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Spring 2010

INDIVIDUAL PATHS... Johanan was 12 years old when he ended up on the streets of Kitwe, Zambia. He was one of the first children that Friends of the Street Children (FSC) befriended and enrolled in their residential centre for boys. He was a difficult child and could not adapt to life at the residential centre. The allure of the streets – freedom, mobility and friends – drew him back. When he returned to the streets, he was sexually abused, an incident that was reported in the daily newspapers.

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FSC encouraged Johanan to leave the streets and consider his future, but he was adamant Johanan on the streets in 2006 with News from our School about staying where he was. He set up a local Street Child Africa researcher Ruth Supporters gang and became its power broker. Although Payne PhD Page 6 he chose to live on the streets, he never lost contact with FSC’s outreach team. The outreach team advised him to go back to News from our the residential centre to start school and eventually he accepted that advice. Because he was much older than the other children in his grade, he was enrolled in vocational training. He was taken to Mindolo Training Farms (MTF) under FSC sponsorship and did well in carpentry. After acquiring a certificate in carpentry and joinery, he did return to the street, but was later trained as a street peer educator and then co-opted as a volunteer street worker.

Christopher Mulenga, Chair of FSC with Johanan on his graduation day 2009

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With his experience of living on the street, Johanan has been able to help children who have lived on the street for a long time and supports FSC as they reach out to as many children as possible. Despite his commitment to FSC’s street work team, he has pursued further training in carpentry and joinery at the Mobile Mission Maintenance (MMM) and recently graduated with merit.

Street Child Africa, Brabant House, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0EY Tel: 020 8972 9820 Fax: 020 8972 9821 Registered Charity Nos. 1074832 , SCO39248 Company Limited by Guarantee No. 3597252


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Article 28 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child establishes the right to education. African governments have committed themselves to making this right a reality. Nevertheless, children in street situations are left waiting for opportunities to trickle down. Street Child Africa believes every child should be offered a chance to learn and acquire skills...without waiting. Education is a key to a better future and few children would not seize the opportunities that are given to them. Street Child Africa is therefore committed to making education accessible to children in street situations, whatever their level may be. As Johanan ‘s story clearly shows, every child will need choices that take into account his/her personal history, knowledge and ability. In order to do so, a variety of education programmes are run by Street Child Africa’s partners:

Street Corner Education

• Street Corner Education: brings education to the children. Basic literacy, numeracy and life skills are taught on the street. This type of programme can teach children things directly relevant to their daily lives, reawaken their thirst for learning and help our partners assess children’s knowledge, skills and potential. • Informal Education at Drop-in and Residential Centres: programmes at the drop-in and residential centres: offer basic education in a peaceful setting, which allows educators to monitor progress and children to explore further opportunities. A lesson in the drop in centre, • Sponsorship for the Formal School System: for children who can be reinteCAS grated into the formal system, this is usually the first choice. Sponsorship of the individual child means that all costs are taken care of and the child can focus on completing his/her schooling successfully. • Sponsorship for Vocational Training: for children who have missed out on school, or do not have the ability to pursue their formal education, vocational training offers a vast array of career paths. Whether provided in-house by partner organisations or in the form of apprenticeships, the focus is on learning marketable skills that will secure the child’s future. In 2010, Street Child Africa will continue to support its partners to provide these programmes. We will also explore ways to increase their impact by looking at their quality, accessibility and sustainability. “My name is Tinashe. I came from Livingston, the southern province of Zambia. Um... I would like to thank Street Child Africa for what they are doing for us – this is a good job which they are doing and may God bless them, ‘cause um the work they are doing, there are a few people who can do this work that they’re doing, for helping us build our future…and um... I would also like to thank the Friends of the Street Children for what they have done, from uh... getting us from the streets, preventing us from drugs, getting drunk, and other drugs. They are making us realize that our future can be brighter than of those who are in other homes. They have helped us in so many ways. At the Kawama centre we can now go to school, to government school, and we’re being exposed to the society so that we can feel loved. People at first knew that we were bad people, bad boys in the streets… but now we are changed. We’d like Street Child Africa to buy balls for outdoor games like volleyball, football, basketball and many others so that our friends who are in the streets will come to the Kawama centre and learn there. Um, the other thing which I wanted done is [to tell] Street Child Africa that what they’ve done for me, I can say thank you and may God bless you. ‘Cause I was on the streets, nobody knew that I could make it in school and start writing my grade 9 examinations this year. At the end of this year I will be writing grade 9 examinations. I am in a higher grade now, so I would like to thank Street Child Africa. When I grow up, I would like to become a doctor. I would like to thank Street Child Africa. Thank you.” Street Child Africa, Brabant House, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0EY Tel: 020 8972 9820 Fax: 020 8972 9821 Registered Charity Nos. 1074832 , SCO39248 Company Limited by Guarantee No. 3597252


