swipe your health insurance card at the gas station. With supplemental insurance, which costs as little as $1 a day, you can do whatever you want with the cash paid out to you. Life is so unexpected and there are so many scary statistics out there that it just makes sense for anyone to have supplemental insurance. There is no direct cost to an employer to offer Aflac, and it saves employees anywhere from 25-75% on plans just by a business offering it to them. Once the employees have decided on their coverage, I give the employer a copy of what needs to be deducted each month, and then they are billed in arrears so they will never get stuck paying an employee’s premium. Employers also don’t waste money on plans with coverage not used by employees. Everyone has


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different needs and with supplemental insurance, they can opt to keep the benefits they want and get rid of what they don’t. On top of that, businesses receive tax savings, it helps attract and retain quality employees, increases company morale, and even keeps worker’s comp costs down by having fewer claims filed on disability. If you’re interested, please feel free to contact me and we’ll set up a time for me to come in and present to your employees.” Especially at this particular time, financial planning and taxes demand much of the focus of business owners and professionals. To that end, Kevin Rademacher with SP Group, P.C. also offers the following advice: “Looking at the ‘big picture’ is essential. The year may bring some changes to the tax law and in turn, to business owners everywhere. There are two key questions that should be carefully considered. How do these tax changes affect your business? Kevin Rademacher But also, how do these changes affect your SP Group, P.C. personal tax situation? Just because a financial or tax decision may help now, it doesn’t mean that decision will be beneficial in achieving specific goals in the future. Asking the right questions and thinking about potential new laws are vital to taking as many tax advantages as possible. With the changes to the tax law, this year there will likely be a lot of differences from years’ past to address and navigate. To help you plan accordingly, we can provide insight on how these potential changes may affect you. At SP Group, we focus on being experts in tax matters now and in the future. We like to look at your specific scenario and offer help in tax planning and scouting for tax credits that can be beneficial. As previously noted, changes to your personal tax return can affect how we approach your business planning. We like to look for the right items to expense or capitalize. Capitalizing certain assets over several years may create a better tax scenario in future years. Of course we also like to look for tax credits that can apply to your business. There are tax credits out there that can be utilized for many different businesses and business owners. By looking for the right data, it’s far less likely you’ll miss any credit or deduction that can make or break a business year. Take retirement savings for example. The start of the new year can still offer deductions and savings for the previous year tax returns, but sometimes people forget that they can still contribute after the start of the year in certain situations. For example, in certain selfemployed scenarios you can still contribute to your retirement for the previous year, up to the tax deadline. If you are a new business setting up a retirement plan you may be able to take a credit for startup costs. It is incredibly important to think about retirement and how this affects your business. There are several advantages in setting up the perfect retirement plan. It can be key in helping you plan for your future, but can also be a key to attracting top talent. We can help a business owner go through the different plans’ advantages and disadvantages. Throughout the planning process the professionals at SP Group can be a proactive resource on how decisions affect you financially and personally for the future. Business growth is very important to us and a focus for all of our business clients. While making changes I would ask clients: Does this decision make sense for personal cash flow reasons or will it be an unnecessary strain on your life? To get to this point, we will need to work together focusing on the financial data recorded and looking at future projections. It’s hard to manage what we can’t measure. We need to have a solid footing in understanding to be successful in our strategies for business growth. Meeting with a trusted advisor to start this new year may be more important than ever. Tax changes could come, but a successful business will still be asking questions to start that dialogue with your accountant. Business decisions are more than just financial, and it’s important to have that open dialogue and working relationship established so that you get the answers to the questions that need

to be addressed. I like to work closely with business owners to interpret and understand the data shown on the financials. Honest interpretation of the data and pivoting when necessary can make all the difference in your business flourishing in the coming year.” For all business owners no matter how young or old or how long you’ve owned a business, it’s important not to put off or underestimate the importance of retirement and succession planning. Similarly, when it comes to business transactions careful planning goes into that too for sellers and buyers alike, no matter the scenario. “The biggest challenge with selling or buying a business is generally financing,” says Jethro Hopkins with No Coast Business Advisors. “Traditionally most banks don’t like to do SBA lending in the under $250K market. So let’s say you own a business that’s worth $80K and you want to sell it. Since it’s next to impossible for someone to get a standard commercial loan for a business at that price point, a buyer would need to put their house up or have cash in hand for the transaction to take Jethro Hopkins place. However, if you’re able to get the No Coast Business funding part of the deal in place before a Advisors buyer even shows interest, it improves your odds of selling and decreases the time it will take to do so big time. To put this in perspective, it would be like a homebuyer not being able to get financing for a home under $250K – that obviously is not possible for a lot of people who have the dream of homeownership. Up to this point, for many people who had the dream of owning a business, the options were extremely limited it not non-existent. Through a relationship we’ve established with a lender, No Coast Business Advisors is the only brokerage here in Nebraska that can prequalify a business for a loan that’s SBA-backed or similar anywhere from $30K to $5.5M. So far these loans have all been 10-year notes, so you could essentially invest buy a business for as little as $500 a month. It makes business ownership more accessible while also making it easier to transition out of a business, and in both ways I’m able to help my clients tremendously. Having that prequalification also means that there’s a third-party verification of what the business is valued at, which is incredibly helpful to know up front so both parties know exactly where they stand and there is less back and forth with negotiations. For the buyer, with these loans there’s even the potential to include operating capital. With the transition of ownership oftentimes there’s a learning curve involved, so you have a cushion to help out while you learn the ropes and get acclimated with running the business successfully. Going back to the importance of having a neutral third party involved, if you’re thinking about buying or selling a business, take the time to sit down with someone who can objectively review the deal and advise you on it accordingly. Although your lawyer, accountant, etc. are trusted advisors, it’s wise for this person to be an experienced business broker. Even if you’re not using them to get the deal done, pay a small fee to have that conversation. You probably haven’t done this before, but we have many times because it’s what we do for a living, so it’s well-advised to use that specialized training and experience to your benefit. Considering the amount you stand to lose, it’s well worth what you’d spend up front. I’d be happy to discuss any plans you have for buying and/ or selling a business in 2018 and beyond.” In addition to the tax law at the national level that was mentioned previously, there is a big change happening at the local level affecting the business community that has generated quite a bit of buzz recently – the cardboard ban. “2018 is set to be an interesting year for the business community in Lincoln,” says Dianna Johnson with Mil-tek Central. “A new year always brings about changes. In Lincoln, this year that means

not only a new football coach but a new cardboard ban as well. With change comes challenges, and to avoid them becoming overwhelming it is best to acknowledge those changes and plan accordingly. Waste costs are not usually at the forefront of importance when it comes to setting a budget or looking at what could have a significant impact on the bottom line. But looking at the operations and procedures around handling waste and recycling can provide valuable insight for Dianna Johnson most business, especially those businesses Mil-tek Central that deal with materials that can be recycled. In doing so, a business might ask the following questions: How much staff time is devoted to dealing with trash? How long do employees linger at the dumpster? What does our dumpster/ corral area look like to potential customers or to our employees? Does our culture embrace recycling? What are our shrinkage costs? Are there safety concerns at night in taking out the trash or opening the back door? Going forward, questions to consider specific to the recycling ban include: What are our actual waste hauling costs? What will happen to those costs if we do nothing? Alternatively, what could happen if we begin to recycle responsibly? What difference would that make for operations and the bottom line, not to mention the Lincoln community and generations to come? Recycling and sustainability are prevalent issues and will be areas that will continue to grow and change throughout the coming years. Mil-tek Central has been unique in this arena in that we have helped hundreds of businesses not only save money but come up with operational efficiencies in dealing with these types of business issues. One of my favorite aspects to what we do in our business is truly making a difference for others. We have helped many business JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


owners save money by evaluating how they manage their waste and coming up with creative solutions on how to do it more effectively. That might involve doing a time/motion study or looking at their different waste streams, evaluating labor efficiencies or cleaning up trash corrals and alleys. It is all about coming up with an individual waste plan that is cost effective for a business and addresses the changes or challenges that a company is facing. We work with all sizes of businesses and provide free consultative services in regard to how to make businesses cleaner, neater and greener - and do it in a way that is cost-effective, not cost-prohibitive.” She continues, “As a current business owner and entrepreneur for many years, as well as working closely with other business owners, I’ve learned there are many things that business owners commonly overlook in planning for upcoming years. We tend to focus on the things that keep us awake at night, but it is usually the things that we take for granted that we don’t realize could actually make a big difference. I have always been a believer that it is important to look at upcoming trends – they can affect many aspects of our planning and again, how we deal with change. Sometimes it is easy to get blindsided by the things we never saw coming. Perception becomes reality, so it’s important not to focus on one area so much that you effectively have blinders on to the other things going on around you. When this happens, it distracts you from looking everything that’s truly important in the continued success of a business. In a recent study of why people work for and patronize the businesses they do, the top three reasons were sustainability, safety, and cleanliness. Are these things you have thought about in your business environment? What is your company morale and culture? What is your company image – how does your consumer view you? Are you doing things that truly make a difference? The bottom line is extremely important, but there are so many little things that can be happening that can have a strong impact on that too. With the Lincoln cardboard ban taking effect in April of 2018, it will be important to include that in your planning and thought process.


