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CITY BENCH Typical Dimensions: A common twoperson bench dimension is 4 ft. long x 23 in. wide x 28 in. height. Estimated Cost: $500 - $1,000. Overview: Benches provide needed seating in parks, plazas, and along streets. They may be borrowed for demonstration projects or installed semi-permanently for pilot and interim design project.

Demo (1 day - 1 month)

F Pilot (1 month - 1 year) F Interim (1 - 5 years)

Recommended Applications and Installation ɖCurb ɖ Extensions / Plazas / Activated Alleys: Place wherever seating is desired / appropriate. Tips and Considerations »» When selecting bench model, consider weight, maintenance, and impact on transport and storage. »» For pilot or interim design projects consider selecting a UV resistant paint finish. »» When locating consider regional and micro-climates (sun vs. shade, winter vs. summer etc.). Potential Sources »» Borrow from existing city departments or local businesses. »» Purchase from outdoor furniture store or hardware store. Example:

Typical Dimensions: Round table: 32 in. diameter x 29.5 in. high in solid steel; Folding chair: 32 in. high x 17 in. wide x 17 in. tall with steel slats and frame. Estimated Cost: $15 - $120 per chair, $20 $165 per table. Overview: Folding tables and chairs may be found in steel, aluminum, or wood.

F Demo (1 day - 1 month) F Pilot (1 month - 1 year) F Interim (1 - 5 years) Recommended Applications and Installation ɖPlazas ɖ / Curb Extensions / Activated Alleys: Place where seating is desired. When choosing colors, consider surface treatment colors, as well as the color of nearby plants and buildings. Tips and Considerations »» Models: 346 (table) and 314 (chair) from Emu (link below) represent standard models used in many plaza projects. »» If on a limited budget, substitute Emu chairs with Ikea’s attractive TÄRNÖ table and chair set (one table and two chairs for $49.99). »» Many color options available. »» Movable tables and chairs are desirable because they allow flexible use of space, permitting people to move to a shady or sunny spot, or put tables together to accommodate large groups. »» Movable chairs may require a maintenance partner who is willing to be responsible for set-up and storage each day. Potential Sources »» Outdoor furniture suppliers such as: »»

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