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Written by: Jelena Mladenovic

Inline hockey skating is a very fun sport, similar to regular hockey, with one difference: you need inline hockey skates since it is not played on ice. This sport is played on wood, asphalt, cement or sport tile surfaces. Choosing the right skates can help you improve your game and also bring a bit more comfort during the game. The good thing about getting inline hockey skates is that you can use them for rollerblading too. With so many different types available on the market it can be a little tricky to find the right ones, especially if you are a beginner. In order to help you, we have assembled a list of 10 different skates, including manufacture specifications, some pros and cons, and also some feedback that might come useful. We hope we can help you choose the right ones and get the best value for your money! Tip: when buying skates it is recommended to get ones that are about 1-1.5 sizes smaller than your US shoe size. 1. 5th Element Lynx LX Women's Inline skates Manufacturer specs: • ABEC 7 Bearings • Aluminum chassis • Softboot technology Overview:

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The aluminum chassis has great power transfer and combined with ABEC 7 Bearings allow the player to achieve greater speed with the minimum amount of effort. The Softboot has three levels of locking the foot in: laces, strap, and buckle. 5th Element Lynx Women's skates are a great choice for beginners. Possible drawbacks: The sizing is somewhat smaller so you should definitely try them on before buying. Player reviews:

Some players confirm that these skates are slightly smaller and recommend getting a ½ size larger than you would usually get, others didn’t have this issue. Generally, most players agree that these roller blades are comfortable, strong and run smoothly. Overall value: The 5th Element Lynx inline hockey skates are rather cheap but provide really good quality for their price range. Perfect for beginners.

2. Mission Inhaler NLS:03 Inline hockey skates Manufacturer specs: • 3D-lasted Lightweight Tech Mesh • One-piece aluminum Hi-Lo Vanguard Frame • Revision Variant 74A Wheels

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Overview: Revision Variant wheels give more grip and greater speed. Hi-Lo aluminum frame gives the player more aggressive stance and help achieve greater speed. The nylon quarter packet makes these roller hockey skates stiffer and, since it is almost fully thermoformable, they fit perfectly and need a little break in time. The tongue has white felt and protective foam which give protection from hits and lace bite. Possible drawbacks: The price seems to be the only drawback. Player reviews: These rollerblades are very comfortable, provide great speed and durability. More aggressive pro players say that it would be better if Mission Inhaler NLS:3 inline hockey skates were stiffer. Overall value: Even though these inline roller blades seem pretty expensive, they are worth every penny in you are looking for pro-level protection and playing in highly competitive games.

3. 5th Element Panther XT Men’s Inline Skates Manufacturer specs: ⦁ Soft boot design

⦁ ABEC-7 Bearings

⦁ Aluminum chassis ⦁ 82mm wheels Overview:

See this product on Amazon 5th Element Panther XT Mens Inline Skates are comfortable, lightweight thanks to aluminum chassis and overall quite affordable. They are very suitable for casual skaters and are perfect for families considering that models for children are adjustable up to 4 sizes. Potential drawbacks: These skates are cheap and pretty much you get what you pay for: they tend to wear quickly, especially if used in competitive games. Keep in mind that these skates are for recreational use! Also, they have a weight limit at about 190lbs. Player feedback: Beginner rollerbladers are really satisfied. More experienced players have complained about the overall quality of the skates. Overall value: As these inline hockey skates are not very expensive, they are a good value for your money.

4. Tour Hockey Fb-225 Senior Inline Hockey Skates Manufacturer specs: ⦁ Reinforced Ankle Support

⦁ Deluxe EVA Comfort Padding

⦁ BEVO Silver-5 Race Rated Bearings Overview:

See this product on Amazon Tour SX Force Multi-Surface wheels allow them to be used both indoors as well as the outdoors. The outsole is made of injected plastic with fishbone quarter package which makes them not too stiff and good choice for a beginner or intermediate players. The felt tongue is padded with foam and helps alleviate pressure which is caused by lace bite. Brushed nylon liner helps keep the foot cool and dry. Potential drawbacks: The Tour Hockey Fb-225 Senior Inline Hockey Skates are wide so they might not be comfortable for players with narrow feet. The wheels tend to wear quickly if used more competitively on asphalt. Also, bearings need some lubrication. Player feedback: Depending who you ask – these skates are both great and horrible! Newbie and casual players are extremely satisfied, while more pro level players agree that if used heavily they won’t last more than season or two. Overall value: The Tour Hockey Fb-225 Senior Inline Hockey Skates are very affordable. If you want to just stroll casually then this is just the right choice for you!

5. Bauer RH X300R Skate SR Manufacturer specs: • Tech nylon with thermoformed X-rib pattern • Brushed nylon liner • Hi-Lo Vanguard Ventilator Steel Frame Hi-Lo setup gives player more aggressive stance,

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explosiveness, and agility. Even though it has Tech nylon quarter package it gives nice stiffness and stability in the heel section. These roller skates have one piece anatomical tongue which provides nice anatomical wrap and protection. Possible drawbacks: The manufacturer declares the wheels to be the outdoor type, but they seem to be softer than expected and tend to wear when used on asphalt or concrete surfaces. Player feedback: The combination of the price and the specs makes players really satisfied. Except for the sizing (have in mind that Bauer inline hockey skates are 1.5 sizes larger than your US shoe size) almost all agree that these skates are great quality, looks and price combination. Overall value: With medium price Bauer RH X300R skates are affordable, pro level quality and overall great value for your money.

