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A connoisseur’'s calendar September 2019

7.9 September Open, Dalsbruk 13–15.9 Archipelago Harvest Festival, Pargas 14.9 Market and Finnish national fish smoking competition, Nagu 15.9 Open Farm Sunday, Pargas 13–22.9 Harvest festival, restaurant days, Pargas 21.9 Gamla Malmen’s autumn market, Pargas 28.9 Apple Days, Söderlångvik (Kimito) and Tammiluoto (Pargas) ,

Thanks Margot Margot Wikström works with the project Kosthåll med konsumenten i fokus and has taken the initiative for a closer cooperation between the archipelago’s harvest festivals. They are now organised consecutively so you have the possibility to visit them all!

September opens, of course, with the extremely popular September Open in Dalsbruk. The event is a lively mix of medieval archipelago market, harvest festival and September Expo trade fair. We could also mention real jousting competitions and live music. It is easy to discover gems just for you among the 100 market stalls. The Archipelago Harvest Festival spreads over the whole of the Pargas archipelago with Nagu’s market as its core. Just imagine the smoky scents of the Finnish National Fish Smoking Competition. The next day it is the turn of farms and businesses to open their doors and welcome harvest festival visitors in. Restaurant Days kick off with the Harvest Festival both on the Kimitoön Islands and in the Pargas area,

and continues for a whole week - thank goodness! It would otherwise be difficult to manage to taste all the local delicacies and seasonal produce that the restaurants create in their kitchens. Gamla Malmen’s Autumn Market is a cosy event in Pargas’s old town. You can buy local delicacies - bring the whole family, there are activities for everyone. Apple Days in Söderlångvik, is a highlight of the extensive apple season. During the Apple Days, you can taste delicious products from the orchard, meet apple experts and buy the best of the best. This year Apple Days are also organised in Pargas at various locations like Tammiluoto orchard.


Text och photos: Laura Johansson, lvngroom


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Welcome to the Archipelago  

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