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Louisville love affair

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jon eland

bernheim forest

Above: A photographers’ meetup in Bernheim Forest Right: Bob Tiller has special photography techniques.


Top left: two guys I met on Third Street Top right: South 6th Street architecture Above left: the Slugger Museum Above right: sports bar patron

Above left: Highway flyovers. Above right: Marchell, fisherman Right: The sun sets on sculpture outside 21c Museum Hotel.

Opposite page Top left: South 7th Street Top right: Crossing West Broadway at 4th. Right: Victor, waiter Far right: Big Four railroad bridge being converted to pedestrian/cycle access

spalding university

Top left: Photography students at Spalding University. Top right: Clifford, a volunteer at the Frazier History Museum. Right: Gerry, an interpreter at the Royal Armouries USA – housed in the Frazier History Museum. Far right: Zoe and Bill, behind the scenes at the Frazier.

the frazier

idea festival

Top : Owen, Nora and Amanda; student delegates at ‘Idea Festival’, the city’s innovation conference. Far left: Mayor Greg Fischer at the launch of Idea Festival in 21c Near left: Kris Kimel, Idea Festival Chair.


My major project for this trip (and my upcoming one) is to capture a snapshot of the people who live, work and play in the East Market district as it revitalises and improves. The main image is Laura Neutz-Holmes local business woman and chair of the 2011 Nulufest street party in the area. Other images include a waiter, a photographycollecting lawyer, an artist, a restaurant manager, event participants and volunteers, office workers, an upholsterer, nurses, a shopkeeper and a glassmaker.

east market (aka nulu)

Top left: Glitter ball outside ‘The Connection’ Top right: Muth’s has been appeasing sweet teeth for over 90 years Right: the audience watch a band during Nulufest

Top: Behind White Castle Far left: Inside the Green Building Left: former shop as light industrial business

frankfort avenue

Top left: A barber shop Top right: Craig Kaviar, artisan metalworker (and opposite, inset) Right: street signs Opposite page Top and far right: Jerry Lotz and part of his collection of questionable Americana

the highlands

Top left: Escapee shopping trolley / cart Top right: Bar Patron, O’Sheas Opposite page Top: Drive-thru liquor store, near Bowman Field Near right: Katie, shop assistant, Why Louisville? Centre right: Daniel, artist and poet at Songs for Seba Far right: Security guard telling us where to find ‘The Colonel’ in Cave Hill Cemetery

©Michael Brohm, 2011

jon eland

Louisville love affair


This photobook is a reflection of work in progress following my visit to the city of Louisville, KY (USA) in the fall of 2011. I hope it will give a feel for the imagery I created and the general direction of the work I will make when I return to the city in September 2012. Why Louisville? Louisville and my home city of Leeds (UK) became partners when the Royal Armouries USA opened in the Frazier History Museum. In addition to my photography projects I am in the city to establish an initiative to develop improved links between the cities through photography - with the project.

LVLLDS .org Creatively linking Louisville & Leeds

This book is one of a series of publications (printed and digital) produced and planned by the author from his images of Louisville - more can be found by visiting his website

Unless credited otherwise all images and text © Jon Eland 2011/12. All rights reserved

The first collaboration project is ‘the textures of two cities’ - a study by four artists, working together to produce photographic images to represent their own city. Limited edition photobooks are available to buy in both cities and available to order online, for more visit THANKS This project is only possible thanks to the support of the following: Sister Cities of Louisville, Leeds City Council , Michael Brohm (and family), Exposure Leeds and, of course, Simon. I’d also like to thank all the friendly folk of Louisville.

A Louisville Love Affair  
A Louisville Love Affair  

A work in progress report on my 2011 visit - to share with people I meet in 2012