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Project Type: Plaza / Park Sponsor Organizations: City of Penrith Agencies Involved: Place Partners, Penrith City Council Materials Budget: $40,000 Key Materials: »» Barrier Elements: Large concrete blocks »» Landscaping Elements: Trees, planters, grass »» Street Furniture: Bench seating »» Surface Treatment: Painted mural, artistic striping »» Programming: Periodic events throughout the pilot and interim design phases. About the Project: Street Plans and Sydney-based consultancy firm Place Partners, worked with Penrith Council, local businesses, and community members to quickly design and deliver a temporary public park that was to be evaluated over the course of one year. The independent consulting firm hired to assess the park used behavior mapping, business owner interviews, and traffic studies to understand how the park was succeeding / failing. Following the one year trial period, Penrith City Council decided in May 2015 to make a few tweaks to the design but to otherwise maintain the interim design until construction could begin. Permanent design concepts were vetted in 2016, and preferred design will be constructed in 2017.

Surface Treatment

A large colorful mural was used to clearly define the plaza space and beautify the area (spec sheet page 54).

Street Furniture

Sturdy concrete benches function as a barrier and provide seating. (spec sheet page 34).

Landscaping Element

Live sod and planters / landscaping treatments visually transformed the street into an inviting public space (spec sheet page 68).

Top left: Before - High Street, Penrith, Australia (Penrith Council); Top right: After - High Street Triangle Park pilot project (Penrith Council); Bottom left / right: paint, concrete blocks, and planters transformed this section of High Street into a plaza (Hames Sharley).


Tactical Urbanist's Guide to Materials and Design v.1.0  

The only materials and design guidance for Tactical Urbanist demonstration, pilot, and interim design projects. Funded by the James L. Knigh...

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