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Think of it as an opportunity for your business to create solutions that truly work for the image you want to create.” In agreement on the importance of cleanliness and the impact it can have on a business, Teresa Hodgen with 360 Clean adds, “Rest assured your customers will notice the littlest things from right when they walk in your door and on throughout their visit while you are conducting business. Cleanliness matters – people won’t do business in a place that isn’t clean, and it reflects very badly on your business if it’s not. You want your business to be welcoming and to represent you well, as it’s just as Teresa Hodgen much a part of your image as how you 360 Clean present yourself personally. Our reputation for cleanliness is our top priority, not our profits. Beware of the lowest cleaning bid (and we are not overpriced by any means) as it may result in headaches and a lot of work on your part. Why are you tagging along and checking up on your cleaning crew? Isn’t that the responsibility of the cleaning company? When planning for the cleaning of your business with a cleaning company, be sure you are clear on what you are getting and the value you’re receiving for the price you are paying. Working with 360 Clean you can be sure the cleaning is done right, every time, and performed by true professionals who take great pride in their work. Our services are customized to each client and you’ll find us to be highly organized, meticulous, and thorough. We’ve been doing this for over 28 years and there is a combination of expertise and technology behind our methods of cleaning to perfection.” Good, thorough planning will take into account the big things, but also the little details that do make a big difference. Throughout the year you can’t always anticipate with certainty what you’ll use or need, like office supplies, break room necessities, or even hosting an impromptu company picnic or client appreciation event, and so on. What you can at least plan for is the logistics to best meet your needs as they arise. For example, with a membership to Sam’s Club, when something comes up you can stop in and get what you need in a timely fashion, and you’re guaranteed to get it at a competitive wholesale price. “Sam’s Club strives to provide our business members the right variety of merchandise to fit their needs at an excellent value,” says Ron Thackery with Sam’s Club. “Our ‘Business Member Exclusive Savings’ promotions throughout the year offer merchandise with added savings. Sam’s Club does not require minimum order quantities or contracts to get the best possible price. This allows business owners to only buy what is needed when it is needed. Coupled with early shopping Ron Thackery hours, online ordering, pre-order Club Sam’s Club Pickup, giving members a register in the palm of their hand and being open seven days a week, Sam’s Club is truly your personal warehouse. By eliminating mark-up from middlemen/distributors, business owners can increase profit margin or take competitive advantage of lower cost by passing savings onto their customers.” Along the same lines, sometimes there are things that will happen that you wouldn’t have been able to foresee. No matter how forwardthinking you are, change is inevitable and sometimes it can’t be planned for much in advance. Circling back to strategic planning as a whole, Andrew Storz with Storz Enterprises advises, “Any time is a great time to review the systems and processes of your business,” advises “In order to stay competitive in the current environment, it’s important to consistently

be reflecting on how your organization can improve upon its strategy, culture, and execution. That being said, far too often we’re overestimating how far out we can reasonably plan and strategize. When I used to run the budget process for a company, we would begin work in October determining in great detail what our business would like through the end of the next year – which is not uncommon for many businesses. By next December, 15 months Andrew Storz later, that same budget and the goals we Storz Enterprises set could not have been more irrelevant to how our organization operated. Information stagnates faster than ever and we have to be mindful of that when we create our strategic and tactical visions. It can be difficult to acknowledge the unknown unknowns. However, when we begin to emphasize responding to change over following a plan we put ourselves in a position where we can become proactive and embrace the ever-changing business environment. When planning for the coming year, be sure it’s with the understanding that when change is needed, you’ll have the agility to be able to respond. Also, it’s helpful to begin the process by asking the tough questions like: ‘What are we doing to make sure we’re the best in our field?’ ‘Are we supporting or impeding innovation in our organization?’ ‘What happens when (NOT if) our plan doesn’t go exactly as planned?’ ‘Are we prepared for growth to the extent that we know there will not be a customer of ours that will have a bad experience because we stretched ourselves too thin?’ ‘We have great people; do we have great people in great roles?’ Pertaining to the last question, I think it’s great seeing the continued expansion of human/people-centric approaches to business culture. The education and skill gap that existed decades ago is nothing like what it used to be and the traditional hierarchies need to be adjusted accordingly. Every individual has great talents and the potential to make tremendous contributions to an organization. If the focus is on finding great people for great roles, with a sustainable workload, and the freedom for teams to self-organize continues to grow, we will have a happier and more effective workforce. When working with Storz Enterprises, we can assist with anything from high-level strategy down to the details of individual processes in your organization. We like to use the word ‘facilitate’ to describe what we do. By definition, it’s the act of making an action or process easy or easier. That value can be realized in many different ways from better margins, increased effectiveness, or more cohesive communication. Our goal is to be an agent of positive change to the culture. When I see people start to embrace an agile mindset and encourage innovation at all levels, that’s probably the greatest piece of value that I can add. I hope that as everyone plans their 2018, they decide they won’t be great, they’ll be exceptional; they won’t stick to a plan, they’ll respond to change; and through constant discovery they will demonstrate new and better ways to serve their customers.” Specifically regarding planning to leverage technology in the coming year, he notes, “We live in an amazing time when technology allows us to communicate and share information in ways not possible just a few years ago. With things like cloud-based storage, SaaS products, and the variety of communication options, there are very few factors that impede an organization from having exceptional communication and eliminating siloes. Barriers caused by geography or physical locations of digital files don’t need to exist anymore. I think almost every business has a need to be leveraging this technology to build a better experience for their staff and their customers. Technology and business today moves at a much faster rate than

any time before. Half of the companies from the Fortune 500 in 2000 are no longer on the list. Blackberry (Research in Motion) was considered the great example of innovation 10 years ago, yet today its market share is almost nonexistent. Going back to the importance of agility, failing to accept and embrace change can be a deadly choice for an organization. In Blackberry’s case, they didn’t change their business to meet the needs and wants of their customers and in doing so their product became all but obsolete. If we refuse to change and adapt we will likely run into the same issue.” Speaking of technology, it’s definitely an area where planning is advantageous, particularly when it comes to investing in it, implementing it, creating greater efficiencies with it, using it to reach your current and potential clients and effectively deliver your message, and addressing what needs to be in place to keep your business up and running in general. For anything tech-related, if it’s not your specific area of expertise, seek the guidance and help of a professional! Again, diverting your attention from activities that are generating revenue and helping you to grow your business to try and fix an issue that could potentially take a lot of time, skill, and specific knowledge to troubleshoot successfully is the last thing you should be doing if at all possible. That being said, the needs of businesses do vary quite a bit when it comes to IT support, so it’s wise to plan accordingly. “Working together, let’s look at the IT services you are paying for currently and determine if they’re really needed,” says Darren Lichty with Panology Tech Solutions. “Moreover, is the amount you’re paying actually fair for the value you are getting (or not getting)? We bring value to SMBs by tailoring services to their specific needs now with the scalability to adapt as Darren Lichty the business grows. This allows our clients to Panology Tech Solutions.

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manage costs without sacrificing what they need to have in place to operate efficiently. For many small businesses, with growth comes the need to add more employees quickly to meet the needs of clients. Yet, there aren’t any processes in place moving forward and there’s little time to devote to that when you’re busy with everything else, which is why you hired someone in the first place. Are you planning to add employees in the coming year? We enjoy sitting down with our clients and examining their onboarding processes. By streamlining and automating these processes, we can get new employees up and productive quicker.” He also notes, “When planning for your future investment in technology, keep in mind that cloud-based offerings continue to grow each year. The pay-as-you-go model and low maintenance overhead make these offerings especially powerful for small businesses. If you were planning to replace or upgrade an aging server in the next year, I highly recommend we look at some cloud-based options instead. Many small businesses also forget to budget for replacing aging computers. Instead of waiting for them to break down, plan to replace your computers every 5 years. If your business does heavy computing tasks (pictures, video, big data, etc.) you may want to consider accelerating this schedule to every 3 years. By planning for routine replacement, you can avoid the surprise expense.” Since technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, even if you think you have everything in place, take a second look periodically just in case. The beginning of the year is the perfect time to evaluate anything that might need to be upgraded. Take websites for example. While almost every business in this day and age has one, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s optimized for maximum benefit to visitors/users and your business. “If your website is more than 2-3 years old, it may be a good time to take a serious look at your site design, content, and functionality and make sure it is still meeting your needs,” says Amy Ebbeka with Ebbeka Design Co. “Web standards are constantly being