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Ashley Damewood, Street Child Africa’s new Programmes Officer gives her thoughts on her first visit to Ghana, Africa

Two boys on a tractor at the CAS Hopeland centre, Accra, Ghana

My memories of Ghana are like vivid snapshots. I remember teenage girls, younger than me, jostling babies, excitedly talking about their futures. I remember toddlers clamouring for attention and the opportunity to have their photos taken – happy to report that everything at Kimbu crèche is ‘great’ but they’d like more toys. I remember a lonely girl’s eyes fixed upon the nursery school gate waiting for her mother to pick her up – knowing that they don’t always come. I remember the staff members’ eagerness to learn and the pride they take in their work. I remember Marcelline, the coordinator of Hopeland Farm, telling me that his only wish for the future is that CAS will continue to have the money to support children in need; I remember him telling me that he encourages all the children to ‘take [him] as their father.’

All of these memories leave me feeling inspired – moved by the dedication of the staff, resilience of the children, and the enormity of the work that remains to be done (both in the UK and in Ghana). 2010 presents an enduring challenge and an opportunity to protect and promote children’s rights worldwide — Street Child Africa has the chance to engage, empower and educate African children who are often uncounted and unheard. With committed partners like Marcelline at CAS, I know that Street Child Africa will seize this opportunity and make a lasting difference.

Ashley at Street Girls Aid’s refuge for young mothers

Anne Cooper, Fundraising Manager reports on her visit to Zambia over the New Year Christopher, Dalley and Bernard of Friends of the Street Children (FSC) drove us to our first stop Kawama Centre built with the help of Street Child Africa in Kitwe 2007. Kawama consists of a very large area of scrub ground on which two residential blocks have been built for approximately 20 to 30 boys from 7 years to 18 years. The Rehabilitation Centre serves as a place of refuge for children who no longer want to live on the streets, want to be rehabilitated and want to go to school. Rehabilitation is very difficult. One boy, Noah was given the chance to visit a family to see if he would fit in but it was not successful. A family member was traced and Noah visited accordingly. While there he had been encouraged by this family to take part in Boys outside Kawama Centre beer-drinking sessions and ran back to FSC, very disturbed. Noah wants to continue his education and the rehabilitation process. The next step is to find a foster family where Noah can feel comfortable and safe. We then drove to Chibusa Residential Centre which caters for girls and younger boys. One toddler lived there with his older sister, they had been found on the streets together. The centre was very comfortable and welcoming. A large part of both centres is given to growing crops to provide food for the children, and the surplus is sold to make the centres more sustainable. There is a huge variety of vegetables and fruits being grown and the children learn how to rear chickens and rabbits. Good nutrition is essential as some of the children have HIV and if their treatment comes in the form of very strong drugs, a malnourished child’s Christopher Mulenga with boys on the streets body fails to cope and death may result. Other constant challenges are malaria, chest infections and bowel infections. Gradually, these former street children regain their confidence and ask to be returned to their communities. Our partners in Zambia work to find the way forward to rehabilitate these children: by tracing extended family or finding a foster family who will take them in and return them to full time education. Street Child Africa, Brabant House, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0EY Tel: 020 8972 9820 Fax: 020 8972 9821 Registered Charity Nos. 1074832 , SCO39248 Company Limited by Guarantee No. 3597252


