StreetWise Partners 2020 Annual Report

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STRONGER THAN EVER. Friends, This past year we faced challenges we could never have imagined. The effects of COVID-19 have been devastating on the communities that we serve. Lives have been lost, basic needs threatened, and millions of individuals left without employment. StreetWise Partners sprang into action as soon as the pandemic hit, offering emergency services and adapting to a fully virtual program model in record time. We are proud of our ability to stay agile and responsive to the needs of our job seekers. Thanks to the unwavering commitment of supporters like you, we helped connect 500 mentees to middle wage jobs that will lead to economic empowerment and career success. As we head into recovery, entry-level jobs are scarce and the competition is fierce. Our programs have never been more critical, ensuring that our job seekers have the professional skills needed to be competitive in today’s changing workforce. At StreetWise, we don’t just help individuals build professional relationships, we teach them how to engage, interact and nurture them. From all of us at StreetWise, thank you for your resilience, courage, and commitment to mentorship. We hope you will be inspired by the stories you read in this annual report and recognize the many ways in which you have personally impacted our job seekers. I am proud of what we accomplished together and excited to embark on our ambitious plans for the future. I am also thrilled to share the new and improved StreetWise Partners brand including a fresh take on our logo. We hope you will join us in empowering job seekers through mentorship this year and for many more to come. Together, we will help our mentees to be greater than they ever imagined possible. This is our time. Sincerely,

Shari Krull, Executive Director

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M ISSION StreetWise Partners’ goal is to leverage mentorship to increase employment opportunities for adults from overlooked and under-resourced communities within New York, Washington, D.C. and Detroit. StreetWise Partners pairs volunteers with mentees who are unemployed or underemployed to provide them with the skills, resources and access to networks they need to secure and maintain employment.

W HO W E S E R V E On average, each year we serve 500 mentees through the support of 50+ corporations and 2,000 volunteers. Since its inception in 1997, StreetWise Partners has transformed the lives of 8,000 job seekers through the support of 15,000 volunteers.



Mentees receive two mentors which means double the network, double the experience, and double the skill sets. Mentors pay it forward while supercharging their careers and expanding their professional network.

Our 12-month Workforce Mentoring Program uses an employer-driven curriculum to help our mentees develop the professional skills needed to secure a living-wage job and launch a career.

We introduce our mentees to an exclusive network of the best and brightest volunteers who offer knowledge, expertise, contacts, and opportunities to jumpstart a career.

We connect our graduates with internships and entry-level job opportunities and they put the skills they've gained to work.


IM PACT COVID-19 CRISIS At the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020, it quickly became clear that our services were needed more than ever before. We knew mentorship would be vital in creating a sense of community and providing a support system to mentees and alumni facing layoffs and shrinking entry level positions. We were presented with two options: give up and suspend our program or persevere and adapt. So we got to work. We adapted our curriculum to address the challenges raised by an entirely virtual job search. We distributed computers to mentees in an effort to tackle the digital divide. We launched an Employer Advisory Board to ensure we were at the forefront of the changing workforce landscape. Our mentors came prepared with creative solutions to networking, applying, and interviewing for jobs virtually. Our community came together to open their networks and doors to employment at a time when so many were closing. Notable successes of virtual programming include: Expanding our reach. We have engaged volunteers and mentors outside the boundaries of our established geography, welcoming California, Chicago, and Florida to our community! We captured additional new supporters, advocates, and champions.

More partners. We forged ahead with engaging new corporate and community partners, and are poised for growth and serving more mentees.

Senior-level support. A record number of senior-level executives joined the volunteer ranks and will serve as powerful, seasoned advocates for our mentees as well as executive-level corporate sponsors of our mission.

Amidst a national health crisis, in 2020 we provided support to 454 job seekers. As cities across the country begin to re-open, researchers predict an unequal economic recovery, likely bypassing the communities we serve. We are committed to providing our mentees and graduates with every opportunity to apply their incredible talent, energy, and skills towards securing meaningful work at a living wage.

4 5 4 2,000

Job Seekers Served*

Volunteers Engaged


Companies Engaged

*Due to COVID-19, we initially engaged fewer mentees than anticipated. As we adapted to a fully virtual recruitment and program model we recovered from the drop in enrollment by year end.



