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Out West

Next stop is Kökar on the Åland Islands Did you know that”Ålandstafiken’s” Southern Line sails between Galtby in Korpo and Långnäs on Åland? You can take your car, but the best experience is by foot, bike or motorbike. Westward Carfield rental bikes can be returned at the ferry pier in Galtby. After leaving Galtby, the ferry calls at Kökar, Kyrkogårdsö, Husö, Sottunga och Överö before terminating at Långnäs on the main Åland island. Busses connect Långnäs and Mariehamn. Eastward If you arrive from Åland, you can continue your journey without needing a car by taking the local bus Skärgårdsbussen from Galtby. Carfield rents bikes in Verkan Marina or Restaurant Hjalmars, (2km and 3km respectively from the harbour). It

is also possible to reserve bikes to be delivered to the ferry pier. Spend the night on an island The journey between Galtby and Långnäs is even more enjoyable by breaking the trip and staying on one of the idyllic islands on the way. This makes your trip even cheaper, as those spending a night on one of the islands pay less on the ferry. The ferries serving Galtby are Ålandstrafiken to the Åland islands and local car ferries to Houtskär and Norrskata.



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Welcome to the Archipelago  

Archipelago Tourist Broschure.

Welcome to the Archipelago  

Archipelago Tourist Broschure.