upgraded, design styles change and, most importantly, users expect much more from a website these days. The advent of new website development technology has definitely changed the process that we build websites. And it is easier than ever to teach clients how to make edits on their own when needed. This is due in part to the development of page building technology which allows our customers to make real-time edits to their site with little to no tech background Amy Ebbeka needed.” Ebbeka Design Co. Looking forward, Ebbeka also points out, “If your business isn’t already creating videos that can be shared online and in social media, you might be missing out on one of the fastest-growing trends happening in 2018. Video content helps engage your customer, boost sales, and build trust.” As for the entrepreneurial ventures in the planning stages, 2018 might be your year to establish a new business, launch a new service, bring a new product to market, or get the ball rolling towards one or more of those end goals. Again here, if you’re not ahead, you’re behind. Specifically regarding new product development, Lawrence Owens with Concentric Visual Design advises, “When developing a new product many disciplines will be required to go from concept to shelf. Therefore, when assembling your team be sure to select the professionals who will be collaborating on the project carefully. There are certain things each will be able to contribute, particularly in experience and breadth of offerings, which can ultimately make a big difference both during the Lawrence Owens process and with the outcome. Concentric Visual Design For instance, when it comes to designing products, an advantage that Concentric Visual Design has over a traditional industrial designer is the application of multilayered knowledge and experience. While industrial designers work mostly on the front end in the concept stages and only on the product design, my background in manufacturing has given me knowledge of manufacturing, engineering, and sourcing. And my graphic design training allows me to create the packaging, marketing materials and media content you would normally need to outsource to another company. The ability to do this all under one roof is truly a benefit to my clients, specifically in the areas of project cost and timeline. It also lends to the cohesiveness of everything consumer-facing, from the product ads that generate interest and drive sales down to the instruction manual they read after they’ve made the purchase. It’s what I call ‘brand-centric’ design--being able to incorporate the vision of the brand throughout the entire product user experience. By using this exact process, I’ve successfully helped inventors and world-class manufacturers bring products to market.” He also notes, “Some products like medical devices have incredibly long development cycles, sometimes up to 10 years. The planning and rollout of product development for this would be a lot different than a product that can be designed, manufactured, and sold within a year or two. In any case, foresight of the road ahead is critical. Working with experienced professionals having knowledge of modern manufacturing processes and design techniques will help you better navigate the sometimes complicated road of product development.” In closing, as you plan for a successful year in business ahead, be mindful of the multitude of resources at your disposal. You never know where the next great idea is going to come from and our local professionals offer a wealth of knowledge – use that to your advantage!


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New Year’s Resolutions

Hey Strictly Business readers: What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2018? Whether you still have yet to make one or know what your goal is but don’t have a plan in place, there’s work to be done starting now! A New Year’s resolution is a tradition in which a person resolves to change an undesired trait or behavior, to accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve his or her life. There’s just something about the beginning of a brand new year that inspires us to live it purposefully in the pursuit of bettering ourselves or “living the dream.” Whatever that may be for you, how do you plan to make it happen? It’s no big secret that your success will ultimately be determined by your follow-through. Cue the advice of our local experts who have firsthand experience with helping their clients and customers meet their goals and exceed them, and who are invested in the outcome right along with you! To kick things off, one of the most notorious areas of focus is improved health and wellness. There are of course numerous resolutions involving this as the intended outcome. Yet, it’s also a byproduct of many other resolutions, such as the running your first marathon or fitting into your grandmother’s wedding dress for your upcoming nuptials. As such, there will be varying elements involved depending on the specific resolution, but there are also common denominators that apply across the board. Take diet for example. Name anything you resolve to do in 2018, and good nutrition will play a part in your success. What you put into your body truly makes all the difference. “No matter what the specific goal is that you’re working towards achieving this year, everything starts with eating healthy,” says Natasha Plooster with Eat Fit Go. “If you are trying to reduce stress, sleep better, stay focused at work, lose weight, etc. - it all starts with the fuel you are providing your body. Whole ingredients in the right portions that Natasha Plooster are high in protein and low in sugar and Eat Fit Go sodium will free up the body to perform at optimal levels. All too often people set their goals and then proceed to eat the same thing over and over, whether out of convenience or just not knowing what to substitute in order to mix it up while still sticking to their ‘diet.’ Ultimately, without variety it causes them to lose motivation and revert back to their old habits. We have a great selection of fresh, healthy, and delicious meals here at Eat Fit Go. There are different options for every single meal of the week and we also update our menu with new seasonal options. Eating healthy and enjoying what you eat are NOT mutually exclusive. Our specialty is providing nutritional support to those looking to become healthier and we’re more than happy to advise on which meals would be best for your individual needs and goals. Additionally, as the saying goes, ‘experience is the best teacher.’ Eating our meals will teach you the proper portion sizes that you should be eating and the macros (nutritional information) will be right on the label so you know exactly what you are eating, making it extremely easy to stay on track.” She also emphasizes, “By far the most important part of setting goals and following through with them is not giving up when you have setbacks. Setbacks are going to happen in every aspect of life - just try to power through them! If you have three great days in a row then have a setback, next week make it your goal to have four great days in a row. Keep building on your past success and don’t worry about getting off track every now and then, as long as you keep going! After all, health is a lifelong process and Eat Fit Go is here for you every step of the way!” Any goals related to looking and feeling your best in 2018 are well worth pursuing to enhance your overall quality of life. There’s a powerful connection between appearance and self-esteem, so having a healthy body image is key. As evidenced by the gyms and fitness clubs being packed to capacity this time of year, weight loss and improved fitness are of course a means to that end. However, there’s more than just diet and exercise that factor into the equation. In truth, many people have JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business



Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

items related to self-care as their resolutions. Or there may be something you’ve always wanted to have done or have been meaning to look into but haven’t had the time or have been apprehensive about it, and this is going to be your year. Even something as simple as a new hairstyle can completely transform how you look, and in turn, how you feel about yourself and your confidence level. “At Brookelyn’s Hair & Replacement, our goal is to help people look their best and have full confidence in themselves!” says Brooke Ahlman with Brookelyn’s Hair & Replacement. “We offer a full menu of salon services all the way up to non-surgical hair replacement, and it is amazing the difference a brand new look or a full head of hair makes. It can truly do wonders Brooke Ahlman for your confidence and outlook on life. Not Brookelyn’s Hair only will you look and feel better, but clients & Replacement may look at you differently and be more willing to do business with you, which hopefully makes you more money! The process for hair replacement is very simple and it starts out with a basic consultation. We’ll go over your options and come up with the best plan for you and your needs. Once that is determined, your custom hair system is ordered and a time is scheduled for you to come in for your cut and style. Typically appointments only take an hour or so and then you’ll be on your way, looking better than before and feeling like a new person. You’ll continue on about your daily life as you normally would and with the quality systems we offer and the expert installation done, nobody will know the hair isn’t all yours. You then come to us like you would for normal haircuts and we will service your system and keep you looking great. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them so please feel free to reach out. With a new look and greater confidence, you can really get out there and make all of your resolutions happen!” Going back to hitting the gym, instead of just resolving to do that alone and signing up for the one that’s in a convenient location or has the best promotion, you’ll likely get better results if you are more thoughtful about your specific goals and honest about what you’ll need in place to support you in achieving them. By working with a personal trainer, nutritionist, medical professional, etc. who is invested in your results, you’ll reap the benefits of their knowledge, experience, techniques, and guidance on other lifestyle changes that are needed to get you where you want to be. With a program that’s designed specifically for your needs and goals, and someone to push you and hold you accountable every step of the way, chances are much better you’ll be amazed at your progress and still be working towards your resolution a few months down the road. Also, for those who will be working hard towards a fitness goal in 2018, have put any thought into how you will track your progress? Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. has just added an innovative system to its offerings that allows you to get the true picture of the key indicators that you are successfully transforming your body in the way you want. The Advanced Body Composition assessment will give you precise measurements of bone density, body fat and muscle mass, enabling you to track your body composition changes and the genuine effects of your training regimen. How cool is that?! The whole body scan takes minimal time and exposes you to an extremely low amount of radiation. It’s also helpful for those on weight management programs. To this end, Dr. Steve Swanson with Women’s Clinic of Lincoln, P.C. advises that “the results may help determine your risk of developing obesity-related conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and osteoarthritis. Knowing where the fat is located may make a considerable difference in health outcomes. This tool is the only one of its kind that can measure visceral fat. Too much fat around abdominal organs Dr. Steve Swanson such as the liver, for instance, can be much Women’s Clinic of worse than excel fat just under the skin as it Lincoln, P.C.

