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Demonstration Project

Project Type: Activated Alley Sponsor Organizations: Greenbelt Alliance Agencies Involved: Santa Clara Country District Attorney’s Office, City of San Jose Materials Budget: $2,000 (including permits) Key Materials: »» Barrier Element: A-Frame Barricades »» Surface Treatment: Astroturf in select areas »» Street Furniture: Moveable tables / chairs, popup tents, large umbrellas »» Signs: Sponsor organization banners »» Landscaping Elements: Potted trees »» Programming: Games, art, food trucks, music About the Project: To bring ideas in the neighborhood planning process to life, Greenbelt Alliance spearheaded a temporary “makeover” of a long-neglected alley behind a local strip-mall shopping center in San Jose. The project transformed part of the often trash-filled alley into a welcoming community gathering place. The makeover included an unveiling of a newly-painted mural, as well as temporary elements such as pop-up public seating areas, landscaping, and programming. The project was intended to catalyze action in an otherwise overlooked part of the neighborhood, offering possibilities for how it could fulfill residents’ and business owners’ future visions for the area.


A mural was painted in the alleyway to make the space more attractive to pedestrians.

Street Furniture

Umbrellas, tents, tables, and chairs were used to provide shade and space for people to eat and sit. (spec sheet pages 63 - 64).

More Programming

Games, such as connect four, cornhole, and hoola hoops, helped to activate the space. Other programming elements included painting, and food trucks.

Landscape Element Portable trees were donated and used to liven up the alleyway. (spec sheet page 69).

Alley activation at Business Circle in San Jose, CA (Street Plans).


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