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Smash Speaks: I shared this dream with a lot of n***a but unfortunately not everyone is built for this sh*t.




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"WE 'OU CHEA" U Heard Me



his month in Feedback we asked a question on facebook and was quite surprised by the response we got back.......well not that surprised. We posed the question on the citys hottest blog Blow Season DVD (via facebook) what was wrong with baltimores hip hop scene? below are a few of the responsies we got back from people for more comments check out the blow season dvd group on facebook. If you would like to still comment on this question submit your answers to

What's Wrong with Baltimore’s Hip Hop Scene?

GMajor Arsonists Camp

It's "too" real. The Bmore game is "too" real. Execs don't wanna deal with intimidating looking people. Look where Suge Knight at. He never made money. He took Dre's label (Death Row) from him. Then took snoops karma got his ass broke tryna start a gospel label. "COME ON!" JAY Z "Y'all niggas actin way too tough pull up ya jeans, get it tapered up!"

Iam StreetSertified Goon

niggaz need to get ova their pride and realize its business, we need to call meetings once a month bringing all business officials together artist, media, promoters, producers and etc... and it be a monthly due that we all have to pay in order to have better turn out events

Trig KumupkingzWiggz

It's to many wanna be Cheif's and not enough indians...

Moe Dmvjams

The question is posed as if it's broken, When actually its growing by leaps and bonds, as far as the scene, Gathering data from the response or comments, May be the question should be more like, why don't niggas stick together..... Or here is another one How DO we make a profitable hip hop scene. Being that the music industry has been rapidly declining as whole... Every sense the rise of the internet That task will need lots of creativity in the marketing and a lot of good business, May be the Hip HOPPERS should take a business coarse Send Feedback To:

Honey Mgmt

Its over saturated. How many times must an emcee perform at one venue before the public will stop coming out? Same rotation leads to stagnation, welcome some new faces for variety.

SevenSoundz OfMusik

‎2 many clicks and 2 many wanna b gangstaz and not enough support from the raido station

Ryan Onlythakid Pratcher

I think we should try to establish and maintain a music ECONOMY as well as a community. The community part is 'easy' we've been doing that, but there are people in our city that don't know our scene exists. Also a standard from quality. qualit Whether you rap about bricks or break dancing, your recordings shouldn't be shitty, considering we boast so much about money, then our standard for quality shouldn't be so distant. People aren't doing the research for any aspect of their craft or the product they are selling... And they won't incorporate the people that know better.




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was riding around the city one night after leaving a meeting, listening to Rick Ross's Classic Album" Teflon Don" (by the way the music on this album is fucking awesome) and it hit me, all of the people who were once fans of music, are the same people who are trying to compose music. Please don't misunderstand me, I am very well aware of the fact that some of my favorite artist are fans of music also, because to become a great artist you have to have a genuine love for the art. But if you are that supposedly new artist who once went out and supported the culture with no aspiration of ever wanting to indulge in the creation of music, then I may very well be talking to you. Ask yourself this question. Why Do I Do I Music ? And If your answer is not because you want to be the voice for a certain type of people or you have a story to tell then why even bother. I have a genuine love for music also, but just because, I love music does mean that it is my calling in life. The Music Industry is a billion dollar industry! And you don't have to be a rapper if you want to enjoy the riches of the culture, or shall I say our way of life. Another thing that I can’t get with is the “support everything” that comes from our area movement. Let's be real people, everyone is not as good as they may think they are, and if you don't be brutally honest, how will we ever be able to weed out the stuff that is not good? Let me clearly explain myself, I know that "Team Work Makes The " Dream Work" and if you are an 80's baby like my self, then you grew up watching the power of unification. We had great cartoons such as Transformers, Voltron, and Thunder Cats. All of which displayed the power of unification in such a great way and the realm of possession a great unique quality to be considered as one of the Piece to the puzzle. So yeah support the hometown guy only if you truly believe and could relate to the music. Shout out to my man Young Sleep for for holding us down in D.C. he has a great open mic event: "Keys 2 Tha City Mondays held at the Island Cafe 829 Upshur Street Northwest Washington D.C. I also wanna salute everybody over at and all the folks over at we really appreciate the way y'all hold us down. {Tru Story} We promise to do our part in 2011 to make the DMV the next mega music scene.

Words Of Wisdom From Pastor Dr. Jamal H. Bryant : The only way you will ever start out at the top is if you're digging a hole