contributes more significantly to obesity-related diseases. It’s also used for monitoring certain diseases like Sarcopenia and Lipodystrophy and the effects of some medical therapies. In summary, it’s a quick and very affordable way to understand how your body composition is affecting your overall health and wellness as well as providing benchmarks as you work towards your goals.” Whatever your health-related goal, whether it’s weight loss, eating clean, walking over 10,000 steps a day, building muscle, toning problem areas, athletic training, lowering your blood pressure, eliminating cigarettes or alcohol, reducing stress, becoming more proactive about your healthcare, etc., it will require effort and commitment. Sorry folks, there are no quick fixes or magic pills. “For the majority of people, exercise alone isn’t enough to get them to where they want or need to be,” says Nancy Hopkins with Physicians WEIGHT LOSS Centers. “Regular activity is a good thing, of course, but it doesn’t make much of a difference if you have a poor diet or have developed bad eating habits. What you put into your body is the biggest determinant of your health, good or bad. Moreover, there’s this idea that if you’re overweight you just need to hop on the treadmill every day, or some other Nancy Hopkins variation of that narrative. In truth, there are Physicians WEIGHT a wide variety of reasons a person could be LOSS Centers overweight, some of which have very little to do with lack of exercise or that’s just one of the factors involved due to the root issue. As a medically-supervised weight loss facility, we help many people who have medical conditions that have led to weight gain. Our programs ensure they are able to lose weight and get healthy in a manner that’s safe for them to do so. Sometimes that involves working up to being able to exercise, but everyone starts somewhere. The important part is that you do commit to starting on the path to getting healthy, and not in a way that could do more harm than good. Aside from medical conditions, portion control, mood eating, water intake, and alcohol consumption are all at the top of the list of contributing factors to weight gain. Breaking these bad habits requires lifestyle changes and constant reinforcement. We offer six different programs, each with a diet plan that has been designed to with the proper amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. Over 32 years of development have gone into perfecting these programs in order to maximize weight loss results through proper nutrition. There is complete shopping list of whole foods you buy at any grocery store, so you aren’t dependent on our meals and supplements, although many of our clients do enjoy them. Our clients have varying needs and goals, from those who are working towards losing a significant amount of weight to those who want to shed a few pounds or sculpt their body to look better in their favorite outfit or to rock a two-piece on their upcoming vacation. No matter what yours are, we can help you reach them. Just remember, if you almost follow the diet you’ll almost lose the weight. We’re here to help you succeed JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


and if you follow the program as directed, we guarantee that you will.” Also related to self-improvement, many people resolve to enroll in college, further their education or obtain an advanced degree, complete a licensure or certification process, participate in training or learn a new skill to apply to their profession, pursue career advancement opportunities, or switch careers entirely to follow their true passions. Whatever the case may be, aspiring towards this type of goal now is something your future self will thank you for later on down the line. “Soon, more than 70 percent of all jobs in Nebraska will require education beyond high school so getting the education needed to move ahead would be an opportune resolution,” says Mary Niemiec with NU Online, University of Nebraska. “The University of Nebraska (NU) can be instrumental in helping students achieve this resolution. University of Nebraska faculty and staff are partners in helping all students either on campus or online reach their academic goals. Collectively, more than 125 fully-online Mary Niemiec programs are offered from the University University of Nebraska Online of Nebraska’s four campuses – University of Nebraska at Kearney, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Nebraska Medical Center and University of Nebraska at Omaha. This depth of academic offerings provides students with choice and flexibility. Whether they are looking to complete a degree or earn a new one, students can select from numerous areas of study at the undergraduate, graduate and professional level. Programs are offered in the areas of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Computer Science and Information Systems, Business, Education, Engineering, Health Professions, Nursing, Public Administration, Public Health, and more. Through online learning, the University of Nebraska is able to provide access for students to take a path that fits their needs and lifestyle. A student may transfer credits earned through an associate’s degree to


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

complete a bachelor’s degree, earn a master’s degree or pursue a Ph.D. or professional degree. NU faculty who teach online are devoted to student engagement, academic achievement, and success. Teams of instructional designers and technicians work closely with faculty to maximize the use of technology in teaching and enhance the learning outcomes for our students. I encourage those who are ready to start pursuing a resolution of advancing their education to visit the University of Nebraska Online’s website at online.nebraska.edu. Here you can view NU’s online offerings including program descriptions, admission requirements, course information, tuition and fee details, and connect with a program that will help you achieve your resolution.” She adds, “There are several things students can do to help ensure they are successful in their resolutions. First, set a specific professional or personal goal that aligns with your resolution. Students can apply George Doran’s framework and make their goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely). Then, consider how an academic program aligns with the goal. At the University of Nebraska, advisers are available to help students navigate and understand what program matches individual goals. Finally, as a student at the University of Nebraska, whether taking courses online or on campus, be sure to take advantage of the many student support services offered by NU campuses. Students have access to library resources, financial aid, career counseling, and tutoring. Utilizing these services is what helps students to be successful.” In agreement on the employment forecast as it relates to having a college degree, Stu Osterthun with Southeast Community College further advises, “If you’re thinking about going back to school or studying for a new career, now is the perfect time. That Stu Osterthun being said, the decision to go to college isn’t SCC

made overnight. It’s a lengthy process and many factors are involved. Current high school students often make decisions with their parents. Adult learners juggle work-life situations. Discover the right fit for you. Visit an SCC campus in Lincoln, Beatrice or Milford. Talk to instructors, staff and current students. Observe a laboratory. See what goes on. Make sure you’re comfortable before you enroll. And if you encounter a bump or two along the road through SCC, we’re here to help you succeed. SCC offers a number of free services to help our students succeed, including advising, tutoring and graduate employment resources. SCC also connects students with employers and has excellent relationships with four-year colleges and universities for students who plan to transfer classes. It’s affordable ($67.50 per quarter hour tuition and fees), offers a number of programs and delivery methods, and has an outstanding reputation among employers. SCC has a 95-percent success rate, meaning 95 percent of 2016 graduates found work or continued their education. That’s value. Southeast Community College changes lives. Make a resolution to improve your quality of life. An investment in an education at SCC is an investment in you. Resolutions are commitments, so make a commitment to improve your life and the lives of your family members.” Another important life milestone is becoming a homeowner, and that might very well be your resolution for the coming year. If you’re already a homeowner, though, your resolution might involve a major investment, such as replacing equipment, updating and renovations, or new technology. Or, it might just be a project around the house you’ve been meaning to tackle. Regarding the latter, Mary McCombs with Essentials offers the following advice: “It’s that time of year again that many of us dread. Time to put down the turkey Mary McCombs leg and cover the cranberries - your home Essentials needs you! As the New Year approaches and resolution time rolls around, something that many people tend to overlook is preventive maintenance of their homes. You might have promised to lose weight, quit smoking or travel to new places. But what about your home – the place where you spend most of your time? It’s Essential for your family’s needs that your home is always in tip-top shape. From its attics to its crawl spaces, your home is under constant attack from the stress of daily life. A little preventative maintenance goes a long way in home repairs; what would seem like a minor problem can quickly grow into a time-consuming nightmare for a homeowner. Even having just one leaky faucet can be very costly over time.! As a homeowner, your greatest fear is that some unnoticed issue — a clogged gutter, a cracked foundation or a leaky roof — will snowball into a catastrophic failure that costs you thousands of dollars. Maintenance is the best way to avoid the most costly home repairs. A few hours of cleaning out the gutters could save you thousands in foundation repairs. A quick application of sealant on the driveway could buy a few more years before you have to repave the whole thing. This year, make the decision to never worry about your home again! Let Essentials take care of your home so you can meet your other New Year’s resolutions of spending time with the family, reducing stress, and traveling to new places. By signing up for our services, you can stop deferring home maintenance and instead let your Essentials technician handle the work. Your technician will maintain your home on a quarterly basis and is armed with a complete checklist of items that need to be done every season. Check out our website and download a complete checklist at www.essentialshomeservices.com.” There are so many more resolutions that we haven’t covered, but the takeaway is that whatever you set out to do, be sure to see it through! You already know it’s worth it because it’s going to improve your life in some way, so in addition to putting in the effort in the coming weeks, set your sights further than that and formulate a plan for accountability purposes. After all, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Similarly, instead of going it alone and hoping for the best, team up with a professional to tap into their knowledge and experience, and who will guide you and be one of your biggest cheerleaders. Now make it happen in 2018 – let’s do this, everyone!

JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


Supporting Non-Profits As we enter into a brand new year and look to the future, it’s a time when we examine areas of personal growth and self-improvement and set our resolutions accordingly. For many, this will include community involvement and giving back in some way or another. The same holds true for businesses and professional organizations that are planning their philanthropic efforts for the coming year. By turning good intentions into meaningful action, each of us has the ability to make a profound difference in the lives of others and in our community. Supporting our local non-profits through charitable giving, volunteering, hosting or participating in a special event, organizing a donation drive or fundraiser, joining a movement to spread awareness, corporate sponsorship, encouraging employees to present opportunities for corporate involvement or allowing them to participate in these types of activities during work hours, or in any other way, is something that we can all do. Every little bit counts - no matter how much time, money, resources, etc. you have to give, it all adds up. Here in the Lincoln community, we are fortunate to have a strong, thriving non-profit sector supported by the contributions of many individuals, businesses, and special interest groups. Each organization that exists within the diverse spectrum that constitutes this collective has identified a specific need and made it their mission to meet it, and others have followed suit by getting on board and doing what they can to forward that mission. With such an abundance of ways to give back right here in Lincoln, deciding where to focus your efforts can ultimately prove to be a tough call. To that end, a good starting point is going with your gut and seeking out opportunities that align with causes you’re most passionate about. That being said, it is important to understand that non-profits vary in how they are structured. Be sure to do your research before making the commitment to support a particular organization. Transparency is highly regarded in the non-profit sector, so even spending just a few minutes online or making a phone call to confirm how funds are being allocated will ensure you are making the most of what you have to offer, and that they are too. Beyond what you commit to doing in the coming year at the present time, we encourage you to be on the lookout throughout the year for ways you can get involved. There are always announcements being made as needs arise or as new programs and initiatives are developed and introduced. Along with your participation, your agency in helping to spread the word and promote awareness is yet another way you can show your support. As you think about the various ways in which you can play a part in the big picture, keep in mind the famous words of Anne Frank: “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world.” For ideas and inspiration on what you can do to support the valuable work going on every day to improve our little part of the world and beyond, look no further than the group of non-profits we are featuring this month. Child Guidance Center (CGC) inspires healthy f u t u r e s fo r c h i l d r e n and families through comprehensive behavioral and mental health services. Last year, Child Guidance Center ser ved 1,666 children and adults through a variety of programs including our three main program areas which include Outpatient Services and Outpatient Services-Schools; the Therapeutic Group Home; and the Extended Day Treatment program. New this year is our Parent Program.