Employment Rate

Annual Income Growth

(w ith an o t h e r 2 0 % p u r su i n g adv an c ed t r a i n i n g)

( w i t h a v e r a g e s a l a r y i nc r e a s i ng f r o m $10k to $40k)


2020: O V ER C OM I N G & ADAP TI NG EQUITY STA RTS WITH AD V OC A C Y Last year our organization deepened its ongoing commitment to challenging structural racism and unlocking careers historically unavailable to the adults we serve. We initiated new efforts including the following: Diversifying leadership and the organization as a whole. We conducted an exhaustive review of our hiring and human resources practices and trained our hiring managers to mitigate bias. We continue to engage in conscious inclusion in our Board recruitment processes. Championing inclusive language. We evaluated our materials and are educating our staff to ensure that we communicate in a way that is fitting to the values we stand for—respect, acceptance, and inclusion of all people in our community. Empowering our staff with social justice training. We committed to conducting quarterly trainings on race and inequity topics to better equip our staff and align our voice with our constituents, advancing program quality. Educating our mentees. Through specialized workshops, we empowered mentees to find inclusive spaces and advocate for their rights. Activating our volunteers as diversity champions. We delivered routine training sessions for our volunteers exploring topics such as unconscious bias, cultural competency, and bystander intervention. Supporting our corporate partners on diversity & inclusion initiatives. We shared resources and engaged with our partners in dialogue about systemic concerns and solutions. Providing safe spaces for our Black community members. We established "Elevating Black Voices”, an affinity group with a monthly meeting cadence. Expanding our Black community. We continue to build relationships with Black-owned businesses, consultants, colleges, and universities to ensure a portfolio of diversified partnerships. We are committed to doing the hard work necessary to create an equitable society.


LIFE CHANGING IMPACT The following stories provide a glimpse into the transformative power of mentorship in making career dreams a reality for our job seekers.


RA M A, ME N T E E , N Y C Rama came to StreetWise looking to reinvent her life. After bravely escaping an abusive marriage, she became the sole provider for her young son and daughter. Despite having a degree from Monroe College, she still couldn’t find a job. She was close to giving up when her friend recommended StreetWise. Living in the Bronx and balancing late night work shifts in the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, Rama joined the virtual program at StreetWise. She believed that she had a lot to offer, but needed guidance. She had no idea what an elevator pitch was, and didn’t know how to present herself in an interview. She had no advocates or role models.

“A boulder was lifted off my shoulders when StreetWise called me. This is the network I need to move forward in life. This was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Rama worked hard with her mentors Ann and David to gain the confidence she needed to secure a middle wage job. Rama’s family went through difficult times, and she lost several close relatives to the virus. Still, Rama attended her sessions each week. When we asked why, she said she was determined to forge ahead, complete the program, and secure a better future. Soon after graduating, and with support from her StreetWise mentors, Rama secured a job at Wells Fargo. She remains hopeful despite a difficult year, and looks forward to healing and building a stable future for herself and her family.

M E L O D Y , ME N T E E , N Y C Melody worked hard and did well in school. He always dreamed of working in finance for a big corporation and enrolled at Baruch College in the hopes of reaching this goal. To support his schooling, he worked nights as a security guard at Goldman Sachs, where he watched finance professionals come into the building each day to do a job that he desperately wanted. He tried to get an internship but was rejected. Melody knew he had so much to give but needed help to get there. He came to StreetWise, and was matched with his mentor Stephanie. She worked at a global bank, and they quickly connected and developed a meaningful relationship.

“She got me ready. She drilled me and I learned how to tell my story. It worked!”


Stephanie recognized that Melody was extremely intelligent, but needed to learn how to interview, network, and present himself with confidence. She prepped him and pushed him to interview for an internship at Morgan Stanley. Melody not only got the internship, but also earned a scholarship so he could continue with school. Soon after graduating, Morgan Stanley offered Melody a full-time role at the company where he is employed today!

M A HA , ME N T E E , D . C . Maha came to the United States in 2019 seeking safety as an asylee from Ethiopia. Back home she had a great job and had worked in public health for 14 years, but she and her children faced increasing danger due to the growing political unrest in the capitol. While there, she recalls mass graves and the constant threat of violence from political demonstrators. One day on her way home from work, demonstrators threatened Maha’s life and held her captive for hours. It was at that moment she decided to leave. When Maha moved to Virginia, she was home and unemployed for 8 months. She had so much experience yet no professional network, and no idea how to secure a job in the United States. One day a friend referred her to StreetWise, and everything changed. “I benefitted from getting two brains. My mentors came from different backgrounds but it worked. They were more than willing to help.”

