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INTRO: Christian Testimonial on how Jesus Snatched me out of the Hands of the enemy. Revelation story that can set others free who are in the same bondage of sexual abuse and depression. I was given harbinger (s),warnings before destruction that help me change my direction to put me on the right path. Kindle Ebook-SNATCH BACK Free Sample Chapter CHAPTER 1 Ablaze I remember years ago, as a child, I had a vision...I was standing on my bed looking out of

my bedroom window. The Sky appeared grey and somber. I saw a young man with dark hair looking up, staring at me from the sidewalk. Then quick, lightning flashed striking him, leaving a small pile of charcoal colored ashes on the sidewalk where he once stood...

I awoke surrounded by plastic drapes and hospital monitoring equipment. The air around me had the awkward smell, like of chicken soup and chemicals. The nurse on duty was so excited that this small child was awake and sitting straight up in bed. It was touch and go the whole time I was under. I had been oblivious to the drama of emotions that had played out around me the past 4 months. daily monitoring of vitals, response testing’s of poking and sticking my appendages for any response of contact to the outside world, continual seizures and attacks of pneumonia. My mom told me that the nurses would have her on the phone almost every night calling into my ear, "Ruby wake up, this is mommy. Ruby, wake up." Now, I have awoke from my coma. Every little sign of improvement was a victory milestone. I was wrapped in layers of white bandages and my healing burns itched continually. There were times my hands had to be tied down to my sides so I would not scratch until I bled. The skin graphs needed to lay and heal properly. 3rd degree burns covered almost 30% of my body. I slowly recovered. Some of my first foods since off the feeding tube was ice cream and baby food. I remember many years during the Christmas seasons in the hospital of food trays, cheese and crackers with juice before bed and my mom's nightly phone call before I would go to sleep those lonely nights. I remember numerous deep whirlpool baths to cleanse my healing burns. I remember rolling around the hospital ward in a wooden upright cart. It would be awhile before I used my legs. My right hand was so severely burned; the doctors told my mom that they wanted to amputate. The doctors report was not my mom's report. They asked for her permission, but my mom told them, "No". Buy “Snatch Back”to read FULL Story

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INTRO: Christian Testimonial on how Jesus Snatched me out of the Hands of the enemy. Revelation story that can set others free who are in th...

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