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Exercise songs are commonly made for aerobics or cardio exercise, but not usually for weightlifting. For this reason, those who listen to music while lifting weights often have to load aggressive recreational songs into their ipod or mp3 player to take to the gym with them. There have been a number of tests and case studies performed by scientists and sports doctors to test the effects of exercise songs on participants during their workouts. These studies have concluded that having the right type of exercise songs can improve a user’s workout by 15% or more. The key is, as mentioned above, that the exercise songs should be consistent or relevant to what type of workout the user is doing. There are plenty of exercise songs available on the market for women, and for cardiovascular workout activities. However, there aren’t as many exercise songs created specifically for men or women who lift weights.

“Make Your NEXT Workout Your BEST Workout!” -Aaron Bradley

You can’t rely on the gym dj to play songs that fit the workout you are doing. Normally, you will hear general recreation songs, songs made for cardio/aerobic exercise, or slow and depressing songs over the loudspeakers at the gym. If you are trying to get aggressive and lift weights, the gym music can be a total distraction and make you less productive. Loading your own mp3 player up with your selection of exercise songs, or songs that you feel are good for listening to while working out, is a much better solution. But you should also consider the fact that those songs, still are not exactly exercise songs persay. They are still recreational songs that you would listen to even when you were not weight training. Sure, it is definitely much better than relying on the overweight or super skinny punk gym music dj. But taking the music that you listen to while sitting on the couch or in the car to the gym with you doesn’t make it exercise music. If you are serious about taking your weight training workouts to the next level, then you should look into getting exercise music created specifically for working out, specifically weight lifting. To download your FREE weight lifting song and see for yourself just how effective it is visit: Make Your NEXT Workout Your BEST Workout! -Aaron B is a StrengthReport Company:

Written by: Aaron Bradley!


Exercise Songs for Weight Lifting - Although there are many music products out there for aerobics and card, how to you find exercise songs and...

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