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EPOXY GRAVEL Typical Dimensions: N/A Estimated Cost: $2.50 / sq. ft. Overview: Composite surface of various aggregates topically applied to a base of epoxy or other bonding materials. Aggregates can be natural color or coated and be granite, recycled porcelain and/or quartz.

Demo (1 day - 1 month)

Pilot (1 month - 1 year)

F Interim (1 - 5 years.)

Recommended Applications and Installation ɖBikeways: ɖ Can be used to increase visibility of bike lane at conflict points. ɖPedestrian ɖ Crossings: Can be used to increase visibility of crosswalk. ɖCurb ɖ Extensions / Plazas: Use to create natural looking colored surface that clearly differentiates pedestrian space from vehicle space. Tips and Considerations »» Creates reflective enhancing visibility at night. »» Adds non-slip texture to the street, changing the look and feel. »» Not ideal for colorful designs - cost will increase if any other color besides natural / tan is required. »» Requires prior experience for proper installation. »» Has not always proven durable where frequent power washing is needed. »» Epoxy gravel may pick up dirt and trash over time. »» Very attractive surface material; use in areas where aesthetic character / quality is a consistent concern (historic neighborhoods etc.). Potential Sources »» Pavement surfacing retailers: »» Midwest Industrial Supply, Inc.: Resin Pave System

Top: Epoxy gravel used as a crosswalk surface treatment in London, England (Street Plans). Bottom: Epoxy gravel used in conjunction with flexible delineators to create a low-cost curb extension in Hoboken, NJ (City of Hoboken).

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