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Celebrity Charity Golf Day 13th May 2010 Join Barclays, BNP Paribas, other national and local companies as well as teams from the Woodside Avenue Golf Society (WAGS) for a superb day of challenging golf and a productive day of networking at Street Child Africa’s annual Celebrity Charity Golf Day. Rub shoulders with our celebrity patron John Salako and other local sporting heroes. The event starts at midday where you will be welcomed with coffee and bacon rolls. The format of the day is a Stableford Competition off full handicap, in teams of four, with best two scores to count on all holes. The cost is very good value at £250 per team of four players to include coffee/bacon rolls on arrival and two course dinner and coffee and prize giving. Last year, our winners were Black Cat Printers from Leatherhead who were also one of the corporate sponsors of the event. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams, individual longest drive/nearest to the pin. London based property letting firm Bloomsbury Property Services sponsored our Hole in one Competition where the first Hole in One in the competition wins a car but there will be many other prizes. To book your place and/or enquire about sponsorship opportunities contact Anne Cooper on tel 020 8972 8920 or on

Join the Street Child Africa Mt Kilimanjaro Challenge!

Last year, celebrities raising money for Comic Relief inspired many adventurers to consider trekking up Kilimanjaro. If they can do it, so can you! A trek like this is a great challenge and often a life-changing experience. There is great camaraderie amongst your trekking group and you’ll be trekking alongside local guides and given a chance to see Africa at its best. By that stage, all of you will have achieved great fundraising totals and hugely improved levels of fitness, so you’ll be ready to take on the world!

The earlier you start fundraising and training, the better prepared you’ll be, so please contact us for further details as soon as possible. For more information about taking part in the SCA Kilimanjaro Challenge 2011 contact our Fundraising Department on 020 8972 9820 or email

Jo Kossman undertakes the London Marathon for Street Children... Jo Kossman will be running the London Marathon and is raising money for Street Child Africa. She and partner, Dan, have already climbed Kilimanjaro and raised nearly £4,000 for us! To support us and her marathon efforts, please donate on her Justgiving page Kilimanjaro-and-London-Marathon. If you’d like to run the London Marathon for us in 2011, please apply for your place from the marathon at The ballot opens on Monday 26th April – apply early to make sure you get a chance of a place… Street Child Africa, Brabant House, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0EY Tel: 020 8972 9820 Fax: 020 8972 9821 Registered Charity Nos. 1074832 , SCO39248 Company Limited by Guarantee No. 3597252


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BBC Foreign Affairs Correspondent Mike Thomson Guest Speaker at Prestigious Reception for Street Child Africa

