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- 80 minute performance at a premier theatre venue - Launch event / Premier at an upscale hotel

-Dedicated Youtube Channel with Social Media Plugins

- Competitions and Contests across Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Youtube

(30 days Lead-in):

Media Spread Online Branding On Ground Activations In Venue Branding

Customized Brand Engagement

Live tweeting at venue : A twitter jockey will engage audiences on Twitter for the

entire duration of the event through a sequence of focused Tweets. New promotional offerings from brands can be promoted through these.

Facebook Promotion: Ads will be purchased and brand mentioned will be made actively across Stray Factory’s

pages – specifically blogologues pages.

Customized Online Video Content Creation:

Branded online content: Branded content will Your Brand here?

essentially deliver a fusion of advertising and entertainment as one product intended to be

distributed as Your brand message here.

entertainment content, albeit with a highly branded quality.

Viral Online Character created by Stray Factory

ON-GROUND ACTIVATION Improvised Performances Fan engagement video created by Stray Factory

Flash Mobs Shock Marketing

‘Hitchcock’ promotion in costume at leading pubs and restaurants

In-Venue Branding Presentation (Corp. Videos)

Stalls (Database) Product Displays

AMBIENT MEDIA Banners and Hoardings Standees Stalls

CUSTOMIZED ENGAGEMENTS Giveaways and Contests Photo Booths Stalls

Deliverables / Type of Sponsor In-venue Branding Branding across promotional collaterals Posters, Ambient media, pamphlets, tickets, stalls, print, film and radio advertisements. On Ground Activation

Online Branding across websites, partner websites and social networking portals.

Brand Customization




April 7th and 8th at Alliance Francaise Chennai. May – June ( Coimbatore and Bangalore)

The event includes a launch at a premium venue and all the fringe activities outside of the main event.



Man From Earth  
Man From Earth  

Theatrical Production