Maha learned important soft skills from her mentors Greg and Diana. The concept of an “informational interview” was completely new to Maha, but her mentors pushed her to meet with a contact at the U.S. Department of Health in Washington, D.C. This lead to her securing her current job doing important work sharing information with the community on COVID-19 prevention, testing, and vaccine distribution.

O M A R , ME N T E E , D E T R O I T Omar moved from Iraq to Detroit in 2019. He struggled to find a job as his IT work experience abroad did not translate to the U.S. job market. He eventually found work as a barista, but in his off time he took intensive courses online to earn certificates and enhance his job-readiness. Still, he struggled to find employment. He soon realized what he was missing—a professional network. When Omar heard about StreetWise, he applied right away, knowing it was the perfect opportunity to build his community and meet professionals in the IT sector. He also knew he needed help developing a career map. Omar was thrilled to join a diverse group of highly motivated mentees and mentors in his cohort, and worked closely with his mentor Alix to get his career on a track for success. “I tried to find a job in the industry, but didn't have any U.S. experience."

Alix helped him hone his resume, practice interviews, and introduced him to professionals to help grow his network. Soon after graduating from StreetWise, Omar secured the job, and now works as an IT Specialist.



E -LE ARNIN G E-LEARNING In order to maximize the effectiveness of our new virtual program model, we launched an e-learning platform that guides mentors and mentees through a highly interactive 13-week curriculum. Each presentation contains dialogue simulations, videos, and quizzes which are ideal for virtual e-learning environments and inclusive of current adult learning principles and best practices. The result? A streamlined, positive virtual experience for participants that minimizes screen time and makes interactive group time more valuable and productive.

A LL A BO U T JO BS BOU JOBS This year we are investing in formalizing our job placement services to employ graduates faster and at higher starting salaries. We will expand our corporate partnership offering beyond volunteerism to include employment opportunities, providing companies with a diverse pipeline of entry-level talent from our program. New York City is hosting a pilot of this initiative with a cohort of mentees seeking to achieve 100% job placement with a full-time salary of $40K+ or a part-time salary of $18+ per hour over a 6-month period.


DEBU KILLS GAP D EBU NK I NG TH E S SK When challenges in the labor market are viewed through a deficit lens, dreadfully inaccurate conclusions are drawn—that workers from disadvantaged backgrounds lack skills and motivation, and therefore cannot participate in the workforce. All too often, the solution to close this gap is to rely on technical skill-building and short-term credentialing, assuming that the labor market provides equal opportunity once skills are developed. At StreetWise, we reject the skills gap argument and take extra steps to close the opportunity gap. We know that people of color and individuals from low-income and under-resourced communities are not afforded equal access to opportunities. Last year, we launched an inaugural Employer Advisory Board comprised of ten senior Human Resources (HR) professionals from a variety of industry sectors, all dedicated to advancing our mentee’s career plans and prospects. Their unique industry insights and domain expertise will be used to inform curriculum and our hiring program in order to accelerate the careers of our mentees.



(July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020)

F Y 2 0 I N C O ME * Corporate

4 0 % ($656,76 5)

Private Found ations 15% ($2 4 4 ,96 0 )

I nd ivid uals 14 % ($2 2 9,8 8 4 )


2 1% ($34 0 ,8 0 5)

I n Kind

10 % ($155,12 3)

*Released $529,485 in restricted funds from the previous year.

FY20 E XP E N S E S M an ag em en t a n d Gen er a l 1 9 % ( $333, 6 40 )

P r o g r am Servi c es** 65 % ( $1 , 1 23, 2 0 5 )

Fu n dr ai s i n g 1 6 % ($27 9, 9 7 1)

**In-kind donations help to keep program costs to a minimum. 12

2020 S UP P OR TE R S (January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020)

$ 5 0 ,0 0 0 + Blackstone Charitable Foundation The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation Deutsche Bank Fitch Group The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation Brian Korb Silver Lake William Randolph Hearst Foundation

$25,000 - $49,999 Barker Welfare Foundation Neil and Bayan Barua Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Gallup General Atlantic Todd and Karen Greenbarg David and Lynn Kurzweil LinkedIn Lorient Capital Marsh & McLennan Companies Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison PwC The Ready Foundation, Bethany Menzies Molly Snyder

$10,000 - $24,999 Rahul Advani Keats & Aimee Aiken Apollo Global Management Puneet Arora Barnes & Thornburg Davis Polk EagleTree Capital Padma Elmgart Fidelity National Title Insurance Company First Republic Bank Global Atlantic Financial Group Matt & Jen Gorin Guggenheim Partners Herb Block Foundation HSBC IBM Alex Kaplan Kirkland & Ellis

