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British Slang

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Street Talk Savvy- the online colloquial dictionary

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He who travels far knows much

Yo u Dro o l Yerba Maté- Relaxing Past-time o r Co mpulsive Addictio n?

Street Talk Savvy is an o nline wo rldwide slang dict io nary that gets yo ur fo o t in the do o r to be able to co nverse with the lo cals in that particular co untry and/o r language and to be able to have a fun time with them.

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Yo u’ve been to a fo reign co untry and wanted to jo in in with the lo cals who seem to be having fun, but yo u do n’t kno w the language, and it makes it hard fo r yo u to jo in in. Usually the best time and best memo ries yo u have

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had o f a fo reign co untry is when yo u have spent time with the lo cals and learned a few o f their custo ms and past-times.

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Our Savvy dictio nary also pro vides info rmatio n and insider info rmatio n o n cultural practices in certain cultures. It also co vers great travel destinatio ns, little kno wn and o ff the beaten track gems and what the lo cals might do , o r great things yo u can experience there, that yo u can’t experience in yo ur ho me to wn.

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Sydney Beach France German language Beauty Spanish language


Cartagena Ocean Beach San Francisco Califo rnia Travel Language immersio n Music surfing Hendaye Spain Sweden Colombia Basque German slang surf Atlantic Ocean Language exchange party bo tello n lifestyle Bali

St re e t Talk Savvy co vers co llo quial gre e t ings, phrases to use whilst f lirt ing, what to say in t he bar and whilst go ing o ut , f unny phrase s they use, funny phrases yo u might want to say to them, ho w to say t hat ’s co o l, co llo quial we at he r expressio ns, t o ngue t wist e rs, so ngs they sing when they are happy etc. Check o ut o ur 6 3 page de f init ive t rave lle rs phrase bo o k , in 9 language s, and still mo re to co me, plus o ur insiders guides to cult ure and t rave l blo gs

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T he Soft and Sexy Sounds of Street T alk

Byro n Bay Suns e ts

Feel free to join in Yo u’re mo re than welco me to jo in in o n the Street Talk experience. Have yo u go t travel anecdo tes and experiences wo rth adding to o ur blo g co mments? Have yo u go t any interesting co llo quial phrases o r wo rds fro m languages yo u kno w to add to this website. Well, feel free to co ntribute to this site. Do n’t be shy we’d like to hear fro m yo u.

Street scape- Espo sende Po rtugal

Our Music f ro m aro und t he Wo rld pro vide d by Go o ve m T he Ide a Be hind t he St re e t Talk dict io nary

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