Vocality Community Choir raises over £2000 for Street Child Africa

On the evening of Friday 11th December, the VocalAward winning BBC ity Community Choir, a well known, popular and long Foreign Affairs cor- established choir based in the Thames Ditton and respondent Mike Esher area, performed an energetic and rousing Thomson was the concert on behalf of Street Child Africa at All Saints guest speaker at a Church, Weston Green. The church was packed prestigious reception and trustee Chris Bourne delivered a very persuafor Street Child Afsive appeal to the audience for support of the charirica on 1st October ty. The programme consisted of an exhilarating at St Martin in the variety of songs to please everybody in the audience Fields. Trustees of the charity mingled with supfrom 1970s American soul to the South African naporters and staff and guests from a wide field of in- tional anthem. A good evening was had by all and terests. Chairman Mrs Hilary Riddle welcomed finished with choir and audience gathering in the hall guests and Director Carolyn George and Overseas for a complimentary glass of wine and mince pie. Programmes Director Savina Geerinckx explained The evening raised over £2000. the direction of the charity. Guest speaker Mike Thomson was passionate and knowledgeable as Berrymans Lace Mawer trek across the he has had many years experience reporting the Brecon Beacons... A fighting fit team escalating issue of street children in cities made up of more across the developing world. than 40 BLM volunCycling John O’ Groats to Lands End… teers took on the Brecon Beacons on 19 th Chris Brookes completed his bike ride on 9 October September 2009 to after 17 days of cycling. He carried everything he raise money for needed with him and raised the fantastic sum of seven of the firm's £3165.00. Here is an extract from his blog: very worthy charities. Helen Jones in the Cardiff office organised a fantastic event, involving …Lou and I arrived at the final destination partners, associates and support staff from each ofat 11.30am, with Mum waiting for us. We fice, with help from three of her friends who guided successfully managed a proper full Engthe team up the range. The BLM team trekked the lish Breakfast (no being sensible today!) 886 metres above sea level to reach the top of the and even made the 39km to Lands End highest peak in Britain south of the Snowdonia mounbefore the threatened rain arrived. (For the tain range, whilst demonstrating determination, comrecord, I didn’t see Lou pushing up any mitment and much needed-humour, and with a great hills, though I always seemed to have a deal of support from friends and family along the little bit of time at the top!). And this End way. They raised an amazing £1,400.00 for Street did have the famous signpost waiting Child Africa. for us. The Total distance, 992 miles, 1,596 km over 17 days and we managed to finish on time. It’s the time for clichés… there were highs, there were lows – some tough cycling days and some fabulous ones too. There was the inevitable point of not knowing if I would make it Golden Bridge Awards (thank you Dumfries GP!). Thank you so much for those that sponsored me. Street Savina Geerinckx, Street Child Africa’s Overseas Child Africa will be very appreciative…” Development Director, was invited by the Golden Bridge Awards to make a presentation. The evening Can you hold an event and help Street Child Afri- was organised by the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain and its sponsors. ca? No matter what it is, from a coffee morning Savina spoke about Street Child Africa in the presto a bungee jump we would love to help you! ence of Belgian Ambassador H E Mr Veranneman de Please contact Alison on with your plans Watervliet and his wife and the Ambassador of Luxemboug H E Mr Huburt Wurth and his wife. The and our fundraising team will be delighted to evening raised £1400.00 for Street Child Africa. help you along the way!” Street Child Africa, Brabant House, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0EY Tel: 020 8972 9820 Fax: 020 8972 9821 Registered Charity Nos. 1074832 , SCO39248 Company Limited by Guarantee No. 3597252


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Students challenge Douglas Alexander, Secretary of State for International Developmen The world of political lobbying and persuasion came to St John Houghton School, Derby on 20th November, when Lara Rose Stirland, Headgirl and Declan Conlon, Headboy presented Douglas Alexander with our ‘Education for Street Children’ petition. We launched the petition last September to mark the 20th Anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. We were absolutely delighted with the response and that it could be presented to Mr Alexander on this important day. Pupils were given the opportunity to ask Mr. Alexander challenging questions about Government policy in Africa and on climate change. Mr. Alexander promised to show the petition to his colleagues later that day at the cabinet meeting. This important event was made possible through the support of Rob Casey, Chaplain at St John’s, and we are very grateful to him for his hard work.

A pupil from St John Hougton School presents the petition to the Secretary of State for International Development

Shhh! – is for street children!

Citizenship Assemblies – What a Success!

You could hear a pin drop, when pupils at Pelham Primary School had a sponsored silence for street children. These determined and beautifully behaved pupils in Jacqui Hegarty, Schools Offic- Wimbledon, and their er, with the children at Pelham generous parents, raised Primary School nearly £1,200 for street children. We are looking forward to being back with Pelham pupils in March to lead workshops about street children as part of their International Week.

