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Swedish Slang - Chatting Up 06/06/2012 10:08

Hi, and welcome to another video blog post "Swedish Slang - Chatting Up "! I hope you enjoy all the content

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below and benefit from it greatly, there really has been a lot of research and study put into this article and I have done my very best to provide you with the latest information on this topic! Please remember to return after clicking any links to devour the rest of our content on this website! Learn REAL Swedish - How t o Talk Cut e, Sexy and Sarcast ic t o Your Lover and his/her Dog Get Your FREE E- BOOK at "Learn 1000s of Swedish Words Overnight" Learn how to talk to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or dog. It's pretty much all the same. Check out and email me any questions at speaksw...

Är du gift? - Are you married? Du är jävligt vacker - You’re fucking beautiful älskling - darling/sweetie Du är slut - It’s over Du har trevligt ögon - You have beautiful eyes Du har ett Ängla llende - You have an angels smile Försöker du snacka upp mig i brygga? - Are you trying to chat me up on a bridge? Imag e via Flic kr

Han har inte ögon för någan annan an mig. -

Han har inte ögon för någan annan an mig. She only has eyes for me Hej sötnos - Hi sweety Hej sötnos! Så köper du en öl till mig? - Hi cutie! So do you want to buy me a beer? Inget går upp mot din kropp emot min. - Nothing compares like your body against mine. Jag elskar dag - I love you Jag ska knulla skiten ur dig - I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you Jag är en pasionerat pojksnutt.Kyss mig ödmjukt sötnos! - I’m a passionate young boy .Kiss me tenderly darling

Imag e via Flic kr

Jag har saknat dig! - I Missed You So Much! Kåt - Horny Knullkompis - fuckfriend Vill du ha en slickepinne snygg tjejen? - Do you want a lolly beautiful girl? Vad heter du lilla flickan? - What is your name little girl? Pojksnutt - a young boy Sådan en perfekt dag, glad jag spendiere den med dig - Such a perfect day, glad I spent it with you Snygg - Good looking Snygg hack - Nice arse Sjyssta spiror - Nice legs Söt - Cute Most of this information comes straight from the Swedish Slang Webpage. Careful reading to the end virtually guarantees that you'll know what they know. Learning Swedish More and More - "I kinda like languages" blog 5/30/12 Learning Swedish More and More. I am learning Swedish even more. I have practically ceased doing anything but reading a book with audio in Swedish. I have read 80 pages total which is not all that much if you consider the ...

Learn Swedish Ef f ect ively And Quickly | Int ernet Revenue Art icles internet- revenue- 6/5/12 Other causes come in to play such as your own language for a start; however, getting outstanding programs by leading experts will allow you to master this or any other different foreign language. Learn Swedish and paying ... The hist ory of Swedish loan words | Swedish Language Blog 5/18/12 Words like eskalera (escalate), tuff (tough), and webb (web, as in Internet) have made their way into the Swedish vocabulary. Even today, English is the largest language of influence in Sweden – schoolchildren start learning ... Wow, there sure was a lot of content in this article "Swedish Slang - Chatting Up " Please remember to spread the word about this website in your favourite social media sites and to bookmark us for future reference as there is always plenty more on the way! See you soon! click here - Street Talk Savvy Homepage for more info! Tags: Swedish Slang | Swedish chat | Swedish langauge | Swedish Street Talk Like



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Swedish Slang - Chatting Up - this is about Swedish colloquial sayings, Swedish slang, various language...

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