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cherished reunions at yan ting the address of epicurean elegance

usher in a flourishing year of the horse at yan ting

Showcasing exquisite Cantonese cuisine, perfect for celebrations with treasured family and business associates, award-winning restaurant, Yan Ting presents culinary artistry that pays a tribute to time-honoured traditions. Indulge in exquisite yet hearty oriental delicacies, presented by Executive Chinese Chef Mak Kip Fu and his team of Master Chefs in special set menus and Ă  la carte recommendations of auspicious dishes at festive celebrations and meaningful reunions.

presenting authentic cantonese flavours for the discerning gourmands

Toss to an auspicious start with Yan Ting’s Prosperity ‘Yu Sheng’ with Norwegian Salmon, relish heavenly soups like the Braised Superior Bird’s Nest Broth with Crab Meat and savour traditional favourites like Braised Whole 5-Headed African Abalone with Fish Maw, Mushroom and Seasonal Greens and Stewed Pig’s Trotter with Moss and Prosperity Oyster in Brown Sauce. Delight in exclusive à la carte creations like the succulent Lobster with Elm Fungus and Asparagus, tantalising Crispy Roasted Chicken with Truffles and appetising Crispy Scallop Roll with Mango.

set lunch and dinner menus (minimum of 2 guests)

春滿人间 Bountiful 6-Course Set Menu

S$108++ per person

骏业宏开 Success 6-Course Set Menu

S$138++ per person

金玉满堂 Affluent 6-Course Set Menu

S$168++ per person

大展鸿图 Prosperity 6-Course Set Menu

S$198++ per person

禅门新岁 Vegetarian 8-Course Set Menu

S$108++ per person

set lunch and dinner menus (for tables of 10 guests)

财源广进 Abundance 8-Course Set Menu

S$1,288++ per table

发财好市 Fortune 8-Course Set Menu

S$1,688++ per table

恭贺新禧 Auspicious 8-Course Set Menu

S$2,088++ per table

For reservations and enquiries, please contact Yan Ting at 65 6506 6887, email or visit

chinese new year gourmet takeaways

Celebrate Reunion Dinner in the comforts of homes with festive must-haves like Pun Choy, Yan Ting’s Signature Roasted Suckling Pig, Crispy Roasted Pi Pa Duck, Braised Prosperity Pork Knuckle and symbolic traditional dishes like Prosperity ‘Yu Sheng’ with Norwegian Salmon. Delight in a prosperous New Year with Yan Ting’s selection of gourmet Year Cakes and traditional nibbles like Deep-Fried Cashew Nuts, Candied Almonds, Sesame Seed Balls, Pineapple Tarts and the treasured Yan Ting’s Special Recipe X.O Sauce. Bestow the finest to cherished family and business associates with Yan Ting’s excellent gift offerings like the Prosperity Premium Gift Set, St. Regis Chinese New Year Exclusive Hamper or the St. Regis Chinese New Year Bespoke Hamper.

宴庭精选贺年礼篮 Traditional Chinese New Year Prosperity Hampers 宴庭如意吉祥礼盒 Prosperity Premium Gift Set


Complemented with a hand-made Tea Set and a canister of Dongding Oolong Tea

宴庭精致礼篮 Chinese New Year Exclusive Hamper


宴庭量身定制礼篮 Chinese New Year Bespoke Hamper


宴庭金牌贺年外卖 Yan Ting Chinese New Year Takeaways 发财鸿运鱼生 Prosperity “Yu Sheng” with Norwegian Salmon

中/M S$68+ 大/L S$88+

禅门养生素鱼生 Vegetarian Prosperity “Yu Sheng”

中/M S$48+ 大/L S$78+

金牌乳猪 Yan Ting’s Signature Roasted Suckling Pig


吊烧琵琶米鸭 Crispy Roasted Pi Pa Duck


至尊松露脆皮鸡 Crispy Roasted Chicken with Truffles


发财元蹄 Braised Prosperity Pork Knuckle


生炒腊味糯米饭 Fried Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meat (Serves 6)


团年盆菜 Chinese New Year Pun Choy (Serves 6)


Includes a medium Prosperty “Yu Sheng” with Norwegian Salmon and Crystal Water Chestnut Cake

贺年特色年糕 Traditional Chinese New Year Prosperity Cakes (Box of 4 pieces) 四喜临门 Assorted Prosperity Chinese New Year Cake


歩歩髙升年糕 Premium Cane Sugar Glutinous Rice Year Cake


如意马蹄糕 Crystal Water Chestnut Cake


丰味芋头糕 Abundant Taro Cake


富贵罗卜糕 Prosperity Radish Cake


宴庭頂级X.O.醬 Special Recipe X.O Sauce


贺年小食 Traditional Chinese New Year Snacks 腰缠萬贯腰果 Deep-Fried Cashew Nuts


金銀滿屋笑口棗 Deep-Fried Sesame Seed Balls


甜甜蜜蜜杏仁果 Deep-Fried Candied Almonds


合家团圆核桃酥 Oven-Baked Walnuts


富贵临门风梨酥 Pineapple Tarts


For reservations and enquiries, please contact Yan Ting at 65 6506 6887, email or visit Prices are subject to prevailing government taxes of 7%.

29 tanglin road, singapore 247911

Cherished Reunions At Yan Ting