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How to Make A Street Sign To make your own street sign, you need not go hopping from one store to the other to buy sheets of metal, spray paint, primer, X Acto blades, reflective spray paint and such others. You only need to visit a street signs store that allows customizing street signs the way you want. . There are stores that allow you to customize civic street signs, nob hill street signs and novelty keepsake signs. You can also gift the keepsake signs or buy them for your own personal use. What is a customization wizard A customization wizard is a platform or an interface that allows you to edit street signs to make your own street sign. You need to first create an account with the street signs site and make a street sign you always wanted. What can you customize When you make a street sign, you can also choose the styles of plate other than the ordinary rectangular. You can simply add/edit the text and chose the font size and style you want. There are separate areas to enter the test and the suffixes or prefixes that you would like to add. One can also choose a suitable background color in contrast with the text color. One can pick round edges or even the burr edges. One can stick with the traditional too. It is great fun to make your own street sign. Benefits of custom sign When customizing keepsake or personal street signs, you can use anything from last name, messages,slogan, and inspiration quote to even a hobby. The cost is affordable and the product will last decades. Moreover, when you make your own street sign using various stationeries available locally, there are chances that the paint might smudge or spill over. The outcome might not be as professional as you wanted. With automated signs customization wizard, nothing is left to chance. Everything is perfect. You can even have a preview of the sign you customized. So, now customize and make a street sign for gifting or for yourself and hang it in your garage, your baby’s room, you dorm and such other places.

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Make Your Own Street Sign  

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