An A&R representative signs and develops talent for a record label. There are many ways that a record label A&R representative can discover talent or artists that have "it". You can send your demo package to A&R reps that accept solicited material. You should call first if you want to solicit your music to an A&R representative that will not take unsolicited material. Your A&R executives job is to make sure that you are making music and taking care of business at the same time, basically your go to guy at your record label. A&R Reps may also help you make decisions that are important to your career. It is common in the music industry for your A&R representative to help pick your first second and third single. It is important to always remember that your A&R works for the record label. It is not uncommon for a record label A&R to look out for the labels best interest. It is important to discuss any music business with your music management or music attorney. It is your A&R representatives job to help you out during the recording process by hooking you up with top music producers. It is not uncommon for your A&R representative to report your progress to their superiors at the record label. It will be your A&R representatives responsibility to make sure that your album is delivered on time. You will have a release date that all the different departments of the record label need to be ready for. When approaching a particular A&R Contact it is important to be extremely professional. When an A&R states that they only accept solicited material it means that you must ask permission to send a demo package. We recommend that you make contact with A&R executives that accept unsolicited packages as well to make sure that they know when your package will arrive and to look out for it. This should also make sure that your package is priority over an unsolicited package. Make sure that you make contact with A&R representatives that work in your particular music genre, if you were an R&B singer there would be no use to send your music to a punk rock label. You should start a myspace music page for your music if you don't have one already. Include a picture, biography and at least three songs. You can use your myspace or web site as your demo package. These days its all about numbers and myspace tracks how many plays and downloads each of your songs get. Make sure that your myspace music page links to your web site. A&R contacts are more likely to take you seriously if you have a professional demo package and web site. If you feel like you have the talent and drive to make it in the music industry I suggest you start by submitting your music to record labels that distribute music in your particular music genre. Artists have always thought that when shopping your demo it's as easy as putting your music on a CD, sending it to a record label's A&R department and then an A&R representative will call you with in a few days. Oh, if only it was that easy. Normally a music manager submits his artist(s) demo CD to an A&R, although a significant number of artists have been signed by contacting an A&R themselves. For those hundreds of thousands of music artists out there who don't have music manager with solid contacts to A&R people there is still hope. If you are trying to do it yourself I strongly suggest that you look for a music manager first, so this way you wont shoot yourself in the foot when it comes down to handling business. A great way to find a professional music manager or a professional music management company is to obtain a list of updated music industry contacts. But, if you are trying to do it yourself remember to be professional. Make sure that you call the record label and ask for their permission before submitting any kind of demo CD or promotional packet. A&R executives are busy, so you need to know how to submit a demo CD professionally to highly increase your chances of any record label A&R taking notice. On the flip side, an A&R may also hunt you down. Yes, it's true; a lot of A&R executives will scout new talent if you or your band has already created a strong buzz in your region. There are many music artists and bands that have a strong fan base, toured, promoted, and marketed themselves, creating a "buzz" within there city, state, or region. A&R executives that scout for new talent look for music artist that are already established and developed, it makes their job easier. A&R Executives prefer looking for an artist(s) or band that has developed themselves rather than having to develop a music artist(s) themselves. There are a few things A&R executives look for when scouting new talent. A&R executives looks at an artist(s) drive, Are they hungry to do what it takes to make it? Record label A&R executives look to see if you are marketable to potential fans in your genre. How marketable is the artist(s), what's their target audience? An artist(s) needs to have some knowledge of the business and have great stage presence. Do you rock the crowd and keep them wanting more? Bottom line, record labels look to see if an artist(s) possesses "super star" characteristics

What Does an A&R Rep do?

• Listen to demos, solicited and unsolicited, give feedback! • Seek out artists that have created a buzz for them selves. • Attend live shows including showcases, concerts, etc. • Pay attention to what artists are hot and whose contracts are almost up. • Sign artist to label, get recording budget. • Find music producers and recording studios. Search for songs. • Steer the artist in the right direction creatively and professionally. • Work with the different departments at the label to coordinate efforts.


!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! IS H T D A E R D L U O YOU SH



The Ultimate Industry Event




ndustry Xposure is an official event presented and branded by Street Smart Magazine in conjunction with 47th Side. This event is a portal to important insiders of the music industry in the DC, MD, VA area. Ground breaking artists, music executives, DJs, promoters, producers and many others are gathered to exchange information on how to propel the industry forward and expose the talent that floods our region.

Industry Xposure is a hybrid music conference, networking event, and concert rolled into one. The entire event educates artists with appearances from music business professionals that provide a great workshop session. Artists can also par ticipate and compete in a showcase competition, on site media interviews with invited media outlets and a freestyle cypher for MCs. Attendees of the event can also participate in the IAM HIP HOP

TRIVIA contest for cool prizes. Industry Xposure also includes a Producers Spotlight to feature a producer’s hottest beats for sale or lease. This event is not to be missed and is highly anticipated. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CONSIDERED AS A FEATURED ACT OR PRODUCER AT THE NEXT INDUSTRY XPOSURE PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC TO INFO@STREETSMARTMAG.COM


S S BO “


Photo By: Peter Parker Photography How did you Acquire Caddy Da Don to you Can you give us a little more history on Rome Global Entertainment Imprint? Records? I received a call from one of good friends, Rod Yes, Rome Records started back in 1993, it was a Lee, who by the way is a very well respected Baltijoint venture I did along with my cousin Jerome more based Producer. He said "Merk you Gotta Brooks, the store was named after him. During that hear this Caddy Da Don guy" so he kind of had time he introduced me to a guy by the name of me sold just on how excited he was at the time. Rufus, who would later become our very first artist. So we all met up at the studio, and Rod played a Rufus became the artist known today as Ruscola and we had a record out at the time called "Let's Get couple of records for me and I said to Rod you really might have something here. Rod called for a Personal" I never imagined that the record would second meeting with him, caddy and I and we all have blow up the way it did in our region. Because instantly clicked and we have been rocking ever back then there was no BET 106&Park or MTV since. JAMS, the only platform that we had was a cable channel called "The JukeBox Network" each region had video slots for local artist and the "Let's Get Per- What are your plans for Caddy Da Don, Now that he is singed on with Global Entertainment sonal" record really took off in our region on "The 20 is National DistriJukeBox Network” as well as FM radio. And that was My Plans for Caddy Don in 2011 bution thru my situation with Tommy Boy/Waner. the start of Rome Records doing business as a We also plan to create great Visuals of Caddy's record label. Music by employing local home grown video Directors Gaiere "Grench" Bowman and my long At what point did it become apparent to you that time friend the music business would be your career choice? After I experienced the success from the "Let's Get Personal" record. The feeling was awesome and ever since then I knew that this was what I wanted to do. What other artist have you worked with in the past? Paula Campbell, Authentic Jon Doe, Ruff Ends, And Skarr Akbar


“A lot artist come to me asking if I could help them out with their situation” Why did you choose a career in the music business? I really did not choose this career, It chose me. I attended the University Maryland Eastern Shore, and my major was business management, so I always knew that I was going to have my own business. One of the first things I done when I finished school was open up a record store along with my cousin Jerome Brooks. The name of the store was "Rome Records" I opened up the record story simply to just make money, because that was my trade Business Management. My cousin Jerome Brooks actually introduced me to the music business. It wasn't my passion growing up.

