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EXERCISE Whether you’ve created a new bike lane or a neighborhood public spaces, exercise programming can help advance healthy living goals. Exercise can become accessible to everyone in the form of guided rides, outdoor classes, temporary events, or exercise equipment. When developing exercise programming, look to partner with nearby businesses and organizations: a local bike shop might want to feature a new bike lane on the shop’s regular weekend rides; the nearby YMCA may be interested in using an interim-design plaza for community classes; a new yoga studio may want to host a class in public space as a marketing or community outreach tactic. Before investing in permanent equipment or committing to a year-long calendar of classes, try out options through pilot programming to learn what offerings would best serve community desires and needs.

Guided rides/tours: Advocates and local political leaders lead a guided group ride along the Ludlam Trail interim design project in Miami, FL (Street Plans).

Outdoor classes: Bradley Avenue Plaza in Los Angeles, CA is activated with regular exercise classes, such as zumba (LADOT / Jim Simmons).

ɖɖLikely partners: Bike shops, walk / bike advocacy groups.

ɖɖLikely partners: Community center or YMCA, local gym or fitness business.

Recurring outdoor classes: In the Proxy interim-design public space in San Francisco, CA, boxes provide a place for fitness equipment to be stored, and double as seats in the meantime (Street Plans).

Exercise equipment: As pictured in the public space above from New York, NY, stationary exercise equipment can transform a mini park into an outdoor gym (Jill Fehrenbacher).

ɖɖLikely partners: Personal trainers, local gyms

ɖɖLikely partners: Once purchased, equipment can be used as desired by community members, though partnerships with local YMCAs or gyms may increase use. Maintenance responsibility should be addressed in stewardship agreements governing the public space, as appropriate.

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