Bright Lights ser ves elementary and middle school students by providing energized, engaging and fun summer learning opportunities. Our half-day classes and full-day camps allow students to learn and create, master new skills and build new relationships. Curriculums are STEAM based and class topics include science, technology, math, art, literature and music. Our goal at Bright Lights is to promote the habit of life-long learning while having fun and making friends.

The Outpatient Services and the Extended Day Treatment Program operate out of our offices at 25th and O Streets. In addition, therapists provide counseling within 16 Lincoln Public Schools and substance abuse awareness and prevention in three schools. We provide therapeutic consultation at Don Sherrill and Nuernberger Education Centers. CGC also provides community-based evaluations, and risk assessments and transitional counseling at the Juvenile Detention Center.

The program weeks for Summer 2018, are June 4-8; June 11-15; June 18-22; June 25-29 and July 9-13.

For more information about CGC programs or to make a donation, go to www.child-guidance.org or call (402) 475-7666.


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

The Bright Lights class schedule comes out in late February and registration this year begins on Saturday, March 24 at BrightLights. org. Before Care, Lunch Care and bus transportation is available at some class locations. Need-based scholarships are available to students and an international experience is also available for middle school students. Find out more about these opportunities at BrightLights.org.

Not all children are lucky enough to have lives free of abuse or neglect. Some become involved in the juvenile court system through no fault of their own. Court Appointed Special Advocates or CASA for Lancaster County, a local not-forprofit organization, recruits, trains and supports community volunteers who advocate on behalf of abused, neglected, truant, or ungovernable children in Juvenile Court. CASA volunteers do their own investigation and report their findings directly to the judge. CASA volunteers provide a voice for children in court, expedite permanency, and ensure that children have safe permanent homes. To donate, volunteer or for more information, please contact CASA for Lancaster County at (402) 474-5161 or www.casa4lancaster.org.

Goodwill Industries Ser ving Southeast Nebraska, Inc. has been strengthening the Lincoln community for more than 80 years by providing services for individuals who face barriers to employment and by offering residents an outlet for recycling gently used household items and clothing. The sale of donated items in Goodwill’s retail stores remains the largest source of funding for its programs and services. Goodwill recognizes that services provided by peer agencies prepare people served by Goodwill to better succeed in Goodwill’s employment programs. It is with this understanding that Goodwill provides funding to colleague agencies to help with their own programs that align with Goodwill’s mission of willing workers employed and community resources maximized. For more information about Goodwill and its role in the Lincoln community, visit www.lincolngoodwill.org today.

Prairie Gold Homes (PGH) is a vocational education program which works with individuals who are transitioning from the Nebraska Department of Corrections to our communities. During the 12week program, we provide training and certification through the Home Builders Institute, OSHA 10-hour and First Aid/CPR certification. Currently, we have two programming sites; one based in Lincoln and a second site in McCook. Prairie Gold Homes works with community partners in the building of homes for those communities while providing the training for the classes. We have training site builds in McCook, Lincoln and Beatrice. Class size ranges from 8-12 individuals chosen from different Nebraska Department of Corrections institutions. PGH works with community employers to secure entry-level positions for successful graduates. This is one of the big differences with the PGH program. We provide support to our students as they transition back to their families and communities. For more information about Prairie Gold Homes, please visit prairiegoldhomes.org.

People’s City Mission wa s fo u n d e d i n 1907 and serves as Lincoln’s primary homeless shelter. PCM provides emergency housing for nearly 350 homeless men, women, and children every night of the year. Its Homeless Prevention Center offers free food, clothing and household items to over 22,000 people with incomes below 150% of the U.S. poverty line. The PCM Free Medical Clinic offers a wide range of free health services to uninsured Lancaster County residents. Last year this clinic experienced almost 18,000 patient visits, making it the third largest free clinic in the country. PCM is helping more than 30,000 individuals each year with its various services, or about 1 in 9 Lincoln residents. PCM receives most of its funding from private donations and has Charity Navigator’s highest rating of four stars, getting 90% of all its donations directly to the need. For more information, please visit People’s City Mission online at www.peoplescitymission.org. Voices of Hope provides 24-hour-aday services for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, incest, stalking, and related forms of abuse. We have provided free and confidential services to victims of these crimes in Lincoln/ Lancaster County for over 40 years. Our services include the 24-hour crisis line (402-475-7273), 24-hour victim advocacy at hospitals, and daily walkin services. We also offer support groups, crisis counseling, safety planning, assistance with protection orders, basic needs, and on-campus services at UNL and Nebraska Wesleyan. We answer an average of 8,000 crisis line calls a year and provide face-to-face services to approximately 2,000 victims. Our free and confidential services are available to women and men. We are in need of financial donations, gift cards, gas cards, and donations of basic needs items such as personal hygiene items, household items, diapers and wipes, and office supplies. For more information, visit our website at www. voicesofhopelincoln.org. Diabetes Education Center of the Midlands (DECM; diabetes-education.com) is a community-based, non-profit agency established in 1984 to help those with diabetes live more productive and fulfilling lives while helping to constrain diabetes related health care costs. It was the first program in Nebraska to be recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). In response to the growing diabetes epidemic and the related rising health care spend faced by employers, DECM has introduced DiaTec Cloud. For less than the cost of one box of test strips each month, employees receive unlimited testing supplies, 24/7 real-time support from Certified Diabetes Educators, online education and training. It reinforces positive behavior change to prevent complications, improve productivity and quality of life. Dia-Tec Cloud improves clinical outcomes while reducing health care costs. (A recent study presented at the 77th ADA Scientific Sessions showed an $83 PPPM employer cost reduction.) For more information contact Kristen at (402) 399-0777. JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


Childhood cancer is severely underfunded and misunderstood. Cancer is the #1 cause of death by disease among children, yet only 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget is dedicated to researching childhood cancer. And while over 60% of adult cancer research is paid for by big pharmaceutical companies, they don’t even give 1% to childhood cancer research due to low profits. A cure for childhood cancer will be funded by small, private groups like Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation. Sammy’s is a Nebraska-based 501c3 non-profit which funds researchers who are doing groundbreaking, innovative work that will lead to modern treatments that will save and have less debilitating side effects for these sweet little fighters. Sammy’s main mission is to raise funds for research, but also to comfort families in the hardest times of their lives. Join the fight, visit www. SammysSuperheroes.org or find us on Facebook to get involved.

Nebraska No Kill Canine Rescue and its volunteer network of foster families have rehomed more than 500 dogs since its inception in 2010. Many of these dogs were facing an uncertain future with owners who could not properly care for them or were languishing in animal shelters, which often struggle to place dogs with significant medical or behavioral rehabilitation needs. By collaborating with these shelters as well as other rescues and successfully taking on some of the most challenging cases, NNKCR is helping Lincoln inch toward becoming a No Kill community. The organization is 100% volunteer-run and strives to keep its dogs in homes whenever possible. This allows Nebraska No Kill to dedicate more of its donations to medical care and training. The organization is actively seeking volunteers and prospective board members from the community. Find NNKCR on Facebook and online at www.NebraskaNoKill.org.

In the age of “fake news,” our job is to tell authentic stories of American Indians and Alaska Natives. Celebrating 41 years, Vision Maker Media, supports Native filmmakers to develop, produce and distribute educational telecommunications programs for all media including public television and public radio. We also support training to increase the number of American Indians and Alaska Natives producing quality public broadcasting programs, which includes advocacy efforts promoting increased control and use of information technologies and the policies to support this control by American Indians and Alaska Natives. A key strategy for this work is the development of strong partnerships with tribal nations, Indian organizations and Native communities. Reaching the public and the global market is the ultimate goal for the dissemination of Native produced media that shares Native perspectives with the world. For more information, contact Shirley Sneve at (402) 472-3522 or visionmaker@unl.edu. More details at www.visionmakermedia.org.

Heartland Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization created with one belief: People with cancer should not fall behind because they struggle to afford their expenses. Our purpose is to encourage cancer patients, help them overcome financial burdens, and give them compassion so they can thrive.

The mission of the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum is to preserve the history of Strategic Air Command, the Cold War and aerospace artifacts and to inspire learning through imaginative, innovative, and inspirational programs and exhibits. The museum is not funded by any government source and relies on the community to help carry out its mission. The museum is home to one of the largest collections of Cold War aircraft and artifacts in the U.S. Visitors can touch iconic aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft as well as learn about historic leaders and events. The museum offers free public tours, family events, Children’s Learning Center, and educational programs. The museum’s STEM programming supplements public education with field trips, camps, and monthly workshops. Looking for a thrill? Fly in the museum’s flight simulator or visit a STEM exhibit. There is something for everyone at the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum! Just 20 minutes from Omaha or Lincoln. To check out the museums monthly events, rental spaces, or how to become a member go to SACMuseum.org!


