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Imagine having an all-seeing, all-knowing observer for your business. One that could predict problems before they arise. One that could constantly monitor your business and provide valuable data to improve your processes and services. All with the ultimate goal of growing your company. That’s SPX’s ArgusON. By using innovative M2M (machine to machine) technology, ArgusON watches over your vital processes to ensure the performance of your assets are optimized. ArgusON monitors, collects, analyzes and delivers critical information to your key people, enabling them to make the sound, data-driven decisions that will improve the profitability of your business.

Who We Are Through ArgusON, SPX is one of the largest providers of M2M services worldwide. We currently monitor more than 22,000 remote sites through our world-class Network Operations Center (NOC). A multi-industry, global Fortune 500 company, SPX operates in more than 20 countries, with approximately 18,000 employees. Backed by our experience and worldwide presence, SPX’s ArgusON has been the M2M system to turn to for more than a decade.

What Sets Us Apart With ArgusON, SPX offers a unique value proposition. We provide a complete solution from systems integration, equipment specification and design, and communications to a webbased platform and data analytics. This broad expertise allows SPX to deliver the most effective solution, with an eye on the demands of your business. SPX understands how to optimize all the different components of an M2M solution.

What We Do ArgusON’s M2M platform helps sharpen your competitive edge by allowing you to immediately identify opportunities for improvements and trends that affect your company’s operations or your product’s performance. By partnering with SPX, you gain the insight needed to improve procedures throughout your value chain, so you can offer better products and services. With an eye on saving time and money, ArgusON allows users to remotely access, monitor and manage equipment from anywhere in the world. ArgusON delivers essential data that can ensure your business has the most effective model in place to meet the demands of the marketplace. By leveraging your industry knowledge, SPX works with your team to boost your company’s efficiencies and improve your products and services.

A multi-platform data management system, ArgusON easily integrates with your existing infrastructure. And the convenience of a web portal lets you interact seamlessly with remote assets at anytime from anywhere. ArgusON’s flexibility makes it an ideal solution for almost any industry and environment. M2M solutions are currently being used in applications spanning retail, medical, broadcast, transportation, facility management, oil and gas, manufacturing, food processing, fleet management, and more.

A System That’s At Your Service Whether your equipment is across your facility or across the globe, ArgusON enables the collection and interpretation of data. Our platform easily interfaces with virtually any equipment to offer a solution that is: • • • •

Expandable Flexible Configurable Remotely upgradeable

ArgusON routes the data via the communication option that’s best-suited for the application: wired, wireless or satellite. Wireless networks offer the convenience of an M2M system that can be utilized even in the most remote locations.

Convenient Data Access Through ArgusON’s web portal, your customized interface can all be accessed by a variety of management levels anywhere there’s Internet availability. Customized reporting tools allow you to see the information you need to effectively manage your business.

Network Operations Center SPX’s 24/7, fully staffed NOC is available to provide response and/or redundancy to mission critical applications. Through our Remedy® ticketing system, crucial data can be simultaneously routed to SPX’s NOC and your response team. SPX’s NOC provides: • Tier 1 technical support • Call center services • Automated management of alarm notifications • Dispatching of appropriate service technician • Tracking and document resolution through Remedy® software • Control of multiple assets from one location • Remote diagnostics – reduces truck rolls and system downtime, service crews have accurate information for the most efficient site visits • Documentation of all inbound and outbound calls through Voice Print™

Informed Decision Making ArgusON’s Analytics/Reporting Package allows you to focus on the critical few pieces of data that will actually impact performance of your business. This will give you clarity and confidence in the decisions you make everyday such as: • • • • • • • •

New service offerings New revenue streams Enhanced product performance/uptime Planned maintenance visits Budget for equipment purchases/ replacement parts Forecast for resource utilization Improved insight of your business Information to support capital expenditures – age of equipment, hours of use, maintenance needs, critical failures, trends, etc. Compliance with legislation and regulations

LIGHT THE WAY Federal Compliance A leading owner/operator of communications sites for the wireless and broadcast industries chose SPX to ensure compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Based on the guidelines mandated by the Federal Code of Regulations, SPX’s Network Operations Center helps keep aviation airspace safe by reporting outages to the local Flight Service Station. To-date, a fine has never been levied against a SPX monitoring customer.

KEEP YOUR COOL Productivity Audits SPX keeps it cool for the industry’s pre-eminent cooling tower and air-cooled condenser manufacturer. ArgusON continuously monitors hot and cold water, inlet wet bulb temperatures, and water flow rate. Productivity audits at remote towers identified areas of improvement and cost savings for their customers. This valuable information has led to new revenue streams and value-added services.

ALWAYS ON CALL Site Management When a statewide public broadcasting system needed to manage its remote locations, decision-makers turned to SPX. Maximum equipment uptime is imperative to a broadcast system. By monitoring critical data points and facilitating preventative maintenance, SPX helps maintain the broadcasting system’s reliability. Plus, diagnostics via the Internet or even a PDA help the organization better manage its operating expenses by minimizing truck rolls, which saves time and money. From monitoring the broadcast network to alerting the organization of remote site security breaches, SPX is always on call.

HIGH-STAKES NETWORKING Distributed Antenna System Wireless service providers, building owners and subscribers have recognized the need for wireless coverage inside large venues such as malls, hotels, convention centers, airports and casinos. SPX monitors and manages Distributed Antenna Systems for some of the nation’s largest, most complex properties. In fact, many of the major casinos in Las Vegas depend on SPX to monitor their networks. SPX’s NOC notifies the appropriate carriers of any anomaly and immediately dispatches service crews to minimize downtime and customer dissatisfaction. Whether it’s an important business call or a matter of public safety, SPX’s ArgusON is always on watch to make sure the network stays up.

The Result By partnering with SPX, you can more precisely identify opportunities for productivity improvement, as well as growth, thus increasing your company’s profitability. From simple monitoring and management of remote assets to extremely complex systems, SPX creates a custom package to suit your specific needs. Let us work with you to develop a solution that has an eye on your business and the foresight to stimulate value and profitability.

For more information on ArgusON, call us at 1-888-888-8888 or visit us online at

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SPX Brochure  

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