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Interim Design

PROJECT ANATOMY Project Type: Uncontrolled intersction crossing Sponsor Organizations: City of Fremont, Washington Hospital Agencies Involved: City of Fremont Public Works Materials Budget: $50,000 Key Materials: »» Barrier Element: Plastic planters, flexible delineator posts. »» Surface Treatments: Traffic paint to enhance striping »» Landscaping: Plastic planters with flowers »» Signs: Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) added to replace existing LED crosswalk signs About the Project: In response to 7 pedestrian-vehicle collisions, the City of Fremont made interim design safety improvements to an overly wide, unsignalized crossing on Civic Center Drive adjacent to Washington Hospital and a BART station. The design included narrowing travel lanes to 9 ft., buffering bike lanes, improving signs, adding high-visibility crossing markings, and creating a pedestrian refuge island and landscaped curb extensions with heavy plastic planters. This robust but relatively low-cost improvement was designed and implemented in 6 weeks and has since resulted in a dramatic increase of motorists yielding to pedestrians (from 20% to 90%), and reduced average speeds from 40mph to under 30mph. Finally, zero collisions have occured.

Surface Treatments

Traffic paint is used to add high-visibility crosswalk striping.

Barrier Elements & Landscaping

Flexible delineators provide low-cost visual and physical barrier to the curb extension and pedestrian refuge island. Heavy, water-filled Sybertech plastic planters are highly effective physical barriers. Flowers and greenery improve aesthetics and calm traffic.


MUTCD compliant Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons are added as an upgrade to the existing crosswalk signs.

The Civic Center Drive interim design crossing project in Fremont, CA has dramatically improved the likelihood of motorists to stop for people in the crosswalk (Bryan Jones).


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