What makes Murk wanna work with new Artist? What really gets my attention the most is the starvstarv ing artist, someone who is hungry and desperate for success. A lot artist come to me asking if I could help them out with their situation, I sit them down to discuss their plans and goals to see if I am interested in assisting them. But one thing I must say is that I am interested in artist who are above average, you cant just be a person who knows how to rap or sing because everybody is doing it now. You have to stand out and be not of the norm because like I said everybody is making music now. So find ya niche make good music and be your self. What is your role over at 92QJams Baltimore? I am an Account Executive at 92QJams. My job is handling the budgeting on the marketing and promotion accounts. Tell us about Your new company Global Entertainment? Global Entertainment was started with a good friend of mine, Music Video Producer Chris Robinson, prior to the start up of Global Entertainment I was actually trying to get a job working along side Chris, because he was doing so good at the time. Me and Chris go back to the days of Rome Records. He was apart of the Rome Records crew back in the day. And Chris told me ""You are an entrepreneur in your own right " and he inspired me to start my own company. Chris was one of the first people to invest in the Global Entertainment brand.

“No one can do anything with out some sort of budget”

Chris Robinson. Lastly I plan to on bring in national radio promoters to help push Caddy's records in markets outside Baltimore. Murk's Five Keys to being a successful executive in the music business..... 1. They must have relationships and connections with-in the music industry 2. A budget, no one I repeat no one can do anything with out some sort of budget. Too many people are running around out here claiming to be an executive and they don't have any money. You have to have money to create a budget. 3. A good ear for music. 4. You have to be established, your company has to be Licence, Incorporated, and doing business correctly. You can't call yourself an executive if your doing business on a milk create out of your basement 5. Good Communication Skills




Me & Nick Rich @The Blackhole 2. Rick Ross @Velvert rope 3.Yo Gotti @velvert rope 4.Dubbs Lane, Don Diva, Goon, LenWood, DGK, Shaka Pitts 5. J.Cole, Mark Cartwright@CIAA 6. E Ness @Blackhole 7. Whiteflokz & DC Don Juan in DC 8.KB, Si Notes, Fer 9. Keys, Sam Thorn 10. Tay Eaz, C.o.m.p, Jon Jon the son, Kobe Lee, K.G, M.E.@Record Pool











Hometown: Baltimore, MD DJ Crews/Coaltions: World Famous Shoguns BMore Original DJ's Round Table DJ's How would you describe the start of your DJ career? It was fun, exciting, and a lot of hard work, but when your having fun hard work really isn’t hard at all! What do you consider your most memorable moment as a DJ? A few of my most memorable moments were the few failures I had early in my career, during the time that I was pefecting my craft. I won't go into detail about those.(lol) The craziest and most memorable moment was when I did a show in Japan. I met the dude that was taking me around to the clubs at a store that sold my mixtapes, and there was a large Crowd of kids outside of the store yelling my name, screaming and dancing saying DNA! That was crazy to me, especially now that look back on it, because it was only 2 or 3 years into my caree I was nowhere close to where I am now. DJ career... You were one of the few DJ's from Baltimore to make an impact with mixtapes. What were your keys to success locally and nationally? Well the main thing [no disrespect to anyone locally] but, I never looked at it as if I was competing with local dj's. When I started doing mixtapes I went straight into it with the mind set that I'm competing with the DJ's that I was listening to at the time. I'm talking about your DJ Clue, S&S, Craig G, Kid Capri, Doo Wop, Ron G and cat's on that level. I never looked at it as if I was competing with the DJ's locally, which kinda alienated me from the local seen at one point, but also elevated me. Even locally when putting out my mixtapes early in the game, and this is when mixtapes were on cassettes, my mixtapes were nothing like the avav erage local dj's mixtapes in the sense of my packaging. I've always been big on image branding and packaging which set me apart from other dj's in the area and even lead many to believe I wasn't from here. It's funny it also alienated me from the local market in a sense and once I accomplished what I wanted to do outside of the market and established myself nationally I began to put more focus on the local market with both creating and djing local hip hop events, pushing local artist and djing local events. It's funny when I began doing that it seemed that a lot of people made a big deal about it because your typical mixtape DJ in this Day and age can't really DJ so a lot of people were caught off guard that I could put it down on the 1's & 2's. What makes DNA interested in doing a mixtape with an artist? It's a few things... first is the artist work ethic, Second, is they have to be hot! I'm not saying hot as a cliche' I mean really hot... like have your own style, believe in what your saying and doing, and being true to your music. it's a lot of artist that are just bad carbon copies out here. I've always thought of myself as a leader and a trendsetter never a follower so I can't get with an artist that isn't Real. You can be Underground, Street, Crossover or whatever but you gotta be real about what your doing! The new brand Street Rehab Radio: The Street Rehab Mixtape Series... Explain? no U Street Rehab actually was an Idea I've been playing with for a few years now. know I've been largely responsible for building and branding a lot of things over the years from Artist, other DJ's, Mixtape Series like Street Wars, R&B Chronicles, Get On My Level, Industry Xposure, Harm City, Real Radio, Somethin' for the Strippers just to name a few but I felt that I still needed a Core DNA Street Brand because most of those brands focused on other things besides me and how dope my mixtapes were. U know what I mean? The majority of my brands focuses on artist, hosts and regional talent. I wanted my own brand somewhat similar to a Gangsta Grillz and what we did with Street Wars but I didn't want my brand to always focus on a particular artist, beef or drama I just wanted it to focus on how dope and official a DNA tape is. Being in this game for so long one thing I've learned is the key to longevity is constant and consistent reinvention. So my new Focus brands are Street Rehab and my New R&B Series The R&B Xperience... Look out for the Street Rehab: 30 Days of Hell Starring & Hosted by Jadakiss, in the Streets and online now and my new Street Rehab: Don't Throw Rocks At The Throne mixtape Starring Jay-Z & Kanye West... Some Classic Next Level Street Rehab Sh*t. also my R&B Xperience Tapes out now with Hosts K. Michelle, Yung Berg & Raheem DeVaughn. All my tapes are available online at under my Music Section or on

Cont. online at

DJ “WILDCHILD”DNA DNA, go ahead, give everybody, a twitter page, so they can find out more about you and, of course, the brand new Street Rehab Radio: The Street Rehab Mixtape Series. Everyone Can follow me on Twitter @WildChildDNA and check out my all new and improved website for updates on me, my mixtapes and my events! Shout out to Ye & Fame and the whole Street Smart Team for having me, Keep The Streets alive!

