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Stress Tracking Application Stress Pile is an easy, fun and yet effective stress tracking tool for any and everyone to use, it's one of the easiest ways to keep a detailed track of your stress or stressors in your life.

This is for Stress Pile Application Signup Process.

User Login Form for StressPile. After Sign-up User will see the user login form.

Categories StressPile After you login, you will see the Category view. If you want to Add, Move your categories will see like this so can easily add, move or delete any category after completion of application.

Add Category StressPile-App If You want to add any category so you can add whatever the topic you want.

Pile Stress Select the Stress Level and insert the reason for the same. This will show you the Level of your Stress on Application.

Weekly Stress Result Scatter Chart If you want to see the weekly result like the it will show you Weekly Stress Result Scatter Chart like this.

Year View Stress Result Bar Chart If you want to see the yearly result like this; it will show you Year View Stress Result Bar Chart like this.

Day View See the Daily Stress Entries whatever you add as daily basis in Application

Details See the Detail of the Stress Like Category and Sub Category, Date, Time, Stress Level and other Note, Everything you will see on the screen.

Top Stress Here you can see the Daily Top Stress whatever you added on daily basis.

Details You can see the full Details of Daily stress entries by subcategory.

Settings You can change the streepile application settings here

Default Breaking Point You can set the Stress Default Breaking Point Setting here.

Motivational File Upload Play a personal audio recording or image when your stress is highest and guide you back to the present moment

Record Audio You can play your uploaded audio here.

You can use StressPile for everything from school, work to your personal life and everything else in between. Features: Customizable Fast and easy stress inputs Detailed reports Various result view Personal motivational files Visit for more information about this App.

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Stress Application  
Stress Application  

StressPile Provide Stress Testing Tool/Application to test your stress or nervousness in your life. You can check Stress on iPad or iPhone b...