We are delighted with the uptake of our offer to visit schools to lead assemblies about citizenship. Pupils in Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire have been learning how respect, tolerance and taking re- Wattenden Primary School sponsibility are key to being citizens in today’s global community. Pictured are students from Wattenden Primary School in Purley, excellent examples of young international citizens, who asked sensitive and intelligent questions about street children. If you are interested in us visiting your school to lead a Citizenship Assembly please contact Jacqui on

Star Students organize Multicultural Fundraising Day Bisi Obama, helped by fellow Yr 13 students, Sophie Tinsley, Ryan Osman and Salam Masri, organized an amazingly vibrant and exciting day at Pupils dressed up to represent counAshcroft Technology tries throughout the world Academy in October, in aid of our work with street children. The aromas of spices and culinary delicacies enticed students into the main hall, where they could choose from a wide variety of activities including international story-telling, dressing up in sumptuous silks and embroidered clothes from around the world, and arts and crafts workshops. We were so impressed with the generosity of teachers and staff at Ashcroft who donated, not just their time, but also the ingredients and raw materials for the day’s workshops. Thank you to everyone involved in this brilliant day. Especially to Bisi and Katie York and Jan Graves - the day raised over £700 for street children.

Gumley House and Holy Cross go ‘Singing on the Streets for Kids on the Streets’ Thank you to our lovely friends from these two great schools for making our annual carol singing event such a joyous and vibrant event. The weather might have been cold and the sky grey in Kingston, but Girls from the schools singing there was colour, laugh- on the streets ter and joy in Eden Street! These energetic students were joined by staff and trustees from Street Child Africa and many of our community supporters to raise nearly £500! Why not join Street Child Africa on Facebook and Twitter and get constant news? Twitter: StreetChildAfri FB: Street Child Africa Group

Street Child Africa, Brabant House, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0EY Tel: 020 8972 9820 Fax: 020 8972 9821 Registered Charity Nos. 1074832 , SCO39248 Company Limited by Guarantee No. 3597252


We are always impressed and delighted by the variety of innovative ways in which money is raised by our support groups across the UK, so we have taken the opportunity to highlight some of the inventive approaches they are putting into action. Thank you to each and everyone of our support group members for your time, your generosity and the difference you make to the children on the street.

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Bishop Eton Support Group held their annual dinner raising an amazing £1,900. Thank you to the team who organised the event, which is becoming a tradition in Liverpool. Their next event is an auction.

Orpington Support Group joined forces with the Catholic Women's League to run a table top sale in November - and divided the proceeds between Street Child Africa and church funds. The parish has major works ahead, so a joint approach means supporting the parish and raising funds for street children!

Our Fundraiser Alison Gilhespie attended Orpington Support Group’s quiz night in October. It was a sucAnother group, that has organised a joint event is St cessful and enjoyable evening raising over £700. Agnes Support Group in Eccleston. Their social Thank you to Moya Fielding, Mick and Jackie Low evening with CAFOD raised just over £1,000, with and the whole group for all their support. £500 going to Street Child Africa. Gidea Park Support Group based at the parish of Christ the Eternal High Priest held a coffee morning in early November raising £260. The next coffee morning is in February. Lewes Support Group organised a sponsored walk on Sunday 27th September and raised £1,188.

Kathleen Murphy has started a youth committee in Glasgow, following in the footsteps of her mum, Laura who led the active and incredibly successful Support Group in Bothwell. Kathleen and the committee organised a ‘Cake and Candy’ stall at their school - St. Aloysius' College – raising over £200. Hooray for Kathleen!

Street Child Africa is delighted to introduce two new Trustees to our Board, and one more staff member...

Colin is a qualified Solicitor who after a career in television now divides his working hours between being a media consultant and a garden designer. When not working Colin enjoys all sports, playing hockey, golf, tennis and cycling, the arts, cooking, reading and travelling.

Ashley has a Malaysian B.A. in Law born Tina is a and Policy barrister and from Dickinson solicitor and College (US) has worked in and an MSc in private pracHuman Rights tice and as from the Lonin-house don School of counsel both Economics. in Malaysia and the U.K, specialising in IT and She specialises in socio-legal aptelecommunications. Before join- proaches to human rights, legal phiing systems integrator Sabio, Tina losophy, transitional justice, and complex emergencies - with a focus was in-house counsel at British on Sub-Saharan Africa. Telecommunications plc.

Street Child Africa, Brabant House, Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton, Surrey, KT7 0EY Tel: 020 8972 9820 Fax: 020 8972 9821 Registered Charity Nos. 1074832 , SCO39248 Company Limited by Guarantee No. 3597252

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