Three Dmv Songs Currently in your roation? HeavyGold "Ya Heard Me" Q Holla "L.A. Girlz" Kingpen Slim "Goose Bumps" Official Website? , &

FlashingLights 1.
















14. 17.

1. Rah Staten @Blackhole 2. Lano & Bombsquad 3. April Love 4. Webbie @Sonar 5.Elle_S & Skarr Akbar 6. J.Oliver, Kristina Divine, LenWood, Miss Cream,Tay Eaz 7. Stevie Boi Fashion Week NY 8. Shia 9. Mullyman Serious Jones, Disblo, Bossman 10. RAthRAth eMc & The Real Jay Mills 11. Singleton, Jon, Permiss 12. Half Pint Tiffany Couture 13. Aj & Angel Baby 14. Nicki Minaj 15. Caddy Da Don, Smash, 100 Grandman 16. Hip Hop Cypher @ Cashland 17. Fat Trel

All photos belong to streetsmart mag If you would like your photos captured by our team please contact us @ info@streetsmartmag

Keeping It A Hunnit HUNNIT GRAND

Intro …..

What's new with me. My new mixtape "Keeping It 100" it's the latest release from DJ Jabril's Block Work series. 50% of anything is nothing, that's why I hate pennies. Name one thing in this world you could get with a pennies? Nothing that's why we keep it 100! Hunnit speaks on his management …..

Right now, I'm in the process of establishing new management. Mike Mac of ARS Recording Studios is my new official manager and Marcy from the Fly Wire is on board handling all of my Public Relationship affairs. What producers did you work with on your new project?

Of course I am working with my brother, my man Nate aka "Nummy", Atlanta based producer “Calvo The Great” he is responsible for Ciara's hit record " Like A Boy" and I also have records produce by Jay Olivier, D Banks, and King Midas just to name a few. But I am always looking for quality production, so if you got that heat holla at your boy Hunnit. Hunnit on how he started rapping …..

100 Grand Man

It's funny how it all happened, because at the time I was rolling with E Watts and Caddy. And back then I Wrote alot of the hooks on Caddy's 2.5 project. I received a call from 92Q's DJ Squirrel Wide and he said to me "yo hunnit your hook game was official on the Caddy 2.5 Album. You should try your hand at creating you own records" So I decided to take Squirrel's advice and record a record for the intro of his Hoolgen Express show. The intro record we recorded received such a good response that I decided to record a follow up record and that record was also well received by the fans in Baltimore. So that led to me recording my first mixtape titled “Lets Talk $$$” and I followed that up with the Gangsta Grillz because I wanted to something Different and any nigga who is somebody got a Grillz. I also used it as a tool to allow the markets outside of Baltimore to know what was going on here?

Sex, Money, Weed was one of my favorite records off the Gangsta Grillz project. how did the record come together?

The "Sex, Money, Weed" record actually was something that my man Supe was holding onto and at the time of me hearing the record I already knew it was a banger and I told him that I wanted to get on the record. He told me that I could have the record If I just left his verse on it. So I say that's cool and then I reached out to Bossman because I knew that was the kind of beat he could Twirk because he got a crazy flow. A lot of people who heard my Gangsta Grillz said that the "Sex, Money, Weed" record was their favorite joint on the mixtape. I might shoot a video for that record this year, I mean the song is only old to people who have heard it. Outro …..

Projects currently on

I'm just focused on creating and working good records, because it makes no sense if you can't eat off of it. Fuck the fame I want the money cause you can't eat fame, but if you got some money it could buy you a sandwich and you could get full of that. I am also working on my Album and I already got some good records for the album. I got a joint with Melina Feona that is crazy and my man Nummy also produced a banger for the album and right now we are trying to get Raheem Devon on the record. So I'm just focused on working good records because I don't rap for myself I create music for other people to enjoy.

Lets Talk $$$ (2008)

Gangsta Grillz Welcome to Baltimore (2009)

For more information or music on 100 Grandman tune into ALLBMOREHIPHIOP.COM

Block Work Keep It 100 (2010)

POUNDING THE PAVEMENT Profitt still grinding making moves and more focused then ever.


screen. Bout to Film them and make that a

video... then that be the dopest video... laughs

“I put my full attention and heart in to� Man you are truly a one stop shop. What are all the services you offer to an artist?

What caused you to pick up the camera and become Profitt the video Director?

Mannnn (laughs) a lot of reasons... At that current time... a semester before I received my first degree in the music field, working fulltime at Best Buy as a supervisor dealing with computers, audio equipment, cameras, you name it, with all my other available time dedicated to engineering at my music studio, not to mention my little brother was winning awards in his high school for directing short films so my reasons and inspiration for pursuing video where all over the place... With that being said... between the artists I was already working with trusting me and my visuals, the emcees around the scene were already famil iar with me as an artist... add in my work ethic and grind... and well... one thing lead to another, fast forward 3 years and here we are today.

Are you still pursuing a rap career?

