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CARPET BACKING WITH A CONSCIENCE EVEREST™ Technology Delivers Eco-Friendly Option in Latex Backing Systems

Technical Publication CARPET BACKING WITH A CONSCIENCE EVEREST™ Technology Delivers Eco-Friendly Option in Latex Backing Systems Quality commercial carpet is about more than just a beautiful face. The backing system is no longer an overlooked element of the carpet’s design and construction. With this shift in focus, have come evolutions in the science and options in backing systems. Today’s backing systems are rising up to meet the demands of the carpet industry. At the top of the carpet industry’s list of demands is the need to offer the commercial interiors market eco-friendly flooring choices. Customers want flooring that will not only enhance the beauty and functionality of a space, but also lessen the impact on the environment. According to the “Green Revolution” article in the August/September 2005 issue of Floor Focus, the carpet industry is leading the sustainability charge among U.S. manufacturers. No other industry has tackled the issue as comprehensively — and as passionately — and the industry’s emerging sustainability model is a blueprint for other industries to follow. Furthermore, results from a study funded by the National Textile Center, showed that implementing sustainable practices promotes innovation within the company, improves the company's image and attracts customers. So it seems that these green measures are also good business. In the past, this good business has come at a higher cost. One of the biggest challenges facing carpet backing suppliers is providing products that are environmentally friendly but not cost prohibitive. The Dow Chemical Company has responded to this demand by creating EVEREST™ Technology, a non-SB latex technology that contributes to environmental characteristics in a carpet backing. EVEREST enables carpet manufacturers to do the right thing, without compromising quality or budgets. From a corporate level, Dow’s mission is to “constantly improve what is essential to human progress by mastering science and technology.” As a world leader in chemistry, Dow is uniquely positioned to continue to provide innovations that lead to energy alternatives, less carbon intensive raw material sources and other solutions not yet imagined. In fact, the company’s science and technology have been contributing solutions to the global climate change and energy challenge since 1990. Recycled Content

Dow is taking sustainability to the next level with EVEREST. It’s designed to be compatible with recycled fillers that manufacturers may add to their latex backing system. By using fillers like coal fly ash or glass, the backing system contributes to the overall environmental attributes of the final carpet product. But recycled content is just the beginning of offering an environmentally friendly backing system.

Renewable Energy

To further enhance the environmental aspects of EVEREST and lessen the effects of energy consumption, Dow has committed to using renewable energy in the production of EVEREST. Dow purchases 100 percent Green-e certified renewable energy. The Green-e Program certifies that the renewable energy Dow purchases meets strict environmental and consumer protection standards. Green-e is the nation’s leading renewable energy certification program established by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions.

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According to Green-e, “More than 80 percent of man-made U.S. greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions arise from burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. Corporations currently account for 50 percent of U.S. energy consumption. Switching to renewable energy significantly reduces energy-related GHG emissions and therefore is an attractive strategy for combating climate change.” Carpet Sustainability Standard

Sustainability in the production process is only one part of the environmental story for today’s carpet backing systems. The Sustainable Carpet Standard addresses the entire lifecycle of carpet. It identifies six levels of sustainable attribute performance and four levels of achievement by which carpet materials and products can be measured with respect to specific attributes that indicate progress toward sustainability. Compliance to this standard is intended to allow inclusive participation and encourage the progressive movement of the carpet industry toward sustainability. The State of California added requirements to the NSF 140 standard to create CA Gold. EVEREST™ Technology is designed to comply with both of these standards. Manufacturers using EVEREST can earn two points toward the Sustainable Carpet Standard, under section 6.2.5.

LEED Credits

Use of an environmentally friendly carpet and backing system to can also contribute to a building’s overall Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. The United States Green Building Council developed the LEED Green Building Rating System™ to provide a national standard for green building design. This rating system is based on achieving a certain number of points, which are allocated for design choices defined within the standard. When made with recyclable fillers and due to the purchase of renewable energy, EVEREST qualifies for points in several credit areas.

Properties of EVEREST Technology

In addition to environmental responsibility, EVEREST offers end-users important characteristics like wear and tear, and lamination strength. By thoroughly wetting out the nylon yarn, EVEREST maximizes the bundle wrap around individual tufts. The result is a strong tuft bind for the life of the carpet, which in turn helps minimize edge ravel and disfiguring snags or pulls. It also helps reduce pilling and fuzzing, commonly caused by foot traffic. To further provide consistent performance over the life of the carpet, polymeric bond between the primary and secondary backing with EVEREST Technology creates a unified composite material. This bonding process helps the carpet withstand heavy foot traffic and reduces the likelihood of delamination.

Manufacturer Benefits

EVEREST offers carpet manufacturers a choice in backing systems. It allows them the flexibility of being able to switch from one backing system to another without needing to change the production equipment. In addition to being compatible with environmental fillers, EVEREST is compatible with conventional fillers such as calcium carbonate and alumina trihydrate (ATH).


Ultimately, EVEREST enables manufacturers to do the right thing environmentally without having to pass increased costs on to their customers. The end product is a latex backing system that supports the usage needs and wear and tear of the carpet, while supporting the world around us. For more information on EVEREST Technology, visit Dow online at or call our North American Carpet Expertise Center at 800.420.4226.

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In the U.S. and Canada, contact The Dow Chemical Company 2864 North Dug Gap Road, Dalton, GA 30720 1-800-420-4226 For additional information:

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CARPET BACKING WITH A CONSCIENCE EVEREST ™ Technology Delivers Eco-Friendly Option in Latex Backing Systems