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CHIC HEROIN CHIC HEROIN CHIC HEROIN CHIC HEROIN ME, MY CAMERA & ... It’s a bloggers world, are you in it? >>>


streetwalker meets Canada's own ethereal blogger Elizabeth Victoria Clark. Giving us a glimse into her whimsical nonchalant approach to style. If you're not already reading... then what are you waiting for?

What was your initial inspiration behind starting your own blog? I'd been an avid blog reader for a year and just thought that it seemed like fun! Do you think blogs are becoming more competitive? I'd like to believe that bloggers blog for creativity and fashion's sake. In my experience, I've created great relationships with other popular bloggers that don't have an ounce of competition... but, maybe I'm naive.

ME, MY CAMERA & ... It’s a bloggers world, are you in it? >>>

There are definitely some bloggers in it for the free clothes and popularity, but that’s bound to happen as blogging becomes a more popular medium. You inspire many others with your style blog. Are there any blogs that inspire you, or you follow? I really like Fashion Toast, Vanilla Scented and Inside Am-Lul’s Closet. I also love the girls behind Frassy, Le Cheap C’est Chic and Bohemian Musings and have become great friends with them via blogging. How do you manage to stay unique & different on a budget? Lots and lots of vintage. Wearing vintage and thrifted clothes is the only way to make sure you’re wearing something no one else is, and it’s a lot cheaper too! If I find a great piece that’s a little dated or doesn’t fit properly, I take it to my seamstress, Pina, who alters it to fit in a more modern way. I also like to pick up lots of clothes in my travels, because not only are they unique, but they’re great memories too. How big is your wardrobe? I’ve got 3 seperate wardrobes and a storage unit, enough said. What are your style tips and must-have’s for the end of summer transitioning into next season? I like to continue wearing my summer shorts and dresses well into the Fall by pairing them with opaque tights, leather jackets and clunkier boots. Eventually, I start to slowly incorporate fall fabrics like heavy knits, leather and crushed velvet into what I’m wearing.

ME, MY CAMERA & ... It’s a bloggers world, are you in it? >>>

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