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CASE STUDY: BURLINGTON, VT 2 day Demonstration


Project Type: Parking-protected bike lane Sponsor Organization: Burlington Public Works, Local Motion (Advocacy Organization) Agencies Involved: Burlington Public Works, Police, and Fire Departments, as well as Chittenden County Transportation Authority Materials Budget: $1,800 Key Materials: »» Surface Treatment: Striping with traffic tape. Lane marking with tempera paint using cityowned stencil 8’ - Parking

»» Barrier Element: Parked cars About the Project: This multi-demonstration project was part of the outreach and design process for Burlington’s first city-wide walk/bike master plan and used as a way to test a draft citizen-led demonstration project policy. Street Plans and partners created three bicycle demonstration projects linking downtown Burlington with the city’s Open Streets route in the Old North End. The project required a curbside parking ban in advance of installation, followed by a “swapping” of existing bike and parking lanes, accomplished with the help of dozens of volunteers. The demonstration allowed Burlington residents to experience the first-ever parking protected lane in Vermont. After observing it in action, the removal of the parking lane and replacing it with a mountable curb with landscaping became the favored option included in the master plan. 104 · PROJECT APPLICATIONS

12’ - Travel Lane

7’ - Bike lane

8’ - Parking


8’ - Parking

12’ - Travel Lane 7’ - Parking 3’ Buffer 5’ - Bike lane Top: North Winooski Avenue’s current configuration (Street Plans). Bottom: For two days the street was transformed into a parking-protected bikeway (Julie Campoli).

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