Strictly Business JANUARY 2018

Many people who come to us can’t get to their cancer treatment appointments because they have no way to buy gas. Many people can’t buy the medications and supplies they need to ease side effects. Some lose their cars, some lose their jobs. And some lose their homes. This is what motivates us to make an impact. Heartland Cancer Foundation provides compassionate assistance so patients can heal with confidence, and get back to living a bright future. Support us in 2018 with a corporate sponsorship or through committed monthly giving. More information is available at HeartlandCancerFoundation. org, or contact Heidi Moyer at heidimoyerhcf@gmail.com or (402) 261-9974. Nebraska Recycling Council is a statewide, member-based, nonprofit supporting collaboration between communities, businesses, solid waste and recycling industries to improve waste diversion systems. Our mission is to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of resource recovery in Nebraska. Offerings include: • Recycling Information: Nebraska Online Recycling Guide, Phone Assistance • Education & Training: Webinars, Green Team Training, Networking Events • Services: Waste Assessments, Zero Waste Events, Zero Waste Community Consultation, Hub & Spoke Consultation • Grants: Recycling Equipment Grants • Publications: Best Management Practices, E-Newsletters, Case Studies • Annual Awards Luncheon: National Speaker, Workshops, Business & Community Environmental Awards Visit www.nrcne.org or call (402) 436-2384 to learn more.

Junior Achievement of Lincoln (www.jalincoln. org) is building a successful future for our community, one classroom at a time! This school year, more than 30,000 students in over 100 schools all across southeastern and Central Nebraska will be impacted by our messages of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and business ethics delivered by a community role model. Together, let’s inspire this generation to be better prepared for success than any generation in history. Let›s prepare them to take on their destiny with passion and confidence. Let›s equip them to run businesses, lead nations, make discoveries, and change our world. But most of all, let›s give them hope to see what›s possible.

Friendship Home is Lincoln’s only safe, confidential emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children. We save and change lives for approximately 1,600 victims each year by providing safe shelter and crisis services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For more information on how to invest in Junior Achievement of Lincoln or to learn more about becoming a classroom volunteer (it only takes 5 hours a year!), contact Alison Gottsch-Walton at awalton@jalincoln. org or (402) 467-1741.

Gift cards for gas and groceries, financial donations and volunteers to help with special events are ways to help.

We are Lincoln’s foundation. Lincoln Community Foundation works with donors who all share a fondness for this community and want it to be successful forever. The mission of LCF is to provide leadership and resources to help build a great city. Our role is to help donors accomplish their philanthropic goals, support nonprofit organizations that improve our quality of life, and foster community collaboration to address challenges and opportunities. Since 1955, LCF has been privileged to be part of many wonderful legacies by matching community needs with the passions of our donors. We serve as a faithful steward for many types of philanthropic gifts and help donors create lasting legacies of giving. With gifts of all sizes from thousands of donors over the years, the assets of LCF have grown to more than $120 million. Find out more online at www.lcf.or or by calling (402) 474-2345. Make A Difference Magic is a Lincoln based non-profit that makes a difference in the lives of people in need using magic, compassion and encouragement. Make A Difference Magic has been in existence since 2011. Bruce Jacoby is a professional performing magician who felt the call to share his talent with others. Bruce visits hospitals to bring smiles and laughs to patients to make a difference in their days which also promotes healing. Bruce has also done fundraisers for families that might have experienced a tragedy or have had members with a handicap that need help. Currently Make A Difference Magic visits patients at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital on Tuesdays and CHI St. Elizabeth on Thursdays. Bruce loves to perform for kids at either location but also shares with adults because they need smiles and laughs also. Even though Make A Difference Magic is a small non-profit it is very appreciated. Bruce hears many people say that the magic and everything that goes with it was exactly what they needed that day! Bruce can also tell when he is making a difference when he sees smiles and hears laughs from the patients and family members. Make A Difference Magic can be found on Facebook or Bruce can be contacted at (402) 450-5160. If you would like to help financially support this non-profit, go to Razoo and search Make A Difference Magic. It will help to continue to bring smiles and laughs to those in need!

Shelter at Friendship Home is offered in a communal shelter setting, apartments for families and transitional living. Our advocates work closely with families and empower them to become survivors through safety planning, referrals to resources, support groups and mental health counseling. Friendship Home also provides a safe environment and emotional support to children.

For more information about Friendship Home, visit www.friendshiphome. org. If you or someone you know needs help, call our confidential help line at (402) 437-9302. Since the early 1970’s, Lincoln Medical Education Partnership (LMEP) has been a leader in health care education, patient care, and research through several programs. These include the training of Family Medicine resident physicians and delivery of quality patient care through Lincoln Family Medicine Program, access to integrative medicine through Lincoln Medical Acupuncture Clinic, cancer researc h through The Nebraska Cancer Research Center (NCRC), educating alcohol and drug counselors via Training for Addiction Professionals (TAP), providing substance abuse services and wrap-around support for individuals and families in the Stepping Stones for Families Program, and training schools to identify and help children with behavioral and substance abuse issues through the School Community Intervention and Prevention (SCIP) program. To learn more about Lincoln Medical Education Partnership visit www.lmep.com. Through a growing network of ambitious p e o p l e, N eb r a s k a Community Foundation (NebraskaHometown. org) is helping local leaders unleash the abundant assets and talents within their own place to build stronger, more prosperous communities across the state. Using philanthropy as a tool for community development, NCF works with organizations and individuals every day to plan the charitable gifts and legacies that make dreams come true. In just the past five years, donors have invested more than $128 million in Nebraska schools, hospitals, community centers, libraries, fire and rescue units, parks and recreation, youth programs and our natural environment through Nebraska Community Foundation. NCF isn’t your typical community foundation. All grantmaking decisions are made by local affiliated fund leaders in communities across the state. NCF serves over 250 Nebraska hometowns and supports 1,500 volunteer leaders through training, financial management, donor education, and planning for a brighter future. JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


The Haymarket Theatre’s mission is to enric h, educate, entertain, and empower our community through live theatre and youth performing arts education programs for all. Its vision since the theatre’s inception in 2001 is to foster, create, collaborate, and host intriguing theatre and high quality performing arts for the surrounding and greater Lincoln community. The Haymarket Theatre is dedicated to exposing the community’s youth to vast array of opportunities that can only be learned through an education and participation in the theatrical arts. In 2018, we have an exciting lineup of youth shows, including Hairspray Jr., A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Death Star, The Murder Mystery Monster Mayhem of Manchester Manor, and Elf, Jr. Our mainstage lineup includes Noises Off, The Mountaintop, and Sweeney Todd. For more information, visit www.haymarkettheatre.org. CEDARS has been a vital part of the community for 70 years. What started as a grassroots effort to provide safe refuge to children and youth who had no other safe place to spend the night has grown into a dynamic and dedicated team of over 200 professionals serving 2,750 kids and families each year. CEDARS strong financial health as well as commitment to accountability and transparency have earned the 70-year-old child-caring organization a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator.

Theatre Arts for Kids is a c hallenging musical theatre program specially designed for the young and aspiring performer interested in learning about, participating in, and producing musical theatre. Through training, teamwork and workshops, performers gain lifelong skills as they build self-esteem and develop leadership ability in addition to building their skill base as singers, dancers, and actors. TAFK offers a variety of classes for all ages as well as voice and piano lessons. For more information about Theatre Arts for Kids, visit our website at TAFK.ORG, call (402) 202-1087 or email info@tafk.org.

Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands exists to be a catalyst for 180 degree life change in the addict. We offer residential, 12-month faith-based programs for men and women 18 and older. This program is designed to assist individuals in gaining freedom from drugs and alcohol and destructive behaviors that accompany addiction. During the program, we also support the spouses and families of those enrolled in our program through our family ministry. Additionally, we have a substance prevention program geared toward adolescents called “Know the Truth.” We facilitate presentations in junior high and high schools and share our real-life stories of addiction and the effect it had on our lives. Our goal is to change perceptions and in turn, behavior. By partnering with Adult & Teen Challenge of the Midlands and Know the Truth you can change lives! Visit us at www.tcmid.org or call (402) 551-2322.

“The people of this community have long trusted the work of CEDARS,” says Jim Blue, CEDARS President. “This new 4-star rating validates the trust they have placed in us to carry out this important work of caring for the most vulnerable children in our community.” For more information, call (402) 434-KIDS (5437) or visit www. cedarskids.org. Pediatric Cancer Action Network (PCAN) offers assistance to reduce the financial burden placed on families of pediatric cancer patients in Nebraska. This year alone there are projected to be over 80 new diagnoses in Nebraska. Most, if not all of these families will need some sort of financial assistance along their journey and there are precious few resources available for them. Pediatric cancer kills more Nebraska children than any other disease. It ranks second only to accidents as the leading cause of death for children in Nebraska. Nationally, Nebraska ranks 5th for incidence rate per capita and even more alarming is that we have the highest mortality rate in the United States. It is a major health issue in Nebraska and shockingly few are aware of the magnitude. PCAN’s focus is to help families pay bills and reduce unnecessary stress to the primary care givers in that family. For more information, visit pcanaction.org call Karri Ahlschwede (402) 310-7331 or email karri.pcan@gmail.com


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Your help changes a life! Fresh Start is home to 24 women striving to overcome homelessness. They need our help – and yours – because of struggles with addiction, domestic violence, physical or mental health, job loss, or a combination of these. With your help and their own strengths they can overcome the overwhelming challenges to become self-sufficient. Fresh Start provides food, clothing, safe housing, case management, and supportive services. Fresh Start is more than a shelter; it’s a goals program designed to support women who are working diligently to improve their lives by recognizing and utilizing their strengths. Together we have given a fresh start to over 1,500 women that worked hard for a better life. Your support and generosity helps women who are building a better life and makes our community stronger! Donation Needs: Hygiene Supplies, Gas Cards, Paper Goods, Cleaning Supplies and Monetary Contributions. Volunteer Needs: Daisy Thrift Shop Clerks. Join us: FreshStartHome.org | Facebook.com/ F r e s h S t a r t H o m e L i n c o l n | Tw i t t e r. c o m / F r e s h S t a r t L N K Contact Monica at (402) 475-7777, monicaz@FreshStartHome.org, or visit FreshStartHome.org for more information.