KPMG Latham & Watkins, LLP Nadja Marcoz Morgan Stanley Purrington Moody Weil Sidley Austin LLP Tazia Smith Third Bridge TIAA Tradeweb Markets

$5,000 - $9,999 ACA Compliance Group Monica Aggarwal Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld Alliant (formerly, Crystal Financial Institutions) Anchin, Block & Anchin BBR Partners LLC Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft Cartessa Aesthetics Centerbridge Partners Charles Koch Institute Citco EAB Fried Frank Herrick Feinstein Jefferies Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankell Anton Levy MediaCom Napier Park Global Capital James O'Brien Marisol Ramirez Reed Smith Durraj Tase Gitanjali Workman David Zhang

$1,000 - $4,999 A&L Goodbody Accenture Gertrudis Achecar Alliance Bernstein Hugo Barreca Joseph Birkenstock

William Brady Scott Butler Capital One Charles River Associates Alexandra DySard EisnerAmper Evan Fried Glassman Wealth Services Jeff Greenip Phil Gross Guggenheim Partners Hearst Corporation Jonathan Herlands & Gerald Hammer Robert Hirsh Chris & Jane Hoffman Eli Hunt Abigail Johnson Davis Kaufman Cameron Lester Allan Levine Maverick Search Consulting Starlisha McDade McKinsey & Company Gregg Moskowitz Alexandra Nee O'Melveny & Myers Anthony Panarelli Pfizer Piper Sandler Companies Maya Pochiraju Ralph Poore Jessica Purwin The Riverside Company Ruthanne Roth Russell Reynolds Susan & Stephen Scherr Belinda Schwartz Sher Tremonte Shisheido Kenneth Siskind Margaret Sung TMF Group Walkers Global J. Randall Waterfield Vonetta Young



LEADE R SH I P B O A R D O F DIR E C TO RS Todd Greenbarg, Chair

Alex Kaplan

Avenue Capital Group

Sidley Austin LLP

Tazia Smith, Vice Chair

Steve Kezirian

Closed Loop Partners

Full Potential Solutions

Padma Elmgart, Treasurer

Brian Korb

Global Atlantic Financial Group


Nadja Marcoz, Secretary

David Kurzweil

Napier Park Global Capital

Latham & Watkins LLP

Rahul Advani

Anton Levy

Ser Capital

General Atlantic

Monica Aggarwal

Bethany Menzies

Fitch Ratings

The Ready Foundation

Puneet Arora

Maya Pochiraju



Neil Barua

Molly Snyder


Jewish Board of Family & Children Services

Jordan Broome

Gitanjali Workman

Lorient Capital

Soros Capital Management LLC

Vipula Gandhi

Vonetta Young


Vonetta Young Advisors

Matt Gorin

Shari Krull, Executive Director

Contour Venture Partners



Colleen Gangl

Phil Levine

Hunter Shore Group, Inc.


Golden Gate Recruits

Patricia Beeson

Elanee Gashaw

Emily Macina

American Academy of PAs

Marsh & McLennan Companies

Napier Park Global Capital

Kira Córdoba-Brown

Wyn Gregory


Iris Drayton-Spann WETA TV

Benjamin Field Maverick Search Consulting


Debbie Kemp MediaCom

Rachel Pellegrini JustinBradley

Fred Strobel Tradeweb Markets

Sasha Lee Jonnalagadda Equinix, Inc.


Jon Eary

Troy Ruan

National Governors Association

Kaiser Associates


Biruk Bekele

Lesya Mitkevych

Simran Sakraney

Avalere Health

Wells Fargo

Booz Allen Hamilton

Scott Butler

Stephanie Patton

Ryan Scheuer


NFL Players Association

Bloomberg Industry Group

Kimberley Charles

Ashley Pinger

Jason Shim



Kaiser Associates

Radha De

Josh Rowan

Brett Weiss

The Washington Post


Kaiser Associates

Jasmin Barnett, Co-Chair

Adam Blitchok

Katherine Brady-Medley

Ladies in Training

The Podium Group Risk Management

SEMCA Michigan Works

Leona Medley, Co-Chair

Marletta Boyd II

Joshua Kreitman

BedRock Detroit

The Children’s Center of Wayne County (Detroit)

Northwestern University



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