Never stopped pursuing, but last march, a week before my annual birthday bash (500+ people event the year before) & release party for the "I LOVE H.E.A.D." cd... Shoutouts to Highlandtown Essex And Dundalk by the way, my company partner for nearly a decade Darrell "Flamez" acci Jackson had a near fatal shooting accident. We canceled the event and I have not thrown a show since but still released the cd which went on to reach more then 10 thousand people locally on the streets and thousands more online supported by guest appearances from Lil Fame of M.O.P., Termanology, and videos with Comp, Skarr, Testme, Huli Shallone & More. Big shoutouts to Bang a Rang Gang, ShapeShifter, Fusion Road, all the Arabz, Sk, Heavy, Gotti, the whole Powerhitters, Ogun, everyone involved in the

project and everyone on the scene supporting my music over the years. But yea my bad you know I be talking man.. to answer the question.. New Studio up on Harford Road, EP complete, Debut Album in the mix, and of course some visuals.........Still pursuing.............. and more focused then ever. eve

Thus far what would you consider to be the dopest video in your catalog. Why?

Ahhhhh.... hell of a question... Every video I direct has its own unforgettable moments especially when the chemistry is already there, which it usually always is. Especially on set working with artists like Dirt Platoon, Bar Cardy, Backland, B.O.M.B. Haze, I mean I met these guys on the scene like a half decade ago but that mutual respect never faded over the years. That goes the same for a lot of cats, A LOT of TALENTED cats I've had the pleasure to work with over the years... which makes this question a tough one...but Ima go with Blood on the Wall for two reasons... one because that was kinda like the bridge be tween simply shooting music videos to actually studying, researching, starting up & pushing videography as it's own business... and two to eliminate anyone reading this hitting me up like "yo profffff how come I wasnt your dopest video" (laugh) sike nah. I don't have a self proclaimed dopest video they are all kind of my favorite in a way because they are all individually something I put my full attention, effort and heart into and I think some directors, at least some I know and respect on the scene, shoutouts Dan, Thomas, Alvin, Grench, Meech, Ernest, Traum, One, etc can agree... the dopest part of the video process is usually that 3 to 4 some odd minutes of time when you watching the reaction of that particular artist you just worked with standing there out of his seat rocking off watching your artwork on the

Over the years I've done everything from throw shows, shoutouts to the majority of the hiphop scene and every fan that has ever came out to a Profitt Show or performed at one by the way... appreciate yalls continued love and support, but yea... shows, street teaming, flyer printing, cd duplication man you name it i either did it or had the number of the person who did it already, just to make sure I had everybody covered that needed any type of service. But over the last year or two I've really tried to focus and perfect the things I had the most love and passion for which ofcourse includes Videography and Studio Engineering, "artists get at me only $25/hr", ... besides that, photography and graphics I have always been messing around with since highschool shoutouts Bmore Unique by the way, everybody can check out the photography and graphic work at .Shoutouts and on the consistent love with my videos. Shoutouts Stonehouse Tattoo, Mike Fernandez, Blunt Power, Fuzion Graphics, Politic with Permiss, JnYce & Downtown LockerRoom, Last Stop Bail Bonds, everyone reading this right now thats been holding me down since day one with a extra special shout out to my music family for holding me down Mell, Leo, Carmine, Scott, Greg and of course Yea, Fame and StreetSmart Mag...

If someone is looking for the right visual. why should they employ Profitt Productions? Profitt Productions LLC is not only a profesprofes sional production company offering television ready hi definition quality videos at an affordable rate with affordable payment plans that work with artist's budgets.... but also a company with a film team that gives an experience that will easily be an unforgettable part of any artist's career. Any Artists interested please contact us at 443-341-7049 or at Videos@ProfittProductions.TV ... for Video examples please visit


The Westside Story l Smash Smash Speaks: They Call Me Smash Also Known As T-mac, Well Known Baltimore Westside Representer, 1900 Baltimore & Hilton U already Know. I been doing this rap shit For Over 10years and I am about to release my 12th Cd "Return Of The Mac" Its A mixtape hosted by : AJ of 92Q's Rap Attack.



Jay-z - Reasonable Doubt NAS- Ill Matic Rick Ross - Teflon Don Young Jezzy - Recession T-Rocks - Rock Solid

You emerged as one of the top emcee's in the DMV with your chart popping hit "A Bit Too Much For Me" what derailed the momentum of that record from reaching the mega hip hop markets like Atlanta, Miami, New York and LA? Honestly, at that time in my career my business wasn't correct, "Bit Too Much For Me" was just one of those records I crafted from the heart and I really did not know what to do with it. When the record started to take off on 92QJams In Baltimore I was not aware of the process on translating a hot record into a hit record, which indeed cost me to lose out on some opportunities due to the fact of not having the proper management. Now my business is intact, I got the proper management and I already proved that i could create other hit records, so 2011 should be a great year for me. At the time of recording the "Bit Too Much" record did you for-see all the success that the record would have? No, not at all, at that time I was just continuing to build on the success that i had created in the streets, something that street niggas could bump. DJ Big L actually broke the record in the clubs and Dj Jay Claxton proceeded to break the record on radio. The chemistry that you and Baltimore based producer Steven Spilberg had on that "Bit To Much" record was magical. Why have the two of you decided not to produce any more Records? Well we actually did try to get that same type of chemistry on some other records but we could not produce the right records. It's all love though he has been really busy working and grind to provide a situation for his self. And when he produced those tracks on the "Iam King" Mixtape he said that is when he was out here running the streets and traping and it puts him in that mode. Your partner in rhyme Young C was featured on the bit too much for record, what has going on with dude and is he still down with your movement? Naw, He is no longer involved in my situation but, he good though and he is still making music. he just released a new single produced by Baltimore based producer Dukey Man. Have you and Young C been in the studio working on any new material? Nope! Listening to your music your Neighborhood "Baltimore & Hilton" is heavily represent through you music. How as growing up there affected your life and music? Yeah, the crazy thing is, I was born on South Rosedale st. in the "Baltimore & Hilton" Neighborhood, at the age of 12 my mom relocated to the County because she wanted to provide me with a better living environment. After a few years of residing in the county I decided to return to my old neighborhood and boy that was when sh*t got real, at one point I had no where to stay, but thank god for putting real nig*as around me who took me in. During those ruff ru times i used music as a way to vent. My early rhymes were too depressing, I would pour all my feelings in to my music and rep my neighborhood "Baltimore & Hilton" 1900 n***a, it made me who I am today.