Aiding Angels is a local, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing FREE, professional housecleaning to the cancer heroes in our community during one of the most stressful times of their lives. A clean home and environment contributes to the welfare and recovery of patients. Brenda Schwery, local business owner of Maid To Please, has provided free home cleaning services for years through another foundation where, unfortunately, women with cancer are the only recipients. In response to an overwhelming number of requests from not only women, but also men and children, Brenda founded Aiding Angels. Now, the void is filled and the much-needed help is extended to everyone going through cancer treatment or hospice due to cancer.

At The Hope Venture, we’re on an adventure to give those in need tangible hope – in the form of a backpack full of a year’s worth of school supplies, a goat for a family, water for a community, and so much more. We believe the best way to do this is linking arms with partners in India, Kenya, and Uganda to determine local solutions to local needs. We believe small acts of great love – like a kindergartener donating their tooth fairy money to buy another child a backpack or a college student foregoing Starbucks a few times to purchase a family a goat – could change the world. It’s serious stuff, but we believe our work is seriously fun. We think helping others should be a joyful thing. Because we think, a lot of the time, sharing hope begins with sharing a laugh. Learn more at: www.thehopeventure.org.

For more information on Aiding Angels, please visit www.aidingangels. com or contact Brenda at (402) 434-2472. Poverty limits opportunity. We don’t. Since 1965, Community Action Partnership of Lancaster and Saunders Counties has been removing barriers for individuals living in poverty so that they have the opportunity to thrive. Our four impact areas are Early Childhood Education, Homelessness Prevention, Financial/Family Well-being, and Hunger Relief. Just some programs and services offered include Early Head Start and Head Start, which provide comprehensive early childhood education services to 421 babies, toddlers, preschoolers, pregnant women, and their families; rent, utility, and security deposit assistance; Weatherization, focused on increasing the energy of homes; matched savings opportunities to youth and adults; financial education; free tax preparation and health insurance enrollment assistance; housing; and free evening meals at our soup kitchen, The Gathering Place. Last year, Community Action provided over 72,000 poverty-fighting services to nearly 16,000 children and adults. Our mission is to empower people living in poverty to reach economic stability. Center for People in Need is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization providing opportunities for lowincome individuals and families that help them combat poverty and attain self-sufficiency. The Center offers food distribution and material resources such as household goods and supplies; job skills, training and education opportunities; English Language Learning classes (ELL) for non-English speaking clients and special assistance events like Toyland for Kids and Giving Thanksgiving. The Center is entering its 15th year of operation and serves more than 11,000 individuals annually. The POP (People Obtaining Prosperity) program helps low-income individuals advance their education with free tuition at Southeast Community College for eligible participants. The TRADE (Tackling Recidivism and Developing Employment) program helps people who were formerly incarcerated learn social and job-seeking skills and offers several training modules such as construction, computer and office skills, warehouse operations and welding. Career Fairs are held to increase employer awareness of qualified workers. For more information about Center for People in Need, call (402) 476-4357 or visit www.cfpin.org.

Camp Summergold is a unique resident summer camping experience where girls explore science and arts learning mixed with the campfires and swimming of a traditional camp. Our mission is to bring a diverse group of adolescent girls together to explore creativity, knowledge and stewardship through arts and science based mentor-centered workshops and collective girl power. Our 2018 STEAM (combined Arts & STEM) session is June 3 - 10, 2018. Our camp home is The Leadership Center in Aurora, Nebraska, a beautiful 27-acre property with an indoor pool, volleyball courts, and air conditioned bunk houses. Camp trips include the Edgerton Explorit Center and Plainsman Museum and the awesome Aurora Aquatic Center. Each camper has the opportunity to choose one of four units of study to investigate. Program details, scholarship applications and much more can be found at www.campsummergold.com.

The mission of the Nebraska State Stroke Association is to serve Nebraskans through stroke prevention, education, advocacy, and support services. Since 1985, NSSA has been providing education and outreach on the signs of stroke and serving as a resource for Nebraska stroke survivors and their families. NSSA is a 501 (c)(3) organization. For more information, visit www.NebraskaStroke.org or call (402) 484-8131. Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in Nebraska and the leading cause of disability in the U.S. Stroke is an emergency. Act F.A.S.T. • F. Face. Look for an uneven smile • A. Arm. Check if one arm is weak. • S. Speech. Listen for slurred speech. • T. Time. Call 911 right away and go to a hospital certified as a Primary Stroke Center. More than 80 percent of strokes can be prevented. If you are interested in hosting a stroke awareness program, please contact us at hello@nebraskastroke.org. JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


The American Heart Association and American Stroke Association is devoted to saving people from two of our nation’s top killers, heart disease (No. 1) and stroke (No. 5). Powered by millions of volunteers nationwide, the Association’s goal is to improve the cardiovascular health of Americans by 20% by 2020, while reducing deaths from heart disease and stroke by 20%. Currently, one person dies every 40 seconds from heart disease and stroke. Through events right here in Lincoln like the Heart Walk, Go Red for Women Expo and Heart Ball, that startling statistic can change. For more information, visit www.heart.org/lincoln. Launch Leadership (www. launc hleadership.org) provides leadership training for middle school and high school students. For more than 50 years, we’ve empowered young leaders that build better schools and communities. Everything we do is focused on helping students find out who they are and how they lead. Then, we challenge them to think about how they can apply what they’ve learned to the real world. The result is a community infused with motivated, focused, ambitious young leaders. Our Summer Leadership Workshop brings together over 500 students for an action-packed week of fun activities and lifelong lessons. We also facilitate services throughout the school year, including One-Day Workshops and Leadership Retreats. Our all-volunteer staff is composed of college students, professional educators and professionals from other walks of life. Most staff members are alumni of our services, and they joined Launch in part to give help build the next generation of leaders. Christian Record Ser vices, Inc. is a ministry of compassion to people who are blind. Since 1899, Christian Record has worked to improve the quality of life for children, teens, and adults who are blind by providing free programs and services. All who are legally blind (20/200 with corrective lenses) or have physical impairments that prevent them from holding a book qualify for these free services: • Full-Vision Books: Children’s books that combine braille, audio, and large print • Gift Bibles and Bible Study Guides: Braille, large print, and audio • inSight4Vets: Audiobook “thank you” gift to legally blind military veterans • Lending Library: More than 1,500 specialized audio volumes • National Camps for Blind Children: Summer and winter camps • Subscription Magazines: Braille, large print, and audio formats • Wildlife STORYTELLERS: Audiobook players in soft plush animals To learn more, visit Christian Record Services, Inc. at www. ChristianRecord.org, call (402) 488-0981, or connect on Facebook or Twitter.


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For over 18 years, Domesti-PUPS has been supporting people in our local, regional and national communities through the assistance of animals. From therapy dogs in the classroom motivating children to excel in their learning environment, to pet therapy visitations in nursing homes, hospitals, and assisted living centers, DomestiPUPS pet therapy teams bring a bit of brightness through their furry encounters. Our service dog teams provide increased independence when paired with a disabled partner. These highly skilled canines can turn on lights, provide balance and mobility, retrieve dropped items, bring a bottle of water from a refrigerator, respond to medical emergencies and open doors both literally and figuratively. Some even provide life-saving measures for their disabled partners. For more information about Domesti-PUPS, visit www.domesti-pups.org. City Impact empowers underresourced communities through wholistic youth, family, and neighborhood development. We aspire to be the best in the world at seeing, investing in, and encouraging the unique strengths of under-resourced youth and families so that their leadership makes a lasting positive impact within their communities. Through core values of relationships, faith, strengths-based leadership, empowerment, learning/teaching, and excellence, City Impact encourages transformation from the inside out. Mentor, Teach, Empower, Transform Needs: Monthly mentors, weekly reading tutors during the school year, weekly faith program volunteers, sponsors or donations for kids store, and monthly program supporters. Coming Soon: Look for our new Scheel’s Gym & Fitness Center to be completed in summer of 2018! Contact: Angela Pillow, (402) 477-8080 or apillow@cityimpact.org. Follow what’s happening at: facebook.com/cityimpactlincoln. For more information on City Impact visit www.cityimpact.org. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease that strikes both children and adults. It has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle. There is nothing you can do to prevent it. And, at present, there is no cure. In T1D, your pancreas stops producing insulin—a hormone the body needs to get energy from food. This means a process your body does naturally and automatically becomes something that requires your daily attention and manual intervention. You must constantly monitor your blood-sugar level, inject or infuse insulin through a pump, and carefully balance these insulin doses with your eating and activity 24/7. JDRF works every day to change the reality of this disease for millions of people by funding research, advocating for government support of research and new therapies, ensuring new therapies come to market and supporting those impacted by T1D. Together, we will turn Type One into Type None. To learn more, please contact the Lincoln and Greater Nebraska Chapter at (402) 484-8300 or Lincoln@jdrf.org.

