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NME Magazine

I think this contents page is a bit bland compared to the blue and red of the front cover, and I don’t really like it. The red is carried through which is the house style for this magazine. Page numbers

There is few page numbers on this page, and the ones that do appear are a little confusing. Some are red and big, and some are black and smaller, which makes it difficult to read. Underneath this are the features, which have a little summary for each with is good because it makes the reader more interested. These features however do not have page numbers next to them, which makes it extremely hard for readers to find, despite the fact that these are supposed to be the most important parts of the magazine. Flannel Panel The strip at the bottom is for contributors, and to acknowledge that these people are of importance to the creation of this magazine.


Style/Design Although the page is clearly split into 3 columns, it still comes across as a little disorganised. I think this is because of the several different sized fonts and bold headers, and the absence of a lot of bright colour. It is clear that this is a music magazine from the contents page, as there is a massive list of bands that feature in the magazine in the right column. I like this addition, as it is like nothing I have seen before on other contents pages. Header The header is in sans serif, capitalised font in black, so it is bold and clear. I like how it says inside, instead of the usual contents. Buzz There is a box in the bottom right corner, which is got a competition in it. This draws the reader in, as people love things where they can get things for free, and they like the sensation of winning.

Nme contents  
Nme contents