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Guide 19: What really matters

Guide 19: What really matters

Stress Diary Journal Your Guide What really matters to you? Try these core values exercises to help you tap into what matters to you not just in work, but in the wider context of your life..

Your message to the world If you were given a 15 minute slot on prime time TV to promote a particular message, what would it be?

Questions to ask. Who inspires you? If you could meet up with any famous character from history or a favourite from literature, who would it be?   

What is it about this person that inspires you? What would you like to ask them? What characteristics of theirs would you like to adopt for yourself? What does this tell you about yourself?

 What message would you want to share with the world?  What does this say about what really matters to you?

 What would you like to be looking back on?  What are the highlights that you enjoy reliving?  Whose lives have you touched?  What difference have you made?  What are you proud of?

Thinking about these questions can help you home in on what really matters to you.

“These core values help you tap into what matters to you, in the wider context of your life”

The rocking chair exercise Imagine you are very old (you decide your age) and you are sitting relaxing in your rocking chair at home. You are reflecting on your life and thinking about how you have achieved all that you wanted in your work and your life.

Consider what the main themes are that emerge for you. What does this mean about your core values?

These core values exercises are perhaps the most important self awareness exercises for you to do. They really tap into what you could call your underlying life purpose. Do you want to get to the end of your life and be regretting what you might have done?

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“Do you want to get to the end of your life and be regretting what you might have done?”

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The Stress Diary Journal This 4 week programme to complete stress mastery, is an invaluable tool to effectively manage your stress to gain insight and explore self understanding. The Stress Diary Journal allows you to record your daily stress incidents & to monitor these incidents and analyse them – on a daily basis, for a period of 4 weeks. Divided into 4 weekly sections for you to master your stress progressively and more competently, it helps you review your initial appraisals, stress responses, your reactions & to identify your stress triggers, to then restructure your thoughts, your attitude and subsequent behaviours. You will be able to easier identify negative behaviour patterns, to increase your stress awareness, to learn new coping skills and to let you adapt new & alternative strategies. You will learn renewed self management skills, inner control, effective goal setting, time management skills, to overcome obstacles and increased perseverance to complete set tasks and to instil newfound routines, competencies and behaviours. It helps you to know yourself and manage your life more completely. This is an invaluable tool to gain unique insight, explore self-understanding, learn stress management skills and effectively manage your stress – in 4 weeks!

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Stress Diary: Daily Recorder Journal A companion guide to the Stress Diary Journal in a handy size to carry about , and for you to easily record your daily stress entries. Each Stress entry is individually presented for ease of recording ‘on the go’ and to then transfer these entries to your Stress Diary Journal, or this Stress Diary: Reflection Journal, at the end of your day. Making remembering these Stress incidents/events much easier and keeping you in touch with managing your stress more effectively.

Get a FREE Relaxation Music MP3 ! With your purchase of any of these Stress Diary: Reflection Journal This Stress Reflection Diary Journal is a companion guide to the Stress Diary/Journal and used as an additional tool to further enhance your insight and understanding of your stress. You are to choose 1 significant Stress Entry per day, from your Stress Diary Journal for the length of your 4 week programme, that you may want to elaborate and focus on. Using the guideline questions and answer spaces that are provided, and you can add your personal notes or thoughts about your day or progress. Weekly summaries of your progress are included, to advance and monitor your progress and by answering these questions and adding your own observations, you will increase your skills at understand, managing your reactions and responses to your daily stress triggers and stressors. The Reflection Journal is an easy way to record and focus on how to reflect on your experiences and how you can learn from it.

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Stress diary guide: What really matters. What are the values we place on ourselves and what is important to us?