Help save lives. Donate blood. “I’ve never been asked.” That’s the number one reason why people don’t donate blood. Today, the Nebraska Community Blood Bank is asking you to donate blood to help save lives. Every 2 seconds someone needs blood. The rarest blood type is the one that’s not available when a patient is in need. That need is constant. Nebraska Community Blood Bank has been connecting people who need life-saving blood with generous volunteer donors for 50 years. We provide life-saving blood to healthcare facilities throughout southeast Nebraska. Be part of our life-saving mission by becoming a blood donor with Nebraska Community Blood Bank today. Visit NCBB.ORG to learn more about hosting a blood drive or to sign up to donate blood at a donor center or blood drive near you. Connect with us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (@NCBBLincoln). Radio Talking Book Service (RTBS), founded in 1974, serves the state of Nebraska and southwest Iowa by providing human-voiced print information for individuals with visual or physical disabilities which prevent them from reading print material. We are in our 43rd year of bringing the printed word to life through our key programs: Radio Talking Book Network, a statewide radio reading service; and Listening Link, an educational reading program. Radio Talking Book Network provides immediate access to daily printed news and information through the reading of 10 regional newspapers, 75 periodicals and magazines, and books. RTBS’s weekly program schedule includes a live reading of the Omaha World Herald and Lincoln Journal Star seven days a week, the Wall Street Journal five days a week, and newspapers from Council Bluffs, Columbus, Norfolk, North Platte, Fremont, Grand Island and Scottsbluff are read weekly. For more information or to become a volunteer reader please visit us at www.RTBS.org or call (402) 572-3003. With a dedicated and united front of staff and volunteers who help the homeless and near homeless find possibilities when things seem impossible, the vision of Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach is to defeat hunger & homelessness and restore hope! Serving lunch and dinner seven days a week, Matt Talbot is an inviting hunger relief and outreach center for those in need. Annually, Matt Talbot provides more than 100,000 nutritious meals and 25,000 homeless prevention services to the working poor and homeless such as housing, case management, drug & alcohol evaluations, life skills classes, nutrition counseling, and help with obtaining vital identification documents. Most importantly, Matt Talbot provides beyond basic needs to embolden people to have hope. Matt Talbot has maintained a 4-star Charity Navigator ranking for three consecutive years and received the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award for the nonprofit sector in 2013. Contact Information: Susanne Blue, CMSW, Executive Director, Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach – (402) 477-4116 | susanne.blue@ mtko.org | www.mtko.org.

Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln is part of a global, nonprofit housing organization that brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Alongside future homeowners, volunteers and supporters, Habitat for Humanity of Lincoln helps Habitat homeowners achieve the strength, stability, and independence they need to build a better life for themselves and their families. To date, Habitat Lincoln has built or repaired 152 homes; serving more than 710 local individuals and 125 individuals globally in need of decent shelter. In February 2018, Habitat Lincoln will celebrate 30 years of building affordable homes in Lancaster County. More information can be found at www.lincolnhabitat.org.

The Pregnancy Center is a nonprofit, faith based organization located in the heart of Lincoln just off O Street. Every month over 400 young women in our community come to the Pregnancy Center for answers. These women desperately need our love and support. Many of them are afraid and feel like they have no options. The Pregnancy Center offers complete information about every option available to a woman facing an unintended pregnancy. The Pregnancy Center also provides confidential counsel, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, materials support, parenting classes and character-based relationship education in schools all at no cost to our clients or taxpayers. Call the Pregnancy Center at (402) 483-4247 or visit www.support. pregnancycenterlincoln.org for more information.

At CBMC, our aim is to equip Christian leaders in the Lincoln marketplace; to help business owners and professionals to lead lives and businesses in ways that honor God. Through our Marketplace Ambassador Initiative, we reach those who want to learn what it means to have a relationship with Christ, and those who want to deepen in their faith and have intentional influence for Christ. We host: • Outreach events, business networking, One-to-One meetings • Small group studies revolving around leadership and integrity • Mentoring Our Leadership Institute is geared toward business leaders and owners, challenging each other and growing together. Peer Advisory Groups (PAGs) meet monthly and are led by trained facilitators. It is a time for study, accountability, and fellowship. If you want to learning more about what we can offer you at CBMC, please contact Ed Nix, enix@cbmc.com, Larry Middendorf, lmiddendorf@cbmc.com or Dean O’Bryan, dobryan@cbmc.com or visit our website: Lincoln.CBMC.com. JANUARY 2018 Strictly Business


Lincoln TeamMates, a school-based mentoring program, gives comm unity members a chance to positively impact their community’s future. Mentors meet with their student at school for one hour a week during the school day. Mentors act as role models, building a relationship with their mentees that offers hope and a positive vision for the students’ life paths. The program works to help students graduate and pursue post-secondary education or career training. More than 95% of Lincoln TeamMates graduates in the past four years planned to attend a post-secondary institution. TeamMates appreciates the many Lincoln businesses that encourage and make it possible for their employees to volunteer, enhancing our community’s economic future. January is National Mentoring Month and TeamMates would like to take the opportunity to thank our mentors and their employers for all that they do to support Lincoln students. Without the countless businesses across the city that offer their employees the chance to mentor, Lincoln TeamMates would not be able to serve our nearly 1,200 TeamMates mentees. Join the industry leaders already investing in Lincoln’s future, support TeamMates today. Go to LincolnTeamMates.org/SB to help give the gift of mentoring to a child. If your business is interested in supporting a school near you, please call (402) 436-1990.

For 125 years, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska (LFS) has expressed God’s love for all people through quality services supporting Safety, Hope and WellBeing. LFS and People’s Health Center operate the Health 360 Integrated Care Clinic, providing mental health, substance use and primary care services and holistic care for the most vulnerable. LFS provides: • Children Services strengthening families and restoring safe, happy childhoods through a continuum of care from prenatal to adulthood. Lincoln programs include Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, trauma treatment and professional support in Adoption, Foster Care, RSafe® sexual abuse treatment and Mental Health. • Behavioral Health programs healing minds and hearts through cutting-edge trauma therapy, effective substance abuse treatment and integrated care services including Outpatient Mental Health, Substance Use Treatment, Crisis Response and LFS At Ease services for active military, veterans and their loved ones. • Community Services welcoming and providing comprehensive services to those seeking refuge from violence, oppression and persecution in their homeland, including Refugee Reception and Placement and case management. LFS has received the Better Business Bureau of Nebraska’s Integrity Award in 2017 and 2013. Please consider volunteering your time, sharing your expertise or making a financial gift. Other ways to support LFS include collecting items for donation such as children’s clothing and diapers. To donate or learn more: please visit www.LFSneb.org, send an email to development@LFSneb.org or call (402) 591-5063.


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What is a BBB Accredited Business? Better Business Bureau® (BBB®) serving Nebraska, South Dakota, The Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa is a private, non-profit organization established in 1912. Its mission is “to be the leader in advancing marketplace trust.” Today, it is supported by approximately 9,500 BBB Accredited Businesses. BBB accreditation does not mean that the business’s products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business’s product quality or competency in performing services. It means BBB has concluded that the business meets BBB Standards for Trust and has pledged to support the objectives and standards of fair advertising and ethical business practices. Not all businesses qualify for BBB accreditation, so make sure to look for BBB’s seal that identifies the business as one that “Starts With Trust®.” BBB’s headquarters is located in Omaha at 11811 P St. and it has a branch office at 300 N. 44th St. #100 in Lincoln. For more information, please visit bbbinc.org.

Serving our c o m m u n i t y by p ro m o t i n g t h e d i g n i t y, independence and well-being of older adults, Tabitha provides support for clients and their families across 28 Nebraska counties at every stage of the aging journey through exceptional rehabilitation, residential long-term care, Tabitha Meals on Wheels, adult day services, innovative living communities, home health care and hospice services. Tabitha is your local, non-profit provider and an industry leader, believing everyone deserves to receive extraordinary care. This commitment is illustrated with our world-class, award-winning continuum of services delivered to over 2,500 individuals daily. When you have questions about your care needs, Tabitha is the Answer. Tabitha is always looking for civic-minded individuals to donate their time talent and treasure to help us provide for our friends and neighbors. You can make a difference in the lives of local veterans, teachers, public servants, and community leaders who have dedicated their entire lives to serving others, by making a financial contribution or through numerous volunteer opportunities. For more information about how you can help support your friends and neighbors through Tabitha’s programs call (402) 486-8509 or visit Tabitha.org to make a contribution or volunteer today!

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