Smash Speaks:

I crowned my self king of the city because Basically I feel like no one in this town is on my level musically, and in no way shape or form is this an attempt to down other artist from my town its just how I feel I am on another level with my shit baby.

“YOU COULD GO OUT HERE AND GET ANYBODY TO MANAGE YOUR CAREER BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT THEY WILL CARE FOR YOU AS A PERSON” For all our readers who only know you from the highly sucessful radio joints like "Bit To Much", "Gucci Bag Blues" and "My Dummy" take them back to the days as a member of ABM? Man those days were the gangsta days. Shout to my nig*a Goose (Free Goose) at that time it was more street sh*t then music. We was doing a lot of stunting, riding around the city in hundred-thousands dollar cars and doing whatever the fu*k we wanted to do. I was capturing all that in my music but at the same time it was distraction because it wasn't all about the music it was more about street sh*t. I recently attended a Baltimore based award show and they nominated you for "Best New Artist" in Baltimore what are your thoughts on that? And may I add the fact that the person who won was not one of the elite Baltimore Rappers. Best new artist...that’s crazy, you can ask around and real nig*as all though out the city would tell you they been bumping my sh*t, way before my music was pl aced in power rotation on 92Q so Im really not a new artist. But I do understand that once your music is in power rotation it makes you a household name and opens the door for everyone to know who you are. At the end of the day Im humbled anytime someone recognize the hard work that i put in with this music, but everybody alal ready knows that I am the best.


How did you and DJ Reddz hook for the I am the streets and I am king mixtapes? Well um, actually TestMe put that sh*t together. And at this point Reddz is like my brother, brothe he is a real n***a from Park Heights and a nasty muthaf**king DJ. We Instantly Bonded and had that Rapper/DJ chemistry. The first tape we did "I'AM KING" was not strategically put together I just gave him the music and he did the rest. We speak highly of one another and he is one of the best DJ's in the DMV. Shout out to the entire Street Jock DJ Family because they all ways put me on and spin my music. Which mixtapes connected more with your fans "I'AM KING" or I'AM THE STREETS? Of course I would have to say the "I'AM KING" mixtape connected more with my fans because it was more so a Street album then a mixtape. I was actua lly going to release that "I'AM KING mixtape as the "GO T-MAC" album but I was going thru some stuff at the time and I needed to put something out so we released it as a mixtape. And I believe that the "I'AM KING" mixtape raised the bar in Baltimore, it showed growth on my end as an artist and it allowed people to hear an artist from Baltimore make music that could be enjoyed by everyone. Real Talk Yea I have seen people Mother's riding around the city bumping my music. How did NRG Management become a part of your blue print to success? The NRG situation happened around the time when the "Bit Too Much For Me" record was buzzing. I used to see Swen everywhere and never really knew what it was that he did. If you look back at some of me previous performances he was always on stage. Once I realized exactly what he could offer to my situation I reached out to him, because things were starting to get overwhelming and I really did not know what to do. I am just a n***a who loves to make music, n***as cant tell me sh*t about making music, but when it comes to the business of music and somebody having your best interest at heart Swen was that dude. You could go out here and get anybody to manage your career but that does mean that they will care for you as a person, and as soon as things aren't looking up the'll probably throw you under the bus and move on to the next client. Explain the new single my dummy? If you know me or listen to my music you should already know my main thing is sh*ting on these hores, because I really believe that b*tches aint sh*t and I've been through situation were b*tches think they are going to play me. And all that does is cause me to pick up the pen and expose you, It's power behind my words. And the record was directed at someone in particular, Im not gonna name drop but the person knows that one was for her. he In Baltimore the term Dummy references to a woman who's chasing a n***a for all the wrong reasons, I mean they see a n***a who they think is getting money and try to run game on that nig*a, they try to have a baby with the n***a, they do all sorts of crazy sh*t, and think n***as don't be up on game, n***as definitely be up on game and we already know that you just a dummy. dumm Even the Independent woman who holds her own know that some women are dummies and that is just how it is.

When can we expect the release of your first studio album and what is the title ? The title of the Album Is "Go T-Mac" and it's definitely coming soon. We are being very strategic on the release of the album you know, we want to make sure everything is right from the promo of the album, to picking the right single and having it in power rotation on FM, XM, And Internet Radio, to picking the right lineup of songs, to make sure the time of the release date is perfect. And the acronym for "Go T-Mac" is my city behind me say "Go- Tmac put this muthafu*king city on and my niggas from heaven telling me never to give up no matter how hard it gets I gotta do it for them.

Even the Independent woman who holds her own know that some women are dummies and that is just how it is. Whats your plans for the first quarter? Everybody should be check for my new mixtape "Return Of The Mac" hosted by : AJ fro 92Q"s Rap Attack. And my new single "Malon Girl" featuring Rhaeam Devon the record is crazy. We also just started working a record In Atlanta titled "Money" featuring Calico Jones From S.O.D.M.G that will spill over to the first quarter as well. We just working hard to put Baltimore on. 2011 Will be the year for my label Street Congress and we aint playing games with none of you n***as, I want to dedicate this interview to my n***a/ my brother Anwar (R.I.P.) Smash Speaks: I fu*k wit real niggaz shout out to my n***a Skar, my n***a Caddy, my n***a 100 and my n***a Comp, they all fu*k wit a n***a heavy and they support everything I do, and its no competition with us. Baltimore needs a n***a to breakout and represent this area correctly. correctl And n***az already know that yo cant fuck wit me.