6.Tour Hockey Thor 808 Youth Inline Hockey Skate Manufacturer specs: • Composite reinforced quarter package • Comfort weave lining • Tour Aluminum 6000 frame Overview:

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The Tour Hockey Thor 808 Youth Inline Hockey Skate are great skates for junior players, beginners, and recreational players. They have heel stabilizer which will give you stability and comfort at the same time. Possible drawbacks: The wheels are for all surfaces but still wear easily if used outdoors. Player feedback: Many happy casual players! They break in quickly, the wheels spin freely and are above all inexpensive. If you are not looking for highly competitive game skates then these are just right for you. Overall value: Cheap, comfortable, durable… What more can you ask for! Just right value for your money.

7.Tour Hockey BoneLite 500 Inline Hockey Skate

Manufacturer specs: • Lightweight Tuff-Skin exterior • Accu-Aire Ventilation System • Labeda Hum’er Eviction L.E. frame Overview: See this product on Amazon Labeda RPG wheels have a dual-urethane core for good durability and grip. The front two wheels are recessed into the outsole which allows the skates to sit lower giving the player more aggressive stance and speed. Tuff-skin combined with wear patches make the boot very durable. The tongue has foam protection and is anatomically fitted. Possible drawbacks: The Tour Hockey BoneLite 500 Inline hockey skates are somewhat narrow so they will feel tight if you have wide feet. Player reviews: Players with wide feet complain about the narrowness of the boot, but except for that and some breaking in time, they agree that these roller skates are a good purchase and the are just what you pay for. Overall value Definitely recommended if you want to start playing roller hockey and are on limited budget.

8. Bauer RH X400R Skate SR Manufacturer specs: • Tech Nylon with OD1N-inspired X-Ribs • Moisture wicking microfiber liner • Two-piece Hi-Lo Vanguard Ventilator Steel frame Overview: See this product on Amazon The Hi-Lo setup gives player more aggressive stance, better speed and lower center of gravity. The boot has plastic outsole and combined with the tech nylon quarter package, it is very stiff. The Bauer RH X400R skates have an anatomical two piece felt tongue which provides protection and comfort. Possible drawbacks: They need some time to break in but after that, they are really comfortable. Player feedback: Players recommend buying these skates. For this price range, these rollerblades are just what the players expected them to be! Overall value: Good value for the price. If you are looking for a pair of skates that will be durable, stylish and not too expensive then this is the right choice for you.

9. Mission Inhaler AC3 Senior Inline Hockey Skates Manufacturer specs: ⦁ Ultralight reinforced nylon tech mesh with S.I.C.K Quarter ventilation ⦁ Brushed nylon with Indy Foam ankle protect pads ⦁ CNC Aluminum Hi-Lo chassis Overview:

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Rink Rat Hot Shot XXX Wheels give good grip and are fantastic for indoor games. Mission Inhaler AC3 Senior Inline Hockey Skates have ventilation ports on the sides of the boot as well as the toe cap which bring air inside the skate making it cool and dry much faster. Quarter panels are made of nylon with some reinforcement, making the skates stiff while comfortable. Potential drawbacks: The skates come with indoor wheels which might wear faster on asphalt or concrete surfaces. Player feedback: Players report that Mission Inhaler AC3 Senior Inline Hockey Skates break in already after the first use. The skates are indeed light and glide across the sports tile surfaces. Almost all would recommend buying them! Overall value: These skates might seem pricey but, trust me, it will be money well spent!

10. Mission Inhaler AC2 Senior Inline Hockey Skates Manufacturer specs: • Ultra-light reinforced nylon tech mash • Sublimated “Mission Haze” brushed nylon liner • Hi-Lo Vanguard frame: CNC Aluminum Series Overview:

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The interesting feature on Mission Inhaler AC2 hockey skates is ventilation ports on the sides of the shoe as well as the to cap. The boot is stiff but moldable so it surrounds player’s feet perfectly. The tongue is covered in felt and gives protection and comfort. Possible drawbacks: The price seems to be the only drawback. Player feedback: Players are genuinely happy with these skates. They are made of quality materials, comfortable, and need only a short break in time. Overall value: You can’t really go wrong with skates in this price range. Conclusion: We hope that we have helped you with your choice of skates with this article. With such abundant selection of skates it might get a bit confusing but hopefully, we have helped you with your choice. Feel free to leave a comment below if you found this list useful or you have a question. We love hearing from you and we always try to get a response to you as quickly as possible. Grab your pair of inline hockey skates today!

Bonus tip: many players recommend baking your skates for faster breaking in. If you don’t have a local hockey equipment store which can do this for you, and don’t have an experienced person to help you in the process, please read the instructions carefully and follow them. If you overbake your

skates they can break. The outsoles can crack if overheated and you new skates will be unusable.

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