Newest Mixtape By Smash The Return Of The Mac

“InMate Wives Of Baltimore�

Story & Photo By: Donyea Little

What Sparked You Guys To Create The InMate Wives Of Baltimore Show? Me and my friend was sitting up one night talking about the fact that we both deal with inmates and she said to me "We should start recording our experience of dealing with the inmates and put it on youtube. I said yeah, why not, but what are we going to call the show ? She said we should call it "Inmate Wives" and I tagged Baltimore to the end of the name. And that was the birth of the show/youtube channel.

Did you guys think it would be such an instant youtube hit? No, not at all. After posting that first video I was awaken by a phone call and the person on the call was excitedly screaming 92Q(A radio Station in Baltimore) was just showing love to y'all youtube show/channel and it all took us all by surprise, we never thought it would catch on as fast as it did. We started the show on January 15 Martin Luther King's birthday and we feel that it all happened by faith and the grace of GOD because we also have a dream similar to the one that the great Dr. King had.

A lot of people seem to really enjoy your youtube show/channel . What Is the message behind your vision? The message that we want to get out to everyone who may be dealing with a person who is incarcerated is to, simply stay down for that person who is locked down behind them walls, because they need a lot of love and support. Nobody wants to be in jail but you have to pay your debt to society for your wrong doings. So just be there for that person who is locked up because they need you. The love and support may not be coming from a mother, brother, sister or an immediate family member so all they have is there girlfriends or wives to hold them down and I know it gets tough at times but, you gotta be strong because believe me they need us.

What is the craziest thing you have encountered since the youtube success? Somebody made there own youtube version of our show and they were really disrespectful, talking a whole bunch of crazy sh*t like we are some bums, we dirty, we send our inmates our checks and all sorts of other crazy sh*t. So thus far I would have to say the haters are the crazier thing to me right now.

How do you handle all the hate? At first I did not receive the hate well, because at the end of the day nobody wants to hear people talk bad about them. I would get upset and angry when I saw some the crazy comments people were leaving about us and it almost caused me to precede with erasing all of our content from youtube. But In the short time that we have been filming our reality I've come to realize that if people aren't hating then you must not be making an impact and the more I go to church and find GOD the more I realize that hate is the fuel for motivation. so right now I got tunnel vision and I only see my shining light of success.

What Is the toughest part of being away from your mate? I would have to say the toughest part of being away from him is not having him around to hold me at night. However I do tend to sleep every night holding a picture of him. And another thing that I would consider to be tough is the fact that he is being housed in FCI Cumberland and that is like a two hour ride from where I stay and at times that could become stressful, because if I could have it my way I would be there everyday. And waiting until 2013 to became his wife.

Any Final words for the readers? The InMate Wives Of Baltimore really appreciates all the love in support that people have been showing to our youtube show/channel. Special shout out to : WorldstarHipHop, Street Smart Magazine, and all of the other bloggers who have featured our content on there sites. So stay tuned in to the "InMate Wives Of Baltimore because we are planning to expand, get better, and grow. "InMate Wives Of Baltimore Yaaaallllllll". Check out episodes of inmate wives @



What was the basis behind yahurdme? An older friend of mine would always say it and decided we should make it a song. We actually did the song twice. The concept wasn't right at first. We argued over it and everything. Who did the beat? Mike Millz and Country What studio did you record it at? Architects Which line meant the most to you? In the second verse where I say A nigga had to dumb down the flow yahurdme but when im dumbin down im still countin up mo yahurdme so why you mad at me cus your broke? Yahurdme? We be eatin bread by the load. Yahurdme? Cus niggas know who they are for real. Don't be mad at me Cus I'm doin what it takes to hold the city down. Yahurdme? W hat's next for you? I have a new mixtape coming out in a couple of weeks, it's called Metric Ton. Where can we reach you at to hear more music? You can follow me on Twitter or hit my Facebook. To listen to this song check out

Next to blow is dedicated to the artist we feel are future stars. With the right management team, and promotional group behind them, there is no doubt that they are the next in line to lead another generation of Hip Hop & R&B artist. We feel a column like this is needed not only to help motivate the artist to keep grinding but to also help managers and A&R’s scope local talent.



Nearly a decade ago Washington, DC Rapper/Singer RAtheMC began her undefeatable Journey into music. After completing three successful Mixtapes, earning a 2009 MTV VMA Breakout Artist Nomination and sharing Tour Dates alongside mainstream Recording Artist Wale, The Clipse and Hip-Hop Pioneers Kurtis Blow and Afrika Bambaataa, the journey for RatheMC seems to be at a monumental point. While in the final stages of recording her highly anticipated debut album Heart Of A Champion (released August 31, 2010 under the imprint of Studio 43, RAtha boutique Record Label headed by Music Industry veteran Kenny Burns) RAth eMC was preparing to share the High’s and low’s of her Journey and the woman that has evolved from it. CONT. ONLINE


Bang’em Off entertainment

KG is one of those individuals who was born to be a star. Raised on the east side of Baltimore, Maryland, KG bore witness to the glitz and glamour that came with fast money. He wanted the cars, clothes, money and woman that area drug dealers had for his self . KG would run the streets, but still remained grounded in family. "I love family, the way I was brought up was to stick together", says KG . This Lifestyle, however, would not deter KG from a vision he had since elementary school of performing on the stage in front of thousands of people. "It was just something in me; I don't even know where it came from". That something is what he uses to paint pictures with his music and immerse you in the life he knows, his life. He does this with such style and energy that there is no denying this is what he was born to do.




He Said e Said Sh Questions

A)When the Ravens Loss To the Pittsburgh Steelers? B)When World Star Was Briefly Shout Down? C)What Are You feelings on local award shows? D)What Do You Love About Baltimore's Hip Hop Scene? E)What Do You Hate About Baltimore's Hip Hop Scene? F)Who could get it in the DMV? And Why? G)Other then your self what artist would you want to represent Baltimore on the mainstream level?


Dat Girl Kesh a.k.a DGK

A. When the Ravens lost to the Steelers I felt like we beat ourselves, so it's apparent we're not ready..let's get it next the way fuck the Steelers...(Laugh).

A. When the Ravens lost it was a huge disappointment but I'm glad they made it as far as they did! Life goes on and hopefully they come back next season ready to go all the way.

B. Ahhh man when WSHH shut down I thought Armageddon was gonna be the very next day....

B. World Star being shut down didn't really affect me much due to the fact that i only go on there when someone sends me a video or tells me to go check something out.

C. Local award shows...are cool I like what they are trying to do. I think they should be less bias the people who are involved in the award shows shouldn't also be the artists nominated...(Laugh). D. What I love about the Baltimore scene is that one even exists. There was no Hip Hop scene when I was a teen so I never really had any Baltimore artists to look up we have a growing scene that is starting to spread. So the young kids coming up behind us will have a hometown idol to look up to. That is a great thing. E. I hate the resources we have here. It's like you get a little tiny buzz for 15 seconds then you start thinking your Diddy. I want people to start bringing their businesses together. Its starting to happen slowly, but very slowly..(Laugh). I hate the fact that there are so many haters here too. Everybody is so quick to feed into the negative promotion but refuse to support the positive. F. I think the possibilities are endless. There's so much talent here that if utilized correctly there could be artists of every style getting a piece. We are an untapped gold mine. Our slang...swagger and hustle is our key...we can't sound like everybody else we have to sound like Baltimore! G. Other than myself and Gritty Gang...I'd like to see Caddy da Don get to the next dude for real..he makes relevant music, and he can actually rap! ..I like Wyzae because he is completely different...Billy Lyve is another good all around artist.


C. I believe local award shows are all based on politics its not what you know and how much work and time you put into your craft but who you know and if u connect with the right people! D. I love that most people in the scene do come out and help to support others even share each others videos,release dates,shows and things like that on the social networks. E. I hate that even though we all do the same things and want basically the same things we're still separated based on neighborhoods and street cred. F. Kay Gee could get it i like his style his music and the way he dances,he rocks out every show and he's just fine, point blank period. G. Lenwood would be a great artist to represent Baltimore. I believe if he hooked up wit the right people he could be a secret weapon, and shoot right past alot of other artists that get alot of undeserved credit.

For more he said she said check out If you would like to be featured in this section of the magazine just send a email with “He Said She Said� as the subject and your name and picture.


Hometown: Washington, D.C. Track Record : Time In: 15 years Mya, sisqo, Raheem, Devaughn, Jaheim, J-lo, Gear: SPC1200 Lil Mo, Gucci Mane, Jim Jones, Rick Ross, MPC3000 Amerie, Beanie Seigel, Ice Cube, Krazy Bone, ASR10 Keyshia Cole, and Estelle Logic Motif Fantom Roland 5080 Sidstation 20,000 vinyl records from the 60's 70's and 80's

The only way any artist is really gonna break out from this area is to make the whole area support each other.

What is the definition of 1up entertainment?

Good question... it means to stay one step ahead of the competition also means fuck you to the haters four fingers down one up…

1up has the uncanny ability to produce what is known as radio friendly records. What is your secret to success?

Thanks, Just a lot of hard work and being real with ourselves and surrounding ourselves with good people that will keep it 100. a record aint right just because we did it. Also setting real high goals and making no excuses. No sleep and not being afraid to be different.

How would you describe the 1up sound?

Quality Music. We try to do whatever sounds great no boundaries hard drums and nice chords gorgeous thug shit

What would you consider to be your breakout record?

Probably when we did Unleash the Dragon for Sisqo. They shot a 2 million dollar video and there was a lot of hype around that project and that song. Even though that video was never finished it got us known in the industry and lead to a lot of great things.

What was that one thing about Bossman that caught the attention of your productions company?

When I met him he was real young like 16 or 17 and real unpolished. But he had lyrics and at the time I was working with a click of other mcs from dc. My man brought boss over to the studio and he came in and just started spitting no hesitation. It was more his confidence I thought he had star quality and could be built into a great mc and artist.

With the huge success that you guys have crated for Bossman. Why has none of his fellow Baltimore Emcees employed 1up entertainment?

Not sure maybe some people arent aware that we did 90% of Bossmans music. Maybe some people think we are out of range or we only do Bossman records. Maybe some people dont know where to find us or dont want to use us because they dont want to be compared to bossman... I dont know maybe some people think we wack...

Production-wise what projects do you have coming up?

Im bout to do a project with dj Quicksilva where we get all of the best artists we can grab and do colabo records. Im the only propro ducer that has touched both sides of the DMV industry and street from dc to bmore from Raheem to Sisqo from Bossman to Oy boyz and I want to bring everything one step closer. The only way any artist is really gonna break out from this area is to make the whole area support each other. Also got a couple industry projects coming up including what might be the biggest project I've EVER bone. J-lo sold 10 million plus worldwide and its gonna be bigger than that, Mya is coming back out, Im back in with Raheem and a couple others so yeah i got a couple things in the works. First Of theYear Bonus :1up Entertainment's Top 10 DMV Artist (No specific order) Bossman Raheem DeVaughn Mya

Los Phil Ade Bear Witnez Smash

Boobe (oy boyz) Gerreddi Wale




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